Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 26
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L ******· CttH . ROYBETZ'S SA.NT-A. A3XTITA WEDNESDAY, JAN. It, W! FUST POST IJ:0 P.M. · 1111 - FIRST kACE - \ I/it mllM.«r-oid« MO n, fililtt MM mtrtt. SM Ttw iw W Wt. Commnts Mils 1IJ Madame A«e. Hawler . .' t 117 Figures all the way 3-1 1117 War Messaw, Tolelrj H IIS Fair race last start 7-2 100 Lolla Leo Lau. Prince S 114 Added distant* will helo 4-1 IM4 a-Mlrwy ftpn. "o^les 1 HA Some racei oood enouBh 6-1 1117 Maainarv Mena .13 113 Factor 11 starts A-l I06X Doltl's Trust, WOMIKHIM 7 IIS Could be placed loo low 10-1 liu Susie G-elne, Vaidei J us Ncalectefl lo Deal a horse 151 IDS Spook, Shoemaker 9 114 Would be a surprlw IS-I 1117 Alderanna, Pierce M US Not oil last IS-I 1119 SNtw Lark. Harris II IM Trailed al bis odds JO-I IMS Gooasopedll. Santiaw t IM Figures among slragglors 20-1 Flying Leave, Caldwon ........ 3 xlll Should scratch out JO-I IfMS Lucky Account) Vasquer . IS 116 Out lor exercise 20-1 A-R. Mitchell-trained enlry. LON6SHOT - DOTTI'S TRUST. 1'tn -- SECOND RAC.E-- ihifioiws. S^year-old filTiei. PitrsMMW- AiTW. nwftnin5iiSOT7for~~7.~7:7;~"r'"T»'"AiTOarsirieorie'i(i'beai~:".r.rTr3'-i lllDLucky D«Dw, Tierney 10 1JO Sharp winner ast start 5-2 8707 Fascinating Girt, Teieira 6 117 Best a bold threat 3- lOJSlSevere Contender. Howard 4 170 Not without a chance 4-1 Gladden. Olivares . . . . 11 114 Fair works to recommend ... .67103 1 E*cell. Cespedes . 9 114 May need a race 4-1 IOS7)Princess Ra n. Ftrnandei 7 1» Wilting but in tough 6 1098 Wocah Frost, Campas 3 114 Even race aga nsl better 101097 Ballet Pleasure, Vasquei 1 117 Lacked clear racing room ... 101105 With Devotion, Baeia ! 114 Rider besi recommendation .... IS- 1092 Movimiento. Pierce B 114 Not off last 15- LONGSHOT-- MOCAH FROST. ___:^g^^"_ CONSENSUS BET7 (U) MASOK US) HARDIN («n HOLLY (It) Corrtentut (M) I Norio Date Waaamc AKC Wadame Axe Norto Dale Norio Dale (1?) fAadame Axe Norio Dale Norio Dale War Message Madame A»e (6) War Message Watly's Do a-SllRpery Spook War v.cssase (3) 2 Reno Fasciatlng Luckr D« Rfno Lufky Dee (10) Ltxky Doe Lurtv Dee Fascinating 1 E*cell Reno (9) 3 Great Vis Great Vis V,i Crx-rto Greal Vis (141 Et Grr'ind Personality OtTlo Grrat Vis ' Operlo (i) I'll Frt- Lu Hi Be Lu Eaves Bov Crystal Cl Et Ground (21 4 Po**r Grv Power Grv Pciver Grv Vufcav Power Grv [Ul Wrndwhill Vukoy Vukov PcJwer Grv VuV.OV (6) Pipes'N Dr S1sr County- Radical Loki Wmtlwhfll (?) Yo* Haw Ju jacanqo Nice GiM New Slsinp Viking's S 18) Mice Gift C. Cruisf-r Hew Stamp C. Cruiser Nke Gift (3) 8 Honorable M Honcrablf M Chargcfi Horvorable M Honorable M (16) Charger's Chargers Honorable M Charger's Charger's S (W) Joli Vcrl Freih Pep Frejh Pep Oropesa Fresh Pep (2) 7 Selero Crystal Cv Selero Selero Selero M61 Helen Bafcer Selero Helen Baker Lady's Bow CryitatCvU) Madam Go insallah Admirawiy Madam Go HelenBakert-J) 8 Grape Juice Unchaltettu Grape Juice Unchallefrg GrapeJuiced!) Rematch Grape Jutee Unchnlteng Grape Juice Unchalleng (11) Unchallong Sir Paolus Rematch Rematch Rematch (3) 9 L«nwuinel Lantqulrtet Lansquirw) Bold Slarl Lansguinot(14) Approval Bold Start Bold Rose Doc Thomas Bold Slart (71 Bold Start Approval Approval a-G*fitleman Approval (41 NOTE-- Number a(ter handicappcr's name is number of winners selected. ROY RET7 C ; T /^^^S /v T" /V TV /T T T" 1 1~~\ ^~! 1 il Jt~ C*L ' i S-*L _L\/I_ J^ ^. V_-*^J ^ra^ WEDNESDAY, JAN, 22, 1975 E! DIncral. Hart 3 119 -1- F1RST POST 7:45 P.M. Stormin'. Banks . 4 119 6- 40th nt9W of 55-nlght meeting Little Allen Cat, Richards .. 1 117 8- FIRST RACE - «» yards. 3-war- Prcciaenl, Creaqer J 119 lo- old maidens. Purse 51.700. Claiming JOYOUS PRIDE- Good recenl form price 55,000. LYNN CEE- Demands slronq support HORSE JOCKEY PP Wl Odds MOST ROYAL; some races goor. Sea Bar Cut'ic, Cardoja . . . . 10 117 3-J enough. Kaval. Walker 2 117 2-1 LONGSHOT - LITTLE ALLEf. Joe Wloon Too. Adair 1 122 5-2 CAT. wala (.tiara, Creager / IZ2 7-2 · -- ^.^^ r ~- r ^^ j -j -- . Rocky Torbelllna. Lipham .12 117 W ."FIFTH RACE -400 yards. 