Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 16
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Growth Predicted LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- T h e Little Rock Chamber ol Commerce says a magazine predicts lhal (he population of the LiUle Rock nrea will increaw froip'360,380 ill 1974 to 308,801)-ill 1980. Today In History By The Associated Press . Torlav is Tuosria.v. April 20. the llllh day of 1076. There arc 255 days left in (he year. Today's highlight in history: On this dale ill 1775. t h c -| American siege of British orccs in Boston began in the American Revolution. On this dale: In 1657. Jews in New Amsterdam were granted erpial rights "The fight sequences 9 .(jfi arecrunchingly spectacular." HARP IEVEH NEED HELP? For confidenda 1 Information or assistance on: V.D., pregnancy, drags, Parents, school, vocation, runaways, etc. Call YOUTH HOT LINE 44M6SZ Snn. thrn Thurs,, 7-11 p.m. Frl. and Sat., 7-12 p.m. and privileges of'citizens. In 1GC2.- .Connecticut was! granted a royal'diarier extending to tbo Pacific Ocean. In'1836,'the U.S. Congress established the territory of Wis- onsin. In 1889, Adolf Hitler was born in Austria. In 1934, Shirely Temple was launched on her career as a child star as the film, '.'Stand Up and Cheer," was released. In 1945, in World War II. Soviet forces penetrated the defenses of Berlin, and tne U,S; ordered to achieve racial de segregation. One year ago: Communist "' Seventh Army captured the German city of Nuernberg. Ten years ago: U.S. plantsj attacking North Vietnam "niade their closest .strikes yet to .the key port o f - H a i p h o n g , bombing a railway bridge. Five years ago: The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that busing of students could bp forces overt mining South Viet iiam'cased up in their tli'ive lo- ward Saigon bill continued lo cut off Hie city from surrounding (/irrilory. Today's birthdays: Former New York Mayor Robert. Wagnor i? fifi. 1; Nuclear physicist -Al i'in Wcinbcrtf is Gl Thought for today An ccono mi si is a man who knows mon about money than ihe people who have it -- anonymous. Bicentennial footnote: T\v hundred ago today, Rich an! Henry Leo wrote to his fellow Virginian; : Patrick Henry, lhat Virginia must Like the lead In forming Ibe Continental Congress i n t o ; - a government, and oilier colonies would follow CHIEU HANH's : ORIENTAL FOODS 1914 W. Wainul, Rogers (across from Bonanza on lliway 71) A complete line of imported oriental foods. Fresh and dried seafoods and Chinese vegetables: EVERYBODY WEUdbMEl^-; Open Daily from9'AJW'io'f PArtf; : · ' · ' · · Overhaul Needed WASHINGTON (AP) - A government commission says the United States could cut S3 billion lo S4 billion annually [rom its defense budg/H b y j overhauling procedures for military pay, promotion, retirement arid oilier personnel costs ' The Manpower Commission proposed scrapping the current retirement system, which allows all members of the armed services to retire al hall-pay after 20 years. It suggested a 30-year-minimum e\ cepl for men serving in combat unit s, who would still be el s gible to retire after 20 years. 