Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 11, 1962 · Page 16
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 16

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 16
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HUMBOLDTSTANDARD Wed., April II, 1962, Page 16 DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEKTH. an Improved powder to l)i' s.irtnklrd LJH upjicr nr lnwer plu PS, iiulds dilse teeth nmre llrinly in lucif. On nut slldu. slip nr met. ' " uimnv. pLii-y. unsiv tiiste or (."nous not finur. riiecks "piitw brpntli". CJl-t FASTEtlTII il count ITS everywhere. It- Inexpensive Dish Of Codfish Steaks NEW YORK (Ul'D- Broil the sauce right on the codfish steaks for this appetizing and iacxpen- sive main dish. Sprinkle 114 pounds of fish sleaks with salt and pepper. Brush wilh 1 tablespoon of melted butler or margarine and broil 3 lo 4 inches from hea! source for G to 8 minutes. Meanwhile, combine % cup of mayonnaise with V cup of chopped sweet mixed pickles, '. tablespoons of chopped parsely, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 14 teaspoon of salt. Turn steaks and spread with sauce. Broil 3 to minutes more, or until fisli flakes easily with a fork and sauce is golden brown. Serves 4. HARRIS STREET MARKET · HARRIS STREET MARKET · HARRIS STREET MARK; SUPER...Sun Blest FOL6ERS COFFEE 2 LBS. I LB. 1.15 #2VJ ASPARAGUS CUT GREEN PEAS GOLDEN YAMS SAUERKRAUT VEGETABLE SALAD CHILI SAUCE Seafood Cocktail Sauce FRUIT COCKTAIL GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS MANDERIN ORANGES 303 FREESTONE PEACHES s 'i;± 303 BARTLET PEARS I!;, SLICED PINEAPPLE 44 OI PINEAPPLE JUICE YOUR CHOICE SIMPLE SIMON 8" FRUIT PIES NEW Powdered With 5e Coupoi WHIP REG. J7c LUCKY 22- NEW Low Suds Giant Siie ivith 15t Coupon TABLET Detergent Reg. Siie With 15c Coupon LETTUCE 2 ,,,,,,, 29c POTATOES 10 *b,. 49c VIM Reg. 79c Reg. 4?c HARRIS STREET MARKET OPEN DAILY AND SUNDAYS 8 A.M. TO 10 P.M. HARRIS UNION STREETS HI 2-2154 Price. Effoclive Thutiday, Friday, Saturday Right To Limit Reserved HARRIS STREET MARKET HARRIS STREET MARKET HARRIS STREET MAR Nutrition Notes By RUTH CRAWFORD Home Advisor If you've been admiring fresh, crisp carrots in their gleamini cllophane bags, but wondering whatever happened to carrot tops lore's the story: In 1951, only 1 per cent of all carrots came to market in pre nckaged form. A decade ago. carrots arrived at stores in bunches launling their plumey green tops. This, everyone was sure, showei how fresh they were. Now we know that leaving the tops on carrots doesn't even serve a purpose. Research has shown that carrot tops draw mois ture from the roots, causing shriveling. This might be expected since all enlarged roots and tubers exist to supply food and mois lure to the leafy tops of plants. It's about as hard to find carrots with tops today as it usec to be to find them topped. The youngest, tenderest carrots are lop ped before shipping, so the knowledgeable shopper no longer looks for tops as a sign of quality and freshness. