The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 25, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1920
Page 4
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THE 0RI8B PRESS VICTOR ROUSSEAU --SX . t&Ct: r Donald suddenly began to" tra'ds*. . "Davies, do you imagine that I am frazy ?" he • cried. !'Why, that's what' they told Masteramnl" "I think, sir, you ought Uo rest, 1 '' •aid Davies. "Meanwhile I am assran- -Jng command"." "'• "I'll have you court-martialed, Dairies!" cried Donald angrily. J ' . • .. Til face that, sir," returned the N SltUe middy. "You see, sir, It amounts to ;this: I.have only spoken- to Clouts •o :Ear. It would be better to lie down ~jgnletly than to-have the rest of "the anen know about this.. It would be i-jwary prejudicial to discipline, sir. And jta the morning, when yon feel ;differ- I shall resign the command - to , again." ' . : . '>"'•;' • Donald began to realize- the Impps- •ialbllity of convincing Davies:" 3 The •middy evidently believed that-hisi es- .'toosure In -the boat had turned his ibraln. It was useless to attempt to '*rgu'e. Of course he ought never to fcave spoken about the "monsters; ; Tint ithey had 'been so real, .so recent in Ills mind. However— . . -"Pavies, you may take command-un- jtll morning," said Donald. "Only-Te•member my warning about the iintches." ' . • . He turned toward-the-dpon Davies saluted him. Sam Clouts accompanied him to his cabin, below. "We put the lady in here, sfr," he •aid, pausing in -front of the door/ • "Quite right," answered Donald. •Yon may sling me a hammock in the .Officers' messroom." "Tve done It, sir," Clouts answered. A moment later-Donald found himself a prisoner on board his own ship. Tor, on making his exit. Clouts had locked the door. The action was done -with dispatch, and the key was turned Almost noiselessly, but Donald had -beard It. "; ...-'-• - He got Into his hammock and -tried to compose his mind, -but he discovered that the events of the day: had shaken him more than he had Imagined. Those awful memories recurred to him against his volition. Worst of all was the knowledge that precious time was passing while he was a prisoner. And he recollected that the monstrous horde, surrounding the sab- marine, no doubt, had already discovered that men were food. If Davies took off the hatches—perhaps he had already done so. His mind became obsessed by the threatened danger. He sprang from his hammock, trembling. He tried'to open the door. He set his shoulder against it. Outside lie heard the reedy notes of a mouth organ, and Sam Clouts suddenly 'stood before him. :• ' Donald had an impulse to appeal to the man, but at once he Saw its futility. "Tell -Mr. Davies that he is on no account to take offl the hatches," he said. 1 Sam Clouts saluted him and calmly locked the door again. Outside the strains of the mouth organ were heard once more. Evidently Clouts r. instructions to .remain at ihe .curses of men, tfielr agonizing cries, the thudding falls of heavy bodies. • But Donald could not lose with Ida's life at.stake. The monster's struggles grew feebler. Donald flung it from him, and heard it* shuffle out'of the room and into the darkness of the passage/;-' Then.he knew that fear ruled among these sea-beasts as upon land. «;•; Suddenly Davies burst Into the cabin. . ."Paget! I've come to you!" he cried hysterically. "You spoke the truth, sir, and I thought, you were mad! -I opened the hatches, and they're ' all 'over the.ship, sir!. I've comb to. dip withiyonr ?•' ..'.-...'. Another man ran panting up to. .them, It seemed Estrange afterward, when Donald recalled It, how the 'three seemed to be aware of each other's presence-in the little cabin. It was Sam Clouts. • "They've got us, slrl" he cried. VI 'fought to the end, but the rest are. In the sea, and I'm the only one left I Tva locked the - entrance to the conning tower, but it's only a question of minutes, sir!" - • "" Donald could hear the monsters straining at the-door. He felt sure that the steel plating, thin as it was, w.ould yield; not to the sudden exercise of any muscular force, but to the silent, steady pressure of the. heavy, bodies. The door creaked arid groaned under thejmpact. (To fc* ooattMMt) Oonht',.new.military at- tache to the- Swedish, legation 'In Washington, recently^ arrived In this country. BOOST COLORADO COAL PRICE Operator Says Wage Increase and Higher Prices Would Add to •" State Burden. Nothing Hastens Recovery Like Vino! That is because Vinol contains the greatest strength creating 1 ; and body Jb^^ medicine^-— Beef and Cod liiver Eep^nes, Iron and Manganese^ Hyphgsphijtesjvet&'f Yoii can just'feel yourself gam; after talcing Vinol a; weeky ; u I*^i«Proo«tli»tVlnolCreatesStewngtti -,. - .