Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 24, 1973 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1973
Page 12
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12 · Northwest Arkantai TIMES, Sat,, Feb. M, T973 FAYCTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS :,47-Rea1 litate--For Sell r* BY OWNER: New carp«lfd 3 bedroom, 1.. 3 bath home in Eprlngdale. Ufd brick. ;· Living room. d«n. dining room, and * 1 feuLitin5. Extra ]arg« garage; '.,THREE bedroom, two bath, fireplace, ·vcenlral heat and air. double garage, i- 1 large lol on Paradise Lane. Phone M2- · ·; 8810 alter 6 p.m. - BY OWflER: Three bedroom brick ve- ·'; neer home on 3 acre. 1?* baths, washer/ '. dryer hookups, central heal, carport. $16,- rSOO. 267-3355. DO YOU NEED 3 BR. 1','j BA, brick home with '-cent., H/A. double garage, carpet. ;.· walk-In closet pantry in kitchen . · at a reasonable price? Then · · Call me, I can help. Only S19.000 . good terms. Jo Dodson, 521-1300: ;- Nltes 751-7537. BF-707 Baker- freeman ; : 1618 N. Colfege 521-1300 BY OWNER: Large oorner lol, Rolllnff Hills Dr. and Sheryl. Attractive brick, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Paneled tarn ily room wllh firepface, central *Lr, dishwasher, disposer, bulllin range. Extra larpc double aarafle. Low 30i, assumi 5=!i% loan with \arge equHy, Payment* J152 monthly Inclurllnr (axes and l/isur- ancc. Phone 521-4863. EVERYBODY reads ttii ' ADS. You nre3 TIMES WANT WE HAVE PROSPECTS FOR LOW AND MEDIUM PRICED HOMES-ALSO. PROSPECTS FOR LARGE AND SMALL FARMS'. IF YOU HAVE EITHER FOR SALE; CONTACT: KBT OWNER: 3 B«r., wau-io-wali that ?- carpet. (In-place. 1 balhl, double »1 ^Mached garage, double-wide concrel* V T drlveway, northeast lofiatlon near Butter J'.. field Trail School 127.500. Call 521-i78 47--R*al Citat Tor Sato BY OWNER I 1 ,'? atory Cape Cod--Two bedroom and sludy or three bedroom*-Full basement--Walk: to VA. Wuh. ington General or ffrade ichool-- * 19.000. Call 413-4660 or 442-7212 for appointment. BUTTERFIELD SCHOOL On corner lot with biff yard, three big bedrooms, cheerful kitchen, Diahwaaher. Bar -- Deep dry bue- ment with ',2 bath, family room, laundry room--a bargain for f22. 500.00. LAZENBY Natfc**-; Co pi* i nuy be obtained it the office of Ihe Enrlnwr located tl Fiyetleville, Arli an MS upon payment of 125.00 for each ML Art)* umucctiiful bidder, upon mlni such Ml promptly fcnd In good condition, will b*J refunded HO.OO. An non-bidder upon so rtlurnlnf luch · Ml will be lerunded 15.00. Tie Owner re*ervei in* rijtM to waive any lntoan«!Hki or to rtfect ny or all bid t. Each bidder mint deposit w i t h hi* bid, iccurtly In the amount, form and iubj«ct to the cnndL'ioni provided In the Information for Bidden. Attention of bidders li particularly called to the requirement »i to condition! of employment to be observed and minimum wage ratn to be paid under th* conlracL Mo bidder may withdraw hli bid within 60 dayj after the actual date of the opening thereof, Feb. 22, 1973. /*/ THOMAS M. McOORKLB, JR. Chairman, Board, of CommUiloneri. 24, 27, 6, 13, 20 5tC bid, Hcurjiy In tht amount, form »nd subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidden. Attention of bidden Is pa rtlw t*rly cil.ed lo thfl requirements Hi to oofldl- t tons of em pi oymtn t to be observed and minimum wage rates lo be p*Jd under Ihe contract. No bidder may withdraw h1« Md within 60 Uyi after th* actual Ut» of the opening thereof, /«/ 3. N, MCKNIGHT. Miyor Feb. 22, 1973. M, 27, R, 13, 30 He Real Esjate Company 1015 N. College - 521-6700 Douglu Hartley 442-444S Lester Davis 121-4448 Ken Lazenbr 442-6640 BLU Lucnby 442-5439 PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK HERE! Older 3 bdrm. 1 bath home with new central heat and air, new carpeting and decoration, good condition. Also, on seme lot detached apartment rent* for $115 per mo, Hcnt both (or at leajst $225.00, maybe more. Block North Woodland School. Only $21,500. Call Julie Eaves at office or 