Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 22
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Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 OFFICE JOBS Temp. Perm. No Fee to Applicant Ernperionco Required PERM FILE TYPIST N L.B., adding machine 57? PERM. BILLER N L.B. comp., add machine .iW PERM. PROD. CLERK L B calc. add mach. oood wit I'.m-n ... to SOT WESTERN GIRL of Los Angeles Agency 110 W. Occ«rt Blvd. Rm. 1 EXECUTIVE : SECRETARY Wort near your home for Na Konal Company offering Top Salary and Excellent Worliinc Conditions. Under 35, 3200 E. 59TH ST. ME 4-H24 Telephone Solicitors 20 TO 35 YEARS OF AGE PART TIME, OUR OFFICE NO SELLING Malco Appointments Only TOP SALARY, PLUS COMMIS SION. CALL MRS. WHITE AFTFR 4 P.M. nt GE -0981 lor Inlcrvlcw. Sales -- Decorator FURNITURE CARPET EXPERIENCE NECESSARY BARKER' V BROS. Hours 9:30 to 1? noon. Mondav thru Frldav CASHIER ·»· YOUNG LADY Career Minded position. SEE MISS SMITH BOBBY'S SPORTSWEAR I3i PINE AVE. SURVEY 'WORK PART TIME NO SELLING! Ase to 65. Make appointments bv phone In your home, or our olllrr Comnlftf? Instructions. Hrlv. 1? Pine. Hcartwcll Bidn., Rm. 9(17 CLERK-TYPIST Alnrt. 50 w.p.m.. some dictaphone. Benefits. 5 day-- 37 1 /; hr. wl. TRAVELERS JUS. CO. RM 10 M ' SS MC 't"lO\V. OCEAN F-1-S-C-H-E"R EMPLOYAUHNT AGENCY SECTY, CHEMICAL 535 STENO, MEET PUB. Pedro, $300 LT. BOOKKFFPF.R. DNTN. S22S HOUSEKEEPER, LIVE IN .. 1150 715 Pino Room 603 HE 2-5977 Emmons Jcwclrv needs vou. Fu 1 pr n.irt fln-c. No [Mlvtrnc 1 ; nr L*n no* n'ccci^rv. \vc tra':n vou In e.irn ( T. vc;r leiirn. Cflr r^scr- fial For inlervirw nnpt cnll JL 7-F?H or fltfer 5 LE 9 BIOS OPERATORS W/inlrrt, nrcr.itori m Bclicr dTMev MUST lif experienced Free coffer. ir.insDor I.1 lion can be arr,inned. Good piv, -.tcadv cmplovmrnl. 11594 Atlantic, Lvnwoori Req. Nurses 3-'l1-- Full Time Msdlcrtl-Surnicat Woodruff Communliy Hospital 3POO Woodruff HA 1-SM1 BOOKKEEPER ,F/C 3 nlrl office, wholesale lobbcr In Bfill: best lob listed anywhere-- abojl *dOQ; Employer Pays Fee. Bend ici nl tlmDloymcnl Anrncv 19 Pine Avc. ROOM ?m FULLERTON!!! tvpi*f -it S'81 rno. .ind 1 strnov scctv lo 5350 mo. thp LESLIE Kmolovmcnl Airnrv 37.30 P.. Rro.idwnv GL J 0931 " "" " BOWER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY IvniMs-- F-'c bkpr?..-- mod. scclv- tien office t- delivery driver. 370 PINE AVE. HE 677.U ' REAL~"lfstAT'E SALESWOMAN for 14 vr. established olllce, experience preferred, huf will sncn- snr nu.illlicd ncnon for license. A'.k for Mr. Hnuipr. MAUSER REALTY ·7-.J7 Artcsifl Blvd. TO 6-1791 ""WORK 2l/- HOURS A M . V.'i hrs. P.M. XLNT earn- IMJ opportunity. Avon Mgr. will flt vour home. No nli:n,jtlir Get information torlw. GA 70017 ATTENTION HOUSEWIVES New Id'pft-- st.iM ihe new ve,ir olf rn'it. Eves. 8-11 D m. Aver. $45 or mere dally, c/ir nh. essential. WAITRESS. Many |ol)S, and np.irby towns Ton Pnv f - R Y COOKS SAO to $75 wX. No deposits. Fee, 15% of Ut Mo. GVVINN'S Employment Anencv 316 Elm, Lono Beach HE 7-5835 BEAUTY OPERATOR Experienced, 5 days wk. Guarantee -t- commission THARLES BEAUTY SALON 5255 E. 2nd St. GH 3-«W WOMEN-- ALL AGES Needed for Preferred Job"; GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSES Brirf Training Qualifies You Career Training InsfUntc 21F E. lit Cl. 72 HE S-OIM CASHIER. Gen". offlcr,~5 dv." S3/5 no 5ETTY.. sicnoo., 5 davs .. .. MM RECEPT. Dr.'s Office ... S33S Personnel Fmnloymrrt AaenclCS OLDt-'ST IN T O W N 4302 E. 2nd *, 414 Kress Dldti. GIRLS Ho exrer. nccc«ary. Part time work. 20 hrs. week. 5100 wcrk rrmihie. Anpiy 9-12, 1-1 deity. 1000 E Aflesifl, L.B. ~RNs-- Calif. El'iqible All shifU. Part nr full lime. PARK HOSPITAL 4201 E. 10!h GE 9-7109 AIRI.INF! STLWAROI-.S5. InterestTM around lobs. Train now In L.R. fo r pobilloni vj'Hi lcirJ'no sun- n'ement/irv n'riinf. thruouf U.S. f. overseas. HL- A «H. Cl. 73. FULL Char be l-UkpoV.' fnr* working counle with hahv. Older rhllrirrn. Live in. 5'.'? dQVS. W wk. Reft, red- NE 1-1 1A1 hr'wreri 9 A 5 inri trrid'cs. See School Ad Under 5525 AJ'riritlr GA 9-12T? TfOBBY-l'lME "p"A~R"TY""dcmnns t r,i J iors. Unlim'lcJ earnings. Flenib^e '· hrs. No drllverv or rollert'no- HA V-5774 or HA 9.6133 EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER who can Also nrcRflre Income Tax returns. "Icmrorflry work. Mrs. Klnn, GA ^-5832. 'iVi6 to Irflin for P'.ir.' Kursmn. Nurj,ci Placement, C- 2? GA 70103 rADirs. PA'RT ViMtT SFCURIMG OPDFRS No C»n. n?r.^%ftrv. C.i'l a'-f- ^ n TM CA ??i 7 ' ' L;-". ".:; r.r r,ul Ar-r 1 / ' j S'.'. r e v;nv.r» rxnei . (,-" -· P-T ti.indh-n-. Costune irw.-'-/ I.AfJE'S ??.! I'lf.'H A V f A'-.TC VrnnfwIMra'n vn n IRV. Keypunch. ?t«, f. 711. HE 2071S I rrtj nlaccmcnt. Sec ail Cl. "2 P R F S S E R S " -- ~*.ra"t II.T s "--"Mark r r s -- Toun'ers Fn. Ha'hor Cleanr-i ""' FRY'COOK RAY'S RANG!:, 1190 Fi. CARSON L A O Y (or ch'id c.irc. 5 d.iv weeV, .'.'.^n. fhru Fri. GE 30318 r " - ' - : T ; C A L t;;jF7!,L Juki-,. Live in. Sim w.Ili fr.?oficm. GF fi 5395 R /. k 1 '.