The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 6
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TKI PACTS Brarosport and Brazoria County, Friday, June 14,1957 Buying for Best Employment ' l^ ) ^ ** ) fc3; CLASSIFIED PHONE ;3-3511 for help ia placing a classified ad. 3 line minimum 1-J days, Jier line 2iic 3-4 rljl_v«, P<T Hnr 19c 5 day* or mnrr . 17e Classified Adi Phoned to Th» Brajosporl Facts by 10:UO A. M. Appear ill• Same Day 1. SPECIAL NOTICFS FOR INFORMATION on Alcoholics Anonym dul 7- B63'. , REGULAR" CH -RCW SEVIC- ES 10 a.m ind 7:30 pm Sundav: 7 -.0 p.m. Wei. Church of Christ, Velasco -T Hish School. V.'ATCH "FOR BBB PPP«W«»MW II| W""*«- ~~ w^a**"""*^*"^^" 2. LOST - FCM'Nn l:.1. ARTICLES WANTED JBRTNG your unwanted itcrr* ' CABIN CRUISER. vW iBHv jH^^MBk BBH^BHI HH to Old Colony Trading Post. I Brazoria. Texas. We !)\iy anv- j thinf. will oicl.-i.iD. Ph. .",535 'QUICK'CASH for your piano. Upright--, grands and spinet.--. Write • W. E. Wolcott, 1701 Main Si., Houston, Tex. GOOD ,THINGS TO r.AT IS'. 25 HP | Klcciric motor, .^tearing, con- ! irols, trailer, complete SKW.i. .lohnson 30 HP Electric, new" 101 or guarantee . . . $ 425 I ohnson :)0 HP Slandard. new >o»or guarantee . . . S 350 Uerciir.y. 30 HP Electric. "omplcle with controls S .19. r i i Palmers Sporting Goods. Clnte. Ph. 5.2415. They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo (tf?EM4DNE AtfD OWPxl WERE All. MET UP /36OUT TrIE BOVS THEVt) MEET /fT THE BIS COMMUMlTY D4M54NT—• |ESCAPE FROM HOT STOVE: COMPLETE RIG: 14' Corba i Hamburgers. Bar-B-Qne and' boat - ' fl 5fi Johnson rrotor. SO sandviehes to 20. Ph. 3-327!,i ''P- and trailer. Like new. rh. Are's Hamburgers. Ave. A. 19 S. 53. MfSC. FOR SALp, AIR CONDITIONERS:""" We have three 5-ton Water Cool- 'OUTBOARD erl Package type 3 phaze Air conditioners bargain priced. Can he seen and examined in our warehouse. Regal Service. 602 N. Gulf Blvd. N. .1-24 in. RUBBKR~LIFE RAFTS: Terrif- ' ic lo>v prices. Wavne Enter- pi -isf-s. Hiuay 238," Chile. Ph ; 5-2012. THERE'LL BE JUST OODLES OF COLLEGE MEH-.4ND THEVRE 4UV4VS CUTTING IN- RE4L DRE/3MBO.4TS.' I WOULDN'T MIND MEETINGS FEW MEIVCOOL'LIVINS DOLLS WMO ARE 6000 D.4NCERS •So COMES IT THE LARGE NI6HT-4MD OUR HEROINES 4CT LIKE THEy DON'T KNOW THE Boys 4RE 4LIVE-/1HD DOtfT C4RE — ?l6'.Ufl REWARD: Return "Tip- !__Frppport. ^ ' py." medium ?i/cd ! German ;ATTIC FAN' 42""WcFtirighouse ' Police dag wearing Austin j S8! , 5Q comp i ete . W aynes En-. " " """ address. Long arey-blac* ! i er prises, Ph. 5-2U12" i58. FARM hair Gone since Sundav. '>. ' — T' Snogs .Tr. 406 Circl" Way. : APPLIANCES: 21" AdmirnI pii 7-1)767. : ^'' '- fon a i r conditioner .220 .».i 11' niji •mi "•"" i •»"»»"• volt, Norge automatic wash- 11. PI.ANTS-SF.F.DS ' er. S125 each. Ph. 3-1288. MOTORS: 5 hp Sea Bo.