Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 25
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'···» i«.c, c«in, »*., J««. a IOT INDEPENDENT (AM) P ru rtiivi/1 i.\J J-fVni hew location St. Louis police investigating r f - _ f mmi- I Woman te " s of ]VF1 drug **MIAMI (AP) - The National football League ifiopes to revive interest in ilfe Pro Bov,'l game, which Drew only 26,484 fairs'in the iOrange Bowl, by hold- ling it in the New Orleans Siiperdome next year. ""·'Monday night's .game, $on 17-10 by the National ^Conference o v e r the ·American Conference, yas;the biggest gate flop in the five years since the Jro football merger. But .commissioner' Pete Ro- *zelle said no change in the fame's format is planned, with four years remaining Jn a television contract with ABC to play the "game on Monday nights. *.;: The N F L admits the.' ;|ame is a promotional problem after the Super 'Bowl game. NFL owners, 'however, don't want the game to die because tele- ;vision supplies f 1.5 mil' Jion of the $4.7 million re- Quired each year for the ·tplayers' pension fund. ·: Edwin Pope, sports edi- Jtor of the Miami Herald, f wrote Tuesday that the ''owners m a y eventually. · i-have to stage the game in Hhe. off-week before the tSuper Bowl and added ^unenthusiastically: · "Just as long as they don't bring it back to the Orange Bowl on a Monday knight at these prices ($12, $10 and $7 a seat). Or, ..come to think of it, any n i g h t at these prices.;-: We're over-footballe'd: s t, · ~ i U - now. . · -' Some players admitted before the game that the : 'honor of being chosen for : the game to earn either . the $2,000 winners' share .' or $1,500 losers' share did- ' n't really excite them. But coach Chuck Knox/ of the Rams, who guided '·;, the NFC, m a i n t a i n e d . ' . afterward th'at enthusiasm on his squc-i was so high' that "we had guys volunteering for the kickoff team," where injury rates are highest. : : Q u a r t e r b a c k J a m e s Harris, who was on the team , as a .-substitute for Minnesota's injured Fran T a r k e n t o n , won most valuable p l a y e r honors after he threw two fourth- q u a r t e r t o u c h d o w n passes. - · · ' While Harris talked of t r y i n g his hardest on every play and the honor of playing with the NFL's best players, Oakland corn e r b a c k J a c k Tatum echoed thoughts of other .players. -·· : · Sitting on the bench in the second period, Tatum looked up at the stands' and commented, "This is no place to be. I should be up there. ' · . - ' . i The game proved especially costly to M i a m i s a f e t y D i c k Anderson, who vtas, clipped in the fourth quarter, and suffered a strained left knee that will require a cast for six weeks. . . Anderson was scheduled to compete in the qualify- i n g round of the Superstars competition next week at Rotonda; Fla., and had hopes of earning up to $50,000 in the event. The only other injury of the game was to St. Louis quarterback Jim Hart, who had five stitches for cuts, around his right eye after he was decked in the second period. ; Hockey briefs NORTH'STARS (NHU--Sent goalie "Fern Rlvard and wlnqer Alain Langlals to New Haven farm dub. · PENGUINS (NHL)--Traded de- ·! fenseman Ron Jones lo Washington lor .! center Pete Lalramboise. ST.LOUIS - St. Louis police Tuesday luuied over to the commission-* er's office of the National Football League a report from a 19-year-old woman who said she delivered m a r i j u a n a to p l a y e r s throughout the country. Police said the woman's story contains accounts of s e c r e t s w i t c h i n g s of empty briefcases for iden- t i c a l ones c o n t a i n i n g marijuana. Investigators said they believe it has some merit because .she gave explicit details arid names. ··. . · . The. woman, Roxie Ann Rice, was arrested'Jan. 6 after she told a St. Louis motel m'anager she was the wife of: Ken Houston, all-pro defensive back for the Washington Redskins. The manager said Miss Rice told him she would, recommend the motel to NFL players for $600. The manager learned from football officials that Houston's wife had a different f i r s t n a m e and Miss Rice was arrested for defrauding a motel operator. · Police said she then gave them a statement in which she told, of traveling to various