The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 8
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3 1-' 3- S $1 11 1\ .31 B B B a a c f • THE FACTS Brasosport r,nd Brazoria County, Friday. "~ *« dw LJ vs Bay City At Freeport ... Major Teen-Age Game Saturday No-Hitter For Leo W/eezyk Tt looks like each game played at FreeporCs L'ons Fiela gets better but the one played Wednesday night will be hard to top. In some of the games, which are nearly all in the Teon- Age bracket, the hitting outshines the pilchinhg but it was just opposite Wednesday. Th« Wednesday aam» matched Freeport Bar City in a Mxjor T«n-Ags lilt that 'saw BC notch their opening yictory by scoring one run in lh» first irnino. Bay City's pitcher, who was Caesar Hernandez, tossed a no-hitter at Freeport in aiding the Bsy City win. However, Leo Wleczyk, Freeport's lefthand chun'ier, also had a no-hitter. In our Thursday story we gave Bay CiH- credit for a very questionable bunt single. After looking into it further, and talking to the scorekeeper and umpire, it appears that Freeport errored on the play, thus taking away the Bny City hit. That mean that both Wleciyk and Hermand«« will goi endit for a no-hitter, but Bsy City gets iht 1-0 win. Mosquitoes Bad.... The Wednesday defeat was number two for Freenort. •who, by the way. are the defending champions. However. , both Freep'ort defeats have been by one run, as Lake Jackson j beat them in an opener, by a 3.2 extra inning game. ! Both Wlec7.yk and Kernandei had good nights and both , deserve no-hitters. However. Hernandez had a lot more j Chile's Teen-Age Red Sox,Carroll accounted held their mim'oer one spot in [inning runs, the Brazoria Cotintv .lunior baseball race, as they dumped ihe Freeport Redskins 8-2 lasi night. While the Sox were pi. up their third win of the . .1- nior season, the Veil Colvm- for sixth bia nine trimmed the Freeport Warriors by a 6-1 count in the other game on the county card. Lake Jackson Junior results found the Cubs remaining close An overthrow at second and a pass ''all accounted for the t.wo Freeporl runs, both corn- in, 1 .; in the fifth inning. Te'd Butteriield worked on j Hie mound for the Warriors on the heels of the lea«\ie- leading Red Sox. as they uounded out an S-3 victory over the Pirr.tes. No gamos \vere on the "Maior or Senior Teen-Aje card;. on .,. Cl||) ,, but some are on the schedule Masters and against West Columbia and Charles Wlec?.yk. The winning WC nine scattered their runs for the night, while Freeport got their lone tally when But- County Baseball Card BRAZOfUA COUNTY BASEBALL CABD Friday. June 14: Little League— Freeport — T5ag'.es vs Bobcats Lake .Tackson (Al — In- ri''ans v White Sox; Yanks vs Red Sox Angleton (N) — Braves vs Tailtwisters; Legion vs Dodgers B/as? Cubs, 6-3, In Freeport U Red Sox Win Title By scoring three runs both the first and second innings, the Red Sox turned back the Cubs, 6-3, last ni^ht to claim the Freeport I/it lie in in the opening frome Id put. The Braves turni«l b«ck ih* ihe Cubs off to a 1.0 lead. Yanks in th« Treeport Minor Bullard brought 1h» So-? )OOP| , h - us g( v ing th« Braves back in their half of the first fhe tj||e wl|h , ,_, niark as he drove one of Smith s| wh) , e thc wh ., e Sojt <n|l RM ,_ League ship. The early first half champion- pitches over the left field fence \vith two men on base to rack! nd _ , lp thtM Sox runs. Tne inning Red Sox scoring spree was highlighted B-C°V~— Brazoria vs Jones j by James Bullard's