Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 21
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Pag» MI« rf w OR Sever r ne MolCH parts sel come- sear POIrVt Buda Cteve- scl- E p. Ji Dlcttf mine- on re tr*cl *lors R*nc units olher sold Prop Ihe i Swpp Beac cond man Cisco 1728 Con Long I-Y SlfC as 20 i Cofi he L I 2211 a? r-a? mo! S a .J dry Tcr hea IDil 1 r v;1r 200*6 4 o ktru Die Win bill del) ing che cur ma on, me Col X LIMf WPSS T ~ *·!·· "»f, II, · Utt Bi '1ESVTILC6HAW. HI., «v. 11. IIU f 1 ritafttout for Sole 72 J APRIL Itm I?tti i RJTE OR HOKE FOR E XHURE .!, DETAILS I » iw dtcid entrnei. Ma- i s t lnd»trlal. Hw G«cral Si »· DlMcl-- M«itl 4-71 ipan ' Over JM toni r\Urlnt Dlt: UU oarf parts arxl Indujlrlal o Br«nt!. Twin DIic r«iuctlon P *{*·. "*/."' Ne * RK*(Md S r T.ktotls. Enolrx card lor C iHtrculti. Falrbanks-Mor^ « vr}, Cooper-Bejumtr. Die- s ^oo equipment. Tpols, air B rfliorj, air tool!, togl li«,, v urt.wilh over MO detalltd ti, WJivalent la a personal c clta will be senl promcllv AKJf. Hew .nalt rial tor Ctn- t *»/ Truckerj, Workboit oper. -i Fishermen, Marine Shoos, vers (Water Vrtll power ·' 5f»Jr ihoos and many «. All thlj material wttl bt ' wltlvrjl limit or restrw«. K er-ty cr nd to b« saJd on remstj of Marine Inoustrlal . V. WS W. Anahrim, Lono SC h. Cilirornla. Auction lo b ucled bv Stanley M. Frteo 1 - ani Sid OilifS.'Moim'n. SJ WATER HEATERS « r. Guar- Special Prices w TanKs Glass Lined TsnVt .. a . J26.55 40 Ml. -(2?.W 0 a . JM.95 X oal. $26.95 Ol. J21.95 W gal. S24 75 t wm to ADW. Safely Sfandardi Mio new IB-yr. cuaranfee ateri at carnDtlUive or Ices S PLUMBIKG SUPPLY CO. E. AnshHm. L.S. GE t-3500 air cooler, $.10; bwtarv* tanks, fc Si; two 700*15 6 ply llrei iteti. WO each; Trans-Oceank o, $40; Zenllh TV 31" w/ ie e cenlrol. *150; Holpomi auto. ier, JIM; !-ll, G.E. rHrlo., . Wedcewood ranae, SIO; O.TS r, -JM; eleclrlc edcer, sio lawniMwer. ^50; electric er Si; Bar-fl-Que w/elecf. 110: 6 rolls roollr,? oacmr; n Doer. S2 roll; roll ^fervclns. J5. l v/. Del Amo. ISPLAY tables; 150 pin racks h«n; mirror*, all slies, manl . wom*n chlldrens; bujt; 3 JoW fniflg cablieti; Reoxilar fl cabinets; 4 NCR postlrva ng machines; chafrs; office .i flies; wood glass shelv- compfele LddreJiMraDli deol; clr 1 iforwrr checJt prolKtor; lain redi, rfrtceralor; coke olher items too numerous to lion, wmb'a 112 Pacific HE 2-«il ' AKbAt^fc DISPOSERS NEW-- LATEST MODELS I ? j? -- Vlbulaiiav sj? X5 ' ^333-- Inslnfcerator ' _ s?s « ! 7 2 c 1 221 Bl BA Ir -- irrslnxerator s3 55 CO--Wasle King !!.*!6.5 fc S PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. E. Anaheim L.B. Gt S-S5CO -DG. MATERIAL SALE RGAINS-- Plywood. Xc II.. Pine oik mouldinas, 5 J Oc (1 shed lumber, 7c It. 1x6. «l5c *a" 4x4, POc ea. only SIO. Pl*e hdwd doors/ $3. Cabinets 55. IWi o Term, less than V* price. . .1740 HAYES AVE. DID vou know lhat you can buy hacks *nib:r hand led screw dr v-,- many sites lor 4c each at Auto Supply Out lei. 1602 South 31. (be we:n Orange Cherry) .Open to 8 p.m. i Sundays ra 3 o.m. Call 4JI-35?! for every kind oF N?tb"N~CAR EtT N6 ~ . 52.75 A YARD -Sen mured heavy caf«t. Regi/far SlO.YalL*. Many w/dble backings. - TREND UITFAIOR5 5ttl Long Beach Blvd. 423-1J89 BED conioL 515; divan ilg; bdrm. set cwnpl. w/box soros. malt. (40; 5- DC. dlnetle S3Q; rrfrio. S»; stove- W5; ICMjal. flit] tank w/flih, CHJmo healer ^73. Many olher Items-- Muit sell-- No rcas. offer . KIR8Y VACUUMS AUachm-Jils, polTsher/ recond. $49.50 U 1 CHERRY AVS. Lwio Beach FIBERLAY PLASTICS COMPLETE SUPPLIES Pouring of grsoes every Wednesday. Free dtmcMSlraticn Saturday 1? to 3. 435-4314. 2053 Sanla Fe. 300 SQ. -Y05. of continuous frlamen Values 55.15 to $7.95 sg. yd. Now 12.95 SLT. yd. All Earot oiece*. Long 'Beach Furnlliw* Co. 4th -t, Lono Bench Blvd. Neighborhood (forage Safes 72A ^q^^ '2-CAR GARAGE SALE · 5. 1, M-FT, LADDERS 1 palnl jpray omllt 535. Telescope Diaifc lacks. Adiustabfe luyqace cflrr er. overhead hacks rope. Eleclrlc drill. Electric healer. Relating TC Is We, 1 end tables. 20W FOURTH ST., REAR 3 FAMILY GARAGE SALE-- Ch Id's anlfcue roll top c?eik, anl go* chest drawers, much furniture, doors mirrors, joys, TV, dli/ies, e c. .Sat. f. Sun. 412 Aulry Ave. GARAGE Sale. Hand tocmed rugs, crocheted alhans, some furniture, small misc. Sat. 4 Sun. 9503 Cedar, (rear) Belli lower. FURNITURE, household, yard, looh, 7* records ft player, books, small appliances. Racks-roug*), slkfcf polished. 230 Adams, NLB DUAL wall heater 3500-Apt. stove -- old wicker, misc. rummage, 3?3 E. Tlh, L.B. 429-SJy?. a l day Sat. and Sun. atler 3 p.m. GUNS, lumber, lenu, comjveisor. llOy oven hoi plait. 45 loading cear, Emm movie gear, f sMng cear «, miic. 426-5445. BARGAINS from 2 estates. Antiques, dishes, iurniluse, oalio furn., washing macWne, bench iaiy loiner. 3H3 Lmit. BABY CRIB, 510; bathlnerte, S4; car feed; walker; ladiei' cuallly c othlno. slit 10 lo 12; shoes, A'A narrow. 596-2277 WAGON wtieel bu-ik bcdj w/mat Iresies. Portable slcrco. Toys Bcdipreadi. Misc. 435-9521. 4341 MISCEL. furniture, cdds ends Corre see. Reas. 583i Castana DUNCAN Phyfe couch dining room it) with uotvol. chain wds, tea carl. Cheap, GE 1-94?? FURNITURE, washer, v a c u u m mowe/r many misc. nems. 773? Van Bwen, Domrnwex. 835-4691 GARAGE SALE-- Love seat, radio 8' Venetian blinds, room divider screen, misc. 374! Wai mil. ANTIQUES, fJBurin-i, many misc Hems. 1546 Sherman Placi -- Week E. of Cherry. POWER mower; O'Keefc fc Merr t stove; car parls;- storage cablr.e1 bench.- -5«l vernon. 594-7329. LARGE* rubber raft wlfh mofor Cabinets, tools, ciecrrKal fill no miscellaneous. 2723 E. 19th Si STOVE, den furniture, chest, desk (amos, dolhei, cabin efj/loo's odd F p 0 s* JRMITURE, aDDllancei. olhers Tlf4 Daisy. Sal. Sun. ftea*. Rear of 3375 California. RESSER, double btf, electric sew Ing mi cfit rye, etc. GE 9-294 rove, washer, crer, TV's, elec tfonlc wirfoment. 594-7703. OFAS, chalrj, oraej, dining lab'e vcrJIian Uir^fs. rAlsc. 3?