The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 1, 1952 · Page 7
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 7

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1952
Page 7
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Eight THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Mon'day Evening, September 1,1952. Find Big Cache Of Securities From Robbery ALBANY, Calif. (St — A dark- haired woman who denied any part in last week's ?250,000 Monolith, Calif., Post Office robbery- willingly showed officers a cache of more than 575,000 worth of money order blanks, U. S. savings bonds and stamps yesterday. Postal inspectors and police seized the cache in a motel room here. They arrested for investigation the woman, Mrs. Ada Btlle Watson, 32, Little Rock, Ark., wife of one of two men who admitted .the robbery. The two, John E. Watson, 26, a Texas fugitive, and Jim Darwood Kennedy, 22, of Fairfax, Okla., were placed in the Kern County jail in Bakersfield, Calif., early today. They were charged with burglary. They were arrested Fridaj' night in Reno, where Sheriff George Lothrop said they admitted stealing cash, stamps, bonds and money order blanks with a potential value approaching 5150,000. Mrs. Watson said she married \Vatson two years ago' "but I only had about three weeks of real married life because he was in prison most of the time." However, she added, he appeared at her Little Rock home early in August and told her he had been paroled from a Texas prison from a burglary conviction. Sheriff Lothrop said Watson admitted he escaped Aug. 5 from the Retrieve State Farm in Texas where Kennedy had been released in June, after serving a forgery term. He Didn't Get What He Thought He'd Ordered GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. IB — A Grand Rapids man recently received a circular through the mail advertising a book as "sensational, shocking, exotic." Sample chapter headings were included: "Some girls know how," "Since Eve ate apples" and "Bachelor bait" Also enclosed was a picture of a scantily attireil beauty. The prospective customer ordered a copy. When it arrive.d, he complained to the Better Busi- LITTLE LIZ What most politicians lock in depth, they usually try to moke up for in length. ness Bureau and demanded his money back. How should he have known he was going to get a cook book? Radio Program KMBC—980 WEAF—6iO KCMO—810 WHB—710 MONDAY d:00—WDAF—Wayne King Show KMBC—News; Sports WHB—News KCMO-s-News. Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Lone Hanger KMBC—Club 15 . 6:45—WDAF—One Man's nully KMBC—News WHB—Today's Hits 7:00—WDAF—Railroad Hour KCMO—News KMBC—Horatio Hornblower WHB—Blues vs. Milwaukee 7:15—KCMO—Songs For America 7 30—WDAF—Music KCMO—Chicago Signature KMBC—Arthur Godfrey 8:00—WDAF—Telephone Hour KCMO—Encores At Eight KMBC—Romance . 8:30—WDAF—Band of America WHB—Tunes and Scores KMBC—Steve Allen 8 -AS— KCMO—Speaker WHB—Baseball Con't. 9:00—WDAF—Music KCMO—Music By Roth KMBC—Walk A Mile 9:30—WDAF—News; Dangerous Assignment KCMO—News; Sports KMBC—News; Sports Curt Massey KMBC—Elmer Davis WHB—News Comments 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—Organ Concert KCMO—Back To The Bibl» WHB—Serenade TUESDAY 6:00—KMBC—News: Sports WDAF—Evening Varieties WHB—News KCMO—News. Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News KMBC—Peggy Lee Show WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Cisco Kid 6:45—KMBC—News WHB—Jerry Gray Show WDAF—One Man's Family 7:00—WDAF—Scarlet Pimpernel KCMO—Silver Esgle KMBC—People Ara Funny WHB—Jimmy Carroll Show 7:15—WHB—News Comments 7:30—WDAF—Barrie Craig KCMO—Escape With Me WHB—Dr. Kildare KMBC—Mr. and Mrs. North 8:00—WDAF—Meet Your Match KCMO—America's Town Meet KMBC—Life With Luigi WHB—News; Today's Hits - 8:15—WHB—K. C. vs. Milwaukee 8:30—WDAF—Truth or Consequences KMBC—Louella Parsons 8:45—KCMO—News 9:00—WDAF—Band Concerts KCMO—Wayne King KMBC—Novelty Tunes 9:15—KMBC—Strawhat Concert 8:30—WDAF—News; Stan Kenton Orch. . KCMO—News, Sports KMBC—News; Sports 9:45—KMBC—FYI KCMO—Elmer Davis 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—Beulah KCMO—Back To The Bible WHB—News Comments WDAF-TV Tonight 6:00—Quiz Kids 6:30—Music 7:00—Mr. Peepers 7:30—Robert Montgomery Theatre 8:30—Hollywood Playhoouse 9:00—Playhouse 9:30—Theatre 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 10.00—Foreign Intrigue .0:30—News, Weather. Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre TUESDAY 6:00—Midwestern Hayride 6:30—Keep Posted 7:00—Boss Lady Who Lives Where Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 The lion's VERTICAL 1 They live in ~T~I .. , kennels 'Only a bird ^2 Revise in a gilded 8 The hen's 12 Poem 13 Demigod 14 Indian coin 15 Light carriage 16 Greek statesman 18 Railroad 'depot 20 Century plants 21 Weight measure 22 Obtains 24 Underweight 26 Soldier's home, £T!«7 3 Denials 4 Fasten 5 Air (comb, form) 6 Foreigner to those living in Mexico '24 God of 40 Pieces of thunder quartz 25 Harness part 41 Move 26 Opera singer sideways (pi.) 27 Rebounding 42 Greek letter 28 Brain passage 43 Soon 44 Let it. stand 46 College official 47 Curved the dawn 8 Finger and toe — 9 Within (prefix) 29 European 10 Snicker blackbird 11 Russian news 31 Snuggle agency 33 Seaport in 17 Rag Morocco 19 Melodic 38 Mountain. 23 Natural fat ridges molding 48 Short letter 50 Imitate 27 Edge SO.Home of many Cubans 32 Cylindrical 34 Egg dish 35 Rubber 36 Legal matters 37 Its home is in the sky 39 Roll a floating log - 40Mix 41 Chemical salt 42 Fundamental 45 Printing 49 Begged 51 Self-esteem 52 Drove a nail obliquely 53 Ring 54 Profit 35 These live in small hills of earth t 56 Hireling gTJGolfjnound 1 II 15 IB JO 44 ^ HJ. "fl 52 bl Z Hi 3 IS 19 ^ 1 li li> w *' 57 5 ^ M * b 6 H li 3ft * 7 If 25 31 ft e % ' J . 20 a « P A'^, 53 4* \ 9 3 L ^ 'J 10 za H7 II ij HS 1 day hem Army Orders Brig. Gen. Archelaus L. Hamb!en, relieved assignment Office Chief Civil Affairs and Military Government, 8545th AAU, Wash- ngton, DC, and is assigned to FECOM, Tokyo, Japan. Brig. Gen. John M. Willems, relieved assignment USA Europe, assigned to OAC of S G2 8433d AAU, IVashington, DC. Brig. Gen. Harry P. Storke, relieved assignment and duty HI Corps Artillery, Fort 'MacArthur, -alif., is assigned United States European Command Air Returnee Center, Frankfurt, Germany. Brig. Gen. Francis W. Farrell, relieved assignment OAC of S G4 8535th AAU, Washington, DC, is assigned to OAC of S G3 8534th AAU, Washington, DC. ' 1st Lt. Paul M. Golden, relieved 5025th ASU US Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, assigned US Disciplinary Barracks, Camp Jordon, Ga. Sgt. E-5 Leonard Cranford, Inf. Medical Holding Det., US AH, Camp Carson, Colo., placed on retirement list in grade listed. Station at which retired, 1409 Metropolitan Avenue, Leavenworth. munist songs against orders. His protest was in a .letter de- ivered by Red staff officers at he Panmunjoni truce talks site, was forwarded to the U. N. commander, Gen. Mark Clark in Tokyo. The talks are in their 7:30—Circle Theatre 8:45—Vest Pocket Theatre 8:00—Amateur Hour 9:00—Police Story 9:30—Invitation Playhouse 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 10:00—Dangerous Assignment 10:30—News, Weather, Sports 11:00—Newsreel Reel Negotiator Asks Accouting MUNSAN, Korea (ffl—The chief Communist armistice negotiator today protested the wounding of 12 Red