Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 4
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News From Salpointe High By RITA BOLL What makes'school spirit? Som , of It is school songs, colors, an cheers. '.-\ _ · .. Frqm'.Oct. 30 .to Nov. 6 Is Pe Week at SHS.'Five sets'of colo ·will.- be represented by the -in dividual classes. ·· Pompons ' an badges will Boastithe colors chose Running highest of colors chose are red and gold and- blue ah white, both of which are "part the coat of arms of His ^xcellenc Bishop Daniel J.'derck'e. / "·. 'Pep^leaders in:-,charge of cla activities are Cecilia Urutla, Jam Sloan, F r a n c e s - Alaprnadin Michael Haldennan, and; Car Choate.: ~; , - .-·· ··:'· ', A school song-and school yel ·re' a must for school spirit. St dents may submit original melod and "words;/words to suitable musl Ideas for songs arid yells. Alread Balpointers-are yelling: Y-ikl ike Vis!- . . · ; - . · Everybody like us! We're, from SALPOINT HIGH * Always a-wlnnlng, always a grir ning! . ' . ' - · · Always a-feellng fine! Kl-Yi. : Off TherPrcss! Very few of the 400 -copies THE .CRUSADER, first .SHS new paper,'-were left shortly after-th papers were; distributed yesterda morning. Besides copies subscribed for b the student 1 ;, taany copies :ordere were mailed ...to friends far an wide across 'the country and' fa ··way lands of Japan and Korea: The staff is already far advance on assignments-for the coming 'pre- Thanksgivlng edition. How 'About A Name? .: The SHS athletic program starte with-··· football as its main spor Coach Larry Barolddy entered th ·chool in the 'county touch fool ball, league' class "A", and clas "AA." Real names for these team haven't been decided upon. THE CRUSADER, one.of the names tha was being 'considered, got caugh up by the.school;paper. Salpolnter are looking for a name that sound] good- to them. · . ; Dedication Features " Excursions through the beautifu classrooms of Salpointe high-.schoo was part of the pleasure visitors to the SHS dedication enjoyed' las' Bunday. : -The Spanish room featured a trip through Mexico with exhibits of SMipbnSet As Gustav's Fortune . STOCKHOLM,, Nov. 1. (#--The newspaper-Aftonbladet said today that the-Jate King Gustaf,V, -who died Sunday at 92, left a" fortune of some 15,000,000 crowns (about 13,000,000).There was no'official confirma- Hoh of this report. The }Srtll of the monarch will be opened only after his "funeral Nov. S." V ';The newspaper said Europe's oldest reigning monarch had arranged for' ; a,-.large., number of legaciei^and-pensions'Many years ago, th«r newspaper-^said, he de- eided to 'bequeath 300,0?0 crowns (about $60,000) ^ to each' ; . of his grandchildren. · -King Gustaf. VI, who ascended to Sweden's .throne Monday, is the lather of four of the late mon- .«rch'» -grandchildren -- Queen. Iii- 'frld of, Denmark and Princess Bertil, Sigvard and Carl Johan. Another grandson of Gustaf. V Is Lennart, soc of Prince Wilhelm. Bigvard, Carl Johan and Lenhart all gave up their royal privileges * marry commonera. , colored maps,. road signs, ancient calendars, etc. · - . . . Worms, frogs,- and scorpions 'are still new · to biology, students, but they expect to get used to them. -Step into-the.history room and you'll .get "up to date on the past." Pictures ,of 'Babylon and Rome make interesting displays. D-M Mr man Ancient Traditioii Now Part Sent To Jail Of Roman Catholic Teaching Vote For Uncle Sam Come first Jifyjnday after the first Tuesday in November is election day! Freshmen English classes will present a one act play, "Vote for Uncle Sam." · ', ... Characters in the play reveal the idea behind it.