Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 21
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Continental Airlines Has Record Year .·Continental Airlines Mon day reported the highest earn ings and sales in the com irony's history during the past year. Introduction of Golden Jet Boeing 707 service between Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and Kansas City helped the airline chalk up an operating profit of $3,530,000,' according to president Robert F. Six. Sales soared 61 per cent to $45,683,000 for a net profit of $1,024,000, Six said. A year earlier the company reportec an operating profit of $1,038, 000 and a net loss of $132,000 OP total revenues of $28,455 000. In 1959, Continental flew 1,107,000 passengers for an increase of 30 per cent; 676,978,000 revenue passenger miles for an increase of 60 per cent; and more than 5,000,000 revenue cargo ton miles, representing a 35 per cent increase, the company president stated. Building Permits Last month and Ihls year $4,552,750 Uos Altos Mt-lhodlst Church, addition, 592] Walton,-SXOQQ; Lrncst Adler Son, contractor; Jones, Lockctt Poper, architect. Las Vooans Hacienda, storage building. 3780 E. Wardlow, S20.5W; Metro Stee Corp., contractor; Bruce E. Y. Philip, engineer. Fred Buttorf, addition, 844 Freeman $5 000; Lovelv Homes, Inc., contractor. - I ^m nTfli .°, do , fll1cr '' ltlon ' 221 Lont) BMC I». 310000; w. Jay Buroln, contractor. « * M - ? 0ic ' , adtli| l°n' 611B Oakbrook, 5600; K H. Hall, contractor. Una Y. Brcustcr, alteration, 1431 E Arlcsm. S970; F. H. Ball contrnclor. a E- rf ruoh ' alteration, 2)5 Novara, 5900; H. p. Hansrn Sons, contractor. BE MUSICAL with one of the inslrnmcnls or pianos offered in Classified today under Classification 79 79-A. 1 Legal Notice N O N . R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Noti';i! is Jii-rcliy K ivi.|i hv l|n Icncd. H n n i l i l U'. r'nniT - - Kl.' A 1111 'Lite (it K c l i n i j t i y ^m^r'^,!;;^ by any ]irr«(i!is u t l n - r i l i i i n t!i:it aftWl'li.' , \V. 1 ' R O I ' S K n,;,, , , , _ }i ,, , N O N . R E S P O N S I B ) L l f V ~ N O T r C E ~ - - - Noll. i i u i i I N K J* 'hy K j v i M l bv t i i K i M ' i l , K l m n L. Siqip n-siil- i!7:M Oi.ipiim AVI-.. Lmii' J i i . n - l i 10. Callfdi-iiia, t ) m t u f t r r th- l:ili: of February L 1 , jy t ;o. j, c w i l l n-'l bo rosjioiiMl.!.. fnr anv debt.^. H n h i l l t i C H - r .hlj|;atii.n.H 'im-unvd by a n y por.«mn otlirr Hum himself. - hVhriiitry 1, , . Hicneri/KLMO I,. SAI'P J'ub. 1'V-li. :.', 3, -1, anno : i t f - - U ] t T 473310 C E R T I F I C A T E O F B U S I N E S S FICTITIOUS FIRM NAMF T I I K U N U K H S H l N K l ; « l n h.'rr-bv r . M t l f y j i i t t i they HIV a m i f i i r t i n i : a i i f i n i St.. city of Lui! ( r "nrnVii r m i i i t y fif Lus A i i R i - l i - y . St;ih' ( ,f ( " a l l f n n i l j i . innliT t l i i - H i - h t i i n i w f i r m iimnt. (.f f. ,S. I M I O U - K I J , a i f l t l i a l ?aM f i r m is I'linipiis.-.l nf H,,. n.]],i\v- nic pi-i'.i,,!]^, wtni-ii- lunno nnd ad- ili-'^.-rs JMV «·· f-)ilmv.«. t . i - w i t : \\'r S | - 0 E M '° t W K L L . -'*W Cht-Plnilt 1 c. s. i i i;o\vi-;r.L JR., ;;MO raiti/ Avo.. I.mir Jtoirh. W1TNKHS mir liniuls t l i i s IL'lh tinv (if J a n u a r y , HiiJO. f. f. P K O W K M j Sll C. K. I ' l t O W K I . L Jli. STATK OK C A U K U H X I A I COl'XTV UK LU! A N U K L K S i .«.« ON THIS i r t l t dny i.f J a i i i m r v A. lit TPh'r,! II^IIII-P in- 1 t h e uiul.T- ·Ipncrl. ii N n t i i r y Puhlir hi and fi.n j«;iirl C . u i n l y and St:it-, r. o n l i n e Legal Notice produced or ( i i a n u l u g t u i t'U in tlio State of California, and st'cond chulco to supplier p u r t l u l l v grown, produced or inuiiulucturvu In the Stutu of Cullloriilu. Tlic Board of I'M u cut I on iTScrvta ttio right to re- Jcul any or all oius und to waive uity Informality on uny Oiu i^c.i\.d LONG 11KACII UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT liy BERTH A LARSONS. Asst. Srcictar 1 Tub. Jnn. 26, Feb. 2. ]%" (L'l) L.1J.I OFFICIAL C I T Y PRINTING N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is lirrcuy f;lvi*n h.v t i n undursii£iiud. Frunh Vouln'H. fouiii'f- ly of 1220 Ufinmtt, I-UIIB llt'ueii, (Jal Ifomia. that afU'r Uio dale of K«b 1, lyijO. ho will not Ijy rc' for uny t l u b t f , )lnl)llUI(«. o tlon.H incurred by any persons olli than hlniyclf, Dated Jan. .'{0. I960. (Slernecl) F R A N K V O A K K S Pub. Feb. l f 2. y. 1%U CM) JjJj. li^a- NOTICE OF SALE (Under Sec. 1812.3 C-C.C.) Notice is Jn'icby jjiven t'Ui^uaiil to Section 1812.3 of the C i v i l Cud* of California that by joa^uji of ! breach or t U i l u u ' L in tliu pLTfonn- ancu of Hit! ublitfutioiiB under t h a i i'luiti-uct or iiiKiallineiit account datt'd May 14. 19. r )9, esccutt-cl Ijj J i m ' s TV Sales Service a-* seller and by Churlen lUuricuflu as buyer ou Feb. 35. 19(j(J. at 1'2 o'clock P/A1.. at C4IU Long Beach ill., City ol I-.OHK licach. County of Los Arifeles State of Ctillfornlo, the f o l l u w i n f personal property will be sold at public sale to the highest and bey bidder: One U) Zenith 21"TV Model #.'tOOl)K tier. #!IIM!M10 Said salu ivill bu made lo falisfj the balance of ?288.3(j owinc by t h e buyer 01 other jierson liable under said contract or installment account plus costw of rcs.'ilo, i n c l u d i n g uUvcrti^inK cJiarpcs. the payment of any expenses or retake.. Including reasonable Attorney's rt;es a c l n a l l incurred, and the expenses of keeping, storing, repairing. "" ' or preparing the goods which the holder may be e n t i t l e d . Any sum r e m a i n i n g afler tli" sat- nartlon of .sue)] claims shall be paid to the said buyer u n d e r wiit contract or installment aucounl, 01 other person liu'jte. The buyer or other pet-nun liable has the Hf; redeem t h e f e goods w i t h i n ten days afler the notice is given, by paying or ti-ndering the a m o u n t owed under thn contract plus the coat, of taking, keeping am. storage. Dated Keb. 1. TOGO. JJ-W ACCEPTANCE f'OHP. J. K. KOK.NIC. Seller or Holder Pub. Feb. 2. intSO U U -- L . 1 J . I . 