-? with goar shift and throule control. T\ 7 e\v ynaran- tee. Reg. S21R.95 for S189.95 Used 3J, Scott Atv.-ater out- hoard motor . . . S 49.95 Goodyear Service Store, 222 West 2nd. Freeport. EQUIPMENT TRACTOR: Massey Harris""! row. Complete equipment, cultivator, planters, mover, disc. etc. Ph. ?,-:i03fi. IVY house plants for sale. 207 ICF.MTNT MIXER: Also tent",.,, ___,- -..„_„ N. Ave. A, Velasco. Ph. 3- Del-o ' h. Motor, Hand Plow![ |K._PETS-S1IPPLIFS '59-1. : _?*• 5-Mi3. _ :CHIHUAHUAS: 2 grown ihaL-s GALVANIZED PIPE: Special! anrt one P"PP3'- Registered. p-ices for short time only. ' s - 5 raHl - Sp ° al 608 Sn - Ave. 1/2". per ft i:) c ! C. Velasco. " !6cj GERMAN BOXERS: 2 males. 29ci 1 female. F\ill grown. AKC M4c| r?sistered. Call 7-7410 be... ,_, pcr u 38Jcl t-.veon 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. or 4 Orangcuerg sewer pipe, i after 7:30 p m. pear ft 38ic 7^ T -j;™^vr 0 - ~ Open 7 dajs a week. Waynesi , TENl= - : - Thcy 1 < hom is. iNSTnrcTrox_ PIANO LESSONS: Young experienced teacher has open- 3,4"" pcr f[ ings for students of all lev- , j ,'.,.. ' f( ' el.--. Located in Southern [ i/y\ per i( Oaks. Convenient to Cluie uc j. rt am'. Lake Jackson. Ph. 5-7 y BRIMS ON T>44T SMG LIME.' IT'S so M4RO TO MEET NICE FELLOVS--1HIS SHOULD RERE4HVENT/ A CH4NCE OF TU4T UP I TRIED TO CUT IN, 4ND THEV 6.4VE ME THE RSM-EVE.' «.»T.i Ktta RerreR, ,, 05TR3IT 6, (( l 121. MORTGAGE LOANS ; 128. TSF.D CARS FOR SALE Garden Club Officers Installed During Annual President's Tea J The Angleton Gnrnen cnil. Mrs. Lufy Wllkerson, second heild its annval president's ten vicr president; Mrs. A. L. Hamat Ine home of Mrs. E. E. Him- mond, secretary; Mrs. W. B. ler. recently. Prswttt, trensurer. Mrs. Clinton Black of Hous- One new member. Mrs. Jon.i ton was present nt the tea to E. Tomlinson, was admitted to 'nstMl officers for the corning the rinh at this, the last mce!- year. The installation theme inp or the season, was that of a flower Harden,! Rcfre.-hmenti were served, with each new officer bping wlih Mrs. 1,7 E. Morgan pre- presented a prckaffc of flower, siding at ihe punch bowl. Hos- .seeds aopropi-i.le to lur office, iesses at the. meeting were Mrs. Officers installed for the Hunter. Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. H. coming year included: Mrs. E. :E. McBririe. Mrs. A. L. Tlam- E. Hunter, president; Mrs. I,. ! mond. Mrs. W. n. Prewiit, snd E. Morgan, first vice president: Mrs. George Sheffield. , »i M \L5:-FtMAI.r; HF.I.P :_'..