Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 20
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HttpWMttd (Mtn) 24RHelp Wanted (M»n) ,241 H 'PLANT OPERATOR SHELL CHEN JOB OPENINGS for car begin in labor pool and w tions, requiring rotationa s REQUIREMENTS: Appliw ca! aptitude, high school BEGINNING RATE: $2.61 tunity for acVancGmen benefits. .INTERVIEWS will be con 'and 2 pjn. Monday, Tue! 14, 15 and 16, CALIFORNIA STATE Elv 1016 SARTORI Apply at Roc An Equal Oppor MACHINISTS-- experienced. . », Apply In Person HAVrG INDUSTRIES 12«27 E Imperial Hwv. , Sanla Fe Sprints' An. Eaual Opportunity Employer AJ MACHINIST . · Chemical plan! malnleoaftce. Day shift, steady work. Close tolerance work. Engine lalhe. milling machine, . grinder. Minimum experience 5 vrs. No others need acply. Monday Ihru Friday *MACH1h!$TS Headed Immediately TURRET LATHE '·· iNGINE LATHE 1 veaf -mln, mschrn* exp; re- oulred. Too pay, mtrll Increases, excellent fr.oge wrwfilj, advancement o'paorluril.v. Permanent- [obt (or quail lied men. Jain a oUvcrsllled convrterdal defense cooioan,/ .wltfi expanding West Coast operation. , CALL OR APPLY Commercial Filters Corp. 18744 Reyes. C«naJori,.NE f-siQO .- . - MACHINISTS- GENERAL, CLASS A Day 'shlfl, overtime,- benefit BRO-CON MFG. 9220 S. J ATLANTIC - . S O U T H GATE. MuiS- hive an around mciVnlit axpcrTtnce. Have own fools. Be i abre la cul Uveadi on lalh*:t j baste kncwiedM of band tools. STERLING ; ELECTRIC MOTORS INC . 5401 TELEGRAPH RD, t LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA * PHONE 723-4211 1 MAGAZINE, phone crew Of?4- WAN -- Aciive pensioner, for .n'cht watch in a - rob.- ' '-TE44729 MAN-- Pfzza maVer or. trainee/ over 21. Good QDplv. ! n OTovdng pizza chlr; lift $O H Sdxitbafcer- Rd., Norwalk.--. -· "· .- -·-.--- MAINTENANCE .- REPAIRMAN GEneral maw. wjfk \t\ chemical · mffl.. plant' ·' Exper./ ·desirable. Shift wqrk . may be Involved. Rachclle Laboratories TOO : Henry Forrf ~Av«. :HE' 2-3954 , MAN FOR POOL SERVICE ROUTE i We are-- exwndVKi and are n n«d of 1 more pool service man. ^ Molt be exDeriencetf, sleadv, i work year rourvd. T o p wao*s, I MANAGER TRAINEE * CHICKEN DELIGHT-- Sind re' lume Ip Sox A 33?S. Press Tele?. 'MANAGER TRAINEE i" Per potl lion ·with cofuumtr ft? rtanct .co. RacJd advancainent for I |N 1C "who qualify, poomolron f. 2329. rVffi? be Wo^sdivsc. onto- ·! ate. prefer tome collect. AWo- · mobile- fs necwsary. Call Mr. i Pen/iinoton bctwttn 9:30 A.M. f. . GA 6-1775: , MANAGERS i SliMD' wcrklno-. sales managers. l have- rrte oooortunltv - o f your Hf« tlmt! . 13,000 Id 15,000 per month/ every rnwxln. . For details . MANAGERS -··' ASSISTANT MGRS. MANAGER TRAINEES APPLY IH'PERSOH ONLY 11 A.M. TO 11 A.M FIDDLERS THREE 40M ATLANTIC Oooortufilfv lo earn $95 per week while [earning cur business. Manaoement position when auallly ELECTROLUX CORP. 5SWM7 MAN 1o sell Hoip. a. Medical ns. i Top deal, leads. Mr. Jones HE i MAN ' Truck driver 8, faclcrv work. Mechanically Inclined, older man , preerred. 11.73 per hour. Cal In MANAGEMENT trainee, L-nder 35, MECHANICS 1 Mel BURNS-- Ford ;' NEEDS.... Line Mechanics ; NewCarPre-Delivery Men j Metal Mar ; Painter's Helper · F«d experience desired. Musi b A-l, See Mr. Amman at . , ; 2000 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach -- 591.3311 An EouaF Opporlunlt/ Emo'ove MECHANIC . ' Exoer-renced on sewing macfUn union *p«lar 5IDCO. MULTIWALI PA^PE^R BAG CONVERTING Apply Employmenl Offfce Bemls Co. Inc. «fl E. Pacll.'c Coail HTway. An Eouftl Ooooriunliy Errvofover MECHANFC: Tractor, . Qyallfed Ughf induitrLal, gas fT Ant Mvst have Twrs For apuli. 324-49-19. Mr. Gears An eoual eppo/runllv emulover. Mechanics -- Motorcycle Heed 4 men, TOD wa«s. Pal vacations. Hospital fiat Ion g. \\( fniwarvc* c'an, , A APPLY IN PERSON LONG BEACH HONDA SIM ATLANTIC MECHANICS Sheef Metal Mechanfcs MUST DO own layout g, «|UDI 8 cpfirafe all shoo eau!omenl. WELDER CERTIFIED HELIARC Previcus Union aflilfafion no reoulred. MEVA CORPORATION A SUBSIDIARY OF HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. W7 'N. B. ST. ' WILMINGTON, CALIF. Ph. IfR. GREENWOOD SSfrrtl MEN N O T I C E The Lo« An«ele»- Long 0c»cn , Joint Port Labor Relation! Com . mule* win i»ke appiicadons fc Ilmrte^J (Class "8"f resltlritifxi Of March 14 Ihfu March 30, 19M TMi perlwJ of Nme miv b« ex t*odd by lfAf[ oosted noltce. AppJI cat kmt and iniirvctfont wii be avalfabfe en March M. 15, 1* 17, It, 21, 72- 23, U and 25, 1966 at Ihe Jotnl Rt'.crrfi Office, Jc n Lono»rori Orioalch Hall, .343 Norl^i e.m. and 5":M p.m. * " · Re^itrAllon will bt wilhouf £s crfmiiiaflon b«caute pf.rr.e^ibcr thip Trt Union, activilv lor or RpaFnil · Union, or abitrirce tritre w, or race, cr«ea. co'or, nit. 'on a origin, or reilalovt or pollilca bcllefi. OeialU «re set (crlrt in (he notice la be pojtrd at Irte Los Anoeks Lono fltKf] Jolnl Lonoinore 0 s Mfci Hall CJi the davi twcffled above, and ip th* Iri I ructions to t aiiiriDviea: No appIlcatJcni received prlOf lo ^ March U. 1?U will tt given coo - · : - ' - . ;. 5 /IICAL CO; . eer plant 'operatorj fo ork into operating posi- i ft work. ' '. its must have mochan:- diploma, and pass pre- per hour with oppo Ercellent company Jay, Wednesday, (y^arch. 1PLOYMENT SERVICE t.ORRANCE ' ' option Dest unify Employer EN-- Truck Met^ianlcs, 5 Vrs. «KD. wefdert, 5 yn. CJCP., (ruck frame weldlcg. Comofcn Truck top ml. Co. 1105 So. A'amcda. Ccniplon VEN, PART TIME, Paramounl area oMy. To tfeilver mornlno News- pactr. Muil have auto. Good pav- 531-734?. · Photo Lab Openings For top color personnel.- Exp.i only.' Perm. Apply Mr, Acker/nan MERCURY PHOTO SERVICE 1030 Long Beach Blvd. - L.B. . Or By AppoJ n fmenl MEH · Der Wienerscnnitzel kAPIDLY EXPANDING Vtfe need hard working men capable cf · ma/iaoing crlva Ihru reslaurarvl. Aoes 19 lo . 