-117S. · DUNCAN Pfivfe. set, oowe · looli. misc. fwrn. 74S1 Lemen. | - · '· GARAGE SALE I5» VfASHIHOTON ST. HLR. FURrl. A MISC. FURMISH HG FROM ESTATE. «! «S7. GARAGE SALE-- «!4 SI Jewelry 72A/ LADY'S diamond ring, aoprox. .7 carat. Emerald cul, VVS ece color, \4 caral while gold w/srn diamond} on licfe. Rctai value W50, Wllf sell for t40D. Write So A-3C3i, Indep., PreivTck.. L.B 3 V 47 K. LADIES demand rlftfl w/ side dianw-,d;, I1.1W. 421-/31). KARAT b:ue rrhili dijmcnc taeaul. color. SJ50. 434-33! iwtlry 72AA MILTON 17 lewll whUe^eoM vei. OA^-Jiir Sa"'t""s'un? al wrting Goods 72*1 NS-- rttoaijfno Nwlo-iienl wo- HM, 3»C4 Remlnclon de'UAt ume. Bauch a\ LDirb 3^X4; 1? a. Remington tflK. skeet Dvrno, u) , «lra Mm; IJ ga. FOJI B Mjble. cul down; M CHtj; 12 £. Le« rdoatfer, hull., wads, Qwder, shol; ammo; clay plgtonj r/mrowfr. CHI tn-Xii 15 la 3. ·t\- GUNS-- GUNS ^ )pm tve. '111 «-Unhtr!BI Arm!. 5503 Paramount Blvd., Paraml. POOL TABLES rVholesal* priced. IW% tininclng. OS RIFLE with, fl Brno maustr cl on. blrdseve maole Itock. cgl- "BA year. Wocld vou believe ve -ao't TIKI Ihe waler! 3 CO.TW. sell. Worth vcur lime. HA MO). XF BOARO-5-l- Veliv. K"y,lde. !i Ibl. onlv S50. «·?»;. RFBOARD -- 9'3" Dave Swee! Od. cond. »». 4W-M2S OOL TABLES -- Slale, 6314393. Coin ofwr. fc home l/p*. Dealer. SED surlbaarrf, good cond. Bast oHtr. GE 3.13l all. 5 ANTED: SKI EQUIPMENT. AlJull ORDON i, SMITH surf board concave r T'. Uttir. CE I-I4H umiture for Solo 73 No Where-But No Where ONLY AT HUB! STARDUST uroup-aiV for groua by name. Llv. rm., wt offer beautiful (willed sofa matching chair, «» malchlno neva-mar walnut steo tables L collee tabte. arnpi. «tong wllh 3 satin sofa- , cushFons. For [he bedrm a Mr, /Art. dUJe dresser wllh rtMrror 2 commodes, wllh mVcnlng oane 1 rveadoard dhls IncL ban springs L matlresscs wllh 2 .ckeLsir arnps . For the dinlns area, beaull ul mink colw diner Ic laWe 4 chairs, bid. dishes. How far vaiK kitchen-- a beaulllul Admiral refrfc. Ml slie ra=w E VfiUi king-site overt, «1! of Ihli for 5707.70-- tax card. Wiih your aaod credit, absolute minimum doivrt only ».?5 a week. Ou of state credit welccme. SEE ONLY AT HUB. FURNITURE l» SO. L.B. BLVD., COMPTOM md'-Derxlenir rre M- TeJecra m Home Furmsning and Merchandising Classified Advertising Code . Any advertisement which contains m'sleatflng coov Is nol ncceplable. Adv«r»sement» pUced bv commercial otiverlhers niusl Incit-de the "Firm Name" or word "Dealer." Personal distress claims, ai'.d personal pro.iouns arc not acceptable from commercial advertisers. Pri r as as or cfakrts Inferring merchandise f» con- Jioned are not acceotable. WANTED Responsible parly lo make oav- mcn i on 5 TOCTIJ ol furniture app ances. No dcwn pavml. Pav- ml. J12.50 oer mo. Bal. J2?9. Con- *'iH of range, re.rlg,, AM/FM ilcrco, TV, dir.erle stl, llvlnfl rm. set complete, bed/oari seL ALL FURNITURE JU5T LIKE HEW WAREHOUSE FURN. 2074 Santa Fe Ave. Phone HE 2-5469 BIRCH dining rm. table, Udder IacX chair*, hulth, record cab- net, end coffee tables, seller, Co onial Hlde-a-Bed, sludlo ccuch, 2 (.e cream chairs, Boston rocker, misc. AH excef. cond. Priv. D v. HA 1-7396. CHEST of drawers; eJectr. cKord organ; bar stools; China cablnel: kino-sire matlrejs springs. Din- «lte rel5. Ooen Mon.-Fri. '1il 9: Stn. 12-A, MOVING Retrig. 2 Dr., t Br. sel w/aWc. bed. 1 flr. sel w/l tvjin bed. PAlio Turn. Rdltan «rcuo. Kitchi. chrome set, 5 PC. misc. PLAYER niar*, B 1 couch fc arm chair, tables, dlnwirj suite, kltfh. Jablc chains, Frencfi provincial viMFe btfrm. sulle, aha King-s'ze SALEM maple huich SH; Danhh modern divan 555. 2400 Sin An- W£I BUY-- SELL-- TRADE u*ed «/- 11£03 So. Atlantic, Lyrtwooo 1 . nitcre, chesl of drawers. GA WAN'S nauoahvdfl chafr, jwive rocker, gree.i, TiXe new, SXJ. MAPLE MISC. FURNITURE PAIR of tvrfn beds, compl., excell. cand., 550. ME 1*312, np), 2 Targe Tamps. TO Mitt. 4 ROOMS of furnlturj. Excel, cond. 4 ROOMS, custom made. Like ntw. SS50. By apol. HE 6-3363. HOUSEFUL OF FURNITURE. Moving. Reas. 4M-W29. FranrJlle. tables chairs. GE 8-WOS. MODERN 4-oc. Kroehler sectional. Good co.-xfiHoo. 92S-27W. Furniture for Sale 73 Used Furniture Bargains Rotary *lfi" PerUMt Cemolt A Cwnbina- tiwi TV Sets, mar an- )4 teerf. P-r » Ullli n Iweek Studio »1C» C*uch A O a-ft. Mtdern iif» JOQ'i wrth Shepherd casters *·*? Swivel Ract«r, SAM vtnyl cover _, * Swivel Rilaxcr Ch-v'r ^9A fS vfaiJiabli cover ^.. *,7 Sectional . *»5* i-pc. Raund DineMr, vr/exten- jiin leaf. Excellent **3yl" ccnditiM _ _.. «*** Full ir» si o s Raby Crib *** £1 Camiat 11 .415 Overs] ltd B«x Springs md Marfreis S 1Q' 5 Recorvdittoned MaytM WriftflW Wather, arumViam J tub, pay ._.. . . -.. * wetk Full iiierf O'Xtel* *· s^Qis Mirritt C*t Rang* _^ ~«* GK Dryer/ ^4d'^ f -TAKE OVER BALANCE- Gibjon frotl deaf Fagdmailtr Refrigerjlar-Frnief, wit jS4t.»5, 54« now IUI.15 - - - ^ * M " EJ/Iy Amiritai CMn»el-Bael( Sola A Chair, exctUmt COD* dilion. luxurious tweetf carer. fifff · · DM. -- Hundndi of !t«mi-- -- Ni H»n«y Oiwn-- »j.U«L«i» r » McMahan s FURNITURE STORE 1 895 E. Anaheim O P E N MON., FRI. 'TIL 1 SAT. 'TIL t P.M. ^^^mm^m^^m Wiscellaneows for Sale 72 wiisceilaneousfor Sate 7 j DONATED ITEMS Fro.n Southern California 1 ! Ffnut 5for« ; -FUFIH ITURE-- --*}£TM ^- ,, "" AS-is DEPARTMINT AntiBVCl, diihei, cotktnf uleAHh, curt.ini ft rfra^ei pfv(-- Every ry pt 1 rfetcrlotitfl «f Iterfl used in the A/rnrlcin h*m* 1 1 89 E. Anaheim St., L.B. : (Ctrner Or«n(« t Ar«N*lm) rnltur* tor Sol* 73 t CLOSING OUT SALE EVERYTHING GOES! DAY ONLY-- SAT. W.ARCH IJTM-II A.M. TO f FM. FURNITURE AND TV'S VILL TAKE ALMOST ANY 5 PC. MAPLE SET S59.50 Beautiful Divan, Couch, 9 Ft.. White w/Gold Trim $69.50 8 i J FURNITURE "" so - L c°o N r5pT°o^ CH ' LVD (T O (~\ 4) OU DOWN home with U new furn!- Will furnish your entire lure, including rings, ra- frig., TV, dining room, living room bedroom sets. Free Parking free Delivery Out of Stall Credll OK LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 6TH L.B. Blvd. Dntn. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL » Tues. 1 Sal. Mil i HARDROCKI MAPLE Brand new, never used 4-room group. Includes 7-plcce pineapple poster bedroom itt with missive ll-drawer dresser and r^ale mfr- ror, 1 nite Undi r 2r,d bedroom liKludei livln btdi. Also Early Am ef lean living room en Jem We with beautiful tables and lamps. Maple dilnlno room groua includes Isble, 4 chair:, buffet and tvukh. 8rroJr.aiiv prfcetf to telJ (or S1W. ur price only $597. $10 delivers. Cash terms. W i l l separate for qu ck sale. 0. S. PETERSON FURNITURE CO.: SINCE 1W3 5390 L.B. Bl. GA 2-7896 BFTRA'NSFER STORAGE OUTLET Mod. Llvlno rm. tet! M! Lamps i tables 17 D nelk !!t», 5-pc. . _ '. .._» SDrtnas «. A\atti., ea. M Slove, yuarantecd ^ . _. S5 Refrlceralor, nuar ~ . Stt Bunk sel. tcinp. w/rnalls S49 Chcslj. t dra»"r lie 1131 Gaviofa, L.B. HC 764SA 0(1 I01h SI. bel. Oranoe I Chsrry NEW-USED Save the Warehs. Way STOVfcS a\ REFRIGERATORS t.ivina room, bedrocm, ru^i, dinette], ct^eiti, lampi/ etc. BARGAINS GALORE 1 - 2 - 3 ROOM GROUPS i 1 SAVE i J Leonards Furn. Whse. 5588 Atlantic, Terms LOOK! All new -4-rm. outfit cample e. 3763.ES. Low down pyt. lerms a C. C. LIQUIDATORS 1495 E. ANAHFIM 432-1411 Open Mcn.-Vi'ed.-rri. Eves. COMMUNITY AUCTION-- 1501ft Haw- morne Blvd.-- every Wed nlle, J D.m. ( Sun, 10 a.m. The Aucllo/i thai tells better grade furn ./anal. WE ALSO 6UY and DO PAY MORE tor Ihe best. Call SP 2-1771, SPECIAL all new Fvrntlure. Bedroom set SiS; Danish mod. J van chair $5; coffee end tables, wafnut 519; 7 DC. dinette lorm ca lop $6S; Retrlc. $40; stove U5. Also while Ihey la si-- 9x13 linoleum $5. 1671? Lakewood Blvd. D r oven. Like new. US. t M. mctfern sofa matchlno chair. Green blue Quilted print. Good cond. SW Gray formica Isble t. 4 cha r; HOTEL APT OWNERS BIG DISCOUNTS ON FURNITURE AND BEDDING C. C. LIQUIDATORS ISM E.- ANAHEIM 59H9]i HIDE A BEDS 24 to choose from for immediate cteliverv. Priced ai lo* as JW.95 nctL-dlng trner;pr1nfl mattress Free Dellverv. B F Transfer t- P ECE KING-SIZE bedroom sel Danish walnut, comolele. Returned from rnsdcl, all n..ty J299. Peo- mar M?9.«. Lono BeacM Furn lure 61 n and Lor.g Beach Blvd. S-PIECE Watr.ut Bedrm. Sel in etudes Mr, i Mrs. Dresser, 7 nils stands t headboard, $£?, Lone Beach FurnMure Co., elh L.B Bl/d., Dov;nto»;i L.B. A STEAL! 0' COFFEE TABLE, 3 m.atch1nt7 lamp tablet w/fl«nu!ne Kalian marble foas, anlfQue vrhllc 1 gold. Meditirranean style. H,^ 5-813J. C'HARCOAL Nevamar coifee table 2 matchlno step-end tables, pal of wMEe lampj, $25. All In gooc W\ Oasis Ave. Gardert Grov* DESK * CHAIR Walnut, like new; oafo 1 occasicna chair. 434-32IS. 7 FT. paslel QulHsd =ofa 1135, couches, n e e d reuphclsterlng Cheap. 1 double beef $35. Sing! bed, 4ID. i misc. 425*185. 2 50FAS, credenra, entry table gcmlng table, ? malcMna cha rs desk, bdrm. set, all like new V/a^her $43. 59fr-28Bl. w-sprlnos A nwll., chrome JoW loo hion cha!rs. Make offer 471-5777. HOUSEHOLD furniture apol ances. 1883 E. Hlh. Aft. 4:30 ham a-IIchti i olfer misc. furn lure. Call G4-jC3 r Her. $275. WlrcfaYS after 4. 43 2225 NEWLY re-uphol. blue Mntetasi Vlclorran couch-- A RARE BU at $33). Call 4U-2U7 TWIH bed, box spring t matt kneeho.e desk 8. chair; 5-drawe chesr. AIF mart?. «i3-30J2 BARGAINS; iofa; chairs, tables bdrm, set; rwi, lamps; Jbujiks cJ-.eiti; Mhc. Call GA 76709. 2 PC COUCH fr CHAIR, new $79.S 3 RM GROUPS HI new ««.' COUSINS Fain. IMS L.B. Blv WE'RE stuck. 85 sofas, c h a r s , MCtlonals. UD to 50% off. Tayk NEARLY new fufnllure aDDi anccs- also BBQ, power mow* etc. 3524 Karen Avs. 4»-83aJ TV/iH bdrm. maofe set w/*prir. mall. $100. Chrome dinette se mlic. 19iS PaitJJ. 430-7950 SOLID mapfe tw^n btds, be ers, exc«1, cond. 429-5177. 2 BUHK mallresses; douWe ro av/ay bed. MO-1702. 50--2-PC. sola chain, SSJ. Tavl Maid 455« Orange. OA 2-83 3 RMS. fyrn. piano, lenlJh * ere hl-ll. od. cond. MM5SS. SOFA, 3 CHAIRS. THE FINES Like new. Sacrifice. GE 429 SPRINGS MATTRESSES e. '*'* BS.F Transfer 1111 Gaylo ; PC. Secllonal Hicfe-aJftJ ch sel fc 3 chafrs. 1W7 Pir*. _«S* i "Furniture for Sale ^*b*ft*4^si ^p**'W' n J}' '*W* ^ 2 m --fl * / ^ ·urtilhjrt for Salt 73 HeustheM AppRancti 71, Pianos t Organs 7fA 1* 25-Pc. Walnut , Group ; GORGEOUS 1 1 Recent Ucrory ' don oul purchase iruHfes roomv : dreiier, pint mirror, 2 nlle sia wJj, w/(krners. Head board. PLUS* bed sureadl O'llltd Foam rubber sola chatr (beaulllul colors), ? iteo lAb^ei, 1 cotlee doiral. 2 decorator ti-noi. Smart' IY si y led dining ^el, lable w'leal 4 foam Daoded cha'ri. FOIL tivcly slurMilno grovjol Taral or [it UIS.60 (formerly iok) few Sol}). A Great BUY *rwj * Gre*1 Savinei for Yoy! · -ADDED BONUS-- ' ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING i o. s "PETERSON FURNITURE CO.: SINCE mi 5390 L.B. Bl. GA 2-7896 Da IV 10-9. Sal. 9:30d. Sun. 13-S S F TRANSFER NEW FURNITURE 7 beokcaie hracbgards SIO 11 rvoi, »x!2 . .... ... ...ill 22 sknnKyis Orlho QJllled box maple living rm Ml) S97 13 rr.odtrn barm sell _TM_..S5I " » rflnclle !d! ... ... .._ S!l round, cvat reclinffulin R m^nl. hrirm ..I* ^9* 14 IcIeprKMic stands . ss SLIGHTLY DAMAGED FREE DELIVERY GA 29M! TERMS 5921 ATLANTIC, L. B. WAREHOUSE MAN ON DUTY Mon..Frl. 9- Sal. S. Sun. 9-5 ! * * * 5.ROOM GROUP WILL DELIVER TO RESPONSIBLE PARTY All new furniture ohii Hove, rc- fr a., washer, rJryer TV. Also inc uded-- 2 Bedroom jets, 1 wllh twin beds; living room TU ml lure complete wllh 2 eno* labiet, colice, lamps, pictures, tvy and dLnclle act. J7.50 PER MO. Full Price $214.84 OUT OF STATE CREDIT OK M.J.B. Discount Furniture 5318 L.B. Blvd., NLB Dally 10 a.m. lo 9 ofn. Sat. 10 3411. lo 5 o.m. Sun. 12 lo 5 p.m. GA 3 8i02 Antiques . 74 MARKET ST. ANTIQUES OPEN 11 AM TO I PM 1313 E. MARKET GA J-«9S? ATTIC SHOP OPEN SUNDAYS 9122 Artcsla. BtlllMwer 147-BJS FROM anvlhfog . lo evcrvfhtftg MELTON'S EMPORIUM ANTIQUES, china, rfasswa're. sew In B lbie collectors iierm. 230 Adams, NLB. "COLLECT I'ON~ OF OLD B'OTTLES NE 1-160) ANTIQUES, orlv. ply. 27M Salurn Av«., Hu.itlnaton ParV;. LU 7-5795 WE need antiques unusual ilems. 1X41 Cherry. GE 806^3 GINHY'S ANTIQUES cclleclables. 