three-run Creek at Velasco; Dodgers horr , cr ; n the championship brawl between the two leaders. Both nines had taken 7-t vs Braves at Clute Teen-Ag»—;„ Lake Jackson Juniors 'Red Sox \s Giants Senior Te-cn-Age Freeport at Bay City Alvin at Lake Jackson Major Teen-Age for tonight. eifield walked, took third on Joe Colter's riouhle ?nd scored on a play at second. Herbert Cain handled the .Saturday. June 15: pitching chores for Lake Jack-] Teen-Age while Rushing.' Lonffino worked marks into the Thursday duel, wilh their lone defeats coming at the hands of each other. The Sox !g.l. which win makes them is good for first, Again in the second, th» Sox L ' finished in » He for sue- both having 5-4 mark*, won one while los- 3ot three run":, these coming | MI Cub errors, walks and single by Mike Arrington. In the fourth Inning, the I 1 Cubs added a lone run when Johnny Mize singled, moved II to third on errors and then scored on an overthrow at third. The Cubs got 1heir final] 1 rim in the fifth after they I loaded the bases and pushed run in on a fielder's || W« •«»*» * Compltt* Lint OF ALL TYPES OF IHSURANCI gILLIEl- HARBOUR Insurance Agency PHON* t-IHt ll» Park Aw. for the losing Pirates. The lone Junior name will be in the Lake Jacltson League while the Senior activity finds | whne Joff Gambinn dollt(!d „ Lake Jackson hosting Alvin at| homer for ()i( , Olbs _ The win T,onsino came through with home run for Ihe Pirates. I A' Freeport at West Colum-i while the Cubs take over sec-j one n bia jond with a 7-2 tnark. |irci« WAKE UP 'TO NOTHING DOWN 3 to 5 YEARS TO PAY Major T-A Lake Jackson City at Freeport Sator Fie'd and Froerjort lrav-| 3ls to Bay City to test the loop ni acco , mted for six big fif(h inning , 0 Three Events On Wrestling Card jruns in a leaner?. 'come from behind and win. I Only one major same is on, Q jiap tonight and tnsi has Frec- Iport over in West Columbia. j Bay City takes on Lake JRC' 'son in a Saturday Major gan i at Lions Field in Freeport. One of tonight's bishlishls will be a Senior game in which j • Three events will be held league leading Bay Citv, fresh on the Bra70ria County wrest ! from a 4-3 win over West Co-i ling card Saturday night with \ jimbia. hosts second place j El Medico and Tokyo Joe grab- trouble than Leo, as he only had two strikeouts while Wleczyk : Freeport jbi"? the main event, got 17. In the action last night,'-_. The 8:-™ P-m. opener Th* only timt that Lao got into Iroublt was in th« first Inning wh.n Bay City got iheir score. Afl»r that. Little League— Freeport — White Sox vs Yanks; Eagles vs Cubs Lake Jackson 'N' — Dodgers vs Braves; Phillies vs Cardinals Angleton (A) — Yanks TS , Part number two in the j Freeport 1,1, race will open I Monday and should another Bay ( eBm but the Red Sox win the championshio, a playoff will be held at the end of the> re'- - Wllhotl .. N . rt s nr B ; jlar season for the city title. | Now , Yo ,, cln ,, t , h ,f.,i,,iin',o..n«a A Wednesday makeup game f rora nminx h«ck»che. hrtdseh* »oa in Angleton's National League . ™;^J^V,*S"^s.%. UrrfSSt found the Tailtwisters pinning .;„];„„. whmthMndlsromfurtJtmmnon 10-1 defeat on the Bravo* ; with ""'-.'"'.^""JT."*,™;;.?! 