-.. — ------ ---EXECUTIVE SECRETARY: Enterprises. Ph. 5-2012. DRESS FORMSrSpecial 35c Male or female, needed for tim Brc.'oiia County Tuberculosis AsFociition. Applications should be filed before .June "20, 1957. Write Box 170. Ansleton. or Ph.'6539. WE V.'ISH to interview men and women to sell oi'.r Funeral Service Insurance full or ^ part time. Attractive contin-;'^ 3 - P er uous commission bafis. Callj-"" yP* s 5-2511 for appointment i 111 " 1 ' <; hea P- Special P rlccs for I _, __m* ; a tc\v d ays only. Waynes Enter-, 2". r'CMAl.E HELP WANTED prises, Hiway" 288, Clute, Ph. - 3-2012. * p, If -- vou want a good desire a p?;. 102. HOUSES von S.U.K LAKE JACKSON:~2 bedroom home, screenrd porch, Hurri- can fence. Equity S2,500 on terms. Payments $63 month! ly. Rowland Realty. 103 j Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-6543. :LAKt, JACKSON7~2ir Birch, brick veneer 3 bedroom and cien. Ph. 7-6916 after 5 o.m. RIVERSIDE TERRACErS-roo.Ti home on corner lot. Make ^n off^r. Ph. 3-1180. SMALL private bedroom with adjoining bath. 703 Vi*. 1 Shop. Ph. 5-2751. ELECTRICAL WIRING: Range Cable, per ft. ... i 14-2, per ft 12-2, per fi '' Re CLUTE: 4 rooms with sho-,-»r All types of electrical equip-1 Spanish speaking people ac- ment cheap. Special prices for: cepied. 520 month. Contact Pa and Ma Acker Va.ic.y Clute or Ph. 5-3%'2. SMALL DOWN Ivjys 3 bedroom home. Living room, dining room, kitchen with double sink and drain utility room, car port anc fenced yard. Floors and in t«rior refinished. Rowlan; I-;enlty. 103 Plantation Drive, Will fake trade. Ph. 7-6543. LOANS for repair and remod- . eling up to $3,500. 60 months OLDSMOBILE: 'KB Fordor. payment terms. Haynes Lum- 1949, in good condition. Radio her Company, Ph. 3-2411. Many birds chirp while mi- bating to guide their young. There are more than 700 million cattle in the world. 26. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 'OODYEAR Super Cushion Deluxe Tubeless Tires. Reg .1124.68 value for $69.95. Terms $1.50 weekly. Good-: Clute -ear Service Store, 222 West -- 'nd, Freeport. 1. J'SED CARS FOR SAI,E MISS CAROLYN Eliiab.ih Yttil'f engagement and approaching marriage to Logic Frank Kuban it announced by her parents. Dr. and Mrt. Thomas M. Simpion of GainesTille, Fla. The bride elect ii a graduate of Hen- derion State Teatheri College in Arkadelphia, Ark., where ihe received her degree in education. She is a primary teacher in Port La- vcca. The groom-elect ii the «on of Mr. and MM. Joe E. Kuban of Sweeny, and a qradunte of Wharton County Junior College. He ferred , t . ,-, . .. „. wilh lh * y. s - Army in Ko- and heater. Good tires. Ph. „„ and j, now , mp i oyed br ,-6008. ^ j lh , carbide and Carbon jfUDEBAKEH: 1948 ' Cham-, Chemical Company in ''orl pion. Overdrive, radio, heat- i Lavaca. or. clean and no rust. Ph. 5-i ~ *" ~ I 2419. iv ILL SELL OR TRADE equity j . in 1957 Buick Century Hard-' ^' rs - Laura M. Dorris of the! top for older model. Kenneth lFltv ^ r "- ''''' "" <"'c")o ; a. "A:-'. Poll, Lakeside Trailer Court, ic ^ the school lunch Sior L BARGAINS: 1950"Plymouth"92' 1951 Dodge; 1951 CM V/AITRESS: Apply in person - .._.. to Fletchers Drive Inn. Surf-' REDUCING MACHINE: Battle side Beach. Ph. 3-9215. Creek Health Builder. Ph. 3~ 4354. ; BdDtlStS TO I j* wi.