Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 26
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Misc*Baa*oai fw Soft 72 MiutnoBtenforSor* 72 GARBAGE DISPOSERS WATERHEATERS · ·» rsr? 1 " Speci*I Pntts Sttri Txd Clu Unrt TMi BEAR STATE Ptyvood it Lumber Co. WDWOOO DOG HOUSES , . , , J urt-tin 4x1 'i Pnahg. »fv We carry Farm re a ·· Wt carry Farm re* ·· stock. 3060 ORANGE AVL CA 43927 Open Sunu tg I y.m. FUR S fro* «novr» tJar*t tst*t». Various vMes; minks, tables, toi MIRRORS Piaatic TV vC CERAMIC TILE ^^REERGLATs** * AN Cfilort tSc «. SALVAGE MASTERS IHS SANTA FE «r · 7IKO NOtWAU 1LVO. i f«rj» Op«» t'/i Ctyt VACUUMS FOR SALE Ittllf^UPIlrOHT _^ »3J» H-tcfSWJj "*» tit " "**,, ,, Tlirs« pnachinrt cvrv .. I vttr Cv»r«rf»«. Iwl O* OTHPkt. t5 tip . \r.i tutu* · )mtN rm. wi V tufttt. tis; t*TM. »«.»«.· «.:» bcox ta: 9v. rm. «t l^*f etw. ^0; m«oi* jf-^sr «-·*-·« FermltBrt for Sof« 73 .'31 _i FlUORCSCCHT lubcv rronO. Honed. flulT. 1 vr. r I'B dcz. r ss 602. »tw fexnirn. sTisa NEW TRASH CANS GALVANIZED ft. STEEL Uud tans, s^eet ft fiber. A t __303l_Laria jBaacii^ Blvd. CAJt^aii GARAGE sale--1 cameras, 3* m.m. Retina t Kodak; «nlrrnj room ft floor lamps; iXirbv »«c- Roper rartov; chrome vet; 2 tennis '^**J^_C»_S*ivador.J9*jC71 USED fc'J'LD NG aAATEHlALS -Used store fixtures ft counters. Lwnbtr. ft IRS. glvwoL 1 Blurring. CONG B£ACM Ftnc* t Material 3*U E, AfiaTietm SL OE f-4iC* . rae. Ktn. Can after f a.m. ME 2-231. S713 Coke. L*t itew section* coudu Me* Jjl bed. fco* sormo. tn«nreu ft ·ramc. 1 twi« beds, t bedroom let*. Floor buffer, kptct** set. ·IcTures. lamss. El*ctrtcat aootu ances. dish«, etc Transfered »ut ef s'*t t iS7» Langoort lit* St. Cft Pynmount ft^at Mg 4-4S77. Wi« MO»-C R ft c r char HO; Yi mower ft adger ittt; T*l *orcncrv S9c ea; garoen tools; titch. t*jc*tMc« ne« ta\ Sm. cedar chesf U; sander-SS; Cosca stw stnol-U: folding alcnlc table/ d' tnes Vi Co Irmm lan*e-i JA; ' Las PICTURE FRAMES F'rt-itiirtnlorr *rlce reduction Many Sfwi antf STvtn FIERCE 1ROS. rAlWt ft ART CO, 341 Lon« Beacft »,,4 REWOOEUNG. Cemplfe set kltcft. cabinets. Table ft Chairs. CSS range. To«. homt bar w I spirals. Make «t»r. Bieacn vancg. tu/tcft ft table. US. MA V-7512. POODLE--Beautiful illvw 4-tno.iid male. S«U or trad* lor Governor Wmlhrot* *r*t ar record B layer. CA T-OTO PT CA M743 REDUCING TABLES, RClSt--BUY. Stawfttr-- Re^axacisor--Vib, Be^n. Salon V».-s. ZE.LE* FACIAL EKtRCISEK HE 9ft7tt; CE «-llftT SLI_OiKG_w[n4ow, r«f touvre HI . , , . A!s» cotf** Tablt fc 2 **id fafciei. Mooera PhlliDDin* mahca. TO H«37 HOME DRAFT IHR UU KtW FROM $147.95 QuTcl Rtfrigerallort 1607 Ccmpton 8!vi, Pv«moun Open Sunday W4 *E »-W«2 LCCANT labrtc iwlwl recllRirrej cttair, several metal to'e brldoe lamps, various colors, Sm broaA- toom run ft tani; runner, brie-·· brae, kitchen evrtaia seti (CUD ft saucer design) M.SC. Hems, Just irtovrt cannot u». --JT^L-E · OCT an apt . SE RVICE itatloi* egulcment for smaU service station. tncL casn, register, lubt disrenser. Irani. · il disoemer. floor lack, stock tl belts ft tines, ode* ft ends. Win sell or tradi tor car. 4021 Howarrf ***·* g»_AJjifnltD» »t!er J i.m. CARACC ALE-«Uny r many odds* ft ends. Kic*acs, etc. Birdsev* macie bed, aid TV. BBaue + motor,, restaurarl mups, maters, «J5*rs. etc. Antfou* tabfe. ^^_^ i ^_M m 9_Beadl___ 4 FLAT csurffe^, « metal fare] «s- ·lay cafiineX I liar bow m*- c*ime, U ft waft counters witn srie'ves, S6S4 AMantic CARAE SALE *tt Df kitch. caa.. formica lea; C« stove, refrle ft Paramount. . 