442-726?. HORSES LIKE FINE HOMES, TOO ____ And yours can have one at this 7 acre ranchette on Crossover road and, YOUR FAMILY can all enjoy the spaciousness of 5 bdrms, 3 bRths, 2 large dens with fireplace, huge patio and deck, dining room, volleyball-basketball court (tennis, too), the lovely tree* and all the privacy you'll ever desire. Sounds like a dream home? Well, it is! And it is expensive but less than replacement cost at today's prices. We'll tell you more if you are interested. Call us. 1985 N. College 44^6254 NOTIM; or FTTJNG or APPUCATIO.N FOR A RETAIL BEKR PERMIT- ON PHEMISE Notice Is hereby given that the under- iljrned has Filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell and dispense beer At r e t a i l . 141 West Dicksco, Fayellev-ille, Washington County. The undersigned ilates that he Is a citizen of rood moral character, IFial he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Invofvinji moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the underlined has been revoked wllhln five year* last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted ol violating Ihe laws of this State, or any other State, relative Eo Ihe safe of Alcoholic Liquors; that he has been a resident of the Stale o( Arkansas tor at least two 2^ years: and that he was a qualilJed elector in the last preceding General Election. Application Is for a p*irnit to be Issued for operation beginning on the 5th day of March. 1973, and to expire on. Ihe 30th day of June. -1973.- M1CHAEL SOIXER- Hojt Trough Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21sl day of February. 1923- Willfam P. Kennedy Notary Public My Commission expires: 12/12/16 ' Rockefeller Says Stales Should Protect Newsmen WASHINGTON CAP) ·-- NOTICT: In The FroA ale Coort nf Washtaftoa Orally. Arfcaniaa In the Mutter of the Estate of Stella A. Hammond, deceased. No. 73-37 To ill persons Interested In the estate of SteHa A. Hammond. You are hereby notified that i petition ROOT SCHOOL Attractive rear new thre« bedroom home on large level lot, two sparkling baths, Abundance of but It-Ins, Breakfast Bar, quality catp«t throughout -- quick possession. LAZENBY has been filed In this court to admit to probate the will of Slella A. Hammond, and for the appointment of a personal representative for said estate: that said petition will be heard at 10 o'clock A.M. on the ath day of FebrUar) 1 . 1373, at Fayellevillc. Arkansas, or a t - s u c h suV sequenl time or otKer place to which said hearing may be adjourned or transferred, RUTH E. ROBERTS, Clerk Rale 2-21-73 :seal) 24. S »c Stales should have the right to enact measures shielding newsmen from forced disclosure of their confidential sources that are "consistent with but go beyond federal protection," says New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Rockefeller, appearing Thursday before the Senate subcommittee on constitutional rights, said his state's law that protects both a journalist's confidential sources and the information obtained has not hindered law enforcement. He told the panel he favors "a federal law to provide nationwide protection of the press, especially in those states where no shield laws presently exist." Frank Stanton. vice chairman of the Columbia Broadcasting System, urged passage of a law that would give newsmen absolute privilege against being compelled by state or federal authorities to divulge their sources. He said "an unqualified federal-state measure is essential" if the public's right to a free flow of information is to be protected. A bill providing this is before the panel subcommitte, headed by Sen. Sam J. Ervin Jr., D- N.C. A British Royal Air Force Jet closes In on a Russian plane over the North Sea off t h e coast flf Scotland. The British Interception Ministry of Defense, which released (he photo, said Soviet aircraft often probe Britain's air defense and are intercepted by the English planes. (AP Wirepho(o) News Nuggets From Washington Trade Policy Remarks Create Guessing Game of the change , I need someone lo make ,, ,.