Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 37
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L**»«j Bitch, Calif., FrU, March If, It7* INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TElEGRAW [PMj MCA SPLIT The board of directors of MCA, Inc., the parent , c o m p a n y of Universal Gludios, approved a 2-for-l split of its common stock effective May 3, and declared.^ quarterly d i v i - dend of 50 cents on common stock prior (o the split, payable to stockholders of record of March 29. Pickfair revisited by Fairbanks Jr. RATINGS PG Restricted PefWrriirtJef M D . ra 4^."Kl i-tes accom- ** t w w l o ' f J . a NOTI: II f*c *(j js. lire more r«!ric!«t ra'aig i T l MANN I THEATRES BARGAIN PIICISI BEIMONT tl.MMon.-Frl. 'tiUiM SI JO Sat. '1115:00 Sun. Hoi. tl JO'til 2:00 R03SMOO* SI.StMon.-Frl. 'III*:*! tl.SOSat. 'Ml 5:00 11.50 Sun. ti Ho).'til J:00 By BOB THOMAS BEVERLY HILLS (AP) -- He seemed a handsome throwback to the past, his moustache clipped to a fine edge, the tie and kerchief matching perfectly the conservative suit, the near-white hair in a neat pompadour. A l l a r o u n d D o u g l a s Fairbanks Jr. in the Polo L o u n g e of the Beverly Hills Hole! was the New Hollywood: rock-concert promoters in jeans and plaids, hot young directors in sneakers, a visiting female star with her hair in curlers. Far from viewing the scene with distaste, Young Doug, as he was called in his earlier years, seemed amused. Although a scion of the onetime First Family of H o l l y w o o d , he re- m a i n s doggedly u n s e n t i - mental about the "good old days." " I d o n ' t r e m e m b e r them as 'good old days," he commented. "All I remember is working hard in films, worrying about whether the next option was going to be taken up, being abused by the buttonhole makers who had made it to the top of the industry. There w e r e tyrants in those days -- the Harry Cohns, the Louis Mayers -- and we were subject to their whims. "1 know the younger generation looks at the shinier product of those years and thinks that we made such classics. What they don't realize is that we also made a lot of trash." Fairbanks is here to visit old chums, promote a book and do a TV job. He is staying at Pickfair, fa- bled mansion of his late father and actress Mary P i c k f o r d , A m e r i c a ' s Sweetheart,, who l i v e s there now with her current husband. Buddy Rogers. She hasn't been seen outside Pickfair in several years because of declining health. "But she has made a remarkable comeback," reported her onetime stepson. "Five years ago we were all concerned about her; in fact, we thought we were going lo lose her. Now she seems amazingly well." A special a w a r d from the Motion Picture Academy helped raise her spirits. The Fairbanks-Pickford mystique is elegantly captured in a new book, "The Fairbanks Album," a collection of photographs and press clippings. "I really had very little to do with It, except to ask friends and relatives to help supply photographs," said Fairbanks. "Richard Schickel put it together and supplied the commentary." There are a few revelations, including the fact that the elder Fairbanks, the biggest star in sileut films, was u p s e t w h e n h i s s o n e n t e r e d movies. "1 suppose I might have reacted the same way," said Fairbanks Jr. "He probably felt I should continue my schooling and thought