* f. i O w/inicd. nndrr PO Apoly IrtlC, 1 ? I k ,-.·;! Rlvd , flr'IIV.wrr. C O C K T A I L V.'AITRESS v,-..rr.',. rttlr.viive 1J9 E Orran H-' H|»r*^' R anrl f / A ' i - r i . D , ' T «:i i :io CL 4 ^ 1 ^ rr ·! ";,- r'-,- NF ! 7.j)? ' JHiP ' [M-'F ':· ri'-c-.-i'A, r.rf" 1 ". "NU'R^J vi.v.N "^"',T'-' v- "v^v-../ fllso P '. n-,vn i. GA 4 ;:·.'/? CHRIST AN v/.--iai~o"v~er'"0, hskpr" _l-v* In HA ·, SB;,«! ^^l^J'JJ^.^^E^^ c.d for wo. .-,o nv':M'. G£ "i'. 1 . ^ Help Wqnttd (Worn.) 24 Electronic Assemblers s i · Developmental · Experimenta · Prototype of fabrication and 'or assemb v o complex electronic products. Mui br cnnable of worklno from fn oineerlno prints !n wlrlno fron schematic dlngrarns. Must have Jhoro knowledoe of elec ron'C comoonents, symbols and colo code. Rvai Is locfl'cd rtwav from mn o trail ic congestion, only 2 mile from Iho Pacific Coast, vet si ten Minn 35 minutei from down town Los Angeles end surrounrjino areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Between Crcnshaw Hawthorne Bl. TORRANCE DAvonport 6-9523 Placement Interviewer Will train competent, stable woman tor personnel counse or. Should have pleasing personal ty sonnel or employment ascncy. Call Mr Bane. CALbWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY. 19 Pine. HE 2-8481. GOOD HUMOR NOW HIRING WOMEN TOD Mies Koules~R Hr. Dav 1601 W. 15th St., L B. Help Wanted (Men) 26 ELECTRONICS HUGHES Research Development in FULLERTON h^s Immedinlc ocrn'no5 'or ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS with 2 years' minimum cxpe- ricncfl in one of thn following areas: · Digital Computers and Transistorized Circuitry · Magnetic Core or Drum Memory Tor full information and tc | arrange an interview ap- ; pointment, pleaso call: MR. C. L. FIELD MAdison 9 - 5 4 1 1 or LAwronca 2 - 3 3 1 1 E»l. 1135 HUGHES Fullerton Employment 3801 W. Artesia Ave. Fullerton Sales Opportunity FOR Men AND Women FULL OR PART TIME Retire Young Learn now -- How to earn big money selling Real Estate FREE R. E. COURSES NOW FORMING For Information Call GA 6-398 FREE REAL ESTATE 1 SCHOOL Part or Full Time Wo will (tain you p aco you In ia!cs position lo earn $20,000 YR. UP 0 tr proven results will he p yo i ^el si rir tod immodia o y. , F-ir-d nut HOW MUCH you CAN c A R N prirt time or full li.-no in Real Eslalo. Jr.iri the MObT Sur/.csilul Olc. i LitcnscU Salespeople S, Droxcrs WELCOME CALL HE 5-8383 ATTENTION V,T ore lookino for ft mnn, noe 30 *\ with cxeculive snlos rt^ ity, periemc; with piCti'iinri porsonAh'v, who r% ncfulomcrt lo jtctivc con- tnct wilh trie nuDl'f.. Co'nnrehfn- S we 3-ve.-«r trnining proorflm. fc , f Client t^r rfitenf.,il All re- 1 e% Cfindd For arr! , f,i|| MR. ROGERS HE 5-S8S2 MUTUAL OF MEW YORK 1 Nf.LD fl yo;,".? n ,V.M r M;I In he D me rn my h..--.-,r-.-,. F g | or onr! time. C.t; Tfmi. RUG C.;.CANER Evp. " R nit ng "«nrj Box A-5956,' Ind'.," F'rc-A "]«i. " Sr'RvTcK"A Shop"~mfl.nrar'Dir»W"e _ rcnn-r, r,'\ mnVps //r 43713 tucaiyptus, B e u f o w e r . " YOUNG WAN, HARD WORK t.QGD PAY GA j OW Help Wanted (Men) 26 ENGINEERS Explore the advantages of working at AEROJET DOWNEY Immediate openings for SENIOR FLIGHT CONTROL ENGINEER B.S.E.E. with 5 to 10 years CKporisnce in specified! on and design analysis of automatic flight control and guidance systems. ELECTRONIC ENGINEER INERTIAL SYSTEMS B.S.E.E. or Phyiics 3 years experience in iho development and analysis of inertia 1 components and systems. Specie emphasis in the analyst of «rvo system* and digita logic networks. ELECTRONIC ENGINEER RADIO RADAR NAVIGATION SYSTEMS B.S.E.E. or equivalent with 3 years experience in the development and operatlonfl maintenance of Radio i' Rfl- drtr navigational aids such rti Lorrin, Cytac. Dacca, M - crolock and Tacan, ELECTRONIC ENGINEER TEST EQUIPMENT B.S.E.E. with 6 years experience in electronic development and fost equipment development. Must hava ability to formulate concept implement design, direct construe- lion .ind ovaluftto performance of special purpose fost equipment for auto ma c flight control and guidance equipment, radar, camera systomi, infra - r o d systems and other comp IP* equipment. Call or Apply TO 1-97 II SP 3-0130 Aerojet-General Corporation 1 1711 Woodruff Ave. DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA A Subsidiary of the General Tiro Rubber Co. OPPORTUNITY We need 3 men for Long Beach Area lo demonstrate and sell THE FOR- HFY COMBINATION RHPAIR EQUIPMENT and also deliver supplies. Good transportation rcaulrcd. Experience with farmers and farm rcnair helpful. Our men are maklnn 5157.50 and : UP per week. No Investment, Imlted tmvei. SEE DENNIS SPIRY 9 A m. tn 1? Noon. Ffh. ? : Al FANTASY MOTCL. APT it 17.M Hirbor Anaheim · MONTHLY DEBIT INSURANCE SALESMEN We arc olcascd to sav none o( our FIRST Y E A R men corned less thiin 57000 losl year. Unusufi' cmplovcc's con* -net plus good earnings puls oood eiirnlnon 'n vour pockel quickly. S8COO-S50CO end of ? vesrs. We nnv a aunr,in- fed salnry that Is supstantial A a hernl cnmmissinn (or the idles · vou m^kc. in addition vou v/ni lil\c vour monlMv bnnus. Scm . brief resume' fo Ancncv Manager, t.