Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 12
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· NortrywMt ArkanM* TIMES, Tu«., April 10, 1974 Number 01 Women On Stale Payroll Has Little Increase LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A Male government reports says settle progress has beet: made in efforts lo increase the number of minorities and women on report said the state payroll. However, the white men still hold most of the .- belter paying jobs. ThY report was compiled by '. the' affirmative action program of the governor's ollice. II said 77.7 per rent ot t h e jobs paying $13,000 or more per year were -·held by white men. , : '· The report was compiled utv '' def'^Harryotle Dorchester, director of the affirmative aclior rogram. She said Ihe rcporl ndicated some progress anc she was pleased. Bui. she said p in . . - there is considerable room (or '' Improvement in the ·; salary ranges (or both women ·· and minorities. Of^the jobs paying J13.000 a · vest; Or more, 862 were held bv J White men and .50 were held bs ; blacS men. Women held 194 o l h e ~ ~ better payins eluding 167 white jobs, i-ornen. 2 · black women and one member of another minority. '- At Ihe S25.000 and ;ip salary : level, 47 of Ihe jobs were held ,- .bv whitp men and four \vere ' T helJ_by white women. .-· Former State I Representative ;' Hill Dies The figures reflect the situation as ot June 30, 1975. The report covers 13,106 em ployes. up from 12,788 in 1974 The employment of blacks ii the total slate government work force was up from 10.1 per cent in 1974 to 12 per cen for June 1975, Blacks equa about IS per cent of the state population. Women marie up about 51. per cent of the total s t a t e jrov ^rnmenl payroll in 1974, aix about 56 per cent in June 1975 Only 14 per cent of the 7.39 women in stale govcrnmen were black. ~ : The latest report- covers onl the 13 major..departments o the executive branch.,and doc not include · the state Htghwa Department, .Game and Fss Commission . and the college and universities. Two of the 13 department showed a-decrease in the PC centage in i h p number ot m norities employed -- the HoaU Deoartmcnt and the Arkansa Industrial Development Com mission. ·Airs. · Dorctesjer said' rn agency intends to . make stronger effort to see f h a l 'slal agencies .take steps to,coroip with the program of affirm; tive a c t i o n ; in the'ctnployhiEj of minorities and .women. . Ste said t h a t ; although th percentages for women and m norities improved, 'the bulk such employes - w e r e clustere at the bottom of the job'ladde Jemiqan Says Laws Need Recodificalion LlTTUa ROCK (AP) - Sectary of State George 0. Jerut- an Jr. said Monday the slate's 'eclion laws need to he rccocii led and lhal lie hoped il conic c done by the 1977 General As cinbly. Jcrnigan's stalemenls wen irompted in part by his ccrlifi ·ation of Ihe independent can didacy of Eddie L. Brews! or o' Pine Bluff for tho Districl 5 eat in the slnEe House of Rep rcsentalive. The petition Brew's!or sub nillcd lo become a Candida! contained only the nanv?s persons. No addresses wore gi\ en and there was no indicafio hat Ihc pei-sons actually wcr registered voters. however, the attorney "gener al ruled last week that..wide slate law me names wore su "fcient to qualify Brewster an Ibat the secretary or.: s l a t needed only (o make sure thcr ivere as many names on the li- as called for by the law. Jernigan was perturbed by the fact that the law did not require addresses to be submitted wilb nani^s.v Since January Commission EWS WHILE IT IS NEWS IN THE TIMES Polar Star M Sea Only Six Days SEATTLE C A P ) -- Anicrica's irsL new icebreaker in mQrc han 20 years -- Ih'c $53-miUlon Polar Star -- has seen very itllc of the world since Joining h e ' Coast' Guard Heel three nonths ago. . . ! . Since its commission Jan. 17, .lie 399-fcol vessel lias been at sea only six (Jays. For the rest of her 'three-month career,: the ship, the first of. a new class, lias been undergoing repairs. "It's been a- little tedious getting the problems" resolved," said Capt..Norman Vcnzfce, the Polar Star's commander. "Al o[ these things have taken a long time to corrccl. The equip meiit is so massive.and laborl Jaycee President Refuses To Resign LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Jack McCoy, president, of. Ihe Ar k.insas Jaycees, said Monda; he had not violuled any policy us. The icebreaker was to have c a c h e d ' t h e Bering 'Strait In ate April for Us first Ice tests, ml now il won't reach its sla- ion until late Mny al Hie earliest. , On lier Mrst cruise under the Const. Guard's b a n n e r , ' I h e Po ar Slar..