Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 17
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FREE CAPS \£ ATTHEfAU. PARK! THIS IS OUR B16 BSEAK MARCIE/WBISTHeON'l'i' WAV OUR TEAM WILL' EVER BE ABLE TO SET CAPS,.. "1C W60NNA60 ILL BET IN AMP OUT THEfU LET OFTHAT6ATE ftXI PlAfCN UNTIL I 6=t / T H E PRISON NINE CAPS.. } BAIL TEAM SIR -Believe H or jftbt/ Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tun., April 20, 1976 I'.lVr.TTEVll.l.K, A H K A N S A S 11 . UoMU l-INCY-- Y 21 NOTHING L) H/1\MM-- I BUT EGGS [OPEN YOUR FOS THE V WXJTrt LAST W3NTH J AND SAY- tf^PHlllPH 1 lflJM8£8) WHO BBCAME COMKAHDEROf THEU.S.ARAW , , AT 52,WAS ONLY A M^U- ~'' TENftNT. BEFORE WE STftRT OF.THE CWO. WAR. " 'THE FACEY 53. «?. MOFFirlTS .^AY.' COULP vod SEEMS_ J YOUR SIZE. HAD ft [ I BE MR. MOFFIT? FAMILIAR. I FLASHING SrtlLE HOW OtD / AMD WAVY H/M(i WOULD HE B6 HOW? fio ' 1SEE Hi YOU HAVE I " NO TATTOO il111l!M!Ell]|[ll]IEI11l[lllllli:LIII!llill]y!IMIliLlli:iIIW^ LESTER L COLEMAN; M. D. Men Can Find Lumps In Breasf iiiiniiiiiitiiiuiiriiiiniiiiJuiiiiiininiEiiEniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniM^ -.^WS^^tS FWINSTOH CHURCHILL MEMORIAL"^* AND LIBRARY ai Fullon.Mo., WAS BUILT FROM THE STONES OF THE CHURCH OF ST.tfARV IU AlKRMftMBURY L(MOON,--A«'/OV X« RAZCDBYFIRE IN I66, AND A6AIH8Y BOMBS IU K/ORLD WAR IT T have felt a small lump ini my breast Eor years. It h a s n ' t 1 grown any larger so I've lont nothing about it. Do such lumps Iiave the same meaning in men as they do in women? Mr. T.G., III. Dear Mr. G.r . v ,; _ . -. .. Enlargement of the breasl and small nodules in the breast occur occasionally in men. They are never casually over looked by the physician' or the surgeon even though the possibility that such a growth is malignant, or cancerous, very slight. . I n your case, since it has not grown in size or changed :haracler, it is in all probability ' FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope benign. Nevertheless, it should carefully inspected by be doctor. in order. to be sure tba' it presents no special problem. I'm 18 and I have two imrac ted wisdom teeth. They don' bother me, but I wonder i ventually they will* have to b emoved by surgery.: - · . Miss L.L.. Calif )ear/Miss L.:, T h e . presence of impact ei ectli 'does' not necessarily meai hat surgery is inevitable. On I vhcn these Eceth interfere will IIEUMUIIIItlllllinnininilllllllllUllulWLlllM he "normal . bite of 'the tcet or the growth and structure o you SAY we GO AOVALW, ttw$. AW totieo, -a WB 6W5 MttKttti A fWE YEARS! TH' BflD NEWS ABOUT VOU BREAKIN VORE flRM, S'NUFFV -THI5I5*KI55IN)' EFTHESE ROCKS COJLP TALKrr- THAT'S THE CW'T TAK - MY WORD FOR IT-see FOR YOURSELF Tri£Y SAY IF W TAl-K fO FtOWtRS THEY WILU GROW AND STRONGER I A OKAY * THEY ALSO SAY »'s VERY DAN6ROUS TO USE OBSC£N£ LA(JSUA6£ AROUND A PA1SY V M155 SU'LE/, \ i£5, SIR- 3- SENT DIP ybU MAI!- \ IT TO SECRETAR/ MY 1.ETTEP TO ] Op PEFSNSE ^ Trie P£!siTA6ON / 5CMLE^IN(5ERy I we PE^WC-ON/ ^^ £p « PE?MN , AL f. £ SCHLESINGER? 1 H£'£ OUT/ rrs RUMSFELD - · NOvV,' THAT1S OUB PROBLEM,., WE'RE Look in the section in whichi SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 lo Dec your birthday comes and f i n d 21.) '" i U what your outlook is, _lo the blars. FOR WED., APRIL 21 A R I E S CMar. 21 to Apr. 20) Stellar aspects now give slow- moving projects .new momentum, indicate b e t t o r 1 results Jan. 20) Stellar influences indicate some pressure in job matters but, remain steadfast ' and hopeful. You CAN ADVANCE Personal affairs promise lo b unusually interesting CAPKICORN (Dec. 22 I 10 jaw do dentists consider urgicnl removal. If infection is present, or it he Impacted leeth p r e s s on crvcs and cause pain or diffi; ulty in chewing", : jthen surgery V s also advised. - *».. All cases are individually, *, vahiatcd by dental .surgeons.