The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 5
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— • ..... _ -r i — » *"wj * W Ul Arrington - Edmonds Nuptials At Sweeny THE FACTS in Old win orchid j v,, . . doljhlmn * cnremony the yonni! couple was held m the First Baptist Church •,u w ! c?ny at 4 p - m - Stindav £ oMEi A> Ji rate ' ras " tor offid.itinR. Parents of the couple are Mrs. W. L. Edmonds, and the late Mr. Edmonds, of Sweenv ' and Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Ar- rinflton of Alvin. Floor baskets of gladioli and mums interspersed with greenery formed the altar hunk- ground for the ceremony Th« wtlins was illumniate.l with white tapers in graduated can dclabra. ' 1 o «. ™ ( "> °' n °nor, wore a waltz lenath f?nwn of Amr-rican Beauty tulle over taffPta and rarrii-d Tal s man roses Bridesmaid, were Missr f rth "! u Hood and "w"m"F«!i dor. who wore yellow tulle ' « owns ij ke the matron of hon-< m ' f - An 'he bride's attendants ' wore matching headdresses and i carried >o»R stemmed rose-- j Mrs. Christine Wilson and Jf rs> J-^ th Part!n ' *«««"'« of ! I, 1, ' we "' the candle ' ' IKm °. rs - Thcir Kowns were of £ m * rlc "n Beauty and Emerald i ^"V^ ,T r taffel( »' , Hariston of Alvin was : 1l)cst mnn nr >d groomsmen were 1 and accompanied Mi ss Donna bride rtlrt swept into a chapel-length i is „ J lm lor stu'dent "t the Mem Page 5 Miss Walston Weds jPorter-Muckieroy Mi-,s Barbar at the First Methodist Church of Angleton, Monday afternoon.' The coupler parents are Mr. • and Mrs. J. H. Walston and. Mrs. Hazel Robinson, all rf< Angleton. i Mrs. LaVern Jones served ss the matron of honor, and John H.~Jones was best man. The bride chose a powder/ blue sheath dress with matching jacket. Both the coHar and cuffs of the jacket and the bodice of the diess were of notching blue lace. Jones wore 9 nubhy i textured lime green sheath dress, a corsage of yellow roses, and white accessories, , Immediately following the : ceremony, the couple left on a short wedding trip. They oian /to live in Dallas. He is Vm| ployed by the Government Auditing Department. The bride is a graduate of High School and at- Umversity of Tex- I Rites Saturday ' Invitations are extended through the press '.•; the wedding of Miss Pat Muckleroy of Jones Creek to G. R. Porter Jr. of Mesquite. : They will he married at R p.m. in the Church of Jesus ! Christ of Latter Day Saints in ;Lake Jackson. A reception will he held immediately following the ceremony : n fhe recreation hall. Homemaker Hints By United Press Sweeny Pre-Marital Party Honors Bride-To-Be, Miss Mary Heickmann Tasty dressing for fruit diessing md 3 tablespoons lemon juice. Mix well. Pre-Teen Club Has Dance Mrs. Hinton Hosts iLegion Auxiliary In preparing an oven meal, cover moist cookery dishes. Otherwise, the escape of steam will make .TCorched. the food dry and elect of Rotiert Hariri. ' Vis' Irl' The party scene was er.hanc- Tilirnan. Mrs~D?T Curti^Mrs' ed by arrangements of soring C/av ~ ' -- i and on tile t,.i- where the many gifts -,vere :'e. Mrs. Clyde rs. E. L. Slay, 7,trs. • an j Mrs. Bill Long. displayed. Presiding at fhe refreshment board were Misses Peggy Till- mar1 ' Mary Ann Curtis and | The Western Growers Assoc- Shirley Christian The table , iation suggests adding raw, was laid with an ecru 'lace I.sliced mushrooms to green sal- cloth over p!nk and the"refre-h jads for additional flavor. ment course carried out'the ,pink and white color scheme" 1 The ( House Community csvm- ui a dance held Wedncsolay evening Freeport was llv.? and Bcaus Dance Cluh. I'ink nnd green decorations e used throughout the room, f f?™l : . 