14375 NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL No. SO. P-95 In (!i" Superior Court of the Stilts of California, in and for th" County f Los Ang.ji«'s. In th" Matter of Ihe K s l a t c of KSTHElt LOU COUL- TKIt. aka Esther L. Coulter, Deceased. Notice is hereby given Hint the petition of Lester II. .Sti-dnian foi thy I'robut'j uf Uie W i l l »f t l i above-named deceased nnd for t l i ssuancc of Letters Testamentary tiiereon to the petitioner, to which ·eferenco ifl hereby made fnr f u r t b particulars, w i l l be heard at 9: n'rlork A. M.. on I«'eb. 15. I960, al Ihe court room of Department Soutl "II". of the Suprriur Court of t i i e State of Cullfuriiia. in nnd for 11, r r o u n f y of Lus A n g i - l f f . C i t y of Long Jie.-H-h. Dati-d Jan. 19. lf)GO. I A K O L D J. OSTLY. C o u n t y (71 mil Cl-rk of t i n - Supi'rlxr Court m lit: .Slate (.f C a l i l o r n i H . m nnd d,i :'.°CH;KI!. rirputv" 1 JOHNSON . JOHNSON iO thn Ave. _onrj Bench, Cnlif. HE 7-2973 Jan. 2ii. 27 . A t t o r n e y s f o r P e t i t i o n e r . Feb. 2. IKOU C; OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING N O T I C E I N V I T I N G B I D S FOR CONSTRUCTION OK A 12-INCH WATER .MAIN NOTICE IK HEnKTlY C, I V E N THAT. inirsUHiit to an n n l f r bv he llnanl of Water Cniniiiissinnfrs if tho i : i t y df lli-adi, Calir t i r n l n . bids w i l l h t! ren-ived at tli- · I f l c r ot the Cen.-nil Mimngor and ['hh-f l-Ingliii't-r. fiioin -iO:i. M u i i i i l - |»al ftillti.-.-) .Itnllding. 215 We.^t inlii 111:45 A.if! un Tl'n7ruil:i\". 1 J-'."b- i-uary is. nniu. nt w h i i - l i t i m e 'his w i l l b p u h l i r - ] y npeiixi and h - r l a i r d . f u r r n i i K t n i i - t l n g a p p r v x i n a t i - l y J^7li f".-t nf 12-ini'li u.=lin.«tlis- ·.'iii'-nt \ v u i i r main in n . - l l f t n w i - r l i n i i l i - v a n l from Cnminl Sln-el lo "nr.inii ,«ttv«-t In nrcitnliiiu-e w i t h Mans and iSj'Ci'lficalhiii.-* \VD-1-UO. hnprovciiK-Jit is of inuro tliun locul or onJlnary public K'nvfit. and paid Olty Counell hereby dclennlm'H aTid declares tlmt the district lo be bunollU'U thereby und to be assessed to pay the eusu and I'xpe!!?- 1 * 1 ." thereof Is nhown on Al»p No. 654 on l i l t - In Ihc uiiit.e oi t h e City Clerk, to \vlilcb relerencc Is hr-rehy mude lor a i!-scriptIon nt tin- UH- se.HHinent dlatrict. and that f l f t y Heven per cent (07 ( /,) of UK- lui.n COM! fro- said IniprDveni'-nt .shall be pulo by the City trom the '·Truffle Bufirty Fund '. Ser. -i. The (*"'.inril tc f i n d and dt'lerm'iie thai U".- p u b l i c con venii'iu't- . nd necen. u ily rvijuln- -uch linprcvrm fill. At th-j Um« and pmce herein fixed for hearing bjections lo tin: proposed work or [ii|)nvem?,it u public Hearing w i l l al*o br held pursuant to O r d i n a n e e No. C-;My ( J to hear objections in Ihe m a k i n g ul such f i n d i n g and deter- m i n a t i o n by tliR Council. A f t e r such p u b l i c hearing, if the Council, by nu less than n f o u r - l i r t h s vote ol all members thc'-eol. l i n d s and de (ermines that the public cmivenlPm-'- and necessity require Mich improve- nient it may onler such t m p n i v e - tnent w i t h o u t f u i t h c r proceeding.- in roHpect to debt l i m i t a t i o n or ·nnjur'iy protest. See. 5. The City Council hereby determine? a n d declares t h a t t i n - proccedinfis for the a f o i e y a l d im- provcnicnt si all be taken u n d e r and pursuant to t h a t portion of tin- Streets nnd Highways Code design a t e d as the "Improvement Act of 1311," and that serial bonds shall be issued in the nmwier and form irnvided for in said Streets and lighways Code, bearing Interest at the rate ol six per cent per a n n u m , to represent each assessment oJ Fifty Dollars (SIiU.OQ) or over, remaining unpaid tor t h i r t y C(U) day? after the d a t e of the u-arrnnt. Said serial bonds shall extend over a period ending n i n e years troin thr second day of J a n u a r y next f=uc- ceoding the next October f i f t e e n t h follmvlng th»ir date. Sec. 6. Notice 's hereby given Hint on thf Slh day nf Mun-h. IfHi". at the hour of 10:::0 i/duck A.M.. at Hie Council Chamber in . th City Hall, any and all persons h a v i n g objections lo said propu.ced i m p r o v o m e n t . m-'iy appear before said City Council and show cause t h e m a n n e ' prescribed by the Streets and Highways Code, why :,aid propost-d improvement should not be carried out in accordance v i t h this resolut . . The City Clerk A h u l l Sec. 7. . . certify to the passage of t h i s lution and shall cause the same to be published t w i c e in the Lonp I3each I n d e p e n d e n t , a daily news* paper circulated in said C i t y and hereby designated for that purpose. mm shal. e-,ii.M; th's resolution to be posted in three {;)) conspicuous places in s;ii i C i t v and it shall thereupon lane el feel. The C i t y Clerk s h a l l also cause t" 1 be mail'-d. ices of the adoption of t h i s reso- l u t i o n nt i n t e r i i j o i i m the t i m e . furir nnd manner and t n the persons iKinted. all as provided by paid "Improvement Act of 11)11." I herein- c e r t i f y that th" foi r- going resolution was adopted by the C i t v Council of the C i t y ol LT.g !!"-T;:I ,-'t i t s m e M i n t r rf J a n u a r y 2(J. 1960, by the f o l l o w i n g Ayes: Councilmen: DESMOND, RKKSK.GARIUSON. AHKRN.CROW, HI'ONC.BEKG. Nnes- C o u n c i l m e n : NONE. Absent: Cr.unrilmen: DALESEI. D O O L E Y . K K A L K R . MARGARET I. I I K A I I T W I O L L S E A L ' C i t y Clerk Tub. Feb. 1. 2. 1!Hin ( ^ t » -- L . J J . I . v h l c h plans a n r i m f i l e m the ( l t i r ilunagrr and Chi'-l' Ui.-ri-..r nn of t h :iu;inr..f. w h i be ubtalm-d. I ' l i t - s u a n t to P i n t I 1 of C h a p l r r 1. N O T I C E OF F I L I N G OF ASSESSMENT N'.-itlro is hen-ny pum by th»- i t y Clecl-' nf t h u C i t y cl Lcnf: i-.ii-ti. C a l i f o n i u i . t h a i t h e C i t y .nglli- or "I J=;ii-.l C i t y did "n U n - JMh day (·[ J a n u a r y . UHJ", f i l l - « i i h «anJ Ctt'y clerk Ihe nps-^smt'iit w i t h tt.