-o Box No. A-5955, Ind., P-T. SALESMEN j f-recrer, nulo. insurance, books, vacuum or whatever vour linr ! nirtv be-- H vou are h.ioov or unhnopv or net makinn the monev vou were making-- Then-- 1 sm cprelv believe-- 1 have somellimo lo o f f e r vou in the line of ranci'bie Mdic., with fln ever increasing nirirkct every vt'flr. Gentlemen th s K wnrtn i\\ IrnM fl niinn* 1 coll. Dislnct Factory RCD. Phone only 10 lo 2 D.m. MR. RODGERS, HE 4-7965 SALESMEN AND SALES T R A I N E E S Oil'o Inr 's new prndurK hwr S'lOMJicn. 2130." co:ion(? Ore-l'enl fului e for men deiirnnj r^jnagc- menl position-;. GA 7-7-196 IF vou know H Venice*, tins Is for vnij. Nov/ niachln" selling to t m i t i crs, rflntlicrr,, ontrv call 1C TTien. Francniio tc'rllory all over CalrF. f. Ar\i. Gnod romrn. WiKrrd Co. 7781 Westm-r^tc' 1 Ave., VVuilinmiler. TW 3-3959. 10-i TV TECHNICIAN Must be oooo Tian-- for Inside R outsirte work. Comoanv eslab. IS yrs For apat. HE 6-3213. WANTTD vouro flooro^iive man for sales of General T i r e s bv nren's oldest diilrihuioi . Salary, comm. bonus. Contau Leo at Hi" A-WS1. MEN to service cstflbiishcrj"\v,i:l(iris RK r;-j CM ne; f\v/ Mnr', .n- med S?AJ net hr '05 3 E W.irrlrv.- Pti. A .'/.'·. in!-/ [.Ll'CTRICIAfJS "nre^cntlv rnoanrrl wo-k with rvliihlMio-'i (onlr.vtiin service. Wr.Ip Rn A 199 Ind. P.-T. POS TIONS crrn for m.iie nurse'." Must have knowledge ol rtnun. f. other ru'Mnn roiit-nrs. Ca!' " Mr Rehmfln, TE 5 6ftll, 10 n. m. 4 p m. "A"MAN'S~AMBiTIOrr Myit be small n no noens A JOB A does not cnll FT 4-W74 TV REPAIR T R A i N F E S or fl ^hnr) count. Sec School Ad Under C fm 77 5WS All.nlic GA 7 1339 . UPHOLSTERER Kr.ox R:chnrdirin HE 5 fWl ! BE'A PEACE OFFICER"; _ See r'*-.'. 79, this rnrcr. YO'.-'NG rnr.n. e^rer. sifnao'iiohTr". : Good Ivniit with nrrcral olc. c*- prr. Call iwnrr. Tf A AISO M A R R I E D men, -Vac '{·*», .,i.~AHl n*ioie, Cfln earn il!S wrckiy Fuier Rn^h C.n GA 7 CC3? SAl.ES'V.nN-- Call on" buttress. Eflw ' tn ^ell. No CAmnc'ition. .V)'-. · romm. 1119 Pacific Avc. A c a r t lime. Q!oomf;c!G (m- per A) Hwv., Norwaik. //EN-- Have voir'thouqbt cf fin AIR- '· L HE C A R r P R ? See our Bd under __Ci«ss 5?, Education- lnMruct ; nn. Fr.ncne'nce'd sTa)lon~AlTend8Ms i 1 P.vt I full i ; mp Niflht^ t T e x a c o SMtoi JOi W. Ocean ' Help Wonted (Men) 26 ENGINEERS Explore Ihe Advantages of Working in the AVIQNICS !. DIVISION OF AEROJET AZUSA Current Openings Include , SENIOR MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER B.S.M.E. or M.S.M.E-- Must be familiar with airborne olocfro - mechanical - optlca inslrumonii or othor miniaturized olocfro - mechanic* equipment! and capable of original d e s i g n concept! based on analysis Must be capable of assuming full mechanical engineering responsibility including coordination of optical, servo a n d f ioctronic activities. Technical supotvmon of supporting personnel also required. 1 Salary commenjurata with experience. CALL R. C. SMITH R. M. CRAMER ED 4 - 6 2 1 1 1 CU 3-61 1 1 AEROJET-GENERAL Corporation AZUSA, CALIFORNIA A Subsidiary of Ihe General Tire Rubber Co. PART TIME If you had in Ihe past a desire to learn se'eswork... Here is your chance! ·fr We train at our expense 7J:;Age 21-45 ·v'; Have a Car »V' Evenings For Appoinlmnnf Call Mr. Ray between 5-7 WA 5-14 14 SALESMEN COME IH AT 1 1 A.M. SHARP-- MONDAY SEE OUR PRODUCT AND SALES PROGRAM SPEND THE DAY WITH US i TUESDAY YOU'LL START EARNING $200 PER WK. MORE 6954 LONG BEACH BL., L.B. SALESMEN AGh i9 TO 35 1 am lookmn for . men v.'ho *re ambits-is, neat, aoarcisive have a desire to earn. $1000 MO. 1-REST COMM. Finn T. L. A. Co. \ 2-- FINEST DEMO Procram s-- PAID VACATIONS 4-GROUP INSURANCE No Phane Calls P'raic. SfJC BOB HAXON Sale* Manager BILL BARNETT, CHEVROLET 14JO E . Complon Blvd., Comnton SALESMEN 7 MEN EARNED $2,300 LAST WEEK : National Firm wilh World Wide · RerKesen'at'OFi needs 4 additional counts A unlimited qualified leads ar no roit !o Snlrsmen. Area ot Long Bcarh, South Los Anoelcs ncccsbtirv. For Interview SEE MR. COBURN 1..10 P M Sh.vo Wfd - Thi'i - Frl i 1?IOS L. l-ireslonc Blvd, Rm. 5 ' Horwdlk YOUNG MEN" Collcoc students, cx-iorvicenicn-- or i' vou rirc under 70 v-. of wif F. wntilcl li!r - fnip nnnnrlunitv m tnc ndvert'Sinn ptomot'O' field-v;e need srvprnl yoiifin mpn lo sliirt immcd'ntelv. YO-J !vj'j he very well dressed R Or .ili'c tn ' meet the public. For interview ' (.all Mr. Tnomnson, HF- 70MS. i Men. thru Fri only. SIM wk. tor Ihose who Qualify, "FURNITURE "SALESMAN ', (Exclusive early American furniture. Good wiicie i (.omniKsion. Fxcollont w o r k i n n condition-,. Closed Sundays Must have turm- ^urc cxocnence. : BETSY ROSS MAPLE- M10P ; _Tli2 L'. Ftic. Csl. Hwv. MC 5-1709 . \'Shoo Sfllosm^n Also Mgr. Tcri ii' ' r-- 1 - P 'A '-. r--i ml/ Shoe Kitm. l?0?? HroftknurM. j CvrlP'i C.rnvf 1 ( di'ih 9 ?"i(H Alsn . Oociro S!':-f Dm! . 