Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 15
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Relieve/t orA r at/ SKOWMTTHE THEVPSET RBTOrOUR/lOST.MAKCIE.. FLAfK5 K I HAVE TO DO 601N6W1TH / THIS AIL BY US, SIR? A AW5ELF... THIS 15 OUR BIS 8SEAK, MARCIEj THIS IS THE ONLY WAV OUR TEAM WILL' EVER BE ABLE TO SET CAPS... THE PRISON BAIL TEAM SIR WHEN HIS ANIMAL'S HORNS CROSS SHERIOAM WHO BKAME CDHMANOiR OF THE U.S.AravW i- AT 52, WAS ONLY A. UEO - TENAMT. BEFORE TllE STftRT OP THE C1VIU WAR ' ( NOWISE L j U M M M -J EJJT EGGS [OPEN VOUR FOR THE S. ,V\OOTH AND LIBRARY III Fulton,Mo., WAS BOltT FROW 1HE STONES Of THE CHURCH OF ST.MARV WAIDERM/WBORY LOMDON.--AWW MS KAZCOBYF/Re IH 1666, AUD AGAIN BY BOMBS IN K/OKIO P/AR1T FRANCES DRAKE Your Dai Horoscope your birthday comes and f i n d what your outlook is, according to tlie stars. some pressure in job matters, but remain sleadfasl ' and hopeful. You CAN ADVANCE. Personal affairs promise to be unusually interesting. FOR WED., A P R I L ARIES CMar. 21 to Apr. 20) Stellar aspects now give slow- than even your may have anticipated. Gel going! S t r e ti p, t h of ingenuity -and -· a knowledge of your ground \vUI be needed now: 1'nt first things FIRST, and don't engage in n e w undertakings w i t h o u t TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) A fine Venus a s p e c t en c o u r a g e s artistic pursuits, TMAFKilP WI SAY HIE GO THKtWWK em A VISIT on IMPOSSK an OF TOPMMXOlOeiSTS HAP SPfT family interests. Just ACMKM, SK.irtllASttT one admonition: curb emotionalism. fwon we speeaiof we uisr me revs' Kmiitfor imfoma GEMINI (May 22 to June 2 ' ' Guru a toward inertia, action. C u r r e n t further sludy: changing. sholilt] nevertheless be handled lackadaisical matters need] program. Some trends! ji. jcalcd. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) for the sake of change. LEO (July 24 lo Aug: 23) Excellent -s o 1 a r influences! Capitalize o n y o u r dynamic personality - and you can ahead with distinction. I JEST HEERED TH' BflD' COEWS ABOUT vou BREflKIN 1 VORE flRM, SNUFFY GOOD NEWS, LUKEV--- some Special attention, perhaps !\, -\ /*», \\!C ± iV^^^^sLL, Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tun., April 20, 1974 4 11, LESTER L. COLEMAN; M. D. Men Can Find Lumps In Breast l;. · ;i: !!;"i':;:!,.:; !L'i,. I liave fell a .small l u m p Era ray brcasl for years. It hasn't grown any larger so I've done nothing about it. Do sucli lumps have the same inclining in men as tlic'y do in \vonu:n? Mr. T.G.. 111. Dear Mr. G.: Enlargement o[ t h e bveast and small nodules in Ihc breast occur occasionally in men. They are never ea.sually overlooked by the physician or Uie surgeon even though tlie possi bilily thai such a growth is m a l i g n a n t , or cancerous, very slight. In vour case, since it lias ivpl grown in size or changed character, it is in all probability benign. · · Nevertheless, it should bi carefully inspected by you order .to be sure it presents no special problem. I'm 18 and I have two i m n n r t ed wi sdom le eth. They d on bother me, but I wonder eventually they will h a v e to h removed by ·surgery.- Miss L.L.. Call Dear-Miss L.: The presence of hnpaclc Iccln 'docs' riot necessarily mea that surgery [s inevitable. On when these teeth interfere wi 1 lll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIllltlliniltni|[||lllEi]!![l|]|[ll]||[Lll|lll]]|t[|]||ltl|i|hiril]||IU]|Uie n o r m a l , bile of 'the led or lh,e growth and structure Look in the section in which i SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23. to. Dec.' jaw do dcnlists consider irgical removal. If infection is present, or i! IK impacted teeth p r e s s on crves ;mJ cause [rain or diftt-. illy in chewing, then surgeryj also advised. ; ,,V,Al] cases arc individually,'*,'.. vahiatcd b y ' denial surgeons.-^". I your age it would he wise':'^ 1 seek an opinion with such;*^ specialist, : ; - My four-year-old daughter ^ : as a hernia of the navel. Could , v j "its have been caused by mi'v^. iroporly tying off the cord vhcn she was horn? - ' . Mrs, S.C.,Tex.' ' Dear Mrs. C.: · ; An umbilical' hernia is nnt ! related to h o w the umbilical; · ford is tied otf. "" - Rather it is due to a sliglit \ veahTicss'oE the musculature at ; hat .site. Many of these hernias , disappear without the need for ' sery. If tbcv r-ersist ="irl cause annoying symptoms, then ! rgcry is the oasi cs L way 1 o ·iolve this problem. *Ji . .. Speaking of Your Health .-;·. -' The sensitive hearing mechanism can be injured when hnim- bnrded by loud , factory noises-.T' There are many protective _, devices that can preserve goboT hearing. linilfllllllilffMlMilliliilMllllilOllliyillirilliltllliM I. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge through " (Top Record Holder to Wssters' Individual AQUARIUS (Jail. 21 lo Feb. 19) Avoid delays in matters which, wtiile nnt pressing. they duller your General progress Championship Play) West dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH » A K 7 » K S 2 » A K 7 3 PISCES (Kcb. 20 to Mar. 20) .- - -. j Through sheer personality Now .vou have Ihc opportunity and persuasiveness, you can be lo spread your wings a bit. to | a n effective infiience in places investigate new projects, avcasl w ],- crc stumbling blocks have of activity. But lo not drop, been raised. Asi«cts tine! well-planned ventures merely You born t o d a y , are a sensitive, imaginative i n d i v i d u a l ; endowed with a great love of manual toward ide V I R G O (Aug. 24 to Sept. Zli) Personal matters may need change of plan. A stale of jcadiness advised, lo cope with the unexpected. LIBRA (Sept. 24-to Oct. 23) Some u n u s u a l situations indicated, extraordinary persons with whom to deal. Use tiie Libran's poise and fine sense or balance la cope. SCOIiPIO (Ocl. 24 to Nov. 22) Enihuse? This m n y be THF factor needed to deep day ou o f a r u t , free from WEST *10 0 8 4 V 8 7 5 « H l f i icauly and marked dexterity. Benevolent your fcllowmcn, you often become, physicians, nurses and w o r k e r s i n h u m a n i t a r i a n causes. Vou also b a v e a deep 'ove for f a m i l y and home; arc i traditionalist at iicart nucl extremely proud of your heritage. T b e arts appeal lo you and, properly (rained, you could make a yreat success as a writer, designer, interioi^ decorator or painter. Other fields suited lo your .talents: teaching. horticulture. d a n - cing, lecturing. Trails to curb: * J 10 7 3 SOUTH *6 f A Q J 10 3 » 8 5 * A K Q 6 2 . The bidding: EAST * Q J S 3 2 V 6 4 * Q J 9 4 2 Wcsl Pass Pass Pass Pass North 1 NT 4 V 5 V 6* . East Pass Pass Pass Pass South 3 V 4 NT 5 NT 7 V Opening lead - ten of-spades. Let's assume you're in sevc hearts and West leads a which you \vih the king ...Ifs not difficult lo see that th gi'.ind slam is cold if the club divided 3-2, so all you utcome entirely on a favorablt ub division. But, even gran- ng lhat Hie. odds are about to 1 in ftivof of finding Ihs ubs divided 3-2. this would not e Ihe right way lo play th« and. ' ' . ; . You can increase- youp b a n c e s substantially by rawing only 'two rounds ' oE umps and then playing the Ao[ clubs. As it happens, you arn that the clubs are divided 1 when'Eui discards a spada i the second round oE clubs. It is n o w - clear- thai West larted not only vyith four clubs ut also Ihree "trumps. East vould surely have ruffed I h e King of clubs if he had the only missing trump. .You tberefora continue with Ihe'queen of clubs and ruff a club in dummy to ;\v up Ihe contract. " 11 may be argued lhat this method of play : runs the rislc of having Ihe-Hce or king of clubs rufled.- This :is., trus enough, since. East might very well have been dealt one cluh and three hearts'inslead of on« club and two hearts. But the answer to this content lion is lhat you can't make the conlracl if either defender, was rlenll a singleton club and threa or more trumps. It Ihorefore costs you nothing to draw only two rounds of Irumps and play liic A-K of clubs .to see wher« , obstinacy and a tendency to be dogmatic. Birlhdate of: Queen A-^T C-COULD WE SEr HEPE I v ^ i,--,--i-- i--ir"V--r -- \~^^B^^^^ -THISIS'KISSIN" ". T - Elizabeth 11. of E n g l a n d : H.A. Taine. French criiic, historian: away," you would be taking Ine you sland. Charlo'tle nrnnle. Eng: novelist. understanding of other's needs .LAFF - A - DAY Crossword By Eugene 1G Toward the mouth 20 Shinto temple 21 Undefiled K Shield 23 A color 25 Horrified 26 Courage 27 Observe 29 Flowing garment 31 Egyptian god 33 Hiding, places 34 Fleshly ' 38 Science subj. 37 Amazon estuary 38 Give utterance lo 39 Tide 40 River in Asia 43 Uncle (dial.) 44 Seen -glance 45 Beaded moislure 16 letter 3 Egg: comb, [orm 4 Colonize 5 Means of entrance 6 Stone or Iron 7 Annoyed 8 Spiced sausage 9 They beat kings 10 Irish slate 11 Layers 13 Shore bird 42 Cooling beverage 47 Hoarfrost 48 Rivals 49 Tlie sweetsop 50 Tlie - (Ger.) 51 Rules for games DOWN 1 Arabian garment 2 British ALSO SAY ITS V£RV TO USE 03SC£WE AROUMO A PA1SY V SAV IF TAI-K TO 1MEV WILL GROW 6IGSER AMP STRONSER Avg. solution time: 2-i min. "Let's do somelhing different Innight, dear. You sit here and I'll sit there." THATIgotJR L EM.,, WE'RE OMB SCHI.E5INGER? OUT/ RUMSFELD NOW.' MISS BUXLEV, lfS,S\K. T- PIP yOU MAIL \ IT OF PEFENS6 T E THE 'Answer, to ycslerday's puzzle. CareerClub The Career Club Knit On For Today THE NOW WORLD

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