31, "we provide expensive with good sleillna 'salary, paid vacation other beiwtlls a challenge for man tooKlng lor a lulure. MEN-- AGES 21 OVER ELECTRONICS PROTECTION Permtr.enl · parl-llme fmp!oves needed. Mull be nlob schooforad- uate, physical tlln«4-*nd refer* trices required. Must-. clear, for bond,- police convnlutan security clearance. Must ot V BW Tnchts tdll cr .over. ISO Xi. or over, on 1h« lob training etec- Irlcal Vnowledae McM. Phoni LLf I-OA17 Men. thru Ftl.,-9 ajn. to "-3 p.m. " · · · ' * An EjauaL. Onportuiltv Emolover General' produd Ton lor ca-mosr coach conduction. Exper. Dfe- f errerj. MM 'Date SI./ Buna Park MEN-Full Time Sultan C*r Wa'ih, MEN, jeml retired w/car to cclFecl adverirl.ig accounts In L.B. sur- rourxSna areai, 2 or J diyj otr wX. Slcadv wofV.-XrSMW MEN-- Na.1'1 Co. oifers "puilneis op- p f lo reip^ntlble hardworkers. morj. No lave U.. Resume P.O. Bo)f A 6371, IrxleDcnrisnl, p.T, MEN O -l- icec. luture, will trafn, earn $7000 Isl y. J3KJ16 . MEM-FULL- PART TIME. . ' Fulier Bfush Co. - 631-9754 · MEN-- Dlin-jited w/Job? Can -earn $135 wk. 2119 Pacific 9 AM. Menj (2] Young, Married to'. work en 'vacuum aV^pollahce repair -Irucki. "No-txpeflence necessary, $325 monUi ularv to slart. Rapid advancement for rlpjil man. · Musi .have neat, appearance".. Ask for -TROY, 1411 CHERRY.. MEN-- [3 wMh car. "Full, or par time. 1 Average « 0*r hour. Roule ia!«. Aocly IMS E. Warrfow";9- 1? only. " - · · · . MILLING MACHINIST ENGINE- LATHE Must- b* tcp.-man for Droto-tvp* work. Top waati for those vrno qudlirv. Plcnry of overtime, . »O.LLYDALE MACHINE CO. MOLDMAKER Exoerlenced In rn|eclkn, trariiler compression by eiiabllihtd cvs- lorn plaitlcs firm In Paramoynl. NY-GLASS INC. «4 1035 iawmeor Experienced only.- NURSERY men, fc-mgrs., .exper. txccl. .oppor. -w/le«Ur.B. nursery. P.O. BOX.9S, Mo.iterey park, Ca if . OIL WELL SERVICE ELECTRIC WJRELINE SERVICES Man-- 31 lo 24-- jome eletlrlc or mechanical · background, high school grad., mafri thru alortra. Worlc conilsli of . cperatV.o ma4n1a!nfna mofaUe eaulpl. Some oil field exoec. nrefer. - - .TRfANpLE -SERVICE -INCORP; 432-7100 f or P.O. Bx W3S, L.B. WWQ lencfl Avalon Jewelen. ]654Q BelllFower Boulevard, Betlflower. PtlROLEUM r. .ENGINEER. 2 year* or, more exoerlence In devefo^, cr prcd. enpf- neering work 1n,L^. Basm. Salary open. Vfrlt* 'detailing «ducairon- and exaerlence. .E. B. HALL i CO. · 420 Henry Ford Ave. '· Wilmington Of call KE ?«!3, txltni'on 13 fAon. thru Frl. 9 a.m. lo 4 D.m PAINTERS-- 2 1st clan 'Inlstied Yacht Vfor*. EOI S. Fries, Wllm PHARMACIST MIGDAL'L PHARMACIES HSI ATLANTIC BLVD.. L.B. PLUMBER with' truck locli. O4-7XI Harris Operator L.T.V. olfiet cperalor/exDEflencei only need apply. Must have oood liable work recoid be dc ptndabte. Excelfent working con dllloni B. bcneflls. Sal aw ooen AOPIV empjovmrnf office dally 9 to 11 a.m. 1 lo 4 p.m, KNOTT'S BERRY FARM BUENA PARK REAL ESTATE SALESrv^ CHECK MY PROGRAM-^ No floor lime (we uig'a Recpl No money In the cfElce Name rkiers used you pet th call rrcm vour own Ilitlnosl] Sales meetings weekly. "Keep abreail of the latest-\n vcur profession." Commijjtwii (Ai, yes| Tr«V*r negotiable). Non-Lkemen. Chec my schootV.o program lo twt vou . license. OTHER WORDS "\ WANT YOU Call Phfr Vrioman PHIL VROOMAN, REALTY REALTOR NOTARY 15S59 B -III lower Blvd., BellHowe 925-1M1 or TO 6-57 REAL ESTATE SALESPEOPLE . Good office. Xlnt. commission Personal herp whin rwedtd. Ca Henry jfll-Jdl?. 'tV Real Estate Salesman Oflpor. for cxpcr. Ssreimsn become assoc. Call Bill Munt Muntz Realty. 439-216J REAL ESTATE SALES full Of pa tlTie. Top comml j sro n . Floor ilm A fraVilnp progrvn, Orartc Counly. UtT^8130 (7M) LA 3-ft^ ROUTE SALESMEN (2) 1320 hr. Mult b« married, riav sales exp. Service Fuller Brus C^ltomeri only. GE 1 -tlCS, HA S4M ROUTE SALESMAN Local Co. Opportunity or a ViVtcemeiir, TOD Pay. A tier ca Lln«n Suody Co. GE 1-1101. * * * * * SALES 1 Can Guarantee You $900 PF.a MO., TO START Call TO 4-97?3 SALES-- EDUCATIONA Umjiiral opoorfunltv (or respon 1H« fa/nify rnan wllh iai*£ t perlence cr public contact bac crtx/rxf to ctrwiKi Intcrvlcwi c uxcl*Hred ir-flFnlno (niti ution TriK ii a preiNoe poiillofl a fie Ing an Above average lAcome Ihe qualinetf Indrvlduali. FO PERSONAL INJ^^VIEW^ COI TWE J C«*'»'NOON' I AH*D""V PTA TUES, OR WED. AT 72X-14ft MONTEBELLO -»- )il mm ^J 1 Umm 1 ?£· 1 W^f VTOTfWV IfVIVHI A^V r a!*i--- Cflr«tr'Opiporfunity · : $800 PER MONTH W*rrtfl, 31 jo 45, r«j.!d*nc« 2 vrt., f willy to nitir t lajix w/lxu'rutjj rtsum* t tele. JT lo Box A-U77, c ii CCLIAW Men'* furnlihlngi fc iporliwtar. Permarveit. Good oppoftunlry. Bcnints. BONDS, LAKEWOOO SALESMAN rmfed. q-jali^l-H read 5, na rftn- S vasi no, -I to i leads p*r day. Co : r i ra[Jiion 15%. OoiwniKUty to advance to m ana cement pci|tkn ."AedlciL program, rellreincfit pfin S · v^:d1ion plan. C*ll for'Appt. btwn. 9:30 'and 11 ».m. AsV lor Mr. Fox. W3-478S SALESMAN s Jonf Pie . fflileit · growl no sales fewct In Calif. Four Vi hour ores- - S90 per cayl For Interview ca 1: · S LOHG BEACH .