Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 7
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P* S tA4-WOEPENOENT | · LK* IMC*. CM*. Ttarv. Airt «. 5-? Argentina .Navy Ends Rebellion (Continued from Page A-l) Buenos Aires, apparently as '. · precaution. ;. Rumors swept the federal ' capital that the rebels were , seeking Guido's resignation _ and were setting up a rump government at Bahia Blanca near the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base. But the reports seemed to have been planted by insur gents following the collapse of their naval support anc they did not appear to have much substance. ISOLATED ARMY unit r.allied with the rebels con: tinued. to hold out agains · Jjoyalist army forces near th -'city of Cordoba and alon Ic-the Bolivian frontier. ' ?v*As soon as he arrived in , JJuenos Aires Adm, Vasque. ""met with Defense Minister-, -.and Acting Navy Minister-, *"'3 o s e Astigueta. Astigueta · "then conferred with the com : 1 manderj of the army and V force. *£ The m e e t i n g broke u ^""about midnight but the go? · «'ernment did not disclose im ' '· mediately what terms tl ; " navy had laid down. Air Force's TFX-Leak Quiz Ends (Continued from Page A-l) ointed out that McNamara ruled out the use of the lie detectors as soon as he earned of the suggestion. The President added that they never were actually used d a r i n g the investigation, therefore "we have nothing to be concerned about." The Pentagon inquiry came to a screeching halt in a briel statement announcing the end of the investigation into the "unauthorized release of an Air Force document." A D e f e n s e . Department with my tribe, either.' --Associate* Prtu Wlrtdiot* NEGRO HONOR STUDENT Jaquelyne Faye Evans, first Negro to be inducted into the National Honor Society at an integrated Little Rock, Ark.,- high school, is one of six Negroes among 1,200 whites at Hall school Jaque- lyne, 15, had A-plus average over three semesters. Poivertul, Smuggled Drug Seized by U.S. SAN FRANCISCO WV- Federal officers Wednesday ar rested two men and confiscated three pints of the powerful 5^ john"iT McCleiian, Indian Tribe Returns Lakewood Donations (Continued from Page A-l) number of letters he wrote pueblo governor, was nzmed to her after returning to his* as one of the first in line for spokesman said no lie-detec- rillage. * · · · SHE SAID Coru phoned fresh help, Mrs. Anders said. A Thanksgiving offering last November was her first'; bakery , CINNAMON ROLLS SPECIAL her from the p u e b l o in' ttempt to give assistance.' February to halt her massive Follcwing the return of Mrs. effort after the shipment was Anders and her husband. already was on its way. "Leo called long distance, reversed charge's, and said, Tell them not to send the things. I'm disgraced. I'm losing face with my tribe." Mrs. Anders said she retorted: Tve got my tribe here too. ! don't want to lose face George, from visiting the reservation. SHE SAID complained. When the shipment of food. tor tests were given although clothes and equipment ar several high officials had rived, the Indians ordered it volunteered to take them. · · * · THE INQUIRY stemmed from the Washington Evening Star's disclosure on March 21 of an Air Force officer's memorandum charging that some Air Force men had been subjected to "oral abuse" by Senate investigators lookin into the TFX contract tward. The story was published just as McNamara was engaged in a peace of tensive O o · · o her husband fjj 1 can't enjoy ft promptly sent back, she admitted. MRS. ANDERS had raised the goods by publicizing what she saw as the plight of the tribe and securing enthusiastic help from friends, local merchants and various philanthropic and social organizations. ' In one of the letters. Carmelita Rosetta, wife of the eating, knowing those kids are going hungry," and the couple promptly contacted a trader at the pueblo and ordered turkey and pies for the Coriz family. f She said she met Coriz when he taught her silver- smithing while he was doing reserve service at the air station- He later invited the Anders to go rockhounding at the pueblo. 31 \J JL o o o o pit- 6 o o o Mres. Anders said she subsequently sent a shipment of 700 or 800 pounds of goods' that went by railroad and was not refused. "I worked night and d and we're out about $150," she said. Reg. 35c pkg. T.nJ.r. toiff Cetftt C«lt KtT«i ·Trt pfump. ;«rcy roTt"««. Al- vr lortej teppl«9 «t »cioll]o icTnj. A ..rn,.! .- .-..«... »9"- APRIL 4 thru APRIL 10 $ AT THESE LEADING SUPERMARKETS £ O .0 Air HA in A MAtirrs tucir STOCES IS7S r.oft S», tutna fart . 