Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 24
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HwMMfwS* m « LOS ALTOS -BURN THOSE .... - RENT RECEIPTS Lliltnll Juit $900 down Including all cotti and 1ml JIJ* ptr nwnih ImrKrdlnB ta»s It Insurance Fm' jwixvJi buys Ihl* to^npleiety re. «Jtcor«ted 3-bedoroofn, l',k bath home, natural wood Ihrvoul, coiy » km* tlrtp'ace, ALL THE FEATURES YOU WANT . . . L-Kaleo" ~ta cviei v-ii ;r-d itrctl near Such Blvd. 1, Chipmin Ave. . . . Jvtt mlnulei down Iht freeway In W«*l 0;ance Coiwity. TOO GOOD TO IE TRUE?? -- We dart YOU 10 torn* li see. AETNA R««lty SERVICE - GEMHt or TW3«U7 . STRATFORD SQUARE . - 2S08 TULANE OPEN SAT. SUN. P.M. . Sole L span 3 Bdrm., 1 balh, 1 dlivrm., firepl.. low dn. Set -- Olfer. ASK FOR DOROTHY GE 161 1 l · ALSO-- JUST LISTED 285? Rdler-- Drive By - · * Sprk-o Park Homel 3 Bdrm.. Jtn, Hi baths, ? fireplaret. Thl* . b«iil. lwm» his thp molt Invil- ( Irg cov. palm pool Imaginable ; MiGRMH-ShlANVcO. ;-GE9'3iai; 'GE4-U11: GE 4-1677 QUIET EXECUTIVE \ AREA TUCKED AWAY Ircm Ihe huitle buille. vet lus * lurn at corner brlnoi vou back. Smart, modern vrHh a «1liletilno ,. kitchen that doesn't shul Mom ;./'Out. a ftedrm., 3 baihs i · cool - covtred patto In reitM vard. y,. Extra financing al lust 17100 · '·- down. Cin ^Sparrow Really HA 1-9478 .* - "A NEST FOR EVERY 81RO" : - . . - . $15,950 . - Owner bouoht arvother hat 1 urkcd IWj to tell rtatit ixwl Immaculate 3-Bedrm. Has tiled kilch- 1 ·n, will) builMni. Walnut naneled ; . -Wing rm., lovely W-W carpels. 1 Only 7 mln-jlei down Garden 'Grov« -Freeway ki w. Oranoe County . . bul K u r r v l KING RealtV HE MOM ' '.. SMASHING VALUES . . -/-Jr. Exec. "3W" Modit. Brand new *- cots., droj.. «. oslnf. Hurjv Iri 1 v a c a " ' ALSO Check t\tr nttf on mkt. i Br 7 ti, .+ pool goodie under $30,000. - JohTrUad Inc. HA. 1 -1751 · . Pric« Reduced to $33,900 Open 1 to S 'j*tt GREENBRIER RO Exec type 3 bdrm., 1^ barh home, .fronl rear pailoj, all ~~TMMk Must BTSoid'f " Heir Lo? Altoi 'itvowilns ctn er. Aluminum sldWifl. Oak floors, in- Hriatetf; wlhspd. Gar. Cov. palio. Mxltt fencedvd. Walk to oradf, Jr HI Hleh * Sralt College. R ATA Melt REALTY G£ 3-5JSB "IMMACULATE" li the word for this 3-bedroom, I a j-ba1h. Carpeli i draoei, forced tfr heal. Our itreasun to ifcovr! " -Refuted ' JMOO -- 3-bedrcom. 1*i- -fca1h, large iamllv room, F'OOL. .-·.·· JR. EXECUTIVE 3 Bdrm. lli bath. «l=c. bolll- n fcltch.. cov. oatro- In the llneil ^JO'E'V/ARREN REALTY* ·BRING, BRUSH BUCKET · i ' Arid siv« your Dixruis v Thli uncut B«n nds. some oollsn. Can YOU ur- Ihe e«rc1se? - - Cell {sr terms xlnl. location. John R«ad Inc. HA 1-176! ". LovtlV he-me, W-W carpels ft " draoei In rear INmo rm. Taslt- fully decor kilch wHh ulihw f. · new vinyl iloorlno. Cov'rl Ddlio. i «t us show you lodavL Call . . . / 3 · Rllr 5W-33W OPEN SUNDAY Hear. Los Coyoles f- Brllflomer. -i Fireulace plus stall vhovrer. f AA REALTY GA 8-1558 « -Ev« PAULOE PIETRO GA 1-WI7 ^ QUALIncU Vbib ,- If vcu need a 3-Bedrm.. 1''. barh % ham* near Stilt Celine . . v,e ,! h»v* ' a · nice cne lor cnl,' 1*00 V. d0 *f=LLIS-SC;JRADER SSeVX^H 7 2-BR., w-v^ drocts. 15x30 POO! * .BARTHOLOMEW Reallv 43fi-9rtl 1 LOS CERRITOS AREA ;j . KITCHEN «* 2 Bdrms., 4 den. Choice area EJV · cl inline 1 Bdcrn. renlal ficino AH/ oiher sire el. Owner will carry. »· Xlnt. term'. 5 GA 4-8523 i BIXBY KNOLLS RLTY Y V V FOR SALE!! ,v Execullve homes near Virginia ,' Co-.-nlrv Club . . ..on pacific Ave, ' Chetsfn-jt Ave, Cedar i Covnlry ^ Club Drive. Mik» vour stlecilo^ - now enloy o~lf s«vinwnlnD In ·'. 'beautiful surrourvdinos. P r 1 c e i -*. range from "9,500 lo HID 000 L Our salespeople «rr soeclallsts in l.u: *r:^ and ire eaoer lo irrvr ,' vao. RUr. GA 6-S"l -' BRAHO NEW -BE"OROOM" ,· 3 bim, family room, paneled d n . in? roxn. 2iM sa. It. of luxwv SAj.:* roof, carpels, fenced vard - cl'ey. AuTooiatlc (!lih*jajh»r. oas -. er eltcirlc fculllini. S«,50. low - A»*n. Op*n Sal. 4 Sun. IB! E · Cmefcn (34lh pi. east of Plr v SALE PRICED Cnirrnin? 1 storv .home an I 1 loll. In oreilige area of Lo: Ce/ rites. 4 Bdrms., I'A bslin. Fornw ". daAino room, fimllv room ;. mere « A* owner. ^. · 42*4 Chestnut. jj£ i?J-iJ? SW.S50 lo I3f,930 ,' - A n i H t f f R l t v GA4-4W; G A ^ - I W :. "OWNER-PRESTIGE LOC ,- 37.1$ Pacific ^2i-M?0 Own « - OPEN P.M -- - 1 9 LA LIHDA DR ^' H, K. SleeEe, Realtor GA ;-5U i VIKING REALTY 436-411 441 ORANGE t a t Carton) * NEV.'-- Drtve bv 3751 Cedar. J bee rms- 3 b*.. Tarn, rm., dlnlna rn NAPLES-MARINA ARE/ " '· . THE . ROMANTIC · . ATMOSPHERE ft 1his kivtlv walerlronl hon "-. Cin make vour life more Inlerei rf.p. Tfifre are 3-Bedrms.. a liy n 1am. 'rm. The decor, constructio X choice of maierii4i uied · OUTSTANDING! OUered M Ui.CX CHARLES 'lAHE GE *·?* CLIVE GRAHAM CO. I» E. Ocean. Rulfort. HE ?-K -^ Warerfront ne* w/lflc. l Pr, 'o-jesl ADI. · ·$ 1 BJrm. + Oen OvtrlooVi piciuretout out'* . H^jr i:or*i A water. Nicr! ·^ Overlooliino Bfly MIL* Pjler ? Br. Ouo'tt. rHi en tAr beach. MUNTZ REALTY GE t.^ljl Realtors 5Wi E". I'' GORGEOUS 4 BR FAk RM 3 BATHS 2 FRPLC $6000 DOWN SeiisatfOnjl Cgiiom Bui't. "FLSOH IHV. CO 5170 NAPLES PLAZA HELP HELP! 0*/ier leaving -- musi wcril. love!/ cleai 3 tjr. near Bav! . G (A79j REX B L"HODGE°S " DUPLEX C-f ZONE Hewn for of'kes Irt Iron'. O^n leaving are,. iH.KO. GE 9 7t $2900 DOWN B A L A N C E 11 iS I.'ONTH EVES. CEI-SJI WATERFROfcT ^w^1e Ofl Mari SllOlufn. Off. or ''""· °* *KRTV(OL)MEW l 'Reaiiv' tV^I NOHTH LONG BEACH 3 RP,, i?,WO *i or rrd. Bv owrte Frpl., ffraais. tarplro. IVi ba^ t'io, PieaKd pool, ureinedoorc 4I7S Girtfinfl Ave. GA MtK · V OWHER. »le Ros« Ave. Corn J-llr.. J tllfi. Cullom buill. / ·IK. klttdtn. Hpli., veiri oh 3 BORM, Slu«0. Flreof. BDI. Oa Nr, evarvlhlna. Sub.-njT. AL RUTZ RfALTY S9I U · I-8K-, R-2 101^ tJJ.WO. 10% do* will l?k« W te Mvrlle Av Bv O«ner. GA 3 fl lonrnforSak T3» [Hom« f«r Sol. 139 1 NORTH LONG BEACH RO.S^MGOR s OPEN SAT. i SUN. Hil CARDENIA-- J-BR. dD't. o»'. K J lol. «il» lltOp dn. Sc; rMs FINE HOMFi FIRST! . , LOOK HERE!! ! 