-3 a home. I'm a 2 bedroom house *^in SW part of Tayctteville. My own- £ ers can't keep me and I don't want Vto he left alone. I'm only 512.500. % 'Call 521-7272 or a f l e r hours, Frances *«Langham at 443-3157. V. A Family Oriented Home, This 4 £j tedroom Is going to appreciate ·' much more than normal. Brand ·i" 1 . new development goinjj in across tv.the street. Buy now for a good tn- ^'·.Vestment. BuiH-ins all the way ·V.«round this big kitchen, and a ·^fireplace all for $26,075. Call 521- arter hours, Nadln* Miller The Best Home Buyi . Belort Your Eyei Real Estate NOTICB In "PiB Frofeat* Court of TPashlBftoit CouaEjr, ArtanwiB In the Matter of Ihe Estate ol Martin Lulher Morrison, deceased- No- 73-30. To all persons interested In the estate of Martin Luther Morrison, You are hereby notified th'at a petition has been filed In Ihls court to admit to probate the will of Martin Luther Morrison, and for the appointment of a personal represents!Ive (or saId cstate; that Aid pelition will be tfeard at 10 o'clock A.M. Company ^M^J 1015 N. College - 521-6700 Douglas Hartley 442-6448 Ken Lazftnby 442-6640 Bill Lazcnby 442-5439 Lester Da via 521-444* Legal Notice*-- COMTHISHIONER'a SA1J1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That In pursuance of Ihe authority and directions contained In lh« decretal ortter o the Chancery Court fit Washington Conn ty, madR and enlered on the 21st day of February, A.D., 1973 in fi certain caus 'No, 23470) then, pending therein betwee The! ma Brashears, Kula Ltdbfitler, Eu n the 28th day of Fehruaiy, 1973, at "a'eUeville, Arkansas, or at such nufase- uent lime or oUier place to which said earing may be adjourned or transferred. RUTH E. ROBERTS, Clerff. Dale 2-31-73. Seal) 24, 3 ?tc 1VOTICK In TTin Probate Coort ol Washington County, Arfcuiaafl In the Mailer of th* Estate of Lucy Ellen :MiK7nrley, deceased. No: 73-31. To alt persons interested in Ihe estate of Lucy Ellen McCurley- You are hereby. nolifi«d that la pelition has been tiled In this court to admit to probate the will of Lucy ELlen McCurley, and for the appoinlmen.1 of a persona) representative for said estate; thai said petition will be heard at 10 o'cloc' A.M. on the 18lh day of February, 19T3, at FayelleviHe, Arkansas, or at such sub- Grape Harvest Problems Can Be Lightened Ensuring the quality of mechanically-harvested Concord grapes can be a thorny problem or Arkansas grape producers. i; Horticultural food scientists and agricultural engineers at the Arkansas agricultural experiment station have found t w o management tools that may By The TIMES Washington Bureau Stair Writers President Nixon's remarks about the future trade policy of his administration have set off a guessing game in the nation's capital. Some experts believe t h e President is prepared to embrace the protectionist policies being pushed by organized la- oor and take steps to choke off many foreign imports to this country. ' But others place the opposite interpretation on his remarks, saying Mr. Nixon is preparing to move further in the direction of free trade. Exactly what the President has in mind will not be known until he sends trade legislation to Congress and Administration spokesmen spell out Mr. Nixon's that providing such aid was one ·omises made in ex- or the Vietnam peace pn fol agreement. There has been a reversal of positions on Capital Hill on the aid question, with congressional foes of the Nixon Administration war policies generally giving qualified support to U.S. aid for Hanoi and supporters of Mr. Nixon on the war adamantly opposed tp paying any money to North Vietnam. For e x a m p l e Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., a dove on the war, gives qualified support to the concept of foreign aid to Hanoi. He insists, however, that the money come out of the Pentagon budget, and not be expended at the expense of domestic programs. federal contractors who sell products or services to