The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 7
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*r»*wmorn»it! Bmoria C6unty, Friday, June 14,1957 MCXf KNOW AND ] KNOW BUT VOIW NOSE WILL NCVEf? KNOW WAP. ICO* AT me tovny HANDKCRCHIEFS J BOUSHTVOu ON SALE A Z".--MY NAME OOE5NT BEGlH WITH'Z' TICKLED WHEN . we PICK UP A BARGAIN LIKE THAT HE FACTS ELONDIE INTEREST! N3 PUOroOOD ACriNG.BEAUTIFULCCferUMK WONDERFUL SCENERY.AN' I DONT REMEMBER THOSI SO MUCH.<5f»NDMA ..BUT,GOLLY,THEY SURE . 00 HAVE GOOD POPCORN.' GRANDMA WEVE HAP SEARCHING PARTIES Our IN THE WP9P5 AIL NK3MT/ WB WERE AFRAH7 YOUWEBE LOST/ 6AR6E THEM HXJ ARE/ ^V WE'VE BTCN WHCW HWEVOU ™ RK3HT HERS/ WHSB6HAVE YOU BEETLE BAILEY NEWMORKPBUT- EVEKVBOI»/'5 HAVB-fT VQU HEAHD ABOUT THAT MILE-HIGH LIZARD) IN CEKfTRAL, W^RK WITH HIS UNEARTHLY , AHOeWECKS .. TO. HCET'MAH DWOTHER* IV [TL 1 i lr SP eoriH ' MIU -s. ESS t USD?' A LIZARD TOR A SOOTHER jr IL' ABNER (SNIF-SNIF) JAMEY'S GOIN'TO TH' PITCHER SHOW AN 1 I CAN'T 00 WlP HIM GOODY If NOW UJTS60 OVER TO MY HOUSE AN'CRY UP A DIME AUNT LOWEEZY ALL ABOUT IT-- BMUPFY SMITH, WHV W *0 TO MM. THAT , XM/A3? WHA'# IN Itf OH YOU WANNA fcif IT THetfE SEFOKS It SPOILS, sur CtOBDO Cynthia Debuts ______ . [Sawyers Are Parents new girl to their fair city. Her boy, Charles Martin. This now name M Cynthia Lynn and Freeport resident weighs sev- shc' the daughter cf Mr. and en pounds and.nine ounces and Mrs. James Albert Griffith, he first appsared on the scene Cynthie set the scales at six in Dow Hospital on Juna 11. pounds and nine and one half! o ounces when she made her ,ip- ] William Henry Harrison was pearance at Dow Hispital on'the oldest U. S president to June 12. |(ake office. He was 68, S 5?2 60% O/ Qrafiemi Responses Are Converts r» This «RMT *• TELEVISION LOG V Ch»i.n«l 1— KGUL-TV Chmntl 11 IfBH-TV Channel IS— KUHT-TV Charm.) I FRIDAY 4:00 (?.) Star Performance (13) Kittrik'S Party 4:30 (2) Loohey Town (11) I Led 3 Lives S.OO <2) Waterfront (8) To Be Announced (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 (2) Sky King (11) Sports & Weather 5:45 (11) Doug Edwards and the News 6:00 '8) The Friendly Giant (11) My Little Margie '!3) T. V. News 8:10 (2) Today In Sports (13) Weathergal (8) Magic Doorways (13) John Daly and the News 6:25 (2) Weathercast 6:30 (2) Helen O'Connell (8) The Arts Around Us (11) Beat the Clocn ' (13) Rin Tin Tin 6:45 (2) NBC News 7:00 (2) Chevy Show (8) University Forum (11) Mr. Adams and Eve (13) Adventures of Jim Bowie 7:80 (2) Big Story (8) Science and Human Responsibility (11) Playhouse of Stars (13) Crossroads 8:00 (2) Blondie (8) Texas In Review (11) Wcstpolnt Story (13) Key Club Playhouse Show 8:30 '2) Life of RiJey (8) Sign Off (11) Zane Grey Fhoatre (13) Play of the Week 9:00 (2) Capt. DavU Grief (11) Lineup (13) Wrestling From City Auditorial 9:30 (2) Dragnet (11) Person to Person .0:00 (2) Dr. Christian (11) City Detect iva (13) Movletime U. S. A. 0:30 (2) Final Edition News (11) Weekend Theatre 0:40 (2) Weathercast 0:45 (2) Mann About Sports 1:00 (2) Tonight 1:55 (13) Late News 2:00 (2) Sign OH 2:00 (13) Sign Off 1:25 (11) News Headline* 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn 6:00 (2) Julius LaRosa (11) Shcena, Quern of the Jungle (135 Mystery Omnibus 8:30 (11) The Buccaneers 7:00 <2> Galary of Stars (11) Gale Storm Show (13) Lawrence Welk Show 7:30 (IT SRO Playhouse 8:00 (2) Georgu Gobel (11) Jackie Gleason (IS) Ozark Jubilee 3:30 '2) Adventure Theatre 9:00 (2) Silent Service (11) Gunsmoke (13) Stockcar Races Show (21 Whlrly Birds (13) Premier Performance '2) Soldiers of Fortune (II 1 