The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 17, 1976 · Page 10
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 10

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1976
Page 10
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December 17, 1976 PAGE 10 HAYS DAILY NEWS Nixon, Watergaters Must Pay Damages For Wiretap WASHINGTON (UPI) - A federal judge says Richard Nixon and top Watergate offenders H.R. Haldeman and John Mitchell must pay damages to former National Security Council aide Morton Halperin for bugging his telephone. U.S. District Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. Thursday declared "a subjective good faith defense is unavailable," and gave opposing lawyers 20 days to submit proposals he will consider in deciding what the damages should be. Halperin sought an estimated $3 million from a long list of defendants. He was among 13 government officials and 4 reporters whose telephones were tapped by the White House "plumbers" trying to determine the' source of news leaks on foreign policy decisions in 1969. Smith dismissed Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as a defendant. Kissinger, then head of the security council, had merely furnished names of officials who might have had access to leaked Information, the judge said. At the United Nations Thursday, Kissinger told reporters: "I am gratified by the decision with regard to my role but I do not want to comment beyond that." In his ruling Smith said he could find justicication for installing the wiretaps because of "justifiably grave concern ... over the leaking of confidential foreign policy information." In view of wiretapping practices of the 30 previous years and the confused state of the law it was "reasonable" for the White House to decide wiretap statutes would not be violated, he added. But the Halperin wiretap continued long after he left the national security staff and "the evidence here reflects ... a seemingly political motjve for later surveillance and dissemination of reports," Smith said. "Numerous summary letters in the later course of the surveillance relate solely to Halperin's political activities and beliefs," he went on. Nixon, in a deposition entered in the lawsuit, said the Halperin wiretaps "never helped us. Just gobs and gobs of material, gossip and bull." Smith said while the degree of involvement of Nixon, Haldeman and Mitchell might vary, "the court finds under all the circumstances that a subjective good faith defense is unavailable." ''Regardless of intention," Smith said, "they violated plaintiffs' basic constitutional right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure." Hunt Will Spend Christmas In Jail WASHINGTON (UPI) — Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt apparently must spend Christmas in jail despite new efforts to release him. The Parole Commission Thursday postponed, probably until Jan. 25, a decision on his parole request until a meeting of the full panel in Burlingame, Calif. GIRLS AND BOYS YOUR OWN MONEY! YOUR OWN BUSINESS! PRIZES TOO! The Hoys Doily News is looking for bright enterprising, young people to carry the newspaper. If you are 10 years or older and fit these requirements, clip this od and send It in right away. Hurry! I Want To Carry The Hays Daily News Name ..Address City Phone Number Age, MAAM DID I UNDERSTAND CORRECTLY? WO WANT US TO READ A BOOK DURING CHRISTMAS VACATION?A REAL POOK? A WHOLE BOOK?!! YOU'RE JUST KIPDINS, AREN'T fOU MA'AM 7 SURE, WU ARE!W(?E NOT? WU MUST BE! YOU'RE NOT? HAPPY HOLIPAVS .' BEETLE BAILEY WE'RE MAVlNS- AMP PUPP/N<& OH... BETTER £ET UP THE LN&HTS THEM 'LILABNER ' AMP HERE CCWES *LUC/<y THE" NEW ©OVeRNDR OF THE STATE". THIS VvCULD IN PO0WTO-J, EXCEPT ymr ITS TUE ' AH WAS A TOTAL RA/LLJR0 UNTIL AH 50U0HFTH/S HATrr- NANCY YOU HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY WEIGHT AND FORTUNE £! THAT'S TRUE--I DO HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY --- ---A BANANA' SPLIT PERSONALITY BLONDIE I'M EXPECTING A BIG CHRISTMAS BONUS THIS YEAR BECAUSE THE DOLLAR ISNT WORTH WHAT IT '!( WELL, VOL) V AREN'T r EITHER/ x ^-7, JOE PALOOKA NOTFOK TONIGHT ANYWAY.' Good Company Duchess, a "mostly Labrador" guide dog, keeps watch over her master, Everett Shepherd, from the foot of his bed at Swedish Hospital, Seattle. Shephard, blind and partially deaf, is recovering from ulcer surgery. He said he was allowed to: have Duchess with him because he had no one to exercise her. Orderlies have been taking Duchess for noon hour runs. (UPI Photo) New Light Possible On Kennedy Assassination WASHINGTON (UPI) - Investigators for the House Select Committee on Assassinations believe they have uncovered a lead which could shed new light on whether a second gunman was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. House sources told UPI the investigators also feel there are 'good grounds to further explore other aspects of the Kennedy slaying — the mysterious movements of two travelers from Texas to Cuba through Mexico City immediately after the tragedy Nov. 22, 1963; the CIA's bugging of the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, and the possibility Premier Fidel Castro had advance knowledge of the assassination plans. The panel scheduled a meeting today in closed session to consider,' and presumably approve, the draft report of its work this year. Last week the panel approved unanimously a one year budget request of $6.5 Group Lists Sponsors, Shows Of TV Violence WASHINGTON (UPI) - A western series called "Quest" is televisions' most violent show, and a doctor says a child who watches