-irhed" d i n g r a i n lor the Improv- i-nl of the A L L E Y EAST OF A M f l O N N K A V E M ' K . liHTU'P'-EN JVINCSTON D R I V E A N D UROAD- VVAY. in tl.e C i t y o( Lnng Hradi. is desctibed in liesohitinu of ln- f i i l i n i i No. C-17L'51.'. adopted by ;he C i t y Council of said C i t y nf Lnng Beach on the 9lh day nf J u n e , 1%3. tn whii'h R i ' H n l u t i n n nf Inlrn- llon reference is hereby madr lor n 1. H r n p t l o n of said woik or im- l i r i ' v e n i e n t . Nolli-e Is f u r t l i e r given t l m t paid i ^ i t v Clerk dn-s hereby fix the -JUrd :lav nf February. lfiO. al 1" :tO j ' c l n r k A . M . . ol .-am d a y . al u.- 'oiincii Chambrr of the C i t y H a l l r( ^ i i i d City, as the l i m e and pln«-f v h i - n a n d \ v h ' - i e a l l perym.* in- liTcteii In slid work ir imi'i-('\''- i i i r i i t l i m n ' u i n i t - r Rfpnhi'.inn "f Iti- t t - n l i o i i No. C-ni'.V or in said nf- ^vMiii-nl w i l l bo heard by said C i t y Council. All pi-rpniip desiring to be h e a r d , shall, prior to tmil date, app'-al to t h e C i t y Council b y b r i e f l y s t a t i n p in writ'lnt: I h e grounds of a i ' p ' a l . Any n b i c e t i n n not made in UK- m a n - ner heri-inahovc provid"d. s h n l l br deemed v o l u n t a r i l y w a i v e d , ami n n v p.'rsnn e n t i t l e d lo fipp'-a! shall h- tlf . mi- t h a t WITNESS U ' H K U K O K I J - a v i - horcniito ;.,l my h a n d J I I H ) a f f i x t - r l my i - f f l i - i a l s. al t h e day and \ . - a r in t h i s c e r l i l i r a t . ' f i r s t ; i l n n e w ' l i t l ' - n M A P . V M . C R E T A R ( S E A L ) N n t a r v Public in and for Swill C o u n t y and State My eonnni.sMon ( .;spin-si J L ' - l ; ; . ]*tfi;». N O T I C E TO B I D D E R S Notice is hereby given t h a t t h e r«iani of Education nf the Lrm r Jieai-h U n i f i e d School D i s t r i c t . Count y of Lou Angehv. C a l i l n r n i a . w i l l l-iiecivi: s-'.lli-d hiils in the o t l i r e oj i'mvlmsmg D i v i s i o n , room "Oii ' WM.T""Vv i a^ n ': f r." 10 , 11 f lri , 1 -,,'; ''---' '" '"·"« «TM«»^ I- «"' ,mi""i'i'; ';;;/;r i '!;"iv:, X " lM7 -' v ' I '' U ^^AHCTL:'HKARTWKI.I. »!!:!,.!!- 1 -i,v';m;! 1 ,:', r ," 1 ,"r'Ti n r, l ,TTM 1 ,;- ,,..,, i;"^ 1 ^. 0 ',-'!' 0 aty Mi. l!l.-,!l. 'Inn,- n.-m-liilni-,! nn.i ,1.-- ',t'j, ',.·, I, 1 " r i a l ("i -I I: I t.Tllllll.'il 111,' Bi-n.-ral p i v v i i i l i l i E r a l ^"-_L !!_Lj" '·'_'" '·" ' - ' · ' _ _ lik :.'S I n r I'urli i - n i f l tn i wnrK-Ti]:in (ir n i-.-il in tin- p.-idirmai ·k. C'M'ii-» "f s n i i l r- iTa] I ' l i · \ : l i l i l l ^ U-HJ,-" ral-'. ii.-; · l i n t i i hv th-- ilunrd ol' \V inti.-ision.'i-, arr nn t\\f in rf «'l l h i la-lii'i-nl M u n i i j - i - r "f Kiiciin-or. Said j u l i clu.^ific.i- is and Ki'lK'l'Jll p r i ' v n i l i t i ) : i . i l c nt i l l i ' l n \\-;l^-^ nri: l i n - n c i m r a l t - i ?in hy n l f.-rrnci tlu'roto w i l l forcf and f f d ^ - t as if t \. I l o r l h l u - i v i i i . A I L . lrai-1 n i v n n l i ' i l l i f M - u i i i l f r s l i ; i l l pm- v i i l i - H i n t l l i e C n n l r a c t i ' l - n i l l y t r u i i i P l v A v i l l l t h e £,·!!.Mill p n ' V a l l i l l K I "f p'-r ilii'm W.-IK-S and ov.Tti wjif;o.-j. as t-'in'rificit in f -ai,i resolution a n d i n i i . i i l ordt'r. All lilds nnist IIP Fiilnnilt.'d n| forniB t" !»· F.'nin'd nl t l i f o i l and q u n l i l y liciiiK ciinal. f i r ^ t elm w i l l lie given to Mipplii's f:nnvi prodiicrd or i n a i n i t n c l t i i ^ ' d in t! Stair nl T n l i f o n i i a nnd sci-ond dmi, to supplies p a r t i a l l y jrio\vn. r u t i i i n n'M 1 ! \ i'.s t l i f rif;i a n y or al] bids ami lo ,, ,,, i n f o i n i a l i l y on any bid pT.-ivd. i.ONi; I l K A T H 1 ' N I K I H D SCHOOL IlISTIili'T j:y U K K T 1 I A I'AKSONP. Tilli. Ki-b. I 1 . D. t i n NOTICE TO B I D D E R S Xohrf- IS Il.T.'by K i v n f i a t I V m r i l of K d l l i - n l i n n of Hi,. I I V a i - h i : i i i f i , . | l Si-noul I n s l i n - l . C..Hilly of I.I.S Alii:.-I.--, f a h f i , r i i i : i . w i l l n'ci-iv,' !-.Tl], d bids in t h y o f f i i ' . - of n t u r n a Hi.* Puri-lia.-ini; D i v i s i o n , room 20ti slli'li l'id A d m i n i s t r a t i o n I l u i l d n m . 7IS I j u - u p l l l'ali-,1 nl I.i /.vrnil... I.OIIK Hrach. C a l i f o r n i a , u p ; this 2M1| da to 11:00 n V l i u - k A . M . K i - b r u a r y U. I 1 Still for HIP |iinrli.l.--x of 111 linvliiB K i - l n ' i l . #::::ir.-D--Iliiriln-nrri t li-s I l i a n suc-li bid. as a mini-amTM tlial II bidder w i l l , if nwanli-d a oonlrai- M i t l i i n ten l l ' l i days a f t e r Hlleb rol tract is lemiiTed to Mni lor sipn; Uir-. cxeeute and deliver neb i 01 traet |o Hie Seerelnry nf llie I t n n n l of Water roinniissioners. tojretl v v i l l i H pooii and .-.uflieient e,.ij.o. rale f i n e l y bon.t ei[Ual to 1!"';. of Hie r o n l r . l e t pl'ire. eondil lolled upon tbe I n l t l i f i i l p e r f o i i n a n , - e ,,f MM .|, e o n t r a r t . anil a f:ood and s u f f i e i e n t eorjiorat.* s i l L t v bond er | n ;i| |o -.1.,; of Hi,, nuilriie! priee. noon I],.. | a \ n i e n t of all i n a t e i i a l and labor r!:, in...-. Tbe Hoard of \Valer rommiH sioii.-r." r...»ervf.« Hie l i t l i l nt an I L l u e p r i o r lo t i n : a \ \ a r i i i n ( : of e o n t l a e t 10 reject a l l bids and t r e t u r n a l l deposits a r t o n i p a n v ill] . p h i i n n f i r a i ' h s Prli.'d ,'f::::r.:,-K--I'a~-h ri'l:i,-l"rs S i i r r i f i c a t i n n . u and hid f..nn.u n i a \ -· n b t a n i f d ill t h n n f f i c . . nf Hi.. ]'III-|.|I:I.-|IIK Oivhion. 1'rii--. fill|i..«.« n n d U l i a l i t y l i . · i n c r ' H i a t . f l l . - l r h n i f i - « ill he fiiv.'i. tn ^uppli'.* cnmn. p i n d i l 'd nr t n a n i l l a c d i i i d in l h ' S l a t e nl r a l l f n r n l a and ...·i-nnd cln.n .' I . . .Mljiidi. .-- pallia!:}- j:rnwn. p r n - dilc.'d nr i n a n i l f a r t i i r - ' d in III.. S t a t e nt r a l i f n r n i a . The r...nril nf Kdu- r a t l i i n resel \ e.4 Ihc I if;lil In l e J ' C t a n \ - nr all b i d ^ and to waive any i n f n r i n a l i t y nn a-i\- bid received. I.ON;; T J K A r i l I ' N I F I K D SCIIOOI, DISTRICT l!v r.KIM'IIA I'AUSONS. Sfrretary ·arli. r.