Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 23
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Pag. VIII LraHWIKA.W-ftWi 1 ·ttdMSf Opp. 1 26 1 1 COMBINATION B SALESMEN FACTORY REP · DISTRIBUTOR MONDAY *wUj FRIDAY ORANGE COUNTY COFFEE SHOP Includes Bfowrtv, txiri itore room + J »!. All ' renled. On corner lot. All tor very lo» down. A TerrlNc Oranst Co. Investment. DRESS SHOP - La Wrada area. In Shewing Center. Estab, 7 vears. Inventory acorox. M.OCO. Fixtures. 32SQ lerms. TONY FAUST II28W Lincoln Anaheim KE 5-9839 K£ 5-1612 BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Due 1o trementfous expansion pfwrtm, opporlunH/ exists for Pepperidge Farm In Ihe Los Annelts Area. Ind,, Preii-T«leoram Box AJ455 CAFE [COFFEE SHOP 1 Only 13 slools-byf bu$y every Busy Downey intefsecllon Orlg. j ovr-sep rellrlr.D. · Atcrox. $200 weekly (more on lender hows] Perfect for cot. Small down pay- r mini. Ad. 9075 E. Imperial Hwy., v WANTED l Reliable men to DO Inlo tuslrvm major service staHonj, Long Beach irea. 30-rfav oak) Irarnfng aoorovtd credit. Call Leonard aft. 5 D.m,, 915-7070, ' LIQUOR STORE-.Ready to open In malor shopping cauia [mniea. sale, owner on · premllts Sun. 12*4 D.m. 133,000 Includes license. Reas. Terms. it PARTNER £ LMe iWg., chemical cleaners, futlc, purth asl ng ( shl oa Hi u recelvEfur.. $7500 cash required. Salary 5225 per week -f share of profits. 630-2624 EXT. 103 LIQUOR slort cocklall .ounce. 15 vcar estab. business. Owner rcllrlncr. Com pi tie package. LI- ceniei fixtures « property. S55,WQ down. Net $35,1X0 4 annually. It can't last Icr.p, so see It lotfav. Principals ·only by appolnlmenl. Richard E, Cox, Realtor, 2132 E. Broadway. 433-7381. DONUT BAR Nell $300 weekly. Cutest soot n lO'ivn, No nlles, 6 days. (Easy lor cpU Owner will t*ach. SJlopo'ir.o cenler roc. Ho near compel 1 . Don't mm It! I Small amount down. 9075 E. Imperial HWY., Downey. Agt. WA 3-c"791. HAMB. S,and (at car wain). AM handout In hutje car wain artf across street from union hall. Just rfoM for eel. ]8 car Drfcno. Same , " owner 12 years. Heed rest. Take horrw Wtt weekly. PfTced for quick sale. Flexible down oayment. Agt. 9075 E. Imperial Hwy., Dew- Liquor Store -1 12,000 Mo. Gross Two 1-Br. cpls. Rented at MO 3?0 Incl, In lease ot J200 mo. 530,000 dn. 534,000 F.P. CHIDESTER'S HE 7-0764 COIN LNDRY $8000 FP ABOUT WOOO DOWN It mach'i. S covers. Real U TrsKer. Owrver leaving area. Wi teach new buyer. Musi iefl this week. Aot. 5075 E. Imperial HWY., Dowrwv. V/A M7»l. TRM-PV^s WITW iniK Pelcrbllls Xenworlhs. Buyers 0-jll trallirs for laroe So. Calif, construction Co. Tn. I..A, area. Low dawn payment., flna n dna furnished PHONE -- SPRUCE 5-32?) . «ulument maintenance, cJTeie repair, elect.' lei!. New Wrta., oood Feast, large oaved yard, Brldpe- [wrt mill. w/T rad:o, D.P., grrnrf- cn, w/benches, crane, h-jfs s, hand tools, e,c. UQJQOQ. Some lerms. For acn't, call 57S-3233. Coffee Shop-- 5 Day Wit Rent 5175--lncr, 1-Br. ant. Hrs. 5:30 fo 3:30. Has beer. Solid "Mom Poo" nperaUon. Low down. A others lo choose from. CHIDEUER'S HE 747M WELDING JRON SHOP Will sell all business or [ust the land, good Bellllower loc. E. T. 1BBETSON A5SOC. 5717 Soulh St.. Suite 1, Lakewood - 925-5501 MarUt-6-$7000 Mo Gross COfnple'e grocery dell scndrles. Operated 16 vrs. Mrs. 7 to 7. Rent $150. 119,500 tolal. CHIDESTER'S HE 7-0744 BEAUTY SALON 4 Operator setup. Fully eqot. Eoomt almost new. Oron $2.000 + per mo. Cypress area. «1 23-13^8 COIN-OP LAUNDRY LAKE WOOD'S FINEST! Grosslno 11500 4- a month. WHAT A V/AY TO INCREASE YOUR INCOMEIi CHIDESTER'S HE 7-07H COCKTAtL bar. DrlnVlrg man's soot. Does tt.OOO mo, oius Siioo on cool. Fulty carpel rd, cane wall*, etc. Owner will finance o rel. col. Easy lerms. For details BUILDING Maintenance bus ness Will cross $15.000- in 19U. F«j1 price IS.OoO, terms, includes wel established buslneis. olffce eaulpi. (7l4|) 522-534? or KtVUTB 'HANCOCK servfce tlation for lease mlnlnwjm Investment reou red. Contact Georfle Sherwcod 4M-73S wkends, GA 7-7911 wWav GYM -- Carpels, coulo., furn lure birsy strcppfng area, parking. SlSt mo. rent. Partner S2200 or sell al S350Q. 11 8 P.M. 1724 BellFlowe Blvd., Bellflower, BY OWNER COCKTAIL BAR Phcne HE 7-5m Ready to go. Make $175 to SIS per wk. »D* is Ihe time. U?i buys all. Will Instruct. Jfm, 130 BrooXhurst. GG, 7U-537-*7CO. BEER BAR-- "GO GOl 1 Eniermt Ihe work*, Gros S3SCO mo. Good lease. S5000 tfn CHIOESTER'J HE 7-076 LARGE Volume Service Stallon fo Irase. Good back room income Tak« a POTOX. 15,000 to h andle BesJ locatran on Pac. Cst.Hv/y 7002 E. Pac. Cst, Hwv. 43W»5 info on "How To Choose Tnte 1 oently A Profitable Franchise' ESTABLISHED yarn shoo, tarn owner 30 years. Due fo limes must Mlf. Clfenlele and -Vron Usrinffi lndui K|L dDa g tE ^2ilf 11 BEER BAR by owner. Good cpe should make S15CO mo. Rl. S15 Inct. wkno 4X00 nsrwfle?. i 0,9J F.P, CA 3-42^7. AUTO rtozlr pa race for sa e. Be* location Ml L.B. Write I1B9 Re 03i St., Los Alamlfos. HOBBY Shoo, Illness forces sa Sac. Grosi SI 800 mo. Low ren rood rease. 5J6-7U1; 430-^773. PLUSH Family Billiards, 14 taWc Good location, buiy area, we established. Pti: W5-54. A-] SHOE Repair tccar'wn. 44,0 cars a day. 9435 AloMra Btvd MEAT MM. tiew. S*n or #as 5h6po1r}g center. Orange Covn! BEAUTY SHOP, xtet. Benflower lo 2 oor. IJCOO + Inventory. W ·111B3 or 4W6139. CATERING fruck with or wllho route, very reas, '64 Chev. 16 Pln«, Aol, 10, 43ft, 7 o.m. Folly roof, 11500. Be ready f serins crean-up. 431-79-y, stall suitable for steam c can car wain. 476VW34. BEER, Wiirt G.-OC, 400 W. 3r Lono Fit. S1000 -I- toy. 437-11 COIN Lxnxrr/--iaiS Palo Vert L.B. Call tM-1152 aft. 5 P.M. CATERING Route fcr sa e-- E Ringj. Parl irme, L.A, 4»i BEER BAR-BY OV/NER GA 7-9074 ^E'tSSMfraV^ 4S -«jfiie i H D E s 7S8 ! 5? 1 Briv7?J!r JOHNSTON'S PIE ROUTE tor 11 DhV CLEANING Aomcy for 11 Lomita Uti. JK-2S5I. uslniu Opp. 124 eerT«v«rnN«T!jl600Mo Ganm alone net S7» mo. (luk« box mned by seller Included n pr ce) 7 pool labltt, ihulEle board bowler always buw. IS loot bar.