7/Cr, t :-uo: B'vri , A'lrihcmi. CRo^nei't ? riflftO (open I?1 ?). CHEMICAL ENGINEER D S. dearer (inexperienced, hul crtcm maifir to VI50) c*n. to S700 LOUISE KRUFGER L-mnlnvmcnt Aocnrv ?IS Lonn Bc^ch Blvd. Ml-" 3-'Vfl 54/fl Allflnllc Avc. GA 3 fi4.ll Help Wanted (M«n) 24 ELECTRONICS PRODUCTION FOREMEN (Day Swing) P5I i well -known name in )ht electronics Industry for nd- v/inccd deilgn and reliability in semiconductor oroductii * curreuMv doubllnp the sire of IK producllon fnclllty «nd l,i* excellent opportunity 1 * lor nu«l Hied foremen to he- coitic a unrl o this o rowing and dynamic organization. lor (he direction and adm'n- Ijtration of personnel In sped* tied arc/is of semiconductor fabrication, assembly, Icsl nnd 5 valuation, (n nddltlon lo Iho rive and 'nlllfitivo required In ii chnllenolno 1x15! t Ion, thp successful candidates mu^l hive experience In *n Indus- trv where process and nrocc^s cnnlrot Is '.r|l cfll Dim a bnckoround In onr or more of tnc followlno fields: ft CHEMICAL PROCESS ft PRECISION ASSEMBLY f PLATING ft ELECTRICAL TEST AND EVALUATION Experience supcrvisino women most helnful . . . starting Stilary commensurate with Irfllnlng flnd experience lo 5600 per month No Citizenship Requirements PACIFIC Semiconductors A Subsidiary of THOMPSON RAMO WOOLDRIDGE Hi!0 S. AVIATION BLVD. LAWNDALE. CALIF. Near L. A. 'nrcrnatlonal Airport OS 9-4561 Telephone Solicitors ; Top Commission Ddily Advance Steady Work APPLY IN PERSON 302 E.ANAHEIM, RM. 2 Homo Workers With private phones also needed - MEN ft Fnd vour Ich huntinn worr r- to-^vr-r! T«kr ttir TPI A!) -t r-, TcM fit no fo 1 ,' !o vmt wit'ocvfr H '.0:J 03J-, thn lc;.t. TPI v..'l train vo.J fl! hnr-ic Icr tArnir.r.'. ccmpciraB c lo il'.oic e.irncd l)\ l'iwvP r s /'nd ddclors. You wi" be c'isMfn*d fls fl Profrss cnii' Terhnlc^l Writer. Phone tor vour FRE£ Test NOW! Hloh School diploma Is NOT required. HEmlocIt 6-9281 TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS INSTITUTE OF LONG BEACH OCEAN CENTER BUILDING ROOM 312 110 W. OCEAN LONG BLACK 2, CALIFORNIA Opportunity tn p.irn un 1i 55,OCC per nionih seiHnjj innd in CALIFORNIA CITY Amcncti's IrT-gcit real c^'aif rje vc'onmcn! in orownn Antrj'onc Valley. · No real c'.tfltc c^ner-'cnre nrr essarv. We will train you tor liccnic. · We have many leads In Lorn Beach arcd. · \Vork oul ot HoMvwood off tc Jus! nhcne or rsll tn: MIS5 HEFLEM K O T A R S K I S.llCS Str.rc'-iry ·; ; Professional Sales '· ; The caul table Me arsurancc ^o- or wilhoul insurflncc rxoer. 2 nc.v oncnino^ Immed. uo to 5603 n-o to itwrt p'l-'i LOrnrn. CuctmliiLJ train mn toward manrTocment. Call ROBERT A. f-ENBERG C.L.W. HE 3-W95 Loan Mgr. Trainee No experience ncccssnry. L-xccl- lent future for alert, quo! f -u m,in. aae 21-30. ner. (w;th amn!e car flllnwflnce). No sol no. DIAL FINANCE CO. !?? W 5th. Ronm ^Ol."t.nm Rratn TOP PAYING ROUTES NOW OPEN B G N E H T b !. BONUSES AI'I'LY IODAY GOOD HUMOR CO. 1601 IV. I5TH ST., L. B. MEN $150 -"$185 PR.'WK. V.'hilc Irnlnlno Dlus bonus. SIS.OnO 0 S?S OCO pr year. Hflve (S* · 12 noon Not S Sunday. ' ni b MEN ?1 .Jf!. for 1i.:i cmolrvncnt. Good hours. No cxncr. neccss^rv. [JrtMv R, wcp'xlv p^v flhoul SI hr po^Mbte to Anniv Kcnchcc ' BdD- HI Oi.cnn, Rm. 313. /-P (6) YOUNG MEN"' ;.v.i it !»; roil. .vul. ::"(!, f. willsrn lo wjik. Good l.oitrs. Pfrtn. f.'.i flvnllv Aver doc SSO wrrk. r;n evnoricncc needed Acniv 6-7 p.m. o-i v .1! 2?72 Long Beich B'vd ~" ' "~MLN-'ALL A G E S " Earn Sft hr.-- B- in Bit (or sr f. A'.oore Srhl. J4S fc. /!h. HE 2-Ov4i F : roo placement See nd Cl. 2?. MILITARY P.vl.timc. Ton D.W. Must be anih.tinuv Anoly rv'.on. ft Tuci , .V 30 3: JO _5JJ4 L.D. Blvd. W LL, Irflin 1 men to ninke hp!lcr Iliiin living, wholes,! c fon't. Kmn's \vtiolrs.ile F'ood'-. 1190? L". F.'rcslonr Rlvr) , Nnrwi'k .i f rR'lC~IAN*" T O ~ " l A k [ L-J,-' ni"(1 i i.i!r.irt,ri hiAnio 1 .'.. An l · · in..'t;'v ',S f.'.fl 111: . i .1 VJr-'.f Rn/ R H91S. inrlrn . f T /.'./iF-'Pil H. T'i -1?, f.'.i:! SL"i \-r.f^ Mo rinrr r-rf Ful'rr n-n-.l- P,T| tunr. jc,0 vjcck. Mr, 1 r.-.nio. FR A O J 1 I . "INCOME TAX CONSULTANT j F*ncnenred. Smo'e. Aar no h,ir- , Oce.mvrJe C.HI ME 7-Ort70. _ , JCNCH outstrip TV A r«dio man. j Must he e»ocr.cni-;oil. DFAN'S, 975 Lnno Bc.irh Blvd. Help Wanted (Men) 26 Help Wanted (Men) 26 DRIVERS Plan for Iho Future Job Security and Good Earnings Paid Vacations and Group Insurance DIAMOND CAB 1444 San Francisco Avenu* : Help Wonted (Mtn) 26 ELECTRONIC TECHS l^ Senior Positions l^ Day or Swing Shift IS Extended Work Wook l^ Finest Benefits TEST TECHNICIAN Experience with olactrlc test cQulDinciit/ trnnsliloriied circuits .ind elettro mechon- Irnl romponenls Must be able to «in»1vie tcs 1 results, Irouhle shoot and recommend correctly 1 action STANDARDS LAB. TECHNICIANS Must be capable of performing precision iieuiirenicnts on ill electron^ test enulD- iiieiit. Knowledge Q'. pflmary and secondnrv stnndfirds essential. Will be responsible for certification, cnlibrMlon And repair of al electronic test equipment. ? year* col- leco