-ilifomin. i n u . i r j . ISCn. n i : K X N A X S. T H O M A S C . ' i i e i a l .MniiaBi-r nnd Clnef I'lnL'Sneer I.OUK lit arl W a t e r P e p a r l n i e n t ·b. :'. l:n;ii ( I I I I..H.I. R E S O L U T I O N NO. r.1,'M3 A H K S O M ' T I O X C I K I X T K X ' I I D . N T o U l l ' H I I V K A X A H K I . M STI:KI:T. MKTVVKKX I.OMA AVKNTI-: A X h I' A r 1 K I c I'OAST H I C I I W A V I N T I I K C I T V OF I.ONV, H K A C I I . C A I . I K O K X I A . A N D TO l:K IIK.HK;- X A ' I ' K H A S T I I K A - X A H K I M STIIKK1 SAFETY I . l l i l l T I . M ; DISTRICT. The C i t y Counril of Ibo CHy ol ,OHK llearh re?f,lvec ns fo]lo\v's: Section 1. That Hip C i t y Council i n t e n d s lo order Hie i m p r o v e m e n t of llie f o l l o w i n g M l r e e t : A X A H F . I M STRF.F.T between I.oina A v e n u e nnd P a c i f i c Coast M l K b w a y . by i n H l n l l i i i i r a street .snfely l i K h t i i i f r system i o m ' ' i d s . N O T I C E TO B I D D E R S Xolice Is liereby K n e n Hiat Hie roniii v.r Kduealion of the Lone D e u i l i U n i f i e d Sihool D i s l r n l . ( · . . i n i l y nf I.-.? AnB-l'.«. C . i l i d . r n i . i ' d w i l l i v c e i v r sell. I b 1 ..!:' tn l!.e o f - fice of the l'nreh:i--i|.|: 111V LSI..11. PI T;..oin ^'ln A d n i i n i s ' i a t ' . . ' ! ! llnddiM.-. ai-c..| dam f w i l d plans, p n . l i l . - ? :\i 7IS Locust A v e n u e . I.ollK l:each. llalle.l di.1win[T and 5peeifie:ili..n. I-'.-briiaiV' P '/ino. for Ihe l o I S o w i n j r : J o n f i l e in Hie ofliee (.f Ihe C U V Srhnl.' #::.''-lic s i i p i i l i i j K i i B i n c r r . and reference Ir hereby A: ( i j u i l ' - i ' M l.'iade lo s.i.d (locun./ for ft . an.i hi.I form.' m . i v l d n a i i c d d e s c r i p t i o n of said Ir p b t e . top. lii.-r w i t ! eondnil.-. rabies. fillini;s. lamps and o l h c r n p p u r l e n a i L C e s ; ib.ini: al! ^ - s a r y i;iadini: and nnv oilier re- ated w o r k r i ' i u i r . . ! . exeep!n;i: a n v .f t b e i m p r o v e m e n t h.-r- i n f i b o v e Ibed a l r e a d y completed ; Ihe a l o i r - a i d t:,i ,a!l be | . . r l o i m e d V.» ohlained In Hie o f f i c e , nf t h e Pur- Division. I'rii e. fitne?? ami O n a l i t y betn^ w i l l he pu . fir.-t i i p p h s p i o w n . l ·merit and Inr Hie d e s c r i p t i o n ··f Hie tn w h i c h Hie nn- prnyemer ; is to be nl^de Sic. ;(. l i n i s.Tid c..,nien-,pbite.l Announcements 00 FLY TO VEGAS on 'hf fabulous HACIENDA 4-Engine Airliners TASHIONS IN FLIGHT BY LORRAINE SUTHERLAND OF- ALHAMBRA Dick Wmslow flt Skv Piano CHAMPAGNE TOUR $19.50* INCLUDES: ,- Gourmet Dutfet dinner. t Bottle ot Vintage Hacienda Champagne »' Limousine service m Vegas t' ? rounds of golf, nite liled course, clubs furnished ^ 4 chances A\ S5.000 hole m one. ,' Conlinuous entertainment ,' Dancing all nil* O'Niter Incl. Above Plus Suite (dbl. occ.)... $26.50* GUESTS OF THE HACIENDA CHAMPAGNE IOUR ARF. GUARA N T E E D SHOW R E S E R V A T I O N S SUN THRU T H U R S AT THF NEW F R O N T I E R HOTFL Sell Out Japanude Hii Show "it's a must." ,iys Hedda HOPDCI DINERS' (.LUB AND ALL NAT'L. CARDS HONORED AVAILABLE TO GROUPS. ? DAILY FLIGHTS Afternoon i Evening Dconrt 1:20 n m. 6:20 D. m. LONG BEACH HA 5-1269 Sania Ana Kt S-b568 ·S10 Add. Frl., Sat S. Holid.lvi Not fl Londucted tour Free Air Transportation for guests ot HdCienda Hotel X, Cn^mo Only With purchase of above oackaae TO SAVE YOU TIME THERE ARE BOX REPLIES at The Indfipcndont. Presi- Telegram office for ino following boiot: B-954 B-2457 B-3884 B-393 C-2438 D-2468 D - 2 S I 2 0-2841 F-2436 G - 2 l ) » G-2438 G-2762 G-2831 G-3972 G-2973 G-297S H-2733 H-2746 K-2838 K - 3 1 3 7 L96(, L-2293 M-965 M - 2 1 9 8 M-2222 M - 2 7 5 7 0-2862 O-384( O-4073 P-2439 R-3817 S-2860 5-3632 S-3865 T-2437 T-2?50 T.2753 T-2818 T-2825 T-2834 U-2193 W-SSI 1 ) W-3971 W 3821 C A R E E R YOUR CLASSIFIED SECTION OF THE DAILY SUNDAY INDEPENDENT PRESS TELEGRAM Funeral Notices BAlNER-Deilr« Jo. dauohter of Mr. nnd Mrs Hcnrv R. Bolncr. ot 4895 Orcuon Avc. Service Thursday, 2 p.m., at Suimyslde Memorial Park Chap?), HUNTER MORTUARY. DIRECTORS. Dona- lions to American Cancer_ Society. Tr -,d'i yi b-.-rv (e Tuesday. 8 o.rn . F'lcrcr Brothers Murtinrv Chapel, I 7?0 VI. Washington Blvd., L. A Service Wednindny. 10 w.m., *I i Sdiiil SODhin's CoUifdrai Church, j h.inniv requests dOMfiHorii bu j made to the Vnrlplv Inlrrnntiondl Bo-s' Club. PIERCE BORTHtZRS I MOKTUARV. C l A R K - M r s . Mabe' W, age 69, of 3H7 Palm Ave . Lvnwood Sorv re will he onnounccd bv ROSt : GARDE tl CHAPEL 638 A T L A N T I C . LONG BLAUt ENSWORTH -- William KiionD of ·112? Cciilr,illrt. Survived hv wilr Beverly; -,0ns, R ; ch-vd nnd Barry. brollier, Lewis; sister. Mis. CMc'i Wind. Scrv ce Wednesday 10:30 a.m. ,il PATTERSON SNIVELV Funeral Notices 1 bSTERtA6"^-~Amella*Pr.ilher, age 87, ot Lomira. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Alice Uenihardl; ? sons, Mlllard Foifer, Fosler Prathcr; brother, Wltllnni H. Stafford. Service Wednesday 7:30 D.m. al _ _ _ H O L T O N SON CHAPEL iYLViii! L" w --'William '~H.~ ngc 82, of 224 7fh St., beat Beach. Syr vlvcd bv wife, Fr;mces; sons. Gordon f=., Clarence L.; three dnuotilers Mrs. John Dalt-y. Mrs. Lvndcll Lnwson, .ird Mrs Stiinlty DeuUrh. Sewite 1 uiidnv, 2 n.m., at W f S T f t A I N S T E R MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY CHAPE i. m- Iprmcnl Wcstnifnstcr Mentor ml Park, V.'SSTMINSIL'R MF MORIAL PARK A ' O K I U A R Y in (.n.Kye. Funeral Directors 4 "" B. W. COON FUNERAL HOME HOLTON SON HE 69679 Sixth ,ino Locus. LTM »,,«., cam., Twsday, Ftb. j, mo INDEPENDENT--IW C-5 Lost and Found 12 ONTAOCED DOGS IMPOUNDED AT LONG BEACH ANIMAL SHFl.TfR Location: 3001 C. Willow SI. Ph GA 7-9929. Hours 9 n.m. to 5 o.-ii. Monday through Trldav. 10 to 4 D.m. Saturday, Sunday ·ind nolldi.iv*. The following animal 1 ; were Impounded nnd will be held (or "uun^r t dm from fMc (icife ol Impou.idlng Animal; Imooundcd nt Olv Shelter Impounded 1-2960 Mixed, fern Dlk. A wht. WOO E Willow. K-IO. Mixed, (cm. Blk tin. Birnov Empl.Ag'cieslWoen.) 