Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 6
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P« 3 « tKX Out. run. Km c Soviet's Mystery Lunik-IV Passes ·' · Halfway Mark on Voyage to Moon Gty Atty. Gerald Desmond .Wednesday announced he win CLEARANCE SALE FRIDAY 9 A.M. - 3 P.M. Oa* Day Salt -- lij l»4ucticn» -- It Tkert WThm · Deon Op«a for B«»t Stltctcn DRESSES ........ ... I0e-S0c SEBTS ................. 25c-50c £ie«» I colt. Etc. Thiiit Shop 6th SI. Pacific M O S C O W (UP I) -- The the power of sa ~erbital a trail to the moon for the Soviet Union's mystery lunar bomb" using the same basic', probe Wednesday successfully'principle as the launching of 1 .--*,.;,.* ,»,,» »,»! ,_ ,-_· - v .. £sHd te halfiay mark on the moonjhdt. | f»« ·* «***"** «J»t he jeek re-*5««wn m the May its jouTMy toward the mooa.1 Lunik-IV was placed in mj W*ves more fl.ghti of auto-14 Long Beach primary. There was increasing specula-'pirking orbit around the earth.nutic space stations and Desmond. 45, his served as tion of an attempted landing, by a powerful rocket and then W** carrjing animals win city attorney for tLe past Soviet scientists would shed'blisted toward the moon bylbe necessary before a manned.three years. He was a mem- no light on the speculation'* carrier rocket Red Staring to the moon can be ber of City Council for sue but one said a -softTM landing'boasted of the invincibility of.undertaken. [years and was_ vke mayor by the IJi-'oTM ^P^e vehide|such rockets used as a mili-| "It's coming." he said. "Itifrorn 1954 to 1937. "seems technically possib!e.",tary weapon which it said had is possible that the first trip! He was born in Long Beach The probe was reported to pinpoint accuracy. to the raooa win be made byjand graduated from Poly have traveled 134.215 miles . . . . | one of the spacemen who,High School. Long Beach City in the firrt 24 hours. j THE OFFICIAL Tass newiheard the announcement- [College, the University of Addint a grimmer note to agency said telemetric infor-j ^California and received his the scientific exploration was'mation showed all systems^ n nn t. Want Prirr* Uw ****** the warning in the Soviet were working normally and u o n ' v anl * nzes I army newspaper Red Star of'that the space ship shou!d ( LONDON Wv--The govern-: 'arrive in the vicinity of the ment-operated British Euro-, Gerald Desmond Seeks Re-election as City Attorney in May 14 Primary law degree from Harvard Law School. He has been in law practice for 22 years. c^«n Jei«r»« i» no* ?o» rt*m. leT.n."--A. LincoTii. George F. Reinhard SckoolBoord. UI.U.S.O. TOTt TOMOIIOW. AfSIl I DESMOND said he is proud GERALD DESMOND Announces Candidacy 'moon on Saturday. It"is radio-pean Airways offered prizes ing information on a fre- to its employes for politeness of the personnel and the per- quency of 183.6 megacycles, to passengers. The employes formance of the city attor- Yuri Gagarin, the worWs rejected the idea Wednesday jne/s office, adding: first cosmonaut, hailed the'and their union chief said "I feel we have a first- night as "another big vk-'they want more pay and bet-'dass law office w h i c h is i know of anywhere in the . tory" for the Soviet space'ter working conditions, not called on constantly to face state. The office, in addition i na program and said it is blazing'prizes. ' 'the biggest challenges that I, to being the legal counsel for' tht City Council, for ihe'servke he c?trd his private boards and commissions ofk w practice here. He has the city and all of the many.been president of the Recre- - tity departments, handles the ation Commission, J