-They are: Uncle Sam, -Tony Ziehler; Mr. World, Michael Brodlcky; Mi-. Too Dumb, Larry Weeks; .Mr. Too,Lazy,..Xeroy Armstrong; Mrs. Too Busy,. Nancy Holish; Mr. Shilly Shally, Martin Spehar; Mr. No use to vote, Gonzalo Urias. The non-voters are finally persuaded by Miss · Liberty, ..Carol Choate, and Miss" Justice, Shirley Whitney, that their vote is necessary. Nov. 1--AH Saints? Day, is a non- school day in Catholic schools and observed as a holiday of obligation. The feast has been celebrated-in the, church since' the time of Gregory H In 731. . ·A sentence'.of 15 days in jal and a fine of S100 was given 'to John ,H.'Edwards of Davis-Monthan air fo.vce base in city court.today He was one of two drivers heli after accidents. · . Police said Edwards was arrest sd at . 11:55 p.m. yesterday fo reckless driving. .Ths officer charged that Edwards ,. change seats with, a woman passenger aft er the accident at South Sixth! ave nue and East 22nd street. Tile other driver, William .A De , Long, 36, of : 1800 N. Oracle road, was charged, with being in control- of a vehicle while under the influence of liquor. Police said De Long ran into a car stopped for the red traffic .light at'North Stone avenue and- East' Fourth street. The car hit byDe Long's automobile was rammed into a iird car. . · ' · : ' . ' Under $100 bond, De Long's case was continued to Nov. 2. Faces Co.urt On Same Count Phoenix "Ranch Is Livestock Winner Tressle M. Whaley, of 66 W. Me- Cormlck St., who three weeks ago was sentenced for'simple assault n a knifing case, was in city court again today, police said, after a knife fight with a man companion at a cafe last night- Held for Pima county prosecution .on charges of aggravated bat- ery were Tressle and Will H. Grigsby, 44, of 292 S. Convent St. Police said Tressie attacked Grigsby at the Bee Hive cafe, West tlcCormlck and South Convent, last light. After . the melee, Grigsby .eeded two stitches in his right and and Tressie four stitches in er upper left arm. · On her previous appearance in ity court,. Tressie was sentenced or a knife attack on three Davis- Monthan airmen. SAN/FRANCISCO, Novl 1. The Grand National Livestock ex position's to? prize, the grand championship for the best'carload of 20 feeder cattle, went to Hildur. A. . Norell of Walden, ;,Colo., [today. He also showed the best carload of Hereford, feeder steers the Hereford champion carload, the best carload of feeder calves and the bust pen of five feeder heifers Mike Hinman of Kremmling, Colo., won the reserve grand championship for carload of .feeder cattle with 20 calves which also ware -best In ' the class of 450 pounds or tinder. The Orton ranch of Elk Mountain, Wyo., showed the best pen o f , five feeders, 450 pounds or under. The Suncrest ranch of- Phoenix, Ariz., -won the award for. the, best 10-head of Hereford breeding cattle. . -.','The Penney James herd of Hamilton, Mo., won the.-award for the Aberdeen-Angus breed. lalloween Party Held At School TOMBSTONE. Nov. 1.--A hobo Halloween party was given. Monay-night in the high school cafe- erla by the Girls' Athletic - asso- ation. About every boy and girl ttending high school was. at the arty, according to Walter Meyer, upermtendent of T ' o m b s t o n e chools, · ^ . . : Dressed as hobos, they played ames, danced, bobbed-for apples, ld -fortunes. And, fulfilling, .th iost Important item in the -life o iy-- hobo, they filled theinselve "itb," delicious sandwiches an unch. · · ' . . . . - , . Armidla Basquez received th i-ize for'the, "best" girl's hobo jstume. Robert; Darnell receive e "prize for the boy's. : Eeggy Holzhauser and June F.e nd were in .charge of the party tiich was sponsored by Miss Id cGulre, home economics' : teacher ous." ...