Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 1, 1963 · Page 16
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 16

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Page 16
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T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY EVENING. MAY f. 1963 IN TAMAULIPAS, MEXICO People Fight Nature, And Nature Is Winning PAGE 17 By BOB M. GASSAWAY ALAZAN, Mexico -- (A') -This small farm community in Northern Tamaulipas state Is the scene of a battle of humans against nature--and ,,i. i , -, R E A L R E L I E F . . . When simple pilej cause agony and embarrassing itch, use De Will's Man/an -BOW evtn moro effective with Allanioin.a ipecial heating agenl. ManZan also contains beiuocaine to ease pain, and a vasoconstrictor In help reduce swelling. F soothing action and fast palliative relief, try ... BVBa re OINTMENT OR SUPPOSITORIES n a t u r e appears to have (he upper hand, Virtually all the 750 residents of the Alaxan commun- ty are ill with diseases ranging from tuberculosis to diarrhea. They are among thousands of Mexicans in the northern frontier area suffering from malnutrition and dehydration as the result of a prolonged drought and heat wave. The victims are so isolated that doctors and nurses must use pickup trucks and vehicles with four-wheel drive to reach them with medicine, food and health information. I bounced more than 200 miles over country roads, paths, ditches, and fields observing these poor farmers and their problems. Almost all of them are backward and deprived. The majority know nothing of man's flights into space. A car passing is an important- enough event that they turn and stare. An ice cream stick is a special treat. I stopped to ask Jose Sanchez directions as he plodded along a dusty road. I offered him a ride. He hopped in and we drove o f f , but less than one-half mile down the road, WOOLWORTH'S RATON and COTTON CHENILLE OCCASIONAL RUG 197 So right for your floor. 3x5' rug with a deeply fringed border and skid resistant latex backing. Wido selection of all the latest decorator colors. 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YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MOKfAT WOOLWORTH'S FOR A TASTY SNACK - AN APPETIZING MEAL - THINK OF US Woolworth's Lunch Department he became so excited and confused that he asked to get out. A jeep was too strange for him. His son drives a tractor, but Sanchez has never tried it. The farmers know nothing but tilling the soil. They depend on mother nature to make things turn out right. If she fails, they are lost. This year, she failed them. There has been no major rain. The people have no corn to grind to make meal for tortillas. Beans, another staple in their diet, are shriveling to nothing on the vine. Cotton, the major cash crop for the small plot owners, is turning yellow less than six inches out of the seed. Without corn and beans there is no food. No cotton means no clothes, no oil for lanterns, and no shoes. Town to these people is Rio Bravo, a settlement of about 20,000 residents 20 m i l e s s o u t h o f t h e R i o Grande, and about 45 miles u p r i v e r from Brownsville, Tex. It is about 15 miles to Reynosa which borders Texas near McAllen. When the farm residents make one of their rare trips to Rio Bravo, they find theaters, a small hospital, various shops, a park and the streets with lights that are sometimes left on as late as 11 p.m. FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE PLASMA POWER - Part 3 Engineers See Mill At Duval Mines These stores and places to buy things are fine--if you have money. If there was no rain, like this year, and if you could not irrigate your crops, y o u h a v e n o m o n e y . T h e shops are useless. The people live in shacks built of boards, in adobe h u t s , in thatched lean-tos, and in one-room shanties made of sticks and mud. There is irrigation in Northern Mexico, but not for the small farmer. He would not know how to handle such water even if it were available. When the crops die, as they are now, there is no way to re-seed the fields, because there is no more seed and no money to buy any. Farmers in tattered clothes wander through the dusty fields with hoes, tending the few surviving stalks. The sick persons lie at home, where one well member of a family takes care of the others. Doctors have been unable to attend to the health needs of the isolated farm villages because of great demands in the more populated areas. However, h e a l t h teams now are devoting more time to the needs of the small poverty-stricken f a r m e r s . Campaigns have been organized across the Rio Grande in Texas to provide food and clothing for the Mexicans. The people of Alazan have always lived and worked together, much in the way that the American pioneer farmers did. But now they cannot help themselves. AU FORMS Of ELEC7RICITV ARE DUE 70 A MOVEMENT OF ELECTRONS IN A 'CONDUCTING MATERIAL. IN SUCH A MATERIAL, LIKE. COPPER, SOME ELECTRONS CONTtNUAUV "WANDER',' JUMPING FQOM ATOM TO ATOM. THESE WANDERING ELECTRONS, WHEN MADE TO ROW ALL IN ONE CXRtCriON, fORM WHAT Wt KNOW AS.'