The Vise (13) Premiere Performance 10:30 (2) Studio 57 (11) Late Show (2) Mystery Parade (13) Movletime U. S. A, 1:25 (11) News Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn 1:30 10:00 11:00 SUNDAY (Editor'* Note: This it iht third of four «pedal veporis by th» United Pr«fi en Billy Grahsm'f N«w York em- By LOUIS CAS8ELS NEW YORK — W— Of th» hundreds who respod each night to Billy Graham's invitation to make "decisions for Christ," about 60 per cent fall into the category that Ihe church traditionally has called "converts." The other 40 per cent who come forward already church members—some Some ministers follow up. "Frankly," he said, "I don't these leads diligently. Others, think there is any way we •„. who do not particularly ap. tell, this side of heaven. If evtn prove of Graham's methods, one of them is saved, the whole resent what they regard as an attempt to draft them into his crusade. Graham does all he can, at ministerial conferences and private talks, to win the wholehearted cooperation of Jocal clergyrhen. Many attempts have been made to determine what proportion of the "decisions" made at Graham's meeting bear last- affirming their faith. Graham calls them all "inquirers" or "seekers" for Christ. And, like a lot of others, he worries a good deal ~ •••~v-....^ utni la.-v". i ing frult Admirers have dcm- that many converts are now' active, witnessing church members. British SurTav The only Mirvey which seems 8:00 (ID Lamp Unto My Feet 8:30 (11) TV Chapel 8:55 (2) Morning Devotional 9:00 (11) Faith For Today (2) The Living Word 9:15 (2) Christian Science 9:30 (11) Camera Three (2) Church in the Home 10:00 (11) Let's Take a Trip (2) Industry On Parade 10:15 (2) What's Your Trouble .10:30 (11) The Christophers (2) Frontiers of Faith 110:55 (13) Sign On 11:00 (2) Christophers (11) Heckle & Jeckle (13) First Methodist Church 11:36 (11) Wild Bill Hlckock (2) This Is the Life 12:00 (2) Waterfront (11) Kit Carson (13) This Is the Answer . 12:30 (2) Million Dollar Movie '"view, SATURDAY Graham pointed out, howev- r, that he has tried to minimize the attrition among his "inquirers" through a counselor follow-up system" that is unique in the annals of mass evangelism. Accompanied By Counselor It Roes into operation the moment sn "inquirer" itarts down the aisle at a Graham meeting. Before he reaches the front of the auditorium, the inquirer will find at hi« side a person of the same sex and approximately the same age—a "counselor" who has had nine weeks of special training for h.'s role. After the service, the counselor accompanies tho ir.auirpr to a larse auditorium )n the basement. When every.,ne is seated Graham or o;ie of ri:s assistants makea a brief talk. The inquirers are >jr:v:-d to return each evening at 6:30 ior attend classes of insTu-»ion. the duration of the cru?ade. to They also get individual m- with the nnuirers tianity. mmm Scott Galbreath Insurance Agency "The man from Eqnltable" INSURANCE EXCLUSIVE!,! SINCE 1929 PHONE 7-2406 109 PLANTATION DR. LAKE JACKSON 6:43 (13) Test Pattern 8:35 (13) Sign On 7:00 (11) Rural Reveille 7:25 (2) Morning Devotional* 7:30 (2) Off to Adventure (11) Captain Kangaroo 7:45 (2) Cartoon Carnival 8:00 (2) Howdy Doody 8:30 (2) Gumby (11) Mighty Mouse 9:00 (2) Gumby (11) Cisco Kid 9:30 (2) Capt. Gallant (11) It's A Hit 0:00 (2) True Story (11) Big Top (13) Jungle Ji.n 0:30 (2) Star Performance (13) Hockey Jones, Space Cadet 1:00 (2) Playhouse 15 (11) Lone Ranger (13) Sagebrush Theatre 1:15 (2) Baseball Warmup 1:30 (2) Baseball 1:43 (11) Baseball Game of Week 2:00 (13) Farm Journal 2:30 (13) Into Focus 1:00 (13) Pin Oaks Horse Show (11) Scoreboard 2:15 (2) USGA. Nat'l Golf Tournament 3:JO ;il) Saturday Matinee 4:00 (13) Buster Keaton Theatre (13) Popsicle 3:00 (2) Annie Oakley (11) Get Set, Go! (13) Circus Tims 5:30 (2) Roy Rogert (11) Don Mahoney (11) Academy Theatre (11) Utah Carl 1:00 (11) Academy Theatre <!3I Sunday Showboat 1:30 U3> Sunday Movietim.' 