12 M*sc J- BU RN E R sn stove v even SI2. La-atory S2. ObL Sir*, S4 Tr"-* u. Melal saic -- *" ' HC 13CX * £ T suit, sin It surfboard, kand m;x«r. Cut etass vreen plasswart. M«edl( point ft *aid dmvd arv tiBue B^chjm- Llrfens. CE j-4731. f PC. wainul tf:l. set, ServM e-ec. retr'a., trtezer too. blond modei~a TRASH CANS DELIVER » DaL meta*. ««. Hew tans. C 45. Fibers, ti.s( va -ifc'ti* ·ng" Pwr. Wow. shrond. U, Open j^d»vs-_ ggl Cherry. QA j-4613 PILE fs »on and tofv regain bruiianre . color* carpets cleared w^TH Blu« Lmtre. Rent SELL OUT OF Floor Samples * Complele Home Furnishings Ttlevislons (BW) Rj(rit«ralorj RaBj«$, Carpels, Rots Compltli Groaps «! Furniture It furnish an apartment or a house lull. Yon mitt see this merchandise to appreciate the GREAT $AVIN6$ offered to yoo. NEW FarrOly Size REFRIGERATOR (with crisper) $ 128" NEW GAS RANGES *| 00 Ftmitart for Sol* 73 (Xftrrln . Lrv. Rm. w.. - tur»b«»u com*, _1 PUT TOCtTWtW VCTJt CWH X O* *ROO« C«OIH* . (259 Typical Houseful THA WllL CTVt VO- - . VCAtl OF UTISnCTIOtl. TERMS fiSTclSS^i 1 .*^^ O(t An«h«^m. bet Off HOME RJKN1SHIN5 ANO MERCHANDISING CLASSIFIES ADVKI1S1N3 CODE corv rflstrrj Cairn*. *l eronouns «^« cbl* from conv Tmirore for Sal* 73 WE QUIT! ON ACCOUNT OF FREEWAYl EVERYTHING REDUCED Kg B«?3**nt! S*Tv»1 rock in. t**r§ iptc'J til V.!u.--No. lltJt lUctntrv Vinyl IB-Pc. IJnng toora Emtmfcli. {«?» Y.\»--No. J1UJI 7-fc. U»!o *mnj »(. ».j. |24?_N,. J1S1-U Canopy B.4*. Wktf* ar M«pT« (if Jt V.!u»--No. SM.II t-Te. M.pT. Urm. Sit JMJI 1.IJ Ir.TJiJ K»;i I21JI MHrra or loiSprUi] Jlt.II tat\ ttil t2t.ll EAST THUS County F*T Mlpl» Sfiepi 17212 Belfkwer 6W. I!.JX*.I«. of As+«*a BFvd ) 71 HILL'S 550 ATLANTIC AYE. I YEAR WARRANTY · FINISHED SUNDAY 13 S $ 30 . _-or» la O*oos« From Quick Refrigeration tSSI Camptaai BV4-. Paramount Interring mercfcanidit il consigned art Pot acceptable. OARAGE sale, loots, shaper, feet mower, ashes, elothn, (tresses. rrten's suits. BB0. 3565 Ltrria. YEfRLG.. cross top. VO. lank *ac- ·urn. SlO, 6on good cond. 32S1 _OeHa. _GA_7jrri . Clark. Belit!ow*r. CUSTOM Srereo-Hi-FL Danisft mod- era wKnut cabinet. 143) or bnt Pfrane 4t3-OCT3 arine or comrm. CANVAS work. m _ _ _ _ Tarflaoe tor any ««. B:it-R!« Sailmaters-IM*. *m. HE*£* MATTftESS rtnovrrt vour cover. t7»5- Cievt'and Furn, A Up^oi*. CA *79«S UULB. B v l CLOTHES tc'r% Ptonr*W ft puEUv Uner ttntallina, rtciir. rcllrt. MarkcT CA 1 ERAM h £ TtlE-- 59C «a tt. CERAM!? TttE CEKTER ·TU L » krML HE I-A e'ectrie shampocer, tl. IMPERIAL HARDMVABC:,_£Q* 437 L. B. B Ivd. 2 T'AlK mam-rues ft b"ex springs, met. IxlO «va; braded rvo. part- ab'e stereo w ? vtra speakers. PrJy. party. 427-3Pr» »f1er S:3C. jfxcwt Sunday UW K~ BE 0. _«*vs ~*$1« 4 yr. crib matts. . Hictt-a bed, Simmons w TS Cousins^FurH^ 4T3_E. Anaf-emi 1 WHEEL aft metal *itillfv trailrr with sidwearos. Sfii. 15x10 it. swim cool, S'V Trade 2 tuEl size bti seats for t*-n sets. Ph. 145-130* ELVERS SEA FOOO C»iLL, 41 L. B. »l. Op*nJ2rjClOMd_Tugt. COT ANYTHING TO 5CLLT Brrng * In on cons gnmertt to Pa-jTl Commission Hause, 140* E. Ana- h*m. HE S-5022. CO-434Z ROLLA*AT bed. IV 4 cftromt Cfi3-rs. MLB. GA 1-3874 3 ROOMS COMPLETE with occeuories LUCKY DAY BE A WINNER !! 5 ROOMS FURNITURE 4 STOVE. RE FRIG., WASHER NO DOWN PAYMENT Fu3 Frlct $214.84 Ma. WELCOME . . . . _ CREDIT CK. UJ-B. Disco u Hi Furnltura K54 Atlantic Ay*. K.L-B. D a ' y 10 a.m. To * e.m. Sat, VTM.^ Ufo** * ··"· LCXK HERE 6 RMS. MODERN FURN. Prlct J217J5 Pymh. $14.35 M«. . . . . bedrorn **t, bunk beds. E*it*r* Discount Fura, 6CS* Auntie A^i. GA 3-9C7I DOWN Wtl fumitBt your g n-Kra Roma. wTfi gR itw fami- turg, including rang*. r«- Jng.. TV. Jininj rm^ Ey* Freg Pjrlinf Frag DiEvery LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 4TH LL ELVO. DNTN. Bonus Buy *t Bond's 0 Keet* ft AAerrttt gas -- - ·utomati ivtn. 4 beur s.^«J timer, bldtte^ Uni. Claiming chrome tov win Bancaht grtedi* M 1h« mldd'e, Srrmitr turner*. Hi GrUlavator braller. F«n automatic lighting etc Fult BTtee at ftonri H3» Mv eluding iratmllatlM 1 mo*. gu«r- """BONO-S STOVE WE RENT W a3her~R eti"oeritor~* eeain TV»--$750 MontK Up Alexander E«cftc Ct -7 * -- * -- * 5-ROOM GROUP ALL NEW FURNITURE + Stevo t KifKg«r«tt» S233 Inctuifn: twin fcid. fw« RvHg rm. »«t. eoocfl. c*i«ir. J ttra »«. coffn bl* J timn. nri brtrm. i«t-- bo« torwgs. m«t- br. lamcl- etil. drvucr, * let, FHCC TV. . til. xr* fmt jiijj tctmert wikwrw Out « Srs-l C-eit OK Jtff 'S Mittresi C!ty 720 S. Lcn9 BeacK Bird. Compfon Arondri Carneton 5-piece DINETTE SET I with Formic o rcble 1 S 49" |9il2 NYLON RUGS; Newcomers Welcome V.e Aporedate Your Patronage ALL BRAN9 MEW 1 Rooms comply *;T?i J DC, Llv. Rm. krrd tables L lamm; »pc. b**m, wim spring ft, maTt^ ft Umps; S-pc. e-nert Only $333--Low Down Easy terms at Hub. a"t«Q Atlantic comer Harding, No, Long Beach. Open evn. Ill f. Sat. t J 7. Sun- _cayjtn_«. _ USED bedroom set Intrudes JAr. A *Ars. arriser, mirrw. witli bcckcaie hea-aowd. 15?; new floor samp:* mara-rss L Lex taring set, S3*; ais4 5 P'ece tor- mica tf.nef!