Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 10, 1966 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 20
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Radio Telmmion TLJMBCnAY UADCM IA IOAA PAftC Movies Comics DON SCHELLIE Another Battle In War On Computers Dad says he's in the awkward age: old enough for bursitis, too young for Medicare. --Green Sheet o o o TOO MUCH was too much. Tucson advertising exec Elk Harwood was just about fed up with computers. Especially the kind used by those national credit card outfits. Those machines kept misspelling proper names on the cards themselves "almost to toe point of non-recognition," misbilling, and goodness knows what else. So Elk guessed he'd write a snitty letter to the credit card outfit and ask them to get things straightened out, f'r Pete's sake. "Maybe we'll just have to accept fate, but it's distressing to note how completely ordinary your customer relations have become," wrote the Tucson ad man. "You have become victim of a computer -- an error-making computer." Went into great detail about the electronic monster's many sins, Elk did, and advised the credit card outfit to Shape Up or Ship Out. Or something. And he fired off that letter to New York City and waited. Didn't have long to wait. A few days later his letter was returned to him. It came in an envelope which had, surprisingly, been addressed -- or misaddressed, rather -- by hand: Elk Harwood Harwood Adv Inc Tucson, Phoenix Ariz Had Elk hurt the computer's feelings and been turned over to a human being for special handling? Then he noticed a printed form . clipped to his original letter. "Dear Cardholder:" it began. "We are sorry to have to return your correspondence, but it does not show your credit card number. In order that we may serve you promptly, please enter the number in the box below and send the 'correspondence back to us with this form attached. "Your help will be. sincerely appreciated ..." 0 0 0 WHILE WE'RE on the subject, the Citizen's city editor received a computer-processed piece-of mail the other day from the Defense Supply Agency (a Federal Outfit) in San Diego, Calif. Abbreviating is fine, says the city ed, but this? It was addressed: C/ED ARIZ DLY STRDLY CITZN "Oh, well," he reasoned, "at least they didn't address me as a number..." o o o TUCSON JEWELER Frederick Fisher got into the swing of the community Copper Days celebration. He put a coat of copper-colored paint on the fancied-up gold fire hydrant in front of his Stone Avenue shoppe. 0 0 0 A GIRDLE, reports Filbert Frappe, is something that keeps an unfortunate situation from spreading, o o o A FEW LINES snipped from the pages of the VFW News of Illinois: "How do you expect to get to heaven?" asked the exasperated mother as her son became more and more mischievous. "Well, I'll just run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, 'For heaven's sake, Billy, come in or stay out!' " Action, Please If you have a question or a problem to be solved, involving any governmental agency or public matter in the Tucson area, write to Action, Please, care of the Tucson Daily Citizen. Reporters will investigate your queries and answer them in this column. Questions must be submitted in writing, and must contain your full name and address (which will be withheld from publication on request). Mound Untouchable QUESTION--Can something be done about the debris and mound made of desert rock and sand that holds back water runoff from the mountain in the vicinity of Sentinel Peak Road and Cedar Street? Can the water be channeled another way and the mound cleaned up?--Name withheld by request. ANSWER -- Investigation by city forces shows this mound is on private property. The persons who built this dike, or mound, did so to protect their property from flooding. Therefore, city officials say the city cannot channel the water to any other place. If it did, it would run the risk of being sued as private property is entirely involved. In other words, it's an untouchable, as far as the city is concerned. Flowing Wells Hole QUESTION -- I have been in many places over this country and have yet to see such a street department as in Tucson. I have lived in the Roger Road-Flowing Wells area for a year now--and in and out of Tucson for the last 10 years. I go miles out of my way to get down' town to avoid the incredibly bad street conditions on Flowing Wells Road in front of the high school Out of these : dangerous conditions on Flowing Wells a number of facts have developed: 1--The children going to and from school have to wade through water. There is absolutely no drainage for the lakes that pile up at the gate. 2--The water reaches a depth of over 6 inches on what is left of road surface and over a foot deep, in the chuckholes. I have measured at one time or another some of the holes to a depth of 8 inches, with vertical walls. Some of the holes are at least 3 feet across. There are warning signs up sometimes. Much of the time there is one-way traffic. 3--A large part of the school grounds are unusable for days on end--flooded. 