1 * *„"" BRAZOSPORT LUMBER CO. HWT 2M , PHONE 5-58M CI.UT1 Red Sox Ki- Col- season. got the >ard suffered ~". Ithe Freeport loss. .lorry Hor_ j ton started on the mound for hitters, as the mosquitoes were the worst we have seen them Clute but gave way to Beene since we have been going to Lions Field games. S*T*rai fans cam* to th« gam* but left after staying •nly a f*w minults du* to th* mosquitoes. This is a problem that Fr.eport officials and Taen-Ag* officers should work on together. We like to see good crowds at all the ball games, but we j^J'^n" do not blame people for not going if they have to fight off! ^ droves of mosquitoes. |by This problem should be attended to before the season _. gets too far along. Farnie Saturday card semi-fina Jones after Clute pushed six runs, home dnj Coon Froberg against Tiger • he top of the sixth inning tO |Comvay while break up a 2-2 tie they had !„.,?£ -. It was thr». up and lhr»* down. running with th« Redskins. ' y Jimmy Sharp's Freeport nine hit the ball good against I Freddie Beene got his third ^ e \A at the Brazoria County Bay City but someone was always standing where they hit it, But it was truely the best game we have seen all year. Only a handful of fans were on hand to see the twin no- Fairgrounds in Angleton. HO.. wan is Teen-Age— Lake Jackson Juniors Pirates vs Giants County Juniors Clute at Freeport (Warriors) Redskins at West umbia County Seniors Alvin at Bay City pits Tuesday, June 18: Little League— Freeoort — Redskins Braves; Red Sox vs cats Lake Jackson (A. 1 — Red Sox vs Indian?; White Sox vs Yankees ------- ij4i —you wane rrnci — wwut iv i«.*n .-.,..•—.... 3S Robert Bagglcy socked the .^turbanr. mnylwmild UlM.rirriUtioo National loop's first homer. '-" '-'-'-' -" ' .- ftst in » * «ti.« tv Thursday games in Angleton '"£*£> pin« were in the American circuit J w«y»»iw and fl»ad the Yanks winning; %&°™™&TSl«TZSTZ their sixth straight, this time j jootjiWfffMtonbinddtrlrritttion. •• *» over the Kiwanis by a 10 - 2 ij^J 1 '^^^'^'"oi"^'^"' score with George Morgan gel-, EHJOT * Rood ninht'« elwp «»d t)» iina „ Yank hom-r ! ««» »«w « lle * •"i"'°"""""" fnr ° v " ting n lans noni-i. |0 „,„_ N, W> | lrn , a , nn t manor. The Rotarians pullrd off a Ott DOWI'I P1IU tod>» 1 S-3 win over the Red Sox in' the other Angleton game on the card last night. In Lake .Tackson W* >t«ck Rlrbj l.nmbfr. P»nel;le, Munotnp, Oorowall, Inlkli Linoleum, Plumbing Suppll**, Knhn'i CKm*tl»4 P»lnt« •»< Gold Bond Ituliber HIM Paints. "National j race the Phillies blasted the I vs ; Braves 13-2. with Mike Tracy be: Lake Jackson Gators Sweep Doubleheader The Dodgers blanked the Cardinals B-fl in the other Lake Jackson game, with George Dingce getting the Ditching win over Robby Reed. Bruce Lee had four hits in four trips for the Dodgers, while Ed Ahlrich had three for the Cards. However, should the Red but iPox win, thev will he the out- in the fourth inning. Chile scored one in the first and one in the fourth and then six in the sixth Their | i.ake Jackson ran their 1957 Harvey Whitehead singled , first run came on singles by j winnings to 26 la?t nieht, as '. raced on home on throwing jrieht champion': ?nd no play- Boh Spikes and Carrol', while they grabbed a doubleheader land fielding errors by United loff would be held. ' "" Salt. Freeport LI. action tonignt Still in the fifth inning, Kan- i las the Ea2lrs facing the Bob- triple by Boles, a single iHane.T and Dink Mladenka. cy and Jim Hembree walked l ca t s iff „ sa me that will have Spikes and a double 'byj Haney worked on the mound and on Glenn Lippman's field-| no hcarins on the first half ' !for the Gators in the first .er' choice. United Salt came ' standi ,,,, s R - the Bobcats are last. Freeport Problem .... Anoth.r item w» f..l Fr**port officials