3-yo«r Twil^Judv. Knight 5 117 1-1 oWs. Pura S3,SM. Allw. Sally Ridge, Har t 117 6-1 Ed Orino, Adair 1 122 5- MotiaA'k Pass, Richards .... 3 122 6-1 Alaque.Cardoia 7 119 3- PersnicKilv, Dre^-er 9 11715-1 Rovpo. Banks ...:.... 10 119 4- Dlckctt Sports Gal 8 Scratched Gogolak. Uipham . . 1 122 8- Lad's Sonny Bar 11 Scratched Decker's Chid, Brooks . . . 6 119103 FirstAcI 13 Scralched FicleFrenrv. CardoiO . 13 11710- SlatusSue 14 Scratched Solar Charge, Kniqhl 8 11910- SEA BAR CUTIE: Only need run Tiny Phillips, Creager 4 12215- her race. KAYAL: Appears Ihe one lo Mylou, Hart . 12 117 15- beal. JOE MOON TOO: Way hold ihe MS Alamitos Bar 3 Scralcnet °' h LSKGSHOT- MOHAWK PASS. K """^ i tSSKg SECOND RACE - 870 yards 3;year- Ra ^ ^tf; banqerou^irfte 'mv olds and up. Purse 51.700. Claiming AUAQUE: Running in louah luck pnce 51^00. ROYGO: F'wres lor a part. Come On Deck. Clerisse ....1 122 2 1 LONGSHOT -GOGOLAK. IMt - THIRD RACE - * turfontt. }-ye*r-«M maKKn coiti *nO feiointt, cilbrvtfv. Pvrw IMM. Tw clilmlnf prke «S,3«. ItWGre'af fflsJofiTYeleTr'a 3"^ 11i"SH6ut3 Bfa3ua(c'"" ^.""".'2-1 110! Et Ground, Harris 1? IIB Always hard lo catch 5-2 1139 I'll be Lucky Tierney 7 11B Lost atl chance at start .-.?-? 117? Owrto. Vasaoei 3 IIB Will keeo them honesf 4-1 1139 Crystal Ckwn. Wena K) 1)8 Best a bold threat .9-2 HO? Friar Stwck. Wood-iouse IS ' US Look for an improved race 6-1 111? Eaves Boy, Pierce . ie Ha Gvfvue Cuooce if starts 6-1 1139 Brave Dave, Matwncy 8 118 Trailed at Wa odds 151 1139 Sea Vfkiiw. Va(d« 5 MB Hard !o (igure here 15-t -- Code Ot Law, Betmc-nte U MS Tough spot to graduate 2S-1 HI? NuveAlta, Resales 11 115 Little 90 recommend 55-1 MM !os,Campas 13 115 Ucked speed all the way 25-1 1 10? Sandbros, OHvares 7 1 15 Would be a surprise . 35-1 LONGSHOT -- PERSONALITY KNIGHT. ' ^ik^^t^^\T^t^^^rfo^nrf^u^mlA^^^i»^tlS^T t c alb reds. Pure »,MO. TOP claiming price 1»,WO. 1155 Windwhill, Oiar 11 115 Have him to beat .. ... 7-2 110? Pipes'N Drums. Tierney 15 MB Solid ctiance if starls ;. 5-2 ll?8 Vukov, Pincav 13 118 Look for an improved race 9-2 -- Traveling Kim. Ramirei . . . . 10 115 By Traveling Dusl 6-1 - Loki, Belmonte · 6 118 By Vltting Spirit 10-1 -- Nobody But Me, Harris ? 115 Fair recenl works IS-I 1003 Meljcn, Avlles . .9 115 Not off last 15-1 1 103 Crown Valley .Belmonte U 1 IB Should scratch out 20-1 10W Mr. Mod, Olivares 1 115 Better chance this distance .... 20-1 Ruh Mantle, Harris Id 118 Little to go on . 20-1 B?09 Picadura, Vasauei . . a 115 Seldom finishes close 25-1 1003 Den Pasar Howard 1? MS Not with this field ?5-l LONGSHOT-- RADICAL 1115 -- FTFTK RACE -- i (oriongs. *-r ear-olds and up. Purie JTf^oB. Allw. llJ Viking's Sprite, Pierce 7 If7 Good effort last start ?·! (10S1 )Nice Gift, Gilligan 3 117 Figures alt the way 3-1 3495 New Stamp, Santiago 2 114 Helps make it a tough race 7-2 1143 Mr. Goodshoes, Olivares 6 114 Question of distance. . . , i-1 -- Ftef in, Grassick 10 x!09 Outside chance as weighted .. . i-1 10?3 Bold Talent, Avil« 5 1U Far off best lorm 10-1 MOJ Jacango, Teieira 9 11J Trailed last slart 10-1 -- Dicev, Woodhouse . J 117 Figures among stragglers 15-1 LONGSHOT- FLEE IN. Il !( - JfxfH RACE - i»» miles on tufl. 4-'ye»f-oTas and up, fillies and mares. Purse $li,OM. Allw. 1060 Honorable Mlss.Vasquer f 120 "Should be ready now 3-2 (H16Kharger'sSlar, Pierce 4 122 Figures right there M (MM) Joli verl, Howard 2 113 Weight off good effort 7-2 8237 Fresh Peoosr, Santiago 5 114 Best a boldthreat 6-1 1 1 16 Oropesa, Teieira 7 114 Could be this good 6-1 ]151 Pricotyn, Mena 3 116 Lcnqshot chance ..10-1 -- Maid In Waiting. Shoemaker ... 6 116 Hard to place this low 10-1 LONGSHOT - PRICOLYN. 1187 -- SEVEN YH~R At E~-^ rmne"?y~ear^oI3Tan3"up*,~Fniies"ahd Triares. life Seiero. Pincav 8 116 Beat her and take 7t alt 3-2 1109 Helen Baker, Harris 12 114 Figures right there 3-1 1109 Madam Go, Teieira 3 113 Demands strong support 3-1 1 109 Admirabilf ty, Travers 5 x!08 Dangerous as weighted 9-? 