I was being exp l o i t e d because of my name. "1 don't believe he felt threatened -- not by a teen-age boy, not when he was making classics like 'Robin Hood' and 'Black Pirate.' I was being pushed into small parts in big pictures and big parts in small pictures." While he is here, Fairbanks will co-host a television show previewing the Academy awards. He resigned some years ago as a member -- "I had retired from the industry, and the Academy seemed to want my dues more than my vote." He hinted h i s displeasure: "My father was the first president of the Academy but never got an Oscar in his lifetime. They walled until after he was dead to give him one." He hasn't made a movie in m o r e than 20 years ("They don't even ask me anymore, and 1 don't think 1 want to risk it"). But al G6 he remains b u s y as ever with his international e n t e r p r i s e s a n d good works. He also performs in p l a y s -- l a s t y e a r breaking the K e n n e d y Center record in Washington, D.C., with 11 weeks in "Tho Pleasure of His Company." H e ' l l repeal t h e role in London this summer in his first relurn lo t h e West E n d stage since the war. F a i r b a n k s s o l d h i s showplace home in London to a rich Arab. Now his . home base Is the Vicarage ("It realty wns a vicarage, built in 1895") in W e s t Palm Beach, Fla. DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. I LATE SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY » SATURDAY BARGAIN PRICE EARLY BIRD SHOWS (At rmrt BELOW) 275 J l U n l i c 4S4-2619 "BEYOND THE GRAVf " «:J510;]0 (PG) BREAKHEART PASS 1:30 (PC) 4318 E. 2nd 2i3r4»-1001 This film h a trkimolV Rex Reed "HESTER STREET" i.X-t'.IA-t-.ii (PG) Adult* Only. No one under 18 admitted "SNUFF" I: J»4:05-7:«H:IHO:» ( X ) 2 5 3 5 Sell Belch JJtO'.IS A cast of Ihouwnds or at leall A lew! Mi! Brooks' "BLAZING SADDLES' CHAW.rYAW)1HEAN«L 5:3M:I5.10:IO 1C) 1.9900 Hiwttwni IM.-3JI-IEM Profoundly moving and beautiful "HESTER STREET" 1 98W HMrtliMM 8W. r 37I.-1BM " i ta'-r*-- S«an Conner f MAN WHO WOULD U KINO" 1:15-5:2M;WIPO) GIV! 1M Hfll HARDY 'Midsummer* a spring dream at SCR By BOB SANDERS Slatf Writer If you don't like innovations on Shakespeare you may not like Costa Mesa's South Co'asl Repertory's current production of "A M i d s u m m e r N i g h t ' s Dream." On the o t h e r hand, you may. G u c s l D i r e c t o r D a n Sullivan has taken only a few liberties with the con- v e n t i o n a l presentation, and the p l a y certainly docs not suffer for them. One is costuming the characters in the 19th century, which takes some getting used to but, once accomplished, adds a certain zest to the farcical qualities inherent in the play. Another is opening and closing the sltow with the top-hatted, worn-luxedocd Puck performing a f e w tricks usually seen only in the cheaper magic shows. It is doubtful that Shakespeare himself would object to this format. Still another is the use of puppet dolls, exquisitely made and costumed, to portray the fairies of the wood. N o n e of this detracts one whit from the essential elements of the play GENE UZA MINNELLI GUCT 19600Hlwlto.c.Bl.d-37HMO "BlYOJjtlffi^i^VE'' "DtVIl WITHIN HER" MiVlIlflv'^iiJii'iv 735 Silvw Spur JT7-SW3 Academy Nomkwlions "DOG DAY AFTERNOON" 9:10(1!] "BKEAKHEART PASS" 7lDO(PG) ;as Silvw Sour 377 H« "MYONO THE G*AVl" , ;L(0-10:M(PO] "BLACK^^ISTMAS" CO.OH 6T