* w jStrickland Speak jSAN DERNARD RIVER: „. T«MPC. ,,-,,-r,,, — i fronia«e. Spacious 2 bedroom,! 1J P- 212 W - Broad 3t - Frae- JONES CiftEK: Unfurnished < 2 bath home built on slab P° rt - ' . „ , apar'.mcnt. 3 rooms and bath.: s,5.003. Mrs W. L. Walter JFOHDiTpST 6 pa s sen 6 er^ Coun^ 'of^eS "'" Rcalto,-. Ph. 3-2541. | try Sedan Sell $1300 equity .Strickland Ph. Baptist Church •ill have Jack TANK iTexas- held on the campus of Southwest State Teachers Colleae < ,, . , June 3-7. ' A lieamiful nitnliurirt pallcrn i« cr*«t«I m Ihu l«bl« lop through <«r« ! This wss the ninth workshop j 1 " 1 plsctnifiil of lh« Kootl. Il i« Jiown in milid wainiu combined will 10 he sponsored by the college 'n«rr«. The lee» arc rerefnlly »rHlplnreil. Tll« cut-out portion maka ill cooperation with the Texas jih« lrg« unuiuallr dfcorative. (Romweher) Education Agency, and ."001 members oT the school lunch-l . room faciih,"s attcndei!. New recipes, hints on better T.V., air conditioned room for iM. HOME naps. Ready June lOlh. Mrs. W. F. 1'rather. Ph. 5-5572. CAPABLE, EXPERIENCED." middle-a'.ied housekeeper and care of children. Will live in. Mrs. Wickham, PJi. 7-75:!0. HOUSEWORK WANTED: Steady daytime work. Ph. .'!-:t3U(l. CHILD CARE: In my home for working mothers. Da) time only. I'h. 5-283!). SECRETARIAL woiik': TiT^T sellout graduate desires uork in Bia^o^poit area. Typing and Shorthand. Ph. 5-2125. WILL CARP, for one child day or night in mv home. [ ! h. 3- 420ii. ARMSTRONG VINA I/inlaid linoleum. Wide selection nf patterns. Pat's Floor Co., 210 W. Broirl. Ph. 3-4116. CLUTE: 1147 Lake St. 1-hed- room hoirc \%ilh larj;c yard. Fenced. SI5 \. eu; . couple or 1 child. Ph. ills, ijjiifh, BraBABY'CRIB: Solid nanpf^Yih i _7"''i-' '•^'••~- pn,ofmt,,x ll " aES a " d ,,J ; r, 1 !>«:.?«»•«* »•»« SA.,K STKATO-LOUKGEKS $69.!i5!ANni,ETON: 70;, AI : ,.,. S 2 i.ed- WHOUC.HT IRON CHAIRS: room home, :i:;achrd w ilh colorful pi 103. LOTS FOR SALE b.'n-ks. pair II. SERVICES OKFEKEI) tic scat and Good for any room, S13115 Irln's Home FuimshiiigE, AernsF from po«t nflice, Chile BARGAINS in Living room suits, Dinette ami Dinina room suns. Pian-) and Te'e- MMons. 212 W. Brridd, Freeport. MODERN ALL MEMOS pn^erxed f.jr n lifetime, plated in hron.-t'. iiKer in- tfoki, ''n mountiii^ ef your chnire. Fife estimat j.-.! RANfiFS: KURMTURE: Six rooms \ery reajonHbly priced, ('.in be iicii at 1126 W 8th or Ph. 3 .i!70. li-rnis arran^i-o. Ph. j-lfiua. ANGLETON: 6)0 E. Lor.