The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 26, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1920
Page 4
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>TGR 1XM33KMJ TOE DAILY HaBf PRB.8S_ heard It before, the same note, thongl Infinitely less powerful. It was, thr sound of .the finger, on, the bowl p water within the house .In Baltimorai The scraping in the passage, endei in a scurry and-did-not>recur. ,A1 through the^ night * they ' J crouched -I 'the torpedo-room;.watching an'd sleep ing by tnrns,''.anct.,the Jsilence was j>ifo ken only by a passing word and the oc casional, tunefulness of-. Clouts' mouth organ as he played "Sally in Our ley." EXTREMISTS SWEEP MOSCOW \ i. Communists Elect 674 Out of 719 Deputies—09-Wi»men Win, 70 \ot ^ Them Conimunlsttf \ London Feb 26—Of the 719 dep utles chosen in the recent Moscow election GOO weie communists 24 •were sjmpathi/ers with communism 37 were nonpartlsan and eight were menshe\lkl, iccoiding to a wireless dispatch from Moscow Eighty dep utles were women 70 of whom were communists and ten nonpartisans DO ALL MY HOUSEWORK Before I took-Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I could hardly stand, say* Mra. t Kwarcin»kL Chicago, m.—"I-Sttffered'with dta- • — ' Hilarities and I did .otknpw.fl djnMr "Paget! I've "Into Donald. Tie" toTFpedo-room !" gasped "Through the escape hatch 1 "• • CHAPTER VII. "ira MacBeard. Ira MacBeardj was"one of those ra e men Who are.recognized by their contemporaries-as-master minds. To'the public he,.was unknown, but' among the Jearned he was- .mentioned; In' the same breath wlttf-Faraday,' Sir Isaac Newton and Lavoisier. Halfield of the March Hires' club; had .ogee honored him "by publicly comparing hi™ with; James'I. : :. He had discovered the secret of cold light,.and had,received a fortune from one of the largest electrical companies for destroying his papers. This enabled him to free himself from the poverty In which he had lived.. He had bisected an- ion—upon a I old Burnluiu, proprietor of Hoe London Daily Telegraph, is. being mentioned as the. next British ambas.- sador to the United States! to succeed Lord Grey. BREWERS OPEN NATION FIGHT To Use Every Legal Mean* to Keep Liberty Guaranteed by Constitution. Atlantic City N 3 Feb 26—Brew srs of the United States will use 'every legal and constitutional means to keep thnt liberty and that^properXy *hich Is guaranteed to us by"the Con ntltutlon" Christian W Feigenspan declared heie at the United States brewers' conference, of which he Is president ' We must save Miss Kennedy," he added. He snatched up Ida and began p-oping toward the metallic sheathing which admitted air from above into the torpedo room. ' ; "I think I can get the tube apart, sir," Clouts volunteered. It seemed an eternity before Donald heard a section of the metal plate rattle upon the floor. "We'll have to jump, sir I" Clouts panted. 'Til go down first and catch you. Pass along the lady when you hear me call." : . ' Donald heard nlm leap into the torpedo room below. A moment later his Voice came up the funnel. "I'm ready tor the lady, sir!" he called. Donald raised Ida In his arms and lowered her throughithe tube. "After you, sir," said Davies. "I have assumed command, Davies," Donald replied. "Very well,. sir," said the middy quietly, and descended. Donald followec him. As he jumped for the floor of the torpedo room, he heard the scrap- Ing sound of flippers on the floor above. But the creaking of the conning tower.• door hod ceased. ; . "We're saved!"- cried Donald. "Da- yies, they, -can't force the conning tower. Of course not. That souad is me or two of the beasts wlio have :ome down the hatches. ' You closed ..ihem?" ' . "No, sir. There wasn't time." "Then they-tried to get through the . -conning" tower, - and hadn't reason - - enoiigb to know that they "could get through the hatches!" cried Donald ' -joyfully. . ' "Their reason -won't-'get them down the tube,, sir, unless they've got bodies as slim as ours/' said Clouts. "And they, feel like—like barrels, sir," he lidded.' ... Overhead, 'the. scraping continued, 'sometimes approaching the tube and then' receding.. - Presently '.there came. the sound of a commotion. Donald Inferred that .the sea; devils- had found .i-lh'e'one-that.he hadrinjured, and that they were satiating their:horrible can- attjalistic. instincts.: He heard-a body 'dragged' this way' and that, and a' flreadful rending. ":'After, a Awhile -the' swishing' 'began again, : a'nd V fa'int .tappi'ng/bf 'flippers ': *galnat::the; : ^alls; (as -if';the, creatures ..were"ehd'eavofin'g 'to .explore; the ih- •'."