-•' Warsaw, Ind,— "Influenza leftm«i Greenwood/ «!•§.--"I* JGripp* - ' - • • --•- - left me run-down snd 80 week I had to giy.e up my work. At iny-drng iitor» I learned about Vinol, and after taking it about one month I a- different woman.- I eat. well, aleep •well and feel well, and I can truly iay- :Vinol is a God-send to any weak, rundown person, to create •trength after .i<-kn«>ss."—MA«Y ELLA FORD: •>• "terribly weak, anaemic: and with no appetite. I could' not evep-walk,, around the house 1 without beih£ exhausted, and as I am a housewife'! had to have help. I tried 1 tonics •': and doctors without benefit.' I read: about Vinol, and'-four-tottlps bujltme': up and restored .my/.strength."—. . MRS. CHARLES MOONB. ., ; sickness. far alt rnn-doim, nerroa*, anaemic condlHoni, weak feeble old people and delicate children, there la no. Your money wilt 6» returned If Vinol fails \A—•*• 1 Yinoi OUR COD LIVER AND IRON TONIC IS THE GREATEST STRENGTH CREATOR KNOWN Claude Fox and Dragglati FAULT GERMAN ENVOY TO U, S. Washington, -Feb". 25.—Tlie recent U per cent wage increase awarded coal minors'-will add l?5,000,000 annually to the burden on consumers, in 'Colorado if coal'operators th'ere are allowed to increase prices , to- -produce an adequate return on Hietr' investment, E. H. Weitzel of the Colorado Fuel and Iron company told tlie seriate coal investigating, committee. -Colorado miner's did not need the wage increase, tie said, some miners, under the form'er scale, receiving as high as $3,500 a year, while the average was about $1,682. . • Former. Mipister to Cuba Is Selected as Charge D'Affaires at Wash- , . ington. - Berlin, ."Feb. 25.—Herr. Panlt, -fov- mcrlj" German minister to. Cuba and later minister to Brazil, .is ssiid to'have been. soIccted-Jor. the post of German charge d'affaires at Washington. . . Hcrr Pauit is at present head of the American a'fPuu-s tlivision of the; foreign office. Although the American government sent-a charge d'affaires to Berlin recent!}', with the title. of American commissioner, Germany Is waiting for tlie ratification of the peace treaty by. ^America or. corigres- slonnl action offidnlly "ending jaid of war' between the two' iiafac 4 ' fore sending a diplomatic renEesenta- tlve to Washington.'. ? : CALL FOR POLITICAL A0fION ' . • '• • • - . * A :: A. F. of L. Sends Out-RequesJ jfor a Meeting at Washingtbh;.? March 22. ? 5 f ." .. \yashi-ngton, Feb. 25.-r-Cer\tiaiLabor' unions ovor-the country. wereTr'equesfc ed by-tlie American Federntip.n of I.a- •Ijpr's political cfunp:ii'gn coinmHtpcj to 'meet'lMarch 22 to select local'eoaimit- teeS .p'( five to-conduct'in tliei'r'jcom- munities labor's campaign "to'elect'its friends and defeat its enemies;'!: .' ' World's Largest Tire Factory 'T"$ *t "9* «"5 /°^ '"5 ^ /*t ""> 1 Jl ^ -tf A * t HP*.-. 'Building 30x3; 30x32 and .31x4-mch -I ires Donald went back to his hammock. He shrugged his shoulders at the futility of it all, his helplessness. He bad done all that he could do. And now a sense of complete fatigue began to overcome him. He could- not keep. his tired eyelids apart. Slowly, struggling desperately •gainst the Imperative need of sleep, be lelt himself floating away. He did not know how long he slept, .but it seemed a few minutes only •when cries pierced through the mists of unconsciousness. In an Instant he •was. upon his feet, groping In'in tense Ie" N "?ouid not discern from what part, of the boat tlie ominous sounds proceeded. ' The whole interior of the F55 was like a sounding board. The cries appeared to proceed from every part of her. Donald had never heard finch cries save once, and then they came from animal throats. That was when his revenue cutter had surprised n band of pirates at their bloody work on the seal islands. ."." ' He heard Ida cry out in his cabin. He cried to her .in answer, and, leaping back, he plunged with all 'his might against the panel, and again, and yet again, until the '.woodwork splintered. The cry burst forth again, qrown- Ing the sounds of the oaths and scuffling. It was a cry of a woman in .' mortal fear. Donald drove the splintered timbers before him through tlie hole in the 'wall. He found..the gir' where she lay beside his berthl.... He raised her in his arms, and...felt_.jone of the blubbery flippers on his h'aml That fight in the little room was al ways a nightmare remembrance. Th yielding body offered Donald, no pui chase. And the monster fought iri si lence, apparently incapable of articu Jution, an'd the stinging flippers/.sucked. the : hlpod from his face and.'ihands;- anu, as he pried them away, the flesh rose into welts -beneath .them. !j „ ,,_. . Th'ey swayed and struggled,,..: and -through the inky dqrkneis^Donald ^ld_^ear_the_8<rand of_simiiaf battles, Owners of small cars can enjoy the same high relative value in Goodyear Tires that gives utmost satisfaction to owners of big,, costly motor carriages. They can take advantage of that tremendous amount of equipment,skill and care employed by Goodyear to build tires of extraordinary worth .in the 30x3', 30x3!