3?9 V/. dllN ST. New llsHngl Real nice 7 - B R . Hcme, redecorated In cull Flre- ulace, CBfoeled. service oorch Knc*d. Pr1cet rictM-S16.POO. t ALSO DRIVE BY 60S! Cherry-- 2-Br. home. C-2 zoned bli. quArtets. SubmH. AA REALTY GA 8-1558 Eves. PAUL DE PIETRO OA 7-MS7 " l-Br. Furnished $11,500 H ce condition. Electric heat, 1 Crir Oif, Ader A Wii GA I-SU9 2-BR-- $14,500-- TERMS SoJck A s^an! Real Hredacc. Roofed DBtio. Garage. Corner lol Neal Home 4- $55 Renlal Sharo ?-Br. C a r o c l . draoei. xlrail AIJ,7i3. After 6 o.m. GA 3-S7J5 Ratajack Rlty GAJ-5468 US TOM ! BR. 1 CAR. COVE'RED PATIO. C. B. FENCE. THE 8EST- ! BR. BUV IN TOWII. HEAP BIG T E E P E E . 153 GORDON. 4 BRS. i FAMILY RM. FIREPL. ! BATHS. 520.700 FHA · AVAIL. QUICK POSSESSION. 3 OM 1-- IWO 3-BR. ONE ?· BR. w/! CAR GAR. 1 CARPORT ON LOT SSxUS. INCOME 1330 CA 2I1M or GA 2-179 LARRY MILLER 6SM ORANGE WIDOWER-- SHARP! Mo woman ever d d belter. A 7-Bf. lor only SIS.WO In exclusive Vdler oark. FIreo!acc. Pdndino. (Ho he won't itay keeo hovse.l See lodav! HOV/ARD BUTLER, REALTOR iU4 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 3 W78 3 BEDROOM-SHARPIE! Mr. rvew taroeli in llv. rm., dining rm , 2 bedrim. LarvdscapInD vcu'll bt orcvd oM Jui1 Ililed -- s» call now ro see Ihls lovely home lor only S31.7SO-- lernis can be arrfxtged. OLIVER REALTY «5-S?00 Adftma's Choice Listing's 6474 LcNvis Ave. ? bdrm. 6070 Falcon Ave. 2 bdrm. VERY NICE ItJ 1 OUT Lfsl^n to KLFM every Tues. 5 6 P.M. H. ADEMA RLTY. CO. 1101 Soulh SI. days, eves GA 7-13*1 DRIVE BY 1 6 1 1 POPPY ST. 3 hedrm., 1 bath srixxo, w-w cflr- perino, cble. oarae, larvdscanlnt?. Priced For gukk sale. JERRY'S REALTY Ooen 1 to 5 6109 JOHN Cute 1 tKkm. frame, trouble qa- rvgr, screened In oark f. d-n. Carpeted Ihruoul. See FhTi for only 515,500. Tenney Really GA 2-0971 NAME YOUR TERMS!! Owner idyi SELL MOW! Hear new 3-Br., bU-lns. 4 ?-Br. renlal. 75x130 lol. Near L.B. Blvd. Si!' Starr Co. GA 3 - f 4 8 7 6001 OLIVE AVE. OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 4 fJA. J bdrm. corner ho -TIC, 1775 to. It. cl ccmfcri. See iWi one! Liil«n to KLFM every TUBS. 5- A P.M. H. Adema GA M?il eves ME 4-tMQ EXTRA CLRAN i SHARP OPEti SUM. 1 TO 5--2105 E. 63rh S1. A1 tractive 2 *· tfen, w lo w draoe^ XCnl. HnaoclKg. Call ELLEN GA 3-2109. LEAR Realty GA 6-5935 3-BR-FAM. RM-- 2 BATHS A" remodeled, col'o. i dracei, corner lol iJiCO do*'n. bdl. O M28 per mo. 1723 E. 6Slh. Vacant. Opcrt Sat. i Sun. 1-5 or bv aco . Owntr a1 GE: 4 441S. GE ^-5957. Corner lol] Room for iraMrr. ? ON 1 Nerrer ? BR. + 1-BR. renlal. HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 3 BR POOL 5e« 1h1s rharmlno buy 1n Nee- area, CD'S., drov, Dalio, drejs rrn. HA 5-^25; WA 5-1771; GA 8-7W8 (H279) REX L HODGES OPEN-- 133 E. LOUISE «150 DM.-- SS4 MO.--1J4SQ Vacan! lurn. 3 rm. Irame. Lol 25x1 M. GOAINS REALTY l$07E.ArleiFa GA 3-S4W HA 5-8«3 EMERGENCY. SALE 7 ON t-- INC. -f OWNERS 5U.550 DUPLEX-CORNER R-i ,. SIS. 500 7-BR.. DIM. RM., X T R V 5 . \t6.500 GA M?iS Realtor S21-319J PAY COSTS ONLY-- Painl ' Ihif 7 Bd/m. lor dovrii oavml. J15,*SO F.P. READY REALTY ME 4 3055 IbSO) Lakewnod Blvd. Bellfldwer n4l E. 4TH-- OPEH M 3 3-bdrm. w/personallly! Ne^ paint! 30x20 araoe. shutters, carpt^^o, drscei, breakfast bar. disooial, covered oallol 10% Ctvn., 1105 mo. KUHKEL REALTOR GA 3-OT71 frlo. Disposal, dW. oar., caved altev. Near 5 aim Atharvainj^ Church. $17,500. 445 E. Ellis, oil DRIVE BY 3/50 POPPY . and c*H lo iee ihis loe . iharo 3-BR., I 3 i ba 59S 16)1 CAPRI GE 1 1575 DESPE'RATE! 4-Bedrm., I 3 .- baihi, MedAlhoi · Jtlich. TirfPL.. mviy xiras. C^ll! · 3 1 DEN -- ? BATHS i Sharp, clean. W. lo v/. Palio Oble par. Lge lol. 10*,; dn. S13.50C JOHN V/. REED, REALTOR GA3-77EI 401 E. Marled GA 3-056 iS^iO: S ROOM slutco wilh built ins. Carpeletf. WO sq. II. Palio Bio R-2 k1. Paved dllev. rir Blvd. i. Easy Co buv! Howard Buirer, Reallor GA 3-617 lre«s. Dbfr. o a r . Fenced. Va 4 canl. Rtrfutcd lo 119.500. Ov,ne 4 73-2519. , BY OWNER-- redecorated 2 tors * 1 new Kitchen, bam. double oaraof . - Largr 1o1 1309 Popoy. S11.KC J \ GA 2-7600. Rm to build! Tinde Rlc Ovrcr [H1I9] REX L HODGES HE_7-13S i' bPEN~T)AILY 9 TO~S:30 ^ A K D SUNDAY 11 TO JOHN W. REED, REALTOR - GA 3-7911 401 E. Marfcel GA 3-56C V OH 1 Two 2-BR. house*. M I'ARK fcSTArrs 5 4 1 1 ELCEDRAL . Beautiful conlcrnoornry. 4 Be - rocnis. Le1 is ?35 M. In deal f QraceluUv terraced downward 0 n iOdrklino POOL f. ouest hovs fi^ a o,irk like telling. Call | CHARLES LANE GE 9-34 ; CLfVE GRAHAM CO. 1 · 100 E. Ocean, Realtor*. HE - ' CIRCULAR'DRIVE ."7" e Srr-arlesl 3-8R. f- den aval ao · BraullfuliV dtcoratftf. Forma d · ino rm. 90 ll. 1ol. fdeal finv*cin 1 $15.000 down. Full pr^e S4?,500- 5 BUROGE RUy GE 3-048 ... Sw rtvnlng coal, corner 7 dp ' Ocri SVKV. 1 lo 5. NU Grcrnbrie PRESTIGE REALTY ,,, 54(0 E. J,c. Cit. H*y. GE 3 K ^ i POLY'HIG'H DISTRICT 5 IOM MYRTLE AVE. Income proo. TolAl inc. J265 m «?4 SJfll, 17/-882. 3kr, 2278 2280 LIME A~V£ 7 on 1. Call Ihe Broker, "R~OSSlifOOR~" Needs Paint Priced Rig! ' Highlands 3 bdrrn. be'ov/ mark ' *t iI3,9CO. Call for details. Rhr. 7Ua77-J00, eves «31 W70 GOLDEN ESTATE-Sv O^ner. r I v/. ro w. carixi. draoej. Lo*. «e 15 Oui«l SI !iOrinVrers. 3 br., ba h -i T f*ov rm. JO? I Ro,vei 1 4311730 · aY'o^.'HE'R-- XemDtoo nxdel "vf 1 pool. Bedut. landscfiocd. twinkle used brick, fronl, w-« rare. 1hr . tvji. Muil iee lo ADDrtt, 133.! nr F.P. GE l-OI4i._ BY"6WNER^i Mr mt" "full dmi .