-TftO $5 makir [n every way. Ideal lor col. Priced to sell Ihls week. Small down to rel. oarlv. Agt. 9071 E. ln\- era Kwv., Dewiw. WA 3^:?! cat Estate WtHited 128 l^ tviOORF r IVIV^\_^I\L: Over $3,921 ,567 IN FEBRUARY Over $6,500,000 . SO FAR 1K IfM ^"MOORE H A I Mil CA6-SSJI GE4JW4 596-336i GA6-73SI MR. SELLER Cal lodav tor your ceoy ol ovr Modern Pictorial m«lhod ot Sttl- ]TO Homes. No OMoalicn. ol ccHjrse. MOULO REALTY GE fr7»l DON'T LOSE IT WE'LL BUY IT Richards Rlty. HA 5- 125 1 CA$H IN 24 HOURS For home OT [ncoir.e. Call today. ~ Start packkis. Royal ME 4-34}0 GUARANTEED SALES Lii wllh ui KNOW ll's soldi LEV1N-SOIAMER RLTY HA VSJ3S OR RESULTS IIJI your oroptrty wilh GEO DUFF REALTY-- IIWi Main SI,, Seal Beech. 430-3SOO. LIST OR BUY FOR ALL CASH HORWOOD REALTY ' GA 7-34S4 VANT from owner 2, 3 brs. house. S. Of 3rd, Bel. His. GE 0-MJ1 OR 3 Units, Eailsldc, Immtd.l Cash. IL1NE PETERS HE 6-7278 4EEO 3-lxlrm. nr. Douglas. Cash to * BUY SELL OR LIST, 24 MRS. MARIE KALE Co. Rlly. ME 4-S7M JUICK cash lo owner. Need 2 or 3 br. nr. DtHjnlas. Bkr. HA 10151 HEED EA5TSIDE PROPERTIES _ HAVE BUYERS Walling. List wlltl us McCARLSOH RIIV. 433-745; SEED 1 or 3-Bedrm. hovse. Lfcwd or Los Altos area. Bkr. HA l-y40l CASH for 2 or 3-br. nr. Douglas. I.OU HARMATZ Rlly. HA 5-7484 teal Estate Exch. 129 V V 18 UNITS WITH POOL GOOD Easlstfe 3, 2-bedrms. Income S26.500. Loan bafanct al 4%. Owner will carry, will se or Irade for hcusc. tfuotex, Ir - rtex. Ask for Mrs. Barnes. SEASONED 512,500 2nd T.D., oay- .ibJe SI30 mo., at 7.2%, and clear moHIle- nome Bt S10.000. Will Irade for house or unlh. SOB COLE REALTY 139 PARK AVE. GE 4-99« E 3RD- BONITO 8 nice furn. units. Inc. 1500 mo. Trade dawn. Si/,000. BOB COLE REALTY W PARK AVE. GE 4-9945 EAST L.B. J-BR.r 7-bath home. Spacious kllchen, bulll-lru, forced arr heat. Trade for 2 or 1-BR. in Lakewood or L.B. area. Roie Rlly. GE 4-W31 HAVE $20,000 In btaut.i' K*. Rosimoor ham*. Wanl to lrao as d-x oavmint on n!c« ant. hujE. Send particulars to P.O. DEEP WELL ESTATES, Palm Springs. 2-BR., den, 3 ballu/ pdol. Sell/iradeJor^B. |c;,My S4SoO. 8-- 1-BDRM. Uhlls, WllmUiglcn. 1 level. SubrnH casTi, TD'i or home. Priced belotf marvel. Si?, 00 eayilvr. ReaMor M^-l 74 HAVE 6 carelrce unils In WrtoJev lor 529,500 or Irade fcr older, SlToGAffi'feALTY HE 6-7C92 BY Owner, sacrlf. equity 1 or 2 Irfpfexes. W side for mobile home or ?. S»,SM F.P. 4ZI-S739. BEL Hot. hcrr.e, 2 + fam. 60x135, · R4 lor Ino TD land. Agt. KE 2M27. BEAUT. 3 tr., 114 ba. Lakewcod home, frade for units, Bel. Hg s. or Bel. Shore. Pti. Y2S-2K8. 9 UHITS on WxHS^corner. Trade for TD or 1 clear !ot. Ph. Owner. GE «7M TRADE 6 NEW UNITS lor ncuse or ? Owner. HA 59641 HAVE 3-BR.. 15x30 pool. Carson Hk. S7300 eq. WANT 4 or S-BR.. Blxby Park area. 42I-6M6; 5V««72 4 BR. on 50xlKI R-4. Near dntn. ^17.500-- want fcoat or tncome. H.L.B.: M-l. 100^165. 2 br., 3 oa- !43 ACRE loura (arm f o r sin a II apt house. tt-2«5 Property for Sale 130 (BUSINESS t, 1NDUST.1 Outstanding Commercial nveslir.eril + a wortderful ax shelter. 4 stores -J- 3 wls. Plenty Sparking, located on corner o . st loan has 3% rnl. Owner may carrv 2nd, or exchange. LOOK nto ' WS PHI1- VROOMAN, REALTY REALTOR 8. KOTARY 15559 Bellllower Blvd., Bellllower M-l PROPERTY 3 to choose from-- £1-- Income S135 mo., $13,950; i2-- small home on on 48x110 It. 113,500; 3-- SSM mo. Income. Submit your offer. All "uN Dqu'sT' RE ALT Y IA5-641 0 MICE OFFICE BLOB.-- Bellllower. 2 vrs. oW, 5 ofllc-s, all rented exr.eot 1 for vou. Good Income. ' OrUY WO.MO. Call 645-954!. VOOEL REALTY 17411 Ploiwr Blvd.. Arlesla YUCCA Valley, clean air, easy v ir.g, build your weekend or retirement home In Ihls dellohlFul spot S acres only 13,500 or Irade. TE 3-3S31 alt. S P.m. Fer. [Jew used lor screen mlg. Llv no oiwrters In rear. 4419 E Alondra. nr. L.B. Frecov. 525« 5000 SO. FT. BLDG.-- Like nnw. Lne lot. Parking. 533,500 tolal. 6% loin GANNON'S GA3-e456 ME3-4;i' 3 STORES » 2-BR. HOME J37.500. HE 2-1935; GA 7-639 W-ZONE lot 75x100 wllh home. 5.0JC o build. Broker. NE 1-11S4, CommereiaMttdust'l 131 (SITES-- LOTS) C-4 CORNER, 123x1254 Pro*. 20*00 so. ft. Sell or trad °" WlSBl'i ·fv'Kfi.uirfe ' 6 " 5 5223 E. 2nd SI. Realtors GE 3-040 : OV/NER-- Commercial w/4 aor. bldo 0 San Pedro. 14lh Gafley. Re duccd. 528,500. Call U3-7I04 alt. i C-2 100»l». WAS 150M. now S33/ cash. 1459 VI. P.C. K*vy., Lomita 4 IND LAND, ALL SIZES. A R E A - BILL BROOKS CO. GA fr592 · Inc. Prop, for Sale 13 4 4 NEW UNITS * GA 2-WW or NE 6-« 7 Owner -- Atlantic Ave, 2 mod. stores + furn. 3 1-Br. sot , 2 g*r. Inc. S£00. 591-17 s EXTRA nice cuJlam built 4 1 b. e rms,- 4 oir. Near but, snoDdn ' AL'RUTZ REALTY Sulm!t $9°i"!i ; 1 2 UNITS-- $59,500 0 Pensioner, trade. 1136 Hcffma -, SEAL BEACH-- 1206 Ocean Ave. r*n«r, VXfcfy Searwav, - TO SETTLE eslaTe, fot 10, block J ?- «yx3S', -* renlars, Ocea-n Vii J " Tracl. 591-11- r 7 UMJT5 on 110x130-- \V alley, V/t f) lrad« for'?. O*ncr ^E'4·47U. Y, LARGE 2-br. house In fronl w draw* * ruoi; oXiplex in rea d' 43-1.US or 4$6-6tT\ ev«J. 7 OWNER leavino -- 1 rvffwer un; ^" Entn. real sieal lor cash o loa '· no points. 432-H17 7 PRICED rigM stucco 6 unit! fu % Rm fo bullrf. 537,500. Inc. t3 fc mo. 13500 QVi, Owrver. 423-79S? VJ Ave./ Lona Beach. F.P, WO J ' CaU Mr. Windish 4* TRIPLEX-Exrnl. loc, Coita Me RE cf5ce, 5M5 E. 7th, L.B., bi ~i bftfd, hl r mafct offer* 714-544 31 A 4-- 1 BR. unlli. redec., 4 oar., T tfn., nr. 7lh Orarv;. HEtf-9 d J UNiTS. 4195 mo. IIH:, Redec. 515, «'. Owner, 2470 Linden, 714; LE 9-7 e., 4 DLX. 7 Brt, Bv shopo?r.p cent ' 13500 Awm. Owner 43*4166. ft . BY OWNER-3 wiiTl 00 R-4 19 3XJ5 Ransom St. O04 Xiot Mnance. Bv o-vner, 427-S vi 4 UWTS-RECREAT'N PK, AR S22.700. i/iiVa Ur^Mllla. SPi-7 · a- 4 U. HR. 3CH. BEUA. HGTS, CC Ton tec. ccnd. Owner, GE 0-0 !e, 3 UNITS, 4 g3-,, low rent, VtK r irvc.. UAOQ dn. or trade HA S-l 't BELMONT Hot i, T4 AolJ, Inc. U No vac Low on, Oivner, CE 4i nc. Prop, fw Sflk 132 C CHARM + INCOME Juii NO. ol Ocean Av*. near beachj w/v(ew of Ocean from f rool vard. S-- 1 bwrm. Income 4.nll*.,-f charmlna older home wllh brkk Hrec^ac*. 1 bofm. 4- converted boitfTtfii v*Uh toare bdrm. te«n, rumpus or amusement room. pceienr Income 5*08 + Inocwe. of OCCVDMICV value ol order house. "iCccsT vX5tr^!!lyf*s may increase over-ail . Income to JAW, 3 hi ol 555,500 price. 5lu%0 dfl, fw mo. No pofnlj. OWC. Vfon't last. NEIL/FRANKLIH RM/. 