1W9 Tobln'sLove, Resales 9 113 Will win soon 6-1 M117)Ladv's Bower, Pierce ..; 2 M4 Tries repeal win 6-1 1106 Jazz Beat, Ramirez 11 xl09 Askings lot of her 10-1 1107 AracelesD., Beimonic 10 113 Runs inthe stretch 15-! 1109 Ban An Gold. Olivares 14 113 Chased some of these 15-1 1109 Minnie Mouse, Santiago 4 113 Appears overmatched 20-1 1 109 Miss Harwell, Calderon 13 *108 Poor recent form 20-1 LONGSHOT-- DIANE'S DREAM. 11~M -- "EIGHTH 'RACE'-- ^j/'ilufl«isSrVyeaT-^reWs~ari3"geldIh9fc"Pyrse I2S.5M. (11 21) Rematch, Santiago i 120 Sharp winner last start 5-2 1141 Unchallenged, Plncay 5 120 Strong in the stretch 3-1 -- Sir Paulus, Howard 2 120 Fair New York form 8-1 LONGSHOT -- SIR PAULUS. 1119 - NINTH RACE - 1 1/H miles. 4-year-olds and up. Purse 110,000. Atlw. Inr'Lanscwmel.'P'incay: ~~~~.~." t~ll3 'ShouTdliartfle WsTield'rT:"^ 1 1 31 Approval. Woodhouse U 1 rd Good effort at big odds' 5-2 1149 Bold Starl. Mena 1? 114 Speed to threaten · - 7-2 1068 Steal A March. Vajquei 3 121 Tough task as weighted 4-1 1131 a-Gentlemati Thief, Cespedes... 4 II j Requires besi race 6-1 1078 Doc Thomas, Belmonte 2 114 Pllched a trifle high 8-1 11-19 Car-most II, Shoemaker 7 114 Oulside factor 10-1 1077 Bold Ruse. OHvares 9 1 15 Field looks too tough 15-1 1158 Marlizia, Tejeira 5 114 Will protfably trail 15-1 1078 Pawn, Pierce 6 MS Missed similar chances 20-1 7227 a-Consejo. Tejetra 14 114 Overmatched 6-1 1158 Knight Of Honor, Santiago 8 114 Probably needs easier ;. 20-1 LONGSHOT - NALEE'S KNIGHT. . ROLLING WORTH-- (Continued from Page C-l) . last season, but Lamonica might do a job 1'or us, too, in · curtain situations." BUZ/AC Bavasi, recalling Catfish Hunter's state- zipago, Lipham 7 122 3-1 SIXTH RACE - 35o yards. 3-year- merit that he wanted to live in an area where he could Id'ahoGoTRiSk- ·::::::::{ !£ t! StaS3«r **" "''"· C ' aimin9 hunt and fish-"He must not know that it's illegal to V L ' na j Lmda. Page 2 117 8-1 Third Imaoc. Wyles 3 12? 3?o 8 f? "^ °' a I m f G( ' ronkTO Maw ' '' torris ' - ' m 7 ' Morrs j 8 , m H-l Royal Top Bar, Page 10 122 i- ""° BI * ,X^ raC ^ Bunny's Gold. Richards ...11 1 2 2 9 " avan " an f ^ ' S Mr.Wyrna, Kr,iohl 7 122 6- f? 'S?? J tJ 1SS wilcn CrMk ^^ Drcvw · · 2 122 '· rn.?c^Xi ncrii c ; - VL?£"?^ Bav D 6310 " Bar ' Walson · · · B 12? '°- COME ON DECK: Finished third as p n . v t nv Hart f, \n tn- Ihc favorite. GREEN UP: Could inv ESuSliRun Ca'rdoia 12 22 £ provesharply. ZIPAGO: Finished third iSfel! Wart *".:::" m It last n« starts. La La Caduzza S Scratches LONGSHOT- VENDA LINDA. Miss r.Slmkt ;;;' " J S°, rta THIRD RACE - 35D yards. g'S^ T ' nkv { j ^J^J old maidens. Purse 51,700. **$ D - ·J^E/'U Jt^t'*" Ant Sam, Brooks 10 117 3-2 part. GERONIMO MAYOR: Shoulc Silent Treatmen , Hart 4 122 2-1 hold the others. ROYAL TOP BAR Autumn Charge, Carckwa ... 1 117 3-1 May hold the others. How Sweet ltil, Banks 7 117 7-2 LONGSHOT - BAY DEACON BAR For The Good Times. Adair 3 122 6-1 SEVENTH RACE -- 4i» yards. 3- Dcodley Due. Clerisse S 117 6-1 year-olds and up. Purse $6,000. Altw. High Powered. Watson 6 122 10-1 Bamalol, Lipham 10 122 3- Mr. Black Deck. Ward 2 12210-1 Roval Intenl. Watson 1 IW S-' Bootlful. Treasure 5 171S-1 ^^oo Vin Marv'. ArJair 6 117 3- Cupld LadvsJed 11 Scratched Drlv in. tfan _ Ri cnards B ] 19 ,. Tiny Flower 12 Scratched Captain Cnjnch. Hart 2 119 (r Ima Straw Too 13 Scratched Dusty Parr, Treasure 3 117. 6- Above Request 14 Scratched Rebel Dnim. Cartoia 9 11910- ANT SAM:! Hard to hold today SI- isle Fly B«, Brooks 7 IN 15- LENT TREATMENT: Best a bold Election Day, Mvtes 5 11915- threat. AUTUMN CHARGE: Can and Laico Bird II · . 4 Scralchec '"fk'CKS',?;. n^fMcv^ic BAA\ALOT: ^y hold a class edge LONGSHOT- DOODLEY DUE. ROYAL INTENT: Always wins hi FOURTH RACE - 54! yards. 3- £od?' M0 ° Vl " MARY: MaV ta "" ?^,%ric?4'So 1 "'' PUrSe S3 ''°°' C ' aim ' " LONGSHOT - DUSTY PARR. Jcyous Pride, Myles 5 122 5-2 EIGHTH RACE -- 350 yards. 3-year Lynn Cee, Lipham S 119 3-1 olds and up. Purse SI,7M. Claimins most Royal, Knight 6 115 7-2 prire$l,600. Royal F re Rctket, Walker 3 122 2- Jack Simon. Brooks 10 122 5-: T- /-»c; A T A -KTTT^OPI SkK-py CtWoe. Lipham .. .5 122 3- ~t^r~tr;^S: 4^: Count Of HDTSV, Banks 4 122 7-2 Sx*-A-O-tij xiST Spemeio. Morris 7 122 9-2 K,J3S"tTI_,TS Ala Cricket!, Myles 9 122 E Family Fight, Richards ... 