* room, caroeted draped Go jj cond. 117.950 430-0617. R05SWOOR HARVARD model, bedroom wilh POOL. Premium l i', "ROSSMOOR 4 od/mT,"din. rm.. er i dToei. wod cood. O7.950. (? » 430-C6I7. _ r NEWLY def. Rossmoo' Plvm. 3 II Famltv rn., man/ exrras. Lo d. beaut, landscaped lot. GE 1-8 t. GOLDEN S T A r £ - N r . Caiholk public ichools^ itori. Newlv dc ^ NTimed POM- Owner, 4366 F fam. rm, 3 ba , erpls, flr^tv 1 hicck wall, oar.o, 4304143. V79.5W. Wi'l FHA. Btr. CF. 1 What Do You Want in YOUR NEW HOME? CHECK THESE FEATURES... AVAILABLE IN OUR INVENTORY OF ROSSMOOR RESALES ·ft 3 10 -4-Bcdroonn, lome w/5 iv Family roomi . . . tome «dd- rd 1hdl . irr trulv besullrul. * AH Ihe twit-ins ft Fully larxhcaotw . . . Pslioi lor ooldoor. living . . . tome ·ft Exiellml locafioni lor access ' 10 tht Irecwav. ft L»i«e ihooolng cenler. A A PRESTIGE HOME *llh ie-llng p r 1 c e i iiarllrn) al . SH.OOO. WE ARE HAPPY TO SHOW THESE ANYTIME . . DROP BY THE OFFICE OR CALL T O D A Y ! DeBENEDICTIS Realty GE 1-2507 1?I31 Los AlamUoi Blvd. NAME YOUR OWN PRICE! j Yewr ttwr\ce lo buv an "Eslales" modH richlll Vacant, owner can't OCCUPY it . . . will sell l d loss!! Eves: · tT.7-9415. 3-BR "HIGHLANDS" beauiv . . . wilh POOL. Owned bv ilngle man . . . Sootiest fcVM: TONER REALTY 11298 Los ArsnilfOi GE 0-7557 PRICE retJycetl for etu'ck wle. J30,5C0. Clean 3-Bdrm. S. family rm:, w-w earn. draoes mcucul. BM.4n oven, range dishwasher. Lois oF kilch. cab. formica loo counter. Fronl yard orot. lard- icaocd. Feixed pool sire bock yd. Xfnl loc. Nr. sUili., shops FrwV. 3111 Quail Run 596-3935 Wallc to Shopping Center NCM Enolarttfer [3 Bdrm., 2 Balhl Owner IranslerreoJ lo F«r Eas . CarwH drapes 4 many orher ooodieb. F.P. MO.KO. O*ner %v!U l».c any r caw nab It oflcr. MABRY Realty GE 0-0521 NR. ST. HEDW1GS Piclurc-DreMv . . t. showcase clean. "Ranch model" -- Newly decorated in cut. BY appoint- n-enr only . . See to appreciate. DOSS JONES, RUr HIM Los AlamUoi Bl. GF 1-3511 VACANT 3-BR IMMEDIATE POSSESSION W-w carpels, dracs, refrio.. large lor, Medl 1o expand. TerrMfc bjy al 529,500-- Must be so'd! -- See f, con-pafe. DOSS JONES GE 1-35 II ROSSMOOR HIGHLAND REDUCED TO $30,500 3 BR. -f- den, hdwd. lloors, crots., drapes, palnled, elc.. fenced pool. NO BETTER BUY! IN ROSSMOOR CORNER LOT POPULAR "MONTPELrER"3-BR. Famlty room. Sellers, louvcred doors. ITS A GEM IN A GARDEN. 1I7S? WEATHERBY-OPEN P.M. RYERiON-HAZLHT 435-0?05 3 BR FAM RM" Lovely Early Air.trican ho;ne En x^nl. conoTlion. ' Huge pntro too! GE 1-1371 Davidson 4-W4 (6LI40) REX L HODGES , Rossmoor Highlands 3-BR. fam. rm. fully caroeled, drapes, built-in t. 15x11 covered oaHo, compJctcly \valled. Open by owner. 1 \})\ Cherrv, GE 0-99«. HILL TOP VIEW 1405 CRESTVIEW 3- Bedrooms, spacfoui llvlncr rm. I, f a m i l y - rm. POOL lan^l. Bea'jlifully landscapetf, lasteEully decorated sooMesslv clean. Im- nrvedlate posseijion! Very flexible terms! Cai1 . . . CHARLLS LANE GE 9-3-4J8 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. (00 E. Ocean, Realtors. HE 2-3761 OPEN SAT. 1-5 304 CENTRAL T r v 10% dn. on Ihls Lharp ic model rd 7. br. close to every Ihtao. GE 1-7534 (SBI41) REX L HODGES BEACH APPEAL Sp.irlous 3 br., jfne - area Jus) J biki. to ocean, oriced rile. GE 1-253X Thomas 5M-4W1 (SB! 26) REX L HODGES FIVE UNITS Wilrt EZ jinanring. ootut income, ual"t to beAch. :ummcr renla s! GE 1-1371 S««l GE 4.1M4 (SB 144) REX L HODGES , BIG FAMILY? SEE THIS Live a1 the beari in A 3 br. den home, 1 IrDl., lix:ome loo! OE 1-2531 Soueri GE 1-2642 (SBI20) REX L HODGES DECORATORS DELIGHT 1045 DRIFTWOOD C o.i1 e m DO rary-- Real duality. 3 txv I Pi baihi. FlreDl.j carpel, rfraoes Nr. new thoa. cnlr., ichH, J31-HiC TRIPLEX -- 1 btack from twacd WO.OCO. Mas iXWCO 6.6% loan 1 LET'S TALK Bkr. 5?6-«16. OCEAN "FRONT PROPERTIES LEEDOM REALTY *3M05" SIGNAL HI'LL ' OUR BEST BUYS 4 Bdrm. f, den; 3 Bdrm. 8. den 2 bdrm. dudex-- All with view 3 Bdrm. on R-4 lot. Call en the* and alters . , . lodav. STEGGALL REALTY HE i 7«f ; NEED MORE ROOM? Huge 3 br w/aln rm, new ba, ser [o«xh. w/w, rfips, dbl gir. Nr. n GA 4-3903 Davis GA 4-7S1 - ( S I 56) REX L HODGES ..STATE COLLEGE ARii/ '_ LARGE 4-Bedrm. i Fam rrn, 2 bal frOnit. rnwidCiHri'e in oui. Bll-i rite. Mkhert, ash earners, fired prked to %e!1 faiH Owocr t r a n s SANDLER-ROSEN Rl+y J 1JU Cl.irk GE J-7^3 WEST SIDE 19 BESt BUY I "NEW" 2-BR.-- $900 Dh VACAMT. lmtredi.ile ooiseislo Bull) in range/oven. Dble. ca W. to w. carpel tfiruout. TIL E N T R Y WAY. WonT |as1, C* *. aVanLiizenRlfyS9l-l36 o 2970 CANAL * OPEN SUNDAY 1 TO P.* i i L.'irce 3 bdrm. corner home, m^w · j ? f r A S . Yoy will like this ore! * LiOrn lo KLFM every Tues. 5 , · 6 P.M. 1 H. Atemfl. GA 2.1241. eves 476.51 "SHARP 2 ON 1 Lie. 3 Bdrm. in (roil 2 Bdrr *· ic*-. J gars. Ma*c ofler. JERR 11 A L E X A N D E R Jfl56M, GA X'53I 9 SodC. 2 Sr. i g^cit house ur/tMr 4J4-0074 Eosn Renllv 4X-1S n S H A R P 3 Br., tfen IV? baihs. 51? r ' ' cfowrt. STOLP Rc^lfv GA 4-47 ^BE~DROO~M hcuie. eVlostd oaf 3M3 EASY 42/-51 - WRTGLEY BRIGHT 3 BR 1 Lflvelv area for 1his Too cor °- hcme, fircoV, d/aoe». Ditio. Dt " ' c¥'M371 DenilOM Gf 1-M * ! (FI3I) REX L HODGES HAPPY DAYS , ImrnACula'e 2 b'. vcbeiu1»lu dc . Ip. (L hi,Cf Hv. rm. Poor. CB M ;t GA 6 3903 Ptt-t GA 4-57 e [FI40] REX L HODGES . ; " PRICED TO"StLL" 1 bdrm. 3 . balhs, compl. red ; $50. *n : ng room. Ige. fol. 717 ' Cclumbi^. 8/ Owner. ExCCoVor h j O P E N 3*5 2928 MAIN » wirino. Ouicn s^le. ' 5 E A T O N S. SELOVER HE 6-3 3 "NEWER Tft'Y $950 ON Styt 4 fcr. ? bo firepl. Su j ' II*. 500 F. P Assume- loan Gagn 01 : IF1?4) REX L HODGES HEM Ol : Open Sun Quick Pos ji 7 br, den. lirtotacc. row LOU HAR/JVAT2 Rllv. HA 5-7 t. kifch«n, ieo. d : nfrig rm., w jO ??SO San Francisco 424-1 f · tfowrt, Ow.'ker . RUr. HE ?.j$l?. HO BY OWNER -- 2 bttitoom sfoc rs, 3063 EUCALYPTUS-- S350 dawn, b Aixe 114.500. RUr. HE i-«?Sl tt. J 6R . e'et iric. b!i .n*. V^rv c'e Ui N u e IDC STOl P Rr»ir y GA «-J hlom«s for Sole 1 31 j Orongt County Prop. 141 WRIGLEV OPEN SUNDAY !-5 7443 DAISY Cyilom bull! 3 Bdnn.. lormak tfinlno roon, w/w, dr*j«, e v e r / motf. convenience. 3141 PINE P*r»dljt for children. J or 5 Bdrm., elec. kltch., Wg oarte, crvcloted vard. CUSTOM BUILT home on lot., co/. lot -v income 7 oihtr hxiwes. Firef., "iruM rrtei. etc NEW LISTING Valuable R-4 lol wim comforlabte 3 BtJfni. twnie. F.P. i?lJX*0. GOLD COAST GA4-H20. O2-7431 2369 San Francisco Ave. See rhh 3 Bdrm. fmnied.ale pois. C a n ) SOxHO kl. A nke faniHv hunt. Try S?1M ckiwn. 