1000 P. C. Hwy. Se*l Bch. 430-^5 W TEN 2-BR APTS INCOME $10,680 np ^^LY T ^A N RS^O^" 8 F TOWN OWNER MUST SELL. 0 VACANCIES. New carocls draDe;. Buill-ln iloves oveni. Unrestricted nelDhborhood. CaU FronX Pai35ock (or cielalli . . I2IJ) GM3S1 (7N 917-4910 MOORE 7900 La Palm* Buefia Park 15-UNITS Priced to sell fail, income 1H?0. Asking SIU.OOO -- Elo^t 2-BR., Sf^en 1-Bedcnn. 10-UNITS Two 1-Bednni., elohl 1-Bedrrm. ncome S760-- Asklno U9.600. Will Irade for Orange County or to'jie- CAL Rlty HA 1-9441 PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP B ovely Mill*, 2 have 3-bdnm., \Vi balh, ca reels, drapes, buiil-fni, 3'A vrs. new. 4 ow. on alley, oood EaiUtde location. WSXTO. JOHN READ RLTY. 4137 Jorie V.'ay HA 5-MI4 LOOK AT 104M071 E. Carjon St. 2 Qeaullfyl-BIXDY KNOLLS Buy cne or bolh -- S-WU-L OH OPEN I UHTIL 4 476 GAVIOTA 2 Bdrm. home, ?.] Bdrm. BDli., 4 Bars.. R-4. 50x150 to an alley. L.M Realty. Realtors 439-9901 Jo Ann Londeree 434-7E24 6/2 x 6ROSS j 1 yit. oM. 48 U. Posh. 1- 2 - 4 3 Barm. SurtdKk. sjb Dark. Teratzo d«ck, elevator, ste^m rm.. oallo, htal. 31 Ltairt. 1 vacant. E. SId, L.B. Owner GE 4-0772: GE 3-12)1 DIVORCED To make ptoo selllemenl, mint lac. nr. new Eashlde ]8 unit Gold Med. apt. F.P. s:-OO.C-». 130,000 Inc. Lo* maUit. 535,000 o*n. Owner. HE 6-2331, GE 8-5876 DON'T MISS THIS Pride of ownership wocerty. At ejj than 7x oroit. Beaut. H units on E. 2nd St. Pool, bullt-lns, cartwled *. draped. RL1R. GA 6-7351 APT. HOUSE OWNERS Heretic your net by packaging Vour Insurance. Reduces rate lor urtf s bulll since 1?56. 475 1201 925-1172 HURRY HURRY 4 1-br. unlls. na vacancy factor. Rm. to build. Sharp orowinv. HA 1*8233 Hougan HA 1-1 tW (S 188) REX L HODGES OWNER WJII lease back this mcdorn one sttwv office bftJo. on E^cellenl Downtown Corner lol. 10% Nel. S53.000 down. WOU LD REA LT Y G E 0-7561 Valuable downtown convriercla corner on Pine Ave. (70 ft. trcnt- Boe) S1854 mo. Inc. MAX LIVONI REALTY 1101 ATLANTIC - HE 6-970 SHARP 2 ON 1 L^igc home \n rear, soacious n«w duulex in front. Good area. HAVS2J3 LaMoIhe 43!-3950 (N371) REX L HODGES FIXER-UPPER BELMONT HTS BEST AREAI 1 UN TS. "DIRT CHEAP!" REPOSSESSED. WILL SELL AT LOSS. GANNON'S GA 3-M34 GE 8-0915 TRY $9,000 DN I units. «0,ODO-Nr Douolii !, City CoUKC. ME 3-7641 TONER Rlty HA 5-7427 VV THREE 1-BR Income $225 per mo. No vacancy. Only ».500 full price. Rllr. HA 1-84H1 EAST 4TH STREET. 3 Stores + 7 furKsfied apli. Irv- coine 5515 mo. No. vac prcb em. BILL HURLEY, REALTOR T518 E. 4th St. J37-8899 Vf BY OWNER Coort 4--2 Br. ho-jscs. Inc. VWO. E srd«, close In. Cfear. PrfiKiMis 6 UNITS. E. 7nd St. Balcony style, pr, lo sell, 29% dn. or suVnlt. 14 UNITS. 7 2-Bdrmi. ID · Bdfms. on Aoplelon. Low dmtn. Ed Grant Really GE 9*2323 rant 2 busy streets, commercia rlang^e, $17.950, 5?,9SO down, ncome J190. Valua In crouiKl, lea far for me. FR 93136 Large New Four-PJex All 2-Br. Stt-dfoJ, \Vi bath), Cold Medallion, prlv. DaHos, 5 gar. RODMAN REALTY HE 5-3415 STUDIO APTS, New 4 unit each 2-Bdrm., IVi bami. Geld Medallion, 5 onraaes- 1117 STANLEY OPEN 1-S 2 Ixfrm. home 4 5 un:is. IRC. S447. Priced S39.500. No dcvm or trade. 43W072 Ci.nimlr,gs Rltv. GE 3-4JH 15 UNiTS BY OWNER tr. new, 51,570 mo. Inc., S15.0CO dn. or Irade (or 111 T.D. GE 4-2!32 2 27-fl. gars. Newer stucco. Ceramfc llle, dlios. Inc. S245. AIR COND. 3 Bdrm. 8. 3-- 2-8drm Juil comaleled. All elec. U45 bic Ellison Rllv. 1720 E. 101 HE 24415 Inc. Property (Motels, Trailer Parks 133 . VERY nice trailer pk. Hr. Hemel ' Home + 30 sps. lT«Oh mo. Bkr 433-11 «. Own-Your-Own Apt. 134 1 NEAR THE OCEAN! Ihls onel Call anvllmF 435-4206 ' Millie Coinn Sanders Rltr 2234 E. Broadway GE 4-341 3 ESTATE SALE 1 bJr. api-. swr.e furnTs*ilntn. Ocer Houi: Mar. 1? S. 13, 10 to 4. 710 E. Ocean Blvd., Aot. U. - 445 CEDAR-- OPEN ,2-! 7 Nice 1-BR. w/or without oarage ' Priced lor Quick sale. · GE 9IM49 Hkliion Rltv. 435U7 1 PREVIEW SHOVyiNG - LA COhfTESSA 3737 E. 2ND ST. 16 SY owner-- defirxe, larct 1 Br. a ^ 2332 E. 2nd SI., G-J. 433-U52 ^- quality ap's. Private gardct 3 pallo oil livlno-dinrng. Idea to : Garaoe. S14.500. Owner. 437411 - VACANT sol 17, 120 Alamitoi. 1-br all eledrlc, w^y crpt., bul t-lr. ~ open 1 to 3 p.m. dall/ 'til so!d --. call 434-164? for app'f. t. NR OCEAN! $10600 Real Smart tower 1 Trade? Ow (OYOI REX L HODGES HE 7-1J £ oomnomi CEDAR w Front ucoef 1 Bdrm. //Oder si Very clean. S12XDO Incl. oar. ih PRESTIGE HIGH-RISE r. 1 Br/ on Ocean Blulf. Coast v;ei Built in kltch. Eves. HE 5-S72 1, WANT AM Ovm-YOUR-OWN? n, V/e have good bargains fro 113XKJO -- Excellent locations! 2 Lovelv Urce l Bdrm^ garage NR. V/ALKtfRS, TRADE OR TM FJ ILINE PETERS HE 6-7! A. CLOSE in, on E. 1st, 2 br. low -15 [ront. Refrla., bgHI-in range, ov( 7. w/w, draoes. HE 2-1030; HE 111 -T new all tlic. 1625 Apclelon, Ai ||j 2-F. Pt. 437-93U or 43i«9S. yi BEUAONT Hots. Sunnv 1 Br. a. S ROZELLA KIWAEL 430-4717 ^ McGraln- Shank Co. GE 9-2121 S" ' i?.?,""; '".""'rn'^is'' (KhJe " '·'· HE WTO. -- S49SO-FURH. 1st tloor double. Cl ?.; In. //^inl. 123.17, Incl. all u 847 Realtor, 414 E. BVav. HE 7-6 J LEISURE V/ORLD. Choke ?-Mr 50 S.E. corner aol. BI.-S park W 2-8DRM.. 5 balh. ocean v tw, » Rlly. no. BY OV/NER 2 Br., 2 ba. View. 123 elec. + oar. Must sell. 437-3921 50. OCEAN BLUFr i'.r,j'-l, Sr IOJ SouKUroot. UI mo. Bkr. HE 6-7 wn.Your.Owii Apt. 1 34 , Homtf for SoW 139 ti BRAND NEW THE 100, HERMOSA ] blk. W. oi^lxby park on HI OPEIT AFTERNOONS .Bdrm From $13,500 Electric kllcheii "dero,-jlor-s«l«t. fd" tare*! frsp*»t lile b*^^^. SEE FURNISHED rioifll. Walk to iNxn, churches, bus, ocean 2. 3lxby Park. BLISSFUL PRIVACY 3c«*n Bluff 1 Beovms, l battti. reiloe To Ihe lullesl. A lhr|i| CLIVE GRAHAM CO. EOO E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 2-3941 OCEAN VIEW LARGE 2 B6RM.' J BATH APTS. OVERLOOKING THE OCEAN S. 3ELMT. SHORE area. STREET -EVEL parxma elevalor. S. Y. KIMBALL-- BUILDER OPE E V N E5 ,2 C To'i'^.^b 3 kY " VILLA RIVIERA'S BEST 2 Bedrooms. 2 balhs, IhrUIku view. Has evervlhuwl Call . RACHEL LYONS EVE: 436-5017 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. too E. Ocean. Realtors, HE 2-3961 EAST SIDE 59950. $1100 down, baf. al 560. DOWNTOWN Exlra large 1-br., stucco, older but nice. Light lrv. S7500. OMAR HUBBARD BLOG. Nice sgl.. turn. Ontv" 55«00. QUIET i SERENE 1 Bedroom 2, den, ocean harbor v ew. Easy lo own. Call . . RACHEL LYrHS HE 6-5017 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. - Clcneout Special OPEN DAILY 12-:M NEW BIXBY ROYAL 2033 E. 3RD ST. Small do«n. E-Z ierms. 