WllW and, in various spots, adds fillips of additional humor lo Ihe already hilarious play. The acting is, as usual w i t h South Coast H e p , excellent, w i t h t h e slag- ing, lighting and costuming on the same plane. Hal Landon Jr. stands out in an outstanding cast with his portrayal of the pervasive P u c k , w h o s e m a g i c a l m a c h i n a t i o n s manage to create chaos out of confusion u n t i l O b c r o n , K i n g o f t h e Fairies, orders order. The quartet of mixcd-up lovers, whose vacillating affections provide most of Die plot (or the first half of the play, arc beautifully played by Sharon Cramb- tree as Hermia, Reginald Hook as Lysandcr, Jake G a r d i n e r as Demetrius and Eda Zahl as Helena. The workingman cast- within-the-cast p r e s e n t s the tragicomedy " P y r a - m u s and Thisbe" play- wilhin-the-play with such excruciating hilarity that many of Ihe lines are lost PALACE 30 PINI AVi. 434-4419 MON.4IL IITOII 9 M* t MON.-MI. "1TM ' ··"*· · UT. * UN. « WXUMVt tl.10 KIM * UNO* CIT1ZINS 7It OPtN All NKMn OHM 9.4S Pacific's Towne Walk-In Theatre Co-Hit "WILOMcCULLOCHS",P, in the laughter of the audience. V e t e r a n a c t o r Al Cliccco, a newcomer to SCR, is intriguing as the beautifully bumbling Bottom, and his love scenes w i t h the bewitched Titania, Queen of the Fairies, played ably by llhoda Gemignani, are highlights of the show. The rest of the 20-mcm- ber c a s t , particularly G a r y Bell as Theseus, Anni Long as Hippolyla and Charles Lanyer as O b c r o n , K i n g o f t h e Fairies, turn in excellent performances. Altogether "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at South Coast Rep Is an outstanding production. From the opening magical action to the final curt a i n it n e v e r lets the audience down. Il's a must f o r a n y o n e w h o l i k e s Shakespeare or comedy. The p l a y w i l l be p r e s e n t e d T u e s d a y through Sunday at 8 p.m., with the Sunday matinee al 3 p.m.. at South Coast Repertory's theater, 1827 N e w p o r t B l v d . , C o s t a Mesa, Ihrough April 21 Fonda condition said satisfactory Associated I*rcss Actor Henry Fonda, 70, was recuperating in sals- f a c t o r y condition T h u r s day from surgery lo re- m o v e a l a r g e nonnuilig- nanl tumor near (he diaphragm, a family spokesman said. Fonda was admilled lo Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in lxs Angeles Sunday. Tonight at 8:3O Major Studio Sneak Preview Allantk Son Antonio lona Beoch . X22-1M1 "AROUStKS", "YOUNG PLAYMATK" TfimfaeGtuete TORRANCF. ^BL BROOKS ^l^MHIrLTVnra m-WO Pzc. CD. H«T. » Cftniluw a.)"4 MUSKEHERS-'poi "3 MUSKETEERS" (W) (b.) "BARHY LYNDON" (.) DOWNEY , , Downey Avt. nt»r Firtttone "3 MUSKETEERS"^ "4 MUSKETEERS"TM AVriM* Htulrt, D0wn*r Ul -M) Oowrirr A«- nuf Fmiww "BLAZIW5ADD1ES":., from the ptoplc who g»T« you "The Ian 5t»a*r" ·rJ.J-.V-^'iS- -· ..-'i':.",:."! i Citf MK3 awTOV) Vam.lZti 0.«JE iVSSWiil ?. i--. -V:;r. : f'.". -;?i : K : W,r-K:(; V »· -.-^ ·,»«·! WSi '-'.^^ SI'W'j IV.^A ' CO-HIT THE GANG THAT COULON SHOOT STRAIGHT",«, HIVUlV tl 7* M O N D A Y lhr» m i O » V » 10 » 03 S A T U R D A Y I 33 * M · SUNDAY I HOI I D A Y S 1'30 ? JO LAKEWOOD CENTER: II Ml MONDAY thru S A T U R D A Y (Ciopl HolKl»i»l \I J«-* 00 TOWHE: II V) MONDAY ihru FUlDAY 4 00 I ]0 · S A T U R D A Y U OC-S 04 SUNDAY A H O L I D A Y S 1? 