2243 Locust Ave. llanie Income. Lovely t dnn. Soanlih -t 1200 Income from dy- dicx In rear. Low down vrlll get MORRIS HOLMQUIST OPEN HOUSE 1 TO 5 , 2200 GOLDEN-- 2 BAS. Lovely corner 3-Br. home. Bulir-in r.ince ?vcn. dishwasher. 25 ft. king kitchen. 12x13 din. rm. ,, Thli Is our BEST BUYI See toddv! . O . V a n L i i i e n R U y 5 9 f - l 3 6 l ' 3-8r. 2 Bafk Dining Rm VERY FINE AREA for best mid- ' die clBii Isnitty. Substantial Scan- i fsh. 144V M. II. Ovfner safd: "MaVe | Ihl* Ihe BEST BUY In V/rlglevI · OPEN TODAY-- 2815 Cheslnul. I KEN 416-ttn V/rlglCV Rlly 2 BR + UBRARYl Unlove Irom slcm la stern-- made tot snUtiues-- Eariv Amer. parX«r/ Crane. GA 7-H18; CE 3 WT, GA 2.0097 |F99) REX L HODGES 4 Br'., 2~Ba.Try" $500 Dn~! Dfslresil 119. TO3? T r a d e ? Owen [Fl! REX L HOnGF*; HF 7-12il SoufhlandCiries Prop. 140 ARTESlA $195 DOWN 2 bdrnt. Lit. roonii. Huge fenced ; lo^. CarpOft. $11,900 F.P. l READY REALTY HA 1-1941 21719 NORVVALK BLVD. $95 -- MOVE IN 1 Bdrm. stucco. 51? mo., Incl. tax. To reioonalWc oarty. S7900 F.P. READY REALTY - HA 1-8741 CLOSE OUT BY OWNER 1 BR; IVz vr, old, 112,250. Sma \ ^ov,n. 1HM IMth. TE ?-38iJ. ' BELLFLOWER MUST BE SOLD! TWs custom bulll home, as been cut way down l/i urTce, as It has 90! To COL 3 betfroomi in oosd close In fieMMower location. Checr- M VUcnen wilh beaulllul culom mado rablners, built-in ranae oven, Fireprace, ihake roof, Immediate poisesilon! Submit on COGBURN REALTY CO. 10001 Arlesia Blvd. Bellllower Ptiooe W5-S005 IMMACULATE- JUST LISTED 1 i den or 3 bdrm., I'/t balhi. NCAT v. ,v IK.cughuul. X Foe. kilcli- en, loli ol caWrtels. X dose s. · Covered palio. Choice Bellflower I ocalion. Won't last. Call riohl now. C E N T E R REiALTY ME 3-0768 5X45 Del Amo eve: TO 7-57*3 10452 E. FAIRTON Hich ichooi area -- charmlntr 3 bcdrm., 1V^ ba., home. Nlre-hdwd. firs. nal. kikn, r dining rm., big DiiHo, 2 car g£,r. Shown only bv acoK, due to Ilkteai. Please call HUMPHRIES R E A L T Y TO 1-1W CA31 E. Alondra Blvd., Bellflov;-r $1250 DOWN 2 bedroom fan illy rm,, w-w car- Del, biilll-in oven, range, natural cabinets, many other features. Ideal family home. Call for aool. RAY"SMITH REALTY, Realtors TO 7-1963 9-130 Comaron Blvd. """BEAUTIFUL 3 "BDRM. Loaded wim exfras, 1 baihs. firt- Dldce, buill-ins, rarostlna, drnpei enclosed; onFio. RICHARDS REALTY HA' 5-1251 5S1B D*l Anra 9610 LAUREL 50am ll. R-3 lot wilh comfy o'der rLoM. Van Waveren KeAlly, Real- tars. f3ll E. Maple, BellFlr. 975-7110. 4 BR LARGE DEN wilh IFoor to ceiling flagstone fireol., IM. kitch., blllns! Reduced. HA 5 1X17 Brown GE 9SCS* (BFIOO) REX L HODGES Open Sun. -- 8510 Cedar ? br., ? rar car, R-7 lot SOxU?. ' Cov. oatio. Fruit trees, garden SMt. "Yoy can BUILD or be a FARMER herel" F.P. *16.5M. CRAHE REALTY 591-534J " ^ 2 STORY HOME"' " 5 br.r ? baths, fam. room. All b4t- Ini, w/w ttvucut, oool siie- lot HA 1-3231 Hoooan HA 1-1409 (8F94) REX L HODGES {or 2 hcuMi. Reallor. TO A-I74S ONLY JP«y T br. stucco". Cho'ce loraFlon. Qicr. ME 4-3430, DOWNEY i Near No. Amer Aviation Cu^Fcrn built 3 bedrm., 2V» ba. Ice. family rm., buill-ins, 1 lire places, v»-*r carpet, d/aoes, o (0x135. tfble. gar., w/lge. Horace · rni. Ste to ADorec Call owntr '. TO ?-9fio HAWAIIAN (JARDENS ; POOL TIME SOON 3-BR, l«20 rcmous rim lix3C , ncol. S1JKO tin. ONLY S16.750 ' WILLIAMS Rlly. 421-S933; «1-B59 NORVVALK ! 1 50 ON i ^J Vy Lx 1 N J $15.500 FULL PRICE i 1 Soacious 3 bdrm. horn? on over , j s' T rd fenced toi, large lamllv sFyl f 1 klkhen, walk, lo All grades o l down Co!d V/ar Vets. No IS G or FHA lermi. Vacsnl. Move r 7 todav. Coast Homes UN 4-775 If no ans. Call WH 1-320? " ~ V V VACANT -A;"" ^ 2 br, bv ow. Alum, siding w sloie trim, Igs, 1o1, nire vd., pa^ r \-v. rm., neu pdinf, S15.0CO F.P I 13722 Elmcrofl J24-J6S 1 3-BDRM. f pufril houif. I~5x30 M · - f e r c d oool. Nr. S. Gabri«l Fr* ] Lo* oymls. Own?r, ,UM 4-47U PARAMOUNT · 6533 6535 San Vincent , OPEN HOUSE o 1 m 1. ?.? br. hies. Rfil Jh«r , KINGS ROW REALTY SS!0 Flower Sr. Bellllow KJ.71II !40Ji37t.r \ "~2"BR-- $'15^500"" " 5 Can v-iy b«al ihis cute Spaii - \Me, d:rtlng rm., crnr. lot, flrco HA S-tm: VJ* S.I27I: 23.(9 n . (PMI8) REX L HODGE "S V/ITH FEHCED Y A R D CAN S .? BOUGHT FOR SWO DOWN. BK 1 builr-lns, draoei, oalfo. nr school . 121.?50. 15W7 S. Oelcomlire. P»r mount. Ph. SMASH. . · ]"J"BR". r,otjs«j~on M»3» lot! B *· ItHlt. MS.OOO. «3.J7J1. X) Only SI1.MO. 8fcr. ME -3JM. Orange County Prop. 14 H ?}lQriTJ f ] EiJ NO DOWN-, c , ' NO CLOSING COSTS ll GI. i Bdrnv Family rm., I 3 , ea bH-inj /, All tn« ooccfiei. ICt r - corner k)i. Freshly oaln:* t 119. SCO. Most .anvooe can cuii: mj Ca " f0 LlsfER fl REALfY' ,, .^_«'i fves^Mip - BELOW FHA APPRAISE 4 -tir. Hdwd. floors, FA neai, w m cols., dros., rbr. gar. S paiio W loe n'cely landsc. corner :ol. 0 "1 ? blks. off nerf Garden Gro S Fr«v,a/. ill,W. Onlv WOO FHA/VA or $900 dn. FHA. -- OWNER ANXIOUS w. Vacant 3-Lr. rfdwd. Hoon, b' .-I HU firepl., sliaXe rocl, FA henl. B " l bA. it's a bcaufvl Try 122.9 Rrai. \ BHu-ne cd. j"4% to 5Si REPOSSESSTON'S ·*'- l A 4 bdrim. low, low down D r»^ir F^il pc-ss(S5 t or* To s n! Pkk -0 1hf V(v at Tom Pr 1? , RMMV, 10r,5 Hr-ich Bivd 4?7 2 VETERANS ADMINISTRATION OWNED HOME 3 den. 2 balh bcauly, co/nolctelv redecorated lniki« cul In freih iprlno colors. SpstliXJi 4, liflh) Ihlna r«jm. Palo* Verde ilont hretxace. ilcor to celling giaii, cheerful sunny kitchen, n*tuni vvocd cabinet), form Tea counler oot. 3 Idfng el ill doer* to l«r«e vard, palio, br ck. olanlcrs, 2 car porsoe, vacan . Owned by Ihe Vc eran'j AomLnislralion mav be purcriated by a Ve) or Hon- 1 Ve . *50 cfown. Mo ?nd, no loan con, you get the deed. $16,950 GIBSON REALTY UN 0-10 14 TA 7-2 ISO «« Lincoln Nr. Valley View CyrRE5S-BUENA PARK A R E A Credif Problem? NOT HERE!! 3 REPOSSESSED 3 4 BEORMS. Bu I14rj, Hreo flcei. Good aresj. Near Freewovs axi S^WDDlnp From $19,500 TO $22,500 Furr Louis Realty 12372 Euclid Ave., Gftrden Grovt Collect (714) 534-7040 Eves. Mr. Edwards 530-5030 SMALL BUSINESS MAN lierVi ooportunllv to id vo ihop next to your home. 67x150' lot wilh IttO to. 1. b-jikHng suitable (or cabin*! shop, upholstery, plumbing, ek. Plenty of Darkfrnj. Large 3 bd/m., fam. i dining rm. home. Hdwcf. Maori, Good xrea. Owner anxtaui. Priced to se i. Approved Homes Realty 1?M|X0 UN 0-2361 3260 W. Lincoln, Anaheim FORECLOSURE BARGAIN. 