2 122 10- FIRST RACE- 350 yanK: Okay Jack. Mldonado 6 12210- psl-sDani-,. "03 r · °*° 5.00 iA 1 Go Light. Strauss 1 12215- Si«.'.'. C^ ; c*Jo '.\oo-. Stress . '-^' ;-^ Another Cute Bar, Creaoer . 6 122)5- SK 5 a S5.P" fve i--o W.;,r- Tr* -VOT Go Fair Zero Bar 11 Scratched , 1 , XlW -,~ '· ·;· Si?, u - v - o S-'HI-R Zorbt'sCall 12 Scralchec Jo. J»ij« MG»- F K.S%t; d,°z7n" Rebel Satin 13 Scratchec NMS. V.Mlen Use. M*. l S,»*. ^n.i p arrGabbc , ,, 5,.^^^ S3 EXACTA IM) PAIDS?S.m. ROYAL FIRE ROCKET Fair race SECOND RACE -- 571- vanis: las: Stan. JACK SIMON: Traited better California Sines. NicMemi t elds. SLEEPY CHARGE: Nol withou 3H 5?a JS a chance. Li! Amioo. Ca'Osis »« r ^, LONGSHOT- ALA CRICKETT. C-Vi B-asi Lei--. Class* Rocket. Tn."y rfds and up. Purse 51,700. Claiming -ritB. StpNFeOT t. priceSl.MO. TMiKUk»CE-«»»«!b: M ss Barb Be. Richards ....1 117 50 'Klffr.'Jt Hn t.« 3 Firerharge. Gerisse 3 122 3-1 ve» Copv. Pa« " 3 - : Balller.Banks 4 122 7-3 Time -20*3 AISO r*-.s. ^,ss JKW- Fleet Bid. Cardora 5 122 4-1 ·«· Ccp F'".ri jer;-.. Frt-K^ '.'.'*.e. Jo's Dividends Bsr, Kniqht 6 122 6-1 Liii'i L'Ov" LO-CIV cnaroetic. Lar,a-s Bud Ew. Walker 2 13: t-l Rc-ive' A3a ; r Cortes. Pipiine Pete. Hart 9 12: 3-1 Mr. D««no-s 5, V.ard . ... 10 122 1C-1 FOURTH R»CE -JHyjnli: Hera Trouble, Mvtes 5 12215-1 3 .^ '-ft J"t-U U- S Po"s Rocket, L pham . 7 122 IS-I ,vs^c"'6a" S'M.a ' ' 5TM Baroness Ira Bars .... 11 Scratched " 7 , -- f " '|s 55' A s"i 'rs^i- ^csei A-^ Chamoagne Charge*- .... 12 x A'Wawtr J a . s R a W . f«r socks' 1'. Roals Request 13 Scratched Mt Tnpt« Ha*i. Pt^^i G-:ITI,I i; w re Mottr Prc-ect . . 14 Scratched ? a . 0( . ' " MISS BARB BE Beaten lararire last start. FIRECHARGE: Losl in a FIFTH RACE -S! yarns: ph-Dto finish. BATTLER: Hard to sepa- Mc.w Dnd.. Straps 1140 SCO 4.0J rale top three choices. JMttBrobSer..'.'.vle 6 SO 4.60 LONGSKOT-PIPLINEPETE. Sadoers Boss. Brooks 4 « Time -- 2' t7. Also rani: Everetts lar Bob, Mcor. Fess. l Van. ^^oon r»nrrn»o or'CT 1 iohtenino. Beau Lano. La Ree's D L l Z S DtSI harge. July Cash V SC "iD R " E vl^ rd t : - 55 «» MOST VRO^AB^WINNER - Slr?^ : " 3K % l 'KSft B T^P«r Or«« ,, .«, 'S 1 JC» tso rjns: Rc,al H». BEST MONEY PROSPECT - 11 JIDCY Tru, Cit men-ron. Le^iW. Pro«t Be Lucky in 3rd. in, JeaGoiS. Babvnc. WIN PARLAY - Honorable Mil! in Si EXACTA S4) PAID SKIM Hh lo Selero in Till. SEVENTH MCE-*,.*: Tnliflll " HOT S P E C ' t L ~ D0l "' i «ld Cow. Warn IM 403 2 S5 Trull in lit. ndvGo, Hart 440 2 JO ray Dancer, Liotom !^ nr^rivy^D ini~*Or¥^ Time - 1781. Also ran,. Pljv Pokev. Rfc I /'S BLh 1 o'ymylou. Hetk. l-ma On, Ji-fs R»k. "*-" » " J »""" « Ic.OurJM AT LOS ALAMITOS EICHTHBAC6-3il)«rt!_: _ WOST PROBABLE WINNER - Sea hfehiWw!-''--''- 1 TM ' S il B "i?r*BET - S.y,l Fire Rocket h. £?**$«$$, SKK tLTS %E5T MONEY PROSPECT _ Bot- mils Ro»al Rampaae, Romc-o Slnp, HerinMh. TMPt» WIN PARUY - Ant Sam in 3rd to · U EXACTA W« PAID S1H.U Bamalol in 7th. NINTH RACE 3»yjrtll LONGSHOT SPECIAL - Vends Who/Banks J.?0 420 3W Und» In JprJ. .User. Sit »u« ' M * 5 t Jay's Bar Too, H#rl . 4 2j rir» ',££· SSMt'r* e T 35: Soccer briefs "SSSggMB^SS* ^A^-Tr^^ SU^IO fti°$.4U. ' America Sorgto Vdawuei. shoot pigeons in Central Park. 'John McKay-- "People don't realize that Anthony Davis had a super first half in the Rose Bowl and when he went out there were a lot of things we couldn't do. It says a lot for our other players that they. could beat Ohio State without their big gun." Randall Poe, in The Writing of Sports-- "Watching Willie Mays read a newspaper was like watching an archaeologist puzzle over the map of a lost civilization." ROSS PORTER, KNBC sports director-- "My nightly show (Channel 4) is my bread and butter, but play-by-play announcing is what I like best. I do 15 to 20 hours' homework per week preparing for each play- by-play assignment. I keep files on everybody and everything. My home is getting to look like a thrift shop." New Angel Tommy Harper-- "The Red Sox players never thought so much of Catfish Hunter and Reggie Jackson, the guys who got all the publicity with Oakland. We always had more respect for Vida Blue and Joe Rudi. Vida was actually the only Oakland pitcher who was tough on the Red Sox. Rudi was the toughest batter against our pitchers, who could always keep Reggie in the ball park." Mike Dimas, 1974 Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame inductee and longtime Long Beach restaurateur-- "I weighed 200 pounds at Santa Barbara High School 45 years ago. When people ask my weight today. 