2-br., l»i ba., gar., all etec., etev. HE6-I34J Plckctl 1122 E. 1st SI. Duplexes for Sale 1 35 WEEKEND SPECIALS GOOD EASTSIDE location. Hear new $nopolng cenler lor 116,700. DUPLEX -1- extra rental unit. ON MAGNOLIA. Newly painted, wilh large Yards. Only $16,200. DELUXE DOWNTOWN duplex -I- rocm to build more unlls. only $3250 down. MAX LIVONI REALTY 1101 ATLANTIC HE «-97Ul EXCLUSIVE ADULT COMMUNITY Virginia Country Club area. Mlnules from Freeway Tax advantages -- /S durtex. All dec., 2 bdrm., mull. balh. SX?,5QO -- $54,500 -- 10% down. Open 10 to 6. «t2-75M W A L K E R Jc LEE CAN'T LAST! $995 DOWN BUYS Duplex corner lot. Extra sharp " Choke downlcwn location. Live n owner's 2-br., din. rm. Lei renlal inak« wvmenls. 1 car gar, Call D.Van Linen Rlty 435-8341 OPEN 2-5 521 E. 21ST ST. BEAT THIS 2 seoaralft homes. Remodeled 2 bdrm. tle\y balh t, kllch.. draoci sV cols. + compl. furn, 1 bdrm. ham« Convenient close In neloh- borhoctf. Only $17.500. $2000 down. R 11 FE m R'EALTY MART 437-1455 W BEST BUY IN WRIGLEY 2-Bedrni each aol. Large living rm dining rm. 1200 so. II. i-ach un t. 220-v. In WlrhE.-i. Air cond.. dbl. caragt with elec. cnrtge doors. VA tlks to, bus i^noos O.ily S28.500. F.P. Sllr. HA 1-84J1 LAST CHANCE 1 custom 3 bdrm., 1 balh hornts on 1 lot. Or4y 1 vrs, alt. Ycur ridiculous oiler mloht buy this. - OPEN 1-5 148 E. 36lh SI. J. C HOFFMAN 8. SONS, Rllrs. GE B-7131 . CHARMING DUPLEX BMIf.s, 2 br. In *a., dtlaciVd rum- G fp242) REx't'liHODGE's' DELUX DUPLEX X nl. cond. In gd. area. Easy G fp240) RExTnODGET B T M °i! E X5?iFu.5 i io¥cE u .yf.Tl DISTRICT 9 YRS. OLD. 1 BDR^A 3 BDRMS. + PATIO OVFR- LOOKINO POOL. VIEV/ LOT. PRICED AT 547,500. 4K22S3 JUST LISTED Stucco 1-bedrm. duplex, double R{DD:SA! REALTY HE 5-2415 SACRIFICE! Dbl. storv duplex SHARPIE1 al l.iOO sa.H.ea. Will carry or Irade THOMAS RIIV. 47t-W6; ^27-2578 BY owner. Duplex 2 2-br. on R-3 lol. rent for W5. 1SIA Gardenia Ave. Call after 5 p.m. O/-74SO or 437- U79. STUCCO Oupl«-- *077 Cerrltos. nc. SIM. Rm. lo bvi!d. Lol 5«xl». EZ ternu. 115,000, Ow/ver. HE 7-377B BY Owner, Mr. new dlx. 3 Br. it 1-B. 3 car oar -.. fOS Qulncv L.B. 2 BR. duplex wllh title, oar. Excel, rental area. V«ry sow corJ. 229 J-W Grand. 71*52S-137 NEW DUPLEX BUILT ON your lol 110,5^15. GA ?^M54 REDUCED! SluCCO 1-BR. ea., on cor. lol. Walk lo town, n«ar buses mkls., 4CIWOIS. OV/NER. HE 2-M09 Lots for Sale 136 ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS Before you buy or sell lhal ot InvcsHoate iti potenllalt. 1 It h ?oficd lor aoartmenls or not/ v will mafe* a it/rvev wIFriouT obli gatlai ID you, 1 (determine If 1 Ti advliabl* for you to build or i sell. V/e cJitck vour lot iFre, ion Ing, vacancy laclor renl schea I u l e s in your area; we advlie a to what it tcsl sulled o Ih ne!phborhod, what we IWnk be loics en your lot and what i cosii to bwikJ. V/e ihow you how It can be finnccd, wrwl vaur In come txoonses will be a~ how mvch ca*h Income Is vour each monih. It it makei S c*m S To build, WE can provide 100* finandno 'or 'he entire pro ec CALL TO 6-0792 . Or v/rite 9717 E. Comofcn Blvd BUILDERS Ca'l us abo-jt Ihls destraWc Sfr 200* C-3 tot Tn oood OovtntOW , "MOULD Rlty SE 0-756 CORNER LOT Valuable M wllh more Oan 11.0C , sq. ft. Commercial iwie! GA 7-S41I Dolion GA 2-40 *· (W2I6) REX L HODGE. i' ATTENTION BU1LOERS! T T bik. so. of Ne^r Memoril Ho pilal. 43I3S. Al«y. IM MAX LIVONI REALTY n 1101 ATLAMTC HE tr1T\ si Price Reduced C-3 Cor. Broaitwav i Pofcm - BUILDERS '- GE 9-2151 WRIGHT GE K + o(d 4 unit aol. 3431 E. UI S "1 L B. GE 4-^24 all. Sl» o.m Sal. Sun. -- BUILDING SITE. 50x125. ReKXV . Ave.. alley. SSOCO down. ^j 437-8WlJ_RMr. GE iftlii _ ;.' heart ol Bellflo^rr, oood tem Jj REEB REALTY CO. 92S-7 ·Z LOT in X )3S. R-4. Hurrv on Ih y REALTOR CE CB444 or 439 H "'· MUST SELL R^ lol, tt-Ktil, Dav alfev, 1 br. Owner, 1515 Sumn- r. tVI.SU. 50x100. C-?. 3M2 Sanla ,' oomlnouel Rlty. 230-1 R-3. OLD Houia. Zon«l tor 5. Hi 7£ Beach. Sell ch«ao. Bkr. GE 4 91 II. R-2 LOT wilh cute 3-bcVm. Vaca 59 SI. 10 St. SB» tfowl. 424-S jj; Ho;i s lor Sale 1 2-BR lot SOI60. room In tfflt nt on rear. O#n«r. 633-KTo. loc. Only $l«,«0. Btr. ME 4-JJ AM DRIVE BY 1961 OLIVE. $5(0 DO S WILL BUY1T. BKR. HA 5-1 fl. S4JS OOV/N-- 2-bdrm iiucco. 1 474 old. Only (11,900. Bkr. WE 44 POOL PARADISE 3 family room, 2 balh betvtv pJui K*ivenry U.V bH* Anthony poo), ht*ter, flier, divine board, uiwerw* re r llghti, pool boust |Mdt warm rfuXtno. C«y old brick firtoiace In living roonn. MrN,"ood floors Irirouohout, sliding otass Ooori to iwikw* Bif-B-Q Dool area. CompftTely Pflv*te btocic w«il endoied, rvilFc rail cnce HI Irofit, inrlnkler syjleni, excel lent condition Irufde oul. 01 -FHA ok. SM,9W. GIBSON REALTY HA 5-7454 7200 , square foot lot, lurroufxfeo* bv cinder block ItocVvg, neillei Uitt adorable 3 beoVoo*n bcautvl Fea- urlng title entry, anlxttKlefp Ckr- f amity-size kltc^.en, iJTrflna fllatt door, 7 car y araoe. ma ny wed brkV cHantefil Only ill, WON Try S^oo down cett war v«l» or nanx vour own lermti Call 4W-7WJ. W A L K E R L E E DOLL HOUSE Absolutely ' th* culeit 3 bdrm., IV^t bjWi en Ihe merk*!, Luth w-w carudi over hardwd. Hocri, cw*- torn oVlpei, diihwaiher, bullt-lni. Loads cl other extras. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME OM THE week-end. To tee call JOHN READ RUY Inc. " 596-3720 $17,9003 3 BEDROOMS! Two balhs 1 Large family -si it kitchen wilh door to oarage 1 Wall to wal carpeMngi Drapes I Lirce sliding glais door fo soaclouj back yard! 100% financinol Seilin are movlno norlh . . . mwl sacrifice! SWO down to anyone! Call 430-7SM. Bfcr. MORTGAGE CO. REPOSSESSION 3 bdrm.r dblf. garaoe, 19 r V?5i low down wllh lcrm to suit. New y rcdeeoraled inside cut. Sla e entry* hardwood floors. Ex- ce . area. South of C*non Easi of Studebaker Road. See al 7150 Mon aco Road. like tiomt, ready lo move In. 3 spac ous bedrms., Pi pullmaa balhij garden patio. New decor- a or carpeting draoet. Brand rsw kllcritn with ctduxt bll-lrt ran^re A oven . . and natural wcod cabinet*. Waler tollener leal FHA, 1eim dlsol Lltled al only $77,750. GE o-ans EUUS-SCHRADER CAPE COD 2-STORY fEMl-COLOHIAL . . ^S''^^'!.'