Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 8
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l»f IM«. CtU.. Wt4. Aw« I. INI Guba Base Fight Seen osmer The World Around · By DILL SUMNER ^AsHl'NGTON^Growing internal pressures on the Castro regime have made a Cuban military attack on Gujrtfanamo naval base in evilfihlc. Rep. Craig Hosmer, R-l^ins Beach, told The Inde- perjlcnt Tuesday. Hosmer said that, while such an invasion attempt would be insane and doomed OAS Terrorists Kill i 10 Hospital Patients ALGIERS (UPI)-- European Secret Army Organization terrorists raided a Moslem hospital in suburb.TM Algiers Tuesday and machine-gunned helpless, screaming patients in their beds. They - then exploded a bomb that Rutted the bullet- 1 riddled hospital. At least 10 Moslems were killed and eight wound- r , td. most of them seriously, in one of the bloodiest * attacks yet staged by the OAS in its last-ditch drive to upset the Algerian cease-fire. five more explosions attributed to the OAS rocked to failure, it was "no morel.l Algiers at ID-second intervals Tuesday night and sev- ! : i n | a n e that Castro is at'',] cra ' olnerx were reported minutes later from suburban j; prrjenl." |' areas,. There were no immediate reports of casualties. ?i "Jie would follow the same:.' Olhcr Icrrorist Killings throughout Alseria sent * pattern as Hitler." he said'/ death toll for the year soaring near the 3,400 mark. "Wjien he saw his destruc-h lion was inevitable he wanted;^ to fcury everyone else in thei'* hole with him." Ijosmcr. who has just rc-r r turned from an inspection! \ lou)- of the base, said that 1 ' Cajtro still held a magic spell|; ovnr Cubans, but that increas-i ingi food shortages and Rcd-i'·· bloc disenchantment with; continued financial support!'' were leading up lo an internal crisis. · * * * * AN INVASION attempt, he said, would be kicked off "if Castro should get into trouble anil was about the lose the . islniid anyway." tlosmer said he thought the Cuban situation would reach! ' this point of crisis within the : next two years. j Ijosmer said that the base, · held on lease from the Cuban i',government, was grcarcd for any 1 trouble both from Ihe " .standpoint of holding off an invasion nnd Ihe emergency evaluation of military dependents. Hosmer visited Guanlanamo In conjunction with the participation of the Joint Atomic Knargy Committee in the shakedown cruise of the ! atomic-powered carrier Enter-' prise. Prm Wlr«*.oto ARMED SOLDIER views wreckage of bombed hospital in Algiers where 10 persons were killed. On Gaulle, fr'unfuni In Maul PARIS (DPI)--President Charles de Gaulle, confident of massive national support for his Algerian peace plans, will -o to Italy today lo try to win hacking for his controversial approich to European unity. De Gaulle will meet with Italian Premier Amintore Fanlani on his one-day visit to the industrial city of Turin, in northern Italy. Although De Gaulle and Fanfnni are exported lo dimns Ihe whole range of cold-war issues, the talks probably will focus mainly on the question of European political unity. DC Gaulle doer not see eye lo eye on this issue with his European Common Market partners. Police' Cars to Test $10 'Smog Kits' I. f-1 Us ARM*! *urM A $10 "smos kit." which if it lives up to its advance billing -- could "roll hack smos to 10-10 levels." wi!J be tested on police cars in l.ot AnRcles County startins thi- month. Smith Griswold, county ai pollution control officer, tolt Ihe. Board of Supervisor Tuesday that the kit was dc vcloped by Chrysler Corp encinccrs. It involves adjustments to a vehicle's carburetor to give a leaner fuel mixture and in stallation of a vacuum valve which retards the spark dur 'ng idling p e r i o d s and ad vances it during deceleration Griswold said. CHRYSLER engineers say his results in the engine lurning its fuel more com )!cte!y, cutting emission nl lydrocarbons f r o m the ex laust to below state standards. This can he done vithout lowering engine per- 'ormance the engineers say. Griswold t o l d the super- ,'isors t h a t Chrysler Corp ias made available 15 of the cits to the county for test- ng. He said he has arranged with the Los Angeles Police Vpartmcnt to install the kits on 15 police vehicles. These test cars will he op crated a minimum of 12,000 miles and periodic checks will be conducted to determine: (1) if smog-causing emission from the exhaust is reduced, and (2) if the vehicle's per formance is a d v e r s e l y affected. AM oio. IUPORIIO IM eotnt IROM CANADA BVM-BAUWAIK{R lupomcw.iNc. I , IKH. M i PROOF, Unsurpassed PRIME RIB STEAKS- enderloin Buffet Luncheons ITfct ladies itew welcome) Lounge, Piano Bar Banquet Facilities lloosl Oi' r HAGUE. Netherlands (UPI)--The government . Tuesday put new muscle into its defenses in Dutch New Guinea following reports of steppcd-up invasion ; preparations by Indonesia which claims the territory. A Defence Ministry announcement said l.fiOO additional troops a r c being sent there and the manda- ; lory period of active duty for all soldiers, sailors and i airmen serving in New Guinea has been extended - (rom 20 months to two years. Disintches from Jakarta said Indonesian planes . ami war-hips are pitmlling the Dutch New