\ 4U-441\ SAN^EORO .wS^MSS * WHOLESALE Nalional Manufacturer of appliances has opening or one man. Excellent future. Established accounts turned over. Complete training period. Prefer young man who will grow with us. An outstanding opportunity. · . THE HOOVER CO. . HE 5-5441 "An Eqyal Ocnortunlly Employer" SALES OPPORTUNITY Sa emcn reed for conitructlon ?a evwo will iratn you. Commls- $:on in .excess of (900 per mo. SALES-^-lnTefesting Field For salesmen/, who want to ael ahead. Vrt are Tncreas'ro OK jtatf n the cofistrucllcn' industry. We will train you to earn In excels of 1?00 oer mo. CALL .MR. SABOL HE 7-W47 SALESMAN. · Married map, 'dr«$ies neally, o service eilab. kcal route.. STARTING GUARANTEE !5HOURS-:$47 44 HOURS-- $140 SALESMAN · SHOE SALESMAN EXPERIENCED GUILD HOUSE 4?l! Allanllc, Blxbv Knclli . - SALESMAN · ESTABLISHED EAST COAST CO. deilres saletman lor" U.S. Nftvy Shlpi Afloal !. local Posl Exchl. Perfect opportunity for r«llred Chief or 111 Clasi. .Writs Box C-475 Indtp. Prew Ttle, Inler- 57OT Haielbrosk, LakewD. ' Center Salesmen i , ' /ATTENTION : SALES ' .OPPORTUNITY. 1 want 4 tnlclllp/ent, aooreislve, weJI-dr«sied men-- WHO. NEED a t l e a s t j 1 200 Per Month )0, EXPERIENCE NECESSARY; offer excellent Iralnlna, Proa 'am and Flnancldi atirstartcc, usl be riady to beofn at once. Call for aDoofntment 9 lo *S SaTci /Acnaoer-- Phone: TO 4-9;« SALESMEN WANTED Full "or oarl time for L. A. County. Call 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. Culllnan SALESMEN · EARN ttW V/K. MR. ASALOS UfJ 3-87X1 SALES/^EN -- S17rOOO FOR RfGHT MAN over « In Th* Lchg Duch area. Free trip fo Rome ai bcnus for producers. Take short au o mall L, K. Duke, Mgr.l Texas Reflnsrv Corn,, Box 711, For! Worth 1, Texai. SALESMEN OPPORTUNITY ·' - 'KNOCKS INSURANCE, BOOK, BLDG. CONSULTANT DIRECT SALESMEN 1 'want 2 Intel Keen 1, ago res live well -freised men, who need a least I120Q per mo. No experience necessary. 1 " offer an cxcellen TRAINING PROGRAM. CaU for appointment, 9 A.M Fo 9 P.M. Tom Marshall NE 9-1723 · SALESMEN ' TOP CLOSERS No canvassing. V/e spend. S70, Oft to keep our men swamped wHh finest lecii. TOP m«n can earn STOOu a mo. up. Eslab./ 17 yr firm. Draws avail. CalE Mr Robinson, Moo. Ihru FrT. 531-7518 \^ ' ]^ \^ \^ l^ SALESMEN : Enlarging Sales Force Because of Increase · In Sales A-fine opportunity for honeir, en ergetlc man Interested In be com Ing top natch car salesman. Wit No' experience necessary. We wi Iraln you ' 1ri ' O*JT Ilme-Drovei method ol good lalesmanshjp. " Ltitf] Et Earn al the same time i up to $250 a wk. * Parlicrpalts in: I. Demo Plan 2. PaU VacaSloni 3. HosoltaltzaUon Ptan 4. Opportunity for Advancement Prefer men from 21 to 3S year Contact Mr. Roberts, RANCH RAMBLER, 2160 L.B. Blvd., L.B \S IX l \S V SALESMEN -. Experience hom« Imorovement ^ Slog week -f- commission. New ca fv«i.-- qualified rten. 1HH Ool» . Ave., Downey. " M2-3A( 1 SALESMEN AMBITIOU ' MONEY V/e want salesmen lhat need a 1 of It. V/e olier vou a pfwiucMh Is a r.eceulty in any store or o . flee -- not A luxury. We offer you - ixnown company that oces all-w J fsr Ifs laleswner., from n 11 1 training to growth In sa'ei mi , aaerntnl. Vft want fr.en that nee si-ro to 1700 per week -d *1 » re not a (raid to work fo r ARE YOU THAT MAN? tf VO are can, Mr. David Van MtrxJeiv r 277-0760, 272-4974. ~ SALESMEN : Neat Aopearlng, quick .IhlnVIn i men wanted who art looking fc a way to supplement ihelr pree income. V/e are -looking for me who wish lo fiarn ihe aufomobl n Exnlnesi. We will train you earn up fo SSOOO. mo, doing ov side sales work. Our frclll1l« wi be placed al your disposal T mJnaoemenf wllf be. available ' all limes to 'assist you. If yo - like cars money, cQntnct Jed 1 | Bosco, Sales Manager, In perso l*^W»t^ (MM) 241 t SR. COMPUTER OPER. * NlaM Mtl. I«0).)IM C~r ·· ~ EAM, Tco^Wajti. BnMllTt, Per- SEP.yiCE SALESMAN " Qood co. bcntrih* tKptr. r* gulrtd. Contact Mr. Swviion, TO 4-KT2 ERVICE Sllllm Allena. Full or D«rl tlrtt. 4«H Ckwd. Bl., cor. Canon (76). Service Siatipn Attend. r Have exc«rlerKe I. m«ch«nrcal abllllv. R.ftrtnctl, cood lllirvlo ll«,l HIM. 4091 7lh. · CE 3-3*34. tip l br«l(es. Musf. Mv« $»!» - VJck's Cncvron Strvkt, , 500J 1 CMfrv, L.B. 1 ERVICE nation itttmfant-rtHr- ·ncM must b« hive mechanical SERVICE Slallon Atlendanl Ml E. Ocean Blvd. be experrenced. Local reference. . Aoolv 751 J E. Alondra, Partm'!. f ERV. 51«. attetriant, e»per, Irxi. A 14302 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflr. EKVICE STATION-- Exoer. helB. Station, ll'» SludebBKer Rd.. L.Ek C Servics. Station Manager for rhVit man. Subfnll auallllca- SERVICE STATION MECHANIC ATTEND. c XlnK uav for willing worker. . Service Station Salesman Experienced. To 1500 mo. Se* Mor., Unlcn Sta lion. BeNftower i SERVICE STATION MA~N ERVICE STATION-Full time and par! time, local references. AH r.o limit. 4550 Oranoe. SERVICE STATION -- New ranch slvlc. RICHFIELD needs oood men wllh time-up t, braVe exper./ 1 Yr. local references. Salary + comm. Sf« HAROLD 2X11 E. 4lh ST., L.B. SERVICE Man. 'Electro!!)* needs Man, .Dnln slore. Salary. 5912327 «:M AM. Shipping Supervisor 3 vrs.. kc. shlpplno exper. Super* vli on exper. helDrul. Know tar- r fi. Hloh school arad. Mfg. con- ern. FA 1-SOOO, Mr. Tlnswall. STATION AHENDANT Full i nl. lime. Must be exper. Wc*IlE Slallon, Bellll. 4 Del Arr.o SOLICTORS TECHNICIANS SHIPBOARD . . ORDINANCE- AND ' ' ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS Immediate tunings -for expur- anced mm Cn'te..! checkouT on U.S. Maw tqurpnwnli. In tht-fol- owing fleldi. N.T.D.S. air March radar, centra t . com nv/n lea tions, CALL^lTeRAY ' 830-2811 . HEVA CORPORATION A SUBSIDIARY OF HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. . WILMINCfOrJ. C'ALIF. Prefer 2 men with IC-2 or 3'rale, USN. Exceclertced .wllh -maon-fllc amDllflers o. navigational devices. SJ.75 to S3JO per hr. deDtnSnD t.*pon- experience. - ' MILLER MAGNETICS CO., INC. TELEPHONE SALES H-U hr. or more, fl.30 guaranteed. Perm., full or part time position. 