Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 25
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vi · Mebltt Ho«im -«. Sfc BE {.Vag, Sport Cm*m JM M't'rcycks. Scooum U6 H7-A SAVE ': ON MQBILE HQMES Now"(} Ih* tkne to lajce tdvai lag* of ODT Annual Spring Clr»tv up Sale. You car save thousands «»[ dollars on-our new and gied Mobile Homes. Stoo In and »« for vffurieH, Optn 7 days. Select from Sculhefn.CtJliofrrfi's larcest «!«c- llOA *·: Trallaramj, Paceir.aKer, Paramount, Allajj . Mayflower, Eslall Kcmw; Golden Weit, Pan . American, Cambrtdw,' National, Puritan, Ideal. GEO.W.FRY- 2142 i 2117 Pac. Cst. Hwy DA 5-H6I Lomlla TE 2-4503 WE'RE OVERSTOCKED With Used Motorcycles 'M Custvnan Scooter Inttdj work) 53a~fra|i 55 ~;r.::zz»i« 4 to choose from - :atl SOcc H49 « Her**. Ci* 50, ertrarZIsirc '64 Yamaha SO cc $1»« 4S Yanutu Trail to cc _s?4) ;« Hcnda Snort f? P" '44 Honda Scrambiir"Z~TMZ»5« · 2 lo choose from '45 Honda Scrambler 305cc ....(495 MANY M O R E TO CHOOSE FROM Largest Selection of New Hondas in South Bay Area . ^TiN^.^rat!' C^WoVD^IoYT FREifSimftBSh'ffi^BES kno rim eFc* over SAVE CLOSE-OUTS LOT MODELS HUGE SELECTION ··.!·· wftl-UL«ye. elc. HONDA OF WILMINGTON ' '" '-itielrn Wilmington OMn ?-9 EVERY DAY M 1 TM*** THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL '42 Honda Drejm, MS c.c 1279 SEE US FIRST NO DOWN PAYMENT ON APPROVED CREDIT .$2995.00 New 1W Chev. U Ion P.U. b-rt, 4 L pTv llrw w/wCl whet i, ntAyv out* spring: ·nlTj NEVV I' lull cab camper mcvnled 1 reaav lo ·»· w/mirrori rear bumixr. , , 7hl» Mcxage complete. Spec Til prke Ihtt weekend only. $2995 K L TRUCKS 3595 E. Pac. Csr. Hwy. 434-0883 · · · · · FLEET-AIRE CAMPERS FACTORY DIRECT SALES 90% FINANCING Trucks Tractors lit HELP Wt art Ch · P. U. TRUCKS Ne* yjfrd sff*^* £ ""'iTM 1 : 1 !* 4 scw-Hlii *V "Wfittf "drlvti, "All thatxi jUej. Just A Few ·U.Chey. .vi ton. lor* bm. clwlci .ton, .long, bed, nice. Ul Thay'rt) Here! '66 Models i HOMES 925-1226 930? E. Artttla Blvd.. Bel.llower wdwnt" ' $3'995 BRAND NEW Kit 10«5S 2-BR., furnlsned No charge for local delivery, *tl- ". m $8' f J}8 a PXil!t · LIBERAL BANK TERMS ·MOBILE HOME CENTER WE BUYS SELL " HONDAS BSAs NEW I USED LB. Motors Honda-BSA _431 W. Pacific Cli. H*y. 591-1301 . ELECTRIC STARTER HARLEY DAVIDSONS See them now at HARLEY DAVIDSON OF L.B. 3454 L.B. Blvd. Ph. 424-7I01 NEW BSA HONDA MOTORCYCLES' LONG BEACH ' ' 5135 ATLANTIC 43M E. ANAHEIM WEEKENDER--TEARDROI WVV portable slMe-lns, corm ry self contained, hoi waler l HOLIDAY--KAMP KING -^ARDROP conrglele- jler healer, prtsture water system, toilet, show e r, safety g] si s all a rou no. EVERYTHING BUT THE MAID! Dlr. Catl. 3204279, Carson St. al K L TRUCKS 3595 E. Pac. C»t. Hwy. JJJJMU SEE IT Mow ihowlog the all new Motor Horn*, The Open Road Land Yacht. Fi/llv self-contained, sieecs 4, air concutfo n I na, aentnlrlng pi ml. The most luxurCoui home en wp«.j. Now en diiolav and accecllra order*. K L . Catl 320-7279, Carsoi Weilern Ave., TorraJ FramE Construe 11 on Dtlt-Yo'j»elf-Kits -- 51(5 up. . MURPHY MFG. CO. 9850 Everest St., Downey Sales Hn: Evei. 7-10/ Sat. 9-5, Sun. 1-5. Call 9n-?KM Days TO.7-9239 . SACRIFICE! '42-35x10 2 Br. wllH.exoan. living rm.r'atum. awning,. Ohhmwler. disposal, unfurnishei park new .AtlanHc. MAYFLOWER 1965 55xle* Btfrm. den. 22 ft. living rm., . screened porch, awning, skirls. Ready lo move in. Deluxe Villa Park. .Owner gojng east. Must sacrjllce al S7000. Home clear ' .wfll .fliunce. Call lor aopoirilment 422-1EC8 ~~ : -WOWH! · IMAGINE A NEW 10x50 1-Betl- rcorn FK Mobile tremc as low^s WEb"GE^MOBTCl~HOlv1ES. F-Arlnla BlvJ.. Bellll*ver YAMAHA 34 MO. TO PAY- O.A.C. LONG BEACH TRIUMPH 624 W. Pac. .Cst. HWY. HE 4-0151 CUSTOM CABOVER-scIf conlalned 'camper on one Jon Chev. 4 speed slick, new tires, Tach. Vacuum gauge, air horns, eng. cooler. Plush toller, butane retrig., loe. closets, 40x80 besuyrest mall. !3,B». 