or technical schoo 1 ornd- unte plus experif-nre roauired. -ARYAN is located away from major traffic con- jestion, only 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean yet still less than 35 minutes from downtown Los A n g e l e s and surrounding areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Between Crcnshaw 4 Hawthorne Bl. TORRANCE DAvenport 6-9523 Double Your Income In I960 No More Time Clocks WE Will Train You EXPENSES PAID ASK OUR MEN HOW YOU CAN EARN $ 1 5,000 Yr. Up 14 Years in LONG BEACH It ceils nolhinq to call GA 7-098? wk. days MR. HINKLE SELL VALIANT PLYMOUTH f, DT 50TO We need 2 too salesmen. Chrysler experience preferred, hjt not ncces^irv. Locnl, with references. Top mi.ihty deiiler. Sco Herb Bcitiu. BOB McCI.URE F'l'/niouln - DC Soto · VMIlan! Lonn Bc-ich ,inrt I nkrwood SIM A All.iiilic "LOOK-- Salesman Wanted Si?M frnni Lono Dc.lcli's liirfipsl e-,i p.iv plan .irwwhcic. See Lnu JAMESTOWN MFRrrnr^ nrn? DHALCR UiO Lorn Bc.icn Bivd. Mli ? 7915 AUTOMOTIVE MACHINIST Must he A-1 rill (iroimd. 51 ?i ner wrrk. 35?5 Lorn Mc.ich Blvd , L.B. INOEPEINDEf-ir Order cf Forester 1 ;. Dionided lifetime onvtion ?S to 50. Marrirrf t,\ir,\ be hond.ih e. No solicilinc] or iravei. Relirement provlctoa. C.iH tor m'crview: CiT R.I 113 ACCOUNTING OFFICER Civil Service nrr.illon. sMrting S.T ,irv S840 nir mo. Coniplon Un on Hifjh ^chc-nl d.-Jnc!. 411 W. Alnn flrn [Jlvrl , Comnton. " TRUCK" SERVICEMAN MUST BF. ALL AROL'tJD 10 Ion tvnf truck serviceman \\E 0 S515 OR Mt! 399?1 CASHIFiP-- TOV;NE~THt A T H R Mujt lynp tie nrohcipnl w th lin'jrrs E xocr. prcterred. Annly Bntw. 7 fi, 9 - P M . TUPS, fi, VVCD. AtiOKtS-SlVE vounfj men to sell irn- purled (.us. All Co Ijer.rt'ls. Ar- piV in ncnrin to R.iv Rramlctl M A R T I N ' S RENAULT /URL IMF f.TT W A R D S . lntrrc:.tmo orcund lohs. Tr.iln now m L.B. meni.irv .Trlmrs Ihrunii! U.S. A nvrrr,r,is Cl. ?? Hf: A 4263. GOOD DEAL! crr V %or'*l,w!fs rV flf l te' 'j.Jli nn l/?/ Or.inop (Nol roffie) PART'TIME" Tcifi 'j/0 dn ovi-Tima. Milil,irv ' n^r.nnnri only. Annlv 14J2 E. 7!h, 6 B D.m. Wed. ~ · ""IMMEDIATELY"' · T UPC men !o set vice customers on fin (lonoinimenl biiiis. Ciill be- Iwccn 9 12. HE 6 7230. S47S MO. S A L A R Y -- Puhhc Relations urn rine ?l-ti. V/illino to Ir.ivcl. Apply Mr. D'lunherly, My? Ccrri- 1o^, 1? to 2, Tuc--.. ttuu Tliurs. Polish-- Dotaii-- LoTBoy Come in or nh. lor ann^inlmrn!. .T.'O F. l'.i CM f.f : J 0191 YOUNG MCN, Ifl In ' 75, SE3 wk. pr ,,-. -..ilr', i , t rrrr. Ail t o n · I'.ii'V ticnr-'ii'.. fJ" rvn. nee. Sl-ir! i.i.Cfl. Hi: .'. '.'.M liii r,:,-,n. RTAI. T S T A T L SALU5.MAH Or.wjp Cf--i'-,!v c x p c r . iiir'r-rcd STARI K LAN!. PFAI.7OP SI? PINT ' HIE 7T.9/S MrN"wlth"r..v"fnr" c'.MhV'VAUk ys Rt-; .worn. $.|fin mn tn ilflrf. An- p v o in only. /1A V/'lni no'nn Rlvl. VOJNCj" frnrried m.'.n. P.ut time, eveninn v:nrV. OA 3-0-101 WIREMFH7"l irici~F.fCf Ifonits. ISIS S. Artnnchoslrr, An.ifirmi. Help Wanted (Men) 26 GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY New locallons of National Manulacturar nov/ oilers Ires training In new jobs. Good Sforf ing So/ory ' $92.40 per week Eflrn whilo you loom. Rapid fldvrtncpfnrnf lo profit ihflrinq if dp^ired. For Information Co// TUESDAY, FEB. 1. ONLY » · 12 Noon FA 8-5670 unt ···ch, cnii., nnan, F«b. i mt INDEPENDENT, -V Empl. Agtnci ., MM 26-AEmpl. Agtnci., Men 26-A | EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES , MEN I Consult These Placement Experts , LOUISE^KRUEGER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 215 L.B. BLVD. HE 2-7981 5478 ATLANTIC GA 3-8431 SALESMAN-some colleoc. total Xlnl aoDenr HOC 4- 525 car Allownnce + bonus + gfls ? TOP SALESMFN, must Tiavc vnn slorooc CXD. Xlnl. oootv., noc opeti $450 4- bonus 4- oss 4- cnr allownncc. INDUST Unpr. . . ^750 PROCESS pOinticr .. M17 DrnftMnnn. coll. hkorf., knowledge pine ^ slructurdl work, trainee A ' . r , !n;nvv uub . iitclo. . . 5700 A.Vfit in'c- i'i,in, wh!*c. knowtcdie nt b'jtchcrlrtn ilOO'v/k. i Sli'n R if- fifc 1-vr cxn. HI SLhl. pr.irj. wr'l qrpom. 7J-26 S1.75 hr. TV tech. 8-yrs. e^n.. loc lo « hr. ·tt This Is only n narlinl iisl ol our q'oorl dnHv uos'llons. We hive 7 nfflcrs fr. heller ncrvr vou. 0: r N.L.B. office is open Sat. a.m.'s. GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 Pino Room SU HE 7-0501 Ina'us. Enor., dco . 3-^ vrs. exp. II. 30s. L.B 5650 Claims 6dir. true.. 22-2?, col. orad. Shnro. neal. L.B. S3B5 + Jr. Acctnl.. dcs, u/30 HOO Help Wanted (Men) 26 ! MACHINIST Excellent Opportunities Now at DOWNEY AEROJET lor · Vertical Turrof Lathe Operators M'n'rr'.'ni 7 vrg'5 cxcorlcncr tun nlna d'l lynes of verllc«l turrrf Mfhn* flnd cilp.lblc 01 msklno own SCluDS. Call or Apply TO 1-971 1 SP 3-0130 Aerojet-General CORPORATION II 7 1 1 Woodruff Ave. Downey, California A Subsidiary o! The General Tire Rubber Co. ACE 21-JO OPPORTUNITY Tired of Layoffs? Tired of Answering Ads? Wo will tlflrl you on fl irtlflry ol 5430 mo. and your earnings can go up fo $760 on our profit sharing program. No Expnrionco Necessary WD Will Train You! YOU MUST HAVE A CAR AND HE NEAT APPEARING. Call NE 9-2876 Tuts., Feb. 2nd. 9 fl.m.