the Federal Government. T h e regulations charge that certain religious and ethnic ! r o u p s ; such as Jews, Catholics, Italians, Greeks and Slavic groups; "continue to he e x c l u d e d from executive, i n t e n t i o n s during hearings on the bill. public Williamsburg Was Long-Time WR Interest WILLIAMSBURG. Va. (AP) -- Winthrop Rockefeller's interest in the. 18th century town of colonial Williamsburg began when he visited here as a young boy with his father, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Delighted with what he saw, he soon became a frequent visitor, taking great pleasure in continuing friendships first made by his father « years ago. Rockefeller also was fond of Virginia. From the early days of his association with the state, he knew each governor and many of the state's leading political and business leaders. During the quadrennial visits to colonial Williamsburg by the Virginia General Assembly, Rockefeller -took delight in speaking to the legislators. While he was governor of Arkansas, he continued to be host to the state's lawmakers. i To anyone other t h a n Rockefeller, a friend says, the situation could have been awkward. : Rockefeller's concern for education can be seen at the local high school where he and a brother, John D. Rockefeller III, established a four-year college scholarship in their mother's name. The College' of William and Mary, in recognition of his interest in colonial Williamsburg and ilbe surrounding area. middle-management and other job levels because oF discrimination." Firms doing business with the government are required to take certain affirmative actions to make sure such groups have a fair crack at good jobs within their organization. T h e Labor Department's Office of Federal Contract Compliance is in charge of enforcing the new rules. awarded him an honorary degree in 1961. The college's chapter of Kappa Delta Phi, a national education fraternity, made him an honorary member in 1965. Rockefeller's for this old greatest love town centered make the situation better the producer. for In the edition of January-February Arkansas Farm Q boss company ··'·· f · r«al estate ° Two Locations *-.2800 N. College NW Ark. Plaza ,,·· 521-7272 ',Rusllc Beauty in a choice location ^ · a n d convenient to everything. Over · 2.000 sq. ft. of floor space. FP. ~ ' ' l a r g e patio and chain link fenced "·'back yard. E m p t y and ready for · -the new owner. To see anytime, r. -call Pauline McKinney. 521-1300 or . nites 521-1540, Baker- Freeman -.1618 N. College 521-1300 tha Hill, Mary Elevens. Plaintiffs, and Zeida Crowder, Ca rol Jane Crowd e r, James Lamon t Crowrfer, Lisa Ellen Crowder, and Herbert L. Ray, Administrator of the Estate of Sheridan Crowder, Deceased, defendants, the underslsned, as Commissioner said court, will offer for sale at pub- von due to the hEgheit bidder, at the west door or entrance of the Counly Court House, In which said Court Is held, the Counly of Washington, within the hours prescribed by law for Judicial sales, on the 31sL day of March at 1:00 [).rn,, 1973 the following described real estate, lo-wil: Part of Lot Numbered Two (2) Plat of SeatnsLer Place, a subdivision of all thai part of the West half of the Northwest quarter nf the Northeast tiuarter of Section 9. that is located on the East side of Frisco R. R. right-of-way, Township 16 North Range 30 West of the 5th P.M., Washington County, Arkan- sns, now in the City of Fayelteville, as designated upon the recorded plat of said -addition, belnif more particularly described ait follows: Beginning at the sequent time or other place to whirh atd hearing may be adjourned or trans- ROBERTS, Clerk. ?4, 3 Stc ferred. RUTH E. Date 2-21-73. (Seal) VOTICR In The Prohat* Court of Washington County, Arkansas In Ihe Mailer of the Esla1« of Artfe C. TayJor, deceased. No. 73-36. Last known address of decedent: 602 Frisco, FayellevilLe, Arkansas 72701. Date of death: February 13, 1973, An instrument date February 3, 1972, was on Ihe 21st tfay of February, 1973, admitted to probate as the last will of In* above nnmed decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executor thereunder. A contest of the probate ol the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by raw. Atl persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the* undersigned within six months from the dale of the first publication i. APPROX. 