Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1972 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1972
Page 13
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Believe TtorMrf/ 0WP£N£P, - .UHARIIE BROWN? V ON MY FINSGR IH ITS DWE3 FSOMgSAT HEIGHTS TO WPTHS . sorer BENEMH THE SURMCEOr THE A6EWWJ, MASUREO 2STOKI6M WTHOUT A TBKHtRW f 1 LIFEBOAT Af mW, BISCAND, WAS MAW«D W.THE I6,« FRANCES DRAKE Your Horoscope UtlUJHIIIIIta A StCMACKtHS? ARE VOU S6R10U6? VOU HAMPIE THE CREW, TAKE JERRY, THIS 18 IT'S A SKYJACKf , MAN AND WMAH IN FIRST CLASS WITH GUNS ' DEttWWTOSEEVOU. WHAT? UH...THEN VOU BETTER BRIMS UP. Look In Ihe section in which your birlhday comes and find what your outlook Is, according to the stars! 11, iiniiininnniniiiiiii iiniHiifiMMiMH LESTER L. COLEMAKl, M. D. Larynx Tumors May Disappear HOW MUCH CHDTrT VflRMINT SIT? SHJf!l£9S SKONK HOWaOUTTH % LflNTS^N.SRftBBe STAKES flN'RUN Off ··rttK* -NAMEW } f VJE'LU X-PAV VOU BOTH OUR CAFVSMASHED ) ^---. .---^ . f AMD.MAI L 1K1TOAI4UGE , ' \j \ V O U T H E CLUMSV ^J . y ( RESULTS- f VOLTVE .GOT ME SO V FLUSTERED I DON'T KNOW QWHAT I'M DOING .'/ BUT-THE. NEXT DAV THE MAILING IS INTE3R.OPTED CANT YOU W-K FAST*?, OTTO? 2 WA^TEP TO SET HACK TO THE BIVOUAC HEY; WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA-- TURNIN3 THE J'U-TURM THS UGWTOPP , AS SOON'AS I FINISH THS LAST TWO PMes, OEAfl LIOHT OPP WHILE ARIES :;(Maiv 21 -to Apr. 20) You may have to revise some plans, do a bit of maneuvering now. Don't go loo far out: on a limb, however. Stability will pay, off. TAURUS; (Apiv 21, to May 21) Walch trends and join forces with those who have a stake in the common, welfare. Y o u r boundless energy and en thusiasm can be of tremendous help now GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Stick (o essentials and avoid extremes ( iri'.i all: areas. T h e evening hours will compnse an excellent perjod in which to pool-ideas. Emphasize your wit business acumen and persua siveness. CANCER (June 22 to July 23 An excellent day I . Y o u may be the recipeint of special :fav ors, tokens of good will or oth er unexpected benefils. VIRGO '(Aug. 24 lo, Sept. 23) Merciiry highly ' auspicioUF Your bright mind should be es pecially keen, your ideas n o only inspired but feasible. Writ ten matters, communication generally in" fine favori^' LIBRA (Sept: 24 to^OctV 23) Do -not make, promises yoi cannot keep, but resolve to a chieye -r at least, to work har at -- as much as is i;easonabl possible. A better-than-averag outlook. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 .'You will now have occasio ntelligence. Do not .fail Ihos /ho count on you Develop you atent talents. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec Fluctuating influences Be ore making decisions, have a he .facts. DistributeVenergle agaciously Be suie that plan ire well laic| before taking action. ', f r CAPRICORN (Dec.'22 to" Jan. 0) Cooperation with'others could pave your road lo many out .landing gains now. There is nore to tnis : dayUlian shows on he surface. Don't sell its possibilities short AQUARIUS (Jan 21 (o Feb. 19) Look deeply, into all situations low Surface appearances could he misleading Especially fav ored: Art and education inter ests, domestic matteis PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Excellent opportunities indi c'atcdV Work with 1 sure-ness ant confidence and you should lea] worthwhile' gains; Deliberations and conclusions must be ac curate,.however. YOU BORN'TOTJAV are gov erned by one of the /odiac's most stimulating configurations You can excel as executive, in lI'iltlliilllilEIIUMt'JIilNBJIIIItlllillJIIirilHIiaiJIIJlM la^with these mptliotls.W an contact these spedalisis fof urlher Information. ( Can lmpe|lgo be passed from ne chlldfto another? A child has It, and some of le mothers are afraid, as I am, send the 1 children to our day amp. i Mrs, D, l,,,N.M, 3ear Mrs, L,i Irnpetl£6 is Such a contagidui isease tnat ( J.wrote to',; y d u mmediatelyibyi direct letterjin arder to''save Valuable time. 5 1 LIGHTNING,' FAST? I do want other readers ' lo now Uiat this s k i n disease, caused by the streptococcus or staphylococcus germs, can pais from child to child! find even (o adults, with the speed of a forest fire, It Is imperative that .he person with Impetigo lie isolated so that the spread caVi be halter] ' ) The'child ,who has |,hls coi- ditlon is treated actively with antibiotics, ,and with special applications to the crusting a"jr pustular outbreaks RigiH cleanliness in the home (s essential. The child's towels and utensils! should not be used by anyone elv; } When any child comes down with any suspicious infectioi, parents of other children wife have been in contact with In? infected child should be fiotifiea so that proper preventive ca#» can he starlet) immediately, $ .Our 7-year-old boy, h^s been hoarse almoU from brlth. It was found that he has small tumors on the vocal cords, He has ha'd "three operations and we hav« been .told that the