24tll S. VV«t«r«. Urnfl. 3511 C.sljr, llvj, tynwooj 2S1S Tcrrano H'J, Tcrranc. · It70 IoU« A««, Weitmitiitir 3169 SepuUeio llvi, Terrenct COLE'S MAlinS £3 4700 to. Covet,, I £W tong Btacft 3401 E. Arfti'ia, ttnj I.acl 1329 £. Atonira. Compto. IOSII GarJ.i Grcr. |[vj. Garden Orev* 5541 WeoJruH A.,, latiwi H HAM'S 10711 S. Atlantic. ttnwooJ 4101 S3.. S*, lali««al . . tm E-Sprinj Sl-lonj l.aci * * r lJ200£.»«tcron..LaMu-3i« 4243 W 11011 Alo«Jro Bl.i.Norwol 4*33 E- Pocrfic Coos* Hwy, Lee) Itacti 720 La FoTma, Anafctrm l2SIE.Steen4St.lor,gtiacK 27124 hfe* Part »eoi PoToi VtrJcl O o McGOWEN MAtm 131 S. Goffij S»- Sen f.Jro ««, Ult»ceJ with the Senate investigating ]| subcommittee,- h e a d e d by drug LSD-25 which officials said had been smuggled into the United States from Israel Mounted grenadier rein- ^ ^ Atty Ceca p^ ^ d forcements w e r e p o s t e d ^ g^^ Roseman quickly outside the Govern-^ ^ te^rf Copley. 26. ment House when a flurry of lhad b e e n oprat ing as the small-arms fir e was heard Hypnosophic I n s t i t u t e d from inside the Naval Mra-)j oshua Tree Sln Bernardino istry a half block away. The' r TM nt ,, cause of the shooting was not determined immediately but , ,, , , . , . ;». j it was believed the navi- took d«craed by the federal Food most of the arms from the!^ Dnj | Admm, station of- building when h abandoned fice " , °, tf m °! t it to Chilians Tuesday. ;powerful agents known to ahtcnenofe ' i"" 0 - ca P ab!e of a " sm S ?*· The revolt, touched off retired generals and admirals, to block the possibility of| T* 1 * I - nous mental changes with . . . ol ' Ame Suspects Bought 3 Cafes (Continued from Page A-l) told his landlady he was a television technician who had just arrived from Phoenix, fonowm "of «S3 Kctato^ Medical Associatior, said Juan D. Peron returning - llast *** that SMae "* '*" power in the June 23 ^tions. started the navy proclaimed its cease- fire. Ariz. His car bore woman Arizona Hamilton was arrested by agents Monday in t h e block of E. Second St. Tito Shoplifters Sent to Prison a^phic ^ecatos «n bV^ Hamilton said her . T _ _ _ .' h»«H txrt * r\« r*t* "074^^ antitipated from such casual **** wls use 7. self destruction CT?"* O get hls payroa was not "classified" or secret. Ark. McNamara said he had tried to suppress the document and told the subcommittee he would try to find out who gave it to the reporter. McNamara assigned Lt- Gen. W. H. Blanchard, Air Force inspector general, to the task. Blanchard or his men questioned more than a hundred people. Deputy Defense Secretary RosweH U Gilpatric. N a v y Secretary Fred Korth and Air Force Secretary Zuckert. Gilpatric, Korth and Zuckert agreed detector tests if necessary. 433 PINE AYE. DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH forjundertaken because the psychotic decompensation is not unlikely ..." The two men were arrested by Food and Drug inspectors Meyer Weinman. 36, and [ln d customs officers in the Jerome Raif, 32, who admit-'home of an inspector who had ted shoplifting record albums:posed as a buyer for a Chi- from a Long Beach drugstore Nov. 7, have been sentenced to state prison by Superior, Court Judge Maurice Sparling. cago firm. AFTER THE undercover agent, H. E. Pilsen, had turned over $15,000 in hundred dollar bins to the pair and taken ,," delh-ery of the three pints of his restaurant employes-- ciellan subcommittee was when he was apprehended on'concjmed about the source the sidewalk. Fain w a s arrested agents said they search the^ apartment and confiscated a', shotgun, rifle and a revolver. » # · * INDEPENDENT newsmen found two small children of Mrs. Hamilton at the apartment - Wednesday evening. The two men, both natives of New York, had prior police'drug. a'rmed Customs officers records. Kleinman had 24 emerged from the kitchen of was unknown. Apartment managers said phonograph records hidden . . under a coat when he was .-- arrested as he was leaving the store. Another 27 albums the home and made the arrest. Roseman jumped Robert Baker, customs officer armed with a carbine, and wrestled other tenants had complained! A ! T . about "noisy parties'* throwni u1lich _ _ * * _ _ ««.« J A * were found in a car the two him to the floor but gave up ·}' ^ men were driving. They were when another agent raised ' ~ charged with burglary. his revolver. by Hamilton and Fain. Both men are in custody in' lieu of $50,000 bail each un- :cr a federal warrant charg- ng them with the robbery. L\ THE H O L D U P , two bandits equipped with walkie-by "assembling and evahiat- talkies and armed with shotguns cleaned out three tell- £_...