u n i o r legal work connected with Chamber of Commerce and. the operation of the world's Native Sons of the Golden fastest-growing harbor and West. Exalted Roler of Long the airport the functioning Beach Etts Lodge, command- of two public utilities provid-'er of American Legion Ala- ing water and gas, the coaj-'mitos Bay Post and a direc- pies problems involved in the .tor of many other organiza- development of the nation's uoru. second largest oil field and! The son of one of the the many ramifications aril-js f a t e ' s most distinguished ing from legislation or pro-tjurists, the late Walter Des- posed legislation which could mond, be has an unusual rec- adversely affect the future of |O rd as a vote-getter. In both our city." 1954 and 1957 he received For three years before re- the highest number of votes signing to enter military ^st for any candidate for sen-ice, Desmond served as a council and in 1960 upset the special assistant to the U. ^incumbent city attorney by Attorney General and as as-'a two-to-one margin, sistant U. S, Attorney for the He was married in 1936 to Southcrr. District of Cahfor- the former Virginia Slater of Long Beach. They have four AFTER World WarII Navy!daughters and a son. Urt ludL Cjltf, Ttarj, IM! c 1M REGULAR REPORTS BY OVER-THE-COUNTER FIRMS SOUGHT A-7 SEC Galls for New Stock-Market Regulations 8y STERLING F. GREEN j To curb shady practices, market was mild, even favor-| Bui the SEC report--orJy'attomey Milton H. Cohen. securities and Exchange Com- jiissioa called Wednesday for ,(vr laws and sterner self- the report said, the should: policing jusiness by to the securities correct "grave victed criminals from selling port tit the news wires. itock;ing 12 pounds-- called for a ( Senate investigation of jbuses" it «a«d were un- ;overed in it* sweeping investigation of · narket t h e stock job. I. Have power to bar coo- SEC able, in apparent relief at the,the first of two installmenU ( noted in his own letter of mildness of the findings. Af^but so b u l k y that it was transmittal that the probe-ter the closely guarded re-|bound in five volumes weigh-jthe first since the sensational stock. prices surged toward newjhalf-dozen pieces of legis-!wtuch brought about ereation' ( ji cl tj oa ^ 2. License every individual highs in moderate trading on.lation to protect the public, [of the SEC--found no ock salesman, and encour- New York's "Big Board." i t also disclosed that more pr stock age better training for the the securities taws. Cohen said: "We have had excellent co-j operation all the way up and It'* some in-1 self-regulation th e j prevalence of "gross abuses'* G. Keith Funstoe, president [legislative recommendations!" in that earlier day. of the New York Stock Ex-twffl be forthcoming. The emphasis in this re- The second installment of the SEC report--* n 61 h e r seven chapters--will be ready But the commission, in ts-Jcial reports from major firms .cHately begin * suing a 1,600-pa'ge report.whbse stocks are traded "overjof the recommendations, but v h i e h h a d been fearfully the counter"--those not listed awaited by the nation's H- on the recognized exchanges. study committee headed ( i-- , . "· -- ·-.·»-- _v_-. _--*.r-._ --.· |"·-- **·*· · w---TM-n~---o* i · n^ ^tufr^.n*,»ii» u« *··j ·*-- sgvcHdupicr*^~'Wuj DC rcfloy X Recerre periodic fman- change said ft win imme- The Senate securities sub-port on present shortcomings ia about six weeks, the House «,i r.~^«. *^TM _.i,. r.TM. J:,,^T_ v^«-« . ^.~».,i ,..