23Empl. Ag'cles (Worn.) 23 EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES i WOMEN j. Consult These Placement Experts | Dlk. 3300 L. Soring. Brn. 2200 Grand. 555 Locust Avc. ; HARLtlY--M.irv lia M. Hook'ns, Mr. 5 Mrs. ... Parks, Mr. Mrs. Patrick Fort- ncv. Service Wednesday. Frb. 3rd. 10 a,m , a? Hillside Church, t?o:.c HilK Memorial P.irk, Whiltlf-r. ROSE HILLS MORTUARY di reeling. ·Cemeteries-MausoIcumsB i j (And Monuments! I i GREtN H I L L b V.f/.'.QRIAL PARK I 2/531 Wr-l".n b Pcdio TE 3--l.1i i 9 i / i 9 ; Income Tax HOME or o'fn W A Rortri G Income Tax of James D -"cousin ot Lnwrcntc j HOME o. o f f i c e L-xncr ~ KI--V P; 4? wl ?;.-.l°-. (!nc . c .. S ' l ; lle ^., A 5 " ' W A K ° n * G A V 6 4 9 3 G A 3 3 . V - HILL-- John William, aqe 17 of 3/5 Molino Avc. survived by wife, Mdi (jar et, ? douohlers, Mrs. Blanche Jensc.h Mrs. Mnronrct Siarks; 13 grandchildren; 3 sons, W C., Fred and John W. Jr. Srrvlcc Tuesday 1:3Q D.m. al chaod of CHRISTENSEN - PINO M O R T U A R Y JACOBS--Donald D., age W. of 2MO Snn Trnncisco Ave burvived bv wife, Ro^ctl,i. dau'ihtcr. Florence Pcv'on: nntfier, Mrs. Or.i Blair: brothers, Gilbert ana G?.int; 7 grandchildren St-rvict; Wedn-sday. ? n.m., at SHEfLAR M c ^ A U Y L N CHAF J EL. Ir.tcrnicni Sunrivbidc _ Memorial Park. . LEV/IS Ernest F.. of 1336 Pro-.noct. Survived by stendnuohter, Fsther 0. llowfl'd: srstcr, Mrs. Lorn Hen- dnx, brother, Victor L. S c r v i t e Wednesday, nl t p m. In PAT TGRSON a SNIVELY CHAPEL, 555 LOCUST. Cocker, male. K-96. Mixed, male. K-3E. Siamese, fen.. PI. 3200 Cn'der.vood. PC-I7. Cnl. nn'e. Red. W Lime. PC-IB. ImDDimdPct or Iniurcd l-?v60 M'.xcd, mole. B-mdlc. 100 L. 5/th. Dcnd. Impounded I-30 60 Chi'iu.ihua mix. male. Ulk. B tcin. JM3 Lime K-16. Cocker mix, m.ilc. Wht t. blk i?incrser Pork, k 39. H',i-.';v fern . nmv blk. 100 E. Lou^c. K 19. ;/.f/«-.(, m,i!p. ted. Al Shelter K-15. IniDOL-nrlc'f Oc.iH .ir Iniurcd 1-30^0 Torrx, male. R"d. 3090 Fashion. K ?(. W : o d . ni./e. Brn. f. wht. 5300, m.-i'e. Liver, 1700 Gaviol-j. Dcnd. Impounded 1-31-60 Mixrd, m/ilc. Dlk. P, wht 4.100 S-infic'd. K - l . Mixed, fc-n. Red tan. Af Shelter K-57. iniuo'ifKJort Iniu 'cd or Dead Chow a Slim., female. Tan. 1900 SUPi.W t A X S f R V I C E c. E. PRUD::OM. ex qovi ?a New 59 dcOuct'oii wane earners, sick D,IV, c!c 61P4 At l.intic A V G . (J LONG BEACH _OPEN EVLS.__ SUN GA ? 6970 " F A S T , COURTTOIIS HFFI ! w -.. H:| J-_y'-" id - . ClENT OPEN SAT SUN I RKVMRD. Loit Thurs., parakcel, EVES. 2023 PACIFIC AVE. ("ninoise w/gfpv v/hitc ^inqi. _HE 5^410 _ I while head, nnswc^ fo "Babv." 15 YEA'R"S TAX EXPERIENCE i _ GA 4 - 955S Rfllrcd Inlprnal Revenue man. f LO,T: At Snfpwiv in limits. C,i:i Siive vou mcncv on drri;;c Female BiSjel hound Chi Id'i Del lions. Rov M. Bird GE 4.8160. Nc-7d medical · ;rc. Rev. Health Aids _ 3 / 1 6 b. 7th St. H.":-; "H'r 5-8131 2^314 Pcnns'. INCOME T/iy SERVICE BY" HXP PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. Reason- GA'3-3333'6914 L. B Blvd. NE 3-1J1? ' R f i L A X A T l O M . music" ALL S T A T E S BKPG." Sf HVICE" '. rph^PnanJn 1 -to 144 E 9th HE 7-252: NC^ o, __ DAYS fi,_EVL-NINGS HL- 6 6 8 INC* TAX icrv'ce fl*"vdur" hcfmc or I nmv olfice, dav 1 ). eves., Sun.. S? up. A - l Accounlma, 3508 Atlantic. GA 4-583? . ( itors DELUXE" Insurance 9-A M'TCHFI I --Naomi L. Of 2116 K. '. Broadway. Survived bv husband, Edward; dauohlpr. Miis Brcnda , Personals A'exandcr; father, n ' D D ' *-'3«"«i^ At. 1 T O -- W e insure thosr canceled, refused or needing license rein stated Pay monlhlv Aonti eves. _GA 4-0707. Jarosse, 2387 Atlanlic. FARMERS "AUTO"INSURANCE" Al DuBois, 23W Lime GA 4 7016 can help as lono es /o Won *hru Frl. _lJ2i AI!anHc__ no ita, technicians. 7 (!vs. ! LU 5 3CJ? i 'C i 10 o m Sat Sun HE 7-3PP/ __ __ Nervous -- Tense -- Sore pi .iclo W. 11 Bradford; brolhers. Oliver v. p . nnd , Homer R Service V/cdrc-idav, ' 3 nm., al P A T T E R S O U SHIVE_LY CHAPEL, SH Locust Ave. _ ' NCI SON -- Rose S.. ape 65, ii.-mcd ; awav Sund.iv, Jin. 31. Survivrd bv i husj-ind, lie:-*; -1 son:, Harro'd. Raymond, Robert, and Cmrrnrc. i ? du'uj'iters Mrs. C!-iro Tav'or and Bonnie Fiapo; aKo 5 bro!h- crs 2 sistyr^. 19 grandchildren. 3 grcat-orandchildren S e r v i c e Wednesriav, ? o.m., a' WHITE'S , FUHf-RAL HOME LHAPbL, DCll- ilowcr. | F u n e r a l Services Conducted by MOTTELL'S AND PEEK JUST 777 ml to" Yu'iia. Ariz. MARRY IN 1 HOUR Any dav 0' mlc N-. -vattMa Luies GfCtna Green CL.'iDcP. VV'n tcrhnvcn Ilo C'r^lintv Turn rinht at State line po i hlk W r i t e 50" First fit or nhonc SU 34101 Yum,-, NEWCOMEPS VVI'l COM I: To our ael .icciiiii'ilcd drrii;' every nmhl (fxrrn! Mon t Ttio-i ) AL SKR1P P. ORTHF.STRA 5 cash dr.-iwm-js Tlmr-.ri.iv niqhl CLO\T9 F1A[ L ROOM _337 l /i w Pike. L B (2nd Floor) " CONFIDENTIAL" HELP for (Miuctiiint moincrs connoermn i fidonlion State licenced ,iuent.v. I ANALtT T E r ' S No obi mat ion. The adontion In- _stilutD.jVirs Long. WE_3j718l Al ONH? WrTrr or c-iM* Dpverlv Social Club. P.O. Box 177, Bellflower. CalM. or 1704 Atlantic, Lorn Benrh HE 5-1974. HEALTH STUUIO. mnn=iqor-ieiil. Chiro- iss.ioe^. Baths. TIRED? - NEED" "RCCAX'ATION" T R V OUR MAbfiAGE 2257 Pacific Avc. GA 4 9770 L O N G ' B F A C H "MASSAGI"" 525 b. P.ic. Csl. Hwv. GA 6-3523 LOUISE KRUEGER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 2 1 5 L B. BLVD. HE 2-7981 5178 ATLANTIC GA 3-8431 SALES PROMOTION GIRL--Muil be well groomed--Xlnt education. ABC 30 lo 40; cor necessary. Wondcrtul oonty. tor the rile girl and must be tree to trnvrl. S400 + gnolinc -- any necessary expenses. Stefios "A.B". lo J350 R.iold typist, Xlnt oppty V144 93 R R. l ( iLj. math, opr. lo 5-1/0 fiilermcdlale sleno, local .. 5310 Intermediate typist, personnel ok- od helpful lor personnel records o f f i c e . 5795 Cl'iis-iicd .idv., slurp, well groomed «iri, exnd. Xlnt. onnty., tvoc, handwriting, local .. . 5200 + tomm Payroll elk., cxcd.. good 10 Uv . . to S300 C'crk-typist, 2nd shilt. car. Tvoe 45 vpni. . S275 ·*· nlte bonus File elk., single. No exp nee., hioh schl. »;rad. Outlying area. J200 1-uirl oil ice exn. Drs. of (Ice, ^- This is only .1 partial lisl of our yood daily positions. We have ? o f f i c e s to better serve vou. Our _N.L.