* set S34; 2 Diet* Kv Ira room set floor samoie,. M*; , . e«ch. LO\G BEACH FL'CNl- TUfiE, *m L tor« Bc*r1i Hvtt tfntn. Ootti nir« til H Tun tit 4- Cosed Sun Free perking. Bonus Buy at Bond's Wester* HoUev M" mo««| « range, w'sfrartiling griddle. TTie ma controlled avrv automatic to lighting. Fwl erice H Bono's * * , tntailatlm ft * BIOS. guarantee. Bonus B'jy «T Bend's G E aof, tin retrloerator. Tc condino* wilt) · g'camirrff new c terior. Fufl orlce at tontfi 14* k etudina cell very i 4 mos. puar ·ntee BONO'S STOVE WORKS *65 E. 4!Q St. HE JSM Own Won. ft Frl til « Sun. I Jewelry 72-A WANTED--Oiamond t to 2 caraX muu be clear cut--no ftaws. Prk- vart party, wui cay c*sx Reply to Bo» K-7473. Independent Preiv Telegram. A-^;HCS,_tar ? s. c r «n._A i tw_r ? - f RASH CANS OB- $3 CC I UTS Oren Sun. C43 C. 17m 1DR retng. 1L50. C« Steve tTS wnh. mach. UO. Kit. set SU. JTE SIX? »3? E- TlHi ft CAR*G*f- sa!e, rugs, ctiridren*'! ciotties. b kt. misc «t» AAass*- en wefts. 1ST COPIES American heritaae mas32inc. VPrtt. coni lwri*t to p a BOX ru. L, B. Sporting Goods 72-B CUSTOM burit *n tarfiint » ca'jber. scope, cist It stwrfs, 323 Sako. scope, cai* ft shell*. Ht- Standard. »cop«. rever tned Brownlrg 73 automatic. Hlakt otter. HE THE CKUt«R Pitching macbire for .Lrttle League Bx^eoatl. For fret denv cnsrr ltioti_cill_H A_f-45g._ B fl O'*'iu ' N G 3C-0* c ft^e ft j:«L Rtmln:no» 30 0* lAo l£i HA 14722. sacks. KIN -O-LA'*N power mcwer. Ke^more coruofe sewins machine CE COiW-OPt RAT EO*~laundrr eouiDmt. Comole'e, re»v?y to opera?*. Sac- _rif, ce caf1_H E 7-C*l^ -i ROTS' ft RLS' bhev tr^kes. oedtft car. waoon. bay jumper, _bmgy, car seat. etc,_4THfcq |- __ WUfFLESS. Gias« or stort WwtaMtd. I yew twar. fjJBL »*7 Arteva BlvdL-^BgMtiowrr. TO 7-7X7 ~T"'¥ r- cvslMons- M; Size IB ft 12 ' ~ "* hl-H r . CA . NIAGARA Cyc'o rrumo* cha.r. S motors, iVTii'te BaiflaftvOX X_!rit ; cond. PH._ i E_4IC2t ZeniTti~17' : . ISA exTr. CSL. CVEM 8« stove. TV. S wr conditiffner CS4301 CCMWtRCIAL PI2IA ROULFR -- Aknost new. H H.». fnotor. J25C. Hunttroton_ _ teach- K7-477. SMC'AXASE. I ft. w'nront ff!*ss GUNS *r TV*s~ftjy, scM Oe*'er, Un C. Jifl. ME S-- 43 AUTOnL. 155 l»dL 765 Matrser auTom^ SO2. HA 5-1 'U CARPET Remnants $100 $o ? ' 1 to -tycL 1000 COIL MATTRESS Box Spring Set $'000 $ 69 Fcnltore for Sole 73 IAAHOG drocleaf txtensron tfn. tebit 1 cft»irv rlnt. cwi, »l2i; lnut secretary, ISO; t arttiou* neediepoint firescreens, d; Maa- to. UC; FcrsTtru crvtiaf itemware, *'HoL!y,- Vi price; like nav^x sterto. ' , tit* salt tans. Vi prict; 2 kand vacuums. *4 tach. 445 LOS Arm CE run SHOP OWNERS ATTENTION 44 cVomt chairs. Art to t*ce.nenf condi'.on. A very eood bw, Cfirv t*rt Ken Block at Kdnney's S?wei. 4.^9 facrfjc Ccast rliwav. Long _ Reach. 4^4771. HARDWOOD ctmrs al cm* «ut NEW WATER HEATERS 20 or 30 go!IoB S 49°°- QUEEN SIZE Mattress and Box Spring Set $ 79°° KING SIZE Manress and Box Spring Set $ ° ° SPECIAL SALE Groups ttart.nj n tow n It39. «!so divan A cM:r «i tow « S3* W BeOroorn «*» «s lew « Ml *i SERVICE tnffl WELCOME OUT Of ST*Tt CRtOJT 0 C H U B f. Hwy. _Ooeni^jiveekdjYi r3fr», SLm. IPj S F TRANSFER NEW RIRNITURE 44 Din«n» 5rt 13 Bound. ·*· rcctannilar SCTlnST** M«n?£seL_bom IT? 2^"*" "- Bo31 iw^s* ·"·nrtssn *^.* ffl 11 S«Ti«i*li J97 n UaOffrn Brtreom S«!» SSI i Vrtjte I. Gol'i Edrmr~$rt._*K4 t MiDlt llvwa Rnrt Jerv .JM SLIHT1Y CAMACT9 "^ATLANTIC AVE!' NORTH LONS BEACH ?