30 _ 1 »..? :3( ?. by .. the Bplles nnd the 'iiemc of bells" "and Ministerial Alliance Makes Plans To Take Religious Census Survey gion Tentative plans for th? tak ing of a religions ren-;ti.s of theTursday morni';; at Ace'.' Cafe Jones Creek area during lh"i' n "~ latter pnrt of August or in t'/e month of September wer. 1 made when the Jones Creek Ministerial Alliance hncl it- rceuhr monthly breakfast nun ins this MH. AMD MM. MAX RAT ARRIHOTOM —Photo By Lit lltwtrt FASHIONETTES featured colon typical of his native land — white, from the snow; read, the coir of barns ,an dhouses; green, for in» fir I trees, and blue, for the shou- , h Qu«n of _ From Paris this spring comes the blouse sewn to the skirt :Tlie house of Pierre Cardin featured one combination of thick woolen skirt with flowered Officers Elected At Club Meqtinq Officers were electe.l at n wtlne of the Navy Mother; Club No. 223 hold recently in th» Arrerlran T^.^ion Hill The following officers wrrc erted: Mr.-. OVt.i !,-'vlry. commandtr; Mrs. T.orene Commins. vice commander: Mrs, Thplma Kalnwater. n^!'it«int; Wrs. Kmma Gray, finance r'- fi'-er: Mrs. Daisy Uri-x^ -.r-! chaplln; Mrs. Ji-sjee Mnkiri Nichols and Mrs. Opal H.->c, m matrons ct arms: nnc! Mrs' Grace Wise nnd Mrs. I .or; tie Sanders, color be;u-<»r.T. The club meets on t'ie flrnt Thi'rsdav of each month. Any mother who has a son or diiiirt- ter In naval service is wt-'o-ne to vi»it at anv time. The croup decided ;hnt time would re the host in ...... of tho fact that' • i.iny ritirms will be aw;iy on varjtum or attenrfin? r.irnps 'luring the summer months. I Ministers present for the .mc™;ing .-iisreed nn thr n•:• .essity of a census and that it would laid grrat'y in tho visilatior, pri)- |grams of each of the churches. j n-^Dorts were f;iven from two 'of the churches now nnr;a~c'd jin vacation Bible schools antl i requests were niado for s-peci;i' j prayer for tho-'o known to be <-"•' 'ill, the aqe.i of the co-n-nunity. and those in bprfivcnier.t. | Ministers present for the imcctina were: Rev. J. H. Frce- lland, HPV. rjoger Whiddon. Rev. ,1-. D. Mahanar, nnd Rev. Krlly i Moscley. i The Ministerial Alliance ; group will meet again on Tues- itiay inoming, July 9. hows was carried out with the bells v.liich tinkled during the party time. Refreshments for the orca- ! sion ,ilro centered around the colors of pink and green ,-md consisted of pink ,md :uccn :anciwic:if.: ,r,d green punch which wrrc • ervcd from a In- j ble covered with pink net i recent poppy The Belie? ,md B.-sus Dance Hub is composed of iv inhcrs who ,-u-o ; n t!;e scv, : :n ri-adr of. junior hish school and wht. are 12 years nf a-{o. \ ar.n'p of Frec;,:i.-l i--,othcrs fi:i,-u';\ ;he club and now sporror it -.0 t,. a t .ictiviiier. will be provided m r tnese youn^^'nTS This -End of Scho3l" ..cmce is one of the dances wlv-li ;-re held once .n month for tiic club •..Tmwr.. : C y a c al:.o :iv-:n, instruction in balironrn danc- ! 'ng durinc the month prior to Mrs. Goorg •ach d.ince. -- won : I Garments made of such fabrics as nylon, orion, and dacron • tend to pick up color from oth- garrr.enls in the eame wash. sc The table held a center ar rangemert of pink carnations The Halph Hanson Frc^p-,ri Post 2G5 of the American I.e- :t resrntly in e home of Mr?. .1. C. Hinlon. A report was mvld on the . . . .-<!", (iio total amount, of which v.t~,,'/3<. The Post .swarded nrirc; to r'nililren selling the mo-t rx>p- !>;OS. Only those cni,'dr":n •idr the T.'-^'ion or A'ix '.vrro eli^ii)]" for ' Pri;-c; '.'.-.-•re nwar children Th"v arc rell — ?5: Fiu S3: and PhyHr, The hosier.'. rcrvcd rcfr the mee'iine Warro^K, Mr ,ind Mr. ;:r.,-\ Mr?. Mr. <i:vi .Mri milk glass container. n.