3-BR 1am. rm., 3-bai.. 2-car oar. Save S70CO. Tn' 1I5.5M COAST REALTY 63I«^I j ANAHEIM FIX T and save. Owners health causes salt. Unablt lo malnlaln praoer y, Ihe lavlna on 1hls very exclusive 3-bedroom, 2 balh FICHTK will be oiJiied on lo Ihe firs) buyer. A very rldiculova price of onlf 116.930 Dlus a little elbow create can make you the proud of a fdi more expensive home than vou ever dreamed. A:k or ,TC-5. Fiedler Real Estate. 920 So. E.UC d {at Ball) -714-3COQ No Points, No Qualifying iliOO 6n., assume FHA loan, OVJC 2nd. on this 3 drm., family-dining rm. home. Fireplace, hardwood firs,, luxurloui carp., elec- tr c buill -Trts, T 1 .'? halhi. Pfctor* nretty/ moat al tractive home in area. Only S?4,SOO. (Near Ka- tcl a brookhur^t). JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 596-3720 FAMILY FUN CENTER Fabulous 4- bed room wHh forma din na rm. Oualllv W-V/ carpel- big. 'cuj1o:n drapes. HARDWOOD FLOORS . . bullHn,s. Flrcolace, t baths, enclosed cov'rf patio. PLUS beau fut -SUNSET FOOL. Bkrck fenced yard. Only 129,995 RAPHAEL Really E4IO. KdltlU GE 1-3012 or TAylor 8-4SO BY OV.'HER, WJMU! Pdrk execu- Mve home. J-bd/nu, 2 baihs. Cathedral tellings, sunken living rm. Air cond. panelled family room. Large lot, crofess. 1 rind- scaped. Sprinklers front rear. Immed. occuoarycy. CnsTi fo foa^ or owner v/III orovidt new loan. Below FHA appraisal al 131,950. 7U-633-9023. DECORATOR itory co.itempwarY rooled area, 3?00 sq. ft. oallo, 1100 ft. 4 lam. bdrm., 2 baths. 1iv., din. fam. rmj. Compl. G/E Kitch. Air cond. Beaut, landscaped. Pv1. Parochial oubllc school!. \V. Anaheim. Owner J33.9SO. 7H-- 776-9ZV2. N'EAR AUTONETIC'S. rVeat i cTean Faroe 3 bdcm., nice area, close lo parki 8, shooptncr. Ontv S17,?CO. LYNN BLAIR fc ASSOC. (7H 5W-MS1 BY owrwr. Trtins. Immac. 3 br., den, 1 ba., rvua« Hv.' am. rm.. air cond. \V/w croL, drapes. 1700 so. fl. Many_exlras. S34.950. (7M) 533-3515 X BDRM.-, 2 balhi, fireolace, Car- o?t L d"raoci. Schools ihoo- BUENA PARK LIVING ' BeauFiful 3-bectrm. family room W-w rarpel ng, drapes, fireplace builr-lns, lorced arr, 2 balht, laror flluoilrmin covered oallo, love y block tervced, landscaoed yard On y S??, 560- -wilh SlltX) DOWH -- FHA/VA or nsoo DOWN FHAI RAPHAEL Realty 8410 Kalella : HE 1-3012 or TAvlor 84EO GI NO DOWN Pavmt on this modr like home, ready to move In. . 3 ipacious bedrmi/ Pi o-Jllman balhtr garden patio. New decorator carpeting drapci. Brand nev/ kiichea wiin deluxe Wt-k range ovrn. . arxJ naliwa wcorf cabinet. Waler softener too FHA terms atso! Llsled at en v GE' 0-(H5 ELLIS SCHRADER «OJO DOWN i ak« over'G'l loan « $111 p£r mo., oavs all, on bdrm., IVa balhi, btt-1n ranoe * oven, cfole, gar^ce, cov. palio Fenced yard, Near nev/ coHew Bkc. Schwarli, UN 3-1134 714 L* 1-HJl. \ BY OWNER J bdrm., hdwd. tko/i carpel Ihruoul, fireplace, scree nt in D^llo. 5. car garaor. Co/, o Near Valler View t Granaelhortx i8,700. 714S?2-4AU. P ace, W/M i nrpel, drapes Ihruoo Bit-Ins. Excel, cond, musl sel Sl»,950. 7)i--61i'2413. MUST SEVL-VACANT WAKE OFFER ON SHARP 3 BU TERM REALTY UN 4-H1 4 BR., IM,OCO- Xlras. EZ tenm JA 7-I7S?. i22 San, Lorenro Or : CYPRESS $2000 Under Market Diive by 9347 Chmlooher Circl ·i hdrrrv, IV* barh.j, iwar nfw w/v carpet Ihjuoyl. Beaut hftcher enlv lO^i dn. bal en 1st TO. V* j " nl BURKS WILLIS ·J S300 TOTAL DOWN Mot cne cent more* 4 bdrrr FA heat, D altered walls. Drap* i curla'ns. Blt-ln ranc« t ove F-nced fronl i i-car. CLEAf lmn~ed. posiesiion. To see p'c UD Hie kev ar Tom price Realt / IttUS Beach Blvrf. !27-?7 ! 3 Bdrm. i Family Rm. 3 Real sharp. Excel, nerohbwhoo Nice corner lot. ! KINGS ROW REALTY 9570 Flower ST. Bellllow 975-7X11 JW-2437 cvi OfWigtCBuntyPrcp. 141 HUNTIN'GTON BEACH |i BUILDERS REPO'S / 3 Jr A Bedroom with Ptmtly Room \' Built-Tns ) ; Compllttly R«d«cor«t«J ;' 1% B.ldi I'ForeeJ Air Htal ,/ F«ne«d Y*rdi l' 2 BLOCKS FROM SAN DIEGO FREEWAY Gl'S $99 TOTAL CLOSING COSTS Minimum Down FHA -- $750 TX)**! doling Com Priced From $19.500-- Rent Whilt Oualllytna SPRINGDALE -- SOUTH TRACT Mode i op«n «1 Edw«rdi A Bo i«, Huntingdon ledch STAN MOORE REALTY (7I4| 893-7837 (7H) 8?3-0577 CYFKESS DOG KENNEL OR HORSE 3- Bdrm home, new paVil 4* 1 btfrm guest house, or rental. Low axes. Fult phJce «3,5W. KINGS ROW REALTY 9570 Flower SI. BelHtower _«I-IiL'_ man eve. EASTGATE ~bTEN~SAfT'SUN"DAY" 12182 TURQUOISE Clean 3 bdrm, 2 full balhi, llrcol., bit- n ranw oven." Cpt, drps, block fence, pal to. A buy nl $1 9,900! J BURKS WILLIS 7U-M7-MOO eves 431-W70 FULI.ERTON ONLY $395 DOWN AND YOU GET THE DEED Choice ol 4-v/hire they las.1. HEW X-BEDROOM HOME All bvlU-Ini, fplce., Y/-W. Stiake roofs, fencti. Indscpo., sorlnkFers. MODELS: cl-.o ce West Fullerlor A r e a on Valencia, W. of Magnolia REGAL HOMES NO. 2 SM-Wil Eves. 5M09J7 GARDEN GROVE ADAM EVE tad noln ng absolutely nothing compared to the PALATIAL ELEGANCE of Ihh ou standing reit- dcnce located in cne (A Garden Grove'i best VPRIDE OF OVrH- CRSHl P" areas. Spactous luxury Is maTHfesled throughout Ihe en- 1 re estate grounds. Overhanging shade Irees ar.d decorltve ihrubs fas elullv m?et the eye as YOU approach this rambllna Call- forn a Conleniporary F O U R LARGE BEDROOM, TWO PULL BATHS HOVE peacefully . ne^tlcdi an a star ree lined street. Step spritely Into ttUs lloht, airy Abode and rwllce some o Ihe many, many desirable fealurej so ollcn sougnt lor, but seldom found. FAMILY SIZE KtTCHEH Includes RANGE, OVEM, end loads of cab- nets and king smooth counter tops. AI1 lo 1his a crand plarvo size living room antf Hoovs all covered wilh exoensive PARQUET (or luxury liv nv rvl you ha^c A v,hale of a buv . . . BUT. THAT'S NOT ALL . . the rear vard of aocrox. I'j acre SHOWS OPF A moit oitfurciaue rear yard itlting nc udlng a SPARKL- IMG TO'xW CUSTOfA DESIGNED POOL complete wl,h all Ihe e x - tras and underwater marine Ught- Ino, How pr ced at an ullej- ly rtdkulcuslv and unbelievably low pr ce of only Sl?,950. Only one or a kind, so ?iurrv 7nd call for rC-I bkr., «S4 Katellfl. 