«· t Sun. BARGAIN S HOO.W GROUP 3 bidroora scti -- on* »;m Tw n beef*-- d.neTt* set. II wine room set. O'Kertv A Mcrritt n rirge. r»- trt«-, Crotirv TV. AVON DISCOUNT FURNTURE 1090 C. P»cHic Coast Hwv. ME M2I1 4 Rm* Used Fumiiurt « camDlc-e rmt X:rd. co^dL 0 x 1 rsno«. Noree retri«., living rm, Bar ITU* B-.ll. rrrx eroucs *r'man» t*Tr*». l*t. due *^6t CZ terrr Out d *ta*t creail CR. HUi 4X4 S. Lara Beacft Blvd. *t Alor Ora (Comproa t*or» enly) BUY AT AUCTION Better Grid* Us«d funtiturt rvERr SUM3AT AT 1Q AM. t v t s r »EDNtS3AY AT PJIL COYArtUNITr AUCTIOM 1»:« «AWTHORN£ BLVD. _irj-im _ os m: NEW--USED On Sale at the OUTLET STORE refrigerators, bedrooms, rooms, run. crmft. *- Fum. Wftre^se. MODERN 1.KM. GROU AH new furniture. Resular S49f.M Sceciai pnca S79* *L EZ termL DIXIE STORES _lta E. Artesla. K. L-». CA »SC4 tNTlRC corvwnti of priv. home, Jenny thid mm« twin tedx llxil tweed njfl; braided reg; desks, jaie, 3741 if^ 4rtL : *cE Vtsii* Eon us Buy at Bond's Pttikcs f ciitt refrlgerifor w ^w txterior fitvsh. Fun prtct Bond's SS*, InduSing delivery A irios., guarantee. BOND-S STOVt ITfOPtS *65 E. 4!« SL HE S-5W _Ooenjjyton. t^rt^lil I^ Sun. 12 Eonirs BUY *^ Bond's Vest* Apt s;zt sas ranoe, trtora reconoj tioned and rtaoV tor v«a c* toe service, ^ult prfci at Bond STf mcludin* instariatioa ft A -- . . Oaen Moiv L Frt, til 1 Sun. AUTOMATIC wafers tultv recan toned ft guar. 134.9 w/lradf Eddie's Washer Reca:r Serr., c 5f Terr^pleTrO E Ktll 43* C71 SDR. Refriff. «i. autom. wtshe Id*; reconditioned, guaranteed. COAST APPLIANCE HE »-3 f R l C l D A t R E . W wwner, 71- TV. Make ctcr al or part 433-565V oaei Orgoat 7T-A New-ORGANS--UseJ PRETAX "SALE" uvt ur TO $4% marei . »1M Car* Caertc* Man. *»S , ££L* ^?f"n '-=9* - st*v. walnut - 5*S ·utfararae* H. C*rm*i_ IS*i Hammond I* IU. waCI^lW MX nap* _1ii «a m*nor ' - UTS ·lammond AU» bkg »r« jwrry BerksDirt -^--- ilnut TITS 3I*S 1 i* 1 ed. , 147- i L*w*ev e*aiiaa/. wilnut t77 f^a» vfc t'iTwd: , Ttemti VS. Frultwootf 13* Vir^tnr 4478. vancg, U* WurUtrtf 4000, waL -- W» j»» See ft* new Transistor Cutbran- ReverB. ~ ~" Tnestrt Orgwi . _ JU, I Harg,, (etls. Trvt I One .. . .-- _.. ..,._ *rqn» i KEW THEATRE ORGAN ·wsirtwocrr -- ur« Ft*, tt na MCIlAlLCftBAM. Gil Fefc. n. 1*44 PCH IE ASUS. AKC (EG. GUM AM {HETHEtOS fOODUS AKC 115. TIME PAYMENTS CAM? AIGN-U KENNtLJ TO 7-2001 Long Be*ch Seed Pel n» LONS BEACH BLVD. _ _ A 4BT37 TT A LONG LITTLE DCCCiE O*cti%hurtd pun. r*4 iriiglaturg, A.R..C-ISB- Call 4dfK2. POO^XE-Blact ARC. fllDnpicicsoadBoti 103 -- irytniSKiPi * . IHWONT SHORE . 1ST EXTRA L» 1 bdrm. Oodtn ·* ,E. »lc*Y funL VBaU v-w car* P*t!n0, aftc, C«r. Aduti. tn. SX» . Carsoft. CA »«7U. tact ground. I trai^m Tei kir MALE Bttg t AK.C rt» I Vrt. Free ta good horng. Owner i gv^neas. 4a-4«oi. mjooi-es ft age. 42*4414 _arrer 4 gm SCHiPPEtKCS show ihxk. AKC res. Hardy tm«n ' Kew Comotg WITH Solcvtl ^frem »S ''·v*'.^*" 0 *. £££ ^ Plaver pianos . Practice Pianos SO^OWOK 1_._1_ 1*5 NEW GVVttANSES flANOS SALE PRICE--NOW $M5 EXPERT TUMTNG ft REPAIR NO DOWU--(1 WOSTHS ORsA'Fi ANO cimt R 4CO Lena Bete* Siva. HE J-ZZ71 PEDIGREE tema r g BI!B Schnauzer. 7 wks^ald. AfcC CA *-UT4 SCVTH AMERICAN TOCALMB RD SJX HA MTU BASSET gupsies, AKC- Res. t »tL . _ . _ _ Car*. WbH g-ve _*» ·*jrt_horr.r_ GA J-tllA KtED REG, SIAMESE STUO _ Fre*er_c*vocoiat«. *^*J^! BITACLE--AKC re?liter*4. Ftmai' S mos. Cart tn KM "ti 1 "- sa»,- 165-4,BR. Utd gd. tELWIOMT SHOftE · SOUTH DOWNEY, dew^ dacarri br. M» pets. TO 3Dfc7 affer n. I bdmt "towerT I L ft pulldown. S71 Se* gf^r- nogrrfc ^jH^CtmtOS. ^HEAR 4t* ft Xlmen*. 1 Bdrm _opoer, Caragg, Adurti. CE tjgoi Mhcetlancous for Rent 94 CLEARANCE SALE Pianos S'e'nway grand, r efaony_tri7S Knaoa S'J- Epony i7d H F. Oilier gray, was Cati^e He-son, mahcg. cons.. SaMinn *g coo en variom re« Klmban consoles. A!