^-, M y o u r - a g e tt would be wi^s'j' 1 o seek an opinion with sucKV; specialist- · . . · ' · ^ My four-year-ohl riaughte'r *; as a hernia of the navel. Could ..his have been caused hy ini-7** properly . tying "off Uie " cord '-"·· vhen she was born? · ' Airs. S.C..Tex.' ' Hear Mrs. C.: · An umbilical 1 hernia is not : related to h o w the umbilical ' cord is tied off. "" ' ^ R a t h e r it is clue t o . a slight ; weakness of the musculature at ·- h'al site. Many of these hernias ', disappear without the need for. I urfiery. If t n e y rorsist --nd ~ ! cause annoying symploms, then surgery is the easiest way to solve this problem. -^j^ Speaking of Your Health .v."--' The sensitive bearing mechanism can be injured uhen bombarded · by loud .factory noEsesCr' There are many, protective^-; devicos that can preserve good^*, hearing. than even your may have anti cipaleoV.Gel going! TAUIUJS (Apr. 21 to May 21) A fine Venus a s p e c t cn- c o u r a g e s artistic pursuits, romance, family interests. Just one admonition: curb emotionalism. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Curb toward inertia, action. Current matters need further study: Some trends changing, CANCER (June 22 to July 23) :Now you have the opportunity lo spread ynur wings a hit, to prescnL Ienrtency lackadaisical S t r e n g t h o f purpose, ingenuity and a thorough knowledge .of. y o u r - g r o u n d will be needed now: Put first things FIRST, and don't engage in n e w undertakings w i t h o u t careful study. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) ri'iii niwin iiHmiiHi'wnn'iMiJiiiiifiMi n 1 in B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge "(Top "Record Holder to'Masters' Individual Championship Play) IDiErUlDmilFllinilEflEQinilbmfliMDM!^ Avoid delays which, while not matters pressing. should nevertheless be handled before they clutter jirour program. General pi-caress ii iicated. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Through sheer personality and persuasiveness, yoj can he an effective infuence in places Both sides vulnerable. NORTH *A K 7 . - . -· - , investigate new projects. areas| w licre stumhling blocks have of activity. B'jt do not drop, been raised. Aspects fine! wcll-pl an tied ventu res m croly You sEUve, for the sake of change. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Excellent-s o I a r influences! Capitaliae o n y o u r dynamic personality - and you can ride ahead with distinction. VIRGO (Aug. 2'! lo Sept. 23) Persona! mailers may need sorne special attention, perhaps a change of plan. A slate of readiness advised, io cope with the unexpected. LIBRA (Sept'24 to Oct. 23) Sonic unusual situations dicated, extraordinary persons with whom to deal. Use the Libran's poise aiid fine sense of balance to cope. SCORPIO (Oct. 2-J lo Nov. 22) Enthuse? This may be THE factor needed lo deep day out o f a rut, free froi aggravations. Day also requires underslanding ol olher's needs.: horn today . are a - sen- imaginative individual; dogmatic. Birlhdate of: Queen Elizabeth II, of England; H.A Taine, French critic, historian: Charlotte Bronlc, Eng: novelist. 