[j. oMicc is open_Snt. a.m.'s. GOLDEN WEST AGRICY 19 Pine Rocrn 914 HE 7 0501 "COMPANY PAYS F f F " IB^ lyp'sl, 1925, alcrl, np.if. Prrni. Mice oft , L.B. 5?'.0 Socv., 2540. local, '.nr 5350 ··APPLICANT PAYS FEE" Gen. Ofc.. 22-30, N.I..R 5717 S^c: oirl. drug exp. . 51.50 !ir. I-C nknr., fliito nrls. he-ivy ior. 5' i days. H. Park !J10 Perininpl Clk .-Typi-J, L.B. 5795 FC Bkpr., NCR, u 45, L B 5~i/5 A-;stnt. Bkpr., 75-35, Wllin. 5375 Burrs. Bkpr., bank exn. to 57G5 Mcd. recepi. in*., cxo., L.B. DOE Mcd Rcrnl.-lvnisl, V/ilm 57EO-' Socv. advtrj. dept., u'35. S375 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 20B TOP PAY LXCLLLENT JOBS CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY 19 Pine Suite 312 HE 2-8481 Secy: od skills, learn legal . 1300 Cashier- expd, type, car . 5245 Socv: Adv. Mgr., $350 Tyoc: sfalislical, local ... .MOO Escrow Clerk: expd, lyDC 50... WOO Sales prom: 30/40, car . 5403 Secy: business bkad, S390 un Dent. Clk. Know, of Adv... 5299 UD Stcno: 30 up, od skills, car... $281 MEDICAL DEPT. RN or LVN, ofc, Lynwood . (o 5350 Expd. Maid for hosp _ $205 Adinilo, lypc, PBX, 3-11 . ...S252 G-'O mcd oroup, local st S250 Asst, mln type, prt time . SIJ5 Assf. emrroency hosp., Compt 5250 Nurses Aides, all shifts . ..5230 Ofc Nurse, type 80 St WOO LVN, current Calif. [Ic 5253 RCCP. Know Ins. S. Pedro S250 uo Mcd Asst, expd, give shots 5250 One oirl ofc, mcd CXP st 5250 CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. Bdwv. Rm. SOS HE 6-fi?71 Sc'.y--business admin 1o $390 Secv--sales dent, car 5350 Sleno--post credit wrk $231 TYPIST TRNS . . $212 CIH- occtg depl. It type 529-1 SENSIMA1IC OPR 52504- l-scrow Clk, 4 yrs exp 5300 t- Pclit sales girl . . comm -f 5216 MEDICAL DEPT. X Rav-'L.lh tech, O'C .. . 3 t 53^ front ofc, Lkwd .. lo S?50 iris Sccv, a?c onen to 5350 S'irg Asst, cxnd, Compton 5250 Malurp l.VN, chrg 11-7 s! 511 dav RM, c'inic, local .5300 UD Ins. Clk, full or par| time, Bcllflower $750 RN,_ofc,_Lynwood lo 5350 st CA'NNON'STSENCT Clerk typist, free 53?3 PBX to'clvDc, fee 5300 Factory Ir.iince, fee .. S1.35 h.r 8/?l Firestone, Downry TO 2-1816 6207 Pacific. Hunt. Pk. LU 2 8231 V O N LMPl OYMFNT AGENCY Roa. x-r,iv tech, local 5407 un 5375-A ATLANTIC GA 3 W05 1 A R T T S I A baihs--.'A n s s a a c--Bv Le-hnctt, 9?16 Artpsla. TO A-OU5. MAY'S" MASSAGE " -- "CO! ONICS i H'u 7-5I.U US) |^_7tti_St. I SV/EAT" BATH" is. mnv,"ao' ioie w Comoton 10 K / dnvs N E 2 9 7 2 3 HELEtJ'S Massage SalonVlJlO E 10 Mrs mil Ciord Sun HE 6-3S3Q GOLDIE'S Swedish rn,vsagp Me-im I tj.ith Wcp^rtnvs ^ Sun HIE 9-W" ... . ._ _ Mctaohviics Music. _Bollis._l-Hr_Mabsa(jc. GE_3 7711. WL : ST'S NEW MASSAGE DEF'I _ Hr L_ !?·*·_ No Sun-Moil. HE 6-6289 MARY'S MASSAGE. fOLOHICS 640 E. 3rr HE 7-4S29 MI r.RFPH -- C.vl Vklor. V.'-dnK-ilJv. H-CO .1'".. BEAUTY SALON OPEN Thur', A Fri. evr. bv dpot. Ph. GA 4-4703. 73.19 Pr.rif-r. GOt.DFN POPPY. AA ALCOHOLICS AC:ON"VMOUS ART A OFFICF-DR'NKING PROBLEMS CAI L H[-_ 5-5'i31 \Vmn\VCP--53, ~5'IO".'~165 pound'. cflr, 'rcu irrf Ind., P T. " . . V/CfJncsdav 1:00 p.m., x Barr olfiLintinc. MOTTFL L'S AfJD PEEK , A 7-iO. ' f. Advi«.ir "Oma m me. B-nn d"DM-.P. GE_39-00 A 11! ; T7 1 : R D"~AL PAMULER. CA' L and ANDREWS-- Inlanl -ion of Mr. Mrs Gcortic Andrews. Survived bv brothTs, Jen. Nenl antl Rm.r; sister, Valrrlc. Private service was held, directed by MOTTELL'S AND PELK ATCHLEY-- Elmer Gcoroc. Grave side ervirf Tuesday, 9:30 n.m., Vclcr.ins Admlnlirr.illon Ccir'clcry, Vi'cst Los Annelcs, riircrtrd by MOTTELL'S AND PEEK TRY ME FOR ON A Kt'.V T P O V ''ALL, GO" "PLACTf,--HAVE ~FUN! 'Old Clnra 57515._HE 2 3 8 / 7 ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. 7 : 3 0 " l c _10:30_pm. 1543 C. 10th._ HE 9-9196 JUDO Instruction for all noes. For Information call HE_ 7-4796. ANY CAR,"nnv color, J3i Ha"rnrtf r ! _Pdlnt, J7l,0_Alamlt05. HE 7-2575 UAN'CING TO A 311? 3_PRIVATE_LESSqN5 S2 DA'NCE Lesions--10 hrs. "for~J10 ADULTS or IELN5 CiF. 4 ^ 3 Irene D,ince_S:udio._3413 E._71h. Dr. Raymond If'LNSET Can't slnco? Try ~Nlnanrn (rcc. 411 L. D. Rlvd. HE 3 W?4. BPOWH--rrnnres Chase. Survived by daunnlcr. Mm lor I c Morris, brother, 'William C-hr man._ Service Wednesday. 3 p m . H. Flrlh nHlclntlno I .V.OME.LL2_AKD PUCK W A T C M r s , cn , llrrd , owr ,,, ,,,,,,,. CAHMON--jn'PDh P Survived hv Jo ° Robmr., ,7 Long Bench Blvd. I brothers, Ralph and C. W. C a n ! PSYCHIC C.irdi (3. 17 fi ' ' BELLFLOWER-Mns:nrje, firs. 11-8. _clo-,cd Thursday _VMha,h 5-1101 HAVf : S l ^ A M CATH--v;ill wlv.sanc. Jan's, 2173 Pacific Ave. HE 70764 Rest Homes, Sanitr'ms 20 THE FINEST CONVALESCENT CARE PlivsKMn 'n .'.Nenaancc Fomicrlv Hi'hv Knolls Hospital 1 pno flr.ich / 3E33 All.intie GA /-096^ inincttiun invited School Instruction 22 I School Instruction 22 Have You Thought Of An Airline Career? A giod training orograrn now cr. ,;...r fulurc . . Wcrlncst'iiy, G 1-30 n m., Vciornis Atlrn'ri-'-tr. C"Mclcrv, West Los Ainf'f"), rcctf 1 tw MOTTCLL'S AND PEEK i P A M A ' l -- Paul G. Survivrd bv wife EKiC' son. Donald; dauoh- 1fr. M.Txme Rurrle: sisters, Anna i .. ' - · - · - ; - _ ' - ~ ' . Mdrawski, Ada Fdw^rdb. T v r n ] Lost and Found Elder; 3 gr.intlrhilrtrcn. Service ' \vcdfioid.iv. 11:30 a m. CHAI'EL OF THE PAl MS MOTTEl L'S AND P E t K Sun GF 4 - 7 3 1 4 _ 193ft Chrrrv BLOOD PRf:SSU'Rt"C.Hti;KF-D 1C ciinilelv. Onlv 50t. U2 f. A15 Pun . CALL B1LLIL l o ' 6 - 7 ? » t o t Pnvalc ' NURSES rare h.Hlroom lessons._ _ _ j jTM« OR^ 11 ^F^PniS."^^ 1 ^ ^- ^ M *' 12 H A R R O L D -- Poarl Srrv Tuesday. 11:00 fl.m . Roo«p Camn Tl 1 1. S. ',','. V. n f f i c i . ^ ' n o . MOTTEl I 'S AND PLL K JOHNSTON -- Mefla Mav Serv Tuosdav 1-00 n.m MOTTELL'S AND PEEK LOST-- Liine brov/n dog. Female. 4 v.-r-itc foot. White lip on long tall. Vic. 3500 Go'dcn. rfpwnrd. _ __ __ Hf : J.17M ___ LOST-- White lonah'aV'iiwile nuppV. S:;o. P7/.. 430 Ad.lir, N.L H. _ GA 3-7? r ,5 _ _ _Rr.XVARp LOST":" pr.iy ' . . f r o n t loct. V.c mtv hv . to. e: so , D.t Dflnicl W.: ( " f-'ii;,ir i "t h ; f,Tt|ip | '. Max I .nn. illicis. Mover. Adnlnh, Albr-rt, -1UC!. S ' S t c r . Mr?. Albert Kom- M O T T E L L ' S AND HEEK U--"h'hn hrtw.vd Si" 1 _ _ 7 'P_' 7 _ bclv/n. I 1 . O. A Sc-}rb. Rcwiird. i"O r T- r'-^riv" 1 -! " h s i l l r l r i "l7;v.r~Ye- i LO'iT--Wnmnn'-i ' P" Los A' 1 "'. Reward GF 1 | LOST- f/.