Guinea coasts with orders to shoot on sight all "enemy" craft. : Syria Splinlar Ruuoll Fulls ^DAMASCUS, Syria (UPI) --The Central Syrian ! Army Command Tuesday announced the collapse of a two-d.iy military splinter revolt in northern Syria. , It said army units in Aleppo had declared their loyalty to the central command and peace and order had re- ' turned lo the northern city. The army command indicated the country would « be returned In civilian control. An army command » statement said there were no clashes or fighting in -. Aleppo which had be'.n Ihe center of resistance of · dissident officers favoring a letmion of Syria with the " United Arali Republic of President Gamal Abdcl Nasser. MUMII Thri'iilvn Yinlunw LONDON (/Pi--John Keen, representative of the 100.000-Mrong M.isai tribe in East Africa, walked out of the Kenya constitutional conference Tuesday threatening violence and bloodshed against all while settlers. His storming exit stunned delegates who have been conferring in London for more than seven weeks on a new constitution for Kenya. Keen marched from the meeting after British Colonial Secretary Reginald Maulding refused to grant land claims of the Masai in the fertile while highlands area. The tribe raises cattle. 22 .Smallpox Victims JAKARTA. Indonesia (UPI) Twenty-two persons, most of them children, have died of ; smallpox in the West Java {village of Kuduengang since February, the Indonesian news agency PIA said Tuesday. Overheard at-ten minutes to nine "I prefer A light whisky and this week I made up nty mind that it's Canadian Club for me because. ...I learned that Canadian Club is the lightest in the world... and of all the great whiskies, none tastes quite like it." Wherever you ^p^.t "The Best lii-Tho House" in 87 lands :;. '-_,. S^s S^99 even if you have never danced before You Can Go Dancing 3 AFTER O HOURS in;any Studio Licensed by ARTHUR MURRAY C()nfidancf comtt to you quickly it injr (pprnTnl rinrr itpdin linninl by A r t h u r Murray, Inc. A« you itrri rut nn th* dinrf finnr mil lf»»iyour partnr r throuRh thf litr jt »tf pi -- or follow with ra-*-ynu f*l p^i'* * n '* * "*"*" !»*n!"e of n*«urAnr^. Ju^t thru* honr« of in«ttnr- titn in · tudio lirrn^r't hy A f t h u r Murrny, Inr. will »n- *)]? you to co dancini;--even if ynn'vf Mvrr dincfil l*for»! Youll »hfd popularity prnh- l»m« when you ran Fox Trot, Wllti, and Cha-Ch* with ronft- rif hef. Sn om In now for » Special Fr«t on«-h»lf hour Trial Lttton. StDdiotonrn (rom 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. daily- HAVE MORE FUN At IIT Itu1»"l pi't ft. vtu'll f»r fffM »^ur It*ft If IHf-r( ··! *»*i p*'tr»n, ·* f«j m«ft P« fiiff"0i. Ten II I*d p«nt 114 (f* i.«f"t. k*j r.: ta B*« f ^jKitf U*tt «'· »· iffJ'-Ifri it frlKri Wxrii i yeyll l«ti tr-i l-.u *-J i*« VMTII »H t Burglars Bind, Rob Woman, 76 "No matter how mean and rough those men were," Mrs. Marion M. Sill, 7(5, told police Tuesday, "I treated them with kindness." Mrs. Sill, of 1726 Pacific Avc. was awakened when her doorbell rang. She opened the door and was s u d d e n l y grabbed from behind by a man who apparently had slipped in a rear window. Another man walked in Ihe door when it opened. The men kept her prisoner for more than two hours. IThey bound her with rope jam! adhesive tape. She said i they lold her they didn't in- 'lend to hurl her. CALIFORNIA FEDERAL SAVINGS GIANTS OF CAHFOMLA =i NATION'S LARGEST TREE**NATION'S LARGEST [FEDERAL! SAVIMR.q ARTHUR MURRAY School of Dancing .LONG BEACH )47 (AST FIFTH ST. ft. HfiUtl ;.0»74 COMPTON 104 5. IONS IIACH ILVD. 1 *" r.'-f-t Nr»~«ik;; ' ll.t,-ll -T"! Irlf't T I I K V RANSACKED her np.irlment, then slipped out of the b.ick door with SO which they wid they needed for Rasolinc to help them get lo Missouri. Mrs. Sill was found an hour and a half later hy a neighbor who heard her m u f f l e d !screams. She Kid been bound 1 'Rhlly ih-H her wrists bled.| I even told them if they; wanted something lo rat in! CO in Ihe kitchen .ind help IhrmsflvM." shf Mid. Nriiher crnturics, nor lire, nor the fury of the dements lave toppled the Sherman redtvond from its throne as forest ling and largest tire in ihr nation. 272 feet tall and 101 feet around, k Mill stands in Sequoia National Park where it jprotitrd over 3000 yean ago. There is extra Uirngth and sifny in giant si/i-. It's a point lo rrmemlirr wlirn you clioo^e a uvingi awicutinn. lor Olilmnia Irdrral Savings, with ajvcts over $740 million, i\ tlic n itimi's laigi^t federal savings awicialion. lit reserves air f.iralxnr rrquimm-nK Under xuxinrd management for 37year», California Prdcral has wr.itlicricl wars, dopre%sionJ and honmJ, growing larger and stronger )ear after )car. The present dividend rate b 4.6% per year, p.iin quarterly. Tliii rale is higlwr than the national averages of all other popular tp» «f savings invcumcntj. Our middle name is Federal CLCVtN CONVENIENT OfTTCES TO SERVE YOU «nd only a (cJenA saving! it chartered and fully supervised by the U.S. Roremment. Accounts are injured under provisions of tire FrA-rel Saving* Loan Insurance Corp. A man and wife, with 2 individual accounts and 1 joint icrmmt, can have up lo $30,000 in fully insured livings. 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