1«1 Orange. L.B. TRIUMPHS New* Used M MO. TO PAY O.A.C. LONG BEACH TRIUMPH 4 ft. PAC.. CST. HWY. HE 4-0158 SAVE UP TO $100 ON NEW '4° H OH DAS Call us save! Full fac. warr. 100% finan. Free fiellv., assembled luncd. Honda cf Lomlla. 374-3310 "CRUSADER 12x60 FT TL Bdim. 1942 model. BIG ' SHARP. 55000 delivered 8. set up. S1250 d.l. This Deluxe coach cost """RArS TRAILER SALES 47S1 Long Beach Blvd., L. B. . .'55x20'. " · N'ew dlx. Rollaway. Fum. or un- turn. .Must be .seen lo be appreciated. Reduced S177S for quick sale I1M rr.0. w/down. RAV'S, 4781 Long Beac BI..J-B. '- INSTANT LIVING" KEW 'M 20x50 IVi Balh, utility .v/rbdfMOBiir--'·- · »302 E. Artesla Bl»d., Bcnilower , 2 bi , . , ., . ulUUv porch. eompl, w/ awnings skirls, (and5Cfiofr.ff;carDorl, comD . furnlirwxJ, localedln a bcaul. *du t - a i f c - l n N.L.B. ALnolutelv Invnac,, c., low dn. Terim. Dealer, O.A.C. 1 41 IW-fiSU. WHY BUY A USED ?? HONDA ?? SAVE MIS AT HERB FRIEDLANDER IMPORTS "14 *TW 3-7544 JE 7-4374 CE 7-68241 ·44 W/ deluxe wag. camper. 31700. Call hlwn. 5-r p!m. UN i-5447. _ 4-Wheel Drive 167B TOYOTA Kaietls at V;eslem, SUn'.cn Les Scarlell, Dlr. (7141 527-5157 3595 E. Pac. Csf. Hwy. 434-0883 '61 FORD Ronchero .. $899 Standard Irans., radk, healer These are hard to find. Hensley-Anderson Ford C173 East Alondra TO 7-2734 ·65 RANCHERO, low miles, very clean $149- JIM SNOW FORO 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-2403 J EL CAMINO V-«, aulo, R8.K, SOU Lakewood Blvd. ME M)! PICKUP TRUCKS tf B i L. 514 W. Pac. Csl. Kw.. L.I ustom Cab. Over- '57Vi TON Ford Cut._ . .... drive, £350. !42S Dawscn. GA 7-7213 between 8-i weekday ·41 FORD n Ion pickup. VI, lelu lor 10- camper. 3y,OW nil., cus lom cab. RMl. 421-1505 ·5! JEEP 1 ton 4 wheel drive t, overdrive, brand new engine. 1700 cr best offer. 477-2350.. trucks Tractors US ·45 CHEV.- »-fon olckuo. Owner-800} set. miles. Fleetikk. ~ ' _Many xtras. 840-3451 all. ·5i FORD Telephone truck. V i t o n pickup, 4 cv ., good cond. $395 o besl oiler. few; ·57 CHEV. Vi Ion pickup, i cyl.. r. dlo, healer, smog control, wra around wlndcw. «550. 7I4.K8-1?04 '42 FORD PICKUP, V 8, slick, W ton. Gcod cond. UN a-3155. YAMAHA N. -- MATCHLE- )S BIKE .SHOP, B.M.W, -- MATCHLESS ACS BIKE SHOP 1100 E. Artesra . GA 3-739* '43 HONDA 150 cc. X!nt. cond. Custom pipes, xlra chrome, new Iransm. S235. 35 E. Plvmculh, Aot. 4. ·44 HONDA C-72 300, 2 original'ml., will take S400. VALUER MOTORS 740 V/. Anaheim 432-3445 '62 FORD Ranchero pickup. 1590. 430 E. 43rd SI. GA 2-4S43 ·54 DODGE 1-T. panel. Runs good. t!95. Call .433,2993. ISM CHEV., 4, new lires, ccnd.' HSO. UN 5-2447. Chev. . etckup. J23S. '40 FORD y* ton. pick UP. Long bed 8400. 17141 842-4221. ·59 FORO Ranchero. Xlnl. cor.d. MOO. Call TOpat 9-0921, ext. 584. '65 HONDA CB160 0 i daily. 4315 E. -Anaheim. cycle re-byllt cood ^ m - '^VStMS 12SCC PJCH 2 trail bike. Sell Inrxirt car. 1963 HONDA Super Hawk, new engine Will trade for smaller bike or 5375. (7(41 842-1854. . , '45 HONDA. Model 250 Scrambler. Custom, · chrome paint. S52J. . 