2:00 (2) Project 20 3:00 (11) Mr. District Attorney <2) Topper 3:30 (2) Outlook—NBC (11) The Three Musketeers 4:00 (2) Meet the Press (11) Odyssey 4:30 (2) Star Performance 5:00 (2) Cowboy Theatre (11> The Last Word 3:30 (2) Circus Boy (11) You Are There (13) Screen Star's Theatre «:00 (2) Steve Allen (11) Lassie (13) You Asked For It 630 (11) Jack Benny (13) All-Star Theatre 7:00 (2) TV Playhouse (10 GE Theatre (13) Original Amateur Hour 7:30 (11) Alfred Hitchcock 8:00 (2) I.oretta Young (11) $64000 Challenge (13) Cite With the Angels 8:30 (2) Susie (11) What's My Line (13) Hollywood Theatre 9:00 (2) People Are Funny (11) Ed Sullivan Show 9:30 (2) Dr. Hudson's Journal 10:00 (2) Star Movie Time (11) CBS Sunday News (13) Mike Wallace Interviews 10:13 (11) Bill Roberts Camera !0:30 (13) Movietlme U. S A (ID Late Show 11:30 (2) Halls of Ivy 12:00 (2) Sign Off (13) Si*n Off 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn 1.25 (11) Lat« News who later will fill out a "decision card" containing the ;.n- ijuirer's name, address, asr, telephone number, occupation', the nature of his "d«-ision." and his local church "preference." Card S«nt To Church Withfn 43 hours, a copy of this card will go the minister of the IOCA! churrh. The counselor is supposed to h?*p in touch with the inquirer, by telephone or in person, un- : til he has es'ablished con'act with a local church. i ROBERT MITCHfM HEAVEN KNOWS MR. ALLISON DEHORAH KERR SUN. MON. TUES. DESIGNING WOMAN GREGORY PECK LAl.-l.-EN BACALL I Karl Is New Boy i I Congratulations are in ord».-! ! to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davio ! , jOjala of Lake Jackson who an; > 'he nroud pirents of i new brw. j Ksn David. He tipped u-<! ' scales at si-ven arv! thr**- I fourths ounres when he -was : born June 11 at Dow Hisp:tal. • Plus "Goodbye My Lady" ELASCO TO-DAY * SATURDAY JOHN BARRYMOKE JB. "High Lonesome" Also "NIGHTFALL" TO-NITE A SATURDAY "Rogues Of Sherwood Forest" Also "ARROW HEAD" COME IN BEFORE 9:W P.M. REMAIN TO SEE SAT. Mid . Nltt Show TO-NITE A SATURDAY "SHOTGUN" AIM "Clancy Street Boys" Every Tiiet, Thur. A S»t. AT THE SURF AND TRADEWIND DR. IN'S The Community Calendar FRIDAY, JUNg 2:15 p m,-Braio»port Rotary Club, Port!, Freeport 1:30 p.m —Bnsorta County Shrine Club. Angleton Motor Company r :30 p.m—Gulf Coast Duplicate Bridge Club, Dow Plant B Cafeteria 1:00 pjn.—-Alcoholics Anonymous, Augleton I>glo.i Hall SATURDAY, JUNK IS 1:30 pin. Briuuport LiUlo Theatre General Mocting. Uttle Thefttrs House, V«- lasco MONDAY, JUNK IT :30 piii.— Lake J,ickaon L1 o u « Club, Lindvelt Hou^e, Lake Jacksno ".SO p.m.— LiKo Jack&on Jaycces, Jaycee OubbouM, L*k.« Jack&ou 1:30 pjn.— We»t ColuuibU American Ltgijo, Legion Hall, West Columbia ';30 p.m.—Pykhlui Sloers, Frecpmt Temple, No 16 K ol P Hall. Fret- port MONDAY, JUNE 17 :W p.m — Riinbow Oirls »*eUiig, Masonic Lodge, Freeporl :30 p. m. — Qlrl Scouts »nd Loaders Little Hi/use, Motlien M«tin«, Freeport :CK) p.m. Lake Jackson 8uu:J Meeting, L&ka Juckson Miiuulc Hail :00 y-m.— Freeport Odalel- lowi Lodgi Nu. Ml, IOOF Building, Frteport :00 p.m.— Lake Jacluoa Alcohollca Anonymous, Ior place of meeting call 71»\0 TUESDAY, JUNt 18 8 00 a.m.— BraHupoit Women's Goll A^sociaUoii, Freeport Uolf Court* 11:30 urn.