1 tell them I've gained only a pound per year since then. When you put it that way. it sounds like sensible weight control, doesn't it?" RICH ROBERTS-- (Continued From Page C-l) any alibies, and the product will sell the World Football League still taking itself seriously? Apparently, it doesn't even plan to go through the motions of a college draft. None is scheduled, while the NFL drafts next Tuesday. ONCE AROUND: Tennis' Jimmy Connors reportedly won't go on any TV or radio talk shows unless the host agrees not to ask him about Chris Evert, his former fiancee.. .First, the good news from Don Fraser, the Forum's boxing promoter: "I got more satisfaction out of this than most of the big ones," he said after the Danny Lopez and Jimmy Heair bouts drew 6,100 -about 2,100 more than expected -- to Anaheim last weekend. Now the bad news: Both favorites lost, so Fraser has nobody to fill the Saturday night, March 14, date against Ruben Olivares he'd reserved at the Inglewood arena. Lopez' conqueror, Famoso Gomez, is one of Olivares' best friends, "they're drinking buddies," Fraser says. "Once they showed up in L.A. wearing exactly the same suits.. .Let it be duty noted that at the NHL All-Star break, expansion iuuin» svei'e leading all four divisions. Parity achieved.. .Dan Ripley not only was the highest vaulter at the Sunkist meet (18-1) but also the quickest. No agonizing, no psyching, no fretting at the end of the nmway. Riplcy simply jumps, believe it or not. Before soaring 17-fi two weeks earlier, Ripley has asked to compete in the meet but had been turned down by promoter Al Franken. Give him the James Harris Award. JT Moo Vin Mary seeks first win at Los Al Moo Vin Mary will be starts last summer, Moo DOIVISELL Tribute to loyal friend, Nan Nan Bennett Blake died last week in Morro Bay at the age of 88. That death may not mean .a^B to most of the residents of this city and the workers at he MOO Vin Mary Will DC siaris IBM. suiniirei, JHUU mosi 01 ure i esHicuio u. uuov..^ ""-"" 1( mar k, the looking for her first victo- Vin Mary compiled much Independent, Press-Telegram but to me it maps we ry ever at Los Alamitos of her large bankroll passing of a dear fnend and one ot tne-eany...?"·«"· Of tonight when she makes when she finished second women reporters. n Mml residents her Horsemen's Quarter back of Etta Capri and I am certain that tfiere are «TMe oldt"^ res «*TM° Horse Racing Association ahead of I'm Kipty and of Long Beach who will remember the byline ot WUN debut in the featured sev- Timeto Thinkrich in the BLAKE, which appeared in The Telegram and Wv m enth race at the Orange $86,100 Los A l a m i t o s The Press-Telegram hundreds of times in the 2us ana County track. Derby. She qualified for early '30s. She was famous for her storiesi about we the Derby by running a poor and needy at each Chnstmas time. IP those years, close second to Coca's Kid The Press-Telegram Christmas Cheer Fund was a and later in the summer legend. ,. .. , failed to win although she She handled murder stories, in fact anything mat was sent postward as the the city editor wanted her to cover. If she had worked her through the present era of women's lib, she would haw had no part in it. In print, she was Nan Blake; m private life she was Mrs. E. D. Blake. Her husband, E. D. (Ed) preceded me as news editor of The Press- Telegram and I feel that I owe him much for my early training in the newspaper business. · . _' Jack Welch, an artist and my high school buddy, and I came West with the