3525 OCEAN BLVD. 434-3V01 '45 HONDA-S90, Wack, xlnt. extras, rotary ' "' «o :hehnet. - cond., i., new 431-5524 ·42 CRUSADER swllMJ-awav. 55203 full price. Vacant. Immecf, pas rner Ave., H . . - nly Mobile Estale" SPACE M-Oft call B47-W5B . . See fAsrr. AMI V/arner Av "Sea-afra ad-jJt only " - EVES'i V/KENOS. 962-K21. Dble'Expando 2 enclosed porches. Carport. Pels o.k. Musi see to aporec. Rancho Del Rev, 14722 Monterey Lake, Space 94. HuoUngtcn Beach. SO-CART,' Honda 150 engine 4 4-sceed transm. Needs Hie work. 5100 lakes all. 433-1355 '« BSA SPITFIRE. Excel, com). 5950-1 " . . . - - - 42SW S950.-.p"r offer. Aft.:}: c.m. Sal. jr-tfay_atl day. 1!46 ZUZUKI, X-S, J52i. Xlnl. co.v diHon. 422-4840. '51 GMC 3 ,i ton, ply tires. 437- .. Like new. New 4 '-g327. '59 CHEV. V3 w/Hlway r 5025 FALCi ton pickup. RS, Camper.- 3115 Prlv. PI ,Ull ·5 GMC. Cab S, chassle, '42 FORO Vi-T., i cyl., short bed A-l, 30,000 ml., with camper, S95T Will sell seo. HA 5 4187. '44 INTERNATIONAL Vi Ion plcku Good cond. wllh camper she 5333. Call 421-4441. ·42 CHEV. W ton pickup, autom RH, real clean, [ow ml., ma oltef. Ph. 487^)648. · am ·44 CKEV. W Ion. clean, low mllc- a»e. Reas. 6J4-4241; 5210825. · tor sale or trade. ·64. HONDA Sccrambler · '62-'«. PACEMAKER. 56'x15 J wide. · 2 br., front klttlx, excel,. ccnd. Trovel Trailers 165 TRAILER HITCHES 1 ' Sales and Initajraklon . over H71 hlfdnw Initalltd PIPER WELDIMG'fc MFG. 2; E, Arlesla Blvd... M£ 3-ITj? ~~ A1RSTREAM--ALJO · KENSKtLL--IDEAL BOYER -TRAILER -SALES Gocd-Silectlcn Uied Trailers ·63 Long Bgach BI.. Long Btach 16' -SHASTA, , xrnl. cor.d., comb g.,.E-Z lift - , , xrnl. . . butaru or c Ice., r«frtg.,. h.lch, t!ec. brV. ,' control, ASM Olive Ave. TAKE OVERPAYMENTS S55: '5*-- 45x8' 2-BDRM.. fufl bath, al accns t)4?S. 3715 E. Soring. 424 5215. tVV«iKh. HA 1-H3S) '« THARDROP, sleeps -1, .compl IrSMi, bulane, 50 Ib. Icfr box, MW malt "66 lie. 8-M50. -1* FT. Cal-Crali. Efcc. braV ·63 HONDA Scrambler 250 CC, cood cond. Best offer. 633-7345. '57 BSA; 650 cc, ^?,8' mtleaoe, $550. '45"YAMAHA 250 cc In excel, ccnd. 5450. ME 0-4074 '44 HONDV ~Suner Hawk, cond., SSQO. ·64 HONDA ISO, lo ml., excel, cond. .»275 or besl otter. 714-527-1285 L1 ^^Pne T r^P°.'v5i:" s5 ^- ·65 HONDA 160. S450. Bellflower. nl-7102. S450. 16331 Orchard, .'63 XL-CH. Custom lied, blue- »7». '65 YAMAHA 55CC St. bike. «!M. GA 2 4078 2-6 o.m. ,i555?L Trucks Tractors. tak* flatbW. 768 '59 CHEV. EL CAMINO 9_lo 4 dally; 4015 E-. Anehd '« GMC V-4 'A ton, 4 speed, RS, step bumner, excell. cond. MS Ph. 421-3723, Trucks Ir Trocroo · · IX · IX LOOK!! i Slako Truck Specials '62 CHEV: l/ 2 T. w ,LL p c1o- l ?b RF1 !!!l ld .?'.^' :,,..5 '64 GMC Heavy duly Vi T. clck-uo, »' wide sKe bed. custom cab, RH, heavy duly trans. REAL CHERRYI SI575 '57 SMC 21/2 T '62 FORD 12' STAKE JACK WATKINS GMC E»clusive GMC Dealer 74!» Allanllc Ave. GA.7-74W 65 CHEVROLET .... $1999 El Camlno Mallbu. 4 cvl, slandard Irans. R 4H?5. CHEVROLET (JO-SIOO f ntcki ft TnKten Ul '64 FORD l/j.Ton $1295 PUkJO. Long B^ll'l rCYldr. mrchinfcal c'oftd'lflon.' Excellent for Camper. LAKEWOOD MOTORS mportftSp'tCars 173-A . \WANTEP). BIG VAN $650 Ion, 1 speed vthtell, .. _ rear, brakei, good' conj\"piV. JM-!4I4. Auto Port* Repairs It? ._ Ford 4. New 1 foam scats, ladder rack/ turn light, step Dumper, radio* 4 sod. Good shape, etc. $295. Want weld- jfujj14i IM-22H. ""·' ms, L4«3. C»b over «Jxl aluminum Van. ^(1 licrtflce. I Tex Jones or Llnay. "'-""iirtnn rupuoniPT ·0711 LATE r-lCDEL CHEV. PtwerglWl. ill tlVKk. }.