and ie>!d«nts should start to think about and Ih.n do >om*hing about i:. is to build a city swimming pool. Freeport seems to take advantage of the high sohool pool during the summer months, while other county towns Jiave their own municipal pools. The town of Freeport is large enough to have a fine swimming pool that they could be proud of and one that would be large enough to handle all si7.e crowds. Th* small pool at th* S.nior High -will only hold so many. Right now, it i.emi to b* splitting at th* i.amt from th* l«g* crowds thai hiT* b«.n showing up for IMSOM and afternoon dip*. At one time Tuesday afternoon, there was around 250 people in the Senior High pool. If you rion'l think this is too many, just go out and look at the size of that pool. "We seem to think that if Freeport had a good outdoor pool, with some regulation diving boards, they could some good water shows in the summer months. Ttk* this for an .x.mpl. A lirg. crowd is always In th* arc*. wh*n th* Fr««port J«yc.«s hold th«ir fishing Ji.ita. Now that could b* a g-jod tim* to hold < dliing m**t with « t.w IICM thrown in. Fishing Should Improve .... Another fine weekend looms in front of Brazosport ' outdoor types with fishing waters cli-aring up, a good lineup of baseball on tap and fine golf conditions. How.T.r, wtaiher conditions will h«T. « lot to da with th* final outcom*. but al pr.t.nt it ipp.ari that ih* i*mp*rttur*s will b* hot »nd Ih* iki.t p»rtly cloudy. Sweeny Cubs Beat Rebels In Top Game THE NEW SENSATIONAL! Cars Lubricated While in Swaying Motion MOTO - SWAY I.HMRICATIOV "Al TUB SIGN OP THE FLYING RED HORSE" PLANTATION DR. MOBIL STATION Earl Laird DEALER PH. 7-6901 219 PLANTATION DR. LAKE JACKSON game and gave way to only. up with a mental error that let i; n ' , hird with 1hp „„,...., one hit, that convng in the last I Haney score run number two. I Bll] | ard WPn t thp rntire dis- inning, while _Ml.d.-nka also j _Oettin« hits for U In the • nce {or , he Sox on ,„,. , nound nhht, while Scotty Smith worked for the losing Cubs. The Cubs opened strong, as Robert Gonrales sailed a homej run over ' the left field fence | Sweeny youths took part in a v.ide r'anse of summer ba-c-, ball this week with both th(-i BdmL bnys tossed a ne^t one-hitter. lopener were Whitehead. Han- Haney now holds a pitching iey. Hemoree, Lippman and mark of 13-2 for the person Jim Scherdin. .while Mladenka is unbeaten in i Mladenka worked the second 113 tries, l-laney got 16 strike- ! 3arne and got off to a good jonts against United Salt to 'start ns his mates racked up run in IS game total to 231. three runs in tlie first frame!.... Sattirday night the Gatorr on Hsmbrpc's fly, Kd Bran-!p oor tansle with Continental Motors nan's doi.ble and a pass ball. ! in the first rolind ° r thp HoUR -' A » ain in llie fnurth inninl! - 1 OPORTO, Porgual — W — woekend tournament. This Lake Jackson put three yuns Maria Pereira returned home wj]1 be . at Mem ., homc on ., walk doubleg by ; after treatment at a hospital G e o r ge Koenning, Lippman for a bruised rib vowing not tn arsue wlt h her husband h!s week with both h*! rii ,i Park| st ,, ng 8t 7 p . m ./ nd girls getting in on the h ^, ^^ and Jo pjus _ did not Little League majors and minors got into loop play wni'"' the Junior T-A foams wer • in, f . , one .