it and similar programming could find his "perceptions of'the real world may be significantly distorted." A media reform group called the National Citizens Committee' for Broadcasting told a news conference Thursday that General Motors' Chevrolet division sponsors the most violent TV shows, and Peter Paul Candies, the least. NBC showed the most violent shows this fall and CBS the least, the committee said of its 11-week study by a private TV monitoring firm funded by a $25,000 grant from the American Medical Association. AM A president Richard E. Palmer said television was "a powerful, pervasive force in a child's environment." "If the programming he is exposed to consists largely of violent content, his perceptions of the real world may be significantly distorted, and his psychological development may be adversely .affected," Palmer said. The 10 most violent programs, in order, were Quest, Starsky and Hutch, Baretta, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Hawaii Five-0, Six Million Dollar Man, Kojak, Police Story, Delvecchio and Serpico. Eleven shows, including "Mary Tyler Moore Show", "Chico and the Man", and "Sirota's Court" contained no significant violence. Advertisers cited as sponsoring the most television violence, in order, were: Chevrolet, Whitehall Labs' Anacin, American Motors, Sears, Kodak, Schjitz,. Proctor and Gamble, General Foods, Burger King, Frito Lay products, Mr. Coffee and Campbells Soups. Sponsors of the least violent shows were Peter Paul Candies, Hallmark, Texaco, Whirlpool, Prudential Insurance, Jean Nate, Shopper Toys, Green Giant, Keebler Cookies, Carnation dog foods, Efferdent, and Quasar television. million to continue in' vestigating — and perhaps resolve lingering doubts about — the murders of Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. A major political task now before the panel is to convince the forthcoming 95th Congress of need for so large a budget for the coming year. The sources said they have turned up witnesses who can shed new light on the bullet found on Kennedy's stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Some contend this bullet could not have been fired from the Texas School Book Depository by Lee Harvey Oswald. The witnesses, the informants added, were not questioned by the Warren Commission or by local police authorities. However, the investigators feel there is a greater possibility of proving conspiracy in King's slaying than in Kennedy's. S TAR ARIK ? n 9-27-32-42 54-63-73 TAURUS APR. 20 5. MAY 20 3-12-20-29 GEMINI ? M ^ ^rJUHl 20 vSl -53-59-60 5^64-71-79-90 BEAN A GIVING LEGEND for 181 holiday seasons. IIMBEAM, THE WORLD'S FINEST BOURBON, in a handsome holiday carton for tasteful holiday giving ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS IN STYLE. ENJOY THEM WITH BEAM. (If MUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY bO V ROCtt UISIII LEO AND BOIILLO BY JAMLS B. BEAM DISTILLING CO , CLERMONT. BEAM. KENTUCKY. VIRGO AUG. 11 SEPT. 2! \ 1-15-30-56 hSy62-70-83-86 -By CLAY R. POLLAN- JM Your Daily Activity Guide Jj< •^ According to the Storj. '' To develop message for Saturday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. 1 You 2 Shun 3 There •tit's 5 Solve 6 Good 7 Problems 8A 9 Could 10 Soft 11 Don't 12 Could 13 Answer 14 Ke«P 15 Con 16 Time 17 Your IB Get 19 There 20 Be 21 Mind 22 Could 23 Be 24 To 25 Your 26 Of 27 Be 28 Cough) 29 A 30 Increase 31 Others 61 Tongle 32 Contacts 62 Popularity 33 Consider 63 Or 34 Usually 64 Those 35 Concentrated 65 Money 36 Things 66 You 37 Turns 38 Unprepared 39 May ' 40 Happen 41 Outline 42 With 43 Which 44 Own 45 On 46 Away 47 Problems 48 Yourself 49 Secret 50 A 51 You 52 Or 53 Can 54 Institutions 55 Don't 56 Your 57 Wrath 58 Romantic 59 Depend 60 On (§) Adverse 67 First 68 Da 69 Tolk 70 Or 71 Close 72 Your 73 Hospilol 74 Now 75 Affairs 76 Hove 77 Travel 78 Plans 79 To 80 Not 81 Home 82 Illicit 83 Improve 84 About 85 Them 86 Credit 87 Attraction 88 Work 89 Anticipated 90 You ^^ 12/18 ^) Neutral LIBRA 4- 6-16-24( 41-77-78 SCORPIO OCT. 2i|jk NOV. 2) ^r^ 36-39-40-43^ 66-76-60-89^ SAGITTARIUS NOV. 22 /* DEC. 21 [gjl 19-22-23-50 58-61-74 Vi CAPRICORN DEC. 22 JAN. f> 14-17-21-35 45-65-75 AQUARIUS JAN. 20 HI. If ) 1-18-28-38^ 68-72-81-88^ PISCES fit. 19 l^i 2- 7-26-31 33-48-67 Final Appeals Judge Appointed TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI) Wyandotte County District Judge Joe Swinehart Thursday was named the final member of the new Kansas Court of Appeals. Gov. Robert Bennett chose Swinehart, 53, over two other nominees of the Supreme Court Nominating Commission — Attorney Robert Boyce Jr. of Kansas City, and Franklin County District Judge Floyd Coffman of Ottawa. It was the second nomination for all three, who had been passed over earlier by Bennett in filling other vacancies. The governor already has appointed to the seven- member panel Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Sherman Parks of Topeka, Corwin Spencer of Oakley, Bobby Lee Abbott of Junction City, and John Rees of Wichita. Supreme Court Commissioners Jerome Harman and J. Richard Foth have decided to take seats on the appeals court as permitted by law, filling all vacancies. The newly created court is to begin operation in January. "Again it was a very difficult decision to make because of the high caliber of nominees submitted to me for my consideration," Bennett said. "Joe Swinehart brings to the court 20 years of judicial experience with a reputation of fairness and integrity which serve as the cornerstone of our judicial system."

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