424-0477 TELEVISION TECHNICIAN OPPORTUNITY for *rper1en«d men to work 'for · large company per tormina o*jtsld« serv- ce. Advancement opportunity. Training In cellar arid solid stale. Exceptional company benefit*. . : AGK ARID-BELL' -ELECTRONICS' 3110 E. Willow, Long Beach An equal opportunity employer TERMITE INSPECTOR 5 day wx. Top waoei. GAM419 TOOL CUTTER GRINDER, EXPERIENCED Permanent eaibtaymenl In oil field mfg. concern, No age limit. Good wages benefits. Send resume to P.O. Box IW, Una Beadi, Cal f. TOOL DIE MAKER 'A 1 or eacer ambMlous young "B" purtch presi die expenenct in [cb shops. V/e II tstabltshed. Lyn. wood llrm, Oood ben«flli. SB«rv open.- Phone U-0721. UNIVERSAL MOLDING CO. · 1Q£07 Stanford Ave., Lvnwood TRACER LATHE OPER. Must be able to read blut c; nti, mlc ro -meters , scalts, have some knawfedce of metal culling rna- chlrves. Mu»t Tiav* some basic too'*, lucn as. Micro Metersj Calfper*, scaiei. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC · 5«1 'TELEGRAPH RD. LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA TRAINEES 50. Callf/i largest carpet S«r vice Bui!r.ess has 2 ccenlnw for trainees as BIDDERS/ on service estimates. -Age 30-30, sales exper. helpful but nor eutntlai. ^1154 1 per wk. Mr, Ward/ 925-4942. TRAINEES - FURNITURE FACTORY High, school orads., age over 31 TRUCK DRIVER Gen. warehouse work. Paltf vaca tlcn Iniur. Married rnn pref BOOS WINDOW FLOOR CO. 157» S. BEllMower Bl.. Bel!!. i . TRUCK TIRE MAN TV REPAIRMAN EXPERIENCED ONLY. Day»- ; 4-it-xn-, EMCS--HA »js«j. i TV Techn'clan. full or pan linn , TV ! TECHNICIAN a lmm«diai» opening for TV lech rt nldan. Exper. required. Top Day I Liberal benefits ADP'V 9-5 p.m ; RCA SERVICE CO. 960 S, San fa F*. Comptn j PHONE GA 3-S4I7 ·/ An Ecul Opportunity Employe TV Tech-Oufside Imids Salary ootn to qualified Man £ TE X-1606 A.M. 1 USED CAR SALESMAN, eager 1 ~ make money; experienced aW 1, to do own paper WOTK, No drinl o ers or lloalers. Permanent poi I. tion. Prefer locaT reiidant, oesl i Ing to refocale. See uied car nw t ager. RlCketts Motor), VK1 L.B 1 Rtvd-/ L.B. o Veteran? Ex-Servicemen' n SVHI«J or? Ycwo or? Strong c . 7!S» E. F^EJTONE BLVD. WELDERS · SALESMEN-- Local of oul of slale. 21MO S. NORMAHDIE 1 ICOIE.Soulh N.L.B., 10 fo la.fn. TORRANCE ' Help Wanted (Men} 24 B Help Wanted (Men) 24 ·1IIIMIIIII1IIIIII1IIII1I1MIIIIIIII1III1IIIIIIIIIII1IIMMI1III1IIIIII1III! I TACO BELL | 5 farfloui and Unique Mexican Food : S Drivt-ln Restaurants i , i NEEDS 1 : 1 COUNTER MEN NOW!! j r | .Fall Tlmt High Scfcool Graduate Part Tlm : r Hapld txponilon It crtatliig goal apporlintlti 3 E lor ombjjioui young men htintttd In - filar*. · = for inurvliw coll-- TACO IELI : · = 37t-»470-- Mon, tfcm. Tdiirj. 10 A.M. to 4 P.M, : )' = niiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiimiiHiiMMimiiimiiimiiiiiiiJiiiiiiiimiiimii fetp Wtttt4 (MM) 241 ELDER FIII*r.Tanki v 73U Petlef. ion Can*/ Piramouftf. · 4X.JMO WELDER -- GAS WHIInq te'tia'n, di/ ahlff. Berte- fill. 741 W. iniV SI., L.B. WOOD MOLDER « ALUM.,:TILE MAN Must have mobifr home exptri- · TERRA CRUISER KM Washourn Rd/ Down*/ E OUNG MAN. part l\mt, imall dwarlminl ilort, ults -f 8(n*rd s or* wo*r k. 5omt automobm kpowfrto? f-elplul. Poslllon can 1 j«*d to asslsfant managership. · mpl. InformoHon 28 AUSTRALIA IS BOOMINCI C LatMl Infornnllon on Jobi. Op. - portunlllM and Llvlno Condlllwis compiled bv Amirlceni Vi Aui- train. Air mill SJ.OO lo AuilrallM Ripoili, 43 L«k« View Drive. Naroomi, N.S.W.. Amlralla 'roperty Mofxxjenwut 30 55 1ST ANT mjinM4T,- for ma nte* nance, exchange par} renf 2-Br. all eiec. unlu-n- apl. US Chir- rv Ave. OUPLE warn lo manage aplt. i Enper, jolier, .reliable. Wife can i babvitt be msM for. convene. ence of fenant$. G£ M3I1. Managsr for 7 Singles ' ON OCEAN BLVD. 43*»2n or 43344 n. Its. .Kaclan PL. w/2 children wwti M)|. to - rnsnaoe. Exp. 3?-3724, 4!3.0a« t OUPLE to manage 6 wills-- v/rlg- Work Waitttd 3T (WOMEN) 47, o c«re for 1 or 2 eMerty- or MMrttflcapDed person, ilin t week- or ce mBcfl. SUDV. 16 DlMt. RtS- tai/ranT and mla. nxp. Manv 1 SOOKKEEPER F/C - Journals, ledcer thru financial statements. K-RAY Tech. reo., office oroce- kitK, mctSc. asst., cirt-llnn work. Box N-477. Iri.. Pr«s-T SURSIHG-- Companion, MaM hikpo. Unlncumbered. will live in. · P. 0. Box T944, Long BeaOl MOTHER w/i-vr.-old son jeekj llve- n. Housefceepfno or child care, 4 vrs. exper. Rets. 4i8-iis4 rYPING, Sfcno, Mlmeo, Bkko., ME 4-7044 DUTCH ladv wants hsewx sl.» hr. -1- fare, 7 to B hrs. 43S4U3. PRACT.-Nurse hslipr., live In, drive, lor elderly. 4J«i7M. * PRAC. Hum to elderly-- i day wk. Live out. 432-1 Hi. LADY (Xlnt. d/lver) w/car for hire by h/.-dav. Reas. ralit. · 427^178 IRONING DONE IN MY HOME. SI hr. P1K..1-: 438-M3S RELIABLE 43.«« GIRL wants, house · cleaning. Call 4S2J174 after 3 p.m. · CALIF. Reg. Nurse wants work. Hrs. helween 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 725-5731 riii i-u.«J, P1N ifL , HOUSECLEAN windows wall doers GOOD FAST WORK. 591.68)3. TUBE. J dav *k. 434.M21 LOVING child ure-- S3 day. Days onlv, VIC. 41(1 Redondo. 43! 3i]7 IRONING-- Rea. or part time SL50 tier hr. Los Allot area SM-61S6 WILL care for children in mv 'licensed home. 425-42eT. BABY SITTING-- DAY-- EVE. DUTCH Girl, exper'd, deslrei housework bv day. TO ilw. BABY SITTING 5 DAYS WEEK, REFERENCES. HE 6-3371. M 8 T ii l G l f~i C * r ' 'tana' lwl IUIKtt ' Work Wanted 32 RELIABLE family man desires Permanent . employment. ALL CALLS SINCERELY APPRECIATED. No sales. Have Character Work Refer. -Pleaie ca'J 434-3774 llonlst. 31 yrs. exp. desires ful or part flmt work as proledlcnlst or any type theater wcrk. or watchman. Call between 4:33 and 8 p.m. 439-U24. MAN w/U yrs. exper. In truck C frailer has class 1 license, will oln union If need be. MAN, 3J, able s, reliable wanls anv kind of work. No sales. Prefer's hefper. Call (714) 5478393 collect. MALE-- 30 vrs. old. 15 yrs. dining . rm, waller domestic. Days pref. Xlnt local refer. 