The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 26, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
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Thursday, February 26, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS THE DAILY FREE PRESS Established 1W8 ' .. Weekly 1877 Oft. BLANCHE NORTON Press Publishing Co. MRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITH . Editor and Manager . . Telephone - - 5518 TERMS :;..' Subscription 16 cents a w(lek. - Advertising bills due weekly. Job wor« Btncuy cmin. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $7.80. • Bntered at the postofflce at Carboni-Satts, llUaois, as second class matter. -Often la the Free Press Bulldlns, i Strmt Feb. 26, 1920. ANNOUNCEMENTS | 'HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. "The Free Press is authorized to an- •nounce GEORGE A. FORE as a candi- T tor Highway Commissioner ot •Carbondale township, subject to the Primary March* 20. '" The Free Press is authorized to an- nounoy JACOB ETHBRTON as a candidate lor Highway Commissioner of Carbondale .township, subject to -Ate Republican Primary March 20. ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. V. i " "The .'Free Press Is authorized to an'- aonnce , WM. M. HOLIJDAY as a . candidate for .reelection for Assistant - Supervisor of Carbondale township, .subject to the Republican Primary : March 2i). : . . • ______ ___ _ "TOWN CLERK'.' . The- Free Press is authorized to an . . nonace WM. M. GA'DLEGLT, as '' a .Candidate for Town" .Clerk, of Carbon•dale Township subject to the Republi- - can Primary March 20. TRAINING OUT OF BILL Hfiose Committee Dodges Ques;' tion; Left to Parties. IWIitary Body Order;; Separate Action on the Subject—Army Reorganization Bill O. K.'d. • Washington, Feb. 26.—Universal military training as an issue In the coming campaign will he left for clefi- .niitign to the national conventions. "The program of Republican house 'leaders to omit the training question •' :f^otQ.;-.the army reorganization b'ill was '• ^accepted' by the house military com- •mlttoe, which ordered a fnvorable re- 'port on the bill without any recom- • mendatlon as to training. This will permit the members ot : both, .parties so fur as the house is -concerned to avoid taking, a stand on tlic question In advance of the nntlon- -al conventions. Efforts to put four months' training of. all youths, beginning July 1, 1922, and a commission to frame a .plan for congress by January 1, 1921. was beaten, 11 to 5. . The committee then by 12 to 5, au- ttiorlzed Chairman .Kahn to appoint a •Bib-committee of seven to frame a ueparate bill for universal training and report It to the house ( for consideration "«t. : the earliest practical date." \ With 'this settlement of universal 'training the committee then voted 10 to 6 to report favorably the army re- •••organliatlbn bill, authorizing a peace-time army of 299.00P men and 17,700 .officers. The troops would include i i 2jB,OWI i "fpr the combat arms, 12,000 Dr. Blanche Norton, whose home Is In Eldora, Harden county.^Iowa, and who Is at present an attache of a hospital at Treblzond, one of the historic cities on the shore of the Biack sea, and in charge of the medical work for. relief of women and children In that region. COLBY NAMED TO SUCCEED LANSING Leader in Progressive Party, Under Roosevelt; to Be Secretary of State. INCOME TAX- RETURNS DUE Business Men, Farmers and Wag* Workers Must Fife Schedules of Income for 1919. MARCH 15 LAST FILING DATE. Net Incomes of $1,000 or Ov«f, If Single; or $2,000 or Over if Married, Must Be Reported. WAS ON SHIPPING BOARD President Wilson Makes Announcement After Interview With New Yorker—Defended League of Nations. Washington, Feb. 26.—Bainbrldge Colby of New York, who was one of < the leaders in the Progressive party | under Theodore Roosevelt, will sue-1 ceed Robert Lansing as secretary of! state. Announcement of his selection! by President Wilson was made at the • or deductions, a person may secure free White House. | advice and aid from die nearest Inter- The selection of Mr. Colby came as nn ] Revenue office. The Income Tar Imposed by Act of Congress on earnings of - the year 1819 Is now being collected. --. : ;•' Return!) under oath must be made on or beltore March 15 by every, citizen and resident who had a net in-* come for! 1919 amounting to: ' ' $1,000 <jr over, if single; or if ,mar^ ried and; living apart from-wife (or' husband) ;,or If widowed or dlyoroieii,. $2,000 or over, if married and' flyfn'j;' with wlfji (or husband). V ..'.-,':= " . The status of the person on the hurt; day »f .the y««r flxes the status .for. the year]: with respect to the abov« requirements. .. Under iiny of these circumstances a- return niust ba made, even though no tax la due. . '•'•'"" Husband and wife must, consider the Income of both, plus that of dependent minor children, In 'meeting this requirement; and, If sufficient ,to require a return,.all Items must be shown In a joint return or in separate returns of husband and wife. A single person with minor depend- . ents must include the Income of such dependents. ' , " A minor who has a net lacome ,of;. $1,000 or more is not conpldered','« -dependent, and must file a separate return. .'