NFL cities under instructions from a w o m a n she named as Patricia Cleveland and a man known only as Tony. She was told to stay at certain motels where foot- Navy basketball I l i b District. Northern Arci Tournament at L.B. Support Activity: Games Today ' H a m , USS Wichila vs. USS Hollls- Icr; 1, L.B. Marines vs. USS Shields; 3. Pt. Mugu NAS vs. USS Oriskany: 5. USS Hoel vs. I I a.m. winner: 7, PI. Huencmc vs. Seal Beach Marines. Tuesday's Results Wichila 65, USS Hull 42; PI. Hue- ncme 109. Hoel 61; Pt. Mugu 79. L.B. Marines 78; Hoel 70. Hull'60; Oriskany 105. Shields 63: Pt. Huencmi; 93, Ilollis- ler 72: Seal Beach Marines 81. Wichita 7!?. . - ' · ball players would contact her and pick up packages containing marijuana, police said. She said the cities included Lof A n g e l e s , Cleveland, Denver, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, W a s h i n g t o n , C h i c a g o , -Miami, Kansas City, Cincinnati and St. Louis. In Dallas, she said, she .was given marijuana and told basketball players f r o m P a n A m e r i c a n University were staying at the same hotel and would pick them up. She said one player did come, picked up a package, and gave her $150. . Miss Rice said in each of the cities she would exchange an empty briefcase for an identical, full one presumably containing drugs. ' ' In Cleveland, she said, she was given a package at the airport which she was told contained smaller packages with names on them. She said two football players came by her room and picked them up. In Kansas City, according to the report, she was told to stay at the home of · a player for the Chiefs, who gave her a list of narcotics the team members wanted and $2,500. She said she delivered the list and money to Miss .Cleveland. . ' Miss Rice said she passed marijuana to members of the Spirits of St. Louis basketball team in New Y o r k and was told to scout the Virginia Squires for possible drug sales. "I haven't heard anything about the story," said .Virginia Squires general manager J a c k Ankerson. "As far as s c o u t i n g t h e V i r g i n i a Squires, I' d o n ' t k n o w what that means. It's the first I've heard of it.", Ankerson said the story sounded pretty ridiculous, but emphasized that he know nothing about it." In St. Louis she said she attended a party of Cardi- n a l ' p l a y e r s at' which several used marijuana, although she did. not sell them any. Officials of the Cardinals and Spirits said they had seen the 39-page report but would not comment on it. FOTO DITING ARE YOU AVAILAiLI FOR DATING IF YOU ARI, CALL 426-1122 14 HOU* RECORDING J7II Lont BMC* tint. 5B!f« 4» SPECIAL VALUES FOR TOD AY THRU SATURDAY *£*. ·^·MBIB^^^^M LONG BEACH 336 tONC BEACH BLVD. PHONE 437-2777 OPIN HON.. man. t m. . -EVENINGS Til 9P.M. CARSON 810 E. DOMINGUEZ ST. PHONE 532-2050 OPLH MOD. lHBUt«l. 'Ill 9P.M. . S»T. 'Til !?*· SUN. 10-5 . ------------ LAKEWOOD 51171AKEWOODBIVD. PHONE 634-03J3 OPEN HON., 1HU«S. I FM. WHIMS TIL 3 P.M. _--___« COMPTON 1721 N. LONG BEACH BLVD. PHONE 639-5100 OPEN WON., THURS. I Ffll. HENIKSS 'III 9 P.M. NORWALK 11559 E. ROSECRANS AVE. PHONE 8BH-6729 OPEN MON.IFRL TIL 9P.M. IUES..WEO.t!HIHS.TIUP.M. SUMY luxrtra P.M. DOWNEY 8145 E. FIRESTONE BLVD. PHONE B6I-1II3 OPEN FRIDAY EVENINOS'TIL7P.M. TWam/ny, Trimiyac*. Of CMU. STORES COAST TO COAST SERVING THE MOTORING PUBLIC MQTOR OIL ; [fmoti "Oilj 5.A.E. GRADES 30 or 40 WEIGHT H i g h grciili- Pop Soyi lo« iol« p»«. ONE Q U A R T CAN PROTECT YOUR ENGINE GAS [TREATMENT ADD TO YOUR GAS won.', pep p o m ( e l p l I I - C O c n g , r 8 OUNCE CAN BflSJ DltAIMfN. photo finishing CORNELL"200" BLACKWAlQ 27MONTH GUARANTEE INDYMAG ©APPLIANCE ' " ' W H E E L S SMOOTHIE CHROME · WHEELS m ^COMPLETE WITH \CAPS AND, LUG \ NUTS / - B78-I3 C78-13 E78-H F78-14 F78-15 G78-15 . G78-14 H78-15 rU$l.7SioS2.82FET J. pl . 78 SERIES A.78.1J lUBCLtSS BLACKWAU I 4 PLY NYLON CORDl WIDE I R A N G E I /OF SIZES \ /INCLUDING\ SIZES FOR PICKUP TRUCKS " WIDE RANGE OF SIZES /INCLUDING SIZES FOR PICKUP TRUCKS CAPS t LUG NUTS ""' (DID SIZES HtaOau«HT[BSFOR.Amu»CC--«HSEN-ci!«IM-BOi;iltT C ITOT WHEELS QUMOUr CARBURETOR JCLEANER (CLEANS .CARBURETOR WHILE DRIVING Remove* fuel syst gumi, v o r n i s h and m o i i t u r e . 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