871-7333 POOL... FUN 8. pleasures awa 1 vou vTien you're the proud owner of this sparkling 3 arge bedroomb, 2 well arranged baths, home. HUD* exollc iloor o - celllnc ITreolace, deep pile w/w caroetlng tfec orator arapes throupSout. L a r a e amily k lichen with bulll-in rant*, oven, i nle. Iv of cabinsh. Separate utlllly area. Huze covered pfltlo area A icclwied cuilotn contoured poo w.ilh o1«n V of suntfecklng. You ' only Live once-- try It-price Is "' ""$23,500 MERCURY Realty l!4i! BROOKHURST, G. GROVE [1 11 S39-2K1 OPEN HOUSE Sai. 4 Sunday II lo 5:30 97! I Sinclair Circle (lust o f f BreoVtwrst A V,eslmrns er) / 3 bdrim +- fam. rin. + 2 rm i' Lusti lardscaolna ,' Slock w;il fence ,' Hardwood floors ,' C a r p e t s , drapes included i' Many olher fea ures MORTGAGE SERVICING ASSOC. 714-524-0060 NEAT TREAT .' 3 bdrm, hdvrd, !»' bdlhs, bll- ns, flreo'ace. Laroe cinder block ' fenced yard. Oulck, oossess. JEM down. i' 3 bdrm hdv*d, new w/w car- CK , ([replace, tarce comparl- mentrd baihs. On ouiet street, shake ro3l. On y J19,600. LYNN BLAIR ASSOC. 714) SJI-7551 panelirvg, heavy beamed celllncs. hug? stone fireplace. Large cust. bit. bar, 1 fadlhi. Bfock wall fence Emercency i^Se, price 13000 below comparable market value in area. Alklno $19,750. Try lo* as 1500 4- cfosfns costs. "LAHCGR" of GARDEIJ GROVE 50055CO i eves. S39-7927 EMERGENCY SALE -BR. + fam Trv a lltlle paint a- elbow grease aod tti^s will really be f iharo hon-.e 4 n excel, area. What a buyl Tri s number of rooms · features alrrvoit unneard nf at tnTs low piice of 517,CO, VA no down FKA/VET 1200 down f coils. FORECLOSURE PENDING Slardu« home. 3 bdrm., 2 baihs, hdwd i lloors, bftEr range oven. As , sume Kuge GI loan or new toan o*;. Askirvg 517,WO or make offer "LAHCER"-of GARDEN GROVE 7li-- SJfl-SSOO Evo. i3«-i5 A TAKE YOUR CHOICE * ? large Skylark homes/ 1 with 1750 w. ft-, 2Vj baths, carpets c'aoes, heavy shake roof. Askinc S27,300. t TIDWELL REALTY JE 7-«2 .- BY OWNER 3 bdrm., 2 baihs, farg v ot with healed pool. All blMn nc 1. refriu/f reeier. N ew ca rpe ts ·ft dreoes. Come iee it! 118,500 j BY OWNER. 3 bdrm., PA baihs Fenced, large rot. Screened nal o AS 01 wolliv Lew, G. Grove. 3 BR., Vh batftsi cotd, oatio. Nr f GG frwy i Harbor, Ml? mo. pay s. all. No dn. vels, dlr. 71MVM73 (JARD1-N GROVE It s a Pleasure to Show h s excMIng home vyl1t\ Its custom Cetoned 16xU HEATED FILTERED POOL. Ttils really fs the plate lor casual entertar,ment Slcp Into your dream home at modern 'as tomorrow, wilh near ivew nylon wall to wall caroets In everv room. Ftalurts FOUR SPACIOUS BEDROOMS, TWO LARGE BATHS, all bo 111 -In electric atwl - Including refrigerator, dishwasher, ranoe nnd oven. The a roe living room has that COZY feeling of "beirq at hcme" with the waim wood paneling and sparkling ambers In Ihe USED BRICK FIREPLACE. OWNER TRANSFERRED, NOW VACANT. Owner redded orke below FHA flDiwalsal of 57,4,575 -- NOW ASKING ONLY $24,200 BE THE FIRST ONE TO CHECK ON THIS TREMENDOUS BUY OF THE WEEK A SUBMIT YOUR OFFER. LANCER 1?138 Brookhursl, G.G. 530-5SGO So. of Chaonian. Op- Von* Mkl. WANT A BIGGER BETTER HOME? bul You're not sure If YOU have Ihe tfa*;n payment? You are orobabJv entitled lo ore ol sev- rral ooverncntnl toans. Call ask our sBeciallst aooul owning vour own fof Al lltlle as $300 down, ro 2ntjs i 5Vi% Prin. Int. loan. "LANCER" OF GARDEN GROVE 7U.Bo.S500 eye 551-CM77 BY OWIIER-4 bdrm, 2 balh:. Large corner. Nr Calhollc church 6V schll. Jli.550. 7U-OT-S1M ' GARDEN PARK TRI-LEVEL NEW HOMES 4 J5-BR-- 2 BATHS · WALL-TO-WALL ·CARPETING $995 Down SEE FURNISHED MODELS AT ... ORANGEWOOD CORNER Of.. . KNOTT ORANGEWOOD (7U) 892-9594 $800 DOWN VET $21,850 F.P. Priced 37000 b«k,v all compe i* lion. Owner Transferred. Scmeone v,lll grab Ihls. TREMENDOUS 3 far., ? balh buy Will 11 be you? JOHN READ RLTY. inc. ·4137 Nooe Way HA SW14 HARD TO PLASE? If io. Ihls CHARMING 4-br. home li for you! VALUE 1* written all over if. Wh«n vtt say It's n BARGAIN-- come Iri us prove Rllr. GA 1-1261. LESS THAN COST By cwner -- 3 br. den, 1 ba., healed pool, custom stone, premium crpii. Otape-t, like 'new clean, cxcepliarwt landiCJcffio. on corner. Pti. (714) 897-8230. HUNTINGTON BEACH i $250 MOVES YOU IN No Qualifying on this fovtlY : bdrm., 2 bains GI rebate, wrik tas everyihlng Incl: w/w carpc ing Ihruout, bll.-m range oven Lovely landscapJr.a, Eully fenced BEVERLY JACKSON Rhy 17171 Beacri, Hnt"g Bch. t47-*3 10J01 Beach, Slantoi JA 7-777 OPEN SUN. 1 TO 5 111? LAKE SI. ^AKE OFFER OM Ci'ilom btHIt b BEDROOMS, BATHS, braut. Anlhony pco family rm. w/circu»ar bar A rce firepl. Dream kitchen, 2 ovens, rtfrra., BBQ. Db'e. lot. 4000 f r DIVORCE-- owner must satr fice! See to a p p r e c i a t e ! Call RUTH SNIDER, ReaMor GE 3-405 8 ROOMS · OF GRACIOUS LIVING 5 fcedrocms, 2 bflihs. Fflmllv roc W/W carpet. Eleclrfc ftullt-rn Beau4ifu] landscaoln(r. Cloje Stan Moore Realty Ire HOUSE OF TERMS 8237 Garden Grove Blvd.. G.G CALL COLLECT: TW 3-0577 NEAR DOUGLAS Vacant 4-b«drms., 1 batin, Imrne C ° V 'DOSS JONE^Rll?' 5 " 11174 Loi Alamiioi Bl. GE 1-15 NO DOWN PAYMENT Pay cosl-- eel cfeed, 4 br. low hovs*, blt-!n range, refris., wash cr d^ver. Caroel, drapei/ cu torn decor. iW,950. Owner, 9 4345, . OWNER-- 3 yrs. old, close to Doo las, Frwy., snooping, schools. Ne paint Inside. 3-bd/m, I 3 ,i ba bit-Ins, fncd yard, patio, ttoli CB PhOA« 893-3633 or ?2-d?68. · FOUNTAIN Valley. 3-brs., 2 b Blt.-ini,, dishw., frpl., panel 1 rm., loe. fen. vrf. Nr. 5.D. F Assume 5'A G.I. WU4 8ui*lB (71'l 531-1375. HEW GI BILL -- HO QGVJt t i J 9 c'oilna cos'*. 