~.~','. Personal returns should be made;on-. Form 1040A, unless the net Income j exceeded $5,000, in which case Form i 1040 should be used. Residents of Illinois should send returns and payments to Harry W. Mager, Collector of Internal Revenue, Chicago, or John L. Pickering, Collector of Internal Revenue, Springfield, 111. How to Figure Income. The best way to find out whether i one mnst file a return Is to get a Form j 1040A and follow the Instructions j printed on It That form will serve as j a reminder of every Item of income, j and if a return Is due /t tells how 'to ' prepare and file It. If in doubt on any point as to Income, Style .. ... . • •. ..' .. .. .... . . "Specializing im New York's Latest Fashions." ADVANCE SAMPLE SALE "fflP" SPRING SUITS AND COATS STARTS TOMORROW-FRIDAY We feature only garments of the highest grade manufacturers and we offer these. SAMPLE Suits and Goats :v at iheir original wholesalei prices™Our profit is merely : a small";discount which we are always allowed 'on samples.-; . Materials arc: .."'',' Poiret twill, Vclour, THcotines, Gabardine, Peachbloom, Men?s Wear Serge. Sizes 16 to 4<> only $69.85 $39.85 $59.85 $29.85 $49.85 $19.85 THE STYLE SHOP CARPONDALE, ILL. Griminals Are Made, Not Born Illinois Expert Declares Ninety Per Cent Could Be Kept in Right Path if Reached Early • Philippine -scouts, arecruits, with the service. 7,000 unaSslgned remainder for the WANT TURK CAPITAL /Soviet Russia to Fight to Constantinople. Get a surprise, most officials 'assuming' that Frank L. Polk, acting secretary, would be the president's choice. The first inkling that the president was to appoint someone outside of his official family came when J*. Colby visited the White House in company with Raymond T. Baker, director of the mint. Mr. Colby was taken to see the president on the south lawn and a few minutes later the formal announcement of his selection was made. His nomination is expected to be sent to the senate within a day or two. Colby Makes Statement. The'appointment of Colby followed a .long conversation between the president and the nominee. "I had a long conversation with the president this morning and I am deeply gratified at the confidence he has displayed in tae and I hope I shall not prove inadequate," said Colby. Colby stated that he did not care to discuss policies at the present time, Guesswork, .estimates and other htt- or-mlss methods are barred when a person la making out his Income Tax return. Accuracy and completeness must be insisted upon. The return to" a- sworn statement As such It-must be thorough and accurate. :.••• Salaried persons and wage earners must ascertain the actual compensation received. Overtime, bonuses, shares In the profits of a business, value of quarters and board furnished by the employer and other Items which are compensations for services must be Included. •.:•--:• It must be borne In mind that com-" pensatlon may be paid In other .forms than In cash. A bonus paid in Liberty Bonds la taxable at the market value of the bonds. A note received In payment f»r services Is taxable Income at It* face value, and the interest upon .it Is als» taxable. Other Returhi Duo. Every partnership-doing business In .the United States must file a return on Form • 1063; and every personal but preferred to wait until his nomlna- serTlee corporation must file a similar tlpn had been acted upon by the senate. • . | The appolritmeni of Colby to the highest position, in President Wilson's | cabinet was a complete surprise to official Washington. It had been confidently ; expected that either Acting Secretary of State Polk or Secretary of War Baker would get the portfolio. • Was Member of Shipping Board. | Mr. Colby ,was a member of the return. . / .Corporations must flie annual returns on Form 1120. Trustees, executors, administrators and others acting In'a fiduciary capacity are required ,to file ^returns, in some cases, Form -1041 ! 'is insed;' 'in others, Form 1040; and still "others, returns on both forms are required. ' Information returns, on Forms' 1099 and 1096, must be filed by every br- United States shipping board and vice ganization, firm or person who palB, during 1919, an amount of .$l,00p'-,in salary, wages, Interest, rent, or other fixed or determinate Income to another ' person, partnership, personal service corporation or fiduciary. These •• Geneva, Feb. 26.—A bolshevik .