815 Rcoondo Ave, Closed Won. Furniture Wonted 75 TOP PRICES PAID! One niece or a h«useM. Esraies. business Inventory furnilure in ^[a^aQe. REPP MOTT INC 2501 E. Arahdm GE 9027) We Buy Sell Sood Used Furniture 4 Appl. PARK FURNITURE 1100 LONG BEACH BLVD. PHOHE 4M-071I $ TOP DOLLAR ? FURNITURE «. APPLIANCES CASH IN 30 MINUTES 925-1548 Leonard'* Auclrcn CASH MONEY For used furniture, app'i., tools miic. Call Al's. 42l-ttOi CASH. Br. lurn. appl's. GA 3-90J8. Jim. Call BB.B Furniture before YOJ sell. 2100 E. Anahefm. GE 4WS Spot Cash HE 2-3038 ANYTHING OF VALUE' USED FURN. APPLIANCES. C F Furn. HAS Cherry GE 8-0431 Pianos - FumHure - Anllauei CA5H ' 633O539 YOU NtED C A S H ? V/E HEED furrvllure, antiaucs. ranocs n~Jl re frt«. Call fat fiiO-1903. IMMED cash for orf. used lurn. anlroues. ranoei, retries. tiS^3?J ORIEHTAL RUGS WANTED BY PRIVATE PARTY. TE 4-5754 V/ANT TO BUY used furniture i appliances. 635-7134 USED FURN. appliances wan ed S4-415I or UN 42£? Household Appliances 7£ ELECTRIC s.rnk cenler, complei sv/dishfiiBiltr push bvllcn ho cold waler, Mlimaster bow! 2 mixer, many ether accessories Sacrifice 1153. Betw. 5 S D.m 3044 Orange, Cosia Mesa. REFRIG. slove, ant. size, «tt ccndillon, $70 Kir bolh, or mak olfer. Call 439-144S anytime. 2-DOOR rcfrfo. 595: aulom. wasKcr SS9. Reconditioned. Guaranteed COAST APPLIANCES HE (733 STOVES-- guaranteed _ S3 B F. HE 7-M5S, 1131 Gavkil UPRIGHT freeirr slove: dryer rJishwssrver; exra loe relrio; air ccnd. Sm. aooli. GA 7-A737. GARAGE SALE-- Moving. Kcrwncr washer, Frigldaire, kitchen range i LARGE General Elec. Frig : daire almost new ft Gn. Etect/i washer. 129 Damson. SAC. ADt. iiie Kelvtraror refric £ ROPER, slove. Very good cond. 4 burner w/grlll, S35. 433-7534. cond. $175 rakes. 15-156Q FRIGIDA1RE eleclrlc rarroe, i» STEP-UP To Sparkling : Recondifioned Apptiancei At Bond's FR GIDAIRE 10 eg. M. relrlg. w/ C. T. Freezer, (win crlixrs. lols door ihtrvei. Nlcel Jit. O'KeEFG MERRIT oai range, _ dU. model w/SMfVIIng chrome loo, griddle, Hi broiler, autom. clock. «lc. A b-'o buy 9 S^. WESTERN HOLLEY aol. ranee, 1hwdv recontf., w/aulom., too \\\t, full Dfke M7. GE_ refrlg.-lO ci,. II model, w/ GE DRYER-HI toecd mode't, w/ ^ heat selector «nd air llutf. full * GAFFERS «. SATTLER Vat rn^ct. ^ nicely record. Thermo control oven, avtcm. too tile. iSf. WEDGEWOOO g«s rrwe 34" F mode', w/wrxike grkWIe, ex- wodlble oven, smokeless broiler. auton. IMS Hie, Full crkt cn)v ALL' THE ABOVE PRICES INCLUDES KORMAL DELIVERY, · INSTALLATION FULL t MOS. BOND GUARANTEE. BOND STOVE WORKS Own Mon. A. Frl. lo f. Sun. 10-3. ·fr BEST VALUES flr \AYTAG -- aulcrn. washer real dean, 1 ye. ouar. Wl rVtAYTAG-- ?-sod. aulom. wasner. FRIGlDAlRE-aulcm. washef like byill, like new, 1 vr. guar $11 ^ FRIG10A1RE -- ReFrig. 2-dr. w/ Ireeiefj ncal'n clean, guar. JIGS freeier, puar. _ _ .. , .SIS COLDSPOT-rerrio. ouar. _....1JI ,*\anf more lo choose from. -fr HILL'S 5650 ATLANTIC AVE. Osen Moo. Frl. in 9 Tue%., Wed., Thurs. Sat. Ill 5:33 When you can buy a new 1WA Wedgcwood Kelly oai range, a Ml sfrc ranee wlUi auromaiic oven and broiler, Jlfl uo Jcp Far easy cleaning and 4 HI Lo burnen, SSI. Free delivery, FnilaJlallofi and full guarantee. Dooley's Hardware Mart NORTH LONG BEACH 5075 Long Beach Blvd. JEW KM family "ie Super Deluxe refrigerators, have large 4lb. freezer. Utt sa. ii. shell area. 3 full ·width shetves, 3 la rw eco recks, okii 3 Velvet In doer. Has Dla .a^mallc delroslFng. Comes n Vih ie or copper. S124.E3, (re* dc-l v e r y nnd full guara.nlee. Dooley's Hardware Mart NORTH LONG BEACH 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. REFRIG. c roil to p. $35. Aulom. washer liS; TO 6-9W7 KELVINATOR r clr to. 11 cu. 1. Musical Instruments 79 NEW Gullar J13.50: New Elec. GuJ- 1nr S?9.SO; VOX Amo. wllh reverb S 75. Used elec. guitar Slf-W. Buv A Trade. 432-WOA Albert Vusic 2M E. Ocean Blvd. FENDER Bandmaster amo, brand nri-ir; Fender Muslano I case/ ace. Perl cond. Mike offer. HA cullar v//2 pick uoi ilOO. 427-71GS alter 5. WURLITZER Dual · Marvel 5p'net Organ, art? $1,500. SBC. W prfce, aller 3 p.m. GE I-M73 TRUMPET B-Flat, Holton, like new. Case. 1 nrauth pieces, $50. Ca 2S-53«, 10 to 3. REPOSSESSED otayer ofarw, w/ rolls. Save 1300. 4^3-2401 Dlr. MARTIN-D-7B, guMar, $250. Glbjon F.2S (oik nipdef. Xlnl. GA 7~87i: 3-PleCE drifrn sel e^irai. Like new. Call 4M-813? after j p.m. NEW Fender Bandmas1«r, amp. xlnl. ccnd. VJ50. HA 5-8^21. GUITAR, anipllfEer K, case. $45 FENDER cul1ar B, rrvp., save 1300 Phore Jay Rm. 135. 43?09U. Pianos Organs 79-A 200 Organs-Pianos : NEW and USED PRICED TO SELL Compare All Brands One-Sfop Shopping 1 Conn Rhapsody, 25 prtf. $?l?5 S!9S Balowin Orjaswic, rnch. U?5 695 Thomas serenade, wal. 1W5 695 Thoinat Iran ill, 13 ped. 275 375 Hammond B? Wi 159 HaTimond 102 w/rhylhm 13S «5 Hammord M3, fiiahog. .. 1545 8*5 Hammond Sofnel, wsl.... 1$*S i95 Hanunond Soinet, Sokr. 760 79i Hamond Sofnel, maple.. t25 761 Harrvond Chord .. . 1M5 395 Lowrey Berksnlrc ...... .. 1465 44'. Lowrey Hallday . .. 1295 495 Kin-.rna.-i SiMne), y/tiUe . I42i 595 Arllson, 32 rxd. 8, sokr. 1595 KinibaO SDlAet. rhyThm. 15S5 39i Ximb.111. 35 prf. eonso'e I'M 59! AVacnavox, Cherry ,.. 1515 /J Conn Mlrr^t . . . 1595 5?5 Small organs .. .. from 3 ! Baby Grand Pinnos . from 4") Jansen PrBnOrgai .. rtJ Used Spinel Planes fiom 39J Apl. sue So^ne! . Wj Used Console Pia.-os . .. from. «J fAIM RRAKKPN Tt-inHA^ FACTORY DEALER New Gulbransen Horseshoe Organ $1495 Thomas Band Box .. $I9S New Gulbransen Piano J399 0 WHOLESALE BUY! HCW 7 MAN. 3 PEO. ORGANS r FROM THE FIR«T ORGAN *.'AKER IH A V E R I C A . - '. NO DOV.-N PAYMENT , ; J» Monrrt Bank T e r m s : "V.-hcre Prkes Arc Lov ; , On BrarJ, Ycu Knew" ORGAN-PIANO CENTEF P M Long Bea;h Divd. HE 7-OT OPEH SUNDAY 1? 