433-1757. CONSTRUCTION sup'! or per.eral foreman, over 15 years exper. In all types of -conslructiol. -tj2-7834. GARAGE cleaning, moving, l ant hauling. Man with Vt ton pickup. · , REPAIR f. RENEW Leaks fixed, coalings small [cbs O.K. Free estimates. HA 1.8354 » vrs. of Selllnu, wants Sales Jot,. Salary + comm. 435-7722 work. Ref. 59U9S8. 4J5-4725 W STAKE Body Truck w/oVlver, 17 hr. HE 5-7529 EX-SERVICE man looking lor day or nlghl WMk. ' 5374644 btr, Inst. HE 7-5141. Care of Children 33-B (Licensed Homes only) THE Incependent, press-Teligram recommends lhat all references be carefully checked reaardlrg baby sitting and care of minor cNkiren. WILL BABYSIT -cfurlng Easter Vacn., or take 1 child over 2 vrs, days, permanent. 866-1916. Christian 'home, fncd. yd. '2 to 1^ yrs. GEf-6545, nr 7lh 1 Redondo LICENSE CHILD CARE, N.L.B Xlnt E, loving care, breakfast lunch, .fenced yard. 4»525 Soring «. Palo Verde. HA 9.333i Cherry. GE ff-0992; GE 9-5275. Swops 62 WANTED-- Pick-up truck '5?-'61. Wtl Irade as vour dn. pvml., on nfce home In Domlnpuer area. 3-bdrm w/lge. rec. rm. 335-7347 TRADE 65 BSA Soifllre cycle to V-W. 47S-aW. Miscellaneous Wanted 6' S TOP DOLLAR S GOOD USED FURNITURE, AP PLIANCES. MISC. DLR. 855-941 WANTED-- Junk ballerles, S1.60 ea 9457 Flora Vista St., Bellflower U7-X97. Open 10 a.m.-5 p.m WE BUY OLD NEWSPAPERS Independent Pacer Slock Co. 1401 Daisy Ave. 432-551 - PRIVATE parly wanls k buy wh« chair. Call B66-892 3 HIGHEST prices paid lor lua ih men's-ladles aooarel. HE 7-8101 dl 1 BUY furniture, rues, tools, m sc Clean grgs. HE 2-I7J2; HE 4-356. GAS DRYER and stove wanted fo orlvala parly. HA 94410. '. Machinery and Tools 6E · '44 ALL EH Scope lune up will model 2729, on roH-B'Way, us n overhauled, new leads. S45. Don Temple Chevron Dlr. 63X0 E. Spring ' Ph. 425445: r McCULLOCH Chain Saws Chains Be e'ecl loots. Prof, shop serv ce 2435 L,B. Blvd. GA l-7n LATHE -- Logan, T4" swlr.g, OC . cabinet. 24" Walker Turner dVl , press. Bolh nerlect. See Sunday . 8303'A E. Comoton, Pa/am. Read . 10" CRAFTSMAN radal saw w attachments, V Eolner wor* ,. lalhe. (200. 4i3? Hazefbroox. . ROLL-AWAY loot chest, comn c w/tools, S375. ME 4.13Jt or 714 116-7X1. CRAFTSMAN wood Ulhe, bench , STATIONARY portable wttdlrr equipment, overhead cranes com otl», other mis. Call Bill 634-603 d 5 H.P. gas powered air comr polisher grinder other bod tools. ME 4-1337. DISPLAY Model 26" Scrol sa wllh ban; !57 oil list price. UCO CHERRY Ave. rf.r. J OLDER model 44 W. t. S. urrt lalhe, some colllls. 542 E. Bar nlng, Comofon, 5 to i p.m. Sa - B'ODY SHOP eoufpment. Best offe = on what's left. Also B ft. Po ; Table. 1412 Xlnieno. 4184447. : 12" CRAFTSMAN band saw w/mt ; stand gear charter. tlOO. : LATE modef Hur.ter front erd m ; chine. Real bargain. (714) Kl 2-S3 I PORTA-SHOP. Kew. 1200. ; US-876? : USED fools, equip., bought a. sol : 1205 E. Arlesla. Comoton. 639-561 ; WANTED -- USED AIR COMPRE · Coins Stomps i i BUYING uTsT~prool ~«l 8, B = rolls. 905 E. Mar kit. 4J8-23 : Camera Supplies 6 : IMM PALLIARD Bolex movie can ; era S65. 8mm BelliiHcwell U. 1 1 mm. scund prol. S65. S)!4 Allintl- Somefo Stipplks . it | RESULAR4f49.00 SPECIAL_$99.QO "· H ° TO tb,T P Y'pHOTO NT L 7!f E.Anaheim HE 5-89J8 1 X-PHOTOORAPHBR has cameras, f eo'ukrt *? HA l-SoVs rMm Gildings to B« Moved »9 f OLID redvvood shed on skids, 6,1 4 caWn, Excellent condition. $.50. f «lldiiigttel«Movtd if 'f Will Fit 25'-30' or 40' Lot ( Iwmt W L8. Du1l[-ln '|tov« *· oven, Mwood Hoors til* thfu- AR,9 3-BR. houi« w/3 _paragn. ^ i4isc*lfoncoiis for Sole 72 L EAR p*w P9*«rmate e*nl*1er E tvfceoer w/«ttochmefi1. 4tt-'31$\. OR SALE-- Rflnrf «lic. massi«r 5 175. Call * f k r . l p.m. 436*yX. ANDoAAOE t, machine macfe quill- ; ed mil It j. Nevir wtd. HA 9-S?o. ECT' 2 pc Wi, btorrd ccffee.iable S 110, end ttUt IS. 7M-5J7 ?3-LS. RENCH Provincial bar 2 llocrs. Custom mqde 11.75. AH. S 42I-17H. fiKKHSiuM. a-.te.' H: !» ' Pr« ; xil ' irilKclkmwm for Sate 72 P WIO-RI..;!,,^^^ m.. Wfit^o tw" l Joff g L.B ! IJ ! p 'T t ' 11 ' ' OROE aulo. waitxr, MM new. Oirctnt dlnclll Kl. TE 4 BUS INDE OXYGEN S, acldwt, ,cyl- ndtrs cui!cm«r own«d. iilitt. ICYCLE-- Schwlw Vanllv W-ijuei) s Perffd. ' - MT4WO. EMI.AUTO/AATIC waUMr. omral- Infctnd.-SU. 2701 Delia GA !;!i TORE mannequins. Very rial. Inc. BEV'S. 22t PINE AVB. [j m . MOTOROLA hearing M. " Chfao. HA 944]}. 'i SIZE Roll-a-way txd «, millroi, Sit. 434 Oil*. :ofl on Expert 35 Call on Expert 35 CoN an Expert . 35 leu Sive Tim and Money Whin You ' . TO PUCE AN AD IN THIS SECTION CA ^iis Brown. In Long Beach HE 2-BY59 . . . . . . . Miss B ·Hill McCullouah in Bellflow.r. TO i.1721 . . . . '. Misi Pan. · Accoustic Ceilings cover cracks perm. No mess. 1TOS guar. Lk. In:. Low rales. ACOUSTIC CEILINGS. FREE EST. GA 2-4541 V.DAVIS ACOUSTICAL celling] snrav applied. Low rales. Free Esl. 941-46M Asphalt Blackcoating Auto-Fainting ' ANY CAR, any color. 155. Barrvetl Paint, 1708 Alamllos. HE 7-2575 Brick Stone Work A-l MASONS FIREPLACES-- PATIOS ALL TYPES OF STONE WORK Ph. WS-9527-- {61-6445 PLANTERS -- PATIOS -- FENCES FIREPLACES. GA 7-5M3 FIREPLACE, ETC. stone and brick, ARTISTIC'WORK. 43S-WS CUSTOM cabined *n3 kitchen re- me del (no. Rcat. rain ME J-OU78 REMODELING ar.d Cibfr.el Work. NLB Lkwd. J 23-3^7 3 any Hme Rm Additions-^Remodeling C. VanrferStrtt. Lie. B6S-I769 CARPENTRY--CAB-CONCRETE Garape door- sceclallit -- S5 mln. Lkenipd 421-2951 CARPENTRY-- Cablr-sts, remodeling, Formica, tile, pa'nllno. No lob too small. Reasonable. · 925-7003 "THE WOODPECKERS"-Gen, -re- par, all . types of cahlnetJ, form ca/ lumino'jt cellfngs. 