••pamphlet, supposedly, issued by Nikolai Lenlne, the Russian soviet pre- ••mier, and just received here, raises the question of Constantinople.. It asks president of the Emergency Fleet cor- .poration, serving from July, 1917, until March, 1919. He is a lawyer, and has "practiced law in New 'York since 1892. He was born in St. Louis in j 1869; educated at Williams college,; Information ..returns should be for- Columbia law .school and New York ! warded directly to the Commissioner law school, and holds honorary de- j °* Internal Revenue (sorting dl-visipnf, grees from, several institutions. He Washington, D. C. represented Mark Twain in the settlement of'the. affairs of his-publishing house; was one of counsel which brought about life insurance reforms, i and was counsel in the Northern Se- • curltles Htigation. | . In 1912 Mr. Colby wns actively in- '• terested in the candidacy of Colonel Roosevelt; was in charge of the con-; tests to seat Hoosevelt' delegates In i and i the Republican national convention,: -land following, the adverse action of' why the allies arc deliberating on the -.future of the city, "which belongs to -Russia,"under a promise made by the allies in 1915 as recompense for the "Bnssian effort." The document de• Clares the; determination of the bol- shevik! to hnvp Constantinople '.-figlit for it if necessary. Paris, Feb. 26.—Dispatches Berlin say a German commission is about to start for Moscow to make a • sive party au8 was nominee of the Pro- report upon, the conditions of .soviet, gresslve 'party for United States sen- Russia. Moscow lias offered- wireless ator. ' facilities to newspaper correspondents i Defender of World League. .accompanying the mission. It is stated' Mr. Colby was a member o£ the -o'he purpose of this to American mission to "-he Interallied -arrange 'for the emigration of r Germ:ms conference in Paris in November, 1917. from! the convention he took tin active part; ' as one of the founders of the Progres- i Last year in an address at St. Louis he attacked Senator Reed of Missouri farm because of the latter's charge that the League of Nations covenant Included. ft appears the German commission a "secret" protocol and scored ' Sena-. •-'--•- " the tors Bomb, Lodge and other senators, for their attitude toward the league. into Russia. The Soviets liave opened ".•a bureau at Berlin and promise to -Germans carrying 500 marks .-and farming, implements. -will reach the scene ahead of %Aague of Nations commission. INCOME TAX IN NUTSHELL WHO—Single persons who had net income of $1,000 or more for the year 1019. '••• Married couples who had net Income of- $2,000 or more: WHEN—March 15,' 1920, is final .date for filing returns and mak-' Ing first payments. ' WHERE—Collector of. Internal Revenue for District in which the person resides. . . HOW—Full directions on Form 1040A and Form 1040; also the law and regulations. WHAT—Four per cent normal tax on taxable Income up to $4,000 In excess of: exemption. Eight per cent normal tax on balance of taxable Income. Surtax, from one per cent to sixty- five per cent on net incomes over $5,000. ,.'•''."•'•' -- : Criminals are made, not born, according to a prominent Illinois jurisi who has studied the juvenile .question from the bench for nine years aud who ought to know. This is what he says: ' .. '^Criminals are made and not born," he says. "Ninety per cent o' those inade could be kept in the right paths if readied early enough. - "Lack of parental'control or home conditions,which cause the boy-to seek amusement-or companionship elsewhere, almost- in variably end in trouble for the boy. He gets in bad company and the next tKXig he is in court charged with petty' thievery or destruction of. property.'the usual juvenile .misdemeanors. "Certain kinds of moving pictures, too, have's: bad'effectl". The glamor of.lawlessness and crime should never be seen by'tlic growing boy, as they tend .to influence a desire for imitation. ' . . • ' "Keep" your boy:.away from the 'gang spirit'.' That is where rac'st.of- the trouble comes in. There are organized groups of boys who go around together and get into trouble. These groups or gangs have some masting ;j>lace in a shack or. barn somewhere. . This is due to the neglect of the parents, who should have the boys home where they, can be properly supervised, lit is up to thej)arent8 to breakup these gangs. They can do it easier than ;: iiny one else. "Few cases come into court where the boy is of good family, a regular attendant at school and living in good surroundings.: When this -happens , : the .boy is generally a mental deficient in some manner, or another.'' _• . • Explaining the purpose of the juvenile court, the jurist said: "The primary object is the Welfare of the. child.,, We try to impress that upon the parents and to secuie'their co-operation. .803:3 are paroled always when it is their -first offense. If brought in a second time a.u'd they ihow ho signs of doing better we take:them.from their parsnts and put them where someone will see that they have-proper supervision and care. We try to keep them-out of institutions as long as possible. When they are paroled we try to go further'through visiting their homes and advising their parents and seeking to change the conditions which caused the trouble. We do not want to take the children from their parents, but 'instead try to keep the home intact. When it comes to a point where the parents ? won't co-operate, with'us and'there isTUpparently no hope of -ref ormiifg" the boy in his home, /we take him away. There is nothing -left than, but that, for the boy's own good."