3 or 4T b^drm TV/ 3-7837 714TW 3-0 e Orange County Prop. Ml HUNT INGTON BEACH Orange County Prop, 14 K . ^ . ^ -A- --- . .^ .^ .A. -fc . . . .^ -- -- . -- . -- ^ -- _ _ ^ -- ^ ^ ^ ^ . _ ^ ^ _ . _ ^ ^ YOU'LL KNOW THIS IS THE PLACE - TOTAL DOWN ^295 T ° TAL D ° WN 1 HUNTRIDGE ; . CUSTOM QUALITY HOMES YOU CAN AFFORD ' .i,TM. " I ^ ^ A - VALUE F:AUIR=S . 1 ""J^" WESTMINSTER "~~^ d. y. * J « If ! -^^- * "· · i HUNTRIDGE a SANTA '· l l / ' ' y ; / t / s · C A X f ETIN6 · FENCING · FORCED AIR HEATING · * LANDSCAPING ( f r o n l ) · DOUIU O A R A G E S · ASH CAI1KETS · V I N Y L FLOORS 'luntridge 11 loctfcd on Hei Kve. bttween Golden Wttt »r\d :dw«rdt in Hunlington Be«ch-- Dur xalet representative, Mn. BillTgin will bi *f 1 6521 Fountin L«n r from 10 t.m, to S p.m., flturd"*y *nd" Suflday, For infor- ·na\\on Mon.-Ffi. Plttit cell TW -3536. (DEMfNOENT -- 5»(., M*r. 1», JJU ' ' P a g « ' V l f )rong* Couwty Prop, 141 HUNTINGTON BEACH PRICE , REDUCED $1000 Forced wte. PreiHB* irea, 3 bdrm., 1*4 tuthi, bvlll-lnj, ho*d. f'oon, FA heat, fireplace, drapei, i 2 car oariw, Wike oiler. ! SHOWCASE f RFAI TY ' r\c/\L i i i 96M Garden Grove Blvd., GG 1 LAGUNA BEACH GUNA HILLS-LEISURE WORLD Casablanca Manor, t Br., 1 balh. SANTA ANA BR., 7 ba., crpr., oVoes., fenced. ^ ml. oil Frwv. Owner. (7HI WESTMINSTER GI SPECIALS OOOOHI! DOWN 4 7,500 3-br., IV? baUis, serv pofch, fenced cor lot. No dn GI, $99.37 per mo P 1 5U.TOO 3 be 1 den, 2 balm, nevrly painled, coy p^tlD. Lois of ctmeftj. Fenced, vacant. No dn Ql. S101.5S MI p 1 1 S ,SB 3 BR, IVi batM, tKl*d (loora, bll-lni. cinder blotV fence. GI no dn r $ica.f4 per mo P 1 J».7M 4 br. 2 baths 2 vrs old. Carpets, draDK. blt.lnsi FA heat. GI 113 !n, $111.17 o«r mo P S. 1 ALSO FHA TERMS AND MANY MORE JOHNSON REALTY WESTMINSTER AT GOLDENWEST T W 7-4*50 GE HM1 LITTLE BITTY PRICE! on Ihls lovely 7-bedroom, HARDWOOD FLOOR home . . spacious xllctwn, v.'.'de landscaped fenced vard. Onlv SH9M-- Trv S1500do»n. RAPHAEL Really ItM Katella GE 1-3012 or TAvior S-MI 4 BR COLONIAL Beautiful home In nice area, gald medallion elecl., EZ fin. loo! HA5-1M7 Brown GE 9-5034 (WM430) REX L HODGES BR. 1 bath, POOL, CUSTOM home, $17,500. Bkr. 5«o-70H. euth lay Property 142 PALOS VEHDES ESTATES I Mulllole listings-- oood lot btr/s. HARRINGTON RLTY. FR yoSS7 SAN PEURO BY OWNER -- 4-BR. Apts Ht.OM FT' Kta mo. INCOME. 355 i»« or 32H2'.D WILMINGTON ear. $16.500. Make oiler, Grind. TE S-192B. Out.of Town Prop. 143 N tKaullfu* Cherrv VaMev, older 3-Bdrm. home, ou HxHtdlnoi, corral!, shade i frull trtea. Business frontac* en 2 acres of choke orooerlv. Asklno S25.000. 3SS51 Cherrv Valley Blvd. (betiv RIVERSIDE PAIM S P R I K G S ] 1 60 Acres Kingston Calif. agricultural land. Must sell Im- med. 521,000.,- V/ater 15'. Road frontase. TE 2-1293. LOTS--Lake I'abelle. waler, ICE -fm. hom« +· 3-rm. aol. n ANTELOPE VALLEY ACRES-Ltvel. !»«. F.P. $10) dl. iW mo. Owner. 423-7133. APPLE VALLEY II suniw Apnk Vllcv. Ho smog. Go!d Medal h on hoir.e. Lge co^. view. Excellenl Bargains. Sell or Irade. O«ner. Call m-VUt. BIG BF.AR BIG BEAR city-- Sell or Irade larce level lol. Call Mr. Chandler only. WHJTTIER Whit Her quad May Co. bu:rs K. marts. V/ai| ffrvce, R*al nice. 1I?.S«. I3"l a j«"e/ Dr.. V/hll. YUCAIPA tLLNESS FORCTs~SALE~of"weir- eilabliJhed Grocery Store wirh OFF- sale Beer V/Inc llcens* Iocs ec on a txjiy ttreet w/attrac. ap). al- lAdied A 1'/* ac.r*s of lantf. A buy ·t U5,COO -f invcfit. *t coil. CORNER VIEW LOT. 110 It. x 1M H. wlcn 3 lirce Deodar Trees, 1 /i share water stack Intruded t, meter Fs tn. ·MSOO. IRENE CRAWFORD, Rltr 34395 Yuca'M Blvd. ti-HJ 797-W21 Ouf-of-Srate Prop. M4 3-BR. + den. Let. kilch. Utll. rm. H» BlurnlrHjm skl-'rg JCD. bulld- ina for shoo or rcc. rm. For sale by owner. Bremerton, WiiM/iaton. NE 5-3KW. RESIDENTIAL loll In H.vwail. *?]». Ranches ar Acreage 146 CHINO RANCHES TA acres wJ1h remodeled 2 i ory horn*. £26,950. Term*. J .* acre In cow country. Good homf. ^?^,TOO. STAWPFL REALTY 3917 REwersIde Dr., Chi no NAtlonal 1-1761 5 ACRES + 3 BR. HOME ? BATHS a, FIREPLACE HORSES OK. 4 ACRES FENCED. 4224412 Bkr, Eves HA 8-4711 YUCCA Valley: Clean air. Easy iv- tny. Build your weekend or retirement home In Ihls defiohKu ipol. 5 acres only 13,500 or trade. FKE acreaqt tjrochurt crt San Ditoo County. Gwdon Real Es* late. H.vy. 395 76. Pala. » ACRES. Ctvfno Valley. Ramona Dear Evcdivotus. 474-JHi Mountain and Desert HE tFOX SALE) BIG BEAR BEAUTIFUL LOTS, 3995 UP "HdrKjymaa'i Special" Cabin SJW5 "Fixer Uwer" Cablfl S2995 A CUTIE CABIN »,»5 V'4 acres 51,750; 41 acres «9,95C Lfauor Slwe J35.000 + inv/en ory Vfili mall cabin list K, map. Box 275 Big Bear Lave CAROLYN COOKE 7I3] MU 1*3743; (714) UN 6-34£4 landi. 3995 F.P. UMIs. 43J-7AJ9 LISTINGS v»An!cd. Beach, ml., des ert A acresu-, Trlsa GA 7-S5 5 ACRES cabin. mF. N.V/ Monev to Loan 151 ION REAL ESTATE! i Private Money LOANS . Homes. Lots, Apartment MONTHLY PAYMENT LOW AS 11000 . . ..1U.SO ^^5co . . 131.50 SJSW M3.00 J50CO (il.50 INTEREST LOW AS IK 0.1 2IID LOAMS Why Pay More Hanbery's 3:00 E. BROADWAY GE 4-34 NEED MONEY? BORROV; ON YOUR HOME CojMidentral 4^iav icrvTcc. We also buy 2nd Trust Oeec RICHARDS BEALTY HA 5-11 WO T.D. MOHEY, «% INTEREST . LOW FEE. CALL SFMGER, H . fr«t» ANYTIME. 1 DAY SERV 1HO TRUST DEED MOHEY. A LOW AS 1% INTEREST! QUIC | SERVICE! RAPHAEL HA 144 Trust Deeds 15 $300,000 PRIVATE MONEY TO BUY 1ST-- ?HO l 1ANS TOP DOLLAR NO -.AITIN Hanbery s . 1 3X4 f. BROADV/AY GE t-U \ Top orlce. No delay. NE 2-M Jl»4«. 1ST T.D., 7.2%, WIN p I DO) nil. GE4-WI. , I CASK F'OR YOUR T D. 1ST. m rusf Deeds 152 10% INTEREST. S5WO. 2nd TD pays (4?.75 «}o. Too eaully, - Too cretiil. Bkr. HO ID'S. LOT. ai J30W. IT. In- l«r«sl. 3 yr. dm ale. u« to SOS tfK. Ajk (or Rois. ME ««0. ·UNDS ON MANO for 1st . JlK( T0. Pits" Cl* «S-T«I. Polity Wanted 153 EEO ttOX on home. GotKl lecurlly. 7S HUH. SJ1-M7O BA *M79. 