-teripr- bf ; .:the -ship. ' Occasionally a faint ''phosphorescent luminosity was rislble. ; at;the top of'the tube. But the . monsters,made no attempt to descend Into the torpedo room. : 'An idea came to' Donald. .:..•••'-' "Davies! Listen to me!" he said. "They don't know we're here." . ?'No, sir. I was thinking—" "That they have no sense of smell.". "Yes, sir." . ' "And little hearing. , At,least, that _ihey distinguish sounds only as vibrations." "Yes, sir. And of course their sense, of sight must be extremely limited. And so, roughly, that leaves them only the use of taste and touch, but probably developed far above our own." "We'll beat them, Davies." "H plat's true as they can't" hear : much, I think, if I might, sir, I'll play 9. bit on my mouth organ," said Clouts. "Just a low, humming, sir." . "Bight, Clouts," answered. : .Donald. But simultaneously with the first notes there came from above a singular sound. It seemed to be very far • rway; it was a single, mellow note, the B of a violin, and exquisitely true. It•.might have been, a distant warning buoy anchored amid the tides. • ; "What's that", DavitesT'; asked Don- 'ff£. '.- "I don't know, .sir.';; "The lighthouse '"'' ''-'(tapped operating whfen the war broke '•r>trt,- an'd' the.b.upys;were taken op." . ; V'.-Qnce ;more: the .".sotind" was heard. • -" 'ienlyDonaid.'knew thathehad - —• -•*sr-x?'; ••?:•'.'* ----^- .-• blackboard^ a thing considered theoretically .impossible.. ' He had'solved the problem-of utilizing solar energy, although he had not succeeded In-inaklng his process vain- nble commercially. ' ! - •0nlurtonatelyr~"like many; ^men ol genius,. MacBeard had one..disastrous falUn'g.v;He had trained himself ; intellectually at the expense of his moral faculties. He had. never .'. learned -to control his primal gutter-urchin .propensities. ' He.was a-thief. He did not steal.big.things, but little ones, and. everyone knows that, this is more damning socially. .... They called it kleptomania; and let him resign. But it was not- kleptomania; It was theft. MacBeard's ca reer was finished. The only club thai would admit him to membership was the Inventors':—and that only because the furious bickerings of its members had compelled. the passage 'of-a^ruU that there'should be no blackballing Anyone could join the Inventors' club but only inventors wanted to. (T» be ooBttmo**.)' LA1JUA E. SWARTZ OftTCOPATrttC PHYWCIA* Chronic Cli*u«V •' •n»claity Offlc* In Laud.r-Nlchc!« »!«!«. W.l?, HAMILTON Coal and lice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phon*20* —„ ,„_.,.—Jand use the SanatlVe •Wash BO I took her *dvic»i'"<Biid uied S^Sel '»n¥ «M do flTto bouwwork'which WbJ .•*, •e, three L— this Utter Hadley of Yale to Retire. New York, 1'eb 26—Dr Arthur T Bfadley, president "of Yale university, win retire in the spring"Of:i!)2i: "unless some grave emergency should, arise,"- he l has announced. Doctor Hadley : has- been" president .'of; -Yale' Since 1899...,.,. V •••••. .Repatriate'190,000. Prisoners. Paris; Feb. '• 28o—One hundred . and ninety, thousand prisoners of war,- Including 43,110 - officer^' have-;been repatriated from^Frenclv camps .since January 20, according, to an announcement from the, French war office. Moesle Succeeds 'Erzberger. " Berlin, Feb. 20.—Undersecretary of 'State Moesle has been selected to succeed Mnlhhxs Erzberger,.;whp resigned Tuesday, as minister of'' finance. Jloeslo...was- appointed a deputy x .to rEryliereo'r on January 27. ".- '.-' .;; Oreu« IVU CBU UB« UUO K*VKM. u. ,JY™ wish, for suMPtemeayia'certwifly wonderful for ack.-zun.dasni women."