4 A K 7 3 + 3 5 4 WEST * 10 9 8 4 · 106 *J 10 73 * Q J 9 4 2 + 9 SOUTH V A Q J 10 3 · 35 * A K Q S 2 The bidding: West North 1 NT endowed with a great love of beauty and marked manual "dexterity. Benevolent toward your fellowmcn, you often become physicians, nurses and w o r k e r s i n humanitarian causes. You also h a y,c a deep 'ove for family and home; are i traditionalist at heart and e_\ t re mely . proud of your herilagL'. T h e arts appeal to you ;mri, properly trained, you could m a k e ' a great success as a writer, designer, interior decorator or painter. Other fields suited to your .talents: teaching. horticulture, dancing, lecturing- Traits to curb: ---- ^ - . obstinacy and a tendency to be possibility that the suit- is East Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 4 V Pass 5 V Pass 6 4 Opening lead - len of'Spades. Let's assume you're in seven hearts anti West leads a spadj which you win with the k i n g It's not* difficult to see that lh grand slam is cold if the club, are divided 3-2, so all you thoughts are devoted lo the divided il or 5-0. If you draw trumps right __ _ vay," you would be taking the you stand- lutcome entirely on a favorable club division^ But, even gran- ing that the- odds are about. .. to 1 in ftiv'or of finding ths ilubs divided'3-2, ibis would not ie the right, way to play tha land. ' ' ' ' ' . ' · _ .;' · . You can :increase' 'youc c h a n c e s substantially b y drawing only two rounds ' o f . rumps and then playing the AC of clubs. As it happens,- you earn that the clubs are divided ·M when "East'discards a spada ,o the second round of clubs. ·It · is now . cjcair that West started not only "with four clubs but also three."Erumps. East would surely have ruffed t h e king oE'clubs it he had the only missing trump. .You therefore continue with the queen of clubj and r u f f a club in dummy to sew up the contract. ' I t may : be argued ' that' thii inethod of play:runs the risk' of having the fcce or king of clubs ruffed.' This is trua enough, since East might very well have been .dealt one cluh and three hearts instead o f : o n » club and two hearts. : But the answer to this content tion is that you can't make the contract if either defender was drajt a sirrglelon club and threa or 'more trurnps. It Iherefora costs yon nothing to draw only two rounds of trumps and play the A-K of clubs to see where Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Minor prophet 5 Breach 8 Sawmill gate 12 Beer or ale 14 Philippine , · ; timber Iree 15 Stir's up 16 Thin 17 Connect 18 Warms thoroughly 20 Recess or vacation 23 Seed 24 Vast 25 Indict 28 Greek nickname 29 Celerity 30 -- Roy 32 Eluded 31 Quote 39 Islands olf Galway 36 Moderates 37 Classroom need 40 Ventilate 41 Oriental nurse 42 Cooling .beverage 47 Hoarfrost 48 Rivals 49 The sweel- sop 50 The · (Ger.) 51 Rules for games DOWN 1 Arabian garment 2 British princess (fam.) 3 Egg: comb, form 4 Colonize 5 Means of entrance S Stone or Iron 7 Annoyed 8 Spiced ' sausage 9 They beat kings 10 Irish slate 11 Layers ' 13 Shore bird Answer, to yesterday's puzzle. 19 Toward the mouth 20 Shinto temple 21Undc(iled 22 Shield 23 A color . 25 Horrified- ·26 Courage ".' 27 Observe 29 Flowing garment 31 Egyptian god 33 Hiding places ^ 34.Fleshly" ~ ~ 3S Science subj. 37 Amazon estuary 38 Give utterance to . ·39 Title 40 River in Asia 43 Uncle (dial.) : 44 Seen -glance 45 Beaded moisture ·IS Utter m$ LAFF - A - DAY "Let's do something different lonight, dear. You sit here and I'll sit there." CaieerClub The Career Club Knit On For Today Club's MSrs-nn" \na, Djcfon pofy- Kx! (OTiofl. A n iw lodJy'i frt THE NOW WORLD

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