?^^'? 1 *"'' 5 TO'NlR W REALi 1 Y M2 " WHICH ONE FOR YOU? We can focale vou In any part of town your ntart may desire. Nor h L.B. 2 bd/m, U3.SQO 2735 Ladoga, Open Sat., Sun. Pool 2 Slory, E. 1st St. Asking 156,000 C-4, 3 br. coiner. ELB $12.900 SCHWENN REALTY" CE 3-wis 157 LIME AVE. OPEN ^-4 P.M. LooVfng for more room? Own 1600 iq. ft. Ue. 3 bdrm. cou!d be 4. Flreol., separalft din. rm. separate brrakfait noolt. R-2. Try S1850 down. F.P. * SI 1,850. Se* today. MAX LIVONI REALTY WOW!! 5-Bedrrri!., bit-In ranw A oven. Dlihw. Profeis. landsc. Carocls IVo new. Beaut. drapM. Hcrrvt ji n Fmmaculat* cond. Seller beln? 594-1671 CAPRI 127-5W1 ORIGINAL Fully car celed, 3-br., 2 ba. r cui- torn zedl Has large llv. rm, sep. dfn, rm. Exterior fealures- brick fronl shake roof. Drive bv-- W26 LEFS-OPEM SUN. 1-5 Kav Hook Rlty. HA W30S HUGE $17,900 LOT n dudes 3 bdrm., IH barhs. din. rm., cov. patio. Assume Gl Loan 5 1/4% *7? mo. PL 3 br., |»i ba. Htfwd. OPEN SAT. * SUN. 1-5 4933 -SAN CARLOS (County strip, Comoton). Lovely rcctc. 2 den, tois ol chum, bJt-lns, new w-w, new 3 car na r. w/xlr* itora o e. Low dn., F.P. SJ17.950. fiil-SHl; SPARKLIN' BEAUTY "Pride StKwi" In Ihls carpeted 1 2bcdrm honw. nice size klichen Wo bedrm. Onlr J1!,5M wifh easy flruindnD. See lo apnrec ale ill many exlres KAY HOOK RIIV. HA f-S305 YA RESALE 3 or 4 Dom, Government owneJ. Lo*/ down, 5W. loan. Many la choose from. LEVIN-SOMMER Realty 6761V. Orion HA 1-M3J ATTENTION: SI'S ^-Bedroom home. Entry way. Offset llvlna rm. W |ih flreslace. Spa- cicus klkr-.en with bullMm. 2 baihi. Forced air hear. Fred Rose Rlty'GE 4-098 1 WANT A BARGAIN? 3 bdrm. den. HLfwd. firs. Bath *.'·. Built-in bar. Swlmmlnp pool. Etc. $18,900 F.P. 11700 down, Im- med, possessron. E. Lafcewood. READY REALTY HA l-894i 71719 Nonvalk Blvd. ?500 DOWN 1 Lxfrm. tfirplex. Tolal prfce SH,300. Drive b/ 103P-II Mahanna. RICHARDS REALTY HA 5-1251 5518 Del Amo $495 DOWN Lge. New 3 Btfrm. Family room Bal^ Sr .'*. 2 car gar. Buflt- ns ek. 5119 Mo., Pl. 518^95 (E LaVewood area. READY REALTY HA 1-1941 PULL PRICE $24,900 4 b«drm. r 2 baFht, cav*r«d patio bufll-lns. Fireplace, (5-Plan Gar kn Park] Ho tfn. Gl or IISSO FHA MABRY Realty GE 0-0521 2 BR $15,900 A 4arp deal! See Ihli SpanUh Stucco, close to ihopi 8. Irani GE WJ404 File HE 7-34?4 (J 138) REX L HODGES 2 BR $12,900! Paneling in llv. rm., very wel kepi. Nfce ares. Retired cpl.? HA SM25; V/A 5-1771; 63i-2O (PM32) REX L HODGES * PHOTO BOOK Of our best irillngi FREE whe 5 vou call * WOULD REALTY GA 3-4A, 6280 MYRTLE AVE. OPEII SUNDAY 1-S P.M. 3 Bdrnn. Lge. family room. Acres from HocgMon Parx. Reas. priced HE 2-3X0 REALTOR GA 4-ltt x HEAR Catholic school, REAL NIC n 5-rooTt slucco. Big caroeEeo Ir \fiQ rm. NOT much vard warx NOT rM'cti oriced. Ste inside you'll lite. o ESTATE-SIZE LOT 1 bdrm. 2 car car. Hdwd. floor 7 SSCO movei voo Inl Only «115 m J READY REALTY ME 4-X j. $I5,50X TAKES IT CHcfer home. Cor. lol 2 bdrm. J liih CoronaJo. OtfTitr. G 1J GOVT. REPOSSESSION /Aoit a reai. Ntrlv ntv/- Lo# d -' HOME BUSINESS Older 2 br. Ifl M-2 20ft* 45x130 t. wilh 70/37 *toD £· office En m 32 Sli4fJ) BURKE Rllr. GE 4-7t f[ GIs NO DOWN or Lge iflect'on 3 4 bd/m h«m W A R t E KALE Rlly Co ME 4-1 * For No Dn! Rent To Bu RicO*e.nMn Office Ev* HE WT REX L HODGES HE 7-1 i DIVORCE:-- Sli,WO redkcrd by cw. DJ «r to 5 1 5,500 2-br., Uri* liv. rn r Joe. lol, tf««i, wrage. 554--1 '» Mr Wcklr.ton WVUSO; MEM ^r SIM DH. ft laVe over oavmen 7; r8r., 2 bath, cofi. bu*IMnj, fl ed GE 1-1671. =i 47 Repossessed Home SO REGAL REALTY ^*^- nt. ONLY $127,33 Mr itw. Int. eve Ml twr.«. 3 br., 1W ba., dbl. .7 ^T Cor. F.P. SI 7 AX). Broker GE 14 S0» LOV/ down, lew Inlcreil, no poir 9 TURF REALTY 42M OHer? O-*n«r, GE »-7 M. HA 5-1155. evn. Bkr. 431-JJH. Si. CAPRI REALTY »4- ri. GLORY Bti ? bfrm. onlv $17 30. SUII Rlly. HA 1-ini Of CE *i lomn fer Salt 139 h 5 BR., 3 BATH. 2 STORY v*-w, oViMi, CB Itoce. Onlv 3 min, Irom Frttway Long Beach. \VIN lr*fe for BtlnxwM Hot). tw^L lo WO^W cr ajlclng onl/ HAWAII BOUND Mult icl| tvptr n«rD 3 BoVm., 2 battt Rojimoor honit. All tU- ir c kllcKtn, lixM hraleo* 1. filtered poot. W-Wj tfritxi «\ olhtr £!",'-, *"""· »"" " ««·* WANT HARDWOOD '" FLOORS? Win ] Bdrnil.. IVi balti? W«nl Mjllr^n WIM ovm? We hawe 2 cf Ih* Mil for voyr kuc-Kllon. AaVIng price of HO.HO. CALL 596^514 JOHN READ RLTY Inc. $18,825 Jull Imjgint 3 b«droomt, 2 baths. tile family kltcfitn, leoarala ttr* vlca perch. Warm f replace, hard- ] wood noon, wall/wall carpeti n drapes. 2 car earae* wtlh prlval* allr/f room for b^al t. trailer. U2S dn. cold war FHA or Ills dn. FHA. Call HA T.5M4-W10 - Woodnill Ave. L W A L K E R L E E ?ih. E xfetSfnK E bJnIPhil}:i4li ALAMITOS BAY , SAILS 4 SEA ckMjj 4-bfdroEHn home. Liroe llv- penerous uie of glut . . to fully * TaXc »dv»ntiM cl tht view Ictca- tlon. Excel rent coflitrud tofl . SDO!» C CLIvl GRAHArv? CO* UO E. Ocian, Reallort, HE 2-mi ALAMITOS HEIGHTS TOM STEVENS RLTY. GE 1-1177 BELMONT HEIGHTS . . . OUTSTANDINGLY BEAUTIFUL! French home wilh high ceilings, wide doors, and · unlaue flow- no floor Dlan. 3 or 4-bedrmi., 29x11 living im, ipadoui rfnlro rm.. lun room arrlvm. Call . . CHARLES LANE GE 9-MM CLIVE GRAHAM CO. too E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 24961 Duplex Or 4 Bdrm. Homes 215 proipecl Open Sat. Sun. pjn. Lower 2-B(!rm. with fireplace. n«*v carpet, bum - In elaclrk kllchen. Ocean view from cpper unit, Ai* for Luella Hurley GE 4-U17 McGRATH SHANK CO. GE Mm GE 4-1M7 EXECUTIVE HOME open Home Mon.-Frl., 1:»4:» 5 bdrmi. r oool room, wet bar. Excellent financing. PEALTY CENTER HE *7474 ITZGERALO or BROWN 1 AM A FRIENDLY HOUSE . . Lorot 2-Bdrm. den, formal din- nfl rm, beautiful kllchen/ liya brand r** cond. TRY HAta DOnN. RAPHAEL «35 E. Sprlnp HA 9-5917 310 ORIZABA. 3 Br., 2 belli, huoa closets 4- newer Sludlo ap). w/llrepl. In rear. I2»,5«. AFjo 37_5 Cnerry, 2 houlei M. Blxbv ^Sft^-jKG BY OWNER LARGE 2-BORM. 421-3(177 IMMAC. J-br. + den. anxxx. 1(00 so., ft./ W-W, drps. Rllr. GE 4-4125 LGE. cfuplex -- oceanvlew. Redec. OLLlU BROWN REALTY CENTER "SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY" MADEIRA REALTY GE 4-WJ5 BY OWNER. 2bdrm., de^, sep. d n. rm. 435» Colorado. GE 1-1322. BELMONT PARK 3 BR.