4 ACRES " 10,000 cap br house--barn--fine 3 · ' bed--1*4 b a t h s , with buUtlnfl -V attached ri. garage. Lois of Hiway - 02 frontage -- 3i mile from Farmr ing ton. Only $27,750. 10 ACRES '- on corner (blacktop) 3 ml, NW of "· Springdale. Fine rustic 3 bed car". peled home with bull tins--attached T garage. 7000 heavy hena (Just arrived))--egg house--lots of water · and n a t u r a l gas. $45,000 -- ex . mortgage. :, 1 ACRE -- 150x300 ft. level lot on Hiway 62-,,'', Farmington School. Ideal for trail-. er or home. §2300. 1 THE OSBURN BROKERS ;: HWY. 62 WEST .:' PHONE 443-SMS "V TWO bedooms, Hvinsroom. carpeled. :' Bath, kitchen, washer/dryer hookups. £' N e a r University, excellent for renlal, Be.*- ing remodeled. (9000, 442-5132 days; 521- ·7 4652 evenings. - WEIGHING VALUESI V Then inspect tht-s f i n e home con- ·'!nl*ting of three bedrooms, cheerful -'-kitchen -- abundance of cabinets, V" dishwasher, breakfast bar, carpeted ^'living room. Deep basement with ··''family room. Close to Butterfield vSchool, Price only $22,500.03. ?SPLENDID BUYI *vjTwo bedroom, carpeted and draped '·-living room, built-in kitchen, car* ^port with storage plus additional ,C"buildfng on large lot near Farming^ton. Only (§9,750.00). ^INCOME P R O P E R T Y I -tThia ia one of the best. Close In J»just off Dickson Street with large ^corner lot. Shows good return on V'the investment. Call us for full dc- ^ACREAGE J-*Ne*r Creenlani id, Six acres with at* »*iractlv« modern three bedroom level. See iu for details. 1LAZENBY Real Estate Company .. n */i *T«I followlrn: N. College -- 521 -6700 |ow* of Secretary, M.ry Janet Southwest corner of said Lot Two (2, and runnina thence South 89 degrees 28 minulcj East 179.6 feet to Ihe Southwest corner of a trad conveyed lo Leo Peel. «t ux, shown In Volume 756 at Page 36 of th* records of said roun(j - ; thence North 0 degrees 12 minutes East 159 (eel; thence North 89 decrees 28 m i n u t e s West 137,7 feel to the Cast ri^M-of-way line of Greffff Avenue in the City of Fayelttville: thcnre South, boar in a West on a tine From, said point J63 feet, more or less, to lh« point nf beginning, except that portion along the West 5lde embraced in said Grew A re nut. TERMS OF BALK: On ft credit of three- months. Ihe purchaser liemtf required to eveciite n bond UK required by law and the order and decree of said Court In said cause, with approved security, bearing nlerejt '«( Ihe rat« of S per cent per annum from d a t e nf sale until paid and a lien being re1atnel on the premises ·told lo secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 3lst day of February, A. P,, 1973. ALMA KOLL JfRTErt , Oommrns loner Ln CM*ncoT' S«ilT M. 3 2Ttr WARXWG ORDER In the Chancery Court of Wasblflftofl County, Artanui Benlon Oounty Savings Loan Association, Plaintiff, \s. 2)6% Vi rtf 1 if. Miesner a n rl Patricia H. Mlesner, his wife; Betty H. Miesner fnovT Carney), Eslle A. Carnev and Betty H. Carney, husband a n d wife; Vfr- Kit M. ^^ie^ne^ and Beth Miesner, husband and wife; Public Finance Corporation, Sertalia, Missouri; Warrenburjf Crown Finance Corporation Warrenburjr, Missouri: Acme Brick Company, Fort Worth, Texas; and Crawford Door Company, Ecorsc, Michigan, defendants. The defendants. Public Finance Corporation. Sedalia, Missouri; Warrenburg Crown Finance Corporation, Warrenburg, Missoui; Acme Brick Company, Fort Worth, Texas, anil Crawford! Door Company Ecorse, Michigan are warned to appear in this Court within thirty days and answer Ihe Intervention, of th* Inter- venor in the above entitled; cause. Witness my h a n d and