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A--(he best source in the whole vegetable kingdom. Vitamin A is needed for healthy skin, for good growth, and normal sight. Good for nerves, too, ani for resistance to infection. The beautiful orange color is due to carotene, which is a "pro vitamin," or freely translated, a "before vitamin." YOUR QUESTIONS Q. When I substituted dry yeast in my regular roll recipe whicl reads "Mix 1 cake compressed yeast in 14 cup cold water," my dough did not rise as much. Isn't the dry yeast dependable? A. If you will check your package of dry yeast, you will not that "for best results" the dry yeast should be dissolved in WAIW WATER (110-115 degrees*. These two yeasts must be handled dil fcrently because they come from different strains. Q. Why can't you use chocolate bits or chocolate.bars for dip ping chocolates? A. Chocolate bits are designed to hold their shape during bak ing, consequently, they do not become soft and plastic when heated Regular dipping chocolate is mixed with sugar and cocoa buttei and will stay melted at a fairly low temperature so that it is sofl and plastic.. Q. Can I take a heat-proof glass pie'plate or casserole from tin freezer and put it into a hot oven? A. Yes, if the dish is advertised as heat-proof, you may do this Crunchy Crust Sets Off Wild Rice, Tuna Recipe During these weeks most peoples thoughts will be concentrated on the arrival of spring, and the wearing of Easter finery. However, it is also lime for careful meal planning and menu magic so as to avoid the housewife's dread of Lenten menu monotony. This flavorful new dish is quick prepared and enjoyed by all. A combination of wild rice, tuna. ushrooms and pimiento that will be a great appetite teaser and pleaser. The sauce is made by combining the smooth, mellow cheese spread with curry powder. Crisp crackers add a quick and crunchy topping, that give just the right touch to this unusual casserole. When served with a molded gelatin salad or crisp 'reens, you will have a complete ············································£ FOOD MARKET rnrrcr COFFEE Ib. bag SPECIALS THURS., FRI., AND SAT A | | Q | / r U.S. No. I Oregon Russet .l.iv Lb we POTATOES INSTANT COFFEE 6^" 99c PINEAPPLE JUICED 3°83c MAYONNAISES^: 9 , 59c ... Doi . 44c Foremost, Golden State 1661 Myrtle Ave., (In Myrtletowne) Eureka HI 2-4288 10 Freih, Fancy TOMATOES 2 * 35 C DIITTCfi Foremost, Golden State /fl. LETTUCE BUTTER ib oVc 2 * 29 C WESSON LUNCH BAGS 7 WAX PAPER S ft DOG FOOD Vet s t a l l cans . 45c 2*-21c 2 ° 4 1 c 1 2 ° ' 9 5 C Lenten menu sure to delight oni and all. This is what is known as Lenten magic! 2 1014-ouncc cans wild rice, drained 2 7-ouncc cans tuna, drained, flaked 1 4-ounce can button mushrooms, drained '·! cup chopped green pepper 3 tablespoons chopped pimiento 3 hard - cooked eggs, chopped 1 -2 teaspoons curry powder 1 8-ounce jar pasteurized process cheese spread Two-thirds cup cracker crumbs, coarsely crumbled Vi cup butter or margarine melted Combine first 6 ingredients tossing with fork until blended Place misture in a greased 114 quart casserole. In small saucepan melt cheese spread and stir in curry powder until blended anc leated through. Pour this sauce over ingredient in casserole; toss with fork. Toi with cracker crumbs that havi been tossed with melted butler o nargarine. Bake in moderati oven (350 degrees F.I for 35 min utes, or until hot and bubbly Serves 6. Serve with additional butter crackers, and a molded gelatii salad. (We used lemon-flavora gelatin layered with grated car rots and diced celery.) BUTTERMILK BISCUITS Pi "t u :n0c ® COTTAGE CHEESE . Bord :: s ..... » 29c Del Monte 29 oz. PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT DRINK. FLOUR »J 0 fo l( / 1 0 I C 98c FROZEN Largo Artichokes,^ FOODS 16 oz. Oven Queen MEAT PIES Flav-R-Pac Large size STRAWBERRIES Flav-R-Pac BROCCOLI SPEARS BRUSSEL SPROUTS LIMA BEANS CAULIFLOWER Red's Beef 8 pack Reg. $1.00 BAG TAMALES A PEACHES Freestone^Uves Challenge 3 89c DRY MILK 12 qt. MEATS QUALITY - COURTESY - SERVICE ROAST LEAN I LEAN PORK STEAKS Ib. 56 I ARMOUR STAR IS BACON n *?