Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 8
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Page A- -- INDEPENDENT C«Hf.,Th»TJ.,r«K ". 1» Pioneer Red Dies PARIS (UH)--Marcel Cachin, cne of the founders of the French Communist p a r t y in 1920, died Wednesday at his home in suburban Choisy-le- Roi. He \vas 88. Morse Returns Files on FCC When BLADDER IRRITATION ous MAKES YOU NERVOUS HEW YORK--Speciil: Thmkj to new, lOleatlflc liboruorr lorraulltion, tnou- »ndj of men ud women now csc»pc letting old. tiied, lirlt»ble md depressed Jrora loslni a!t«p »nd worrying »bout "Blidd.r Ve»ko«i"-too t«3«a«. burning »nd itchin* urination; Bed wet- tins. Getting UP Kijhts-or Btroni cloudy Urine, due to common Kidney or Bladder Irritntionj, which often result In secondary Backache, Headache «nd Nervousness. In inch cases flea Improve* CYSTEX usually rlvts quick, cilmlnit re- lie! by combatlnt irrltnUnj germs In acid urino; and by relaxing, analfesic pain Mile:! Over i billion CYSTEX tablets used--proves safety and success. Get laboratory Tested and Certified CYSTEX at druggist today. See how much better you f eeltoniorrow. Money back gi»rantet. (Continued From Page A-l) powerful Interests'/ turned' the inquiry into a whitewash, Rayburn said any suggestion he tried to whittle down the investigation "is utterly and viciously false." Rep. Harris (D-Ark), new chairman of the subcommittee, pledged later after a meeting with Rayburn that.he would conduct "the most thorough investigation,' insofar jis pos^i- ble, that Capitol Hill-has seen.." * ' . * * . ' * · · · HARRIS,' SINGLED out by Schwartz as the committee member most anxious to keep investigation- from'' going rery deep, told newsmen: "I feel personally that I have now the greatest challenge of my life. There is need for a real job, 'a real investigation, and th.e. American people.are entitled to.know the facts. ;I announce here and now that I accept the challenge." committee files, in addition-to ftose Morse had, appear to be missing. He' added that this matter .will be pursued further. | RING MOUNTING SALE SAVE ,% PLATINUM, WHITE OR YELLOW GOLD MOUNTINGS 'NON-LEGAL SERVICES' CHAEGED Dewey Refuses Books ST. LOUIS W--The Post-[subcommittee will go into the Dispatch said .Wednesday.for-' mer New York Gbv. Thomas -E. Dewey has refused -to -furnish records of his law 'firm to .a House subcommittee investigating charges the firm performed "non-legal'services" for a 5150,000 fee. , · · - . Details of the "Dewey refusal are contained in a memorandum from the subcommittee's Pan-American, which lost a contest to Eastern Airlines for he non-stop route from New York-Washington to "Mexico 'Harris also said some "sub- legal and-mvestigative staff, the Post-Dispatch said in a copy- righte'd story dispatched from Washington. , The Post-Dispatch said it had , _ . . been able to examine the memo, SCHWARTZ SAID Tuesday which has not been ". BY - FACTORY ARRANGEMENT-WE CAN · OFFER-FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY- Discontinued Pattern Ring Mounting: AT OFF FORMER PRICES FoV InitaK.: A. (abov.) In 14K: Y.llow ' jj Gold--Rtg. $21 ----· --------------------------- NOW $14 ' Othws up to $500 -- L*s§ /3 Prices Include Federal Tax-- Cen'tr Stone Setting Cost--and Slxing Cost. Budget Payments Over 12 Months TRADE IN 'YOUR OLD GOLD, DIAMOND JEWELRY ON A NEW RING OR MOUNTING DURING THIS UNUSUAL EVENT. OPIN 10 N C I SI l l t A l l l I H I D ^ FRIDAY · »·»·»· l»i «»·«· EVENINGS 333 Pine Ave. -- Ph. HE 5-6335 the subcommittee . fired him even though it knew he had vidence of a payoff in a TV case. Several members of the group 'denied having any such information, and Schwartz was s e r v e O with a subpoena Wednesday afternoon in an effort to make him explain his charge. The subcommittee denied a plea by Schwartz for a delay. Herbert Wachtel, his attorney, entered the plea before a closed meeting of the group and announced on emerging that the plea had been denied. Wachtel said Schwartz . has · no choice but to appear today but will do so "very much .under protest." The 34-year : old- New York lawyer previously offered to appear Monday, of his.own free will, but said'he,had personal business in New York which make it difficult to ap : pear this week. * » * » SCHWARTZ HAS attempted o get .bank records and other pcuments from FCC member Richard Mack in , connection vith the granting of a license or TV channel 10 in Miami. The s u b c o m m i t t e e met Wednesday afternoon under the chairmanship of Rep. Harris; who took over the^post fter Chairman Moulder (D- Ko) resigned in protest against Schwartz's .ouster. "I have the files," Harris ,aid before going into the closed session, A clerk then wheeled them n. They were contained in a arge beige suitcase with the nitials "B. S.," a suit box and a smaller carton. » * · · SCHWARTZ -- a registered Republican -- showed them to Sen.' Williams (R-Del) after the subcommittee fired him Monday, night. Then'he turned them over to Morse, who .said ic had no intention of holding onto them but merely left them n his apartment for safekeep- ng. Morse made it plain he had studied the documents, how- ;ver. THE CHARGE, which Dewey has denied, was made to the subcommittee on legislative wersight .by representatives of ?an r American World Airways. The firing by the eubcommit- c»e of its chief counsel, Dr. ·Bernard Schwartz, and the resignation of its .chairman. Rf Moulder (D-Mo), " Pair'a Team,' Both Break Leg STOCKPORT, England CSP)-- John.and Bridgit McLeod, rhar ; ried 40 years, say they have, always done everything together. Wednesday they both broke their right legs. .. · ' " · Ambulance men brought John home 'with his leg .in a .cast from the factory where he works. They found Bridgit nursing her broken limb after a fall in'the kitchen. City, charged that Dewey's firm received $150,000 to "put the New York-Mexico City case through the -board (Civil Aeronautics'.Board) and the White House for Eastern." . * ·' * * * ANOTHER CHARGE, the Post-Dispatch said, ' was that the' eventual .3-to-2 board majority for. Eastern was brought about by a switch in votes from P a n American to Eastern "caused^ by a telephone .call from the White'House on. the day' of the board's decision." A subcommittee staff member was told last Nov. 21 by Stuart N. Scott, a'member of Dewey's firm, .that it 'had nothing to do with the New York-Mexico City case, the Post-Dispatch said. However,.a letter dated the Big Uranium Reserve M A D R A S Off 1 )--Dr. H, T J. Bhaba,. chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, says India's known reserves of uranium same day from the. firm to the subcommittee staff said the firm had been retained by Eastern Dope Addict Kills Herself Oyer Habit \ . . · / L O S ANGELES ffE--Di- vorcee .Patricia Ann Spencer, 25, took a fatal dose of sleeping pills Wednesday because she said she .was unable to give up n a r c o t i c s , then apparently changed her mind about suicide and telephoned police. . Sgt. Eugene Guinn, who accepted the call, said'.Mrs. Spencer told him, ."I started using the junk gain; and I can't face it." He said her voice got weaker, then was inaudible. A patrol car'was sent to her apartment, but arrived "too late to save her life. Officers .said they found a note by her body which said "Please don't think I'm a coward, this takes nerve. Police said' Mrs. 1 Spencer served 90 days in jail in 1952 and 120 days in 1954 for narcotics violations. They said her arms had fresh needle-marks; ind thorium have SIX times the; as a "headquarters counsel" and the work included being "generally kmnfliar with th,e status of major route appli- question''undecided whether the VODKUGING .olwoyi lay "With .. _,,. Smirnoff" Ifs th. Vodka cf Vodkai irrutff thi iriiHsl nami in VODKA 80«ndlOOProDf.Diitfromiriin.Sti.P!«rTM Cir.lrnoffFl.(Div.ofHiubliln}HirtfonJ,C«m. Dale Carnegie Course Public Speaking -- Memory Training -- Human Relations Diviltp Counit--P»!«--twfMiiu*--Lurn t» Spnk In Pvhll* Fn* Dimmitratloi Mutlnr--Mir{in Hill Implct Rttm ffi-iCStiOnS pfilldlll£ DGIOrC t l l 6 ntV u»nnmiii«ne« mvHiiiift--m«n"ii ii«n hMipii* nwi» the newspaper said. , 135 Lieurt «Y»II»I--nanity, Fi. Utti, I F.M^-Primitd liy Ifle Three Saved From Harbor Three young. Long Beach residents were rescued from the breakwater of the outer harbor Tuesday when the motor on their small boat failed and they | were washed into the seawall 1 in the fog. s The Coast Guard said James, 16, and Ronald Odorne, .25; of 6053 Lime Ave., and Linda Williams, 15, of 5629 Cerritos Ave., were rescued by the cabin cruiser Moonbeam, operated by Richard Desnidt of Manhattan Beach. makes you want to WAKE UP AND LIVE! ALL-NEW INSTANT FOLGER'S COFFEE the instant with the fresh-brewed flavor 3-T SUPER-CUSHION BY LIFETIME GUARANTEE Ask us about-it! GOOD/ 1 ~^B 6.70 x 15 ^·^^^^^ plus tax, and recappab/e tin Available at all Goodyear retail stores UNMATCHED VALUE if you drive a Plymouth, Ford, Chevrolet, Hudson, Nash or Studebaker Check these sizes, too-and drive on safer Goodyear tires today! LOOK WHAT YOU GET! 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