condition may return, ^Where can 1 learn more about this? Are there any special studies being made? ,' Mrs. J. M ,S.C. Dear Mrs. M : - The ; condition that you describe sounds very much like aplllomas -of the vocal cords his Is sometimes called juvenile" tumors, of the arynx. The exact cause Is not ntlrely known. In some cases, surgery alone j very , successful, ,Untor unately, the condition does e n d t o recur ' AT PUBERTY ' ', For aomt unexplained rea- qn, these paplllomas of ,the v'dcal.cord have been known to mappcar at puberty. Dr Herbert Blrck. al Columbus, Children's Hosplta n Columbus, Ohio, has reportei many excellent results from using, ultrasonic ^vibrations. Dr. William Cahane, a VIemorial Hospital,in New Yor! City, has been using cryo surgery '(freezing 'techniques for this (iond|tior)'vV!th a goo degree of success. Both« ultra-sound and cryo surgery are used In many othe institutions all over the countr; I am sure that your doctor : B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge You a r e declarer with the West hand at Six Nolfump arid North leads the jack of clubs How would you play the hand? (Assume that ' Ihe diamonds are divided 34.) V J 6 4 2 4 K 6 5 4 . 3 extremely make You careful if you want statesmanship, arts. Leoiles the law,' the often grayitate to the stage.-Thelr-flair for, entertainment isievident'eveh -in their home life; where they make delightful party, hosts, raconteurs. Your courage, in depence and generosity ave put- standing. You wilt share your assets with others! but often demand your own way from all -- and obstinately. Try to overcome this, along with ar rogance and excessive pride in your achievements. Birlhdate to use your fine imagination and of: Robert Soulhey, Eng. poet. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS I.Indian unit of weight 4. Secure 8. Gambling game 12. Pub specialty 13. Above 14. Ridge of hills .' 15. Refine 17. Beverage 18. Roman poet 19. Laths 20. Blanched 22. Cloak 24, Insects 25. Nightclubs 29. Digit '·' 30. Storms .·: 31. Card game 3a. Valued highly 34. German ' title 35. Performs 36. Heavenly body 37. Pursue 40. Swinging stride 41. Red deer 42. Elaborate cupboard 46. On the sheltered side 47. Sharpen 48. Summit 4 9. Fruit 50. Roman date 51. Habitual drunkard Average time of DOWN 1. Pouch 2. Hebrew priest 3. Nauseated 4. Firm 5. Eager fi. Turkish Cap '.:··' t. Before S.Blrd- ·-· -catcher 9. Continent 10. Rave 11. Native metals ·olutloni 25 mill'. 16. U.S. Inventor 19. Health resorts 20; Liver paste 31. Presently 22.Enclo- '- sures · 23. Retired ' 25. Small ' .· . 28. Components VI. Hipped 28. Classify .30, Hind of contest 33. Religious : festival '34, Bob -- . 36. Secret writings 37. Fellow 38. Healthy 39. Region 40;Smooth 42.Greok letter 43. Fishing pole 44. Menagerie 45. Likely sure of the contract Win t h e club, cash the ace of dia monds, and lead the jqueen o learls! If the queen loses to t h king, you have ^twelve tricks You w i n any return, theruqash ,bu the A 10 of hearts and f K"o be diamonds Next cash the jack of hearts and discard the nin of diamonds.- With , Ihe d I a monds now unblocked, y o cash .Ihe 6-5" to .bring yoursel to twelve tricks. Now. let's assume that 1 -t h defenders refuse the queen o hearts. In that case, continui with the ten. If they take thi ten, ,you again have twelvi tricks, playing essentially a; described above * Of course, the" opponent may refuse the'/ten also,"'In PONYTAIL Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 59 SO ST 'Us 8-11 "Sorry, but a PINT of gas doesn't entitle you toi anything!" ' WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, (iv* full description and itart your Classified Ad for « dayi, You may cancel it whsn results »r* obtained, You'll only b« charged-for th* actiMl number oi days th» id ran. (Top Record Holder to Master*' Individual · Championship Play 1 · HllllillllH^ hat event'jead t t!}e queen if padesl n 1 , i « , If th_e . queen 1 loses to (1 _ ,lng, yoii once more find yourself able to unblock the d I monds by discarding one lal on the jack pf^sp'ades^apd w,iU make the contract In ,that way, Ihlhe queen of spades'is fe- 'us?d, you don't have to bother unblocking , You score twelve tricks consisting of Iwo s p a d e s , three hearts, four'diamonds and three clubs. Note that you cannot' affoS'd lo cash lhe-,ace of hearts oe- for£ attempting to force o d t the king 'You must underleid the aee ea'ch tlmc'to assure t{m 'contract.."Against some distri- iulions Reading Ihe ace woujd jfythe defense met Its obligations fully. 5 It would also be technically wrong to start out by cashing the A Q of diamonds. If y a u then tried to give up a trick in hearts or spades, you coil d 'run info serious difficulty f the player with the kil g promptly look it and retuinsjd a diamond, thus blocking t ty a suit. -» One olher pitfall to avoid-n leading spades before hearts. This could also prove fatal under s.orrie conditions.

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