433-3482 rtpalr. Fret Estlma!e. KE 8-W1B CARPENTER. Remstf. ofass slkPrg drs. Wall knocked oul. GA 246? ADD 2nd stcry. Remodel. Add to 1st fkwr. Repsrr. WAJ3 ADDITIONS, REMODELING i* RE- ,, YOU n-vnt III I'll. b, ild It. Free «stl. 43i-3Mo evta. wkencH CARPENTER -- DOORS, WINDOWS, REPAIRS. REA^ GE 8-OMi morfcl. Lie. Jmtrretf. JHA9-3W7 CARPENTRY BPH. repairs. Reas. small fobi my ipectaltY. 421-74W name 11. V/ork guar. . - 439-79CS of experience. - 4343607 1EV. WW Conilr lotion. GE 0-2il8 Reas. raid. " GA 7-7269 CARPENTRY, roollno, reoarrlnq. Carpeting NEW USED Carpels, rxpcrlly In- NEW USED carpels [nitalled or repaired. Free einmate. JacX Di Ycunff~TO6-*OOri NEW USED Carpels, txperllv n- »1lmate. Call Ted, 439-OCW. Carpet - Uphoi. - Cleaners CARPET UD-wistery d«in1no. 510 ·n/ front rm hall. Quick drying -- w/new «yfwnent 4280312 ANY LIVJNG ROOM HALL Crpt. cleaned-- ONLY, HO. IM-6J9 . . Ceramic Tile CERAMIC Tile -new repair. Lo«. or. small Tabs dene. Reas. ra ts. Work (war. Lie. Conlr. HA 9-3477 YOUR call bringi a Ille seller ro a satesman. QUALITY WORK war. Lie. Ftee eil. 43J-7K4 FINEST workmanihlD. New remodel, repair. LTc. Free est GA 7-183$ QUALITY CERAMIC Ille work. NEW Remodel. Lge. small Tabs. Over To yean exo. R«as. 421-767; A-l CEMENT WORK From 3fc sq, ft. Drives, pallos, walk]/ steps, etc. t? vrs. exper. Frti esllm. «5-1«? or GA 24079 SPECPAL RATES-- Free Estimate Pa Mo - driveway, foundation?, x- PATIOS, DRIVES, WALKS. ETC Free estimate. HE M5v2 WALKS, porchei, psih itabs ICDI. No lob fco small. GA 7-7249 ttY. GE S-im"'or*GE 4-15U?*" CEMENT, brick ' work, claslerlng. No lob too small. GA 7-IUI PATIO ROOF SLAB.. With Your plan: or will deilui. GE!IWH WALKS, nabs, stepi, edging strips. Contractors-Builders · Local 25 Years -fa ADDITIONS Free Est. 100%, Financing LICENSED-BOtVDED-UlSURED CAL VET HE 2-3997 DAVENPORT CONSTRUCTION CORP TREND CONSTRUCTION CO. Room Additions, Remodels Kitchens, new Const. STATE LICENSE-- INSURED r FOR FRE'E* IST^TE? CALL 925-3753 ROOM Additions Free Ell. 100". Financing THOMPSON x Construction Silt PARAMOUNT BLVD. L.B ME 3-9670 i Russell Construction Co. i ROOM ADDITIONS + REMODEL Cal Vet -- FHA -- I8«4 frnancPnj LICENSED - BONDED- INSURE! 19 YEARS LOCALLY / Call das' or nloM for free est J Long Beach Ofc. 437-771: ' 22330 So. Weilern, To/rarKt, i 320-4570 a R em 3d* 1 Trig - Atfdifloni -'Home h CommcrcraF - Industrial a FiKome UnlU. FREE ESTIMATE IMS FINANCING 39-3U y BRING IN YOUR PLANS AND/0 IDEAS A l«f ui he ID you fFcrur n 1J\e coil Iw your NEW home o v ADDITION. ffc,chirBa or.obllg lion. 5DOI Ailanlk Ave.. L.B. 1 LIC. BWa Conlr. -.vlll build or IL ( o«rv.M. Verv r«as. GA 4-749 Door Hanging 1 1 o r a IMS GE MI41 Draperies FREE measuring, otw worV rocr ~ vour fabric or ours. 434-H34. - Dressmaking ALTERATIONS/ MENDING ON eve». «, WK*MH|J, HE MT 1) CAMEO SHOP -- Cuslom sev/lr.o allerattoni. TH Allanllc. HE 7.5T 9 FINE cuslom fr«ssmaklna altei T aflons-- Lakewood. U5-0400. i DRESSMAKING 8. alf.ratlons. 93. i E. RamMia, Bsllflower. U7-M. ' ALTERATION 1 DRESSMAKIN J REASONABLE 4JS-07' 1 . Electricians ' "IK" ^ MI ' RETIP ' ED ^.,4, Electricians comm'l wlrlna iWillnp sales JL, Inita latlons. · Free «t. · 42^-4427. ;LECTRICAL wfrlno " all types. Rcaionabfe ralei, HA M184. Call allcr 6 p.m. or before !:30 a.m. Commer'l. No lb loo wrsll. 24 hour service. · 4W4K '. Fencing / AVE OH NEW fence luitlbtr. Redwood SI .1 4; Cedar 11 .»; -pj 1 1 ra!1 39c ' 5M-95H; 678-7S9S Xlnl r«l. UN 1 0-2732; WA 5-2437 BLOCK FENCES. BRICK-SLAB. GA 34?62 or GA 1-1443 Floors-ReHnishlng CAMPBELL'S FLOOR SERVICE Lav floor. Ille, kitchen or barb, 123 labor.;! day servlc*. ME 4-3241 JOHNSON FLOOR SANDIMG REFINISHING old HOOTS like new. Personal service, 22 years cxDcrl- REX floor sandtn,7,,beauir(ul frnljli, cfeanetf wtd waxed, i-lav.«^ice. Call anvKrm. HA 1-5935 SAND FINISH ROOMS FROM $». Lie Insurd. Call Zl W-- GA 4-1M4 Formica Counter Tops KITCHEN COUNTER top*, ban, Pullmans, cabfnets. Free estimates. Furnace Repair 24 HRS, 'SERVICE 43MX4Q Garden Sery. Supply Sor nkirrvs svsU.Tis Injtallsd repaired. Pattoi.- Ofd yards done over. LOY L. SWITH. HE S-71P2 LANDSCAPING RENOVATING-PRUNING COVFY BA3-54?»-- aft 6--^,7-3443 COMPLETE farxficaplna service. Reno vail no, cfeartup, t r u n T n a, iDrkiklers. LIC. INSURED. STUART'S Lawn Servtct-- Fulf marn- lensnce- mow, ethre, rrJrn bed work. By mo. cr [cb. 437-8M9 WEEKLY LAWN SERVICE DEPENDABLE. HA 9-PS76 ft OLO LAWNS RENOVATED IVY CUT DOWNr HAUL 'AWAY. EXPERT lawn care. Cur Us lar.d- scaplrto jD-'lnklers. Also vard BALDtNG'S GARDENING SERVICE Free esllmates. Clean-no a sot- caMy. , Aik for Bill 633-3772 PARK'S C'eartup Bt complete lav^n service. Apt. maVilensnce. Tell us wrtal you vtlll pay. 435-7B9 EXPER. Japanese garderer. Formerly from Pasadena. Free e*t. ^39-7205. · · LAWN service, quality Rossntoor, Loi Altos East L.B Fre* eit HA 9-5363 er HA 4-7W3. WOW edtre 3r month, $19. Clip- Dings hauled, ckanuos, 424-7639. LAWN Service Real., (Jep*--ufaye, eupcrlenced. FREE est. GA6-]72«1 MOW-EDGE, PRUNING, LIGHT HAULING. 475-7760 EXP. Japar.eie cardener. Malnt, bv MOW S. etfctf'flO mo. Full maintenance $15. HE 9A4U; GE CWlJS EXHER.' -Japanese gard. ·Former.V from Pa sa Sen a. Free «t 439-7215 Glass Mirrors ABLE GLASS SERV, -- OPEN SAT. Plale, wlruJowi, rnfrrors, tow, e c. 14a7CotaAve. HE 7-4014; HE 2-3669 Handymen A* Trash Hauf-- Tree Work A GARAGE-- LOT CLEANING a ALLOWANCE : ON SALVAGE 7 years of satr$f led ·customers. PROPERTY clianuv, painting, lltt hauling, tree.tocplhg removal. Call us tor prompt service 'free , Hauling, Express . HAULING, oaraoe, lot Irash. c can up, remove fr«ei, ftnces,. vy, ihrvbs, walks, slabs, wreck no. cod [cbs. L.B. or Lakewocd areas. Fr« e Est. Call JIM. HE 6-1538 yard cleanop. Exo«rl tree serv. Allowance on salvage. Free est. Guar. Lfc. -US-IO^ or GE 3-13tt MOVING? BIG TRUCK .OR PICKUP, Llcht Hatrllng. Reas. 47-3S27 ART'S TRANSFER. LTc. Insured. Low rater HE 7-4333, KE 7-1 Kl. GENE'S MOVING SERVICE R«ascnab!