10 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., April 10, 1974 FAYtTTTKVILLK, ARKANSAS , . '- ' _ notes, argue thai "(tie need is 1 not Cor gun control; it is for bctcr crime control.' This hulf-and-half technique seems quite effective. II fo cuscs tbc issues more sharply than Ihe usual news special method.of seven-second claims immediately followed by se'vcli- second rebuttals. CBS 1 public .TV study, which starts by showing the star- studded, gross excess of auelion .WNKT here held to laise money last j c a i is f t i i i l j thorough. It goes over the history of public TV nml : old PT\ issues, ; including old charges Nixon Co. tried .to sandbag PTV bechuse the Jhcn-uresiden fell PVTs news" and public. af fairs shows had a liberal bias. SMART SHOPPERS WATCH TIMES ADS 7 DAYS A WEEK! DAILY PROGRAM KTUL, Tulsa, Ch. 8 (Channel 4 o« Cable In F»jHI«r]Ue) KTEW, Tulsa, Ch. 2 Springfield, (Gh. 3 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Ch. 11 Programs subject to change without notice ftrr^H' , ,, '· ··-°A a'..* ! .- ' " '-4; ... -"-£"*' . -····*· Football Hopeful Holly Hatch docs (tie -Ifl-yanl dash as s h e ' t r i e s out for ft syiol on the Oklahoma C 1 1 y D o l l s professional u u m en's football team. (AP Wire' Three Prime-Time News Specials Offered Tonight Youngster In Bed To sheer "l a youngster ID'S beclrkttlcn, fill a brniid- w UincK box with small, iil- ·itlually' wrapped . presents, jch morning Icl Hie child led one present, from the ippi' 1 Box - Youngsters . w i l l ve something to ]ook f o r w a r d . and since presents are nail, parents won't/have too itch clc;in-il|i. ' NOW SHOWING Show Starts 7:15 ··for* !+· W*»l«w*r · ·w ih« American , ' Cowboy . . .1*M«t«rh*w h«d b«cbm» » ·)·«* lo L*p»nd. · PLUS ;· :·.;·, STARTS 7:15 . THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING BUKT REYNOLDS'SmH MILES O. ^AARNER CABLE . of FayeBevilJL ' HB W. Mountain St. -- Phone 511-173' Complete Home Ent»rroiiwi»m Cd»l Service Al! Area Television and . . . FM Radio Tim« · Weather · Special tvenU MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Niqht 10:30 p.m. -- Ch. 6.16 "R.P.W." (1970) Anlhony Quinn, Ann Morgret, Gory L«kwood 11:30'p.m. ~Ch. 8 "Shock-o-Bye, Baby". Fritz Weover/Richard Mulligan, Jill Clayburgh Wednesday Night . 11:30 p.m, -- Cn.;8,12 "Ths Day the Earth Moveef" (1974) Jackie Cooper, Cleavon Liltle Mathias Discount Slores Inc. i « bits, imii o[ Easixale Shrtppinr Cenltr . ffeitetn Bood Bj; TODF Lama, Juslia Wort BoolB By: Ked W i n g (Sew * Rebnlltl ptfiMtltif la Weritra .Wear TUESDAY EVENING \ * 5:09 : - Brady Bunch 2 News - 3 8 16 Adam-12 ,. 3, 12 Zoom - . . .' i H Family A f f a i r 7 Koran's Heroes 6 * 5:30 - · College For Canines U News . : . 2. 3. 5, 6, 7. B W, 12. IS * 6:00 - Stvra 2, 3, 5. S. 7. 10, ^ Evening Edition with Martin Aronsky H Horn's Heroes if 6 : 3 0 . -- H E A R I N G AIDS SALES ft SERVICE LDdi. biclDfiiic, ma* to I iHJ*. titterlM * ·«» WARDS HEARING AID DEPT. EVELYN HILLS PHONE 443-1591 5, 10 \ 2, 3, CARPETS CLEANED in your homB-or place of business by Von Schrader dry-foam method. No fuss · No muss No odor Call today for free estimate. T R I P L E A CARPET CLEANERS 521-7355 A15 S. Pnnran. FajtKml! Con centra I ion I*u.t of (he Wild Treasure Hunt Oklahoma In Review ,., Pries Is RJKht . New Candid camera Adam-12 * 7:00 -- Movln' On CBS News Special Bo* Beat Happy naj-s if 7:30 - Laveirve and Shiiley ... if '5Too --""" Klt Police Woman : 1 . , , · Rookies - M A . S U ..'