3il end Mining 155 MAEOIATE cash eald lor -011 rovallles. CiU C. C. Albright. GA 4-7X00. f to * p.m. loots and Outboard* liO SPORTLINE BOATS Buv r\3v/-- Factory direct in soullv wn CalllOfnla; iho dealer for Evruude boats motors all Doaular stern driven. Save. SPORTSTER WFG. ME 3-3»l UMI S. Oowtxv, Parnrpeunt Sfan Miller Sailboat SaboK-LWo Us-- T«rlan ??s Cal T,. 35. » 30 Sun fish Boston WAalcr, Ev in rude molon 245 Marina Dr. GE ^7454 NEW OWNERS ' CATALINA 5PORTJKG GOODS · *»0 Lcng a Bea3r a Bi r Y a d/G""14 0x50 CRESTLINE. Dcluxt, util. cab!nel, skirl's, awrvl^g, cooler, larKticap;d. BcautHul Vllta Pk. 4X75 AM Mile, L.B. Space 35?, Hula Or. 423-7M3. maj-Tne V-B «naW. .$4,700. In process of recarKlllloolng. Cm b* BOAT motor 4' BurctKraFI wilh E oln trlr. '5« Merc. 55 ho-motor, windshield, lib: ra] ass bottom. S' DORSET SU Beat. W H.P. John- ion elet. w/Ccnllnfntal trailer S. exlrai. Too shaut, 49». ?^3 Santa Ana GE 4-4577 DRAFTED 5-FT. SKI Boat. 45 hJO. Mifc., Inrnac. 5S75. 4tt-$117 TRUCK w/Boar"'«~~Ford~~RanWN o-jckft sts., aulom., b'.y «no. ^' Glasspar, 75 Horse Johnson oul- brd. + (rlr. S4SOO. · l?7-5973 l«f. 4:30 K.P. Johnion. Lot. whe1 trailer. Full covers. SS radio «xlra. '5S OWENS 32' Inboard Cabin Crul- ier. Contolcte . w/trlrl., .14' wHh J5 hp Evlnrude, compltlt wJ1rt J FT. Power cap Catamaran. 43 HP Evlrrwle, All elect., nol over 25 hrs. en molor. AO'cond M9S. HE 7-7754 of HE 5-5S07. SACRTFICH 3V Hunter Cabin rrnl'er in slalt of reoalr. 90 h.o. Gr«y marfne BM., ex-cst. ouard 1 . CLOSING oul all 1965 T*iund«rblrd, Johnson^ M.F.G., Ctssslc Sport- line boats Harbor Marine Sales, 5098 L.B. Blvd.. L.B. GA 2-03M 16' GLASS covered Crulzon Had. AM eke. 15 H. EvUu-udc C. G. ao- orovett. Excel, llshlnp i D'esi'xe. 18 FT. Miller Inboard, 394 OWj, all chrcme, tyck roll uohoKt/, 4 wheel tralfer. GA4-S11I Quitr-N-Easy Loaders K[f\fl.0-Sucwts. 37C8 E. 1C:h. L.8. F1v Bridge, elc. Trade 5«00 equity for D rope My, cash or ? 8S1-64IS INBOARD SK, almost new, all filais, cuslom Fratkr. See at Slearni Lo^ Covtei DlaflOAal. ^3^4^12 tralkr. X(nt cor.d. Worth illOO. Muit sell . . . $1Xfl. Ph. (W-3J73 2 1 WIZARD-- Freshly oalnted. B ho molor, UXe ne-^. Loti ol exlras. ]S FT. Cabin Crulstr, Cftrii-Cratt engine. 1750. . 6M-1703 14-FT. BOAT w/50 ho trailer. 17 Fr. alvmlwn canoe w/salU extras, JI75. GE 9-5304 *ft. 5. CORSAIR, dttua melal flake. .75 Jptinson, like M«/. · 5S7-4772 CASH far vour Scat. Slone'i Boats, -m So. Harbor, S.A. [7U)$3?-2«v 17' CABIN Crul«r. 50 H.P. Jolv-wn + trailer extras. (7141 IW-7355 CASH for vo-jf Boat. Stone's Bats*11 S. Harbor. S.A. (714) 835-795J SEA SPRAY 11" fiber glass sloop. Ml PERFORM H. Jormson L Trailer Ccrr.olere. 111*5, 43?-0?». Dlr. Wanted (cr CASH. 4W-OJ29. Dlr. SABOT-- Stan fAIIIer racing model. OPEN SEA BOAT-lBx7 with trailer Can «2-9367 B~UY 1/5 Interest \n fuxurv- boat. «« dcwn. 14» mo. call 4M-054S SPORTLINE 15 It. XO H.P. Johnson elec. A trlr. Immac. NE 2-3771 MOYORS 1 ^ CYL., 35 lip cai ensioe 2, 1 fi cyl.. H5 ha Nordber? gas en- fffne. Call GA 7-5319 or GE 4-J373 Z CHRIS-CRAFT Marine engines, model M.L.R.O. Exctl. condition. GE t-Vi4Z cr ' TE 5-3551 ISO H.P. V-S Chrviler mwln* tn. '51 OLDS, xlnt cond. Nixon eou:D., ready Jo install. S550 UO-11M SAIL BOATS '62 PEARSON rU?, 32 It. 4" Electra clasi. Rberotats ilooo. Good I^EV/ -- SAILBOAT HARDWARE STAM MILLER SAILBOATS 909A Electric. Seal Beach OO-ilU 57-B. 7lh SN Landing. Musi »ll. 12 FT. Firclly, imported EnoH^h, WaJwa. Sail boat, rike new, trail- tr, 1575. 5347 Rocene St. HA 1-SOiS 15' GLASS bast 4 trailer, 49 h.o. //· re, molor, starter X con Ire Is, 1250. 760 Gladys Alamiioi Silo. 17700. « DA 3-1331 Mobile Homes 164 (2) OCEANSIDERS. ·20^45, price rediK«d to sell! 1 br., 2 bd. Bank term(. V/lll trade.. BONDED. 12152 Harbor, Garden BEAUTIFUL EXCLUSIVE CAMBRIDGE * How at Bonded. 1245 Rosecrani av, at 5rWia Anna Frv/v.. In NorwalK. 2 txfrm., 2 balh, w-w carp. Furnished. Porch, awning, iJdrtfr.ff, carcort. Taie over 0avrnfs. only. ONE ONLY He-H 6\f. \1 wide. furn. II3lt d". U9 mo. Wil[ rrade. RAY'S. «SI Lono Htuclt Bl., L.B. RESPONSIBLE Coftioetanl oartY would ll« lo rent DODGE MOTOR Home. Will orovlfe own Insurance. Reference). 43I-447B. L.B. ·45 CHALET 10x54 Flv. rm. ExOando. 2 bdrmi., Iwnirifli, small eoulT/ Z. lake over pvmtj. fU-tSX afler 20x57-- 2-aDRM.,' 2 bath, fully c»rp. triruoijt, drapes. Beaut. lar.dCApEd. Carport, awr^noi, uatio. ]10,250. Call (34-4415 alter i Dm. bam. U». Sell or r:de. Cuh + smaller trailer. 323-IUO or UNIVERSAL I3*SQ 2-br., new CJ)r- oeli. Tit* furnilurt. 53W5 -terms. Trade! BONDED. I2M5 RoseCrani, Norwalk, (a! sinta Atia Fretwav) IDEAL 25'. TtaOem whtcli. Lilt re« ini r oe and out. Only 12295. Gso. W. Fry, 2117 Pic. CJt. Hwy., Lomila. DA5-H6I SOKlO. 2-BDRM Clean. Hew carixt. Awrwrfl. S73.64 mo. with normal do»n pvmt. Geo. 11. Fry, 3U2 Pac. Cil. Hwy., Lomlla. TE ?-65 NATIONAL SJxf!. Large Hx» i». tended living room ( alum, awning. Beau, adutt Dirk. U7-4SU ·41 CUSTOM SO«10 Igrii.. crBts., COTTAGE. 2S'*r wide Iraikr w/«n- closed patio. Clean, good cond. 1 Marina Dr., Seal Bch. 430-445* BJDGER EXPAHDO HOMES 17M4 LAXEWOOD, BELLFLOWEK 5J.IO W/LIVIHG rm. exfenifen, lurn. 11330 dn.. !4 mo. Wlil Irade. RAY'S 4747 Long B-ach Bl.. L.B. A 20X*0 2 BORfA. Adull oark Many 1 xtras. 14444 BoISI Clllcl, - 11 Hunrinolcn Be^ch (714) 4r-9M2 ·57 HASHiJ* ln3S., Immac., bunk beds, new retrlg. SU?5-- lermi. orr. NE 2-7515 I 'M COLUMBIA, 10 x J2, 2 or. e* 54"457. i1if Dlrk ' i3s *"- ' 1- 5 S3l-745" ^ LO-LIKER, '44, Mkt new, sleeot 4. *i '41 SAHARA 10x58 1 BR.. BEST ° OFFER. 433-734! t '57 TRAILETTE. lx3S. 2 br.. takg - over sma'l bal. 44-1344 J2- MAT'L, lit »l« takes. Otr. 1542$ Atlantic, Compton. ·it NORSEMAN Mobile Home 1x15. Excel, cond. Adull Park. NE I5KS ANGELES 'ii. 1x40, comol. set uo. JO/xSO 1 DELUXE Sudger-- 2-Bdr., li balh, all xlrai, like new. OS-tow \1 cond. Excel, roc. S34CO. 4»3141. 1- SPARTAN 1x45'. Call liter 5 P.m. it for AODt. 435-9138 iy JS'xlC'-- J-8DRM. -»i pnorlm. CHI GA 3-5310. · I 3RD. NO COSTS. OA 4-17U i»». HE^-WlVn 'io "»V -·;·-"

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