-_iit.i in me oaiii<; »v«»ii. — ••- prospective bride and Even colored labels should be S^opm.s mothers Mrs. M R r emoved before putting in a I ^ eic ^maf"i snd Mrs. Paul Bak- .vhite wash. er . were presented rosebud corsages along with the honor gi.est, Miss Heickmann, ami me ? r andmothers, Mrs M I Bar row and Mrs. Mattie Orn were •esented white carnation cor- surfaces of a .f^^P^-ere^. hot or crack-! ™?*L. M ^_Elsa Preas Mrs'. weak foiution or borax. of baking soda Ti- ".ViU" '.hey a ir.g will re:-uit. p nsrnlpd never should be washed j Klmg,"""Mr ayp hot nr rrarV, . '. QUALITT DIAMONDS $17.95 — $2,000.00 EASY TERMS NO CARRYING CHAPGES McSPADDEN JEWELRY •CREIIIT JEWELERS" FREEPORT. TEXAS Do r.o( wrap ice in nswspap- warrr.s the jce melting. i or plate is crack- 'a::e it in a pan of "mer for 45 rnin- ack usually will To make a knoble?s pot lid usable. pus i a screw up through the ho'.e and twist a cork onto it. th« outside. The belt is contoured for good fit, and COITUS equipped with a i-nuplv of khirrod pockets to hold She dough. The belt it ( m« of several unusual s:yk-s fvaltK'txi by Lucete of Paris ut the recent U. S. World Track' Fair in Ni-w | wuuim smri with Jlowe York. Another belt, called mix,chiffon blouse tacked to It and match, actually n two half' h«lu, fattened with self leather bucklej, and in two ahidei. Buy two or threw of the belli and you can get inch combination a« navy and white, pale pink and blut, brown and black pake blue and navy, etc. Your R. C. A. V.'hlrli-oo! rtriVr In Rrttnsport JIM VOORHIES RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES 33 Clrel. \V»y, L\te l.rktnn Phone 7-Z57I or 7-7775 Wflcom*. Yo« SERVICE Invalid Coach-F.m«tfnry PH. 5-25T1 BRAZOSPORT FUNERAL HOME Sw«nen's Count Si^vard Bre- nadutU now has turned his ,le- ilgnina (kill to fabri.-i. His Vik- in»i colleflmn for Alarnac Mills ihown recently in New York Bill and Tom with — LOCATIONS Scrvtuf 6h« Braxo»i»>»rt Area 24 HOURS A DAY 1M N. J-grklnj. L. J Ph 7-Z47S Ul W. Brand, frtctpoit » *U't fait-rre* rirkuy * Dnlltery FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH WINDING WAY & YAUPON LAKE JACKSON Hear BILL QL ASS EVANG ELIST ALL AMERICAN-BAYLOR UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL STAR SYMPHONIC SPECIALS! REVIVAL JUNE 16-23 3-Piece Ensemble MODIU-1256 RCCOMD CABINET DIAMOND HEEBLE Symphonic Hi-Pidelity Table Model' Record Player witn Record Cabinet. ta duty »( tit UUIM. Nl«ht tuuttany rhoaw: 7-81M Wll « 1-W7 Tew GARRITTS' PHARMACIES «v« ar« proud of our »K)g»a — "Merclunw of tnduring Value" — bctaiiic ( | ns polity hm remained umlungtd lur OMT -il) >CJ r 4 . . . i 0 brin. you tnduring \ahic 111 IniiKlinjj iii.iurijls. But don't take our uurd l,.r u - - a^ Jm 'iVmple cuitomcr. We »uke our rcpmauoa on liit i|iul: m.ucrials wt- icll- au>i ili« kuul ul hvlpuil service we [wtlorni. Join ihc h.ippy l.uinlj of 'lunplc cuitoiuvic Soon, wou'i \ on' TEMPLE LUMBER CO SUNDAY SERVICES 8:30 A.M., 11:00 A.M., 7:30 P.M. MONDAY THRU' SATURDAY 7:30 P.M. • SPECIAL « CHILDREN'S SERVICES MONDAY THRU' SATURDAY 9:30 A.M. REVIVAL MUSIC BY VEO GRAY Twin ipcnken V-M « ipetd >ut«m*llc jam with <hut off, volunw bau anil DUmond N«dl« Miioonj C»t>tn«t proof rrcord chaneer IrrLle contrnl>. List Price $109.95 Record Cabinet 29.95 Diamond Needle 25.00 $164.90 $25.00 trade in on any Radio or Record Player S 139 90 with trade Laka Jacksou Highway CL UTE Phoua 5 272*' EVERYONE CORDIALLY INVITED JOHN H. BEARD, PASTOR Symphonic Radio - Record Player Combination. H Twin speaker! * V-M 4 speed lutonutlc jiw (J .ou, ,.,,,rd snut o/f volume ba« in<J treble ,,i.-. 1r Matiafany Cabinet if Twin Sapphire Ne*clli-.. »Hh 35 TELEVISION CENTER PHONE 7-2911 36 CIRCLE WA* LAKE JACKSOM

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