/2-, and 31x4- inch skes. They can secure these tires without waiting, despite the enormous demand, because, in addition to its larger sizes, Goodyear builds an* average of 20,0,00 a day ini the world's largest tire factory devoied to the three sizes mentioned. • If you own a Ford,Chevrplet,Dort, Maxwell, or any other car using one of these sizes, go to the nearest Goodyear Service Station Dealer for Goodyear Tires and Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes. c. . 30x3% Goodyear Double-Cure $->f\OO ' Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes are thick, strong tubes that Fabric, AJ1-Weather Tread *-£U reinforce casings properly.. Why risk a good casing with a , . .cheap tub'e J Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes cost little more 30x3>/ 2 Goodyear Single-Cure * •* r-)fi$ ' tKaa tubes of less merit. 3Ox3V 2 size in water- $^90 Fabric, .Anti-Skid Tread . *1 / . proof bag... ; J DELIA CALDWEMu M. D. McANALLY BUILDINO 211 W««t Main 8tr*M )lflo» Hour*—a to lu H.M.; 2 te 4 P.K, Brooks' Garage for your Good : • V . • ..'--- ^^^ ' ' • ^ ... ' • .'•.'• LAURA E. SWABTZ OSTJEOPATKIC PHY»|CIAH Chronic CHc«a*er a Specialty Office In Lauder-Nichctt Bldg, W. W.-HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICB Phon« 204 Virginia DR. J.W. BARROW : NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO Hwr* • to 11 A. M. and S t» • >. • ' .. PHONE S* ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. Nut, Egg and Lmatf Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET .OUR PRICES . Phone 342 K , H, O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES • Phone 233- W, A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PHACTICE AND TH1 '.•-.-. EYE Cy«a Teatod • Qlaaia* ntto« Virginia SI do. Carbondala, lit, F. L. LINGLE, M. D. Q«n«ral Prmctla* •pMlai; attention to Ey«, Ear, aatf Throat QlaMM Pitted ,: Residence 330-2, Oflto* HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law • Phone 252 JC •utta 112-118 New Hamilton Building CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN •Home Made Candle* and let Telephone S44 Y Money bade without questios if HUNT'S Salve fails in the treatment of ITCH, EC2EM A RINGWORM, TETTER or otheritchm2 skin diseases. Try • 75 rent box at our lisle. HEWITT'S DH-tTQ DR. H. H. ROTH Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, Murphysbero, HI. KEEP'LOOKING YOUNG It's Easy—If You Know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets The secret of keeping young is to feel. ^oung—to. do this you must watch your" Liver and bowels—there's no need of having a sallow completion—dark rings, under your eyes—pimples—a bilious, look in year face—dull eyes with no sparkle. Your doctor will tell yoa Binety-per cent of all sickness comes bom inactive bowels and liver. Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil to act on the Ever and bowels, •which he gave to his patients for years Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, are gentle in their action yet always effective. They brine; about that natural buoyancy which au should enjoy by toning up the liver and clearing the system of. impurities. Dr. Edwards'OliveTablets are known by their olive cedar. IQc and' 2£c. ADJUSTMENT NOTICK fistate of Caroline Mann, Deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed administrator o£ the estate of Caroline • Stana, late of the County- of Jackson and State of Illinois'; deceased, hereby gives notice th'at he' will appear before the County -Court of Jackson County, at the Court House in Murphysboro, at the March Term, on the first Monday in March, A. D. 1920, being March 1st, 1920, at which time all persons having, claims against said Estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose o£ having the same adjusted. - . All persqns indebted to sail estate- are' required to make immediate payment to the undersigned;. -• Dated this 15th day of January* 1920. . J.: T. Smith, Executor. C. B. Feirich, Attorney for Executor. Leave $1,0.00,000 to Coilege. St Paul, Miun.. Feb. 25l-^A bequest of $1,000,000 for St. : Olaf college of Northfleld, Minn., -was provided in the- Tfll of Harold Thorsqn, a local: bank- jr, according to- an.' announcemeB*' made horn. ^

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