- Lake Jtcluon Krftojiii, City Cafe, L<Ju Jacksou 7:00 p.m. — Lalta Jack^oa American Hill C*U rretpon J-U11, Exleiuiou 2il (or Presented a* a public service by Thi Dow Ch«Hicil Company Texa« DivMou Vote For G. L. "Mac" McKay Candidate tar CANAI. COMMISSIONER Braimt Klver Harbor Navl- (atlon DUtrlrt July S, 1997 paid political adttrtUnunt Annouociiiir The Opening «( BROWN'S Service Station and Trading Post Hwy. !88 and Main St. date Formerly Stmm'i Service Station "W* buy and Mil ol valun" TELEPHONE TALK TRAVEL TIPS June's l.prc Summer is in the air. Now's the time for t-ifi. honeymoons, week-end Jaunts, and full-fledged vacations. Summer al»o Is the Ume when Long Distance aervice can como in «xtra handy. JUM a CAll nr two to relatives or friends, to the twtol or fish- Ing lodge, and ail the details of your vacation are quickly worked out. Traveling by car, you make the mo*t of each day's duviryr. randiiions by ca!hn;; ahead for reservations. And you can chsng« your lime Uble is you go along. Long Disur.c-e helps in arranging those ipur-of-the-momem week-end jaur.w. too. A couple of calls, a fd>v hourt notice, tnd your* on your way. And when y:.u do take off, cross-ooant.ry or Jim for the wetk- ead, let the ••v.ciiriere" at horn* know you'ie okay — by Lone CAMERA TIPS Bj Chai. Morpui SHoorma IN THE SUN. . Trw oli amateur rule ot letting the bun come fn*ai uvor tiid photographer'* iimulder i« good, and it will let lou get away with a minimum 01 exposure, but It can also result iu some pretty strained and squniiy exprtusioru on the face ol youi subject looking into the sun. Trus can ba eimiinuiad by u&e of a proper lens shade and reverting petition witlt too mbjecl. When doiutf Uiii, reoienkoer to ex- UIKM for. tlie Oetatb la slla- ciavvs. A^ Uie lace now i» in the shadow, ihe e^po^ure ouul be increased ix»n^lderably, *^er- double or mofe. t\>r valuable tip; on uklng better picture* stop In and have a chai hiUi any ol our frieudly clifks. They'll b* glad to help you A'llri your particular problems. MORGAN'S PHABMACY 9*« N. GuU Blvd. Ficcport Fboiw 3-a2U Wrierever yau ?o, you're never far from the telephone. WATCH OUT FOR KIDS i in ihe telephone business we pay a lot of attention to safety j and satety training. ij Every year at ihta viira there'a a special reminder Jor tele- '.' phone drivers: -School's out. Watch out for kids." : I repeat the rtniiiider hsre because it's so important, and ; because 11 s*emi W apply equally to everyone who drive*. Telephone arr.-ers ara ansious to join with all of you in doing everything po»»ibie to make this an exua wl« summer. Mayb« the best way to do that is to us* a heavy foot on tbt brake and a lisnt on* en the gas pedal, especially nwr play- gi-ounds and in tesidenuil artas. You nav* our pitdge to drlv* s^j^ly — mis summer, and all year long. LET DAD BELAX For one reason or another. I always end up with the "telephone answering job" when I'm home Happens all the time Wife's tired. Kids art bu>y, or m be* It's up to me M answer all calls. II the man of your house is In ths same fix, why not make it. easy fur luin. 3cc to li there's a telephone bear his favorite tvemng relaxing spot. Tlien he can Just reach — Instead of run — when the phone rings. Falhcr's Day Is couung up, June 16 Wu'd be ijiad to work with you on arranging a gift telephno* fur hur/ . Juit call us at the telephone business office The number is 3-t201. We'll tike it from there. Tha price for an additional telephone Is only 1.00 a month, plus installauou. c * a if a nuwoHt

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