« ra'.K. TO 7-5747 FREE Hauling for usable oTicardi from house or oaraoe, 42-jOU up. Asphalt -removed. 6J3-1922 TRASH haul, construcUon clean uo MOVING LIGHT HAULING LIGHT riaullrra, clean UPS, Dkk irp-m«ah1e Hems fre«. «3-04« V/e trade for anvlhing. 633*15- TRA5H Hauling-- Garages Clear** Yard clearnjo work. 423-85EO LIGHT Hauling Cleanup. Real. last. Eves. wkcr.ds. GA 2 0770 APPLIANCE movfrig llchl ha u Ing Careful hndlg., low rates. HE1-7241 MOVING? BIG TRUCK OR PICK UP. Light Hauling. Reas. 474-3S27 HousecJeaners EARL'S WALL WASHING, Kltch. A bath SIS. Flat paint exocrtlv v^ashed (no streaks) -- Itv. . rm SIS to $18. Floors waxed. Time payments |l desired. 430-WO HOUSECLEANING-- walls, windows Hoars, -.stoves, blind]/ rugs/ · in sured. M vrs. exp«r. Free estl male. GE 3-JM4. PROFESSIONAL M e t h o d V/ALL WASHING may Save, a Paint Job Reduced rales (or Carpi) Clean lr,0 WAXING. 430-43B QUICK SERVICE-- Wall window washing, floors waxed, excer painting. Reasonable. 415-5131 EXPERT wall washing. 20 vis. exo Insured. Fre« eitimales GE 9-2521 WINDOWS 8, wain waihed, floor cleaned y/ax. 15 v/s. exp. HE 4-450C Janitorial Service BFLL'S JANITORIAL SERVICE. REAS. DEPENDABLE. Ph. 4W-5M Linoleum ) PROFESSIONAL LINOLEUM · SPECIALIST In floor covering. Lie Contractor. 433-K73 or 423-353 Moving Storage YOUT.L SAVE MONEY WIT SECURITY VAN LINES - ANYWHERE TO ANYWHER , · LOCK-VAULT STORAGE, TOO s Painting, Pa per hanging * INSIDE or oul nalntrng, kllcta R wasted-enamered. Sml. kb OX e Hr., [ob. HE £-2337, HE A-7£X r PAINTING, rao:;Mrolno, 5farnln$ Fite ei», C-uar. Lie. Ir.c. 434-Hi - PAINTING ' PATCHING, EXTEF 7 10 R i INTERIOR. GA 2-554 PAINTING, MMrtanoina, Dtesei Ing, recAlrs, M. PochFeln 435-76 - PAINTING inside or out. 25 yr exoer, No lob loo sm. HE $-324 - LICENSED PAINTER-- as v«rj L.B. Miat and reasonable. 591*153 * PROFESSIONAL painting. Re lab! ' Fast, neat, reasonable. GA 2-62 - PAINTING-- Inler, exler, fr cst., Tni., 20 yrj. exDCr. Gu 3-8* ~ PAINTING, Daoerlng, rniftfe fr ou fj XI vrs. OXD Fres est. GA 3-4K i PAINTING · Pfailerlng Paccrir 3 Low raTes. 43S-i«C or 59.-?3 ~ PA INT! KG, Is! c!*SS work. Fr «sf. Start now. Burni. 4JM5 8~ PAINTING, Inilde oul. Fast/ nea Apt. hoin* special. 43^54 G PAINTING-- Hion quality work dor i rcaibnaWv. Ftet est. 424-4W " SCAHD1NANVIAN . Workmansh! PalnMna Ini^e out. 439-X\ U RESIDENTIAL. 430-74M, · ii. . . . . - . - · n Orang*' County, JE 7.9120 ' Pointing, Faperhanglng J. C. Holland Painting Co. t Very reasonable prkej! Low down aV tip lo 2 vri. to pay. All vrcrK ' · sff«ja Professional Painting SPECIALIZE IN EXTERIOR Reasonable rates 421 -5690 V All Work Guaranteed INTERIOR-EXTERIOR 425-6132 429-7126 RELIABLE PAINTING 'YOU CAN DEPEND ON US. Bended -- Lfccnied -- Injured 438-1169. YOU BUY PAINT! 1 PAINTe- . . . Free eitm. R«»i. rates. 8*5-002? WANT a ntat paint lob? Kitchen, work a jMclalty- SilsfiKtron guar.- Free eil. Eves. 423-7622 - INTERIQR.EXTERIOR Brush, sorav, .roll, IS vrs exn, Al work ovwranleed. Verv reas. BOB PRIESTLY . .H\$-7A09 WALLPAPER 2 BFrROOMS $4q Includes DBp«r and labor PAINTING, cuilom hand dec- ora 'o,- SoanJsri rombrno, anltau- Ing. int exf. Fret eillmate. NE 5-7194 «, NE 5-7015 AVERAGE ROOM $14 Exlertar stucco . bunctlow, S195. PAINTING- REASONABLE G o o d work. QUALITY MATERIALS. Llcenitd 1 lniur«d . 423-S5M _ , L. H. SPAINHOWER PaUitlng dftcoralrno-- Bonded Insured. GA 7-10M or. TO 6-7575 PAfNTIHG -- Reliable. Reasonable. Don an xlnl.Job. call Bob, daw Pet Care EXPERT oroomln? fc cllpclr.o, alt breed*. Special boirdtog "rates. · KENNEL KARE GE 8-W?7 Piano Tuning PIANO tuning fc re Ml ring. Cat . Plastering ADDITION SPECIALIST PLASTERING i, LATHING Acoustical ceEllnos. palchfng, re- slucco. Lie. Ins. Reas. Free eit. GA.. 2-4541 V. DAVIS ACOUSTIC Celling SPECIALIST 0!d cellingt nude new. Fix any . ceflTnas. No -more cracks] Sound A heat conlrcl. Move no furniture. A SPECIALIST In wnall olaster- HBtcr.m.7. Do own work. 1 (lav servfce. 435-624* far ercmnt s-rv. ACCOUSTICAL -ceilings -- machine arolled. Lie. Contr. GA 4-9522 PATCH nlailerlno our. specialty. EXPERT WORK GUAR. GA 2-8007 Anytime. TO 6-M11; .925-5726 Rav PATCH or new wrk, no lob too small; . G\ 43565 CEILINGS -- Flatter patch, stucco PATCH work, stucco,' accuitlc eel no. 595-2318; 430-77M. work. GE 0-2441, (7141 TW 7-4709 SMALL- or Ice. palcMng, restucco. Fast service S. reas. M5-14S2. . FOR: SfAALL PATCHES'-- CALL Plumbing, Heating . NO .TRAVEL TIME CHARGE Stoppages repairs, GA 2-4947 LIC, PLUMBING COHTRACTOR-- jodlllon*, remcddlnu, reoalrs. STOPPAGES - Drains - Sewej-j SELL - SERVICE '· INSTALL Lie., Imuretf. CALL GE 4*1565 Refrigeration REFRIG, Serv. repair. Domestic ccmm'l. Reas. rales. 432-2290 Roofing RE-ROOF WITH SEARS No Down Payment Up to 3 Yean to Pay We Install - . . or Materials Only For Frae Estimates .Call . Sears Long Beach HE 5-0121, Ext. 264 450. Long Beach Bl.', L.B. WHITCOMB ROOFIN^ CORP. For 1h»' BEST In r.ew or reroof Tno, cat] TOLL-FREE M5-5J34. . Evej. 4J5-»« BLT-V/ELL ROOF CO. ft Eit. 1TO V/E GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMP! . Wo dn. Dvmt. Bank Urmi. ALL fvws rfwver J4 hr.) UH 4-7W . Sta DLUE CHIP STAMPS REROOF, REPAIR, COATING DEPENDABLE RoofCo. GE JJ4! RE-ROOF WITH SEARS HE 541!!. Exl. !44? 4SO UB. Bl ROOF rcpalrt of all kind], new I OM. Frtf isllrrM-. 