-l? Noon V SALESMEN WANT TO BUILD A FUTURE? Long Beach Territory Open \Viintmrj to huMcl n fulure sdinn Misipllctl Irflch. Von din cnrn f r o n S32 to 1160 ft tiny on un uulM.ind- Ing securities -isne -- V/c hivc n pronrflm which r,in orovp to ynu Hint in 3 tr 5 Vdirs von can hr wr-rlh rin 11 W 000. Prfll «oum 520.' "' J '' J WE 3 9117 SALESMEN EXPERIENCED IN SELLING Pdllfj'i. sUds, wood boxoi. crdlos and lumber. Hunter Woodworks 1235 E. 223rd SI., Torrance SALESMEN Yotmfj men to woik Sf'F to lniihcst [}civ : ng orisil.'cn OPPOf- tim'lici unlimited. Do wHat I s.iv .ind vou won 1 DC sorry. 100% NON-SMOKERS For crrs,oiidl Interview ('ill T O 7-7J90 between 10 fl RI fi. 1 r ni., Mr. Coni'Jock BEE'WILSON AGENCY LOW. LOW PEF- Mflllon AMrndflnts S1?S r.iocriori (s!icc! met.lll S7 ?fi V.^l"^;|·.ou^cu^e^. ,ipc 3100 S? 37 f no. L ffthc, swno, "fl" . S? 70 i 10S?5 L.B. HI.. Lynwcnd 1 0 / OS-19 16-113 S. Vermont, ,ird. DA 3 JSO/ BRAKE SPFCIALIST TUNE-UP MAN (l ICFNSF RFQUIRPm t'p'ri in tncctlnq the uub'.ic. Pnld on A insurflnte tienclits. Anniv in perinn only CHRISTENSCN AU10 SUPPLY 841 H. AHAMRIM SlNTF I'JIS SALFS OPPORTUrmv w.ih f.*ir nr st.itinn v/,inon lo i over cMnMi'.hed tcrntprv. Cnllmo on lifirtf^circ ?. n'ft storo^. ScTldry A ( (!i)ini!b^,ioii Wrllfi n. vino rcsun'C to Inrlr.. P-T, BOK Nn. A-Afll. RETAlf MILK SOLICITOR Wi!ti prosned to no on rcnulflr reidil .niufe. 25-35 vrs. Sdl.iry A C MOUNTAtN VIEW DAIRIES 725 W. Anaheim EXPERIENCED 7iu1o"namt helper. GtiririinlOAd snlnry. .Inhnv's Botlv Shop. 7/57 Wcitmfnsicr Avo., WAN T F D "niir t-"fTmc"wnr kcrs~ln~c"lCC trotvr. [!f.^ ^'.-.crjiblv. Skilled I.ictory protliKiion men only. ML :i 'Jin TV tcrlis , "futiiro S-iloVs;b ^ A l F. r .. viinnir. ^lin, S'71. S-tM To .inncl F."iinlov(iirnl Aicnt'Ci ·TO? F. ?nd 8, -1M Krr-^ niilfi. FRY conh;s $i.s : .iiift GWIMN'S LrnrHnvinrnl Ancncv .11 A rjrii. Tco IS - of 1st mo. I'ART-TIAAF"" r .i'rs r-jr A ' S-i!. SI 7', hrlv. CHI I.FH nRlir.M. GL 0 IrtSn; HA ifiOA?: GE S W? PRTfiSCR. Cledncr. Jinoltcr. C*p. H.irbor ClMiiers A-i'.n , V?9? 1 oni ncnch Blvrl.. fi n.m. fo 12_ only. W A H T F O pvpcnrnrctl rlrun " ni.m. Snlnry oncn. Coll TOrrey 7-2/93 after 1 p. m. Help Wanted (Men) 26 I AM LOOKING FOR AN ASSOCIATE HF SHOULD BE; -- Rrtwron *ar M it\ 2-- Hif;h'v amhlllous fl"d 3-- n'o-.Tfi pf r.irn-no mmi- 11 IN in of il 0.000 tinnijAllV wiih'n .S vr.irs TO THIS MAM 1 CAN OFFER: I -- A nrofpv.innfll r-uccr ji\ oir of (N* Ten t'llo ?~-A t ompreliensivc Irwinino 3-Ciii^iin1eed Int.omi pltJi hor.ns CALL MR. WELCH. . .FOR A FRIENDLY DISCUSSION ' GA 3-8483 ! Between 9-11 A M. CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGtNCY 19 Pino Sullc 312 HE J-8«l 1(11. budocl. credit exp.. u/39 H7S Acct., degree, vouna 51. wtr Credit, elk., constr. bkgd., eXD $400 Admin, ole. out., S/H, IVDC 53SU Process elk., otc. n)aclilncs ....S335 lool dcslon cngr., 2 vr, coll. S550 Jr. chemist, rolfllltig shljls SI. VtOO Snlcsmnn, van slorfige exo. S550 Sales, gov't. overseas moving $500 Salesman, Id. res., mrd., u/JI WOO CERTIFIED PCRSONNEL SL'liVICE AGtNCY 205 E. Bdwv. Rm. 505 HE «'627I ExrC. 5FCRITTARY 5JOO UR PROCESS Dlatmci, coll. ...VlOO-f- ACCT.. RCCHNT GRAD. M34 SALES TRNL-t'., 25X0 St. S325 TFST cnor., 2 vrs. coll. to J37S ACCT., hvv. mtg. CXD. . to S600 SALES, (tegree, vng ... . lo S500 TRAFFIC elk., C):lld , yng. . 5346 " CANNON'S AGENCY Time Sludv Trainee S^33-S520 Prodocllon Control Trainee . . S350 Inh Tech Trnce, 1 vr. clicm. U90 Sales Trainee MOO Rcfrlgorallon mechanic S2.50 hr. up Gen. clricl. some ncctg bkod SJ33 6721 Firestone. Downev TO 2-1816 6707 Pacific, Hunt. Pk. LU 2-8231 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 208 TOP PAY. EXCELLENT JOBS. Help Wanted (Men) 26 SALESMAN FOR BAKERY ROUTE $77 week WHILE: LEARNING EARNINGS CAN EXCEED $100 WEEK! Many Make More! OPPORTUNITY TO GET IN BUSINESS f-OH YOURSELFI YEAR ARUND HMP1 OYMENT NO LAYOFFS Pnld vncntlon^ P.lld cornn Clc mcdiC'll Hosnltnlfjiiticm for vou uncl vour Innillv plus weekly (.nmDnisdtion wh:n sick. HO tXI'LRIEINCF N r f T S S A R Y Gicnl onncrt'iniiv Inr orowlti Aqc nrefcrpnc*; 25 to 40, r-mrrli'd, wiiii children. Opnorlumi/ to pin fticndlv, growingi orn.inliatlon. PETER WHE L AT' BAKERY 2600 E. 17TH ST. LONG BEACH or Phone GE 9-3111 MANAGER TRAINEE v.c will io!c r l l-Hir men who would llt-i 1 to rioko tno'r lufurc In t.'ic Hrtnil Slfire Minaocmcnt fic'd. Vit o f f e r ,1 If'nrnuoh trii.n-nn i 'urc w h i r h Imjuilf^ in Ihc ^t^lrc In (irH'trOn lo *'i oxcfilrr.l '.il .TirmciK cmpiovcc hencfits In- ^ PROFIT SHARING ^ RETIREMENT PLAN V GROUP INSURANCE (for self and family) Rctnll ialrs cvneriencr rciulrrd. ape 73-36. All rcnllei strlrllv con- tirlcntfril. Send qualifications 0 Slcrling Prusln, snlcs tnor., WESTERN AUTO P.O. nox SJ.3M, VrRNON BRANCH L.A SB Holp Wanted 27 (MEN WOMtNl TnLrPHONP b(»lif lor^- 1. musl be rxprr . Irnrfs turn. Goon cnrnlnp«.. 