^»,,T~V--;...» v.,^^i by Sen. should neither obscure nor]subcommittee was told, and is Jr, D- detract from the many as-ijEC will have some legisla- . Arranging special time payments with a number . of shops can run into money. Besides, H's m* convenient. Piay it smart! Finance an your pw- chases through us. YOU'D lie the way we do business! community gave this reassuring conclusion: Harrison A. Williams hinted that the Exchange op- N. J, has announced it win'pects of the 4. Obtain from Congress poses any new regulatory leg- some new authority to curb "The picture presented is such wild-eyed speculation in "The lOt Exchange is one of pervasive fradu- "hot issues" as occurred from rience that vigorous islauon by Congress. He said: expe- hearings shortly. The report was studded self-regulation which n«s and its regulation and sideration "not later than the ! con- with what it called examples'reason for pride and satisfac- of 1359 through 1961. sdf-jsters' price manipulation, tip- ticn," Cohen said, activities, questionable And SEC Chairman Wfl regulation in combination ( investment "advisory 1 * letters, liam L Gary, in presenting u-itX ^T* fr^rr* in on t f\t ttt* · v- ^rtrl i« · tm\sr r~*c^r VtjxV 'tk^. »^nA.^« t A * «· · I 1 » * A · o { Grant to Ghana ACCRA. Ghana CB -- The leant $25 I lo $1SOO O.A.C. FINANCE C O R P Q R A T I O N T.U H£m!«ck 4^301 -imnown- S. Set pp a permanent, wp-jwith enforcement of the ex| and--in a few cases--high-the report f o r m a l l y to a Ford Foundation has granted ante unit which cocld keep.isting securities laws is the pressure telephone selling House commerce subcommit-|Chana $14.000 toward con :rrt acuities . . . "The report should not impair public confidence in the . s e c u r i t i e s markets,- but! watch without being ham-key to maintaining a healthy,'reminiscent of, the days of [tee. emphasized that the.vening a conference of inter-! should strengthen h as sug-'pered by. routine SEC busi-responsive, and efficient mar-disreputable "boiler rooms." {study showed no need · for national experts to help the, ;estions for" raising standards'ness- ket place and to serving the But the director of the 15- changes in the basic structure'African republic draft a new: are put into practice." I The initial impact on the public well..." 'month investigation. Chicago of the securities markets orjseven-year economic plan. ( 1 71 60 Sow* Stltfttm tt louWord . .............. lii-1271 1 IO1 AWCILIt - · onJ J-7117 -- ~ -- HOlNorAVWi. .................. r,t. HCWy.osJ 4^117 * - -- - - M U M M * ^2 Nertli lott A.«nu« Tel. SYcsitier* M213 Col CUmMarJ or Gflberl J-6HI for leecrfen of Stort Neortit too. /fere's Looking for... USDA CHOICE All Your Favorites On Sale! CUBE STEAKS, TOP ROUND OR FAMILY STEAKS Yew Choice ert Von'* and Shopping Bag I* Always USJXA. CHOICE Cvstom Trimmed for Voice! Rib Steaks Porterhouse Top Sirloin U.S.OJV. CHOICE CUSTOM TKiMMEO TENDER FUVORfUt IONRESS DEiUXE STEAKS 1 29 Ib. CHUCK ! STEAKS i { Lean Center Cuts j OPENING NIGHT! LA. DODGERS vs. CHICAGO CUBS Dodger Stadium Tues. Nite, Apr. 16 RESERVED SEATS! JmJ fifl out and deposit entr/ · ovoilobfe free of Irit efteclstancJj ... no purdxsse Ore e n t r y per perton per doy wifl fee voTTd for drawing. Winners will re- eene a pair of reserved seat fcteH. Von's Shopping Bog ttnployees end tneir focniKts ore rot eligible to win. CONTEST CLOSES WED,, APRIL lOih WINNERS' NAMES WUl£ POSTED Ground Beef ·- 37 Ground Chuck -' 57 Ground Round "-·'" 67 Stewing Beef Pork Sausage FRENCH FRIES UAN ' tONEltSS too% fURE BEEF ROASTS 43 : SLICED i ! BACON ! ! Wilson's Certified j 49' U.S.D.A. Choice Sfeer Beef Custom Trimmed for Top Value CENTER CUT CHUCK The Better, leaner Roasts..... CHOICE BEEF OVEN ROASTS Standing Rib c?!