seal of this Court thii 7lh day of February, 1972. Alma Kollmeyer, Chancery Clerk By Ruth ffhipman, D.C. Sealj 10, 17, M, 3 41c ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Project No. PFL-AR-OS-37-lt»2(L H n l Fork Wafer ImpfHT«ment District No. 4 (Owner) Separate *e*!ed bids for Water Improvements /or the West For* Water Improvement District No, 4, West Fork, Arkansas- wilt be received by Ihe West Fork Water Improvement District No. A, a t the Olflce of Mr. Thorn* s M. McCorVre, Jr., Chairman, of said District No. A, West Fork, Arkansas 73T74 u n t i l 2 o'clock P.M., C.S.T. MJrch 27, 1973, and then at said of/ice puMlcly opened and read aloud The Information For Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plani, Specif lei. lions, and Forms of Bid Bond, Performance and Payment Bend, and other contract documents may be examined at the of this notice, p or t h e y shall be forever arred and precluded from any benefit n the estate. This notice first published 24rh day of February, 1973. Leroy Ta ylor, Executor C/o Greenhaw * Greenhaw Attorneys at Law P. O. Box 4376 Fayetleville, AR 72701 M, 3 2tc rOMJmfvSIONFR'S SAI.t NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That In lursuance of (he authority and rlirec- ions contained in the decretal order fit the Chancery Court of Washington Coun- y, made and entered on the 20th day of February, A.D.. 1973 in a certain cause (N"o, 23511) then pending therein between Rcna I* Alkiscm, Plaintiff, and Larry W. 3a1lovray and Penny Y- Galloway, Hustand and Wife, and Buren L. Cole and Roberta Lee Cole, Husband and Wife, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said court, w i H offer for sale al public vendue to the highest bidder, at the went door or entrance of the County Court House, in which said Court s held, tn the Counly of Washiniflon, wilhin the hour* prescribed by law for udlcial sales, on the 26th day of March at 10:00 a.m., 1973 the following described real estate, to-wil: Lots Numbered One (1), Two 2), Threi (3, Six (6). Seven (7, land Eight (81. In Block Numbered One Hundred Nine f l W ) in the Orininal Town of Salem Springs, Arkansas, as shown^ In the recorded plat thereof, TERMS OF SALE: Or. a credit of three months, Ihe purchaser being required lo execute a bond as required by law and he order and. decree of said Court in ia!d cause, with approved security, bearing nterest «t the rate of 6 per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien belnjf retained on the premises sold, to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 21st day CM February. A. D.. 1973. AIJi!A KOLLMEYER, Commissioner in Chancery, (Serai) 31. 3 Stc ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS WPC-ARK-303, Wg-ARK-83. PROJECT NOR: PFL-AR-Of-ifc-lOm) CITY OF WEST FORK,. ARKANSAS, OWNER Separate sealed bids for KanilAry £«w- sr Improvements for I h e City of West ForV, Washington Counly, Arkansas, will be received by the City of West Fork. Arkansas, al the Office of the Mayor 1n the City Hal] .until 1 o'clock C.S.T., March 27, 1973 and then at xatd office publicly opened snct read Aloud. The Tnformalton lor Bidders 1 , Form of Bid , Form of Contract, Plan s, Specif t- ca lions, and Forma of Bid Bond, Performance and Payment Bond, and other oont r*ct docum ents may be exam Ln ed al the following: OlfEce of City Clerk, West Fork, City Hall or at Office of The Engineer, John E. Mkhaffey and Associates, Inc. 113 N, East Avenue, P. 0. Box 1170, Fayelte- vllle, Arkansas 73701. Copies may he obtained at the Office or The Engineer located at Favelteville, Arkansas upon payment of $25.00 for R e s e a r c h , a bi-monthly publication of the experiment station, Dr. J.R. Morris and J.W. Fleming, associate food scientists, R. H. Benedict, engineer, and D. R. McCaskill, food science research assistant, describe studies on the problem. The team found the most mportant factor influencing post-harvest quality of mechani- :ally harvested Concord grapes s the fruit temperature