- . . . . , .. The feast of'the.assumption has been, celebrated throughout the church on Aug. 15, as a holy day o obligation. No direct reference to the bodily assumption-of; Mary was ever made in the office of.the;fea. Itself but it has been a subject of explicit belief, at least since 451 when St. Juvenal of Jerusalem de clared the, belief at-the Council of Chalcedoir and the feat was cele brated In that century. Writings..of the same .period refer to the belief It is a matter of dispute, however as to exactly when and where Mary died. Her burial place is generally believed to have- been, at Ephesus or Jerusalem but-her tomb in the latter city is not. mentioned in ancient writings before the beginning of the/fifth centupy. The feast "of the assumption has been.and is-now' dogmatically confirmed as 'the principal, one -of 'all 'easts,in; honor i of Mary. . : VATICAN CITY, Nov. 1. (U,R)-Dogma, in the Roman Catholic; church, is defined.as: ,, . - " 'A truth contained In the world of God, written or unwritten Cscrlp- ure or tradition),'and proposed by he-church for universal belief." All Catholics must,believe in a logma under pain of. sin. Among the outstanding, dogmas if the Catholic chUrch'are:. The church has the authority to Interpret the scriptures upon which he. Catholic rule, of faith is based. The pope is infallible when speak- Jig ex cathedra (from the ohair). here are three.persons in God -he father, son and holy ghost. . VATICAN CITY, Nov. 1;' (U.R)--The assumption, of the Virgin Mary to heaven has been a belief in the Roman Catholic church for at least 1,500 years. It lias'been the teaching of the church that at the death of the virgin, 'her. body was preserved from corruption and that shortly afterwards It was "assumed" into heaven and reunited to her soul. (The word "assumed" comes from" Latin : 'assumere" which means "to take to.")··-"··"····' ·'· -" · · - - · '- · · This belief. has .not-been, aa arti cle of ,falth until "today v/hen the proclamation of this belief as dog ma made .it. such. . , Nevertheless, Pope BenedictXIV who reigned'from 1740 to 1758,.had declared, the belief .to .be ·"a ,prob able opinion,", the denial ,o£ .which would be ."impious and blasphem Adam and Eve, through an act of disobedience, fell from grace and lost immunity from disorderly affections 'oi the body and also the immortality of the body, and. those punishments were''passed on to the human race. . . . Colonial Domination Warning h Issued .NEW YORK, Nov. L W -- Commenting .on the Bell mission report on the Philippines, the Herald .Trl- . . . . bune said that "Attachment of any ence of-a head, condition to American aid may raise in foreign minds the specter of: colonial domination.!, V/ , ."It will certainly be- labeled as such by the Soviets and their widely scattered followers. These fears and abuses must.be dealt with. If not ,'contradicted : by deeds, they could obscure the,legitimate objective of American policy : and so jeopardize its fulfillment Tha objective, of course,.-Is to provide the supplementary aid and counsel which, when combined with "local resources and hard work, will permit centuries-depressed- countries to reach a new level of self-reliance and ·welfare.'.-.. . "The pursuit of a mutually satisfactory course-in the. Philippines will be aided 1 by. the rather,-i.iniq.ue bonds'of understanding and respect which our policy there lias forced Explosives Lead To Navy Protie FLORENCE, Ore., Nov. 1. A navy explosives. expert, returned 1 today to Oregon beaches in a hunt for U. S. grenades and mortar shells reported washed ashore. Lt.' H. A. Ridenour located one gas-type grenade yesterday on -the debris littered sands near here.. He reported others may have been washed back into the surf or burie'd by the- tides. Source of the explosives-was not known. Police here said some came ashore'in boxes that broke