*» largg selection ned grands. Organs Lewrey HerHagg grgan was Si 545 S*ve SMO LDWIYV Crentwood. walmit. ^^ Lewrey Holiday /Lesl'e* walnJt, wn SiOTS now S«0 Lowrey Llncalnwootf Fr. Proy «*vf $30 Lowrey Festival. wal« save « Leslie 45. mahog. __.. ITQO SUBSTANTIAL SAV KGS s gtner mofles. ve tfeier far - KIMBALL PIANOS CONM. * LO'ARfY ORGANS HUMPHREYS Music Company Leading L.B. store since OTA. I3S L 3rd Sf. HE ARACE lor re*-«etmont STwr*. r2T, rt*f US Prospect t 1-7114 URACC FOA RENT. CLOSE IN" 31 Lime Ave. · · - "~- Hoteh Motels _CfO» tt»T 97 HEWER I bdrm. Adults, tm Founlal . . lofl Tcfmir* ·» 1 tn 41« 30* blk 1 ._ _ · I3DJ bik | i:s wi. i RMTcoTTAce. inn rd. T¥. child car* «v»t CA 4-S18*. I BV6ROOM DUPLEX Ht 411 C«ANO^Vt. LCE. rwr. front l br. Ktin. Ckna __ m, ^cj^w^ _*tt. LOS ALAUITOS. Ibdmx Water, ·rasJi pd. ilia Koet. VM_iaw LCE. CLEAN « * UPPER- fT* BELMONT SEAYIEW HOTEL D«n U Sg i. S4 x t, SUM wk »U rooms, feavt orrva'e batti tor reservation eal HE F**t NE\V CAFE NOW OPEN DELUXE APIS. Dilftej t IWtrn. rmn t TV. K3 wtrt l uo. nta c. ·. t'va. |I9 V.X. CLEAN IIS KOOML 1999 OBiSPO. 6E 3-9015 1 M vr WEEK K A J t J DMK TV Aamirn HPtn il? w. Ocem DaalexM aid Flats 104 Daplem NORTH LONS BEACH »n uo^-(!.i «, n^wy. J^rt »»r^ «- .,« · -- - · · · Bf. Wocd CA ! NEW DUPLEX I Bedroom I Bedroom TO5 Olive, t.B. tbcar »MM COUNTRY CHARM FamiFy home. 4 br. 2 tattts. swn- deck. FV1 gatla. view. Hlanv x^as. Ij4g CE 415aa. ANTIQUE pump ergarv. ftflakt offrr. RoJIos TctcTisiott 80 BRAND-NEW TVr 25c VE* CAY * E A S Y CRF.DIT ft MO CAS4 W C E D t O * f A S T OCLtVERT D!IC« f fa f daJy 421-3371 CLFAN, eompt »umlshe4. Pool-TV. Maid. K.rqx- S3C wk. UP. HE IIIil OUT ra*es, dAi!y, wkly^ mo, 557 Bay Blvd.. S«* Beacfc. CC 1-fia Retiremeot Hotel 97-A THE MUNTlKCTOH Rtjom, Board, from ^60 month Daily maid, eifator, twlfchbd. 1290 C. Oreai Brwtf. HE 44ZS3 Rooms for Xeat 98 1 ft F TRANSFER Steves. S3* f S; rrtnoer ators. 1 1131 Civlota - - ' LEKWORE ijl Good cond: lim. kECONOJTiONEO H" TVl. S49.»S. 17" TV *2* U w:th »arrantv. Large selection. Cretl:t awailabi*. BOUIEVARO TV 17201 Lk«9. Bt., Baltfl. V,E »1523 C E. BLrfomaltc cand *nt CA *C7» KFIVIIUATOR retrrj.--«!rrt SX5 4503 E. 72nd. Apt. B4721. _ Musical !o strum CDTS 79 STCt"! ~Cuit«r" SftopV' S40l~E-"Ana- fctin* will sett your Inslrwmeri hi en commission. Repairs to an Instruments. Records- 1 truant. 434- 9080 27** ADMIRAL Console, new picture tube, l vear e^ar»ntc*. C* IS. '43 MODEL F YOU'LL Find what yoo want *t «if b.0 Leo S^uiTz "ACRE CP FUR H1TURC" Ttta ft t.B, *lv«. $ 99° BED FRAMES UPHOLSTEREO FURNITURE Hi Qualify tfrcsrator charrs as rs Toor lamples, reduced to S».9S. Variery of sofas In a variety of covers, sa'g priced at 1179 *5 ind up JKESBON'S a «134_pTartBa_ j Ave. CUSTOM Wad w Coriicmoprary. Lora earner tatift; J ft. burfet, rttlcient- tv eamoartmentalued, brass rarv rfy seat; formica drop-leal c^mrrg td61*; Her« witt not it our new h ? m *^_? AC *' ?! ICE. PH.^n 25C4 ED RM. SE T^Uniqve ft unirsuaf. framed mirror. d«k ft chair a.l dand Slaved CircJi. Kew sprtngs ft mart. Queen ere. 17VL W A S- 5371. MOVING. Mint tel maple x!n1 cond. furs, for Ibexfcm. aot - ^ouse. Stew, retria., wasl..... . tnacn, Ti^ M,Fi, etc. JTC1 E. ITffu FRENCH Provincial bedroom ft ture. white ft gold suit* reductd to clear, i pc. suit* t29T« and ua _HFRROfU- 4lj4 T Qrange A*t REFR C. Hollywood bed. bom gfl cond. ft *!her tumihjre. 5570 E entter Jaguar Buitu. bact amrx Reverb. 4 mos. Make otter. IHA5-27$7 FEKDER Concerl Amg., BIM Fender echo chamber ft revera. Beta Kirrt. cond. C»q_434.44a. t. IJfce r St. L B. E FLAT ait» Sa.inhone. sJlgtitly Bsei tag. CE 4-4311. W-STRlKG tteet guitar 4 Kay man- -ST dc!i Pianos Organs 79- _ ^ : * 301 -- factory prtces. new casA -w carry UIERC1AL PIZZA ROU-fa- at S» laca HERRQNA 4134 Qranoe A JlUkPLE'tunk beds. I double bees ronri sc.S, »Tov| ft Icebox. £·- cettenf cond. Vi USED fcitctiei tabs, fian fi«i«n. ir v*!Uw fcrmica Sink ton, IlM for an. C4U17 TUXf Da coat 4i »«nts 5412. XJra B*i*v canm^rbund ft tie, Ha*« Bffy. CA^46C «]S,r» P.P. * Healtti Soort. Juxni ft lot, San JactnTo-tHemef area. , Utlls t7SB tiaidie FiSM taniii wiMt equipment, C*sft DT trade chair. Ph. 47* "tLUE WLiet ft w fcr eooct rtclmer a^hbowl w courrter i set. 4, etc. · »* »'. 