-in's HI LKV/-I .re.'. 5i inf. CA " SJSI. rrrt billfold 7 J D - . Tfc , 23 I. OfilS'iCS, ived by .los DTn.iicI: S'^tc 1 ", A^PIOV C-^tt; h'O'h cr. Be-1; J nrnnochi'drcn. Fa'ivlv rcT'c?!'. ons bp m ( idc to rvT-,,-,! Fund. Ronrv WPS r-'cld Monday, fi p.m.. 3rd f. A'.Tmtos 10 . nt 5-iint A.'.iitlhcw's Church. A.',OTTELL"1 AND PFFK Sur- i466, GO;.! ! HOME_Y'b Somelning Differonf In Snnil.iruirn K. Rest Home Core W Hour Cursing Service wilri R.N Wr Invite Your Iniocrtion LOS CERRITOS NURSING HOWE JOOS Virninia Rd. OA 4 PIT* LOS ALAMITOS SANITARIUM 25 Y E A R S exncnrncr In cor- ol llie aocd. GE_ 1-M2? ATLAIHIC GUEST 'HOWE Cnmnlctn r.irp nt Ihp ftoprt. Wr Irwile vour Inspection. _59;7 Atlantic Ave. GA 7-W03 "piOHEFiR 'SANITARIUM Lndics only-TV Rccre.itmn Rm. Sr.'Kiou'. nroutid',, in'.pc r .tion in v.lcd. Arlcsia. U_H 5 5 7 7 6 . U hourc."" Monthly mcml)Br ( .hip. The 1015 M. Brondwsv. KJ_7-35U CRESTV.'OOD. ;-4"hour Pen. Nurse care. Heiirt, st-nkc. bonr, cnnccf cases. 1775 Chr',1nut.___Mt _?-B£i? REST Home ~fn" Portion,! (or'cidrrly [iconic Gd. rm.-board. NA ? 3IBS. Dirnran Rrit Hoine,_5W Flllmorp LUXURY LIVING f excellent V.uc. Experienced onetntof., lie. Rcas. GA .rwsv HOME ov.-nv frofri home, rn'.in, wonidii or tpic Anibul. HF 7 31S4 Board, Gunst Homes 20-A BOARDING home- tor nmbnlntorv j quebf., fiooo food, kind core. p.ii:o, TV, Ti-!? L,i S.dle. Los, Anne'cs PT 4 ('--Jl Of ffC 1-57JI. _ A FINE Home tor mother, or. D.) or L-itn. SIM c.uh ' I67i OHIO GE_8-9U/7 | fltmo^P*icrc in he. hci Young men and women, noes 70 to 27, hlgn school graduates, should investiOfHe Ihe fulurc of iin oirl me career. This exciUno field offers many opportunities. .START YOUR T R A I N I N G NOW. You ton trrun tor Mcw.irdrs',, or one ol Ihc mjny important ground n^siltons s u c h as Pa',',eri!inr A"- 1 )!), Ions. Tk'-cetmo fi'id ni.inv nliicrs. H-^sy budget terms t,in be irrflnocd. TRAIN II) in.iv ,1'lcnd Hollyv/oocf HOI I YWOOD. You rf'i.dent cla,-.e', at our Airlinp Sclinnl upon ol b.nic training--nt Send couoon loday and we will see Ihril vou receive compicle dc fails on our modern Airline Trdln- Ing Program. Dcpt. A2-3J, Box A-5fi97, c/o I-PT. (lame A t J r f r r ; ; ,,. C i t y Sidle . FoVic. . .. REAL ESTATE SCHOOL $25 Free books. Salaried lohs. 900 Long Bcac 1 Biva HL 19751 L f A R N A TRADE in 2 to 6 wks. G ^ O C b R Y CH^CKLR .. S9B wk. MEAT WRAPPER 5E9 wk. I; LI. C I RON 1C ASSEMBLY S89 w/k ppy 015 r* TV REPAIR S16i wk 5n. School 01 nusinrsi 5;25 Atlantic __ GA 2-1239 l^dv. GF 9-5798. room, b.ith. board 15 I ,\A.»f GATHAN -- Flounce T. 1 wrrl hv hu^hnnr 1 Thorns; "«;eH O and 6. i r, Br i-rsK I v n u r , LOST : R L W A K D ior~ir,'i'Vc.i . ' OVFl Y - - - L . ..f. 0 ,,,-, . fc.n ( n i t Thuri nio?i! i nr Fiderly. G£ 8^773 j I'.'nndjn L. R fA J-1RR9 ; VACANCY""ln New Gu«t Home ! f-OUND-Cocnirrl." Owipr p.iy " nd. ."58 Olive Avc. HE__/^IiOI GA ? M6? . VACANCY for ,irr''i'iatorv laCv Gt 8 1?08 N^CF. home tor mother, oootl mc.iK, P.ltiO, TV. A 6-7667 POTTER'S "~Tcened~honie (or M- · d ; cs. Good fncrl 6 Ciirc. GEH_J-P3.1fi j 974 souTiTsV.""^'"' "GA 3-6?7 ,rXlfO-':""tf-"--t 1 71 dnvs. Motm your anp_p,ir.Tif c _ m . Loans 21 -A I LAS VEGAS RE r iFRVATIONS S100 favorite rha p wanted. d'nd. Pr'"a'o service /.'.onH.v 7-1Q n m MOTTELI 'f. AND PLLK t-ci pv ~ Clarpnre SurvivPd wife. E-thcl: stendiijnh!cr, F vXittclM: ^ brnlhcrs* Mcmhrr F'orj Re^rrvp .-4T of L^fio P^ fj'mrnd P-st "R16 of Hie Am can LCf'On. Service Wr'ir^'- 7 00 p.m., Reuben L. Ander - n . i iou' ,Vrt I T f r t v c l i R i n f R S 8 4.Ji. OA / l'9-!7. ndd · DRIVING tr Nt-.v Orlc.i i riders. Gr J-13H. , . '· Funeral Notices L.B. "to . V.'i · P T . " L.A. " . WOTTELL'S AND PFHK A'flis. Tnn^drtv, B'OO .in., St. An- thonv'' Th'-rrh. ri^rrrVf) hv MOTTELL'S AND PECK For further mlo"H.Tt on r.i'l MOTTELL'S PEEK 3rd and Alfimitos HE ft ?;S4 FOR F U N T R A L F LOWLF-S ( A l l . MOTTELL'S f. P E F K F L O R I S T Funeral Notices SERVICE AT ViESTMINSTCR MORTUARY-CHAPEL INTERMENT SERVICES AT WfcSTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK . 11 « ' vcph f . I I A Nf W ' A O R T U A P Y C H A P F L w.:. 1 ! Re^erfnf.e . G T . r c v f l Itl/i T A . Fatntln FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1250 Pacific Avo. HE 2-5901 FLOWER SHOP HE 5-6388 or HE 2-5901 l/.!3 W.ii'iul Ave. /.',*ss TursdAv. 9 'i m.. S.unt Anthony's Churcn. Crtry I cc. in! -.! -,OT ,-,nd Mrs. Gene Gnrin^n Or.-.r";r A /P Pnv.i'r- ncid nt DILUAY nt Mr. i { .1.1° ic-rvifc CHAPE JONES 'ii f-rcd. Hgc 5.1, .^IVpt·J^ Ave. Private s e r v i c e Werinc'.d,iv, 2 p m.. wtli Rev. Rollo E. Dun oltici.ihnu at DILDAY CHAPEL. I LOn-id,i L" noc 7Z. r,f 50?3 BellMower Blvd. Service Wfrfnesdiw, iO A.m . with Prv. Aler G. rjichnK o f f . Culling ,it Dlt DAY CHAPrL. W.AZOUCH-- J.imci A., ago AS. r.f isa r. 6ih si r . f f v u c oud Internment m Chicago, III. D 1 L D A Y f.'.OIMU^Y in (hflrge of locdl .irrdnoc- n.rd I . rTi- 7?. Ahnvr rt'lv -.,, Of t.-V r^ w l! he rrr'.r.n. ir.1 bv PI merf.ker .Y F A V l Y ' M O R T U A R V (Salary, Auto, Furniture) MONEY TODAY"' $25 TO $1500 BORROW ON YOUR S A L A R Y . Employed people m all lines mav oualitv tor a solarv lonn. ; RORROV/ ON CAR OR FURNI- | TURE This citrcllprit srruntv I niciy permit one dnv s e r v i c e . ! S P E C I A L F A Y D-VY LOANS "555,. !W or more loaned unM p,iv day" or ongcr Pav only for . number of davi vou keep mono/. S25 cosls I5c tor one week. t NO OTHTR C H A R G T b I pcn-ir-- FOR V O U R I nr.N LOCAL LOAN CO. | Ou- Hnd Year i 206 k J"1 St . ?nd Floor ! Comer Jlh l.OCUSl Hh' /-X131 A'.k 10' LtJ S' ','.or FJCO n.irkmp 3-« or 355 i.ncuit Onen f-"nrtw until B n m School Instruction 22 PBX RECPT. TRAINING Alto 24 hr answer training. Live i b^.irds A f r e e pldcerncnl. Comuton, NL 9-2204, NL 6 - I O I / . | AIRLINE " STEWARDESS-lnteres'- inn y round iobs. Tr.iin now in L.U. lor positions with Ic.idino R Sufplrmrnl.irv Airlines tnrouci^out _U.S. ?