10 i OAILY 10 a.m. to 9 o.m. ? »«r *0 Yeari Swjrxl Eiptfitnct floor* of Mvitciai rVefcha.v]:s( PLAYER PIANOS MY*.. l» .70* Mmettt. Wurlitjir, KknbaTI iriort SPINET PIANOS FR. \V» PRACTICE PIANOS FR. JI1S UP TO 50% OFF Wurhrter. Gulb. Lfiwrey i rrore SPINET ORGANS FR. 1W CHORD ORGANS FR. IIW R E N T -- PIANO U O R G A N US the MUSt-CAL 3) pine. Moo. «. Frl. lo « HE ItJJ) Fine Quality Seine) Pianos W.l. maifl. . Soeclat .WM HUMPHREYS toUSIC CO Home of Slttnwav US E. d SL Downtown L.B. trlusicat Instruction 79B oyllar-- youf horr.c or our irv,-dia. f Instrument! fwn!ih«d. I47-U71 OA 4 7927 Radios Television 80 RENT NEW TV M MO. . No Deposit -- Free Service RENT CAN APP, 10 PURCHASE L.A. COUNTY lift Long Btacri Olvd . Lynivood NE 9-2241 ORANGE COUKTY 12SIS Euclid, harden Oro.i 638-46 IU T.V. LAND 'Til » kDMlRAL STEREO THealer, 40" French Pr«v. chernmood cab., ?J" rectannolar screen TV, AM- diamond ncerfie. Xlnt ccrxj. Coil K«5, sell $230. K.UIJ TV RENTALS New A used. Wlln Iree service. MOREY'S MUSIC STORE 3« Pine Ave. HE »·»« RCA TV en1erla'nn\enl cenler, black f. while, AM-FM. itereo reco/d p aver. Will comlder real, oiler. RENT TV-- NO DEPOSIT Free dd. 'til mldnile ANYWHERE WHY BUY A TV when BSJ repairs good as new? Save many i. Guar. «n et. Eitlmalts, 2S03 E, Broadway GE 3-W7J TV RENTALS-- $6 mo. up Rent lo Buy -- Fr« Service Beach TV. 725 E. ith. HE -5£33 V RENTALS -- FREE DELIVERY No dcooill. Mo credit. OPTION 70 BUY INTERNATIONAL TV 423-33U it C * H TV SERVICE ft Colored Hack white repair. Service-- day or eves. 975-H19 Jsed TVs Moving Sale S15 A tn. dlr. 185! PACIFIC AVE. TV's SU UD. We buy. trade, repair. Jack's. 212 W. Anaheim. 434-3311 RENT a TV «5 for 3 moi. Baker's 51.1 pKlllc. coen eves HE l-??2 WANTED-- Lale mod. perl. TV w/ iland. od. cond. Pay t». 432-S321 J" S 1 LV6 R TON E, ne« pk rure ube. S4S..Call S37-OU4 M PACKARD Bell ctwiiWMllcn 23" TV'S S2S f, up, buy of irarie, re.- 21" SILVCRTONC TV, 5 vrs. old. S43. Calli9i:i5 Hi-Fi Stereo 80-A STEREO 7ate Recorder. 4 rrvos. o'cJ, AVa1 Mccfcl MB w/2 external ipeaK- ers, lovnd-on-so'jnd. 4 track recording, cro» rtcm head; 2 VI GE STEREO SACRIFICE, $90 434-1 1 « SUN. or AFTER 5 P.M. STEREO. Blwirf, SllverJcne, A'A-FM ratflo. «5. 3I-965? Wonted -- Radio, TV, Hi-Fi tO-1 WANTED for cash, ui-d b'ack while color TV bels. Alio ht- i a, slerea «ls. Dlr. /39-S327 TV ft Radio Repair 81 PROMPT SERVICC calls. We have P.D gimmicks lo offer. Just good ricDcnda'c service, D Y TV. Overt 9:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.. 7 dayi v»k. Used TV*. 3317 Atlartlic O7-4JW fixed In home). Free el. 7 day* S a.m. -ID p.m. V/ork ouar. All area. Alofia TV 7M W. Ocean HE 7-im TV SERVICE S2, Lkwd. N.L.B. TireF. HA 9-17K eves., 940 Pine. FUDGE TV Repair* at re«: prkes. 7 4 Gladys Ave. 434 5319 Sewing Machines 82 # SINGER -if '45 AUTOfWATIC ZIG ZAG (Oivorce SeltlemeJit) ' Complete ivMh walnut cabinc . Keeds no altachm-ni). Evrrythinu bull! In ... buMonhales lo Fencv d'jlont. Reliable DR^IV to make ast 7 Davmenlt ol $9.t or dii- co-jo t lor cash 159. Call Dlr. 4 2 3 - 3 6 I V Zlg-^ag, aulomoUc, walnut cablne model, frelo^l claim merchandlie onty a few icralchei. fAacMrve dees everything, with no aMacn ments. 10-vr. parts ouar., pay 134 cash or cay off a1 15 mo. For Free home Irlal call 923-6H4 anvllme Dealer. PFAFF, While, New Horns and Viking dealer. Save up to 50% Parks Sewing Cenlrr, i3AI Lang Beach Blvd. GA 2-3007. 10 BRAND NEW DELUXE 1965 A LI lorn. Zio-Zag Sewing Ma chines. Pslnl scratched In, ship Pino. Sac. UO ea. Wrhi. ME 3-113 10TH t. PINE SINCt 1?» Sales, rents, recafri, perls 9*47 Pin* 'AV*. HE 4-477 Office Sup., Equip'*. 84 OVERSTOCKED Must clear hige tnv. used oil c Tixn. ail E. Complon Bl. 63M14 COKE mach., custom We cab.. Lib craior mlmeo, Pavmaiter check I v f r l f e r , elec. paper shreefdsr. s»c rlfFce. ^31-0700. DESKS, filing cabined, check wr!1 .' ers. M(CS, olher misc. SUN ' DICTATING machine, Gruntfio Em bdiiv. All attachments NATIONAL cash register. Rea i941 Cherry Ave. ^73-431 USED Aflsafone-- like new real. MOVING. Musi sell ettc. desk match chair. Make offer. 432-743 Livestock 8 ; gcia'ntr. Gymkana nvilerlil or goo frail 8 pleasure horses. Pt ·ts »l I ^ TANK FISH SALE Convfcl crclidi, slJc:' lecrii, 3Sc ot. or S ; ll; QSotl shrlrrp. 15c ea. dwarf ua n«ne. ]5c ea.; lo. ina t txllas, ea.; 1?. card* InaM, 6c ea. or (2.11: Kulll toacri, 7?:; r-Aicnet |£M, "c; ill. J ver angeli, 59c; T wormj, l?c: 1?. portion ef shrtrTO. 3fc; to. «r. swords, 7/11; Ivmbo d.icws, . S«.M. 1 SALE ENDS SUK.. MARCH 13 · TROPICAL FISH MOUSE f r UW CHERRV AVE. WOW1!! ' HERE'S WHAT YOU WANTED r Clown Loachas $1.89 Stt. 1. Sun, ontv. Reel's Troplcil Fish. )«U E. A^ondra. CoiTO'on m b!Vs. W. or Atlantic, ill 4SM QUARIUMS, Ii gal. PKHCO Mlrlctt 1 Hers. Complete with accessories. Stand rish 150, alio 10 gal. w/Mlrldt lillers i. HI acceiiotlis. Boarding, Grooming EXPERTS ALL BREEDS KENNEL RARE CE l-im tHE PUPPY HOUSE Pure mlied breeds, I605 Par* B vd. ME X-WII. OMIT 10 to I. Wldx rnMk. 2 yn« c*o«rj. cha.-n' P-'oi slock, BOod wl!rt cnlldrtrn. DOG GROOMING BY TRAINEES POODLES. TOYS M, WIN. 15 TERRIERS, {IEI WJRES, ETC. H SPANIELS sV BY apol. Qlhtf. wVi. PaDirs, irtoli^ 150 up. HA ENGLISH Pointer DUPI. Excel, hunt- en. Wonderful net. 1«0 StftAi*.- African Baieuji Pups Barkleu dOfls, AX.C. GA 1-31)4 cat. 7 moi. old. 150. 3ERMAN shephtrd, Fawn colored, nule, 1 nw., rvo MM/J, $10. Good vfllh chlldrci. I4j-7iii BEAUT. Mina'~blrd. Great talkir. Liuctf.1 L jneeiei. Rcil Tame. )1M. KEV411 FANCV c'geoni J. common'i. Me Ing on Beach. Ph. KM 050 FREE Pun, 2 maa. o!rf. Call betw. 10-2 p.m. 4»-»5i CWHpFOj^PJJPPIES AKC. small mlnlalure d«ch^uAd. Mah. femal*. 3 mo. old. UUP5I J^E.Ulh. 13t«M BEAGLE MALE PUPS. AKC REG. PHONE HA 9-CJN POODLES, AKC. Toy, niln, ISO t C L AC K toy mlin. French poodi e. US. Call4?3-tUO AKC Tov Pood'« PUDS. Black, male, (ISO; Fern »lt, *I2V HA -UU Miscellaneous for Rent 96 LGE. clean dry oarap* for Hw- age. $1.50 110. GE IK4S. EASILY ftcctslbt garage, 11?~50 SID-CLEAN d/v gir. far Uortae. L.B. Blvd. PCH. TE3-9« NLB-- 5gl. or dbl. oaracf for car or iloragt. iTMH* GARAGE FOR STORAGE GARAGE-- nr. Cheilnul I»lh SI. .10. Slorace prtf erred. GE M750 Hotels Morels 97 IFOR RENT) DELUXE APIS. Kitchen, dismiss, Uncm, pool, miW, TV, from iM wV. or « per rfay LO. ?MO L.B. Blvd. linens, by pit, golf crse. D a y c f UOwk. w. POOl, TV. 4600 E. 7ln iervlce. 117 W. W* KE W 7-,7». 1090 OBISPO * GE 3-90li HOTEL ABERDEEN! 19 wk. up Bin St09. 