177? Soi'tri St'. l' . R? 1 V GA f 3 W 1 4 p"ART-)imc Of lMl|.',riir'"f)ifccl' S.ilL'i nftf'-rni'.rl. CiHl HA I-SJOJ Employment Prep'r't'n 29 * * * AVOID LAYOFFS BE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Age 21-1J. Nc.v pay rates. W75 to J5/? montli'v Sotirc lime trflmmg C'in now UP flrranaed. For infor- rn-itmn f, anniiflcnlion tr^t, wnlr P T S P 0 «-i» 1751 \VUm Cfl''f Property Management 30 EXt j rP.~cnuiifl tn "msnflfie 1-hrlrm iinfnrn 1?-uit flplj. Frcfi rtpt. f, M.iil '(.riCMnj! ' GA 4 O'Ol Vi'AflT louo c In nvmflic nrcorrlv: L.R . A n t - J Src' nr 01 11 8-10 fl tn .' 6- 1 * n tn or .i-;.',ni Work Wanted 31 [Women) DfPF.NDAnLh womnn nerds nHcr- noon waik. Cook dnncr.'VVUi b'lliy sit wprK pnrfs. HE 5-39M after f. _ _ n - n . Kef:. EUWOPt: AN houickcoocrs, aides nnd couolpi 1 ow wngo Swedish Domosdc Agcicy. 87.1 Vrnlcc Bl. .. A. 15 Rl 3-19?;; Rl 7-5756 P W A C NURSP. f/irr of plrtc^ D-iv or ntnht. M V ri. exp. Ht 2-1458. Rm. .!??";. W LL BADY SIT ti. r.-rlc, li.WC "l Child myself. GEi J-MiM. WASHING-.ISc hr. Ircnmo. r*-o'- Icnt work ^1 rc*u. price. GA ? -IAJ9 MAN wifh friirk will mnvp small · Irmv OA f ?6SP. \VASHING ?. ironinp in my home' GA 6-3I 1 ?/ COl.ORFD nirl w.vili dfly work, 51.55. Ht: S-A?/?. tXCEL." IBM oxer. *tvpi*t. " Car. Perm, or tciiip. GE 8-W5J. LOVifJG child cire bv d.iv nr week. TO 7-R676. K TCHEHS WASHED COA/.°L S3" OUR OWN CCJlMP GL B 5973 iAlPORT[TR---Tvpp vour niflll n'rccs i at"ii,i!clv. Del -.OIWULC. GA 2 ??^3. f LrRlCAL/nnirrnl o f f i c e cxn!"," full limp, ncrmi. C-r 4 OM1. UADY"w..hc.» "liscAOtk. ' t'v"lif-. SI hr. i f.irp. HC 7-P1-JA . DAY 'V.'ORK, ll.?5"hr. ·*" c*irc fare. HR 5-6977 . TRO'N"l'NG~Sl"lir. P^rk :m' K,' deliver. ' GET 1 3P?fl TROlTi'NG by the hour. P ' c k ' i ' n ' A ; deliver. GA A-M/.S i IRONING, uiece or hcur, 310 Hct- i mo-;« ncnr 3rd fl. fhrrrv. HT 'i-'.SIR ( Wf-'HKLY chili! care, days or nifihK. Refs. GE 8-B967. DRF5SAAAK1NG R Allcrat.ons ?SOfl Sflndwood, Ldkewood. GA 7-7068. DAY WORK. Exocr. ROSSMOOR. GA 6-1087. Work Wanted 32 (MEN) ACCOUNTANT -- "Offkf? mV.7~.15, Iflst 7 vrv In p"h. nrrto.. 14 y r ^ f II clinroc ,vf '. pit re nior. A 1 ' nrcto. f'li. ilniK , l,i* ropnrH. A'.r. i.n,tr. rf.ivs, GA ;-:.».A. cvr,. r-r 1-S7R3. V - f f HAN .ipo 7/. r.irtrncrJ, in duo pprrl of wnrr.hiN v/0'k. f^nrr. ( st.ick f.inlrn', (.r-ickeniif?. 1 -, ocn. A j J A N I T O R "or (orpin. in, ""need "n'nht v/r'k. ?5 yts. chemical icdntng. ' W" J-0019. j R E ^ T i R C D rririn wnnK Inh, rxpor'. ! with sick. AKrt |,mllor work. GL 93977 HANDY "MAN -- Haui.nD,, SI. 50 hr. HR 2-4M9. NORWEGIAN man wflrils Dtlin'llnd", stiiflll or liirgo lohi. HE 3-Ofl68. WASH Kit., b.ilM, windows, wnx floors, elc. Free csL, HE 7-?ftS3. YOUNG Jj, wnnli job. Willing to learn. GL B-7n^8. GhNURAL~HAULING,~ow*«. 117 W. ] St., San Pedro. TE 1-7074 GENERAL CLEANUPS R, "HAULING HE 5^174 l»l A S T ! R"p,ilrhin 0 , pnmtTin. "ft- ' mrnt, nnlio. D-lv, ioh. Ht. / 7043. PA NTING InMrtp f. outjidr Vv own on np'iicnt. NT .^-40.12 Work Wanted 3 3 ; (Men, Women) S C A N D I N A V I A N epic. Janitor sfrv- icc. ruas, upliol. fl, hou\c f r r r e-.r. RC«. NT j.jfiH. Care of Children 33B {LIenfed_Hom«i_Only) w'llL room A~bn»rd~criiidren f nice home. LOraln i-8119. Cwt of Children 331 Tht indeoendenf, Preis-TeieoraTi recornmendj thai all refer encei b« carcfotlv chickfd rtoardlng btby ittllng and care of minor children. rTlOT H ETvS~iovTng~^««~"f6r"~imall boy. 1 block to crammer »chooi, Fun on weekends. He 5-IP30 P3AY core. Ltc. ? vrs. upT~Hf. Sludcbnker Stearns. GE 1-0340 Swaps 62 WILL Irode 1950 Sludebaker (or -hi fl, Stove, dryer, rlc. GA 2-7274 Miscellaneous Wanted 63 CASH lor antiques, old guns, china, g qss, pictures, lewelry, anvthlno old or odd, furniture, olc. Charlie Davis, IBttf E. Anahvlm. HE 4-50W St. Open wk. dav'T'Snt. HE 2-35«4 PKUf* old appliances scrap Iron. Goodwill Iron Metal TE 5-6042 Jewelry 64 WEDDING ENSEMBLE -- 1 carat, white gold. Sacrifice SM7.75. Ladv's Diamond Solllolrc-- 1.16/100 corn), platinum, 4 side baguettes. Cost il.OOO, sacrifice $594. Olr. MH 2-1869 Machinery and Tools 65 AA I'LL F: R S ~Fnl 1 T~hVn v" v~du t v"3 7r " be 1 1 snnclcr S/4 50, for limited lima only. Assoilrd bells M.75 Iree, with inllinl purch«ic. Used Sand- c-s taken In trnde. Pacific Const Marriw.ire, 122 W. P.ic. Cst. Hwv. ROYAL OAk"~tbOL GRIND CO. Tool Cutler Grinding.. End Mills F. Slicll Mills. ^Pickup delivery. ME 3-7*19 AIR'Comprcbsor, "portable, 75 C.F^M. Jocger, excellent condition. HE 2-295-1 or GA 4-3239. SWEEPnR-"«" Wllshln. Ideal for Inside outside sweeping. Pll DA 4-0210 BUILDHRS TRANSITS J35 to $225. Now 8, Used. Sell-- Rcnt-Rcoalr, _Mohnve J770 Atlantic HE 5-1222 PORTABLE compressor 105' ci/. ft. S995. UN 8-2440; UN 4-6726. TOOLS A mach. wanted TO 7.'63M. 17913 Bellllowor L'lvd., Bcllflowcr SHULDON MILL, like new. power _ fec^f. Priced to sell. MR 0-lvOO. Bicycles and Scooters 66 '59 CUSHAAAN scooter. A-1 cond. 5150. TAv'or fl-7039. SCHWlNN GIRL'5'22' r "u'fcYcfe"~'$15" GE 3-1115 Cameras, Supplies 68 BARGAINS GALORE IN OUR STOREI : Brownie fl Movie Prelector sells reoular SJi.50 ... at $29.95 Brownie Stnrflpx De luxe OuKIt rcoulflr J24.95 J 14.95 CITY PHOTO UIV E. Annhelm HE 58921 KODAK 35 M.M. COMPLETELY AIJ10UATIC REGULAR sg.1.50 SPECIAL $71.75 RADIANT SCREEN 50«50 $13.99 MERCURY PHOTO 1030 Lono Beach Blvd. HE 7-0601 Buildings to Be Moved 69 FABULOUS 3-bdrm., l j i-bflth, built-in oven A range, LIKfi new. Also (hnrp j- brtrm. COMSOL1DATCD HOUSE MOVERS CALL_COl.LECT DAvlj 9-4I1R Coniolidrttod Homo Movort DAvij 9 - 4 1 1 8 CMURCJI blrig. Including' Sunrlnv M.IIOO! icct.on, to be moved. 