The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 27, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Friday, February 27, 1920
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Carbondale-^-"Athens -• ens «£c Egypt " ,_ •; _•'-,,$-„;"• .. • • . "'•'/• VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, £RID4ty,; FEB. 27^ 1920. NUMBER 117. WILSON TO SIGN COMPROMISE RAIL BILL TODAY '*} * •"J TOMMIE'S WIFE FARCE SCORES SENSATIONAL HIT WITH LOTS OF PEP Featured By Part of Stu- dents—-Playf Was Livelyi and Fascinating—Athlet- • ic" Pageant Formed Inter- 1 esting Program—Clever Acting by Girls. One of the treats of the season was Jslative and raxing b'odies .which are the Normal Auditorium last , attempting to devise ways and means evening,-the younger pupils as we|l; o £ saving Illinois schools from further OS; the .older students taking part. ' deterioration. Otto F. Aken, superiu- The lighting..effects were especially ('teldent of the county school, and S. J. More Pay For Teachers; At Present 6O per Cent Improperly Trained Frank statements as.'to Jackson county's position in the state and national crisis ' in educational affairs •have been made by two of the county's most'prominent school men and will be used as evidence before the Constitutional Convention and various leg- pretty and were used in'harmony-with the stage settings. The S. I. N/U.'' orchestra, under the direction of Prof. Glenn C. Bainum, was an attractive feature of the evening. ^The prograui began with "Tommie's Wife," a pleasing play which had .been carefully worked out and which the anateur performers enacted skillfully. "Tommie's TPife"'was full of pep and -was especially interesting. The Frenchman, who was madly in love with "Rose," created quite .a sensation during the three a: s . Next came a group of girls who entertained with selected aesthetic dances. 1 Probably the most exciting number was the diving contest, .the boys springing over a rope and diving onto mattresses instead of into water as one might have expected. - "The Doll Shop," a paiitomime of commendable nature", was 1 given and ibe cast which was unusually large, includign the toymaker, his wife .and daughter, and a large variety of dolls. The little girl fell asleep at the end Shoemaker, superintendent at Murphysboro, 'both declare more money is needed for teachers'- salaries if the schools are to be kept functioning, according, to the Illinois School Committee. "Only 60 per cent of our.250 teachers in the county are properly tra'ii- ed/' said Mr. Aken, "ajnd the average teacher's salary is $525 a year. Our j shortage is caused by higher wages ' being paid in other vocations which require less educational ability. The most vital needs of the schools today are. more money with, which to get better tea.chers, education of patrons and school officers to' better cooperation .and, in the matter of funds, a larger taxing unit, preferably the county. The .state should make a larger appropriation. The establishment of the county system would'discontinue the leaks caused by the large number of clerical duties in the present system."- ._..'. Mr. Shoemaker insisted that provisions for the raising of. more money should be made without delay if the NORMAL TEAM HOPES? V 1 FOR MAJOR DIVISION AT ILLINOIS TOURNEY Hope is being held at the Normal that the school's basket ball team will be placed in the major division of the "Little Nineteen" basket iball : tournament to be held In the Augustana College gym at Rock Island, March 11, 12 and. 13.. The Normal team' has never been placed in the t major division of the conference, although won the championship in the minor divis- ioa two years ago. It has .been said the Normal never gets an opportunity to play the up state colleges for. a record, upon which it is decided by a number of coaches in the state" which NIGHT HIGH SCHOOL PACKERS MUST QUIT GROCERY BUSINESS WITH MEAT PRODUCTS Final Decree in U. S. Court XT- 1.x T^ TT . , « r. Demands Big Five Divorce Night or Day High School-- Wholesale Grocery