« I 3.55 Ird mtm- bcrs new 5.31 ring pinion. 434- FLATHEAD vj -u »ngin«. no5 a. lerideri. JJS. ftJJ velaroM Dr:. Hunllnlel BrxJI. (7141 jtl-3172 '44 FORO 417 Hlohrlser eng., cUjil 4 brrls., HA M014; HA 5-1SIJ, Larry. - l»l» BODY wl.lh ihorten bef, SJ5. . -owes, no engs., I Bulck. Rqchclter fu«l coucei. lck. R hev. 633-9397. HILL^^AN. HuilcY eflVr* transmission. Perltcl shaoc. t complete. 4JU1J17 aller 7. CHEV. 4 jpdT w/Hwsl linkage. CA 155« .-.- GUARANTEE Auli R.C.B. Aulo. L.B. 4144 Call Tex Jones or LlrvoY. PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3- 6J CHEV.. , v-l, 4-spd.. 2-spd. axle nrde. Cat Paul Galll OVERHAUL aulo. Irns., U7.SO. Labor t parts. CA t-UU, tik lor Den MISC. . - U Chevy, Plvm., Alerc. Fa r con Olds parli. 479-341 BATTERY chai 431-5597 IK" Auros Wanted 173 IRAND New '44 Chev. up. CiC PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5359 LaXevJOod Blvd. ME 3-0781 45 CHEVY Vi ion plckgp. Loaded, y-t, aulom., pwr. broke!, R8.H, . . . ill laSe Irade. pair, 6SC8 Aloodra, r ORO pickup, '59 Real nice, S375. Hunt's Au1o Rci Paramount. '64 EL CAMINO. Air 81^0281. ·44 OODGE P.U., V-», long bed. aulo., tic. «lr,. pwr. slrg. ^-»Jj|» OUIO-, TBl.. _.. . Belllfowe r__Motors '42 RANCHES PARKWO 5o5 Lakew ·54 FORD.Vi *** .E 3-Ofll .fin _jkewoi Blyd.'"ME 3-0711 '45 CHEVROLET Van : 115W P A R K W O O D CHEVROLET 505? Lakewrod Blvd. ME 3-0711 ·JS CKEV., .lee!oho"ni..lryck..wllh '54 cno. I3CO. 925^5417. ;uu, 3 /i ion, long NEED 100 LATE MODEL CADILLACS And other fine cars We wtll piv TOP U For Your Car . COTTER , MOTORS wrier* Reputation COUNTS 2165 L.B. Blvd. L.B. DIAL 591-2334 ID FOR USED VWS TO Lixewood Molori 511! South St. 1 Lakencod Dutch Vlllioe TO iu741 FOR USED olori VolKs Racing pqrts fc S«r, 1731 Cheator Slicks $15.95 B D TIRE CO. 444 E. Paclllc Csl. Hwy. HE M«7 Cheater Slicks ... $15.88 DISCOUNT TIRE CEHTER 43»I2?I «M.CHEVIE.H4.C¥" Import Sport C=n 171 MISCELLANEOUS '58 METRO COUPE Import t Sp«rt Con 1 74 WE HAVE OVER 100 NEV/ And USED IMPORTED CARS IN STOCK er.4. This nlct vours (or ttie ^olal orlce ol ''$195 p4ut Ux B, Hcentc. BUV IT It LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN . EXCLUSIVE HARBOR AREA DATSUN DEALER LONG BEACH MOTORS ALL MODELS-ALL COLORS PARTS_ SERVICE 1750 Long, Beach Blvd. 432-S427 ·73 METROPOLITAN «75. ~Rilf, good Irans. 430-2625. Call Mon. all. 4:30. r Si" HARD lo llnd Rover, classic stvle. Good cond. Forced lo sicrlllct. HIS. 434 H43. ·II clfer. 5231 ALFA ROMEO brakes, shocks. ·41 ALPHA Coupe. Red v»/c* Interior. »75. 424-S3S1. AUSTIN-HEALEV 1 63 Austin Healey .... $995 SorUe RMdittr. Light Bclo« txFi-- , ly mini condition. LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN 511! Sculh St. al Woodruff LakewoeD CXilch Village TO i0741 '59 AUSTIN Keliey 4. 42,000 or!g " ~ ' hape. Lite green. Fas big VI. 1 owner, Evei: Til. Gd. as new, 145-3X1. ·15 AUSTIN Hilly 3000. Best oiler Musi sell by Mar. I5lh. 4»44 JlllTdARS f our care- vy today, FREE PICKUP SE GAVIN Auto Parts i: Wrecking 2100 W. PAC. CST. HWY. L.B. HE 4-SS70 OR TE -1111 Import Sport COTS 174 '60 VW pickup. 40 HP. Tarp. Very dean. S595. 2502 DnshAODd. ME 4-5747 Autos Wanted 173 Airplanes 167 '59 250 COMANCKE »0,!»"f» "J chrome' Malar, mark 12-340. "tS patnl ICb. Fully eoulcped. 