56.950 delivered. AfJBoluv 2-JM3. Do-It- Yourself 71 /'LASTlC W,T!| Me, 2c en GX~3-7951 MUISTERMAH'S M29 AtianlTc Foam Rubber 71 -A i-U/\M LUbHIOHS I6"»18" 79c SMALL REMNANTS _ S39c Ib. Fo/ini Rubber Couch Mottrcsscs , S74.50 Pintle Leather Covered . 3'')*18"x!a" Slack Cushions, «.95 5IO,OM stock of foiini products to choose from ACME rOAM RURBCR SIJPP' v 3J41 I-:. An,ihelm, L.B. Gt 94908 411 W. 5th In SanM Ana Kl 3-6m--I£.iw P'arklno 2 * x'sT STUD" LENGTH". ioc EACH FENC.Er POMS 75r FAfM CLARANCt: ON SHOW CASES _ HLNSON'S SALVAGE HE S-7WJ Miscellaneous for Sale 72 SQ'RVICL'MKN esiflblijn your cTcrfil", 313 down on wflincn. TVi, olhcr ni'Pl'.in^ci. AA Annllnnres, 715 __ Long Bc.irh Rivd. Hlf 6-3J4B. "W. l)p(K"tnmn ,' SJO; d'mlng sct^ S20; bunk beds, 320; rrfrlo., 5.15: i .nine, $?5: misc. 16719 LnKcwood nitfd., Dcllflowpr. D! ; LUXt" Kcnmorc wasirrrTwMnbf'r tvoe, 425. 21" liovs bike 16" h^v's blkr, belli lor JIB. ftOU I.orclcl Lnlownnd STORP H | X 7 "ij R"fc"s7~R A C K s". TADLES. C A S E S , SHELVING. (JY OV.'NTR GE 8-3121 or WHilnev 1 .."·?«. 2(111 L. 411). L.H. -.',- Brakes Rclincd $1030 " Ji'.A A V.'AVHE'S B R A K F 1101 t'. AHAHI : IM MfT 7 Wrt 1 ) TRASH CANS METAL f, li^cr. tf-rtnt. u. wl. mctiil cam. _ '"" '"""- --- · - . OA Z 4,-STi. VACUUM cicdners, riow R like "new. All rnflkp";, bcil nrice^. c.l r fS A service. V.'orrner's, 1333 Cherrv. O.'cn '!il 9 11. m. HC ?-76.i.l BRAKES" REUNED"$T6T50 Tibbetl's, 140) E. 4ln HE A 240.1 SAIMJBLAST " Sncci.i' frcinrTR5~2"- bocfrdom homo or rcpalntmo. CANVAS t-OR ANY USE tY.irriAca or scv/n). Bilt-Rlte S.vlninkers. i:.(7 W. ll»li HE 7-6S7-1 Cl OTHtS POLt r i. RolLiwny lirf'7. cirveii iiisil tilled, rcp.nrlno, relln- ina 230 T. M,n.-l:cf. GA 3-3447, ti-Esh Cans, 50-Gal,, $2"50 940 Ainmorta, Wilm. Tr 5-Mif) DECORATIONS for Vrt'entinc, St. I'.ilricl.i P. C.iiler on disoiav now. _ M. E. Tflvior A Son, 1501 Oregon TARPS. Awmnoi, Cn'ivds Repairs. Pil r .irnount Snle^. 6COO Paromount OVd., L B. A',E30//I; GA3-!501. CHJI DREN'S DRESSES-"-Our Vnce- a vc,)r-- i.j fRiCE SALF LUAN'S J,'J4 Lono Beach Blvd. Renial-- Calc. Add MchT L'lccf. tvBCwritcr 1179.50 GA 6-25II TRASH CANS $3. DEL _ CC B819b Oocn Sun. 7343 E. 17lh A'3'JLT" hn'r' cuts, si .30; child's". SI. 05: tlal ton cxnert. Clock Bar- hcr Shoo, 19R5 AMantlc. Lost ino. Sell 5100. GE 3-3^)8; Gtl 3-6667. M.300 WORTH, sllll crated barbfr eoiiin. S3SM. Sco at 7?5 E Hill or _caJI_Carol_ ril lErminril 4547?. IS:--- L A'lfJE'rfS lor rc/il per riav~Bi uo. MT.ierinn Scatioidim Cc. _ P ! V_H_E_7 19/3 1710 Scnhripht 10^0 Y A R D S used cftrrteTfrom Ifh; D'r vd. LonjOlrrlflted CarncI Coni 1550 HrtVCi Phone HL" 6 MM KIRBY VACUUM, like new. At'ch ·( polisher f, electric cooker- f i v e r . J65. HE 24149. LOMPLHTF "t Columbia steel kitchen c.lbincts wilh formica cnunter 1or ' s -^ x Jll l -. on d- S13S. HA 1-703?. TABLLS, counfers, ihclves^ cash" rcoistcr, paint, sundries. Everv- thmo_ for n.iint store. TE 1-1997. CMtif ; ^-burner stnve used very 1 tile i3 - 6"xl5" c.upct and nad. _ Lii_n;jM._O]t.ip. GA 3-CM* ..,44J4_ Whitev/cod Ave._ i .HA' 5-1M-/ :·;,!(!" f L." "ii.i.,er""dxS~wiih' filled c : i=iv,-,s cover. 17RO P.icific Mf N'.S sicre fix lores. MnrkinrT~ft, srwmo niAchinci, ( tc. TH 4-95W Cl.f-.CTROLUX v.lC , 1891. Blp'trnrtpt IS. AA.irkS, ;A.l L. 4th. HE: 6-A345 CLOTHES" POLE $6 GA "4^223 C L O T H winihw slui^fov l"0'. o'f'f. Mason Tull. 5S9B Allnntic USCb~RUGS SHfun. HE~7-5T/0 \Vc-.t Coast Rug Co., 1935 Cncrry 50'-.. D'ISCOIJ'NT ' bV'iioht "tTxtur'cV EJosso. 1093 Rcdondo. GE 4-661J. El.LCTROI.UX or HOOVER -- $9,95 526i ATLANTIC AVE, Rotary rfyrs, 150'. 49.95. GA 3.9270 40-YDS. Cflrocf, Tweed . .. SB9 95 Drlscoll Carnet, 4008 E. Anflnolm GOLI1ING LUMHtff "CO~-~Uwr| Lumber. 1921 Redonflo. GE -3i)7 hardly uscrt. -S.ic. JBS. C-L B DM*! CFRAMIC TILE, ~59c ' sn. "fl." Up! Hnndv Andv, 4914 1 B. NE 1-647.1. STAur-FCR dome rcfluccr, hkc'nf'wl SSOO valtie, SMS. WA S-JSR, 1 ) HOSFMTAL' Hrw," adiu^awc! ~~5J. Bcclffj, 5700 E. 7ih. GF. 9-799^ RFDUClHr, TABLES." RENf.~BuV" Also Salon trfatmcnts. HE 5-9J70. 10 G'\LI.ON Mnf)fi\)rr\, DiSlfil purnri. _mjnir!e_fllter, elc. GE 3-4754 TV, 71" V.'c-Uinohouse tbfe mod ; Form'ca ton coffee fble. HA i-S(Ui ETEDRM. "SET, "SliS ;~C"f re'rT". 575; F,-o. washer, $85. W,E 3-8927, CHILL) Car*-- Fenced vard, play : 7- FT. pool t^Dlc, fxctifer't condi- eouipmenf. OA 4-S47. i (.on. TO 7-7-sss

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