-_pvcr^£n^. Htf_«-J/63. . __ DIVERS Snerl.ilizod ( m i n i n g In idv;in(.ed n i c t h c t i i of c o n s t r u c t ; s o i v n g c R generol diving. CO'V.Mt:RCIAL SCHOOL OF DEEP ShA DIVHJG, INC. __2301 E Analieirn, Wilm. HE_5 6B06 GROCERY "CHECKERS T R A I N NOW -- PAY I A T F R INDIVIDUAL I N S T R U C T I O N S LYNWOOD T R A I N I N G SCHOOLS 12021 Long Rciirh Blvd.. Lynwood NE 9-4924 CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE Approved Prolessionai School DRITAl A5ST . MFDICAL ASST GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURS[-$ 218 E. Is) St._ _ ME 50105 li'k Screen X Slon Lcttcrino Mdsc Di^pin 1 / Arl Cl.isscs Du Djiv School U l l P m e HF^-EOIS School Instruction 22 Barbara Moss College if Real Esiate Knowledge STOP I N - L I S T E N IN-SIGN IM Piflcc vour Rcrii E^tflte Career n mv hands. Univ 5 weeks to Train for Broker or salesman exams. Instructor Realtor tormerlv man- aoer of Long Bench Board of CALL FO'R BROCHURE _500 E.Jth St. _ H^ 7-0541 Oldest Schoo' In LONG BEACfT Over 515,000 In Equipment TRAIN HERL-- WHY GO TO L. A.T Check with us before "U" slon In. GUARANTEED TRAINING IN' PBX opr Jo 5400 mo. CROC, cashier to S600 mo IBM to 5450 mo. SOLDERING A wirlno to $450 mo. WASHER-rtrvcr Rpr. !6 hr _Moorc Schl. ?45 E. /th HE ? 0745 REAL"ESTATE"~ If VOU l.F.ARN WtLL it p^VS well. Study ,vith nn experienced realtor wiia htis lr.iincd hundreds of successful jlespcoplc. Joh\ rV?n'. n7 - D ' 1V * evening rlai-t".. St PAR A T FT pr=M = i-'AL COURSE HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE 1 7 6 AT LAN TIC GA 3-6J79 S1ART TODAY1 BECOME A GRADUATfc PRACTICAL NURSE EARN AS YOU LEARN LOW 1UI1 ION-EASY TERMS Gaylord Syitem of Nursing Mrs. E Gavlorrt, R, N., Dlr. . 1B36 Atlantic. L. B^ GA 6-1/0) Driving School 22-A PACIFIC DRIVIN"G scTiooC" Beginners - Brush-up . 7 4 7 L. B. Blvd. G^ 4-0917 Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 MANAGER Men's V/p,ir, local store. Give ex- Per., ,IDC A rets. Sal. comm or will sell Inl to qualified early, _Wrltc Oox R.219;,_lnd., P-T. NUKSbS f. AIDRS Mcd., Surn. A O.B. All shifts Kntclla Comiiiunily Hospllal Stanton, Cnllt TW 3-505) _ Pg.tly VVcslon. D[rccjo^r^of_Nursr-i POSITIONS oncn lo'r nurics. Aoe lo -10 vr:. A\ust have knowlcdoo o! drugs oilier nurslno roullncs. Call Mr. Rchman, TE 5-6fitl, 10 p. m. _ __ _ Bartender, Cktl. Waitress | i Thoro. ' T R A I N E D V Lov;est co'.t Stior) \'41A I c c u M I m g R M r h "HIG'H SCHOOL GRADE SCHOOL \Vr.te CoiunihM School. n'oma. p o no« 5ci_ PKO- c«H'f_ WOMfN 1l-!n onod'hoatlh. aof?"lS to 60 to Irain tor Dfiict C.H nurs- Ing. Nurses Pducment, GA J-03C3. W i l l , .irtrnl ? on'y-- for pholo oil rolirinn louric. _For interview p ^li_ GE ^ R 8 - 6 LFAR'H Rrlil "rstntp onirk" "MSV way Privfllc in f tructn5_HF 6 9S'l?. AMERICAN" BARBrR"~coLLEGE Lono_ Bench HE 3-V?47; HE ?-9313 Keypunch (Onoratlon and Proarnmmino) __ o ~ Secretarial i or Gregg Shorthand -- o -Accounting Bookkeeping or CPA Accounting Free Placement Service (Tuition F n«inc:r-3 Available) .^ California College %. \^ of Commerce ^ . f ^4 (A Division of Sawyer ^ *·- School of Dusmessl ."^ 851 Pine Ave., L.B. fy. , MOORE School will tniln vou ir» j Gror. Chcrker-^. 745 E. 7th. HF 20945. Free plcmnt. Sec fld Cl^27. EXP. Beauty Operator.' Cornotoii . RLGISlhREO Nurse^-Physk'lflrrs _o"ice._Ph. HE 7_-4S88_lpr Interview LONG BEACH Em'plovm'crTt Agcricv Hi /'me, Suite 220 "£_1:!°;? BABY sitter. Live in. 2 children". School^ lnstrucfion_ 22 | li"d^r~l75 : J : i^tio~22 School Instruction 22 NURSE Graduate under graduate (or office of M.Q. on West Side _ ____ - al L. a ."°r_ 5 ^_ GA ll^i General Office (Froe).. J300 LEE STEVENS LMPLOYMF.HT AGENCY 319 E. Complon Blvd. __ _NF: 1-111^ REGISTERED "NURSE" To work in Doctor's office In _Lynwood. For apot. cnll NE 6-!UW WOMEN-- H.ivc" vou thought "ol an AlHLINt" C A P F F R ? ^cc our dd unrtcr Claw. 22, Educotion-Instruc- MOUML"~Schoof'wil "train vou " In Soldering Wirino. 2Ji E. 7lti, HE 2-0945. Spec, allenlion women _ over 40. Free olcmt. S_ee nd C±. 72 B'OOK KEEPER, "tVDlsl. Stale~a'a'e~, exner., sul. expected. Give rels. A teie numher. Write Box A-2588, _c o ind.-PT. _ WANTED-FuM or Part "Time" T U P f ' t R V / A R H Dcrnonstralor. Call Your loca 1 Auttioriied Distributor* for Anoointmcnt. ME teal f_ 0-394?. SALESLADY W A N T E D : 'interest-no \ v o r k in tirov/lng company SI tn SI Ml nrr hr. Call Mr. Williams, _MR 0 67-14. MANAGEMENT OPPORTuli'lT Y~ v/ith Curri;^ Slarlinn ds tion cook, waitrc^^. Inimed onnn. _|ng. J500 Los Covotcs._GE 3-90/1. Pliofo Finisliuio PlarT Needs experienced checkers, hillcrs, prinlers. Anply A.M. only. Mrrrurv Plioto.^1030 L. B. Blvd. HOUSEKEtPER-MotHcrlp^ hnme, CArc (or 3 children. Will accent wom,in wllh 1 child. Small iaUirv. HA RECEPTIONIST" " Doctor's office. Exnerlencod only V;ilminoton area TE 5 6611. _ BEAUTY COLLEGE" INSTRUCTOR Tufsdav thru Sdfurdav HARBOR B E A U T Y COLLEGE ·165 VJ. 7\n, PcrJroJTE 2-lriCA HO'JSIIKECPtTR "moliTorlesi home'. No objection to Dreonancv or child. J children. UNiver^ity B 7M3 MOORF School will train 'you iri PBX rcpf. ?JS L. /th St. ME 2-094 S Freu placement. See nd. Cl. 17, EXPFRiFNCED stcnogNiDhcrT Good tvijist vjifh rencral o f f i c e expcn* _cn(.e C.iH owner. TE J AJ50. HXPERt'ONC ED "laundromat ""lad!/ V/ntc Box No. N-S44J. Indcn , _. p -T._ Slatc_ a(ic__5_ayaiilif Minns. HOUSEKEEPER for care of elderly coup'e. Live In. 6 R 7^hls._S.l5 wk. ___ _GE B-1779 WOMAN on Soc Sec. iis companion housokocnor. Good home. Small _ _ . . . . . _ _ _ _ dorothy Stirling agency 115 Pine. Rcom S?3_^___ HE 5 f,Y.J EXP dining room S, cockloli wait- rci3. Club MGrman, IC33/ L B Blvd ,_ Lvriwood, after 2 D.m. " " '" SHORTHAND in 30 DAYS L.B. SECRETARIAL COLLEGE HE 6-1263 CLASSES P.B.X. TYPING RECEPTIONIST AIRLINES TRAINING Medical Division y* OBnlafAsslstants / Medical Assistants Medical Secretaries HEmlock 5-0105 Accounting Secretarial General Ollica E X T t N D E D TUITION FPfiF PI ArFMFNT Gregg Shorlhand YOljr I ' r s J nosilion Long Beach Secretarial Accounting School 4(H l.ono Rtltth Blvfl SmC6 190S

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