-- 13^ BATHS Homn' home near ft»y 1, Trn^p n ALSO 3 Br., Big F«ncad Yard Cioie to Elementary Jr. Hfeh PRICE SLASHED!" 7-BDRM + smill den, 1 blot* to Bay. RreolBce. stove, refrfo. Incl. Caen houie Sat. A Sun. 2i7 Cliremortt. 3M CLAREMOHT diarnilna Bel Pk. ?-br. Do rxil d'lturb occupant, PfiOfl* BYRNES, RJfr.. GE 8J133. BELMONT SHORE Corner Home SpoclcHji i br. w/lurnnce heit, Dlihwaihcr, BIo-Iwi, 1t garao*. Hr. bcacri d shops. Priced fo sell. ALSO Arwlher o-w near shops, sehooU cfiurchei, Ctieap @ $7?,950. A-l REALTY SERVICE 5223 E. 2nd St. Realtors GE 3-0403 OPEN SAT. 1-5 238 CAMPO DR. Xlra nice living rm. din rm. with flrcDl. Choice location. GE 9-W\ LINDREt/ 43 *NH (A68] REX L HODGES 4 Units on Bayihore Ave, Near ocean. Conjlder trad*. AHT15TA REALTY 439-H45 $71,900. 10S down. 41t-*kM, 3 BR., 1 ba., 2 fired. 4- apt. over our. fly GE 3*51]1. UNBELIEVABLE 2-BDRM. SPECIAL ONLY J16 275 UT5 dn. for mail buye-'i- t200 dn. Cold War Vel Clean ttcme BIG vard. Double garaoe. Verv pood scJiBOl area. JOHN READ RLTY re. 4137 He no V/v HAiMli JUST LISTED! 2-BR. Full din. rm. Loe service porch, V/e II kept hem Bljtby erti Price LT lo scfl. Owner anxrous, JOE HODGE, REALTOR IIEVn_Y LISTED 4557 Tolbert Nedt 2. clean -- Lofi of extras Call now -- Priced lo iem Harold K. Stsok Reallot MOVE RIGHT IN 3 Bdrmi. 2 b*tht. A place o d:0ntty in linen location. $33,SOO GA 4-8523 BIXBY KNOLLS RLTY OPEN-- BY OWNER » Charmfna horn*-- 3 Br., PA bath 'Brew rum ous room er 0ue hovjt. Perfect for pool, w/w car ptti, no YrirlW, ftftal ocatlc nr, schoofi, churcl«3 shcplrro · FIREPLACE PLUS . . . =· SooUeit 3-BR.f redecor. In oy Try HO DOWH GI-LOV/ DM. FH ' M3S £. Sor1n0 HA f-571 2 den, hvoe living rm. 3 b1k E. of Ofanoe; 2 blkf. So, of D ; VIKING REALTY «*6 ; LIST WJTH - CLEHN GUSTIIIE GA 7-5* BIXBY KNOLLS * Beautirul Contsmporarv S Knollt, ImmaoXa.i condition, laroe bdrmi., dtn, formal Hvlr n - rm., dinins rm., all elec. to-.e 97 separaii br«»Vail rm., cwitt* will caretl tdrftMi. JJM to. Ct WALT LENT/. GE 8-» r. VIKING AEALTY 426-61 H \ / \ / WANTED IMMEDIATELY 70 Sixcenful doctor or a It CUT*/ V Tcieall/ designed fcr lho*« w ^ l.kt (o enfirrain. C»U for fnl »:: 4445 MYRTLE TM, 'it timt oflir. 3 bdrm. irxf d tl - Lge. formal dWna room y 1? re- fmllv room with flreol. L Kr - rumovs roor*l w/BBO. T«rr piece for enlirtiln/nerf. I Rlty. Cen'er Ollfe Brer HE 4-74K GA 7-r CEAUTIFUL 3 Mrnu. !en. rv- aufet ifreit. LMtfl of ylret. Ge ar. price terms. See Ttiltll Ri*l SIS Ul-5111 t 4B-J4I5 !i. EFFICIEHT SERVICE £ CALIFORNIA «* HEIGHTS 3425 Brayton-- Open P ^U 3-8R. 4 2 BATH. 50*120 .*.'.' pnred alley. SUBMIT. 33 Lear Realty GA fc-593 IIHTHI for $«!. I3» f CARSON PARK \/\/ PAINTBRUSH SPECIAL with Sfing irovnd lh« corner, *M1 t-*1!ir Hm* to Mint? ? 7hH big J-br. "F" mo4*l n«* r*ar living rm. Atio, tittno IMC* in 1 1 fow 4-1. ov, gir«g« on Jllev. PRICED AT ONLY $70,750. SO b* trie flnl to calt »i bajsa^i *r« hard to com by. Rltr. · GE 4-W4 BEORIV.., lot kMcnen, seD, dtfltag rm., SV-W carp*U, nr. Douglas 8. ichooii. Block: fenced vard . 3 if Ml 11 Dflctd al 119400. Drive bv SANDLEK-ROiEN Really 17U Clark CE V7417 4 BEDROOM CORNER JEWEL TnH ovelv hon-e hai new »rfd*d la rot niat'er bedroom marble DyikTiin Mth. Modern k Lichen, with butiMm. B«ikiail bar. Lori ot room Ijr boal or Iralfer. Realtor HA 1-9X 228 JOSIE . . . OPEN PM pjllo, many *xtr*j . . frv JI.OOO ~ $:ff" l \'SSrl!i' E "ct E MSJI OVELY 3 Bdrm. "0" NxM, 1j« X vxl, Itnal, ptllo, lo lot. tat Brlllaln. mtm. sun CIRCLE AREA BRS.. convenient to Douo'M. ihfo In 'nelohboffwod. for »pol. cal owner GE 47S31. crry COLLEGE AREA 1" ONLY S20J50 | 3 BDRM-- FIREPLACE ' ALL MODE'RN KITCHEN · Butlt-lni cdblnttl cftlori ' Large itoaralc din/no rm. * Big 53xlH yard with 1ret. * Wide drive lo rear oarage * waft to Dcuoiti Cciieoe. JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 4137 Horse Way HA5-«41t ENLARGED LIVING RM AND FAMILY ROOM t in 3 Bdrnn. i 1V b»lhl. li*ei siutieo* viro. Ihe cuilomlieo ihtoalrd front i Ihe part-way shield street elvei Ine solrlt a Ift. Fresh on marktl. Be flril Sparow Realty HA 1-9478 "A NEST FOR EVERY BIRD" W COUPLES, A coirilorlible 2-BR. ncwlv decor iruout. W-W colt 6/aMi. SprlnXUri Bi Xlra 1arflB paraae. Lovelv r.t^hborhood. Priced al lint mfKr--lngjuIrt todav. . 43S( 5?6-33M 1 OK-« *° Economy Minded? ? (SOUTH OF CONANTl Prtcf WliB wi can' beat this 3- BDRj'iA. horn*. ReoVorated ou«- stde, Balh remodeled, caro«li driM). Ornaments i (rutt Irce accent Ihls al tractive home. WRIGHT-EDWARDS HA 5-1 KB 4n-sna CLEAN 3-Bdnn., W-W carpels A Seirtlr. Blvd. Ward low Rd. Tile kllch. balh, {ir* alarm lyitm. Nr. ic.hooli ft thODPlng. SANDLER-ROSEN Realty 1714 Clark GE 3741) 3655 CHARLEMAGNE, LB Professor offers Mi charming home for llrsl tunel v/*w carpet- Irio, comer lot. 2 n*c» btfrms. 1 car rfelach. gar., thown bv appt. HUMPHRIES REALTY TO fWtH ?U1 E. Alordra Blvd.. BlTlflower RETIREMENT COTTAGE Je^^Kll/nr^a^'UV, E JOE WARREN REALTY NEAT CLEAN! 1 bedroom f.ome wilh l$*?2 family rm. Enlra nice carpel cJrflDei. cor. fireplace, lovely home. 173.COD. RYLEE REALTY PK. K5-M7! W» E. ARTES1A, BELLFLOWER OPEN HOUSE 3 bdrrns.. U* b,iltit. wall to wall carpels. Vacinl. M» FIDLER. M7.17I1 Blalco Rltv eve. HA V-M43 "oble" oar 1 .?? v^d'a'kr VlSm J.BATH. 3«rrn. E By ;|ra r. (11.500. DOMINGUEZ NICE 2-for. slucco, tot. tfelached own. I1S-912». DOWNTOWN "WHY RENT???" J495 DOWN BUYS COMPL. FURH. 2 B R . HURRY on Ihll soo^lo-be-vacanl cuslom slucco. No loan cliircti. Assiin-.t existing loan K-4. CALL D°V«n Linen Rlfy435-834l 2 STORES 2 APTS Restaurant fully equipped, nr. 51. Miry's Hospltel. Call ro». GA 7-5418 Golifberg 41J.J141 (W2Q9I RPX L HODGES 2 BR $13,800 Xlnt. [ocallon nr. Bl)(by Park Needl a lltllt flxlnl See II. GE »«4W File HE 7-W4 (E93) REX L HODGES ICH7 ELM. Inc. ««. Small, small- small On. Oigliv, Rllr. HE t-«'51 EAST SIDE OPEN SATURDAY 4616 E. 6TH ST. NEAR WILSON HIGH Immaculate. 