-' . TURKS FIRE ON U. S. RELIEF CONFISCATE AMERICAN BOOZE MINISTERS COST LESS THAN AUTOS World Survey Figures Reveal- How Badly United States Is I Paying Its Pastors. | MANY LIVING ON $600 A YEAR Hundreds of Armenians. Massacred . Daily, American Doctor Cable* . , to Chicago. ' Chicago, Feb. 26.—The ' Near -East Relief, 19 South LaSalle street, reserved a cablegram from Dr. Marian C. Wilson of-Nashville, Tenn., who is doing relief work at Marnsh, Turkey. The doctor cables that the Tur.ks are massacring hundreds of Armenians ! every day, that the 'American, relief ; institutions are under fire and that ! all Christians in that territory are in j iifinger of tbelr lives. • 48,000 Drug Stores Sell ItJ Five million, people use it to KILL" remedy for. 20 years f01711—safe,' sure, no jrealcs up *' cold in 2* ITS—relieves.zrip. in. 3 days. • back if it fails. : Tile e box ha* a Re-3, with Mr., Hill's picture. Twenty-Orye Thousand Kegs: of Irh. ported. Whisky Seized by the . French Government: Piiris.' Feb. -'2ff.-—Twenty-one tbou : snml kegs of American whisky, imported by n group of -Americans for. consumption by thirsty American tourists, linve been' confiscated at Havre, on the ground'of iltegnl importation. • > A license for the importation had been prantcd'-b.v t'lie former chamber of •deputies, but one of the first nicts.of the new ; chamber was'to revoke it. Although no efforts 'are being spared to save this, .the only cargo of American whisky 'in France since the war. it- is not. expected that clearance: permission will be obtained by the importers in time for the rush of tourists IOWA DEMS. NAME SIX WOMEN Ten Women Alternates Are Also Chosen to Attend the National , Convention. f ' •' ^^_ ' Des Moines,.Ia;, Keb. 26^-—Six wornr en were chosen by Iowa Democrats as delegates from -'various congressional districts to'.-the Democratic national convention at the • district-':caiicuses •here; Ten women were named among •the'alternates.*..- ...-' , ' : ' ; i v What are the chances of a young < man who intends to be a lawyer of making $3,000 a year? "'What are the ; doctor's chances? 'What of the minister or the manufacturer? The lawyer has exactly one chance in five. The doctor's chances are one '• In seven. It Is ten to one against the manufacturer. The modern minister, however, : who formerly-ranked with the doctor and lawyer as a member of the "learned professions," has fallen hopelessly behind. He Is a 100 to 1 shot - These figures are part of a mass of astonishing facts brought to light by the world survey being made by the Interchnrch World Movement and whose sources of Information are snch that many economists and statisticians are availing themselves of the results. This survey puts America's minister at the bottom of the ladder of the nation's Income receivers—and with -re-. sponslblUtles which equal those of any captain of Industry. A worker In a silk" mill, a laborer In • rubber plant, a paper maker, a work- . er In a shoe factory—all are getting higher average wages, the survey shows, than does America's minister, city or country. Nor does the city man receive the luxurious salary that 'many persons, Including many country parsons, believe he does. Not four ministers in a .thousand, according to the survey, receive $5,000'a year. In no Instance, whatever the denomination, does a majority receive $1,000. . Cotton Picker* Better Off. Are yo.u a Gongregationalist? ; In 2,783 churches ttie - yearly pay to yoni" ministers has been less, than $1,000. Are you a Presbyterian? You •sre'then on the less than'$1,000 list with 6,415 ministers. In the event that you "are a . Methodist the charge is that-4,719 pas! tors are trying to exist on the. $20 a. week that you pay them/ Episcopalians do. a little better, yet half of their rectors receive less than the $1,:>00 a year which government economists' regard as the minimum on which a f imily tan be decently maintained. j The Initial cost of. the cheapest "Siri ver" on the market is less than $600, j but: a very good, conscientious pastor. J It Is shown, can'be hired for a year lor that sum. . I Ministers In the South are preaching ' to fifty or more cotton pickers who Jn- I dlvldually are paid more for picking i cotton than their, entire neighborhood • pays' to the preacher to a year. j. One of the aims of the prosent co- ! operation of the world's Protestant de-, , nominations Is to end this disgrace of | the underpaid minister, With univer- j sities, business houses ana. municipali- i ties daily taking action to provide .for j the comfort of their- workers, the i church is to keep pace with the timos, > and to arrange- nofonly for adequate i pay for its workers, but to-provide pert-" 1 sions for those no longer'able to work. I It Is to move the public to prevent j unfavorable comparison of pastors- and i.puddlers. Until; then, as for a puddler v swapping job? with a pastor drawing an "ordinary".. salary^—never! - The "lowest salary.-paid to^pastors is.lower. ; than any wagas.puU in the entire steel "' •Indnstry: . . - * :

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