Blakes from Fort Worth m 1924, and it took us 10 days from there to Los Angeles. We traveled in a Model T over the plank road of Imperial Valley and dusty roads that are now superhighways. The Blakes were like father and mother to me. We lived together in a bungalow, court in Hollywood when Ed worked on the old Herald-Express and I on the L. A. Examiner. - - . . . . The daughter of Smooth Move won nearly $25,000 with only one victory in nine starts last year but she will be making her first appearance for new owner DeWitt Etheridge a n d t r a i n e r Blane Schvaneveldt. Although she · failed to win at Los Alamitos in six Alvaro Pineda trust fund to be established The "Alvaro P i n e d a Trust Fund" has been established on behalf of the children of the late jockey who was killed in 1 an accident in the starting gate at Santa Anita last Saturday. ; · ' I n s t r u m e n t a l in the establishment of the fund was thoroughbred owner and breeder Marty Nadel. Pineda was the' father of two children, a son, Matthew, 3, and a daughter, Charlene, 17 months. . According to N a d e l , contributions may be sent to: . "Alvaro Pineda Trust Fund". Bank of America. 15th and Wilshire Blvd. S a n t a M o n i c a , C a . 90-101. ' ' Howe, Hull lead West toWHAwin EDMONTON .(AP) -- Alltime greats Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe tallied during a four-goal second- period outburst that carried the West to a H triumph over the East in the World Hockey Association All-Star Game Tuesday night. Howe and his Houston Aero teammates dominated the West scoring. Andre Hinse scored two goals while the 46-year-old Howe's son, Mark, and Ted Taylor netted one apiece. Hull, playing coach of the .Winnipeg Jets, accounted for the other West goal. It came at 4:23 of the second period, snapped a 2-2 tie and triggered the West to its first victory in the WHA's three- year existence. The East captured the first two All- Star Games 6-2 and 8-4. Rejean Houle of the Quebec Nordiques got two of the .East goals while Marc Tardif of the Michigan Stags and Quebec's Serge Bernier -"tallied- the others. After Hull gave the West a 3-2 lead, Hinse's second goal made it 4-2 at 6:35. Taylor upped the margin to 5-2 at 10:07 and Howe whipped in the West's final goal at 11:53. The four-goal b a r r a g e took only 7Va minutes. East 2 1 1 - 4 \Vc-s? 2 t 0--6 First Perisd-l. West. Mart Howe (G., Lacrcixl, 7:CS. 2. West, Hinse (Lund, Hughes). 8: IS- 3. East. Teraii IHoute. Seh'.'Md), 13:32. 4. East, Houle IPleau. Oorev), 17:37. Penalties--None. Second PerraJ-5, West, Hull (Lawson!. 4:23. 4, West. Hinse (Hughes, OdnrnM). 6:35. 7, West, Taylor ILacroix, Srtells), 10:0!. i,' West. G. HOT* (Ucroix. Mart Howe). 11:53. 9, East, Houle (Sehwod, Dsrev). 14:32. Penalties--None. . Third Period-- to. East. Bernta (Tardlt. Houe). n-3). Penalties--None. Sho's on goal: East lt-9-8-28. West 711-12-30. Goalies: East, Ctieevers. Brown. West. Daley. Rutleose. McLecd. A: I5JH. ED, NAN AND I LEARNED how to fish the Pacific on such oldtime boats as Paul Albright's Enterprise, favorite in each last four starts. Moo Vin Mary, who will be ridden by leading jockey Bobby Adair, worked for her initial start of the year in a swift 18.2 seconds and may .wind up the favorite in the - 400-yard sprint. The rest of the field includes Royal Intent, Captain Crunch, Dusty Parr, Laico Bird 2, Election Day, Isle Fly Bye, Drivin' Man, Rebel D r u m and Bamalot. Royal Intent, a 4-year- ,,.. ,,_,,. -- -- - ,, , old son of Jet Deck, won the Moonlight, Water Witch and others out of the old j u s t over $10,000. .with "Pine Avenue Pier. We caught yellowtail, albacore, dolphinfish, bluefln.tuna and other species just offshore in the San Pedro Channel. . , ·; Ed died in 1948 on a camping-fishing trip to Lake Mead. His heart gave out while sitting around a campfire one evening. He was cremated and I hired a boat to scatter his ashes over the Pacific water that he loved so well. There wasn't any ceremony. Nan, his .son, Tenney, the skipper and I just said a prayer and scattered the ashes, then dropped