.'..' 6, 10. Jack Van Jmpe Crusade Movie if 8:30 -One Day At A Timt t, 10 * 0:00 -- . ·: ABC News Cl«*up 5, .8 CBS Reports 6. 1C Crty of Angels 2, ; Bicentennial In . Oklahoma .' * 3:30 '--. . . , *To:0(f-- Li! as. Yoga ar*d You ;:, Kcws . . 2. 3, 5. 6, T, 3 r 10, 1 * 10:30 -- Movie . . I fee, Break ....·,,,..,,-,,vr..- 11:00"-- "'""of Rights Debates . jnlficenl Marhln Machine .; 3, 5, 1 ·y Harlman, Alary Bartm*n .. rig and 1he Hcstlcss 6, 10, 15 s Make A Deal B. 12 11:30 -^ : ke My ArtMce 2. 5 rh For Tomorrow ..; 9, 10, IS Donahue 3 My Children B, 12 lody Ma Knee 11:55 RC News 2. 4. 7 WFDNESCAt ATTERNOON if 12:00 -Posu 11 OI Ule '. Id s Hope 8 blelalk 5 2, fl, 7, 12, 16 Mai HAPPY HOUR 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Sat. Enjoy the relwlnr almoipbere of our Ntw F a r k Room, fcala/iiu x*met, (sped mnilt and GUI °The Working Class Hero 21 N. Btock 1-9 Mon.-Sal. Jotinivy Car; In Don't Lose business hersause of an unanswered phone When it rings--We answer! FAYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 Oklahoma In Re Beaver Lake * 11:00 B!? Valley Bonanza - A B C .V*us if 1 1 : 3 0 Mystery o( the if 12:00 - Trinormw Mys-.ciy of the * K:ZI) -- T-rolctl + 1:08 Oklahoma Foru WKn.VES * 6 : 1 5 -- i^jrtii or U(K -A- R:2fl Project * 6:30 - SMSU Forum CHS News , . . , We Rent Typewriters Month Humphries Typewriter Rentals 25 K. Blatk 521-2560 *"*6:SO'-- '" Tod^y In AgrlcuUan + 6:55 -- . Exercljft With Mnrlye* Moments or MedEtatloB .....T.... * 1:00 CBS .\e-*s ,.; Tod.y -X John Chlek '..,....,.. C,A -Moraine. Amerfc* * 7:^0 ~ Slfonifng Shnw ,, ,,,,.,.,. ·* 8:00 - jin KansfAroo ...,, Cart 8, J- 8:30 -A.M. Oklahoma * r r t ! f ° S ~ \ S Fitnch'5 QxjkinK SfJwol - - PrLx. Ix Rieht ,. 6, !*· Movie Hirt IW!«r 1, 3, ! Oamlrt «- Wheel fit Fortnn« 1, 3, · I/i finite TtnMng Programs .'... Dinah! ;,..,. 10:30 -- ?py Days t, 12 ,e of Llta ...;.,r.- 6. [6 7o:55 -- r By JAY SliARBUTT . Television Wrifer ' NEW YORK . (AP) : ",-- News specials usually don't draw big rating's, but the season's . ratings race is over. This may be why viewers a r e - b e i n g offered not one but ( l u c e , prime^limcr news specials tonight. . . ' . · ' · Two a r c ' o n CBS. "Mr. Honey Goes to Dinner" at 8 p.m. EST and "Inside Public Television" at, 10 "p.m. The later show is competing with an ABC News .special called "Gun Control: Pro And Con." :,i ·; Further complicating viewer choices is the fact -iliat the Public Broadcast Service has chosen tonight to feed · puhlic ' TV stations a - brillianL; film ~docu mcntary, "Antonia: Portrait of the Woman." That show, hy film maker Jilt GodmilLow anrl singer. Judy Col lins, is a warm, exceptionally interesting profile of conductor Antonia Brico, one of (he firs' women to lead a major sym phony orchestra -10 01 Crur hj*m'c and R * 1:00 -- * 8:00 - Baretla Cannon *.8:30 -- Chlro and the Man * 0:00 Hawk Blue KniBM rsfcy and Hutch , 10:00 -- dosuc News 2, 3. i, 6. if 10:30 ^S^l^n? Alary Hartman, Mary Hai Oklahoma I n - R e v i e w . . Johnny' Carson Ironside Bonanza * 11:00 Hi;- Valley ABC Sews *, II:30 Movie if 12:00 -- Tomorin v 12:10 - I'rojccl if 1:00 - Canriitl Campus. . ?, 3, 5. ... 6. 10. 1:30 - Tpak The Bank 8, riding LJtfit B, 10. 16 )w(ors -X 3, 1 7 2:00 - Ff fti The Family' V.'.'