3-Bcdrm. R-2 zone. In parti of crosstcmn freeway. L ve F.ert a few year* and rivi a Guaranteed resale. HUM. BURDGE Rlty. GE 3-0489 RED HOT!! 3 Homes-- Only $ 19,950 TWO 2-BR. t slnole. Loe. R-4 lot Alley. Home h»s form* d-nlnj rm. i carpellnn. C»ll IIOV7. D.VanLiizon Rlty 591-1361 OPEN SUNDAY 1 sharp homes. R- lot. 3-Br and J-BR. "ear Wn 1 Wa'nul Oil ffgWi value SSOO casj. AA REALTY GA 8-1558 Ev« PAULOE PIETRO GA754»1 BOTH OPEII SAT. «. SUN. 1-4 IOS FREEWAH Cw. 3bdrm. t cue*! rn. w/bath carpellng, oat-o, ^o'e flarege. MABRY RIV. G f c l 57*13; GE 1-34^ . REDUCED $3000 Now Is Ihe lime -- 3 br., 2 ba. C- C |bi24) REX'L HODGES 3 BEDROOMS · Kfar 7lh. R-3 45IXI to'. !C T ""· G. G. WRIGHT X GE 7-7151 REALTOR GE 1*1 BIG IN. SML. INVESTM tl Duplex I gueit house W..IJ2.1J A 2 fSrm. + 2 »Pls. IM -- -^jj'fj 4 " 2222 EAST 6TH I PROBATE SALE n, Altnct^e 2-Wrm. hon-» v//*tch i bacha'^r apt., enclosed bsclc yar to DM*, ear. Furniture avalbb 1. For aopl. c»H 242-4J43 (GKnrfal is Wilson? 3 + B r $ 18900 IJIHIREX L HiDCf/S HE M! IMAGINE! $6900 F.P. rt . Clean home w/par. Hurry By P V fJ159) REX L HOOGES HE 7-1! ho COLORADO OffMf. 3BR. hon-e r- Income. Small on. EZ Itrmi. E. lath. th*. POMPrs 4V3S7o; 437-3243. 1503 LOMA -- Large rxxiern 7 6 ·"· Come ee III B*r. 4J3-S434 17 BY OWNER-- Store 2 homes, ,« *!., 14I E. 7lh SI. Pn. HE».l lot. SllfcO. UU Loma, nivA tn EL DORADO PARK ^ Ifl ar«a. Gors«ui V/-V/ caro of i cvio«. fLreoTTwi-in «(ec k i Iwnul tfln rm.. Parw lot, hom« (* i^rp! Call . . . ^ SANDLER-ROSEN Rea im Cla/k GE J-7 REDUCED of*9. M2.HO. M«J«t 4 bdrv. d^n, f*m. rm., 3 tw 77 fro*i.. ercti.. draixs, i«nc«J, U M ic«dr bjflsjf. fouitjirt, oihtr /» ' OPEH 1 TO 4 - Htff. Mbtftl 3 j-on. 410- lomes for Sale 139 1 LAKEWOOD AREA 1 OPEN HOUSE 1-5 P.M. FRIDAY SATURDAY 5831 PREMIERE No. of Sou'* $r, W. of 8«iifto*r B vd.) Larg* ] bedcocm wiin extra faro* kitchen. n!c* naiur*; wood cabliKtF, UfM cloufi, nk* C»rMHr3 · btautlful 1 U^.'xn ouett hotrtt In rtar, LcK*!rd ti ^Kt MAvlair pjfk. sOwoli. COGBURN REALTY CO. IOOQ1 Artesla Blvd. Beilflovrtr Phone M5-500S (REMODELED) 3 FAMILY ROOM Ihi) fxjme hat ]|t Srlk fireplace, arcaktail* Lr*r. n»lurai wooo tv bofds panilrd wallt, tloraoe unlrv too/ bvJll-ln r«frrotr*riw, !t tW c?S? wil'l^o %] "wrpeiV kl OBAN t ReALT ? Y'CO. I/, ACRE HEATED POOL wllh diving board, frull Irees, ) pal OS wim brick BBQ. Tnls out- standJng 3 BR. 8. finely room hcn-o U on caved alley with boor FHA aooralsal of I??.f00. Call ^ HA »-»». MIS WoedriHI Ave. " v ^ A L K E R LEE JEWGIBILL vJO DN. PYMT 3 BdfTi, corner home for Int. Ste IW* clean property. Rira, stove, dlnrr.g i«t Induded. PAfnrcd. Wright-Edwards HAS-I70J d*yj iv«» 4W-JJ*3 BEST BET YET! 3 Btrfrmi., 1 baN lxm« (n brg or . . wllh bio POOL. Hn bflotii fiont kllcher. wllh bullMns. Re- ocaied near ntw lr»ct ol hcirti on tjukt ilr«t. 1^,750 or ice , . wirti »»,WQ FHA loan available. Only 11100 dorvn lor itl 1hUl Dkr. MA 1-9W-1 MOST WANTED 7 Bedmu, ulra share. 3-Bdrm. , . wim Hrc«lKf, J-Bedrm . . lmoiac.ut»'(. 3-Bedrm. . . Beit txlced, J-BR. lanu rm . . xrrd ituro J'Etdrm. , . huge llv. mi. ? Berfrm. ; . 10x40 POOL, 7 OK 1 . . 3-BR CA. . . Cfttl MULLEN REALTY HA 1-1776 Just Redecorated Insido 3 bedroom!, Large living room. Tidwd. Doorv Good Lhv»d. 1 oca- Ion in Dutch vnraoe. vtcani-- lrr.rrv«il»1i pones. icn. Submll an CO'GBURN REALTY co. 1CC01 Arletia Blvd. Beimowcr · Phone tM-500S h s spa cl oui 1-bcdrm. fartVli rni., \V* balh horn*. Commercia caDBcllv, rtfrloefaled air cond. torctd jtr near. BulLMn ran .7* oven, dW. parD(j*j com pi fin ic-rnVlcr syiieni . . all on i corner lot, MO 00\VN MYrnf. lor Gl'i or low down FHn, 3723 CANDOR, LKWD OPEN SAT. «. SUN. 1!:»S P.M. (So. of Mtchelson. lust East o Oowrxy Blvd.l very iDaclovs 1 bedroom slucco home, largo seo- arale dfnlno rm., liardwood (Irs., able. o«r.. 111,500-lerms lo sull J, A. MUELLER, REALTOR 17ll4 Clark, Betlllower. TO 7-3JCM 3 Bdrm. Family Room Blamed celu/«, cornir tot, Wpcl fence. Walx fo shops. Try )»,700. Trade for a or 3 bdrrn. home. JOHN READ I^C. HA E-MI6 FAMILY ROOM 3 brtfrocmif ilredaco loo -- itane rro-M t. Iron wo r* grill makt IMi · rmill its for enljioiTig [n LaVewood 8. \jru^r 173.0001 Call HA 9-SW. 30.0 V/oodrulf Ave. W A L K E R L E E Choice Neighborhood Vacant. Imnied PC mills" . . on ihli 3-Bed/n^ home. Prewar uta . . mar ihopo'nTs L but line. Prked lor culck »!». Fred Rose Rlty GE 4-0981 LOW DOWN 3-Bedrm. near Lakewood Ceflle Large Umlly kllchen, ulllilv rr cov^d ratio fenced vard. A some 5'A% Kan . . . wllh a lillle «i 1700 down. ELLIS-5CHHAOER S?4-« 3 Bdrm. Family Rm. 2 Bain, vye have 4 Irom $7?.4 o m,y». You n»y Irade In vou smaller home on these. Eves: UO-2UV GE 0-IOJJ JOE WARREN REALTY FRESH AS SPRING Lovely 2-Bdrrn.. Lakewood Horr. Lois ol cupboards. CB fence STEVENS REALTY 634 -50?2 PRICE REDUCED Owner ready to sacrlllcc. New kit., } nig br., ) ba. 5»» 0 hotm. Open TIJ Soldi HA i-',Vf McCulclien HA S-ll tKy4) REX L HODGES 3-BR POOL-- $22,95 "Th!* li a sftal", bring pun iira|[ deposit. Ev«i.: 4»d52. TONER REALTY 5«l E. Carson HA 5-74 2-BR VACANT 5343 CANDLEWOOD Remodeled Ulchen, ceroellftg CAL Rlty 421-9441 i!7,SSO PRICE on l«r« Laktwood Park J-bedrni, frornt, on big lol Hai SI 6.800 FHA Icai, avaiUtite with pAymemt o' Sltf? MI" month otai laxet i: Fr.i^anc«. Thli one wori'l laiELI Lov/eiF priced In lovvn. Dfcr. WA 54575. Near Lalcewood Canter Large ? Bdrm. + 18x20 wnt et dm. A l t o 1p*. icreencd-ln pallo $ha r 0 «i a l«t. O^V 17150 dn MABRY Realty GE 0-052 Heir Country CU* Eifalci. W-vi coroeli, dritocs, llflgslwic olivite r i ctrrvfnl drive, pallo. many e x t r a s $21,950. Eves, weekend* HAtOJiJ HUGE FAM RM rJu»3-br. I, den. Pi b*. Carpfl td 900 ;q. It. Only .35,-)W. 147. MCV TONER Rliy 866-0746 Big Pfayroom w/Frpl. Bdrm., 2 bath. Hear ichooU Jvst the home for a larg* am iy LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP. TO 6-3736 HA V7S1 TAKE over M'*% FHA loan wll I?M down Odvml, on iharp : berfrm. horn* cJosf 10 Way Co Parmli. leu than renl. This s mcneY-iavcr tpec'aF. j HA 9-SWI ELLISSCHRADE horr,e on 50«U? fl. R-3 rot. fo 0/ilV J17^00-Owner will cav d e.. row chargei, S"-LxnH en do* Daymen'. f 1 2 GEDRM.., 17x72 Owt. V//^ 'M-REATTY'EXCHANS 2 ^25-1731 t "HAPPINESS" ! ! 3 li i 2-BORM. home nr. Dova a 0 snopl «, lJvr». Low dn. GE 1-7W » TONER RLTV. HA ^7J 1 pPETJ SAT SUN 1 TO 4 : 4M Dvnroblrv. 7 tharp 2 bttiVoom, hom*i, 1 '«Hh ix Quick poiie*^loo. k»d fln*ncfr E 8k f. flA S-7M1 ME 3-07 5j BY OWNER-- Cf«*n rbr. lam lnd. Cost fo Ml Schl. «7» Co j IvooV. WE ^4417. di New Listing Open Su , e ; i or. beauty, walk to Ma/ C ' LOU HARMATZ RIIV. HA 5-74 BY OWNER-- 3-bdrm. 2-car Q4'*t »n [fAced 1 y*rd. tletf w-w carpel r j. FHA firkjnclfiff, US,' 50, f o # «3o* MODEL 19. 