512,500 427-0418 ' °r HA 5-7251 li or trade. · 414-7314; SEABEE amphibian, sell Low lime. Call Rubin, eve. 422-605?. fces. Ne . «lh W FT. tr»iler. Trolwood ejttle but gooille. Now llres. 1; ~ 5?J2 E. Anaheim St. I dle." New' llres." 1 si "*375 - lakes. · - · ' - GE ?-1200 '42 SANTA'FE, 15 «., sleeps 4, like _S«w..i7B. _. 425.707? 15-FT. 'Jewel, bulBf-e rtfrlo. Sleeps · 'UTILITY Iraller, '64 TRAVELG7E, 16'/ self-contained Xlnt.w/ReeceHlkh. 25' KENSKIL iUCC. Ph.: Mobile Horn* oV Trailer Spaces alier 1 5-A 'SKANDIA ONLY 4 SPACES LEFT -' CLOSE IN LONG BEACH PHONE (714) 847-7284 ' BELLFLOWER. Bar "0" Inn. A«l!. Available. tOiSO exoa-Ja. IU15 Ctrrifoi 51., ME 3-iKB. LOW RATES -- Planned recrealkjn. · Pool. KMl. cell OK. HE S-S-733 SEABREEZE-Htw dlx. crk. Adull! GE KOfi--5200 Hell, Flunt. Be.'- kills. lacft. trailers Mobile Homts Wanted 165-C WE BUY MOBILE HOMES and MV . lop (toiur. Oto. W. Frv, JH1 Pac. Cal. Hwv., Lomlla. P2-A503. ' CASH TODAY for V1OT Gene Sno-^s Trailer Sales, »«-j«* SCSI E. ArUlH. Evtl. TO 7-4?7 VIE pav «pot caih for clean uw Iralfera. Ray's . .HE i-iin PILOTS' Country Club. Flv Wi «.«. VMA, 427-7051. Sport Campers 167-A very Illlle. Also cuslotn S ft. fiber glass camper, white. Sleeps 7. Ice bor, cupboard, crawl-thru, Reas m5 Jackson. GA 2-930. . Teardrop, Alr-Fllle, r full c o 5«5 Complete Hn« of trucxj, 'BOB'S .CAMPER.SALEVRENTA^S. supplies e335"Alondr37 Pararn'f.'ME 0-5TO r 64 VW Camoer/ RH/ f-jllv eopt. including loeclal Iraller -hllth. My eoulfy $350. Assume pavmlf, Call a-3352 alter 6 p.m. CAMPER, tfeeper, Vi" Marine plywood -4x7x8'. But, rcfrlo.* 2-4" foam matt, RemovaWe rcof, water- lank, awnlrvo. Sac. $775. GA 7-0760 TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 1' ROAMER, SIDE DINETTE Dlr. 320-2279 M E L B U R N S F O R D TRUCK CENTER 1900 591-2351 PICKUPS '« FORD 6-cy], %-fon, long S1ylej!d« bed; Kedier, itep tHimper, foil wheel · covers; SHARP turquoliH llnHI.. A real low price 19 $4 CChQ *3^^ · · · 1 · . Sf 9QQ ****'^ reway CUSTOMIZED TbPS FROM SUS Jefferson, Paramt, ME X-MOe5 7530 HOT water, shower 'n everything. -,l. contained, El.Oorad..,^! lodav al 1935 Del An» (at Clx Dlr. 472-4412. · WEEKEND Special S»S. '44 CaB- over. Sleeos 4. 10% dn. BarJ fl- ranclng. l?35 Oel Amo Cat Cherry) Dlr. 422-4412. ·62 CAMPER sleeps 4. setl-conlalred J!i-ton V8 Chev- 4-speed aulom. trans., duals, pwr. sleero. brakei. S2500. GA4-4S24; GEVOC37 DELUXE B' CAMPER TOPS Dome Ille, clearance Ille--,. $199 Dlr. Call 320-277?, CarsonSt. at Vreslern Ave.. Torrance TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 8' Glbralltr, cabover, na). aih Int., copperlcne »ocl. Dlr. 3»-2i7y TAKE OVER PAYMENTS HEED 1 cr 10 wise mobile tome] WILL pay cash lo prlvale party for clean Iraller. Dlr. HE 191*7. Trailer Storage 16S-F TRAILER * Boats Guarded. 10513 E. ATondra, BelFIJOwcr. TO 7-7J11. Motorcycles Wanted 165G WILL BUY OR CONSIGN HONDA OF WILMINGTOM 534 11. Anaheim, v/itm. 83MSM Motorcycles, Scooters 166 ·45 TRIUMPH, world's record noli- ·M TRIUMPH TR 4 SC, 450 CC, ilreet or dlrl, U!0. 414-lta 550 eno.-Comol. S50. »35-5!79 '45 YAMAHA; xlnl. cond. Pvl. parly, S495. ME 44241 '45 HONDA-- M5-- xlnt. Cond. XtfO mHes/ 1575. X31-5757 YAMAHA 80 CC, 17M. »5. 5375 E. 2nd SI. GE 9-1221 ·45 ROYAL EnfTtkJ, SM. Ca IM-9A' 0 for aTpolnlnlenl. '4) HONDA, 250 cc Scrambler. Low ml. Sharp. 479-2034 15S4-- iSOcc-B-S-A. T«0 ml., like new. S500. Ph. «7-5774. .'45 YAMAHA. 