4-rxxK re*cn-t* box. : scales. Coftet prtnaer. J inT sdE. *o*a ft cftr_ refng. t washer. 352 E. Sd V^ MLB. Very rew H CSerry 1 FT. black ft silver Oriental tofa ft ctuir, modern, wirti maTcfiina tntf twin ft cor)«t UOlt, !5fl. 42647M PAIR of EarV Anicr. end tables brass tamps; maple rockrng _cftrj cnromg_dSn«rt tet_GE WOT? Z FULL-SIZE BeeuVest matt ft springs; din. set. J mcv Bid. _43S 3tai Tea E . sra st- Apt, r 1 RUGS, ffxll Twn beds. Heaver wecjum. Misc ar^drs. 7S4 t»;sy. IftCTJlTI tr* gofa. Exceltrrt con- ttfion. SVl 4680 Oiiv« s LAMPS y 2 off DAVtWPOST ft ct.» r. Fair cor\«. liC-% 12S. n» t, Bdwy. 434-5 SM. Furniture for Sole 73 ADMIRAL reftg., metal He cai. »ie. TV. iota, took cay. JKE S-M54 tumor s?e t' k'lRt'y yacwuni ft . . Like nfw. Itfasnnjb'a. 4?H4ia. usfa ftuos. AN am*, no ft r-.. _1i3 O*T-T. HE I S17B SAFES, nrw ft vwd. n tow ai S^l 3T5 g. Anaheim, fm Lygrfnj %,'r" V K£«il_«!»E«' f«t9 ASTAlU «T«^ _cjmolrt _ . _. _ tfuan w% e«. »uio« t Tun sag Ananm- MOiriTAi (ED -- »·'» EACH r ucoit i» K i R B Y »*cwum clearer, L*t ntw AN TVT-tuT «T «·»* IJT ·«. u« t. nh. HI t«t4. C»v«r. VJC. WTf*M type loua. ir t 4 AI «ooi. M. KM. tn. CA ;«« Used Furniture BARGAINS END TABLES. COFFEE TABLES SA9S POLE LAMPS 3 Ctes S( HO GIMMICK 3-RpOM CPOnjP fin.*S Liv. room, tables, kamos. bedroom. bc» ft marls, ipc. dirret. COmiNS ruRNjjta E.jfcnahem SOFA--Eany Amer. brown twend-- S' mag e taSie w 1am». tryil- wcod catfc« table, tti'iati mar- tie top, Cther misc. rrems, CE I S731 RALTST sett imr hotnctioid turnrtu r e ft turnishinox Rues. refr:s- New Srrger sew^ff iriacfilne, lamos. ., , picturrs ft etc. Sat. ft Sunday f I aniy. HU t- Carson. Apt, 1^ || MAPLE eavenaort tab e, RCA TV, · T ' -- Unut «:nintf tatle. 4 chairs. S 8" BOOKCASES 1 9 QJI ... O '90" ' 1C II s»m M. r. I1Q11 «uct ·,1Wn*. .. 4» Jinn lit tin |n nv(« ,. £9 SI All lirH' (;i( 1*1 li.n Vjjfxl lit*. «nkir S7QIS · /·rmit fl«rtvWf 1 9 Pin. «.1« (· «etr-* TCI IK n . ri.t vt. 1 3 NO MOMET DOWM McMahan's STDRI 1625 E. ANAHEIM 0;nHia.trri.1ill StL til I §.«. BABY FURNnURE i Few pieets It ft |1 ct cost 1; PICTURES, stt oM | '19" STRATO RECUNERSli FLOOR PILLOWS 24" sfit 7" OCCASIONAL CHAIRS, froa IE ICE COvCS ft chair, unt. cone RAMe efter. U7« ftoback. Bet ^flower, after j^a m. «6*-40Jl DINETTE SET. ta. om-n« rm. M * chairs, tafcie ft buttet. S50. 1141 E TDTh Way X TWIN rie bo* SDfirta matt, tkt rev. | Hiywd naar* tee s*»ao, to* taring ft man. 543* ONvr L B . GA MM MJNCAM Phvte aming ura;*, I ctiairs.. bufM, t*cfdent condition e-rj-j U», OOT , 5 ,, Nt.B. ORIENTAL rugs, anrioue rncker, _ case^comp. 4714131 ing book PIECE sectional, I large (able _ jgVra'M* tVL """ '* B OH n«_ set. LNr. rm, furaJture. S^ve, retrifl: Ui sc. tyrn ftyrf. KCf St. LffU'S Ay!. 41* 5X4 B ft f ~fItANSFER " M*rrrs«s ft swina-li*S e»cti It3l_Cav^ola HE 7-4451 *VT, FlYj--t rms. feo^vtxrl of turn tee. er.em*i rvo. Mi. Can m-, -P.*= _*B"^_*C? E- 2^A Apt. Q. *iEb? * : V* o"?*^ »^»- ""ten. Tia/in coucTies, matcftlrfB end tables jama._Reasonaole/ **T. UK 4' Da APERIES--Custcm mad* -- tan. Ceiling to fir. 14 witrms. Like rrw. Were U50--**c_ HOC. CE M93). ALL hovscftold turn. IndU O*t*~ sire bed. Very oood 1 cand. Reav 4?*-4lSV S133 Flaq^Tene. VJkPLE BECROCM SET. S137 Kiond-ke. Lakewond "ITS »RE*KFR JSE turt erf fum. Rano*, rt- __T». etc. 4*1 *"^S4^_S'- (KAMOO. S-PC. btfrin. set, dtl^^ajood- "tS!H FRENCH sofa, lam* tab'es. cane bar* rocker ft_eti*ir. L W£_J-H41. BtDROOM SET. compirf. V^'m tetf. 42439«J CONANT BALL « CfianT. »10B. TERMS OF COURSE FREE DELfYERY FREE PARKING Long Beach FURNITURE CO. 6th Long Beach Blvd. DOWNTOWN l;ti ntrj »!rt Ii9 I uttsl Ten. Clnri SBS. J £ «_.-/-;. ..n.--. ~.«"--.