.V.V." G.' in,' 15 naltier World -.....-I 3, 5, 7 * 2:30 - dric Company it Ich fiame 6. ID. IE LKe (o L!v« ......,v ..», 12 3:00 -- i f e l a l f s 10, I* of Rogers Iccv Griffin ... Some rMl * 3:36 - rfstx^ Sp«Mal .,., My Advice Uncle Zeh amhil csAmc SUc«t ..8. 12 II 2 UARK 649 W. Dicksen Marx Brothers "DUCK SOUP" 7:00 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 3:55 -- ;ercise With : II To Beaver , .. Ttv Tell tha Truth Family , 21 WED. THRU TUES. STARTS 7;20 PJA, He sold his soul for rock n'roll- i\ r e this show a look if ti've lime. Or find r ont when .station will rerun it. (his eek if tonight's showing coi;- cts with'reporter-writcr Andy loney's CBS study of eats inul ling out (n America. You've got to watch "Mr coney nGes to Dinner." It's nrt of a Inirpec's'catalogue o JG and, hope, doiie in : lhc in tie, whimsical, yet solidly ported style of his "Rooney OL-S to Washington" show o! llis "Dinner" hour -is mosl orough, studying not only ca : g places but also wine lists, t i l i n g Tiul mptuis fhcie s a vahiahle '· warning gainst dining at joints featur- 'home cooking. j One of Ihe funniest· momcnli- --and it'll be most.satisryinp all victims of long waits for isufjsfying nieaKs come: hen Kobney brings, the CBS amera to watch him lunch at mo'us New Orleans resfau- ant. or some reason, perhaps liic imera,.hc gels superb service T p .soon l e a r n the service i s n ' t ; so hot. t h e · previous i«ht uJifin Roonej two pah n d ' n o camera, ale at t h e lace, disgujsed as ordinary ourisls We won't reveal what ensiled 'hen Rooney discussed thi? ith Iho waiter -- you'll have o watch to f u l l y appreciate the oment -- but suffice it Lo say mighU blow is struck for all "GIVB NOD TO ABC 0[ the competing ABC and DBS news spc'ciFils later onight, we'd have to give the- od lo ABC's gun show, half of vhich Is devotee! lo folks arivo- ;aling stronger legislation lo iontrol handgun ownership. The second',half hears from irogun forces who, as the show BROUGHT BACK BY MANY REQUEST" "ONE OF OUR BIGGEST HITS" , LAST CHANCE i TO SEE A DIRTY WESTERN CONTINUOUS FROM DARK i SHOWS NITILY-- 3 Showings Frl t- Sat. PH. 731-B724 NOW SHOWING ",\rx THE PRESIDENTS MEN" (J»G) No Passes, NEXT: "THE 1HNDENBURG" 1IEI,D OVER Winner'of 5 Acadtimy Awards "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST" in) No'One Under 17 BABY BLUE MARINE" NOW SHOWING Alfred Hitchcock's 'FAMILY PLOT" PG) NEXT:.FIGHTING MAI) NOW SHOWING "LIPSTICK" (R) No r-:i Tl-i-w t NOW SHOWING "THE DUCHESS AND THE IHRTWATER'FOX" ( P G ) Ncxl: ,"R1IK A WILD.PONY Who is George Dtekel? * 5;00 Brady Biwvcii H*rt*i Adam 12""".'.'. 11'.'.'"'.','.',"·,*,'.','. "J nily Affair 5:30 y Ecat il Z. 3, S, g. 7. 8. 10, 1 WRpyESDAY EVKMNO * fi:00 -.. .. 2. 3. S. 6, 7. 14 IT Milim u i t h Martin Akrons i HPI · 6:30 - PH^VTOM of the PAHADISE Lcl's MaV« A Deal Bobby Vin(o« ,. nvd. Wild WorM of Animate , r Womurt .... f , 12 PLUS RACE WITH THE DEVIL George Dickel is a native son of Tennessee, where iron-free springwater and crisp, clean environs breed a mellow, refined taste. A charcoal-gentled taste so pure and smooth, you'll know There's a little bit of Tennessee in every sip. Superb Tennessee Slppin 9 Whisky, of course! · nil- C.. « O.(itl c. . !6!f,.t|.

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