__W $1 29 GROUND BEEF 3ibs.1. ?»«····««····«···········*·······«··········· Spring Luncheon Takes Fruit Nut Cake For Dessert Looking for a new idea for spring luncheon? Try egg sand wiches, cheese - stuffed celen whole tomatoes and beveragi topiwd off with fruit nut spong cake. FRUIT NUT SPONGE CAKE 1 cup sifted flour 2 Icasjjoons baking powder 1-4 teaspoon salt 4 eggs (separated) 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons cold water 1 teaspoon vanilla '/i cup golden raisins (rinsed in hot water and drained) 1 cup pecans (coarsely c u t ) Sift together the flour, bakin powder and salt. Beat the eg; whites until they hold soft peaks gradually beat in /i cup of th iugar until they hold straigh stiff peaks. Without washing beat r, beat egg yolks until they be ;in lo get thick and lemon col ircd; gradually heat in rcmainini, cup sugar, I hen water and va lilla. Sift in sifted dry ingredienls beat lightly lo combine. Mix ii with a spoon the raisins and pe cans. Fold in egg whiles. Tun nto bultcrcd floured pan (abou 1 by 7 by n .i inches). Bake h moderate (350 degrees) oven unti cake tester inserted in center comes out clean -- about 30 min utes. Place on wire rack until al most cool. Loosen sides of cake with spatula; turn out. PANCAKE TIIKAT Finely chop (o.- whiz in clcclric blender) 1 cup canned cling pencil slices, \; cup cranbcnics and a squeeze of lemon. Use lopping for pancakes, wc/flcs or I'Ycnch loast. Boneless Beef OVEN ROAST ON ALL FOODS Armour Star Thick Slice 4%iA.« BACON 2t98 e Boneless TOP ROUND STEAK Armour Star All Meat FRANKS Boneless * 4%« BEEF STEW * 69' GROUND BEEF 3i $ l 29 45 c Ib , Fblger's . COFFEE All Grinds' · ALSO Hills Bros. and M. J. B. N.B.C. Snowflaltes CRACKERS ib P ad Sunshine " . ORANGE SLICES % Hungry Jack New Buttermilk Jt PANCAKE MIX H 27' 4..,$] oo Dennison's CHILI CON CARNE 40 oz. can .... 59' Borden's MAYONNAISE Old English DOG FOOD Tall Cans Chiffon TOILET TISSUE Kellogg'. 18 OI. CORN FLAKES Kellogg'. 14 or. RAISIN BRAN Kellogo'j 81/z 01. COCA KRISPIES Mix or Match Dutch Pride "·"I IMITATION ICE CREAM 1/2 gallon Campbell SOUP All Meat Varieties 5 *» 89C CAKE MIX Al, Varieties 3 89C PORK BEANS No n ' a cTs 5-$1.00 INSTANT COFFEE 6 M r el ! Hou : e 79c Borden's COTTAGE CHEESE Pineapple and Chive Spirit of Norway Cross Paclc SARDINES Lawry's Spaghetti Sauce Mix 2 41 LUNCHEON MEAT 12 01. cans ... Leslie SALT 26 °' pcl plain or iodized . 2 89' 2 25' PRODUCE ORANGES 7lbs.for S 1°° 2 - 29= 2 33= TOMATOES Large Head LETTUCE U. S. No. I POTATOES 10 - 49c Yellow ONIONS 4 ^ 49c FROZEN FOODS West Pac f pLASTICBAGll /2 |bs - Peas, Corn, Mixed Vegetables, Peas and Carrots, Baby Limas, French Fries (H/ 4 lbs.) FOUR FISHERMEN Fish Sticks (8 07.) 3 for 1.00 Fish Sticks ((14 or 59c Cooked Scallops (7 oz.) 49c Breaded Shrimp (8 oz.) 59c Breaded Shrimp (16 oz 1.09 Cdl Ida FRENCH FRIES (9 oz. plcg.) 9/100 FOOD CENTER Ad effective April 12, 13, 14 Hours: 8-8 daily Sundays 9-6 p.m. 4th OSfs. Eureka GREEN STAMPS

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