3 BR. l/cw »rp«ll :, ilale entry, ceramic file i» ·:, By oaner, 4373 Cenlcj-i^. lotntj for Sql« . 13? i .AKEWOOD COUNTRY j CLUB ESTATES RITA WEIL i vour SPECIALIST For A Home In Tne KSTATES ^i^EBEKER REAUY 15 " LAKEWOOD PLAZA · · · · · WE HAVE A TWO thafi rloM lor you. 1 Bdinv br ck FP. oVtr itriel niar stni). /. itwxlng. Mln. dn. FHA. no dn. C.l. Reduced for quick u't. WE HAVTA THREE iK*n ckjn »t can b«. HAS 7 balht, buiir-ln ilovt, F.P. tov'd pallo. M YOU have down pay nifftl orobltm, ctwcic on Ihlt. WE HAYFX FOUR n wiU adori. Spadovt 4 Bdrm. a Hi hom« near a'l ichoo^i. Ljrffi yard for th* kitjt. Owr*r wanlt cukk ia't. CALL! JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 6345 E. Spring HA 1-1761 DON'T PROCRASTINATE Thli beaullM horn \\ Iruly · '·creani otif(" and ALL DRESSED UPI wllh D'wih DuPcKit "501" n^ron cArpeting i tipetiirve orawriei, oroleiiion..! randicaDiog4 i'umlr- utn cov'd patio, rear living rm/w coiv flffofK*. BIO. BIG FAM- LV-STYLE KITCHEH . . WITH ALL THOSE DELUXE BJILT-IM APPLIANCES vbUR WIFE WILL -OVE. Thli cltfliwil home you'll MO , . , and * choice location In oreM-gs Garden Ptt\ Eitaln. Jujl 3 mJrMjitn down th« San jlego Frtcwav Irom lh« PlAii. At tM JOO and vrlth * modcit Jo-*n MynunT, vou can't loitl EJut neii Trftflifer forcii ltli iac- riUc-- lh«(r toil-- vour gUn 1 1 ATENA Realty Servics 1! WALLS OF GLASS U tnj IVt loolleu 3-airfrm, ) balh, lif«ol, forced »'r h«Jl Rarvcho hoff». tin fxlirlno JJO.OOO loan. Sutxntt t^i*U down ai owotr will he'o (injrvc*, , . , ALSO . . . Large J- Bedrm f family rm, b«m ctiinoi, fireoi, 3 ba'hi, rutrvd Hoori, beautiful prouixH, Low down lo new FHA. OPEN SAT. SUN. 650! CARITA-- IKr. CONAHT K COKOAR. Beautiful 1-Br. !. din nome. Fireplace, Extra fealurei. OPEN SUNDAY US3 iluditukir f a t VIIIW*! BR., 2 baihi, Pco4, Rumovs rni. AA REALTY 6A 8-1558 Evtl PAUL DE PIETRO GA 1W FREE NYLON W/W CARPETING wilh ourchai* ol 90J Key no! e. Set tMi pooular mooel rxxr.* yc/3 swctoui Br'j. on carntr lol. then ca ui for dtUMt. Sorrvi Thli bor.ui oFltf HmUtd to Prln. onir. FARAH Reatr^GA 8-365? BEST BUY-- PLAZAI S4?$ DOWH far cold war yet. Thli home hai EVERYTHIHOj W. fo V*. caroet, remodelea kllch. Bath. Mull be seen lo b« aperedaTed. EASIEST TEFWS In town. D. Van Linen GA 2-0977 NEAR SHOPPING . CENTER! siWpS, SCHOOL, BUS, CHURCH John Read Rlty HA 1-1751 NEED ROOM? qoooilte El Dorado Park fir. Mil- lit en HI. Enlirged Raicho ll» 10. II. 3 flreotacei, llv. rm., (am. rnl.. den. 3 BR. 3 bfllni. 2 car oarage, cartelcd, drooci. Ver/ K» VOLK OPEII DAILY NO DOWN Gl Vacant. Immed. Potstil, 4 Bdrm, 7 Baths, Fixer uoair. 1 ke. yard. Call Poly Bays 43 1-7 193 John Read Inc. HA I-I76I DUTCH CLEAN , 3 Bdrm., 3 ta., remod. Vllch.j new nvWi cam. VACANT. Moy« , Ev?f HA 5-Ota GE 0-10J1 JOE WARREN REALTY SHAGGY DOGII Brls.g tome M^it, uiick booh, too Will oet a dandy buy for voo. JOHN READ Rllv. HA I-U51 VEST POCKET CASTLE! Charm r n? ? Odrm. col'lao*. PluiJi careplirvQ, (ovtty drapt) L patio, OBaue. Only 19 mtn. to Oovpla]. PRICED LOW TO SELL I^ASTI J O t M READ RLTY. HA 1-1751 3 BDRM., 2 BATH Lovetv ercl. Lanftl, carpel, dmi.. 1 btk to Plata Stoo'ii. Onlv ».Wn John Road Inc. HA 5-641 6 BEAUTIFUL CORNER 3 bdrm., HI balh 4- bonus room. FlreoJ.. bU..[ni, vr-w caroet. You mult ice Uili. STEGCAL REALTY HE t-7003 2431 PETALUMA 3 br., 1 5 ba.r crpli., drapes, fire- of., dlihwaiher, nook, 220. Loy dn. pymt. Op«n S»t,-Sun. iVJji'SS PAINT SAVE LAKEWOOD VILLAGE OPEN 1-5 P.M. 4244 CLARK Cvittxrvbullf J-Bedvm. a% larot den, 7 bainj. Hr.v circetlPO tfraoei, V/alk tQ Douglai . . "*""" CAL REALTY ·IJI.^JI ivfri: 472-99W BEST BUY IN VILLAGE mmac. 3 8r. fam. rm., t balh^, b!0 pleaiant kifcien, beaut. Indicw. nr, Cllv Coll. «. Oouoa. Try J3IOO dn. of Irade for 7 JOHN READ Inc. HA 5-MI6 caro*i» orao«s, fir«)lac», palio, You'll (ov« HI Also 3-bedrocm, li'» balh*. Priced VILLAGE GEM 7Cx]rm., P/i tulh, 2 llreplacai. 1 LAKEWoio' HOUSING CORP. ^ TOA3n* HAS-514 · BEAUTIFUL litorr Caoe Cod. Loe. corner tot. Belt loc. 3 BK.. 2 BA. r a 1 tlreol. Den. Seoarate Dfn. rm. 3c»r gar., w/room £bo-/f. S4'.50n. ? Bv owner. 4473 Harvev V/4V, L.B. \ Room (or All Open Sun. n 4 br. i fain. rm.. 1 ba., 2CCO 1 LtW'MARIAATi Rlty. HA 5-7414 ' LOS ALTOS : \/ TWO OF A KIND \/ Los All« '*»(·' M4»f., frp(c,FA H, 15.3! POOL. A Real jKowplacil For Ihe Yovna at Heart. lb,»CO. i WOULD Rlfy HA 5-7496 ' BY OWNER-3-BR., 2 BA. } Jr. Exec. Ixxr.e nrAly painted In 3 2. out. EveryUiIno newll Cot.. j. t, lawn, etc' Immed', cosieti. 4 «l,Kft-OPEH DAILY IM Cm. ; Mil MARBEft XBGDRM WITH HDV/D. FLOORS B. FORCED AER HEAf. SHARP n. H»» FT. CUSTOM A6OITIOH. SPARKLING 3.BR »· STRATFORD SOUARE-FlreOtaCe. "· ? t4lhi. new carpell, beawT. decor. malnl. In out. By aoot, on^yt 2 BURDGE ftlfy GE 3-0489 - \ ' \ / S 9 5 0 CASH DOWN i «?. l^^'-SS-fe^nVs^., i « V.,; VERr CLEAN 1 J;BR .^ ..^o^ 1 -^-.-,^^ Ki% bO? £*?·$%.£. T ' draoet. WHO. rerced. bfeatl bar. Owrver. ff^'A _ R " viHERE "O" WHERE can vow ^J pel lor lll^ws. 0*rver 41S-M - REASONABLE br.. IVi ba., urv oe HO.OO. O*n. Write Bo A-3 1 rr.aro..PreM Tele^., L.9 OPEN WEEKENDS. Hew 1 Br M., e'ec. dome. »)S.S». 1 ·m Chad^eti. Owner. ME 4-U9 «" 2 BR., tib'e. ear. nr. Lakew «*· Hlpi. Bkr. U4-Ktt; TO t TM' BY OWNER. BR. i f». F , cr»ted. thruout. d/aces. Mf= 4-i '7 2-BR.-- Hr. /^a/ Co. L?« «xl» 4J7 FHA Mao. Sell or Irwe. 4J4-0 !ffi, BEAUT, llxartn., )l batn. Re , j By oxner. Un Carla. «S! at LAKEWOOD COUNTI *· CLUB ESTATES M4 CLARK REALTr TO 4- , BY O'v/HER-- 3 bdrm. In Lot Altos. B V Me* Pafcit k6 Jnilde -- flreolace. Si' dole, oaraoe -- cl«e Iy iclxwjj, "· inooo'og center, etc. M9JCO Dei- TlM stearnka HE 7-47i5 rt) ' NR. LOS ALTOS SHOPPING A R E A - JBR. Ffrtol. Hdwd. Till kitchen , 3 bath. Dble O.T, MS dn. tlvJOO 519 JOHN W. REED, REALTOR ). CA 3-7711 401 E. Market GA3-WOT ood BY OVfNER^^br., nr. treewav, WM wjlli ^lo ichooli. »I51 E. Vemm. J« 4-BR., J-8A., «·* crtti.. ovaoei. ^i? fenced yd. »24.x». »(-';:« i, c . BY OWHER-Calif. nVjil.J bf.p I IV 7BR.. 2-c»r oaraw, rp»rtv txlrat, waiK to Botff.i ihoo. ctr, Z£M ^ntirr. Ooen 1:30 to 4:30. 1139 fircolace. I79 paVo, HA l^)*7i · J

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