4r-Cars drive through off of the road and create a hazard for foot traffic. Cars following the road have a good chance of knocking front ends out of line, injuring tires and damaging underbody areas. Why should the taxpayers have big car expenses due to poor planning and street care? Why can't the city find a way tc drain the wa'er out of this s e c t i o n and the school grounds? Why can't permanent paving be put down? It seems apparent to many taxpayers in this area that the Town of Tucson does not care about the health or safety of the children or the higher living costs of the car owners.--Hiram L. Parent, 1453 W. La Pasadita. ANSWER -- It is just as bad as you say it is, and it existed long before this area was annexed to the city. Unfortunately, it will continue to exist until the city can acquire the necessary right of way.for drainage. Officials of the Public Works Department say that the Flowing Wells Drainage Opening and Widening District eventually will provide right of way for the solution of this hole. The city has been and is trying to get this district started. When it will become a reality no one knows. Hopefully soon. Paving in front of the school is interim type installed by Puna County many years ago. When the drainage problem is solved, a new permanent paving will be installed. ANN LANDERS Proud Canadian Girl Gets Bad Information DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am a teen-age Canadian girl who loves her country and is very proud of it. 1 just returned from a visit with an aunt and uncle who moved from Canada to Nevada last year. I learned from a neighbor girl that they had introduced themselves to everyone in the community as new arrivals from London, England (instead of London, Ontario). I asked my aunt why they did that and she said, "U.S. citizens look down on Canadians. They think we are peculiar." Then she added, "They consider the English, on the other hand, quite elegant." I never knew this before and am terribly hurt. Please explain. -- Your Neighbor to the North DEAR NEIGHBOR: Don't judge all U.S. citizens by a few ignoramuses. Speaking for myself, I can tell you that I have met many Canadians and I find them refreshingly wholesome and charming -- particularly the teen-agers. 0 0 0 DEAR ANN LANDERS: My wife is worrying herself sick over lomething and I need your help. Yvette (not her real name) has been ill off and on for a long time. Several months ago she went to a doctor who did more for her than all the other doctors put together. Not only is she feeling fine but , she is bright and cheerful for the first time in years. Yvette wanted the doctor to know how grateful she was so she tried to hold his hand and tell him. He suddenly became very cool to her and has been that way ever since. Yvette now realizes that he misunderstood her intentions and she is sick over it. This doctor is quite youthful and handsome and no doubt many women patients make passes at him. Yvette has never had a roving thought, much less a roving eye. She is an affectionate person who sometimes goes overboard to let people know she appreciates them. How can she get this across to the doctor so he will be friendly again? -Upset, Too DEAR UPSET: Yvette could have expressed her appreciation without trying to hold the doctor's hand. Suggest that she restrain herself on future visits. The doctor will become friendlier when she demonstrates by her behavior that she is not after him. o o o DEAR ANN LANDERS: I just read the letter from the mother who complained because her miserable neighbor ran over her son's bike in the driveway. The same thing happened to me and I am no miserable neighbor. I'm a pretty decent guy. I felt bad about wrecking the kid's bike, but I was also, mighty thankful that it was a bike I had run over and not a small child. When I confronted the parents with pieces of then 1 son's bike they admitted their son had been extremely careless and happily accepted my proposal that we share the cost of a new bike. I will never again back out without checking behind me. The boy has vowed that he will never again leave his bike in a driveway. So we both learned something.--Second Chance DEAR SECOND CHANCE: I hope all of us learned something from your' letter. Thanks for the education. o o o If excessive drinking is wrecking your health or destroying someone you love, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Help for the Alcoholic," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Tucson Daily Citizen, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, Copyright 196* 842 S. 6TH AVE. 624-2481 TUCSON OWNED AND OPERATED FLASH TV IS REMODELING PROGRESS CANNOT BE STOPPED; MARCH IS "LIVE BETTER WITH ALL AMERICAN BRANDS MONTH 11 "WE MOST ENWEO AND COWfD TV, AffLIANCt STOtt" 5 YEAR PICTURE TUBE GUARANTEE OPEN DAILY TIL 9 -- SUNDAY TIL 6 Here's the fresh look in COLOR TV MOTOROLA Rectangular Color TV Motorola Transistor RADIO 6 Trans RADIOS $399 Start At At FLASH T.V. Rectangular COLOR Portable COIMTO By Motorola FLASH TV 1 **""»«»Mh*fc* Slim, compact cabinet! Big picture! · Color indicator light · Tint control · All 82-channel UHF and VHP tuning · Solid-State UHF color tuner · Lighted-UHF and-VHP channel indicators · Push-button demagnetizer · Power transformer Rectangular i| Color TV 1 PAY AS LITTLE AS $099 £ Per Week Lnw " Jl Tndtln ir Contemporary consul*. 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