134 E. III. CJ'I HE 2-91S1 KITCHEN, IV. POOL $30 vA. UP. ^4 W. Pacific Cit. Hwy. «1 Slit Retirement Hotel 17-A WISSAH1CKON INN (HOME artav from HOME) 4 acres beautiful cardtni, jur- rounoed by 300 Irult Irees, * beaulilul vitw of iht movn'alni 3 meals every day. free llmou- sine itrvke, maid ccrvlce, aimci. All rooms »n PRIVATE We move you FREE .[small furn.) Many Rooms i. Collagts to choose from. Prices start 1135 mo., In eluding all Ihe above. Wrilt P.O Box 57. Redland), Cillf. )uplev«s w4 ,N«ti 103 FunitsJied Ap«rtm r rit$104 'FURKUHtO- . rt ,vt/-. nr Ar*ii J80 MO UTII PAID I'U'NO BfcAUl 1i71 Jvnlptro. Child, pt. 4S4-(4]; R. Boch, rurrt. uswr tiiv Lac. l-Br. MW Ige. T 8r. «»r. Mr. 17 SI. J on oh. Own 1.4. OHUi flyln tttr, 1'i dvPiiK. paUo. Fin* . r ?S! t '-°?;_ A _ t M 1 5-_ N * P«'»- W-074 « ra bed, w/w carMl/'Aovil. Mo Mil. 30M E. 3rd. lhCr.0. 14fU^ DlwTOn. -I2I-3U4 n L w B '~ls B E R ll?.mni rm GA a ^l4) 49 'feV^WfirftV' yd ' * rndrv LEAN l«i. Sole.. 1 »du1t. 145 mo. Nr. but lint. I94t Lirrve. IIXY KNOLLS. LftJpl JlrvgK US. 1 Br., Gar. avail. *7. GA j-4m ·6DRM. dvo'cy. Large. Furnished. Child ok. wavher »I5. UWGivb^ - 7S-4 LARGE PLEASAN1 roomi. Ad^li. 1700 Pin*. Duplexes and Hah 104 ·A JUST COMPLETED ·£· All Elec. Studio Duplex' 3-BR., 1 balht. ctrp«n, or J pel, bullMns, prlvatt fenced yard. Nice /ILfi ar«». Aik for Mr. \Vllllarni. «5X Garrfenla GA 3 WS; OJ--MM SMdovl 3 brdioom up»r, w-w caroeli. cenlral htif. Ige. kitchen w/bsr. 1100. 143-B Proiotcl. ST4- 115-- TO BDD/eciale, let how really ovely 3-Br., S clefhei cioicti, srere room t. laundry rm. !, apl.. n ce Adults. 1W7 Paclllc. Wall; lo "| 95-- CHOICE mod. upo*r J-bd/m., car., llreol.. trav. d/aoei, quid Am. nr, Arteila-L.R. Blvtfl.. free- 7 wavt 4 n\arVtti. 43MU4: 471*3177 f 5952 LINDEN-- LSE 2-BR LARGE 1 Br, Oripei, ddp., oarage. vo enclosvfc, waler paid. Close n. SI CO mo. 1157 No. Gull, WIL _ mlnglon. 130 C 13 1 S'lCNAl HILL Ullri mod. rBr., sloye. d/aceij crol.. pwd ilorage We Give Blue Chip Stamps 1-BR., REDEC., rear. 1W. I5J/-B WESLEY Or. r L.B. 241-5754; tU Jfir KING ill« sludlo, paMo, bulll-lni, r^wer. $105--1 vr. Ttaie. Crdldren. 734 Lomk VisU Or. |tti t. Mag- 2 BDRM LAKEWOOD Extra Ufoe new duplex, buMMni, $110 2-R. twr. Rugs, all egrNlnj, drpi, refrl?., ifov«, vrAShtr. adits. 773 Redondo Ave. 47V2944 1 BR.. desirable tocallcn, 570. n- eluding large oarage, own Idrv. rm.. atfulll. 329 E. 25th. GA 7 iM? LGE dlx 7 bdrm, ? bnh, caroe i, drapes, ilove, gar.. 1 child OK. U10 Esther, L.B. N.L-B.-- 3 Bdr., 3 bath, studio, children O.K. HID. 7«21 E. 43rd. GA 3 1274 US-- NR. downln., SI. Anlhonyt 4 buj«, n;od«rn upper lift dan l-br, duplex, adullt. HE S-fttf. 155: 1 BR., new tfecor, ^dwd lleon cU sr. cjrX. lr,a rtir I?t1 A1Unlk: fenced yd. Children -t- pel] OK. I0m Rejpin SI. 131-7112 BRANO new all eleclrlc 1 B/., W/TY, tfrapei, *lr condllknto*, caraae). 2144 Elm. GA 4-1773 NLB -- Sunny rooms, t br., yard 1 , «ar. r adults, ne pett. $5. \Vater LARGE clean lower fronl 7 br,, Ikt nerv. E. aide, drapei, W'V nanets.dUp.tl25 AdlTs. HE -W41i PENSIOMER5 PREFERRED I.L.6., br,, dlip., ilove 4. r» LYNWOOD-- S7J. I-BR. New w. to w. piVit. Rang«, rtfrlp., dlsp. Gar, Prf. tkXrly. l?21 Lowls*. HE I-4i» NICE fenced yard. Children ok. I BR. dvoJex. Soaca for washer. NLB Lge. 7-bdrm., w/w, gar., water Dd, Clote lo stern 1 bvs llncsr also l-br. 5350 Oranpe GA i- 19 upper, den! formal din, rm. Gar! Admits. 37 U Lewts Ave. GA 4-3W4 SIS MO. l-br., gar. Loe. on Monlaf Ave. 1 blk. from Los Altos ihOD o!ng cenler. Catl GE t^4U. U7.50. n\l PODDY. 4»-444K a BRS.. lenccd yd., child rc.i OK No pel$. Yard done. $95. 421-907 yard. GE 1-UO*; 5914415. SI5 1-BR., front, w/w crpU drapi e ectrlc stove refrlg. GA J-124 EAST SIDE-- 3-bd/m., close lo ifio olng, bus. Call HA 5-IJ». ' Rooms for Rent 91 LARGE i-Mrm. f^wttt. iw ATTENTION MEN j ROCKIII JIO up. i5M Long Beach ; Bivd. PANELEO RMS. CLEAN. 111-115 BELMONT Short Allf. Cltan qviet Sep. enlr. r Prlv. balr» f emol. man M CE junny rm. for lady, prlv bath, w*lk,rxj dttL down In., kllch LAKEWOOO -- Laroc iUfp]f\o roorr for m»1ur* ma.t, vrOfMng days BELLFLOWER-- Lge, rm. In beau! home, with pool, sis wk. TO MSf MO -- PRIV. BATH t ENTR. 414 Fountain of) fermlno al I'XQ blk BEL. SHORE; prl. enl., barh, palto twin bedi. IM CLaremonl. 4lfl$S7 WELL FuRFJ. culel room, p^l,home. Rellred lady. 419-2471. MS WK. Lge. new rm., crl. enlr wi. 6a1h. m E, Arieila. 472-5-n ROOM, kllch. p r tv. 17.50 wk. Ladlij Dnnrn. 4lk Unden. 411-tti.l, CHEERFUL. Prlv. shower, reFrig holDlale. $10 wk. 30J3 Paiadena. DOV/NTH. Hikpg., refrtir., Jho,v«r parking, i?. Man. 316 V;. ICI ALArAlTOS Bay home to share wit olher men. Reference], GE I-6G6 ONTN. M.SO. Hikp.7. Prlv. V/i1e slower, parking, 1200 Alamllo 5S5 MO., or ?15 wk. UP/ also apt 1777 Oierrv. HE S-H3 CLEAN ROOMS, cutiklt entrance I? wk. uo. UI3 Elm Av*. 4JS-Ki NICE cea^ rmi. KM che n prlvll. ! wV. UP. 731 V/. IM. 432.741 I? UP, culel, attractive rc-xr · OOV/NTOWt; rm. w!lh balh, ties oulel. MS mo. 331 Pin* Ave. .: 19 uo. 4\9 V/. Jth 2, 401 Chetlnu RfA., private cntrtnct A barh, J LADY PENSIONERS, MICE HOtf 1 Room and Board 10 - 3~^b~HrVC~l^i"b*Thr"li repl ate ~f nT " vr. leaie. 5192 i^vlirk L*n Hunlmglon Beach. ' 1-BR. newly dec. Dlio., gar. Ad*! 1 0010 Spiuldlnu. 4354U1. UO--7-BDRM. Child 12 OX, pa (urn. 7755 California, Av. 4?7 WV 570-- 1-BDRM. dlipoia*. llr. Par r.icunt Artei ti ftl. MA t-Ilii Adulli. Kt RtiJOftdO, tik 144 S5S-- I-BR. Lower. Advlts. Mo pel W5 -- VERY 'are» 1-BR. 1. De li?4 Htnderion, L. B. 591 4041 ·BR. DUPLEX. 37J9 CHERR AVH. ADULTS, NO PETS. N.L.B., 115-- Hr, new, 1 Ice. B gar., pool, baby, fncd vd. 17? E. 49 1'BDRM. lower, i7S. Adult], 415 S1 TRACTIVE sunny k.w«r 1-Bdrm Advlls, 364 rViolino GE 1-7121. 1-K. apac., car., Teen ck. V 4?4 E. l«lh. HE 6-2*M; HA |-H H.L.B.-- 170. l-br., var., oardine children. ICI7 E. 70th WAV. 4-BR., redec., U1IIITV room, chlldre 1173. 734 Lomi Vfsla Dr. 434-310 · l?5-7-BR.. par., dlip., water pd. 5135 VJa Veranarfa. 