Busi Ne\y Law Says All Boys and Girls Must Attend Either —Pupils Not Allowed to Work in Day Unless They Attend Night School— Ajdditibnal Teachers Re- ISTBiGT HIGHWAY of a busy day and the dolls in the shop I schools are to serve tEe publi'c'St their came to life. Appropriate dances best. were given by the Irish dolls, French Balby dolls .Sailor dolls, Spanish dolls, Colonial dolls, Scotch-dolls, French dolls and Penny dolls, composed ot Indian, Dutch. Darkies, Little Girls and Jumping-Jacks. During the final dance, the rag'doll collapsed and the j ,^ ^little girl awoke from a long dream j " and the dolls-were allin their places.. Announcement Made of Marriage of L "The strong man" was the wonder of the program, exhibiting numei-ous,sym- nastic difficulties: This was followed by a Syncopated Interlude with ragtime selections by the -musicians participating. This feature' of the evening 'was highly applauded. Next the boxing,ring was arranged and the audience witnessed a,boxing bout by, two light weight, "champions." " Then came the athletic .pageant and the boys included i.a this were duly repaid for their efforts by the perfect satisfaction of those'present. 'Aesthetic dancing'was the closing number of the program. , The entertainment was under the - supervision .of Misses Jennie Mitchell, Wanda Newsome and-lnez Hollsmberg- er and Prof. Win. Lodge.of the Normal faculty. Prof. Glenn C. Bainum, musi- .' cal director. The/success of the occasion is attributed to their capable . direction. . The program follows: A Farce in Three Acts, by Marie J. Warren. Cnaractsrs. Thomas Pittman Carothers, s, promising young portrait painter, as yet '•-* unknown to fame... ..Clyde Belford Rose Carothers, his sister ' ,., .Gail Boynton Dick Grannis, Carothers' chum, in love with Rose Milo Loomis Patty Campbell, a student at the Broadway Dramatic School ,. Mary Thieieeke Mrs. D.e Yorburgh-Smith, a wealthy society woman . .Alberta Robertson Sylvia, her daughter, "young and impressionable". -Margery Burkhart Pierre De Boutou,. a French fencing master ........Roscoe Pulliam Edith Bronson., a friend of Rose, in-terested in, charities . . v '•-,,. .,. -..;.-.,.;. Eleanor Clancy Synopsis. ' - ACT. I.—In Carothers studio. Af- ternoon. • .- - • ACT. II.—(Same B'cene. Afternoon ^ ' two weeks later. / • .. ACT III.—'Room, to' Edith's home. ~'-.- Evening of same day. • . -. (Continued on Page Three.) Swartz and Miss_Lucinda Wesson of Aurora—Romance Budded in Highway Department. The marriag son, daughter pt' Miss Lucinda Wes- of I.Iis. L. Wesson oi though the Normal this year "has not played many conference teams, McKendree and Sparks, winning from the latter and losing to McKeridree,'at the same time the Varsity five has been putting' up a good game all season, beating the Arkansas Aggies, and will play St. Louis TJ. tomorrow night. The gym at Rock Island has 3,000 capa'city and each team going there have been assured of half its expenses. The announcement of the division in which the .Normal will be placed will be announced following the meeting of the coaches. ' '•' Is Here Recruiting and Telling ,of .the Army Opportunities J. A. Carister, private first class, is in Carbondale on a recruiting detail for the U. S. Army. He is a member of the recruiting party in this section of the country fr'cmi the 49th infantry, Fort Snelling, .Mian. This is said to be one o£ the crack .regiments in- the U. S. Army. He will- i?,ke "recruits for th& 49th-or any other, organization ot the army. 31r. Carister.'will be seen on the streets of Carbondale for several days. He says he wants to explain to young men the new opportunities' in. the •..All boys and girls under'the age of IS in ,Carbondlale,. will be attending high school next .year.\ A-recent .