4S-SJJ Rubbish Disposal · YOUR oarage clraned S, rubbij hauled away, JIB. OE M67I. Sandblasting i Sandblasting Restucco DICK-- WA 3-407? Bob-- O4436 SANDBLASTING- RESTUCCO. Vtr ^ reasonable. Lie. GE 1-29? FORBES Sandblasting for reoalnt o stucco. Free esllnules. GA 4-348 H Sheet Metal . = Blowers 4 Fans FANS, blowers lor ventilating re tauranli/ homes bfo^j. Kirch* sinks and hoods, ilalnless lie work, guirers conducltrs. (fat arc wektina. Marina sheet me s ana repair woi. MacCLOSKEY SHEET METAL 1315 VI. lllil St. HE trtn 3 RAIN GUTTERS, sheet metal wor Save S t I GA 74JS' ,. Termite Control * HANS TERMITE COMPANY FULL Disclosure Inipec km b s State Lie. Inspector. 47a-33J ,, TERMITES, ROACHES. Fre« es 7 Amcr. Termite Co. 417-50 ^ Tree Service * BILL ALLEN -TREE SERVICE U INSURED LICENSED GE Ml T JOE RIDDLES Tree service. Fr uj *slm. Llcefis«d, Insured. GAa-eT 0 REMOVE-- TRIM-- HAUL AWA1 5 Free Esl. Low price. GE °-» £ Upholstering . T REUPHOLSTERY sale «K 0 n Free estimates. 3 Generations - uoholslerlno. Taylor Mafd U · holsterv. OA 2JM9 or NE 1-JM - AAA FURNITURE 4JI-W ?; Re-UDholster DAVENO CHA U FABRIC UiX, MAUGAHYD b S72JO. Labor t, matirtali ncluth ' SOFA S41JO-- malcMno chair »tt Includes libor ft maferli Fr · rm cam. Ot-un or 40-1? ^^SALYASp^A^IERS I 1685 Santa F* or" I Bolh' vardi 'own 6v4T5fi^ H NCER In Drand MW cib*"^"^' H "^HfFI^"^ 1 ^ 1 ^r«? a "''pARAMOUNT'? r sAS.Es; I Tank Caniitsr Vacuums I $14.11 v.^-r I AT Ull CHERRY AUC- · TM^3iillj i,S,S^i| "s^ISIitP 1 "fable"»]0;' *acSs'"ci'r,'S." ?SS U sTlcer Hi mixer), S2. /vJ c .?T I J759 San Anseirne TM«Siiix · 3 Tih?EiBS^i J 7^ t H: I LARKhllNG-Never uied,-'-lS -voj · IB yds. nylon, "hot ei'ri r'-'iiiS'. · »? yd., Vd. S«i» w ' · '"WPt 5 - ""S" 1 ' ? cftUii, fab?«| · ft's'se?; "KLrSSeT 1 K, *£ I GOLF, clubs "Vlclura". iWoodTlt, 1 ^'·^·- F Mr,-. b ^|;* 1 NEW TRASH CANS I UieJ leans, nAf^.- · GA4-3JI4, 3DS1 Lwin lUirttTir^ · Staurfer Reaxaclsor, v\brs\nr · Belts. Salon Vljlfi.Tzergi«TM|E|cla! · Exerciser. . HE · s-5170: OEiwif; · Cuslo!rl^dratSrl« M L^Ji . c v 1 TRASH CANS $2.95 7 1 Weldlno. L.IWK mowers sharp,- » · . 5301 Cfitrry. GA '3-4.13 17?. rff-S' · Wt WILL MEET OR BEAT · All Adver bed Prkes - B FIRESTONE CAMERA' "|.F| · ?4?4 E. Hreitone Bhrf, 1 Dntrw. i» · Sir*.?,' 1 »^TtooV B iamp' t ' ! »((T'. r 45 I record ofaver «10. 422-4JU^''" P · · KENMORE wrlncer.,wash«r, ' 3 - y r / · old; Me Lane. nWr.Matrricver- · u^rf; .hind Ujn-. ""ww^txtr- | Phyle end lab!ej,.labli rarno7an · iraued ciblnel, art vlit. crlss- · cross curlalni. · · KE-»-7«5 · GAFFERS sstllen stove" alrnost · new, ironre w/chrem« "toO. 43a. · MAYTAG auto, washir. 3 cycle, like · new. 145; girl's «'" We? »IS fin 1 Foster Rd.,; '=· Hij7M · headboard l^ bed^ franT«^fu5. riS^lueSS:! "tevaw^fJjSS!* J 43MU7' S? " ** 5 ' NEAR new. Restaurant.. tuikment. Pltu oven, tftir brolliriLSlan! . e c. . Call tor anal.: MA,--4£)6 "HirrL^fSftr^i? : TRASH CANS DSL'.^S GE I-BIK Ooen Sun. M43 F-'lVlh }i »fwK^r^'^:^: ' "^Es^c'Siriw E t!3!S8Syg$l COFFEE 2 end tables «J5) slat bench; Hoover ocrrable Waifier K, _jpln dryer J.125. Ph. 4a-24iW" BRUNSWICK POOL TABtES, »WS 'U model, comnlele w/accesjtrlfs ltW4 linancfng.. mVMrifeFeeL OFFICE DESKS, Oialrs, fires Ind "reproof f l i e s . ' PARAMOUNT SALES, ttOO Paramount Blvd. , ENCYCLOPEDIA. Also Groat.Bocks s'w'hffi fflh°lif S FENCE-chUn link, sav.,-run-H. 7?C( oates reduced prices. "Altai/ NEW i used TOM, owrstulfed cnatr. Gosilp bench. bMV^ fum. Puppies Wmlsc. Call 841-7259 -. 2 TORRO lawn mowers, reconditioned, like new. X) In. twat.'-UN 11-6' ADMIRAL 1. GE refrKrs..Xlnl. cond. Your chfllce. S35 ea. "1511 E. Artesfa Blyd. Prlv. mr.T: wread gold whit. ·· quilted, queen slie. Call -434,2213. REFRIGERATORS, Sloven: m»C. Inc'li/dlno supotles. . 94M777! REFRIG., 519.*); oas rano«; tl9.». TRADER PETES, 521 4th' SI. Ooen MOT. Frl. 'ill »; Sun..il2.J. FIXTURES, store, reslaurant.'bar.' Lumber, olywood, peaHoard, mfsc. lf\ alley, rear 510 Cherrv-Xrially). BROWN fur slolt, 'anllou*' walnut drop leal dining roonr'faoltr antique coffee lablt.. '4M-73i2. HEARING aid. Slimtns behltKfeir a'd, used 1 mo.- ur.lll i ttvnd the one 1 lost. Sic. GA X-41/7.- HOME made slurd/ IraUetvexl fl./ fully eaulppetf for road/; Reai. offer. 438.18U '4JMM.,.UMI! BABY Grand plar.o; orrenlalTucs; Bdrm. Din. rm. fumlfure.- Ftne condition. 4DO Greenmetdow. iRd. USED rugs carpels, varttus'llie. oood coll springs, laun. 1ubs, end lables, etc. Cheso. Pflv..HE2-775« OLD PIANO rolls «lso cJd nrckel- odeon pfano. *73-M3. " - · LIKE HEW sulls, sportf coals !V Air Force uniforms. 437-2527.: ~4 CAD. llres like new, \OM price. 9 591-6747 alter 6 p.m. or, Sundays. ? BRICK -- Uied 7c -- WtW'fc. Bauer l»l Redondo GE 4-3517 , STOVES, rcfrlo. washerr shower ; doors. In alley rear J1CTCherrv. FURN. i MISC. FURNISHINGS FROM ESTATE. 432^957. -~' . LANGSTROM dLi. rm. "l.'QKf. ' KIRBY vacuum w/sll»chmeflls.*L!ke « new. it!. 4!MS4«. i .-i _ L BEAUTY shop comtmut di'esser i k swivel chair. TE 4-3W2 all: 7.p:m. HOSPITAL BED ADJUSTABLE 530 DeeHrs. 2m E. 7Ui GE ?7,,S -' UPHOLSTERY labrk, 75c-vard «· up, Taylor Mtld SKI Cufff.J-^ - TRIMMER MOWER E"GEMORE EOGER J13S. Wl»«17 \ CLOTHES poles, lines, «tc, f/L 5 stalled, repair, reirni. M5-54?! Vi PIPE threading machlAi, soil PCI 9 i fillings, ra-3449 alter 5 P.M. USED carpefs i rtmnsrt i, 8 ', r ;K leum. PrTv. Parly. GA 7-1472 M WALL heafen, 2SJOO BTU. fl7.n S y//th«rmoslai: UfH. NE' 9-O11 3 i-- i.70xlS TIRES wheell' 12* n Palm SI.. BetStnwer. . n RELAX-A-CIZOR · FOR FIRM' R=- -° DUCING.-Lale model.- 4XHMI. WIGS, 100* humtn hair, ctoiwui, J». Acwa Vita Din 4li4l». nj DOLLS, clolhel, parfj, rioa r i[ .course, suodfes, tools, -M6-5a/D- R FOR SALE -- Cord of firewood. d CYMBIDIUM PLAHTS j 5) Arlesla · 8*5-16*5 S FLUORESCENT, nohts Ul4d.i, J *w 434-5015 «y«s. 1, SuniTWr* _ J

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