477-f01 ' t W-- U P PE R 1 - Br. , fwfuc«, dJsp. A 157.50-- I-BR. v*/sar. ISS^/, S. C*1 ' rornl* AVI., Paramovnt, GA 2-644 I "iH5-- BEL. SHORE, HUGE H£V DELUXE CUSTOM 3-BR. 4JM6W ' 145-- 1-8R., w-w carpel, tlove. r« rig - AdullS. 3474 E. 4lh SI. 433-lU $15-- 2-BR. ChfWrenok, Fncd. vtf. N dogs. UHl 1 . 1 ? Kuniaker, TO 4-3U 7 1 BOR. water pd. rJo yd. vro/k . Atfulls. No pell. 3953 Virginia Rd S NLB 1 BR., stove rtfrfg.. yd - 4l7rt Pl»tt. UO. HA 1-793 DELUXE 1 BEDROOM A r c vov aS3*'litiid vil'h Mill 7? $25WK., UTIL. PD. Htc). Pool, Prkg., Lndry. 1430 SOUTH ST. "Electrically" Clean FURN. cr CNFURN. Dcluie }-br. ftvill-lni, carpli. drapi. Ereyalar, t Vxki Ic Irtiwav. \n CHESTNUT ijixn PATIO GARDENS 10I« E. 7IJ1 /U-UI7 I'r.. modern, Oanlin decor., car- GOID MEDALLION TBR. t6vnttofQOl, swln^mln^ oooli w w crpt., dr.Mi, all f?tcirlc bullt-lni. a)uMi only. IIS LOMA AVC GE t.}Z]7 4644 LKWD. BLVD. EOra large 1 Mrm , ,*« crpU . draoei. txrln In oven t ra-^c: Mmagir Aol ». Near Douglas i Crrcl* Mrm.. i,M. ptf.. healed txwl. UO vreeX. ]»J LaXewocd Blvtf .S«I,J»I U10UI -BR. + P'ULLDN. J75 ^M. E X T R A ROO-M FOR BABY CU-WAIER PD X»J CEOAO !»l-Sj?S alitr 5 or »k irxjv »45.OLDER BACH-GAR BORM., clean a*d comlanab'e. launflfv. '/i Nok bulllne. »;/. IIJ7 AUM*NKA. all. !:?a 4)2 COM ^ear St Marv's $87 50 3 Bdrm. Sunny cor. Redtc. Ldrv. Adulli. 1050 Elm. HE MJil 00-LOE. 1 bdrm , oilra nice lurn. W-w caro^l. dltmul. wattier orver, luodecx A Mllo. Baby at sit ohio. Aot. B. GE I.KHJ ·BR. $65-- S~ING"LE $55" Larce 1. clean. All ulll. Mid. .71 ' 1:. ISlh. Mgr. Aol. B. ·AllTIFUl 1 1 MMrm.. Ijrn. t. unfurn.. ri!4. oool, w-w carpel draoei, BSQ, oar. Ctoie 10 buv »0 UP. a* Allanllc. GA MMI 2275 EUCALYPTUS Sharo ? bdrm., w* coll. Bum In ranae. Manager Aol. S. Nr. Irani., Hare*, (is-- Slnolt, ulll. od., advm, no pell. 3764 $15 WK-- $55 MO. Clean i m.. uiili. pd. l!« Di«i«i. BEAUT. NEW 1 2 BR. Go d Med. apl., luxurjouilv tvtn, : \\ti MAGNOLIA HE liC44 ' Ocean Front Luxury 3 bdrm., 2Vi balhi, FA heat. »-w 1 irreol., prlv. oar. t!JS. HE 1-Wl p $2"6 WK. FREE UTIL. ' JJi Cheitnut. Ph. X34-7397 ; NAVY, CHILD OK, MEN · I-BR.. in *k., icr. in, uiii.. clean., 114 Junfnero. GE S-diW. o'.dtr 4 olex. mod. balh. kllch.. dlsp., crou-top relrlg. r aixitii. In- Lge., Din. 1 Br. $30 Wl. Buill Ini. pool, 1110 mo. 1 BR., US wk. JlSTrno. JSS5 CHerrv SPACIOUS I-B"DR"M $65 *Freihlv pafnlrt. v«rv clean, law.r 33J4 E. llh 51. GA 7-31(4 UPTOWN -- SINGLE Lower, resec. JSO «o E. 7nd SI. $73-- UTIL. PD. 1 520 E.' 2ND Sglei. 4. Dblii. Ullli Dd. Adulli IMS G l a d v i - IIAl'SUO | LGE. FRONT SINGLE. PARKING HO DRINKERS. EASTSIOE. GA 1-11U FREE UTILITIES TRAOEWmOS, liSI Sculh St. IMMAC. 01,. Sol. HO. OAM97I SGLE' .on. wim ouiidn. bed. Xii . ulll. oald. SSO mo. Mlddleafled d-Jll. 350 E. f \\hec. «S Ulf. BEL. Shore. Sgl. 1. 1 or. 940 S75. Nice. Nr. bos, tlorei. Qulel. , SO Belmenl A««. HA S-7JM ' DtWxe I Bdrm. NTcily turn. 107 PROSPECT 411 «! LARGE reifec. upper 1 far-., adull], 110, nr. Redondo 4 Anaheim. ^ IH-IHi alter 4 p.m. ] NEWLY dicor, 3gle. aol., orourxf floor, mlddleaged lady prel.. ISO mo. Cloie In W. iTde. HE 7-MSO Loe. 2-Br. or 1-Br, modern aoli. 3^1 E. DIM. 434-t»5, HE UM tit. OCEAN BLVD. Sharp, nicely turn. l-Br., ulll. pd. t)25 mo. 434-7073 or 47J.7745. $60 I-BR. GARAGE Wairier lurn. 414-»3!; O7-SI33 527 W. 3RD, UTIL PD. Lge. allract. Sole,, I47.». 1 br. ill 923 GRAND-- $65 Clean loner 1 BR. GE 93311 $50 SGL. -$60 I-BR. UIJIl. pd. Pel child ok. 1930 Charrv. BEST APT. BUY'lN TOWN K7.SO. 1 br.. healed pool. U I!U Or lee 4»0 Cherry. Mjr. API. J $25 WEEK 1 BDRM. Ul.l. pd. Child ok. 4UIIM 237 LINDEN SINGLE APARTMEIIT, ADULTS kl/*/4 In 1 Rr HniK* tCK 7643 LIME AVE. « »45 1 $60 SINGLE. UTILS. PD. Shower.. 1)30 Raymond. 431MB s SEL SHORE 1 J 2 BR. , 43 Belmwit. 430^11 or 4}?-?711 » 1700 PINE-- $75 j Adulli. Individual wiiri. rr«cri. DLX, /Aod. 1 Br.. refrlG.. bull! In i oven, ^ ml. from Dcuolll. chll- - fren oV. »31 Olive. GA 7-4857. · Furnished Aportm nts 10 i FREE TV. UOMI d. sgie., n^ ' 1 r^vr- nrA^u "!!"· Qui!l lnl c * I6W M * fl- LONG BEACH roiia. BABIES Vr'A/ITEO -' ISS-So'e., uTIL :*!., Wr/., bui 9 mkt», 5J3 V/. 17th. GA 4-5W2, E Aftracr. Bachelor Apf. R Ullli., Free oa/kV. 1713 P.n« Ave ) W5-- DUPLEX, Scv 13 a o o r e c A l ' ho-* really lovely. l-Br., w/w c o f d. dlip. Adult. 1077 Pacific. GE 4-115 5 D3.50V/EEK. Orlnkeri, imofc«'ri 0 *· Ho grouche:, ISO mo. II3J Hoffman Ave. GE »-6IO ' ' 7~~Y~R ld~J -- A -- b~" 'rf II ROUM ~P° ara -. tj=**J 'n-aij, /,'r.i f|gv/LY Fu*fl. 1-bdrm. apt. W»t( - : X'r e JL br «rV;n 1 °fII5i' A w*? 6 «j « ''-AMY Mansloi, for sen-or eMiierit. ihoapino. I»j6 HerxJ*»ion. »M7 W14 Peter ton 4JOl7? ' tJEV/ J-BfiT lu'rn., «2 JwWpero. .KO. GE X^»; GE M129 169.M lo 1110. Ull'i. pd. Nr. Wllion Hk Quid. Pvl. (Kk7, 1001 Belmonl * 1 ON BUS LINE. * I WO-- 3 1-8RM. *Dli. vVller ctf. M0i2ftll ljrg« 1-BR. SIO. Hr* bui ( c i?a UP. U1il. ptf. 1 Br,, wall bed. Fl/. thcc:pircr, Rcdec. Mil Chesinul mos. old. Pft._l714l 626-3347. _ l \\/^ M C \ A / ' S?i'i'i' ./^"-U.r 8 ^- S j'iS,*iJ 6f * e ' : wiv. t^mt. »l' V/*lnyt. HE 5-2JW woirfrc v~~i»i,;r i««i; 0 ;«~ l i«'p* iVih'' rfl W FVlkS-V V ' °*" 5 RANGE oven, V/orks sood. H * Looit fair. HA 1-T320 4 owntr. JIM Pasatfens. 5»1-5M. hr GAS ranoc « relriotraW. bolh W i STOVE rtfriotrnlor, o»d ur r Sillon. GA MtS -iNEWGUARANTE Se« Ihe new Lower/ M-2S Treal CcmcTe Organ. TAILFORD'S Corn*r BelUICJuver Arle^ia j i . T0.7-C05? - TO 7-2420 . '· cT^r M , .rr^7A ! |^-«5~5a PLAYED PiAHbS"-"HEWi"USE STOVE S«; "'.?;"%? G ° 0d . L»r 5! iflrc.ion Plsytr Rolls - viorlclng comjlllon. aitftA. SMITH'S QUALITY PIANOS _ PALOMIHO-7 yr., Filly I* M j Er t|~ En jSi 0 Mi^' 5S nl jit.'ii*j C " f · Stud coifs, 22 mo. old 8i?.?«3 . 1r " lD - «2 : '33I of 43*-ll^4. ~ \ Pets ?1 "dVv!* 4 t u ir E.' Hm? 4?!^o?3i. "" ; BEAG'LE STUD SERVICE. AXC GOOD HOME to*- man E«C '. ' Hr. mktj, bus. IOW Cedar Av - CLEAN, ilngJel A dilhe -n- $75 mo. 3? MeTo, Belmonl Sho BACH. ROO'MY." "REFRiG. 17 el. Gard-nFa, L.B. Pti: G E 7 n HF I.ITM fOOtf. TV room. i». 427-8UO t tA i r.r 51^1. "f" M *"^' ; B °}joN y uffi^«jj».