125 Sanla Barbara, UOO ml. UOO cash. .U7-OW. 'U HARLEY, Sprtnl. 250 CC. 1£M mllei, S5CO. 42I-72S7 1943 TRIUMPH 500, exceotionallv clea-i,' very low ml., $495. 42-41U ·a BSA Scrambler, 250cc. U1S. Excell, ccnd., 11 on IS. Ph. 4 29-751 P ·43 HONDA 50 Clio, Mack, excellent r/HVflllon. «ISO. 4115 Myrtle. '"plaTO..^^^.^ · MV.Iblke West Bend, t'n HP ne* -44 GMC LWB, P.U. VJ2«9 Norm Hoffman, GMC UN 3B7S3 11530 E. Firestone, Norwalk camoer. Arlesls Camper Sales. 1E01I S. Pioneer. Arlnla. UN 5-54J7 PILGRIM CAMPERS -- BUY, Sell, Rinl. Tr»de. US E. Arleila St., M.L.B. Open Sun. 11-5. ME -!7S. slove, sink water fanV. $375. Catl K5-737I 'U W/' CAVPER, lollel, |KkS. ·U *'t Ion chsv. Comol. 12SJ5. HA '59 CHEV. Vi Ion w/15' Iraller concMllon.'slJylfTM'' "TO 7-4118 KENT CRAFT SHELLS FROM J7« Wesfways-Parkwjy-Kamptri Kab!n 11374 Allanllc, Lynwood NE 2-»2 ·45 .i T. CHEV, truck i camoer. 2-3 W. 48lh' SI. choose from. 422-44)1 1935 Del Amo (al Cherry) Dlr. '42 CKEV. w/f-y Mirced cabover, xlras + boot 4 lacks. $1195. »:i stair alt. 7l» take Irade. KS-IAtl. '43 GMC Vt T./ kw mJ. Pilgrim C.O. boot, alr-cond., butane or elec. refrtg. Xlnl. cond. · 591-2W ·44 EL Camlno cob hlpn. $225. Call 433-H90. ·59 V,W. camper wim extras, fully eau'p., fine contf. 434-4745 ·42 CHEV, camoer. Taka sports car for eaufty. Call (7urS45-«OS7 4W CUS7. CAMPER-- built-in xtras. Musi sen now. GE i-0249. CAMPER EQUIP. Sloves. la"ks, re- frig., etc. Slve SS. ME itm. '43 FORO ^ - S ~ cyl. w/AFasklai camper. Lo miles. J2WS.GE l-3m CAMPER trailer, excefl. cood., s'eeos 4. Ph. 845-2044. TV CAMPER-BUS, -5W5. Sell or Irsde. (714) (241544. Call Bob. starl you off ftnM. ·44 FORO l-cvl. W-ton, lono 5IVl"itJe bed; heater, slep bumper, full v/heel covers; SHARP turquoise flnlsK Here Is Uie buv vou % Kavfl waited for. '« FORD 6-cyl.- 'A-loo, IWIB StylKide bed; heater, H*o b u m p e r , Western mirror*, SlylPsKe mouidlnoJ, WWtlres, full vrhed covers; new Car b- bean iur«uoli« "-' of economy hera '42 CHEVROLET 8-CvJ. =i-tcn, long Fleelslde bed; radio/ heater, sleo bumper, Weilerri mirror*, pry rubber on split rim wheels; new Sahara beioe Cordovan Soorlone fmlsn. Put your.camper | J on 1hfs ont '41 FORD -cvf. '/i-ton, Tor.g SrylesTde bed; custom cab, radio, healer, Jleo bumper, Weitern mirrors, 4-apDed, (ull wti eet coven; new Arcad i an blue flnlih. You can'l " ' a SHARPER (XI* ,, 't] CHEVROLET ( CVl. 6-ton, [ooo Frrtls'dfl bed; healer, step bumptr, V/Mtern rnIr- ron; 10-pfy Goorfyear dybleic ITres wheels, on rear; 6-pJy split rlrns on front; ovenoaai. A lof Of true* her* Sf fiOQ for. vowr camper. *V**** '« FORO I cyl. K-lon, lono Stvl«W« b«d; cuilom cab, radio, healer, step bumper, Western mirrors,..WW .llres* full wheel covers; SHARP Corinthian white finish. You have Jo like thii SfiOO ont. fT IS SKARPE O3i7 '59 FORD i-cyl, W-Ion, short Slvlcskfe bed; radio/ heeler, step bumper, full wheel covers; new glsckr blue llnbh. Here's a tot ol CrucV i 1 CASH FOR YOUR CAR! CALL AND TELL US HOW MUCK TO BRIKQ DAY OR NIGHT 830-5100 CORMIER Chevrolet Co. LOCATED AT THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP tUYCH OH DU7Y 24) HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK tart* Stltotion ; of Ultf VW'i j ·58-'65 I HERE AM A FEW ; '65 VW $1695 I '64 VW SI495 I '63 VW $1295 : '63 Karmann · Gtiia - $1495 | · ' 6 2 V W : Dlx. Bus ...