Up. Lt. Ridenour "and Coast. Guard Boatswain F. E. --Barnett found another mystery, too. They came upon a large carcass, about 21 feet, long, -which Barnett said he would : call the "Siltcoos monster" .because,.it was' found near that river. It was .dead,' had hairy flippers and tail, but no evi- Tucson Freeway Bwls Will Be Opened Today PHOENIX, Nov. 1. (U,R) --Bids will be opened today by the Arizona- highway commission:ori; paving 3 miles of the Tucson controlled-access highway. The work begins near the Inrnutt 9riT|f CltUm niidiy tv«nlni,.Novx 1 pass on highway 84, about 4'milei northwest-'of Tucson, and,extendi t ' southeasterly along the Santa Cru», river." '· ' - "£"· FOR ALL SOULS'DAY - Artificial and Freth WREATHS AND SPRAYS CEMETERY BOUQUETS n GARDEN FLOWER SHOP GREENHOUSE NURSERY 2936 !N. Stone (Near Evergreen Cemetery), Phone 1-94*5 WE DELIVER' INSURE A CLEAN COUNTY ELECT Robert (Bob) MORRISON DEMOCRAT COUNTY ATTORNEY A SOUTHERN FRIED nner will be served, starting a :30-»pjn'. tomorrow, at Phillip apel, CME church,- North Ninth ·enue and East Fourth street ev. E. 0. Simpson'was recently amed pastor of the church. who hate HOT FLUSHES Curing CHANGE OF LIFE ., Read How Women by the Thousands ^ Report Benefit from This Amazing Medicine Bo many women between the ages of 38 and 52 have good reason to hate change of life --the time when-f ertility ebbs away ---when'.embarrassing ·ymptoma of this nature may ' fcetray their age! - y H this functional period 1 makes you suffer from hot flushes or makes you feel so weak, nervous, restless, hard to live 1 and work with--try Itfdia' E. Plniham'3 'Vegetable .Compound, to relieve mica ·symptoms. Pinkham's ComppiuuCglves "simply woh- derful relief .Taken regularly j!(tastes. swell in a little fruit juice) j it helps,build up resistance against such middle- age distress. Women by the thousands have reported remarkable benefits'from the use of pinkham's Compound, No other medicine of this type lor women has such a long record of success and usel ;IydIi.PInkh»ni.'the founder-of this amazine medicine, WM * firm believer in Nature'and what It coulf do for women. So she created, her famous Compound from nature's own beneficial roots and herbs--.a unigue formula--but Mrs.' IF YOU BUT A Jtiampson GAS HEATERI Model wy' AOA ipprovtd 50,000 BTU Input FULLY VENTED GAS CIRCULATING HEATER FEATURE PACKED! Yes, your dollar will go farther because yon get value plus ia Thompson Heaters. Features ordinarilyJbnnd only in high-priced heaters, have been yicorporated ia these models. Features like the new 3 chamber heat nnit,heaYy gauge steels throughout, cast iron burner, porcelain enamel finishes and many, many others. Your dollar goes farther when you use * "THOMPSON''. because you get the most he^t out of every dollar ·pent; they're efficient and economical./ . · SENSATIONALLY - HUG£DAT 45,000 B.T.U, OTHER SIZES THOMPSON HEJTcR $ 45 50 35,000 B.T.U. THOMPSON HEATER ^3550 25,000 . B.T.TT. w« contnoutor to,moaern medical knowledge tune. DOM'I TJUL 10 azz HDI XOUXXABLE iODiaxsl VEGETABLE COMPOUND 7OT WOMAN'S 9 E. CONGRESS ST. -· TUCSON, ARIZ. ,, J E W E L E R S AMERICAN LAYAWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS Tinjie- Saving Electriciaf Appliances . Aufomafic Toastmoster | Handsome Chrome Finish- | Delicious, -gold en-brown toast | every time. Color-control for j| desired shade. Pops-up wljcn § toast is done. ' ' i Famous Sunbeam , Waffle Baker $ 26 50 i Famous Sunbeam Mixmasfer = I $ 42 50 * 1 I Maitir *| Iht kilchin. Itoti, | E mixii,' txtraeH. Compltt» with = =. txlra bowli. · S Dependable and Practical Westinghouse Roaster lovely 4-Pi«ce Eleetriei Percolator Set Wonderful for cooking and broiling. 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