^?s 75 Shoulder Clod YON'S BAKERY Von's Square Cakes WMle, OweofaV, Banana, Appfesooe* 55 C ONH, 1OUEO AND TIED *l'l f Cooled SJwiwp 40* 1 lot I f~w-« «. n».... ^'" ! 69» p^s^eTr, , lit Grade Hcg. I Ut G 1 Ib. lOo! ·I- . · M- t-i . SkedHo!,b«i Fresh Ocean P«rrfi 2£ 69i ! **· ' b Hie Ftozen foods Costs I «BHESMEM I - tUPRT'S I Von's Rye Bread Gr#of w»^ ChtlH LONG LOAF RYE OQc ·lx\ t Crtomr, U et loof ............ *.. 7 ROUND SOUR DOUGH O"/C O / J-rtSHE*M£N MEADEDSHHMP «BHESMEM FISH STICKS RID HALIBUT ----- 79* ! TM Veal or Beef Cutlets VAN DE CHOCOLATE PECAN CAKE DATE-NUT LOAF ........ 53« DOUGHNUT DUNKEHES CrtBfib..37c Assarted.. 35c Sugared ANNUAL-LENTEN JSEASON -i:i-:*tiv?ts:i v ·cussicf ::.-i«».'i^i U.S. Ho. 1 Idaho Russets A 5reaff Bed Frier:J . . . | MUSHROOMS i fiiih, Large Buttons J -ci Cucumbers 2-19 c Pippin Apples-4)39' Winesaps - -- 4;39 ( WISCONSIN . . , Rich, Oeomy Mortwey JACK CHEESE WISCONSIN ... Fufl Flavor, Nutritious MILD CHEDDAR REEDSPORT... Von's Shopping Bag ExcKmv* SHARP CHEDDAR WISCONSIN ' *MM "~ Sliced Swiss Ti'SE' 39 39' 35' 25' Fleet tn tr.e Piece la the Piece 55 59 69 IlMGG IMPORTED Swiss Gruyere IOSDEN $ FUSH Cream Cheese ISSOITtO * 01. ris. JCTSEYMATD WISCONSIN I SLICED CHEESE 00 Cottage Cheese Sft. CTM. «l »«T CTH. 3 ,^$1 tt 9 - | Or Crinkle Cut Pofatoe* EYERFRESH FROZEN, 9 OZ. PKG. VOHS COFFEE A Premium Blend MEAT PIES Von's--Chicken, Beef, Turkey PILLSBURY FLOUR Enriched--All Purpose 20% More Meat! Frozen, 8 oz. Orange Delight Asparagus Spears Canned Tomatoes Peanut Butter Lipton Tea Bags NEWI MiNUTE MAO-TROZEN CONCENTKATE FOR ORANGE DRIT4X, VTT. C ENSICHHX 6 OZ. CAN TOMATO SOUP Campbell's--Rich Flavor! RIAITO-OJT AUGtEEN 300 CAN fANCT FARMS CA17ORN1A HG Yft CAM tAUKA SCUOOEK CSf AMY O* CaUNCHT OZ. JAA--INCLUDES 4t Off tUCK 2-49 2i39 49 Fyfe Scott Frenc h Fried Halibut RARE SCOTCH Flaky White ... A TasJa Treat for Meatless Meats I FROZEN, 9VOr. Pig. B Proof « COUMT f AOCAOt MACARONI CHEESE Morton's Frozen 8-Oz. Pkg. 229 NAUIYS FROZEN F/TH SAVE on Our fxctarve Irotdt . · . Millbrook I Millbrook j Son Cartes BOURBON j VODKA iBRANDY XLNT Mexican Dinner Jk~ ..... 49* XLNT Enchilada Dinner ^....3 9* XLNT Beef TacoetfesSfti ..... ......29' Cofifornla SO Proof I Cbareool Deluxe { Filtered SO Proof 60 Proof $049 i $099 $Q89 QfTTH J LrfM ^RFTH Honey Treat Grahams \*S$x ,._35* i Lipton Instant Tea Iff: 89* j Kern's Pure Apple Jelly ]f, M : 27* | Yuban Coffee !£....» 1.37 ^ " OJKJC TOAST Schilling. Garlic Salt wji. O7c one i O7 UPTON Soup Mixes HEMCHOWONOR O 7 iMUSHSOOM.3rAIC O / UPTOK GdDEN IATXE Spaghetti Sauce 1 331 AJVE1C1N MAIINAU R3NCS Wishbone Salad Dressing O Q C fUSSAM OQ^ O / IOZ.IOTIU O7 UQWO Purex Bleach CAIO »GAL RAJTJCITI. 43?! Dog Food 2149 GerbeKs Baby Foods JTUNED f [40Z.JAI {Cascade, ·«. j Spic Span Cleaner ,, i c ! Ivory Liquid Detergent ! " " Cleaner tfLt DIETARY K« WEiGrrr CONTIOl IKW1D .. . NOV/ N 5 FlAVOtH THURS, RL, SAT^ SUN^ APRl 4, 5, 6, 7 LONG BEACH 1033 Long Beach Blvd. ot 10th Street IONG BEACH 4480 Atlantic Ave. Bixby Knolls IAKEWOOD 4300 N. Woodruff at Carson TORRANCE 5035 Pacific Coast Hw X . DOWNEY 1OO01 Paramount Blvd. at Florence Ave. OOWHIY 9058 I. Firestone Blvd. at Lakewopd Blvd. GARDENA 1260 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. near Norrnandre ~ GARDEN GROVE 12151 Broo!(hurst Ave. at Chapman Ave. ANAHEIM 9922 Katelfa Ave. at BrooVhurst LYNWOOD 11417 long Beach Blvd. 4 Btkt. So. of Imperial FUUERTON 1845 W. Orangelhorpe at Broolchursl

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