$1395: ·61 vw $1095: '60 Sprili ; $695 · 1 ' " ' t Ask About Our 100% GUARANTEE \ LOW FINANCING | C I R C L E M O T O R S YOUR NEW LONG BEACH AUTHORIZED VOLKSWAGEN DEALERSHIP GE 4-S4M I tit lohcweod, loncj l«ach At the TriHk Clrcl. -OPEN SUNDAY . ' · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · WE NEED CARS ! ! H ghest price* paid for 1959s thru If64i. See Larry Von Noilran. DICK BROWNING ExcHnJve OLDSMOBILE Dealer 1»0 Long Beach Blvd. HE 4-917J TOP CASH ANY CAR S, ANY MODEL Local or out of slate license. Ocen every day, 8 lo 9 p.m. 2129 W. PACIFIC COAST, L. B. GE 8-3410 HE LLOYD C. PATTERSON Top Prices lor Clean Cars ilOl LONG BEACH BLVD.. L. B, ED 'iS - 'U MOTORS Blvd. GE 4»44 JUNK CARS WANTED TOD S S $ t -- Free pickup KE 5 1044, 0 A.M. lo f P.M. JUNK CARS !519 E. WILLOVr WANTED GA Import Sp't Cars 173-A (WANTED) VW--P3 _ MTRS., 'a.i)Ui. "VW dlr.' Pacllic Cst. H«v. al rlormsndlt, Lorn" 1-2634 DATSUN '4S OATSUN CONVERTIBLE_.ll»f C. BOB AUTREY 1143 L.B. Blvd., L.B.,.jSIIJjn. ENGLISH FORD ·46 CORTINA GT. S1.4W PLAZA MOTORS 17439 Clark Aye., Bellll. TO 7-2715 'T? ENGLISH Ford Thames. !)» r 7. OA 7-7574. 1MI LlniOln. FIAT 1200 Rdslr. Roll iv win- to, all orlg «. clean till 434-OM4, Dlr. HILLMAN MINX ·5? HILLMAN Mini 1150. 5301 Brier- cresl, Lakewood. JAGUAR 'U JAG. CM. wire wh«h. Invnac. cond. KE, 4 10, lei blk., o* ml., ne* llres. _.. Owners wiles carl '"ADVANCE MOTORS 1740 Long Peach Blyd. HE t-3414 JAGUAK ·43 JAGUAR XKE tail-back Owner enllsterf. Best olfer. GE 1-IM2 KARMANN GHIA S.S. Coe. '"OBI 1500, U.OOO "Vo-4.45?i H«r» fully '59 MERCEDES 190 Sdn ,66.miniCOOPER S-GT '66 Austin miniMOKE '6i MSB CONV. Wir«n '64.AUSTIN-HEALEY '66 MG SPORT SEDAN '66 SPRITE ROADSTER '63 AUSTIN-HEALEY '62 HERALD Coiwartible '60 MERCEDES 190-SL 'M SUNBEAM Alpine '60 AUSTIN- HEALEY HT '63 MG-B HT, wir« '58 MG-A Rd, wires '62 MG-A Roadster '60 SPRITE Hrdtp. '58 VW SEDAN A- - -* We Pay Immediate CASH For All IMPORT CARS See Lou Mlrabile ·A- - A Jamestown KARMANN GHIA '44 KARMANK-OHIA CNjpt -.114 M'l LIKE NEW C. BOB AUTREY IMP L.B. Blvd., L.B., S1I-U73 'U KARMAHN Onll AM-FM, red while, good llres, clean. tW. Ci alter? p.m. or week ends. 133-04 MERCEDES '40 MERCEDES, dlesel, 190 D, 4 Musi Erv iTils gnet Can tin. an CT AOYAKCTM6TOR-: 1740 Lorvg Beach Blvd. HE 2-14 '19 MERCEDES 190 SL. Conver RfcH. New paint, very lowm _Xlnt._co«l. 925-lijJ or 430-1172. ·44 MERCEDES 200 O, ne« *tt Q7SCS, oil while, red lealherli I nl erlor. 13.750. 424-2. MERCEDES ti«o. at si». S 1TO SL. Xlnl. con mpott ft .Sywt Con 4;24 M. G. . IS555 Fi,-i.-i^r EI } Stdaxl txtrt clean . · C. BOB AUTRET 1 I L.B. Blvd.. LB,. M M.O.B. XMI. CMX). 14X00 MM RIH, ww, prtv. ply. ; i t H - 3 afi. 4 Che.rry Ave. or 53^0-TO, MCA « SP^IT r OH HE?, UM. PH. "KVaJffla 9 MOA. Tak fltt MYmll. Musi sell. 4JU15S Illef 4 p m VVHEELa. C R°j! 1575. KA MCA 'HEELi. WIRE 1-1510. K4 MG MMH 1ICO t dr. i«dm. miher Interior, eVr. 144-1111. id NEW, used I service. Herb FrltanjicW Ifnoorli. CE »-44l _ 5« MCA Rocditer. Toi condTtlon' ». HA «-TO!7 or 5W4?24. ·PEUGEOT ! PEUGEOT for sns. can tw i«n « !«? Le%vl. Ave., L.B. PORSCHE RENAULT RENAULT TRADES . BEST BUYS , i] Djuw'nt 10 i .--^ _ '39 PetweJl Bleoe _HI ... 100* Financing Avallabft _S8J OA"C" , IMPORT AUTO '61 REK Ccnd. C EKAULT PiVOMne. :,««J mlctl car. «35. 'ME WJl . . OkuPhlne. l 414.1«l5 ive. or Sun, SPRITE Brand Now '66 A,-Healey SPRITE Ecoflmy, FUH,. tow prlc#« $295 Dr. + T»L D»liv«rj Jamestown SUNBEAM ; «5 SUMBEAM ImpJ, 4-soffd,. Rjjl «444A, | Sciper,'i J oec1aT. il 4». Boa 3201 E. Ptc.C IE AM lnip;,4-lp. shwper, r » inec.,.. ^.. icn City Ch»vrolM PK.