prisoners in a U. N. POW camp last Thursday and asked for an accounting. He said he had read of the incident in news reports. Presumably referred to an announcement >y the U. N. Prisoners of War Command that 12 POWs were njured, none seriously, last Thurs- WE FIX IT Phone 1440 for Plumbing Installations and Repairs! Morton Plumbing Co, . Wayne Morton, Prop. 1424 Spruce USED Norge Refrig.. $35.00 Hotpoint Electric Range. $10.00 Cabinet type, Warm Morning- Coal Heater.. $35.00 Dixie no-smoke Coa! Heater .. $25.00 Westinghouse 12</ 2 " Television Set And Table....$100.00 THE MEYER APPLIANCE CO. 217 South 4th St. Phone 1 when from guards singing stopped! Corn- fifth straight weeklong recesi until Thursday. Col. Charles V. Cadwell, Seattle, today took charge of the U. N. Prisoner of War Command, succeeding Maj. Gen. Haydon L. 3oat- LEGAJL NOTICE ner, wfco guaHed prisoner riots on Koje in June. Boatner is en route to the U. S. to become deputy commanding general of the Fourth Army with headquarters at San Antonio," Tex. NO TEEPEES 1 CARDSTON, Canada UK- Fifteen new houses are being built this summer on the Blood Indian Reservation near here by members of the tribe. It is planned that; 'eventually aH Indians en fl» re» servation will own their own homes, instead of living in tents. The planet Neptune cannot seen 'with the naked eye. RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION DECLARING THE NECESSITY OF APPROPRIATING CERTAIN PROPERTY PRIVATE 'ROPERTY BY CONDEMNATION. FOR THE PURPOSE OF WIDENING ISABELLE STREET FROM SECOND AVENUE TO FIFTH STREET; AND FOR THE PURPOSE OF OPENING A STREET FROM SECOND AVENUE TO FIFTH STREET ALONG THE LINE SEPARATING LOT THIRTEEN AND LOT FOURTEEN, CLARK'S ADDITION OF OUTLOTS, LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners of the City of Leavenworth,! Kansas, deem and declare it necessary to appropriate certain private property located in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, for the purpose of widening Isabelle Street to a. width of at least thirty (30) feet, from Second Avenue to Fifth Street and for the purpose of opening a street from Second Avenue to Fifth Street, such street :o be fifty (50) feet wide along the ine separating lot thirteen and lot fourteen, Clark's Addition of Outlets, Leavenworth, Kansas. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS, THAT THE APPROPRIATING OF CERTAIN PRIVATE PROPERTY BY CONDEMNATION IS NECESSARY. Section 1, Certain private property leeds to be appropriated for the pur- rose of widening Isabelle Street from !econd Avenue to Fifth Street to a vidth of at least thirty (30) feet and "or the purpose of opening a street irom Second Avenue to Fifth Street, iifty (50) feet wide along the line ;eparating lot thirteen and lot fourteen. Clark's Addition o£ Outlets, Leav- mworth, Kansas, such condemnation :o be done as provided by law in Sections 26-201 through 26-205 inclusive, >f the General) Statutes of Kansas as amended. * Section 2. That a survey and description of the land required and leeded to be obtained by condemna- ion be made by the City Engineer md filed with the City Clerk of Leavenworth, Kansas. Section 3. That the City Clerk shall rause proper publication of this reso- ution to be made for six (6) days in The Leavenworth Times, a daily newspaper which is the official newspaper >f the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, md that this resolution shall be ef- 'ectiye from and after its sixth pub- ication therein. Adopted at Leavenworth, Kansas, this 26th day of August, 1952. Ted L. Sexton, Mayor. ATTEST: r. C. Walker, City Clerk.' SEAL) Passed & Approved: Aug. 26, 1952. 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