« M*..»*V* v*.. MUI.C. ti.** ujviunjiiig wuji] aiAicMnciiLS. ers' drawers and the bank from people who might have' vault, firing a blast over the handled the memo, leads, of tellers in a terror ^ decijicn ^-^ out lie-j ranch manager Robert Lacey and forced him to accompany hem to the Old Town sector lor sou temtcmt cf £aJnctuH. MarquV, emeraU cut oval or ptar shape, tacfi h» m kufividuaKry a! it* cwa - and each nttxunuMt a frier. Chocsc the one that lattf fier personality to fynbofce yow engagement Price* hdude Federal tax Charge «r budget IUOGET TERMS UP TO 24 MONTHS 10«6 IUCH1 OLDEST JEWELERS ·OWITOWI AT 131 f i l l 1VL MIK1M YAUOATIOI AIT LOT wst HI vms · CM* rOIOAi EVHIISS NYLON SHORTIES For fnt Hand of Fastioc Trim Ht!« ByTo* tTieri'ti wiiK ·i wmt. Bloclt, wkTt« onef spring trow it. rrtctar. jrtu tTut, tujor rest. Newberrvs Gforaareat New EASTER HATS For JonTor Fnkies rlofn LONGER NYLON GLOVES $ 2 THE DOCUMENT involved S+rttcb ·yi aft. BToeV. wlittt. ttTgt. brown, iitctar, yrttm «gaf«. rei* en tttavc* bT»« m But the Pentagon spokesman jj^ ^nj to t he pentagon in- JUST A HINT OF A HAT So smart so flattering in which Rear Adm. Frederick Ashworth said the award TFX contract to D y n a m i c s Corp. femmtfif. S flatfirTng 'and ytt a preci'caT i» pro. tccl your feaTr-a'a. Com* nt eor hue,* tcTcctie goTary ef colon. ? selec . tion four " me$ TOTS SPRING HEADLINERS ?. t»r u f-n«i I epcn anj closij erewTtt, Eyi!tt piquet, leyi* peat eopt- Spring ced Summer BAGS Tale New Shapes end Colors rf till you !·· eur ilTccKons. th« crian ftf tf« crop, sac^ «i QturobU pTotic M ffftnH. I of* anJ coTI. ntw tfraw tfficti. General 'deeply disturbed" many military men. Ashworth was the Navy: member of an otherwise all-' ; mended that the contract go i Boeing i overruled the military men. The Pentagon spokesman , said Blanchard was winding Ij up his inquiry into publica-lj tion of the Air Force memo'' ing" the material gathered, including sworn an Air Force regulation pro- hibitmg use of the results of] The of the city, w h e r e tKey sucn te«s as evidence. changed getaway cars and re- " gI T ltlon »"»* dat « J s eased him. I3 *"* ' lraj ""y now UCU1 8||' FBI agents said the two distributc1 If men were identified through The regulation said tnat.jf :omposite photographs pub- while lie-detector tests mayj| isned a few days after the be used as an investigating jjf loldup, but would not dis- technique, they are inadmij-j';: close steps leading to the ar- sib!e as evidence in any A i r j j rest of Hamilton and Fain. ;Force proceeding. -*: TRIMS FOR YOUR HAT TRIMS FOR YOUR HAIR BOUTONNIERES Choose from our huge assortment of fc»*ly artificial flowcri. Assorted bunches, jlrqltj. Ja'intf wreatds. In colors to match your Easttr wardrobe. 13,000 Russian Troops | Still in Cuba, JFK Says (Continued from Page A-l) whether they were military I what it called "piratical at- technicians or included some tacks" by anti-Castro exiles of the 5.000 combat troops on March 17 and 26, charging that have been in Cuba. the United States had encour- KE.VNTDY also said hit- aged the raids. and-rua raids on Soviet ships Kennedy said he respects and installations in Cuba by,the desire of Cuban exiles anti-Castro exiles actuaHypo see their island free, but may assist Castro to maintain we just don't feel they are ad- control and "also gives tddi-tvancing their cause with these tional incentive for the So- hit-and-run raids." | The President said the raids are dangerous to world peace' viets to maintain troops in Cuba or even send additional 'orctt to protect Soviet shin- because they might bring re- ping." prisals, such as attacks on The State Department sent American shipping. These re-| a note prisals could lead to counter- :he Soviet Wednesday Union flatly denying'action and "«'hen the issues^ Soviet charges that the United of war and peace hang in the | States encouraged the raids.jbalance we feel that VS. The note said this country had authorities should hive som* taken ev-ery step necessary to control"* over military expcdi- prevent such attacks. jtions initiated from U-S terri- The Kremlin had protested^ory. BAKED FRESH DAILY From Oir Owi lotery EASUt CEC01ATEO 8" Cakes 1.65 Easier Novelty Cakes-- 23c Easter Cup Cakes lOc THE PINE ROOM OPEN DAILY 7:30 TO 5:30 MOM. FRI. UNTIL 9 P.M. OUR "LILAC and. LOVELIES" U «aiy-car« Itoa'tT cation *. Doztn» cT · wf »tyf«i trait fn«Ty for Newitrryi · fameai mettr in Eo mon Kotfil f eTy*«t*r col- ton ayTo« fcfcrtj. 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