-Cit,Ww. GE 1-7411 "44 SUNBEAM Rdslr. Wtt *n«til. rad:o" S«cHjThl» wjiE _«H2S Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 174 1 mport* Sport Can J 74 Autos Wanted 173 Autos Wanted 173 for little rooflcy. . »7QQ · ^^ 'it FORD l-cyl. j-Km Flare- sld«; neater, Weslem mirrors, full wrap-around rear wlrv etc-w; 4 · p I v rubier, new clirome yellow rmlsfi. Tnls Is oNT 1 .."'^ '799 'SI CHEVROLET *cyl.' T Mon, loog Steos'de bed; healer, step bumper, lull wtieel cov- er»; ne-* Rangoon red finish. ·How can vou miss *7QQ on IMs one? *W ·» CHEVROLET tVcvl. IrVlon; heater, t ( e p bomper/ Ml wheel coverj; new Rani red flitlil., . Try tn:i oett 'H FORD t-cyl. W-tw: heater, iFep bumper, V/wtern mtr- ran, Ml wheel cover*; new /Aarlln blue fTnlih set off wim wtiTtewalK full wheel covert. A r,fce dcfcuD wfih a respecfafate '~ wk* '55 OODGE i-cyl. Vb-tixi; radio/ healer, s t e p bumper* W*sUrn nilrrrs, WW tlrei, full wheel ewers; .SHARP mTnr " " We l^eed Ijoui- 1jJe( Car Will Buy or Trade. Top Prices Paid! Harbor Chevrolet 3770 CHERRY GA 6-3341 WHOLCSALftS ALSO INVITtP Auto Parts Repairs 169 Auto Ports RepflIrs U9 Free "Transmiwion" Acting Up? F» Tniuinx "Leavt year osromcblle problems **" Towmg wit* ,i" Cofvalr Sp.c/oli.M Carl "Transmission" Overhaul LABOR.PLUS PARTS 'Engine" Ring tValv* Job THIS IS A FORD. A FOflD CORTINA. CORTINA GOES FAST. 101 milti p«r hour. It harti got, 32 mll.i per cjallon The 2-Door Celux« coils Jl»10, 00. flora Motors sells mor« «nd more We like. Co;tl«o, You will, too 24,000-Mlli 24-Montli! Ford Factory Warranty PLAZA MOTORS FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALER 1/2 BLOCK SOUTH OF ARTESIA BLVD. ON CLARK TO 7-2785 17439 CLARK AVENUE BELLFLOWER QUALITY TRANSMISSION S944 Atlantic, Long Itack fhone: 23-0?7«, «J.OS75 13028 Paramount' llvd. -- TO 2-51 OS OrtH t DAYS -- 1 TO 5.30 Import Spert Cars m Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cari 174 Impart Spert Cofs 17^ 100% GUARANTEED USED VWS AT LAKEWOOD MOTORS -- YOUR FACTORY AUTHORIZED VOLKSWAGEN DEALER! Auto Potts Repairs 1*9 Aufo Parts Repairs U? '» CHEVROLET Wlon; radio, ftealtr, »l«o bumpers/ ortlom cab, full wtiwl cav- ers; nsw N»va[o befo« finish . Ring and Valve Overhaul Stm Eiejhl Overhaul Automatic Transmission iab °' most cars PLUS PARTS LONG BEACH ENQINE AND TRANSMISSION REIUILDERS GA 4-0407 3525 Long leach Blvd. NO DOWN It mt. l« Mil UH lerykt c»r, T H I S I N C L U D E S ALL PARTS and LABOR R 1000 Ml LES or 30 DAYS! ^ISiT OUR HUGE USED CAR LOT TODAY| S 59 USED VW's NOW IN STOCK 59 SEDANS Buses t Campers I--5* VW Sldin I--'65 VW $8din I--'6? yw Sed»n [--'58 VW Sittan 1--'59 VW Sidins J--'59 YW Sonfooli I--'60 VW Sedan I--'61 VW Sidan 6--'62 VW Sdioi i--'62 VW SUDIM'S I--'62 VW Ohia Coipl 12--'6} VW Sunroofs (--'61 VW Sonrooh 3--'M VW S.dans I--'54 VW Sunroof ' 1-- '64 VW $q. lick 5--'65 VW S»dan$ I--'65 VW Sq, Back I--'65 VW Sunroof I--'!5 VW 9-aajs. Kcmblt 2--'62 VW D!x. 8-paiS. Bust! I-'S2 VW 3-pa*s. Bui I--'61 VW Caniicr I--'6J VW 9-pJJV Otli»l Bus [--'64 VW Camptr I--'64 VW 9-pass. Boj I--'65 VW9-P8SJ, Bos LAKEWOOD MOTORS 5815 SOUTH ST. TO 6-0741 $ SOPEN (Corner of Woodruff and South St. -- Across From Dutch Villog«l LOS AHGSUS TOIL FME . ORANGI COUNTY TOLL F«lt SP/uc. 3-5351 * 521-7211 % W

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