at the time of harvest. To reduce this effect during periods when daytime temperatures are high, the scientists s u g g e s t harvesting the grapes either at night or in the early morning. It was also found that shading the pallet boxes that the grapes are held in helps. Sulfur dioxide (S02) will maintain the grape quality when the fruit is mechanically- harvested in high temperatures. If Concord grapes are harvested by this method and held for longer than eight to 12 hours before processing, immediate application of sulfur dioxide at the rate of 80 parts per million will maintain fruit quality, A r k a n s a s Farm Research reports. Free copies of Arkansas Farm Research may be obtained from the Bulletin Office, U n i v e r s i t y o f Arkansas Station, Fayetteville, or from Arkansas county agents. As a result of trade legislation passed a decade ago, the U.S. and its trading partners reduced tariffs on a wide range of times. This stimulated foreign trade. One result was a greater flow of imported goods into this country; everything from steel, to foreign cars, to TV sets and radios. Claiming American workmen were thrown out of their jobs by the imports, the AFL-CIO abandoned its historic free trade policy and has been demanding passage of tough laws to curtail imports through quotas and high tariffs. Nixon has now announced he will submit legislation which will continue his authority to reduce tariffs in exchange for similar concessions from other nations. But he also wants power to raise tariffs, and other where On the other hand Rep. Wayne L. Hays, D-Ohio, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a longtime hawk on the war. is bitterly opposed to the idea of aid to Hanoi. He calls the North Vietnamese "murderers" and promises a fight to the finish a g a i n s t a n y legislation authorizing "reparations" to the Communist regime. DISCRIMINATION: The Labor Department t h i s week put into effect new regulations designed to curb religious and ethnic discrimination against workers employed by companies which do business with Uncle Sam. Similar to regulations in feet for many years barring racial discrimination, the new set of rules w i l l affect 250.00C mainly on the preservation of a museum. "One of my father's greatest legacies to me and the other members of my family," ha once said, "was to love and believe in Williamsburg as a reminder of America's concepts of freedom." Carlisle Humelsine, president of Colonial Williamsburg, said, "Winthrop's passing is a tragic loss. His work will serve as living memorial to his deep senss y." was elected to board in 1937, _ chairman in April 1953--a position he held "hursday. governor once colonial Williamsburg official many of the political and personal perils involved in seeking political of- impose quotas a n d protectionist measures needed to protect certain U.S. industries. Some experts have concluded le is trying to cement his political alliance with organized abor and will use this .new authority to curtail imports. But others say he Is just talking tough, and intends to remain a free trader because in the long run, America can sell more abroad than it buys, and this will mean a net gain of U.S. jobs. Slar-Kisl Tuna Is Withdrawn LOS ANGELES (AP) - Star- Kist Foods, Inc., has confirmed it is withdrawing some canned tuna from stores in Minnesota and South and North Dakota because the product appears to have made some persons ill. "There have been reports of illness as a result of eating a specific code of StarKist tuna," said a statement issued Thursday by the firm's Los Angeles headuarlers. "The code has been identified and withdrawn from the grocery shelves in all stores and is no longer available for sale." The lots of tuna, marked with the codes BD-419 and GD-419. had been recalled earlier by Lincoln McCallum Co., a Minneapolis food distributor. The Minneapolis office of the Food and Drug Administration said about 25 persons reported they suffered stomach distress, diarrhea, and