Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 14
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Growth Predicted LITTLE ROCK (,\V) - T h e Llll'le Rock Chamber ot Commerce says a magazine pro- diets that the population of the Little Rock area will increase from 360,300 in 1974 to 398,800 -in 1580. "The light sequences 9 , 00 arecrunctiingly oHiv spectacular." HARD TIMES Today In History By The Associated Press Tadav is Tuesday, A p r i l 20 he llllh day of 197G. There are 555 days left in the year- Today's hiRlilifiht in history On t h i s dale m 1775, I h NmcrEcan siege of Brilisl orces in Dos ton began in Vmcrican Revolution. : Oti this date: In 1657, Jews in New Amsler dam were granted equal rights NEED HELP? For a* Information or assistance on: V.D., pregnancy, drugs, parents, school, vocation. runaways, etc. Call YOUTH HOT LINE 442-26*2 Snn. thru Thurs., 7*11 p.m. FrI. and Sat., 7-12 p.m. and privileges oE citizens. In 16S2. Connecticut was griiiUcd a royal charter extending lo the Pacific Ocean. In 1836, (he U.S. Congress established the territory ot Wis- onsiti. , In 1889. Adolf Hitler was born in/Austria. In 1M4, Shirely Temple was launched on her career ns a child star as the film,'"Slantl Up and Clicer," was released, -In 1945, in World War U. Soviel Forces penetrated the defenses ot Berlin, and the U.S Seventh Army captured the German clly of Nuernberg. Ten years ago: U.S. plains attacking North . V i e t n a m - m a d e their closest strikes yet to Ihe key port of Haiphong, bombing a railway bridge. Five years ago; Tho U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that busing of students could h? ordered lo achieve racial desegregation. " . . ' - , . One year ago: Communist forces overrunning South' Viet : cased up En their drive la ward Saigon but continued lo cut off Ihe city from surrounding territory. Tod ay's b Er Ihdays: : Forme r New York Mayor Robert. Wag tier is fifi.'Nuclear physicist °Al ·vin Weinbcrfi Es fil. . , Thought for today: A treed no mist is a man who knows mor about money than the peonl who'have it -- anonymous. Bicentennial footnote: Tw hundred yjjars ago today, Kiel arrt Henry Lee wrote to his fel low Virginian. : Patrick Hetirj thai Virginia must Like th lead in torpiiiiR the Contincnta Congress i n t o · · a govern men and other colonies would follow IEVER CHIEU HANH's ORIENTAL FOODS 19U W. Walnut, Rogers (across from Bo'iianza on HiwayTl) A complete line of imported oriental foods. Fresh and dried seafoods and Chinese vegetables. EVERYBODY WELCOME! Open Daily from 9 AM to 7 PM Overhaul Needed WASHINGTON (AP government commission sa^ the United States cmild c i i f ) billion to $4 billion rnnual' from Us defense bu lg,* overhauling procedures for military pay, promotion, retirement and other personnel costs Tlie Defense Manpower Commission proposed scrapping the current retirement system, \vhich allows all members of iiie armed services to retire n t j half-pay after 20 years. It suggested a 30-year m i n i m u m , except for men serving in combat units, who would sttll be eligible to retire after 20 years. · Northwest Arkonso. TIMK, Tuet., April 20, 197* I l l F l r M l I L t AKkAVSAS. . - . "· ' oles. aigno Hut "Hie need is ot for gim control; it is for jctor crime control," This linlf-iuxl-linlf lediniqiic :cms quite : effective. U ' t o - ises'llic issues more sliarply ian Ihe usual lien's special icthod.of seven-second claims mmcdialoly followed by sevcli- econd rebuttals. . CHS 1 public TV study, \vliicli tarts by showing tile slar- tiuidcd, gross excess of an auction .WNF.T lioi'o licld lo raise money last year, is fnirlj borough. H socs os'cr Ihe his ory of public TV and old PT\ ssuc.b including old charges Nixon it Co. tried to sandbiu PTV because thc.then-prcsidcn fell PVT's news' and !airs shows had a liberal bias. SMART SHOPPERS WATCH TJMES ADS - 7 DAYS A WEEK! Youngster In Bed To cheer up a youngster ID'S bedridden, till a brand- w .lunch box w i t h - s m a l l , in- vidimlly wrapped .