00 7 M L A M I R A D A 4 : 11 (0 MONDAY thrw S A I U M O A Y |Cic*pl Uolid«|»| IIJA · i 00 S U N D A Y 1 HOUDAY* H 10 A I DO ' 56UILI rmilLI 4 CHllU f ROM BtYOND THI GRAVE (roi PIUI · THE DEVIL'S RAINira) MATIHIII OA11Y . OHH lliJO MIL MOONS' MAAMHI BLAZING SADDLES in GANCIWI OXUtn SH001STUKMT (M) MAnWIS DAItT · ONN 13ilO * ACAMMY AWAID NOMINATION* ONE HEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST in CAIL rot uwwnMii · NO rMm MAT1NIU DA1VY · Of IN IllJO . TKIINOOf tHIllMI CMAftLU IIONIOM BREAKHEART PASS (»» POSSE IPO; LAKE WOOD- CENTER . WALK.IH . f'ACAMMWAWAiO NOMINATION* ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST in CAU tOt IHOWTIMIt . NO PAIU UKEWOOD CENTER. WALK-IN "" 4 ACAMMY AWAtD NOMThUTIOHS | THE SUNSHINE BOYS [« IIUCI DON SMILE [wi KATTNm DAItT · OPIN 11:30 } ACAOtMT AWAtD NOMINATION* BARRY LYNDON {») luu.-ruutu. Itl.-iAT. hOO MIL UCKHU' tMAWI BLAZING SADDLES [·) Oong TKif Cculdn'l Shoot SfralaM i» OPIH IlilO * NUHNIII DjflLV A ACAMMY AWAID NOMINATION WILD McCULLOCHScro, P»OH. -MI. tiio . IAT..»UH nJo_ LUCKY LADYirai WILD McCULLOCHS irai MOH.-f Rl. 6rt0 · iAr.-lUN. TliOO on PACIFIC DRIVE-IN SUPER SWAP MEETS . LONO BEACH Drlvt-ln ««»vu,. Km u, J ,, m 1*1 A Sun . l a m ro t f m · VERMONT Orlvt-ln -ia. A lun Mm 10 i ni Family Funl Profltil Bargain! Galorot GEORGE SEGAL BLAZING SADDLES I» TlllY IAVA1AS INSIDE OUTioi mum MO Ki»ikMi i. ru «VTL WITH* HB pi 1 SVIAI4I lUf.KlUS 1 ALL STAX CAITT. 3 MUSKETEERS !«i 4 MUSKETEERS ( HOWtT ·IDKMO · PMJt MrWMAN 1. IUICM US)IDT t llWtHCI KID (K) 1. RACI WITH THI DtVIL (Kj] BEYOND THI DOOI ID 9 ACAMMT AWUD HOMfMAnONl OMI U.IW OVtt THI CUCKOO 1 ! HUT (l| MU MOOKS' IMASHF BLAZING SADDLES (») GOLDIE HAWN 1 IWMM UKKUII 1 Ut ITU CAlrt 3 MUSKETEERS (»» 4 MUSKETEERS oouuinwiu CHIUI FROM BIYOND TW OftAVI ( rtut · IT'S ALJVI («i ML MOO4U' IMAMI k MflWI fMtif H.U THE DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATER FO BLAZINO SADDLES it) mir.uvAiAt INSIDE OUT 101 THE TAXIE DRIVER (i) HARD TIMES IK AWUO ONI fUW OVil THI CUCKOO'S NIVT (i) T I R l F Y I N O THE DEVIL WITHIN HII PLUS · (I BLACK CHRISTMAS m nu. ciAVtutH V)UU I GABLE LOMBARD 01 PART II: WALKINO TALI (») 0»*r UK MIVJ-IH lUHt lown ix KUO THE TAXI DRIVER (i, HARD TIMES iroi KMAM1I BLAZINO SADDLES n) nur (AVAL** INSIDE O U T m UACIHEMAS UATWIH"A" Marina Del Rey8?2-?980 Cernloi 924-1212 SB. BAY CINEMA Beach 370-8567 HlQuUr Future WiTI Bt Shown Before Ant) After Sneik. I230-O5-825 "F00» SMuxruvitwiiio ; ·OU OUCUU" ,10 i lostautotOHra 405 nn. »i loom ST. BUTCH CASSIDY I AND SUNDANCE KID u 00-2 44.2S-1005 "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" I 00-4.45-8-25 nsr= TO 3O-2 ; *0-6 30-1025 "WKMtT TO THE 1055X-9.55 "8LUME IN LOVE" ,r, 1KO-3 20-7.45 "BEYOND THE GRAVE",, 12,10-3.40-7,1000 35 "TALES FROM TH£ CRYPT" 10:30-US-5.JS-8_55 Acoci*nty Award Ko*nl«o1loni j: »t RfTCM *TW WO ^T^r,," ! jjL w A«M«. Tommy !| BUTCH CAJSIDY __ i! AND SUNDANCE KID 2 2O-«» -»,35 "RACE WITH i ,,^r;il-. M THE DEVIL" 3:45-- 7f 5--10:25 'THE ROILING STONES" 225--545--905 )j 4 (_ : 2o_eoo "BEYOND THE GRAVE", I? 30 3 V 7 JO -1041 "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" 2 : I O - 5 1 S -» 10 "~ I MUSKITtERS'V. DORNT i " 4 UVEHERE !« us « TtERS "" "MEAT WILOO 12 5 5 4 5 0 3 50 LOS ciminros CIMTID aos rmiyvAv. AT SOUTH ST WfSTMINSTf* MAll, SAN.OffoO f WY. AT »Ol*A AViNUI (714) 193.1305

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