-iine, 3 bedroom home. C-irpet and Cyclone terne. Ph. 5(159. BHA7.0RIA: East tnd of ATa" bama St. - bidroom hume on 4J lot;, pecan tret';, tcnix-d yard. BarginM. Grmer Smith Jr. Ph. 3«31. CLUTE: 3 bedioom home, very deairabie, iea?onably price.i. Davis R</a!ty, Ph. 3- E. L. Jackson. Ph. 3-43B7. BRAZOKIA COUNTY SEPTlF SERVICE: Tanks ck-aned, installed. Free estimates, dependable, fair ralei. Ph. 5- 22BO or 5-21)5'.'. GLOBE DETECTl'vE s'lCHvTcE For informatiun plious 7- 64S2 or v. rite liu.i 224, Lake Jarkjon, Texas. DAVKNPOirr UPHOLSTEHING: Call 3-1272. Free esli mates uladly jjivtn. Moved to Slau,;ntar Ruad. Hoper, Wedgwood and Caloric. IJi'inonsirators from M-hool Hoini-making De- IMiinifni. f'P and fully automatic models. For silc at COM Ph. 3-3557. H. J. 522!). ! CLUTE: roam home 5-54io. 417 Billinglon. 3 be:1- v. ith 2 baths. I'h. cu. ft. Knterpn^-s, II ,, Cluif, 1'ii. . r )-'!(ii:>. KIMGK1HH PARTIES: it-a li.,iiing tv,:rj duj . HF.FKIGEKATOH: 11 Si:rvtl \iith freezer. Slightly ii.-t:d. Pnctd lu sell. Ph 3-36.14. REPOSSESSED" FUHNITUHE- Ur,i.stic reductions. New 31 i«o:n uroup. $3M.95. Bargain , f lu inline Ph. 3-17H1. IUSKD BARGAINS: 1 Waslu-r: 195K .Norye A ringer with timer. Was SlSi/.95 Kcirii|ei-,-,iur F.eezui'-' lasfi , flRAZORIA: Ij lots, fenced, j leveled. San Augustine, pecan trees, drive way, cill- | veils. $550. Grover Smith i Jr. Ph. 31131. i HIGHWAY 2S8:~Corner busi^ nt'.ss ioi. Ro-.vland Realty, 103 PlanUtion Dr. Ph. 7-6.543. TNTEHCOASTAL c AN A L LOTS: Cnoice water frontage. Roarroft Realty. Ph. 52102 or night 3-4217. OYSTER CREEK ""frontage" jot on Oak Drive. Ph. 7-6636. LARGE CHOICE LOTS: On Oyster Creek, Golden Acres and Lake Forest and other additions. Garrett's Real Estate. Ph. 7-7721. j NICE LOT: Near" Southern! Oaks. Terms arranged with i low doun payment. Call 7-1 !i231 or 7-623L ! 3 room and baih. '.'A', SOUTHERN OAKS: Leveled . li-an, needs no repair.! , v i, M plenty of .shade trees. •'• ! ItL-ady for building. Ph. 7675!* after 4:30. To be mf.veu horn lot I'll. 5-53«5. EQUITY: I'jM Avr. !1. V'-" 'in, , _, (oliiir._.|- trjcie for .-, our lot'lul. BUSI.NTSS FROPFRTV or cheaper house. A11C P 4 eal- !„,..,,,,,.. c - - • - tv. Ph. 3-3'2" : BUSINESS LOTS: 1J acres on Pn. 12 c, J^-g i. ft. 4i yr. Guari LAWNMUWEK KEN'l'ALK: U^ livery allj pick-l,;). All ll'ai.Cj powiir inoW'cr^; lupu,i.s. (Jordon'.,, Po. .i-5421, Cliae. PAINTING:' Exu-rior, interior, Giidianiced. " L. O. ..j! ! :i'i'.m!| Pii. .'i-HJW. 01 :t-4U47 n^iil. SEPTIC TANK ('LEANING ElBLlric. Suw-rooter ...^ivicv ledsonublii. \Vo pi.inp au,-- tmiig, an>v.-hcre. Pii 5-5357.' SERVICE and a cumi,l K i, ; h,, e : y IndKfc 111 Gil. 17' l picture tube. . .SI la FREEI'OHT: 1015 \v. luili, fe.quit\ in 2 L'.-cirooin home. Pi'. 