a wreath of. flowers. Misty-eyed, we returned to sh,pre. Ed had been a top editor for William Randolph Hearst in New York and Chicago before I met him in Fort Worth. Nan had been the first woman xn a rewrite desk of the Chicago American. She was born in New York City in 1886, quit high school to go on the stage with the famous Corse Payton Stock Company in Brooklyn. She followed that with several vaudeville sketches. After World War. I, she went into the newspaper business, working on the New York Daily News, Chicago American, Fort Worth Record and later in Long Beach. She became the first woman publicity writer for RKO Studios in 1934. She* handled stories on fashion and beauty. She retiredjfrom RKO in 1952 and moved to Morro Bay. three win in twice as many starts. The Jerry Fisher-trained' s t a l l i o n , who was third to I'm Kipty in the $58,000 Rainbow Derby consolation, breezed to a 20.13, 400- yard victory in his first start.-Since then, he has finished seventh back of Etta Capri, a nose back of Lanty's Jet and fourth behind Al's Alibi as the 5-2 public choice: John Watson will be in the irons. Laico Bird 2, a royally- bred daughter of two world champions. Jet Deck-Laico Bird, was a close fourth back of Marquisette after running seventh in the St. Nicholas Express. Laico Bird 2, who won $24,000 last year, was seventh behind Pass Over in the $438,000 All- American Derby and will be ridden by J e r r y Nicodemus. VfJ ITACTS SAN DIEGO--117 anglers on 7 boats caught.CT yeHowtatl, 517 rock fish, 7 halibut, 14 ling cod. L.B. Sl'OKTFISllING--12 anglers on 1 boat caught 13S rock cod, 1 cow cod. SEAL BEACH-IS anglers on 3 boats caught 825 roek cod, 5 cow. cod. Mason's Specials AT SANTA ANITA BEST BET--Honorable Miss in siKttl. BEST CHANCE BET_R«mjtcti in eighth. P R E F E R R E D PARLAY-Honorj- ble Miss to Lansquinr). MARIE'S SUPER SPOT PLAY-- Jacango in fifth. LUCKY LOUISE'S BEST--Great Vision In Ihlnf. CLOCKER'S TIP--Star County in fourth. BANKROLL SPECIAI--With Devotion in second. DAILY DOUBLE WHEEL HORSE- Madame Axe Hi first. EXACTA KEY HORSE--L»n»ulMt in ninth. Prep wrestling Paramount 45, La tWrada 21. ''· ABOUT THAT SAME TIME, Nan suffered an eye infection and had to have one eye removed. After she moved to Morro Bay, Joyce Rustin became her companion. At Christmas I received a "News letter from the House of Nan Blake," written by Joyce, which read in.part'.,.-.;' . ; .: · ' · . - , . ' "Nan Blake suffered a severe stroke in June of 1974 and was-in a nursing-home until August. She is now back in her home, but the stroke has affected her right arm and leg and it's hard for her to put her thoughts on paper. Yet she reads her mail with great enthusiasm. ; "She has never lost her interest in the news and can watch television newscasts. Like the analytical, self-reliant, practical-thinking person she always has been, she has rolled with the punches, taken it all in stride with never a whimper or show of vexation of her plight. "Words ,may fail her, but she can laugh at a comical situation, he thrilled by watching a flaming $unset over the ocean, birds feeding on the front lawn and wave to neighbors as they pass. She wishes all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." , ; This columnist's regret is that I never took'the time to send a note of encouragement to her after'that - letter. I am sure that she will find Ed fishing somewhere in that Great Beyond. ' | LONG BE3-A.CKC BASKETBALL. L.B. Post Olllce 46, Rosemond Const, fl. Sun TV a. Thiretv Isle 38. Showofis 39. Clyde's Bombers 30. Jokers VIM n, Revognah 70. Executives 73. Big Johns 44. Rum Runners 2. L.B. Fircflflhten 0. forfeit. Humanists JJ, Space Cowboys 37. Lk\vd 1st Baptist K'Kh 50, Muss 30. George's 117 33. NltKtreakers 3!. Maqnum Force 56, SoCal Etflson 49. YMCA !. Sampson's Astros 0. for- leit. Stevenson J«s 55, Bttmont Billiards 44. UFC 35. Tile Shop 31. ' Oka-la Marshall 53. MorrMnto SI. West Coast Card 40. -rtm 33. GAMES TONIGHT AT MARSHALL-?: , Eov;; Sit XY2 vs. 9: la. UAR vs. Upsottfrs. AT JKFTEllSoN-7:15, LB. Olympics vs. LXtrmKT (.'Iwvrotet; 8:15, tTaw- Ion Inn vs. Boilvrtnakers; 5:15, Sky- Imkxvs. .k* Joslv AT JORDAN-?: 15, Dwierate vs Nashua: »:15, LB. Ball Co vs. Nile ll.wks; 9:15. Arthritics. vs. Loris of. AT MH.LIKAN-7: IS, Talto's Tilly vs. H.iklm; 8:15 IkixtKhw vs. Nomads: 9:15, Clubhouse vs. Juntan Record Shop. Advertisement if you ever wanted to win at the track now you can ... by Paul Fletcher ! or some tirno. I've been lookins: for someone who knows what it's all about jnd is cumistcntly beuting I!K' races. All I found the fcnuw I mel Dr. Donald Sullivan and 1'nn (Mini: to lell you some interesting He was actually invited lo con- just nol awarded. If Ihey were, duct hjndicappint; clinics at race- Don would certainly win une. Arlington Park and by You will IK shown ilie l'/' Washington Park. METHOD DON SUI.UV,\X HIM- When CBS-TV News heard of SELF USES! this, they filmed a class and dial- Apply the rules and you'll flip K'nued Don to handicap the 6lh as your selection, al 6-1, is far and nothing eacer lo seB iheir "know- TMce. away better than'tlic favorite and Icdce- and'those iruly knowing ll appeared almost unreal and wins the race, who wouldn't part wilh il. sla .»' d as °' n not onl ' P' 1 ^ lnc But lhal s no1 alL II looked near itnpo«ibfc until wlnnef al 1°-'. bul alsu H 10 ."" 1 Dan introduces a brand-new 3 horses. concept in money-management so The announcer felt compelled powerful il can turn tosses rii/6 lo warn unbelieving fans lhal no profits' Sounds incredible? It is! one could picfc winners like lhal By combining Ihis miraculous all Ihe time. . . technique with ihe ideal selection Maybe nol....but Don sure docs method, you Kill lie forced inlo Ihincs about him lhal can affecl your life. But I have a problem. How do I convince you /if has t/isan-m't/ the freaicsl handicapping method mmf tlo «- " *'""'"* lay after eier devised to enahk' yxt to he a consistent winner the rest of your lite' I realize these are stronp words, bul the evidence indicates Dorr is the HvriJ's greatest hjnjicjpper. bar noftc! 1 was utterly siafijicred lo see mounds of proof that he had beaten the races. I invested $3300 of my own money to be! on Ihe horses. II skyrocketed to over 514,000 in 3 months. / had jound the man I urcs iMikinsi lor! Don is a college profcssoi who devoled Ihe past 9 years lo sciious research on horscMcine. \Vilh Ihe help ol a Inend. Hank Adams, thoy :nvr.iii:if it'i hours nVck'y rcMra,*viiii,c ar.i! prtijiriinv mlnj the data inlo a computer. Ihe answvr was nol .1 "nupicjl formulj" lhal was arrived al "all- 1'fsi-Middcn," bul had cnrivcJ ovvr lime. Unlike anyone else, they vein able lo iK'tcrinirw Ihe true significance of each factor and Ihis guarantees sclcctini! the bcM'hocic. I was not trw first lo recofni'c lire talents of Don Sullivan. . Did you cm think you would? , To those who feel that one making money playing Ihe horses No guess judgement would never part wilh his know- excuses anymore.... how. I say lo you Don Sullivan is just pure exact answers, and you the living exception. will finally have made il! He's gol the races' beaten out of Think about it. You'll he mak- the frame, yet is willing lo share ing money playing the horses, his findings! Why? Mrs!, he will enjoy profits from royalties without liflins a finger. · Second, your success wjll nol interfere wilh his. Third, it's nol easy for him to suppress his ego when being heralded "llie world's besi handicappcr." And in racing, recognition does nol come easy....Nobel prizes arc SH'OflA' /certify that erery .siaicmtni maJc in this ad by Staffonl Publishing Co. is 1001 liiie. Or. Doiioltl StilKfon i Co. V,r. Paul Fletcher. STAFFORD PUBLISHING CO., Deol i« SuilulMO, 2 Penn Plaza, New York, N.Y.10M1 Dear Paul, Please send me Dt. Sullivan's method .is described in "Thoroughbred Racing · Predicting TnO Cukoinc" for which I enclose SiO (add ?0« fiisl class postage). I'ncon- ditional money-back guarantee, · ; ' ".;" '-' Address-. .................................................................. '. ........... ;,..

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