-law has been enacted requiring Jail' children, up to the age of 18 to .attend school, amd the most of these will be high school students. The plan on foot now, in accordance with the new. law, by the school board, would caltyfor'a ni^ht school-in addi- tioneto the day uiglj school. Pupiis who iiid it nsoe.ssary to be employed during the scho >i term, will be required to'attaint tfce night; hign school. This is made explicit, becacne beforf, a boy or girl under IS. is allowed to work, he must first secure a certificate from the school authorities: This will not ibe granted him to work in day time unless he attends night high school. It is the plan of the school board to employ additional teachers for the night high school. With the plan of requiring pupils under IS to attend sqhool, every boy and girl of this age must attend school, either^day or night. On the average a pupil at the age of 14 .reaches 1 high school. At this age a number find it necessary to -"go to work"- and the others have lost their desire and inspiration, for higher education. '-The new law. designs to require every boy and girl to get at least a part of a high school education, until the age of 18, alnd by that .time he will either have completed or realized the necessity for his "completion of the high school KBim ness—Final Court Action For Settlement. Special to Free Press: WASHINGTON, D. C., Fell. 27'.— Final decree in settlement of packers cases divorcing big five from wholesale grocery business was filed in tie federal/court here : today,by Attorney. General. This decree will prohibit packers from marketing their by-products; and •therein maintaining a grocery wholesale business in connection. POLICE UNEARTH HARRISBURG STILL Authorities' Raids Revealed Whiskey - Making Outfits—Police Take Quart of Liquor as Evidence —Process For Beer Brewing Found. • ' Compromise Railroad Bill Returned to President For . Signature Today—Attorney General Informs Wilson He Sees; rid Objection; From Point of Law. .Special to Free Press: WASHINGTON,; D. C. r Feb.'.2T.—A compromise railroad bill was returned.; to President Wilson, who is expected to sign it .today. Attorney General informed Wilson that he, saw no constitutional objection to (fie measure as; it now stands. With the Mil going to- , Wilson for his signature today, mud* interest is being shown at the eapitol; as .to his "acti-on, although generally- 'believed he will attach nis slgnatur(x- The Harrisburg police force, under the leadership of Police Commissioner Za'ch Leitch;- keeps up" its splendid work and its last coup stands oat as one of the best made recently in Saline county, says the Marion Post. . Two raids made. Saturday night resulted in the'dlscovery ; and^destruction" •of -a cbmplete"~whiskey-making .outfit and also -a ibrew apparatus which was successfully 'grinding .out a process N of beer. Several people were arrested in the two raids and'both outfits confiscated. . . The first place visited was the home MUST GET WRIT Ban Placed on Arrests or Searcfar of Homes Without War>••••.• •-,•;•:• rants. : Aurora, and L. Sv/aViz, distrie: engin- armv - The opportunity offered young neer of the state Highway department orfiee here, was announced torlay. The marriage took place in Aurora the 15th but has not 2/iade public?. (•men to learn a trade and to .establish desirable personal haibits. The recruiting office out of which the detail is working here is at Murphysbpro. Any information will be furnished by either Carister or at cruiting office. i.the Murphysboro re- Zetetic Society The bride has j been connected with the highway department a't Aurora, in which position'-was the'budding of the romance'between her and Mr. Swartz'. She is one of Aurora's esteemed young ladies. The groom has been in charge of the highway department and hard The following program will be rend- road construction in Southern Illinois for the.last few mouths. ' He is an Illinois University graduate and was an-army officer in the World War. His home is at Golden, near Quin'cy. Mr. Swartz is regarded one of _the most! efficient engineers in the Illinois High- ' way Department. The young couple will reside in Carbondale. ered at the. Zetetic Society at 6:30 Friday evening, Feb. 27, in the nature of a Longfellow program: • • • Every member answer roll call with a