3-1148 after 4:30 p.m. FHEEPOIiT: Kquitv in 1(115 W. 10'h. 2 bedroom home. Ph. 3-1143 aiiLT -j;JO p.i.i. i''KEEPul;T, Ilia W. Uth: Uii- plcx \..Ui t'.-. o olid till'te ')ud- ruoin apai-iiken;.-. F.qoity (ilh oiuv S77") ui. Fi O ii-/ $79 y.-) •H Store, L^2 { JO.-.'ES Pn. 7- c ap tiiriieul nd on Hlv. a> j Plantation Drive. 2.8 acres j on Loop Road. Two and thri-e-be.droom homes. Gar- 1 lett's fit-al Estate. Ph. 7-7721. BERNARD RIVER:" 9 tracts, j acre each, 6 miles north of Bra?oiia. 4 miles .south West Columbia. ?f,o down arid $50 'uontli. ront.-v-t Clarence Pati.-.-ion. 138 Jackson St., West Columbia. Pii. 40-.I. CLI'TE: H,iynts St. lot 295 r by 1'JH 1 d:rcp. Large pecan trety. BL-autitul home site. Joe Lt-dMr..,, GD;I Park. CLUTE: 512 So. Mam St. Busi- nes.s properly for rent or lease. Ph. 7 M82. 105. AtllEAGE FOR SALE BHAZORIA: 5 wooded Acres! J(J;;KK of (o "'?. SCOUTING GOODS BOATS; MOTORS: New and ' -"1. Will .ell or tra'-c. 'U-i:iJS. 2')U West 8lil. Pn. H- CHKF.K: Lu e hunit (Jak: 4 int.'es oul Ph. 3 3350. of tuwu. $1250. -ARE JACK,-Of;: iJecurau-u 3 oei.r vvinuuvv iiii toif. tan ii, capaci build the S Re^ai Blvd. 1 Vjv t Frc 'e v. ill al.-u ie- i.-it aie oui of irrauiy puiiod. <i(i:'. N. G:df i. port. SUMMER SPECIAL: t por- traiis SAIU, its; $125ii, i;u,.- iioij'jr ;jlj aiLu.n t 1 or jioiiie jp-, poiniuii'iii c a U Htiuuii'»' Horn* Studio, Ph. 3-4532. ; js.95. vr. only »3:iu. S tt - al lug Cord! r. .. Vine, ]. d :..._- J«. ,.:„!, u . p,.. ('••''' 7-li511 alter 4 ]i i,. "" J CABIN CHI'IS'H- In' (,.,,.!. ijia.,3. Ha-' Lti-i, .•. ICL,..,::l. W.'l.' LAKt accept beil oil'ui. ("a:i 1.4 1.0:1.' iceu M 9U VV. i.n 01 Ph '.'" r '- 3-3i34. 1 "-''-> SI 15» a i,:. Ht : T. lili , 1 U.l 6 ,T.\. LAKE JA< K.S(JN: 1\1CC, 1L-- looin Bra/,ui L-i'-i.-ud .vdid. -..II lotol to ii Caricr. 1 1 I -.. Ph. 7-20!u Kqmty in 3 .-,V5u do.,n Travt- 106. Kt'AL ESTATE VVAM'EH WE NEED 2 and 3 bedroom honiL-s for iirirntdiate buyers. If yo'i v.anl lu sell see Torn Cai iitr, 111 Plantation Drive, Pn. 7-2010 or 7-6823. 1:0. i-i INSURANCE 1 - Accident - Baggage t;o/.ia:;(j E. L. SAUER Pii. T 7761 ur Ph. 3-2107 Uurooi.i, INSURE AND SAVE" with the .:iii (a.'iiiij lucm. 2 -'B'ggeit Ijitle Insurance • ,'-. i tl -. i-jjTi,'.. R<x.- : Agtiity in the World." -»1ulf -••-!-. • !Ui i'Uiiuuun ! !a.surdii;.-e Agency. 1022 Oulf V-tijiS. i jBlvd. Pi). 3-2222. 'who can to attend this' sorvice"1 fir ^. cn had burned to CARS FOR SA..E h " hOe why do it the HARD WAY? AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING 1. Small down Payment & Low Monthly Installments. 2. Immediate Installation By Factory Trained. Mechanics. 