-' presents, ich morning' let the child lecl one present from Ihe ippy Hox. Youngsters will u-c somcltiEiig lo look forward .. and since presents are lall. parents won'I'have too ucii clcan-np. NOW SHOWING Show Starts 7:15 '··for* th« W*«t *VM Cowboy - · · Wlrt*rh«wk hod bocbnt* · ·Icchfoot DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulso, Ch. 2 on eahls In F«rHleiiiltl KYTV, Springfield, Ch. KOTV, Tulsa, Ch. 6 KFSM, Fort Smith, Ch. 5 KOAM, Pirtsburg, Ch. 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Ch. 8 3 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Ch. 11 KODE, Joplin, Ch. 12 KUH1, Joplin, Ch. 16 (Channel 9 M table' la Faj(tletllle) Football Hopeful Holly Hiilch iloes Hie 'ID-yard dash as she Ivies out for. a spot on the Oklahoma C i f y D o l l s professional women's football team. (AP \Vire- pliota) ' . O CABLE . . o a y e _ 103 W. Mountain Si. -- PhOM 5Zl-T73r Complete Home Ent«rrqir»n«iif Cd»f» Servlw All Area Television gfld ... FM Radio Tim* -Weather · Special tveitts Three Prime-Time News Specials Offered Tonight MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 10:30 p.m. -- Ch. 6,16 "R.P.M."(1970) Anihony Quinn, Ann Margrel, Gary Lockwood 1! :30' p.m. -- Ch. 8 "Shock-a-Bye, Baby" - Frilz Weaver, Richard Mulligan, Jill Clayburgh Wednesday Night 11:30 p.m. -- Ch. 8,12 "The Day the Earth Moved" (1974) Jackie.Cooper, Cleavon Litile Malhias Discount Stores Inc. S. Block 2 blks. ictiih ol TUESDAY EVENING if 5:00 Brady News Adai Zoom Family Affair Host's Hcices if 5:30 College for Canines n News . . . 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. I. 1«, 12. 16 * 6:00 -Nc-.vs 2, 3, 5, 6, 1, 10. 16 Evening Rrfrt'rxi with Martin AgrmsKy 31 Kazan's Heroes " * 6:30.-- if 10:30 -- . Happy Days 8, 13 Love or Ufa ...r. 6. IS Hollywood Squares 2, 3, 5. 7 ,* 10:55 -Take Krrr .... CoIIee B By JAY SIIAKBUTT I Television .Writer ' ; ' NEW 'YORK- (AP) -- News specials usually don't draw bin ratings, but the season's . ratings race is over, t h i s may be why .viewers are being offered not one hiiL three prime-time news specials tonight. Two arc on CDS. "Mr. Ro nev. Goes to Dinner" at 8 p.m. EST and "Inside Public Tcle- visicci" a t . 10 p.m. The 'later show is competing with an ABC News special called "Gun Control: Pro And Con." . Further complicating viewer choices is the fact tlial the,Public Broadcast Service has chosen tonight lo feed public TV stations a brilliant- film: documentary, "Ahlonia: Portrait of the Woman." That show, by film maker Jill Godmillow and singer Judy CoV lins, is a warm, exceptional^ interesting profile'of conductor Antonia Brico, one of the fi women to lead a major sym phony orchcsira. HEARING AIDS SERVICE WARDS HEARING AID DEPT. EVELYN 7 HILLS PHONE «W591 10 ..S '. ,.-.-.. . 11:00 Bill of RishLs Debater 11 MagnilLcent Marble Machine .. 3. 5, 7 Mary Hart man, Mary lUrtrnan 1 Voung and Iiie ReillBis 6, 10. IS s Make A Deal B. 12 11:30 ·-= TaVe My Ad t Ice 2, 5 Lrcfi f a r Tomorrow..; I, 10. ]6 Phil Donahue All My Oiildten (, \telfxly Matinee * 11:55 NBC News 3. 5. 7 WEIJNESL'AY AFTERNOON CARPETS CLEANED in your home-or place of business by Von Schrader dry-foam method. No (uss · No muss No odor Call foday for free estimate. T R I P L E A CARPET CLEANERS 521-7355 515 S. Dan cart, FajfHeviU Happy Days , * 7:30 Laverne and Shirley ... " Consumer Survival Kit if 8:00 Police Woman M.ASH. Si?n Posts ., I»\e Of Life Elyans flope . Tabtetaik 11 *'.8:00 -' BaielU ...,..,,...., J . 8. ni 8?30'-- " ' · "- Oilco and the Man 2, 3, 5, k 2, 3. 5. Blue Kiifglit . . . ' . 6, 10, Siaisfcy and Hulch 8. 12 if 10:00 -Prorogue . . News" 2, 3, 5. 6. 7, 8. 10. 12. * 10:30 Movie P OWitioma In Rw, Johnny ( ar-on 2 3 5 lionama if 11:00 His Valley ABC News CruMd* . Jack Va if 8:10 Ona Day M A Time fl. 10, 16 if 0:00 - . : AW. News (.1weup 5. 8. 12 CBS Report! 6. K CHy wf Angels 2, Bicentennial In Oklahoma .". *9:3»- Woman '.... 11 ir 10:00 Li! as, Yoga sr,d You , :. News .... 2. 3. 5. 6. 1, 3, 10, 12. IS if 10:30 -Movie . , . . 6. Mary Tlartmsn. Mary Han ma A Johnny Carson 1 . . , . , , 2. 3, 5, if 12:15 -Carol Parker * 12:25 12:30 -'as. Yoga ar.d Vo-J ., The World Turns lays 01 Our I JVM Hhym'e and Reasot* * 1:00 .