-.M'ELECTRIC" (ELECTRON) CURRENT. THIS FLOW CAN BE CAUSED BY PASSING THE CONDUCTING MATERIAL THROUGH A MAGNETIC FIELD, WHEN THE NEGATIVE ELECTRONS ARE DE.FLECTED AT RIGHT ANGLES TO THEIR LINE OF MOVEMENT. THIS DEFLECTION Of ELECTRONS,WHEN CHANNELED THROUGH A WIRE, FORMS AM ELECTRIC CURRENT. JFK To Skip Rome, Visit It With Jackie Next Year WASHINGTON -- (/?) -President Kennedy plans to skip Rome on his trip to Italy next month but he and Mrs. Kennedy will tour the Eternal City together on a state visit next year. Although the decision remains tentative, t h e r e a p pears to be little likelihood of Kennedy changing his mind. For one thing, he does not want to detract from what promises to be a glittering visit to the Italian capital with the first lady. Instead of going to Rome, Kennedy now plans to fly directly from Washington to Milan. He is expected to hold working meetings with the Italian prime minister al a retreat not far from Milan, an industrial city 30 miles south of the Swiss border. Rome originally was to have been the high point ol Kennedy's European t o u r with the President and Mrs Kennedy scheduled to make a state visit. Plans were changed after the Easter Monday announcement that the first lady expects her third child late in August. Two days after Easter, the White House said Kennedy would make a working visit to Italy in June and take Mrs. Kennedy there for a state visit early in 1964. In bypassing Rome this trip, Kennedy virtually erases all possibility of an audience with Pope John X X H i . But a papal audience for the first Roman Catholic President of the United States will almost certainly be a part of next year's program. Kennedy's decision to bypass Rome became known yesterday. Further details of his t e n t a t i v e itinerary were learned today. The schedule, subject to change pending the return of an advance party that leaves Washington next Sunday, is: Kennedy will board his jet transport at nearby Andrews Air Force Base, Md., probably on June 20, and arrive in Milan the following day. He will stay in the Milan area for two or three days, then fly to Dusseldorf on the eastern shore of the Rhine. Present plans call for a motorcade from Dusseldorf to Bonn, a distance of less than 50 miles, with a possible swing to Cologne en route. Kennedy is expected to spend two days in Bonn, then go to Frankfort and, a day later, proceed to West Berlin. The President would be in Communist - surrounded Berlin only a few hours, then fly direct to Dublin, capital of the Irish Free State which was Advertisement Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wobblo ·when you talk, eai, laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. FASTEETH. an, a l k a l i n e (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates keeps false Ceeib more firmly set. Gives confident feeling of security and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Get FASTEETH today nt any drUK counter. he homeland of Kennedy's ancestors. Two or three days will be allotted for the Irish visit, which will feature a trip to the Kennedy family cottage at New Ross, Wexford County. Operations of the Esperanza concentrator at the Duval Mines at Twin Buttes were viewed Monday by members of the ore dressing division of the American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers. The trip was a highlight of the organization's semi - annual state meeting, being attended by 90 members. In a morning session at the Ramada Inn the group heard a report on the concentrator. The group viewed the mill in operation in the afternoon, "tii? concentrator, put into operation about five years ago, is one of the first applications of large grinding mills with extensive instrument control. Richard W. Livingston of Duval, outgoing chairman of the ore dressing division, presided at a banquet last night. Installed at the banquet was the new division chairman, J. D. Vincent, mill superintendent at the Mission unit of the American Smelting and Refining Co. Glenda Garrett 3rd In Contest Miss Glenda G a r r e t t , daughter of Judge and Mrs. Lee Garrett of Tucson, placed third in the state Knights of Pythias high school speaking contest at Nogales last weekend. S p o n s o r e d by Tucson Lodge No. 9, K n i g h t s of Pythias, Miss Garrett competed against five other contestants from throughout the state. Her topic was "Rights and Responsibilities." First-place winner was Al K o n o w of Phoenix. Miss Joyce Hunter of Tempe was second. aching back One of a series on FACILITIES: A Kennecott workman, dwarfed by immense size of equipment in Converter Aisle of Smelter Building at Hayden. watches from a safe distance as huge steel ladle pours 20 tons of molten copper "matte" into Converter Furnace, in which sulphur and iron impurities will be removed. Nagging backache,headache, or muscular aches and pains may come on wiih over-exertion, emotional upsets or clay to day stress nml strain. And folks who eat and drink unwisely sometimes sufTer mild bladder irritation . . . with that restless uncomfortable feeling. If you are miserable and worn out because of these discomforts, Doan's Pills often help by their pain-relieving »ction, by their soothing cfTect to ease bladder irritation, and by their mild diuretic nclion through the kidneys- lending to increase the output of the IS mile* of kidney tubes. So if nagging backache makes you feel drnggcd-out,miserable...with restless, sleepless nights...don't wail...try Down's Pills... get the snme happy relief millions have enjoyed for over 60 years. F o r c o n v e n - ience, ask for the large size. Get Doan'i Pills loilayl In many areas of the world, copper ores are rich enough to be mined at a profit by old-fashioned methods. But in Arizona, where copper ores average less than 1% copper content, this is impossible. That's why Kennecott* had to invest large sums of money in modern mining, milling and smelting facilities. cnjoyea lor uvci u« Doan's Copper Corporation 'ines Division

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