3. Easily Interchangeable to your next car. SMITH CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 202 E. BROAD COMPANY PH. 3 3122 WANTED Texas Gulf Finance Opening Immediate (or Manager Trainees Mlarj. Good jlnriinr Tre-ichcdulrrl iai, V«Mlon. Ilo» P ti pijjs u . iUn<<in( benefitn. |-|f»».nl workint coudlU»ii>. I* jou art lookim for a future rather than jim x job, pie^^ Apply In permit tn 31K. CLAKH ic*+t Oulf Kin HUM Tarpon inn VIIU»e Freeport inuurA *nd affection for ( nnui>iit>rii frnin aliruail. lint Ain**ri<-unn liav^ Ili^ir own color !••)« anf tl>i* rurpet, tueo.liiig; t\trv fipcrilicalion of rlattnic uallerfl to blenil will the furniture, i« • rr.ry l»!nr blur, 'llic *nf« i« while and lh« pillowi Rrr. yellow ami orange. 'Ilie rolor amath of the carpel repreftrnb eterv fiher nnil everf tlyle kt4liu*e color in carpel* it newt for 1 (C. II. Mailuml & 8imi) WAN'TKI) ID'S. li(H,,ih:ti FOR hALL' COOK WAITRESS General Kitchen Help NEEDED Far Don Hotel, contact I'erionnol J^pirtinent. l*Une H. 'n person. •••••'•••MIM-^ «»4Ma^iMIHW«MHMI 1(12. HOl.'sKS r'OK S.\I,K Stock Market iy Und-inood N«uh«ul * Co. at Houston NOOM TALL PARKWCOD TERRACE Corner of (> Js(eT ( - r£ k |ujfe ^ Loof ^^ LAKE JACKSON BA'tiiS. Jdinily rui.,n, MOUhHN WOODED KJTCijtN, lU'.w, lols, FIOII.I »I3,OOl' m.lluw brick veneer, u,-«iiufully to in.o'io, pn_ -ui TEPMS. TOM CART£R Hi. 1-2010 or 128. l.'SKD CAKS K>B IS.ll.K 12% Hi fl*uld!ion Uilif. I'SKU CABS K)K SAl.h ~ A*n Alriln . . B-.ber Oil lielh .Siee! _ A,n . elfcltl S.ifi ^ a v SL iri.-i AT 4 h* C.'un Pac Chosier <'o:n Pub Seiv Uow i-'nein . Dunujii (. Qtlea rrecpt Mul . _ . Gen (rude- ._- Gerufi'* . _ _ Gen ftloi . - - (iuif Oil . Gulf b Ii 18 3,'R •ia 1/2 1/8 i. a 75 23 7 H 35 7/8 . 77 3/4 1/2-25 67 3 II 8 34 bid 108 1/8 3538 1/2 56 5, 8 43 3/8 147 1/2 . 40 1/2 24 SPECIALIZED SERVICE for AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS : ^:i;,:;± ed ia ^^ ° u "' •«"«» •« ^^^ • H Vtain cspciicni.« in .(itiUliu-u \rnlrt Ufferiuii repair aud citliaiice lrjn\mi»»iom tOB CUMfLKlt ISC.INE 11 N t -( c, CHECKING AM* KtfMK. (ALL OH SIOF B* THE LAKE NASH COMPANY jhlcr Creek IJnir yt, j.jUl Luke Jacksvn Jl-.ui-.ble Ol! . Int Bui M - Int Mm <-ii - . Int S.'iuts - - J t; PcMiiy . -. -. Jetf La'''- 4 S .. - Kii'Uy IM Lou L & t> JllDIll D l.t - Mo I'ac - - PmU Pet . . . Pa HH - - Hunray <Jd - . . Tex G Sul - _ . Texas Co Wood ley Pet . .. US Steel Uu i j ac Smi<':r Mjnn . .Stf Chem Krauk Liln liu _ Life Ins VU/.C Line Nat Life . Manu Life (tan W '!' Grant BALL 13U 12 . 324 30 39 1 4 .. TJ 1 '4 11 3/a 0 1/2 53 ftl 1 4 25 3 4 40 .. 50 1.' 2 . :>.\ IB . 28 5,8 •M i/a 74 5'8 77 68 5,8 2a 7/8 . 45 1/2 74 3/a I 4-105 HIH 111 225-229 243 252 33 1/i, POINTS GO POKTLANU. Me. - - M— Af; lef Midny new ballpoint pens were stolen (rom the Maine Automobile Registration Bureau— irhuins and all — officials replaced them witn Ijl* eld- fisnioned variel.>.

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