-' - , Service Teaching Programs * 1:30 - ilreafc The Hank 8, !2 Guiding Light 6, 10. 16 Doctors -2. 3, i, 7 ·2:M General Hospital 8, U All In The Fa^ly 6, 10, IS Iher World -2. 3, 5, 7 Movie Ik- 12:00 - Project * i oo Candid Campn? R. 12 II HAPPY HOUR 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Men.-Sal. rtospb«rr ol nor New Bark, games, taped muilc and oar o f w "WlnR rockljUi." The W o r k i n g Class Hero 21 N. Block 1-9 Mon.-Sal. Don'l Lose husiness because of an unanswered phone ^Ticn U rings--We answer! FAYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 UARK 449 W. Dickson Marx Brothers "DUCK SOUP" 9:30 p.m. i\ r e this show, a look If U'vc lime. Or find "out when station will rerun it this ick if Lonigtit's showing coii- cis wiUi reporter-writer Andy ooncy's CBS study of efits and * out in America. You've got lo walch "Mr ooiicy oGes to Ditmcr." It's ntl of a burpeo's ciitaioguc j )e and hope, done 'in the mile, whimsical, yet solully ported stylo ,of his "Rooney ocs lo Washington" show of 75. His "Dinner" , hour 'is most orough, studying not onl places but also wine li Ivei'Lfsing and menus. There's a valuable -warning gainst dining at joints featur- B "home cooking."^ One of the funniest, moments --and it'll be most, satisfy! u ip all victims of long waits foi ;isatisfying ineals - conic: lien Rooney brings the CBS amcra to watch him lunch at mous New Orleans restau- ant. or some-reason, perhaps the amera..he gets .suporb ^ i ? i \ j r c Ve soon l e a r n the service ·asn't so hot I h e; previous ight, when liooncy, t\\o mi* no camera, ate at t h e ace, disguised as ordinary ourists. . We wen'I, reveal what ensued lien Kooney discussed tlii? ilh the waiter -- you'll have o watch to fully appreciate the nomenl -- but suffice it to say a mighty blow is struck for. all ng-suffenmr diner?. GIVE NOD TO ABC Of - the competing ABC and CBS ncw.s specials later onight, we'd have to give the loci to ABC's gun show, half of which is devoted lo folks arlvo- ntf stronger legislation to control handgun ownership. The second 1 ,half hears -from progun forces who, as the show » PLUS · . ; , STARTS 7:15 BURT REYNOLDS-SARAH MILE BROUGHT BACK BY MANY REQUEST 1I ONE OF "OUR-BIGGEST'HITS" A urn WESTERN CONTINUOUS fHOM DARK i snows NITILY -- 3 Showings Fn Sot. PH. 751.8724 NOW SHOWING "Al.I- TUB PRESIDENTS MEN (FG) No Passes NEXT: "THE H1NDENBURG" HELD OVER \Vinner'6t 5 Academy Awards "ONE FI.BW OVliK THK CUCKOOS NEST" ( R ) Ng One Under 1 BABY HLliE MAIIINE' NEXT: FIGHTING MAD NOW SHOWING '"LIPSTICK" NOW SliOH'ING "THE DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATKE FOX 1 ' ( P G ) Who is George Dickel? We Rent Typewriters Rates By Day Week Month Humphries Typewriter Rentals 25 N. Block 521-2560 Oklahoma In Rericr*r .............. 11 Beaver Uke if 11:00- Kdjje rrf Night .; 8, 12 Miifer Rogers ;, 11 M«v Griffin Somerset * 3:30 - Aflorscrioof Kptclal 5, 12 Take My Arfrtee 3, 7 Uncle Zeh ., , 8 TIP Slrctt tched , if 3:55 Wilh Msulyce 7 * 4:00 - WED. THRU TUES. STARTS 7:20 P,M, * 6:40 New i 6:50 -today In A?ricn]tur« 1 ·* 6:55 - KxercUe With Marlyo* 7 Momerli of Mediuiton 7:00 - «""«··' vW John CWck ' B CixJ Momlnir, Anwrio ,,, 12 y ShrtW , 3, 12 iiibtm Wam-32 ............. .... 3, JI ily Affair ; ..................... 7 5:30 - 2. 3, S, «, 7. B. 10, 12, IA WEDNESDAY EVENING C*tt'Sn if 8:30 A.M. OHa*. if C«-]f*)r.[y 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 Martin Aifn«.sky It Evening F/Jiil Ifo^an'i H«ro«( if fi:30 - Sfreet ... ............... 11. 13 ' Let's Make A Deal , ttud, U'lta World 6( A n i m a l * ,..,,... 7 *7:00- 3. S, 7 Whtfl of Forttin* J, S, J, vice Teachtn* ftogr»mt 11 rinah! ; in Ryan'i H^^ U RACE WITH THE DEVIL George Dickel is a native son ol Tennessee, where iron-free springwater and crisp, clean environs breed a mellow, refined taste. A charcoal-gentled taste so pure and smooth, you'll tsnow There's a little bit of Tenness«e in every sip. Superb Tennessee Sippin* Whisky, of course! 0UI6 · Gca.A. Oi(*d Co. i tt B Piaal ·

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