-.L: Fnrn:fare for Sale · CIS 73 COMPLETE CLOSEOUT OF ALL DISCONTINUED MODELS AnJ floor SimpTrs COMT4 Alinurt ilMS--no* ITC9S CONM U.ruwl *U2S--iow S!04S coNm Minurr 115:5--tip* rrus COMK Rriunattv *?tyS--yio* V7V! CONW CBDTICC JIMS--«CW 1493 CONN M.nuct flS3S~ftow «»' CONK fitidEnoctv S2Q7V^io« f'17; CONM S^tnaai »?4«S-^ow f!97. JIAAnir ^Oa£ V-CDELS TO CHOOSE FROU «9 tEFuitos ca nChjNOt: ALL SALES FINAL FOtXS IN COMPTON Tilt N. LONG DAI -SEHVIWG - BEACH BLVO - V-nr' AREA r i-tAI!i;EST 3 '5ELECTiOH Magnaroi Organ Closeour Savt )}£0 en New Sp'nsh *""* fnTMtjSlJCAL~ r^ PIP* HE im Open Sunjjyi 12 tilt S pjn. :Ot_LECTOR'S tTEV,: v*r pitctwr, porce1«-i «tc. IB to*l 1128 fcnor st.~li'i'B~ GLASS-CHINA-SILVER Win Bi^r Cold Cains ft J*w«'ry c * *« T L _»«* »» Oierri 1731 FORD Raadster, CurtOrTlTwiS out moTpf ftjrartsmissjofi. 43HC7S Fcreimre Wonted 75 TOP PRICES PAID! _One »:*ce er · baus* 4 ut WANTED IUTII WHO NEEDS 5 ROOMS FURNITURE MUST IE SOLD SOON AS POSSIBLE ts Hangt, Rifn-jtra- l*ow S«'ta. I-ft. leJreom Stt. S-Pc. DiniHc Stl 0*4 Ckail. A l«y for |2itXO ·r $ 1 0 per montV. Opea Op«« SuAti*9y 12 fa t p.m. EDWARDS FURNITURE 1639 E, Arfesia UMI2I USED ORGANS CONN ARTIST. 25 pedal Organ, witn Con* speaker ft r*vtr» Walnut, perfect liw Organs, tram S- TAtlFORD'S Ooen We*ktfav* Til », J«t, *tJ Cor. tetrtlr. ft Artesi*. TO 7W _IEJ_E |_ffa^a._T4rrranct t?im' Player Piano Hqfrs PlAWXA WUSETTE+JIRDMA!», AND HEW ESTEV ALL F L F C A^ ISTEY l"4 «fW_5lhLt- S STrtES- F-JM* 1 ft ILtCT. WODFLl. 73 FKFE *OllS SMITH'S OUALTTy 1M S Western. LA. n*^C« *E J ftl TV RENTALS Usetf TV* Service Free WOREYS MUSIC STORE 3*7 Ptrrt Ave HE 427C* ATTRACT. ft, Quiet, priy. entrant t. B*rHing, 1 rm. WO. ino rf w J tor IU r Bay BNH, Seal BeacX _ Ptx. 4^4-WO. AH. .yfc. f R l V ^ turn, steepirg rms. UMs pd. ITS SO wit- tJS mo^. er 7 stf. beds. S65 ma. Rd Artesia B1vd~ _ »AE *is:4 or_To T-ora. ATTRACTrV'E residential hotel, tree parking. Kitchen rrty Jl» wlu _ uo._Near_ix.ean._7M ff. 1st St. OR Hctei-- Pleasant rms^ »pfs. . beacn. Bark. trwv. I? 30 wk. --}.\*. Bonn;f ftrae, HE ? tEl ) I O WEEK -- CLEAN. SUNNt _ROOrJ. IW3OBISPO. SLEEPING'RM. for rent. U*it area, rHon-Ormhlng uver SI i- ur St. S-CMil »:QSim -- Jbr. Draoes. Carige. TrasA ft wafer pd. 1 small ~ ' _ Paramount.^4»*jT2; UM^ »-BR. Duplex, w w. drapes, duo, blrdl titdien, Adumk sman geL »J^er ft lawn ca^t taid Wiiton iX.i^*vl tarot JBR7"Ouoltx t Mr. Artna ft Down** Awe. MR. FAW 1 W15ON HI 2BR.. dmino rm^ gar. varl. $1 CE 4 IS60 BORMl. LAR3I. CLEAN. SM tor 1 ft, IS ea. additional person. AOilAlRAL taO:e mca«, nrw g cturt tube, t v*»r guarartM. S3* H Pa* onfv SI.2S per rrontn. RENT TV--NO DEPOSIT P elivery anvwhert «H midnrotif, days. Kirtj^Kay TV HE T47U «ar. Usei TVs «rDm $11.95 TV RenfaTj * Mo. Ui eac* JTV, 3J E. th. HE UD 4S43 RtCOMDiTtCNLD TVS Iran 12*.*S and va. E S T E R M S 3iU E. Pac, CIT. Hwv. Vs. S2S ft LTP. TUt feuv. traoe ft i "I: ouofrt and sold. Renla's. TV. 2S43 Sant* Fr. « SC3 RU. FOR lady. turn, er *nfurw_ rriko. priwii.. a^io, ccnaoe w rrar tor ccn._ Bel. Kls. CE *-QgJT. ROOU M »ict home Near L B. State CotlcTe. Sjfl tncluding earaDe ft TV. CE tJ4ftO. * ^ BEL. SHORE, en bead*. RtcJrc. rm., pnv. bath ft enrr, 150 mo 4^ii_ i. Ocfan Rrva. 434a?*3 KICE RM^ wtiitcSen. prLvafe pkgZ empf. mart, oh. iervice. elm* in, S12 %_1SM_Lo£irit.JH6 S 7144. DNTN.--aitct comer. Hskpj. JD4 L.B. «S. 2 bdrtn. Fenced yd, t gar. Ctiikt pet. ok. Z» Mo' sdt. Mr. oolty*s. HE S-7U7 BE.LMOM HJElOHTS-- J Mrtn., U* batTt. carpets, curtains. Cor, 3rd * BenneTT. 17* Bennett. O«f 1 STttt. CUTE I BR. duDlei. IS! JO Parmt. W i r e vartl id«at tar 1 ladv. 434 San Miguel ME 14M* S80--HEWtzR Sfidrnx Buin-lns. K.«» o*. fenced vt IVr. Carson ft Nor. walfc Blva. HA 17KA: MA l-HSl LOVELY rew 18-. Bult-Lns. CM- Oren ek. $80 ft US. Mr. Carso-i ft Morwaih tl. MA lltSS. HA »*7M «6S-« BDRU. Very clian. Carag* U.SO. Pacific Coast H:gttwav ~ ATanTlc. ~" "~ * 3C71. . I E. 4TH St. Can evenings. BELMONT Shore--} bdrtn. Sfove ft retna avaiL ChJid Jlta. £«a The Toledo. 