quotation from Longfellow. Talk—Harry Wiley. Music—Harvey. Nooner. eading—Lela. Walker. .Talk—Miss Bell. - Prominent Poultry Man in County Expires Otis Rawlings. secretary of the. Jackson County Poultry Association, .and son of Mrs. W. A. Rawlings, president of the. county W. C. T. U., died"at his home at Mnrphysboro last night. He had been iU with flumonia, but had gotten up. After getting up 'he went, to the M. & O. shops after his .check, from, which.he said to have suffered a relapse. He was 30 years bid and leaves a wile and three children. Navy Men Must Put in Two Weeks' Service All men who served in the Navy during the war, and who have not been discharged, but placed~on Hie inactive duty list, must serve two weeks in. training this year. The period begins, July 1. Each man will be called and put in his- two weeks sea duty, the Navy Department has just, announced. This (will effect 15 or more local I young men. ; * VISION OF STREETS OF GOLD IN ILLINOIS Price For Hard Roads Construction Leaps in Cost to 350,000 For MUe-- of Road—Doubled Since'Last Year. - / SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb. 27.—Ill inois may be M 'Hnl'3 bit of heaven with roads paved with pure gold" if the cost of highway construction keeps increasing State Highway officials said yesterday after opening bids which showed that in the last month the -cost of a mile has increased $8600. . \ The bids show the average cost to be '$50,000 a mile, compared with ?42,000 Feb. 11, when bids were last received, and' $23,000 a mile last year. iMrs. Ree Dr.ury has returned from CartervUIe where she has been because of the illness of her sister, Mrs. Nora Rodman, who is much improved; •• course. ' | of .Mr. and airs. Browder Price, near With this law becoming effective ' O'G-ara No. 3 mine, where the distilling additional pressure 1 is Brought to bear[ out -flt was captured. . It'is said' that on the absolute necessity of Carbon-, i whiskey, was being made there at the dale liaving a new high school. j'time of. the raid, and that the police :' pconflscated one fiuart of the liquor. j Both Mr. Price and his wife were arrested, -as were also Charley Price and Alex Jenkins, the latter a colored man. All were taken to t'be .city jail j an-d; locked up. . I From the Price residence? the ,pf- j fleers made their way > to the."house: occupied by Mrs. Essie : Farmer, near 1 the light plant... The.,y.6ung .men,were | also arrested there' and charged with j frequenting the home. They plead iguilty and paid their,fines. In this COLLEGE FAST TEAM AT NOHMAL GYM TONIGHT Visitors Have Fast Fighting Fiye-^Victors Over Illinois College and Other Fast College Squads-— Normal Won From Them at Shelbyville Few Weeks Ago! The Sparks Business College -basket ball team which plays the Normal, team here tonight has clever, clean team. . " • "' . In the several. years that Normal has been playing Sparks,, the Carbon-1 M >s -Marie, K-ayser-was maid of dale team hag'won only one victory, bonor at the, wedding-o£ Miss Jessie that being at Shelbyville a few weeks I FolMs ' of Joun ston City, and Dr. Clar- agp, by a 26-23 score: . < '' . ence E. Prtfctbr of M'urphysboro which home was found machinery which was making beer. It was being converted into beer from a process of corn and yeast Mrs. Farmer,, hef*, associate, Sheldon, and S." B. Feazel, ware arrested and locked up in the-comity jail; LOCAL GIRL ATTENDANT , AT PROCTOR-FOLLIS WEDDING 1 - According to the dope, tonight's game should provide s.ome of the most interesting playing ever seen-on the local floor.. The two teams are well matched' for size, speed and cleverness and the rough stuff will probably give way entirely to speed. ; . Sparks enjoys a" good reputation up state where she repeatedly drubs took place ~at 1 8 o'clock last evening ait the home of'the bride's parents, 1 Mr. and Mrs. R.: W. Follis in Johnston. City. . Mr.