>am». Also the Girls LP-, .," - l i;ue had one game on the weekly card. More of th» same will be on tan tonight and most of n?::t week with th* Little League major activity headlining the have card. I Results of this week's hase- Mladenka struckout six in rihout the salad. She Lake Jackson cracked a 0-0 noing the distance against;like the way he was '"»"«" tie in the fifth ining of the i United Salt in the five inning, and tried to interfere nui ining game last night when nighk-ap. , 'elhow«ther out of the way._ You'll Always Find FRESH TASTY SEAFOOD-Brought in Fresh Daily. Jhall activities are as follows: i Junior League. Red Sox defeated the Pirates 10-8 with ijohn Klahn winning pitrher ' and Cecil Bell on the mound for the losers; the Red Skins took the measure of the In- jdians 21-6 with Mike Houston I pitching for the 'Skins and David Wil.-on on the mound lor the losers. I The Dodgers, with Glen Dav- ' enport on the mound, defeated the Giants by a lfi-15 score in Ihe Minor League. David Cochin was the pitcher for Ihe Giants; the Buffaloes failed 'o score against the Tigers who allied 13 with Wavnw McCann the mound. Arnold was on he moud for the Buffaloes. f only one game In he Major League, the Cuhi Led the Rebels 6-0 wilh Van Thomas hurling lor ttie Cubs. Tommy Horn was the osing pitcher. In the Girls' League, Bi''ie Joe Merrimon was on the riound for the Lions who took he measure of the Tiuers 35- i. Mary Duncan pitched for t>ie werwhelmed Tigers. WE WONT BE UNDERSOLD!! WHY GO TO HOUSTON WHIN: WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL AND SELL AT HOUSTON PRICES OR LESS FRESH TASTY RED FISH,,.45c JUMBO and MEDIUM iHRIMP Brought In Fresh Daily RED SNAPPER FROM '1HK BOATS .. • CKABS • OVSTEKS • FROO 1.KG3 COAU-LEYE StLfcCliON OF BRAZOSPORT SEAFOOD CO. "OVKB TJiK LEVEJK fROM TAHPON VILLAGE" J-Z*31 WHOLE8A1-E—EKTAI1. L. J. Bwjf Palmer's Sportiaj U»o4s CluU S-Z4IS 95 CONPITIONI* FULL 1 H. P. Air - Conditioners Just Check These Features: * 20% greater cooling. * S in il e knob control*. * Thermostatically control. * 5 year warranty. * Air diffuse grill. * Tecumseh compressor. REGAL SERVICE INC. WE SEBVICE WHAT WE SELL AND SELL AT HOUSTON PEICES OB LESS! 602 N. QUL* BLVD. PHONE 3 2781 N. FBEEPOBT B B B Lake Jackson ... PAT-bN-THE-BACK CORNER Young, energetic Tom Carter h»» during five ynn of work in the real estate business In Lake Jackson reached an enviable position, and jj one of the rcnsoni that Lake Jackson It outstripping moat cities its size In growth and attrac- tlvene.ur. Th« statistics speak for themselves. Tom has told a total of rtbo\;t 7SO homes In thin county, most of them in Lake Jackson, but some in the Treepoi-t area, and a few in Angleton. He's i native Houstonlan, and was in tho real estate business there tor five years bfeore coming M this area. Hn U the owner and manager of Tom Carter Realty at 111 Plantation Drive, on inr approach road to the bu.itnewi district. The fi.m, which also Includes Salesman Allen McOinnli, mak» » specialty of resderiial real tetate, featuring the handling of veteran «iu.' f. H. A. loan),. OuUide of confining their operattcnii to residential lullriings uid lo's, the firm Is a general ieat estate biukcrage bu-sine.^. tiuylng, veiling, renting, uppialsing and managtiig real pr»i>my. Toin it a member of the Breakfast OptmiM Club of lake .lar.kson, a;.id Is a member of th* Fieeport Coimtil L,f the KuigliU of Columbus. Ha and hU wife Vli^inia, anrt their tv,a n, ugliters, Adrienne »nd Michelle, live »t 101 Palrn Lane In Lake Serving tlw World's Nicest People Lake Jackson STATE BANK Meii-ber F.D.I.C. 3% P*ld JMk»ff»,

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