4C4.J043. S158 -- I BR. -- W», crpt^ tfrarcC , . Clos« . SHOD. BEL Hots-- Quiet, I BR Jttra rg* upper w gar. S9 T4 Gran* A«. CE 1 7722 LOS ALTOS-- Z2M San Artsehne, X bar, otx, w ·, drapes, jtata, bft- Hit Teenagers OK. CC S034S. 1 R.W. cabin, Kitch. grtwlleon Sn TO S3* mo., rms,. ecevi view. 4rt_E._SMSidt Blvd. HE 7-3BC*. . wtr. 14S me : :herry^E H43I Shower. lorn DNT N 1 BR duplex. Nr t'fcs CtuB L La*«- wood Blvd. Very cttan. Intant ofc. ?31I Betmont Ava. Z BDRM--Caraoe. Children OK.. Slf 20* Ccand. Ooen Sat. ft Sun. * _a^m i _1o_4 fi.m. "isk-iiv-"-'"-'- ""* pets, sag. 1 LARGE bedroom, kitchen, trent ., gara chJld accented, «n-tc5 TV -- AM-FM ste^ea f aver paymtt. 477 UTfl DNTN. ttSU IHKkog. Priy. entr. », W_Vi wrjp%,__kr» a_J3CO_*l »rn ;Tci ROOM, S*. bach, lot- S13 w* Vrn. CA ISIS! HE 15Z? ONTM. M^co. Prlv. entr. Refr'fl. Sncwer. U,__t10.^Man ^l* »V^_j:i DNTN. Wkpfl. Prly, tntr- IhWT- li- ire, crtng Man. 401 CV^tnut, Hi-Fi Sttrco 80-A CUSTC« S*er« Mi-Fl. Oimslt inod im walnut cabinet. WS9 or b**t offer. Pftorte 4^ COT 3 Jed -- Rodio. TV, HI-R 80-B URGENTLY needed red pen. TVt · er not any i^ie er quanlity^Tea casft._Dir HE ^JM »ANTED tor cash. Fi ft sterta sen. C9 W. TVJb^Radi^Kcpair 81 . SbO--uPPift, it'f g room, cftil* ek pulldown. 7m st. HE 2 lets Cim after'4 » m' C A ' i-arui W) HLB.. I'eeaina rm.. arj M . ent, ft shower. GA J47**, BEAUTIFUL 1 bdrm, en amet street in Naples near AiUrtoa. Adurts. ^ Ho pet. CE X79CS- i I LARGE bedroom, kitctim. front room, sun parlor ft back tw\. ^ AguiTS^ 7CU,'!i LOCirtT. ROOMY ITfl. Cl'.f THIS fOR I FREE IU8E *:fft service ca l tor U.M Inrrocfuctory Special ESTEEM'S CE jjfi^ Oft* C AI t s sen »v*e"d tV« _££·! TV E »S^«_.llJa_E 7m. TV SERVICE^CALL ANV TIME*! C3591* tcs Cecar No, 1 IMVED'ATE T V ' S E R V i C E . tZ. " _*C3_pE CBOTJ.R HA * 1790 eves. Sewing Mochmcs B2 1CTH ft PINE SHNCE tfTV Sales rents, repairs, parts, Sf *IN KAACHINE EXCHAKGE K3 Pine A««. HE I 4*75 COMPLETE. a«e^*m en y Jl.rj * E arts. Thritty Sewing Center, 7671 . Firntont. Downey, WAJJin. Open * T.I » 17 "WK.--Hrn, CmpL m'an or "perv sFoner. K..t privt Vi!| E. U3Tt KLB--Arly. entrance ft «rf». shwr". Careered. Car avaiL_ IM E ^artet LAK£WOOO. iVot beautiful ronrn, V* bam. Empl._»nan. ttC_JO(X3 S E P A R A T E ~ bkjncalow, oentteman en 1 v._*^_monrh. 3173 pranoe. SUNNY rm, Prlv, entrance Prior*' ear, cajrport, close *. C7-H4 S? WS. JWod-rii rm, priy "eritr^ ear. Man. 3i43 Or met GA #7? 10 CLEARAKlCE-frgm 119 «'s ft m**r^, p«rht S« BtLMO«T Hn. Sunny Prlv. 1IIS. 2-ft*. GA V7?°t HEAR MJson Hi--Nice 10e. 3 br. Qiipre* wim i*r*oe. 434431. K;"L"B---l-Bdrm. duolex. S^D Wa'ef paid. Yar» servrca. HA 13.U4 BDRM duc'cx, lower, w w crpt- flrapes, T»3 ST. Joseph. SI^, ALMOST rew mod. fbdrm. Stova _ft retrig. S9S. ^4^446*.. »RiCLEY-f^ Mod. redec. 1 br. wr. Car. C2t Chestnut. C* « 10BT ] BORJUWBH ins Carpet *f 1R05 Canton. Can G A 4 S 7 7 * . mtr. Empt, oentieman. CE 440tl JKI9 KrK.'*'SHC'A'ER. fDIV KIT. MR, LJKCOLM_PARK. 41I_W. 3rd CUtST si**omf rm.'trTJpl. _m" . r.v._tntr. La*ewd. 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RANOS RENTED UOT gtits -- ifltoets -- Glands Limited rental can aooV tf «*- MORET'S MJSiC STORE -Your Rafiaoi* Sro-e" YOUR'THOMAS DE/iis Kanti 1 ServTci* Organs STONER-S MUSIC CENTER __S*Ct E^_3nd St_._ CE *7-^4 DOWNTOWN HEAOOUAtTtSS tor Thomas Transistor Orcjan Office S8p--J.q^p^_ 84 SAFES Ntw ft tned. r* W* at 1 M I C E home IJ4 CCOAR Cood food: cached. *-4B Elrtv 3R1J E AnVc Jm Ivpfand 88 Livestock _ 1 SHlfLAND~ pony 1*417 1 TO r*r:7 TR. OLD Biy fnar« M tool, 19 ~~ * 19 Bar aeiding _T_OJ_04tf UARTE R~ hor\e trare Ooub'e m V W*nf Arry aua^J tv tun* I acDJ-a WC net J 1 pay top 1$ for r«- tV?9 l_r · n gt t. AAA, 6 A j-15 ?S _1C 'Pine'^""' _I_JHE"_W^ JKOOEL CRGAW ** _ NO* SIWi CR^Afc AND PIANO tt*TE* 40Q LPTi» Beacll B:vd ME 7 7771 SPOT CASH HE 2-3038 Hoqsthold Appfioacts 78 ·HASON ft HAMLFKI -BB~ BRAND Re*H ft ffuaran'eed, lbe new.'* Plares. 15W 1 Westar* ^A/»_^__L.A^»t -tl4V__ BALDWIN ACRO^OmC SPINET. "'-ITWOOO. ^ E A R fcEWI. .SCir'tRll/t.. A.^fi t14S. 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