^ "iS,v.M?i c ' Rentals-^ To Share 102 . "··f_jw«ii2» ?TMi_E^. s L- 1US ELM. 5o-'«J. 15S, 1 tr. t/S, ullh. I,: Bab/. Mf^v oalnf. HE S6091 S3 mkii. *. b«acn. «S, 371* E. Kl. 54 i UO MO. 1 8r. uoper. Ulll. pd., 1 g Ir.fanl ok. I? W. ibl SI. ^ LARGE I-BORM. APARTMENT d, 434-203* , q .»hot»- R««. Z4y73f, .«. 5 , S ^'; R f 0 V-?5?.i^ e .T l Be«h'%D" ' "* T..V n «'f/. TM n " "'tfl? 1 :. '* A «- ' ..""" I ' ?'i' ^ °V-*" B l\^ 1 " 2 «."«^_'« K«nmor«. Call 433-K59 SILVE - R70 N E c - cnsQ , e Ch^dOrV^-, ; P ^J V ^HHCL?"^ """MO." . REFRIG. V^AFJTED--HiOhest caih. e)t ce!. cor.d. Wade SHO w Ih rf -;vn T -Fr57 -- 5TiPpTr^^enV~"rJkr , V/orVIng or no!. "Ben" HE 6-2334 { berxJi t rru?ic boolc. C»JI alter j "AHlEW, f UPr^Pfc^r-UK LAS L · AP r P iVI^i^i^Fn EF 4-ii'wiF D V/ILL BUY USED ORGANS AIJD IRISH SETTER w,DS, A.K.C. C «· · u u H KM r^g EIJ._^_* -- PIANOS FOR CASK . be seen 4 10 1 o.m. J034 Gavio ?5 1? Cy. tr. i^Ul^iJm^^ i^* 3*TO Jt HEm'OCk /-77/t ! Rt;iFr Kound manlFt A K C . rrw If '60 / A A Y T / G autGnidlic w*i' Kr - v1 - Long Beach Piano Co : 4 MINIATURE OooUe*. AKC r 73Furniture for Sale 7 3 : ^'"jv. y*l°!f A t° t K*" 5 ! "»"/ IE !,.r n !. c , cl ,J "ffi »? Insurance Claim Settled Everything Goes Regardless SLIGHTLY SMOKED Exumpls: £ esrnp!*!* fw?. c! r.rv? fursiiurs iflcT. all ma o ,^li..c«i. J1H.OO. E-Z poyme»H «f J4.25 wetdly. In cl»d« FrMier-refrl9*rofor, O'Kc«fe 1 Mtrritt 901 range G.E. into, waiter. Complete dinette, beautiful 4e«r living rm. suite wlrlt tiblei 1 lamps. Alia fashionable bedVoon te if cn*lce af colors, plus you con pvrchoie all or any par ar rr«mcni(»«! savinqi "now," Many, many other Itemi a giqantlc lavlnqi. EAS1ERH DISCOUNT FURN. 6086 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-9071 - 1 TAILFORD'S TO 7-« 4 RFNT'SE'LLBUY.TUHE T . PIANOS-ORGANS I Vorev's Muiic. 3^5 Pine HE ·'* ne*, 1». 33) Pacific. AoL Ph: 417-2S?? -- WIR6 HAIR Fo/ T e / r i e r Pu , cr-imon IlGCV. AKC. 425-A ^i SILVER To-/ Poodle, iei ^o aoor 35 C POODLES-- B'ack min AKC. E ditsoiit'on, sno's, 4.V1-9 rh GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. Z Call 4»M;j. Leisure V/. . r «"B- ""'._P9- J ." "ET« u 1 YOUNG det*nd«bli bachelw v,8^t- ' "j-y. 3 TMTM **»*'· U U'fc /% H - ed r» mare wiii'tf* ooof JDJ, wi:n J"1 _ u J*^*° n " c *i" um«. J1I-3153. , 1 BORM. Gl'b. (jr»o. V/a:kln,7 d ,, MALE STUDENT lo »h«rc rJce la«« lo fown., _ *iS«03,.t»» 71 i furn aol with sjme. In ftelmont 175 -- 1-BORM., 1 itcry. Chllrf O /v/ , Sn/re. $73 rro, UM. Pd. 4JX^S5S. THe kMch. t bath. 4!4-B ""· V/OMAil wim or without child lo . BEL. HGT5. 170-- Loe. i'r.y«, red an shore tuxH sp'. Pn. W7*X)t. cj - BACHELOR 10 tnare home w/« 'e No imoV« or olnV:. iiS-MlS. - 1 YOUHG MAN want* lo share ; »- T»Mri jame. Shore *r«j._ 4j LADY srtare my" Lk*d. J-BOr J . 3 bain hom« wMh «me. V/A 5- ^?i OlRL lo share 1-BR. jot. v//s* ec. DoAnlo^n. «;-£?S2. · w-iv, drapt). prlv. vd. Aou ^ ! rvj pttv i44t-A E. lit. GE 3-4 ·173.50 --Ulll. od. Larw, aitr"a"cl f dcuWe, Gviti. s^win. 450 O 757 j^-- NICE SINGLE, uni. od. Adu mTM 1817 E. «lh Sr. 755 11W UP-- Chferfuf 2-br., nt-«ly d 7£ Garden tvoe. OIw. 4544 Or»m Ii5 _ T - B R , ADULTS. NEAT ,,, CLEAN. }4?4 Coro-UdO. Gc 4-1 $45 -- REDECORATE, 'a'ge 1 ^.. . H E E D . ^ od t a^a^^^ K co M *· SE LMO"NT HEtGHT^Larsf 2 i2s ' Duplexes and Flats 103 W5 _ UT | UT | £S p|id vn«:V."ir H w'i W ?.'l? rS r ' e «eS 0r 43?4D? C m'r' , "SILVERIEST KENNELS. 634.17S1 FUR.IISHED ( ESTE-Y^^rpjfwaf or«n. ^ri^o^ A.KX^ COCKER (h-M.^CM.rnolcn 560^3 $£·££"»»"*· . A. B. CHASE uo right tfarto, x r ' PIANO VrfANTED -- Prlvaie pa j TE 4-S?SS 'PLGIH Bab/ Grind w»fr.ul p*a i REMODELED K'malt pJarxs. G [ V/ANTED-- PIANO. ( /AAEO!^ 3by ora-xJ D'aofl, r«* abif GA 4-4SH. : UPRIGHT pia*vo. oood ccAd., t nl. GERM. SHEP, wi. AC : b for lerro,, [nicll. beau)/. WW / SPRINGER p-^ci, AXC, shoti. ev«. 4 wVends. only. t«- na. COCKER PUPPIES. 5n*# QWI ChdniO-Oi'i s!£Cf. G£ I- KHJ AKC boxer (XitV«, excel, s! Pet fc ihtr*. 7I4-S3? TOY POODLES. A K C - Black Grav. 424- F4I or 554*513 iyv CHOV/S 1 poodles. PuVl !· if AKC Beauties! NE Puo. TOY Poodle PUP*-- air coiofs, A S*ACRIF1CE BA'a 1 / GRAffD PI* hitd l-BR US TO. Nr. buffi m HW Chiid OK. 1044 Gay^-a. xh. i?.SO'v/K., til mo.* SflJes. Ado !634 Ui». od. 73C5 Lemon. GA 7-9 red SPACIOUS ?'Br., «a/P»n!s. Near 1ST FLOOR-3 large rmi, yl 1. P, 443 BUbv Par.:. W45 E. Ind, 4W-UIO Parklno. 175 m«. 14M V/a«nu "ai 1115 MO 1-br.. ad eUc, w/w coTj BACH 1 50-- 1 -bdrm, uocer 17 J, "95? draoti.' 7?I E. Artei'a. 477 -«37 Rtdoodo. 53-16rt; W-S037. ry NEAR iw* Navy HOJD. Cl**n. Lje. LARGE tyn ] bd/rr K Niwly r« ».·« l-lwjrn*, PVtly lurrt. TE 5-4455 Ulll. P*. «5 GE »·««. Afl cv 1 BDWA., ulM. fwn., neirty (Jecov. $75 MO. -- Quiet, cJi*A, lo«. 1 «W Sharp W5 349 Lemss. S47 Dayman s». HE ^ ° r "icSin 1 '% S-i^tn CA X 'l"7«5 r " B plTrie. K AWIi.*lf»^i r i! GE 8 9- d i li« San FraiKlica. GE 1-1435 0 3701 E. ?NO, /Aodirn blda., ig'« r ,. nicely (urn., *dulti, US. Ulll. pd. H NLB, MS l-br. Vrv nlct. N(*r .; Alfanllc f. South. GA 3-M)t. 70 CLEAN, let. t Br., 4-^ 111. 3!R E. ^ 71h ST.. Apl. 1. Ph. J7-7I45. 71 IOO Coronado, Apt. 12. vf l-BDAM. f pull^n. U'lf. cxi. Hear lo · bv» Hn- mkf. 10M Moilno. i. DEL AMO TrooFea'-- Oytifdndlng J Br.. pool. 11*0-114;. 4MU K. «S-- EXT3A n'ct fr»t laL, rnid SC. »ocd l*dy, TiS E. vih. RE 7-44W t NICE ciea-i vnjif *ot., /w. bui. »i rtults. 1351 St*n:e,-, GE »-7M Br. SCCE. APIS. U T i L . PO,, }14-M V/K. M7.50 'r'O. t?3 MAGNOLIA br. VO TO W3 o«r mo., onont 4 majrf « iery. Ladjes U vn. uo, CE»H' Ts -3*5 STANLEY. SGLES 114 WK. um. PAID,, CMIL.O O.K fl. SI5-'«EOeCORATeO f-B'., watfr J7ft, cairf. Hf. tw«, »T 8 r«. 3tV95?t nr. ocean. U34 E. 2«i- 4 " HE7.iSs M ~' J1 o 3 r E ' 3R H D Eim2 ^* ° *rii n i*'iJtn" Iin""" GE 1 V*4 3IW Htrotx. 05-45JS; 434-7125. 7M7 nifelv Bui. «S4 C-rr:ini. HE A-.Wi |?ii cllitfei JJZVi LOvlie 415-iMS 'Ie* onl/. 1354 EuO'd. 43*-**'" 5GLES. FROM I70.7J. 7313 N ? J - 1 5Sl fe"M H eS E JI7 3 ^ R GE U ^SJ75 * 1175?' Ae !h,?.' t ApV P 1 I ; I*!?? Cedar h |lw cillrfrw!' WS* E. ihh, AoT. 0. : * lp S *^ T ^?trY, l MVrO. W ^V/ Cr i P Sih °IJl" X rknr*US.^tt. n 3W CE** r

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