-' wiBU| AWL ywf J.VUWVJ «• **w»»w-»^ -v derfol for »ck,-run-down women. — Mis. ter&jriBCBUKi, 3627W. Oakdale For forty yeara't-yiilU B. Knkhwn's Vegetable Compomja hafl been making women strpng mnd wj?ll, rett^tagibackr ache, nervousnesSi lilcerationi and ,in- flanunation, -w^kkness, 5 di^aeements, UT*igiuantiosaiidpeJri6diciWin«*f.'It*ae alsQ;prj)KpdJnTaluable:in4prenarnjg tor childbirth aid tbe>,Ghange of JUfe. T , , , 'Women^who'.suffer 'are 1 : invited, to write for free and-belftftil 'advice to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential) , Lynn, Mess. It is' free and always'helpful. . : ' ... , . Bulldln* DE.J.W.KftR3EtOW NEW HAMILTON BUILOINC • to 11 A. M. »nd « to • >. I -... PHONI » YARD - •' " •', 4,V« .woop», WMhod Nut, KM ; *N . Phone, 149 K. • • •.- -> • c. •:> J I.' t .- HENRtBAIN GET OUB PRICE* •: Phone 342 K H.«3.HALL&Ca FEED, COAL ANo POUUTHV SUPPLIES • Phone 233 • IRISH-RULE BILL INTRODUCED •Measure Receives its First Reading . in House ' of Cornmon Mere Formality.' ' London. : 'iHb.{2<?.--tCh'e .'Irish, librae rnlfi bill was-'introduced In-the house nf commons aa(l,..nt. once received • its •first'rending.;., '.pie: bill .-was'-presented only'lu (Inimnjlj'lfb.rm: The"sp : C!il!ed %rsf ' rehilinV'WHS "n mere formaiity, tliW i'-ph'cllricr'1)»iiii of-'the'title alone. W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THR .! ... .EYE Ey«s T«it»d : OlaMM Fine* Vlrolnla Bldg. . . Ccxbondato, in, F.L.LINGLE,M.D. O«n»ra! PMwtlM attention to Ey«, Ear, Meog , «M Threat QlBMM FltUd Phom&: Retldence 330-2, Offle* tW-t HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law Phone 212 K *ult« 112-11B New Hamilton •ulldtiif DELIA CALJ)WEL^M. D. MeANALLY BU4LDIMO . 211 W«ii Main 8tr»*t Pfflc* Hour*—« to la n.M.; 2 to « P.B, GARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candles and loo Telephone «44 Y •Money back-Avithcut quesbon If HDNT'S Salve fails in the trentmentoriTCH, ECZEMA; RINGWORM. TETTER or other i tchiria cbin diseases. Try a 75 rent Hox at our risk. " HEWITT'S'TJRTIG' STORE DR. H.H.ROTH Practice limited, to ' Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, , Murphysboro, 111. . Women How good it. tastes—erisp, brown-crusted arid hot .from the'oven! '.'• Its very flavor'and vigor.,- , addi<|s love it; grown-ups appreciate it and economy es it'''•"• ." :' ' ' '•'• "''•'• •.. •.'•''.'' ,. - " : . T <AJlK«^a .O. . • • • , Enterprise Flour •'-., is particularly suited" for the-- finest of fine ; , hpme baking. .Iris.milleclfrppi tjhehighest, grade hard winter wKeat grown, is remark-, ably fineinitexture,.andihas, a rich gluten content which gives- it- rising power' far : above the average.' • t: . : ' '" The slightly greater cost per sack, made necessary by .its vastly- superipr quality, is not an expense, but . insurance It protects you agamat failures and secures a flour which gives you .more loaves per sack Phone your grocer today." Ho carries ValiciV Entcrprue Flour. •^Community", •^ade; populair priced Hour.- It hu made novta. of fricndt.'. Bright eyes, a dear skin and a 1 fuH of youth^ahavhealth niay youri:^f ypu.wiH'keep your system- in OTder tiy^ regularly taking COLD MEDAL Th« .world'*' «Urnl«rd f«m*4y for kjd3»y, liv»l| bl»dder and one "•cid~trdub!«»r th». •nemiMrf lUe apd, looks. In on sine*.. T jM&r i/iaij'dnilrtists;'three 1 ! r 1 ^— : SplD BY PSUfifilSTSB/ERVWiJEi* BRITISH RULE OF IRELAND.HIT | Report of Labor Commission Say* Country Is Wholly Estranged by Policy. '/. London, Fob. ^'3.—The report of th&'~' commission, of Jnhor men which re- cedOy investiga terj" conditions in : lre- Innd is a '.-strong denunciation-of what is charactei'Ized as tlie British- mis-1 rule-,oi! Ireland. This,'''the' report de- - : Claris, "would drive any sjpirited* : na— d tion- into, deep seated and '• dangerous-jl discontent;", ndclihg flint. "where; the- ..? administrntion is not, merely xmintel-^ llgent it appears . to be d provocative.' The report sets forth that has become utterly estranged and the Irish problem, as the labor delegation sees it, is "a problem; »f pollticat prithology"

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