burning sensations in the mouth and throat AUTOMOBILES: There are an increasing number of two car families in the United States, according to a new Cenus Bureau study. Today 20 million households own two or more cars. This amounts to one out of every three (households in the nation. About 80 per cent of all U.S. households now own at least one car, according to the study. Imported cars are owned by ten per cent of the households. HELP FOB HANOI: Members of Congress are choosing up sides on the explosive question of U.S. foreign aid North Vietnam. f o r The Nixon Administration has not yet spelled out how much foreign aid it will request for Hanoi, but has clearly indicated Fayetfeville Firm Gels Lake Contract WASHINGTON (AP) -- Army Engineers have awarded $170,000 contract to Shirley Construction Co., of Fayetteville for improvements at Beaver Lake in Benton and Carroll counties. The office of Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt, R-Ark., said that included in the project will be- conduction of rest rooms, bath houses, a well house and a sanitary disposal station. Nobel Prizes OSLO (AP) -- Thirty-eight persons and nine organizations have been accepted as official candidates for the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, Director August Schou of the Norwegian Nobel Institute announced Thursday. As ' usual, Schou refused to disclose any names. Earlier this month Schou confirmed press reports that President Nixon had been nominated, but he refused to say whether he had been accepted as a candidate. Schou said Thursday the institute had received "several letters expressing both support for and protests against Nixon's candidature." new study by the Council of hat eight states have now gone Jusiness by operating their own Off-track horse betting is in of responsibility. under study in five- other states. The state governments have viewed legalized gambling as a until his death Thursday. revenue, without raising taxes. However the study says it is questionable that gambling can problems. "The most optimistic legalization of many forms of When he had finished, the hs tener asked, "Why, with all you raising as much as three or have, are you doing it? "Because," he answered, I revenues, "according to By Ketcham DENNIS THE MENACE ML STAY OUTX AfTWXNI* state- very after eating the tuna. StarKist said in its ment: "This lot is small.... Indications are that the product is not contaminated with bacteria. An investigation is under way to determine the quality problem involved." 4i2-6640 * Letter Davl* Duncan, Wtil Fbrk Improvement Dhlrict No, 4, W«l Fork Qly Hill, or it 0(fl« at tt» Engineer, John R. Muhaffiy ind AlBOd. «!(!. Inc.. 113 N. East Avenue, P.O. Box 1170, Fayeltevtllc, Arkaniai · · ' ' · each et. Any uniuccejtful bidder, upon returning tuch Ml promptly arid In goort condition, wit] b* refunded 910.00. and any non-Mader upon so return Lug tuch a Kt will be refunded tt.OO. The owner r«Mrvet the rfrht to walvt · ny Informalltlej or to reject any or an Greek Actress Dies ATHENS (AP) Greek actress Katina Paxinou. 73, who won an Academy Award in 1943 as best supporting actress for her portrayal of Pilar in the film "For Whom the Bell Tolls," died Thursday of cancer. She first appeared on stage in 1920 and was acting this season in Athens. | UARK CINEMA O ACNOMFAOUUelA-- STARTS SUNDAY FEATURE 7:30 "BLACK MAMA" WHITE MAMA" (R) THE DIRTIEST GIRL I EVf UARK CINEMA 0 FEATURE 7:10 CLOCKWORK ORANGE" 'ACROSS FROM u «t A(R) No Ont Undtr 17 Admitt-d MALCO CINEMA Onn MALCO CINEMA o Weekday* 7:21.9:15 NOMINATED FOR 4 Academy Awards Indwtfctg Bet* Actr*»s Bet* Actor Bett Picture "SOUNDER" "··; - o - HWY. 71 H . » HOUMC WUJ 521-1920 . Nominated For 3 Academy Awards Including Beit Actor NOW 7:30-9; J5 JOHN 1UHUNG' HNN'MRRBRETl ROD THBLQR SATURDAY and SUNDAY O V. A H K Fet. 7:45 TOM THUMB and LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Co-Hit "CINDBWHA"

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