-Alex Kent of Murphysboro attended the groom as best man. • , : ' ' . The wedding, which w'as quret, was attended, by '.thirty relatives and. 1 friends of the contracting parties. The ' teams like Illinois College and James j > ome _'™ as Beautifully' decorated in • Miilikin- University. Loomis of Ceutralia will, referee. flowers." Previous to the ceremony a dinner was- served. Rev. Richardson, paster of the Meth-' of Johnston City, ofSciat-' •ed, the ring ceremony being used. The bride is a graduate in voice from McKendree College -and. is popu-' lar among a wide circle of friends, j Dr.'-Proctor is a successful -dentist. at Murphy-sboro and is a .brother tpTL,.} W. Proctor of this : .city. - I The coupife will"reside:,temporarily' c in Dr. Proctor's present apartments in to jbe .'under consideration /by Mr. j Murphysboro, A wedding trip was de- Lamb but ha<?:.aot.been announced: He • ferred-because of the 'doctor's business '. : is now in the east buying rigging. ' i duties! ' PLAN PIPE- LINE FROM A VA GAS WELLS Mr. Lamb, head of the Lamb Con-, struction Co., let^it be known,to his •intimate frieads at Murphysboro that a- pipe line-would IiKely y be constructed from the Ays -gas wells to Murphysboro this-summer; This was Relieved Chicago, Feb. 27.—Orders not tc- make any arrests without proper warrants,'-.or,- arrests wltlicm?; -sufficient •• evidence, or .searches in private hpmes^ were received by United States District- Attorney Charles F. Clyne froirt Attorney General Palmer. , White no comment was made by District Attorney Clyne, Jt is believeC* Hint the attorney general issued these orders as tlie result of. the trouble- started by tlie men in'Major A. V..DaI— rymple's office in attempting to,arrest violators of the prohibition 'amendment before warrants were- issn'oik;; This order is also taken, to. meant that no more raids will be iiiario u.p<in> any .private homes in search, of'.evidence.. It is nlso understood tlmt'the- order will not interfere with iiliici^ls--- making arrests if they catch- violators-, in (lie net. . . ,, The bloodless conflict of. tin's northern peninsula was not lost—it /wns- nbnndoned for stnvegic reasons, found- ed, it appenrs. on discretion.. "Army" Back in Chicago; •' : •- Blnmiri? the dispatch from \Va'sh'ingr— 'toil for his retreat, and still fretting • from 'his vexing encounter witli : "fhe belligerent and peppery-tongnwl "Slar- ttn McDonbugh, the defiant prit.ieou'ting: attorney of the Iron River district, the major and his "army" are'bach irt 'Chicago. ' The ranjor denied that he interirtecT to re^igu,.as has been .rumoreil. < He admitted that"' lie: x-eceived no of- - flcial notification of their comingv'lias : acting oh. the'newspaper dlspatchi'iJe- - cided to withdraw. He was n6t"br-- dered not to>make the arrests, but concluded rha't from .-tire" tone of the telegram advislng,discretion and tjxj press dispatch telling of Gaylonl'ft' coming; that it would be wiser to.refrnin from< going further in the matter, he averred. Fear of violence' and bloodshed, he avowed, did no.t enter Into his considerations in the matter. " "*. McDbnough Hero of Hour.. fron River, Mich., Feb. 27.—Tt' \vas-^ Jearned that r, party of -100 miners,, woodmen 'and"hunters, gathered near- Stambaugli. a'mile from here, prepared-'.. 1 to capture the federal prohibition, raiders' train, bad ..Major Dalrymple • carried out iiis- rlireat \o arrest Diy-- tric-f. Attorney McDoriouish in (lie pro- hibitioi^'.'enforccniont. fraeris. Tliev said theyinteniled to tiike Mj.-Donouph • away from Dalr.yraple arid leave'tlie- feOeral' Hgeiits'stran'ded in iheir railroad coaches. .. Air. MeDonmigh, ;i youny'lawyer wtio ;sorv«l during tlie v,-;u- As « (.-aptain-ofV infantry,, is- l:li« niiist pojmlai- man in Iroii county.. Hini'ilreds of iRli-si-ains?. congratiiUiriiitc liim iiom-fil iii tlu-ougii- out the. day. . Jtr. •McDonouffh's apjiptirnnce in pnb- lic in. the morning was ii (riiimphnli- procession~of friends, ./who ai:fronipan- ied him. from his home to the <>lUcev and. by the time the business district was reached the improuiptu parade.- liad become a procession. '

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