\yilh some navigational gear inoperative, r a n lump ilray' off islniid west of Seattle; A high lido, tug .boats and her own engine power set her. free 714 hours'lalcr. ; Venzkc. wlio is still a captain had been nominated for, promo Lion to the rank of admiral ear lier Iliat day. lie later receiver a Idler of censure from Rear Adm. - Chester Richmond, com mancier of the I3lh Coast Guard District. Two weeks after Iliat. Hi ship went on a (Eve-day shake down cruise, and then returnee to port to begin "extensive re nairs. The Polar Star Is sti tied up in port. The bilge pump "just did .right," Venzke said -...., electrical currents rai hrough the main motor-bear ngs, and Ihe lire alarm syslcn vas so sensitive that it wa riggcred by Ihe simple H g h t E n of a cigarette. . Despite/this. Venzke says hi ship is not a lemon. "I think the ship Is going I ! fine and be a fine icobrea ver," he said. "I'm jusl not sa isficd with some of the thing ;hal have gotie wrong." Vcn2ke said repair' cos haven't been .-totaled yd, hi that, many ol Ihe problems ar covered under a Lockheed Shi building and Construction C warranty; 1 / . ';_·;_·, : That f i r m Is also buiining II Star's ' t w i n , the Polar Se which 'is e.NpccEed to be read for delivery Sept. 26, If all goes ns planned, the P lar Star will take" another crac at seeing the world- in abo five or six days, Th'Is time will be a 30-day shakedov of the Jaycees stand on the Smith K i l l e d Ark. (AP) - by t a k i n g a controversial \vould right-to-work law, a n d not resign. McCoj' is one of 20 members of a group known as Arkansahs For Progress, which was or- v. . -- j - , . . rv Smith, 60. of Magnolia wast "imlzwl 1° [nomote a change m killed Monday when Ihc d u m p the · stale Conslilulion thai truck kin"-which; he was riding would allow union membership ran'off, Arkansas 19 in Nevada Gounly'.'an'd" flipped over. State Police said.'. Trooper ' Phillip Straub said lo he a requirement for employment. Because ol his stand on that issue. Bill Burnett, president of Bluff Jaycees, has MEMPHIS. Tenn. (AP) -Former state Rep. Donnelley. J Hill-died at his home Monday night-after a long illness. Hi!.!-, a lawyer and a city prosecutor, was 37. He was stricken March 15 in city court while trying cases before Judge Robert K. Love. He had been hospitalized several times in the past Iwo years. Hill represented House pist. 14 in the Tennessee G e n e r a l A s ' sembly from 1968 to 1972. He was'tiired as the city's lobbvist in Nashville in 1972.after leav.- ing ihe legislature. ' · ' . Sill. irltfinded the University oH TTennessee, where he" nlayc( football until sidelined with back injury. He was a'graduate of Christian , Brothers -College snd_received his law degree in 1965 from Memphis Stale Uni versity. ' · He had served as city pro^e culor since Jan. 1. . .-- -Seward Trial Set July 30 LONOKE, Ark. CAP) -- The trial of Sam E. Seward of Little Rock, charged with involuntary manslaughter in Ihe hit-and-run deaths of two Texas residents, \s : as set Monday for 9.a.m. July 30 in Lonoke County Circuil Court. Seward was c h i e f ' c i v i l rights coordinator of the state Soda and Rehabilitative Service DC pariment at the time of the car crash and at the time he was arrested by State Police Feb. 3. O/ie of the highest ranking bJaclss in stats government, he has" v .been placed - on adminis trative leave without pay pend Ing the outcome,of his trial* the department, said Monday; . , % , Killed in Ihe hit-and-run wer Patricia Freeland, 34, and Kc »on. Arthur Scott Freeland. 1 months. Two other person were injured in the crash [ which occurred on Interstate 4 ; near_Ixiooke on.Nov, 16. ! 'The Freelands were from ; Flouston I NEW YORK STOCKS Opening Prk«« rurnhKM »y A* O. Cdw«r«t « »·· STK MKT Ark Best Corp ...... Amer Tel Tel Ark I-a Gas Baldwin Campbell Soup Central S W Del Monte Dillards Easco f A G Edwards Emerson Frontier Air .......... Gen Growth Gordon Jewelry 12?i · InM Harv ....: 25V» I-T-B Imperial 25 Kresge / 36 L^vi Strauss 51U Marcor . Pennftys ;.e 56 Pizza Hut 23 ' Ralston Purina 49 Raytheon . Sa mho's .Scott Paper 21',4 ; Sears 74!', ; Shakespeare · Union Carbide ,. 70K 1 Victor 5S Wal-Mart 15Vi Ark West Gas 20!4-2IM Kearney N'atl .......;.... 6V5-7 · MBiule Man Pioneer Foods S',4-8 · H K Porter 37-33 ; Std Reg 17!'-1S · Tyson Foods '· ·;'.' Averages Inds up 5.83 Trans up 1.34 Ulils up .39 Volume 3.30D,W« Commodity Openings May corn ZMVi May soybeans ; Apr eggs May pork bellies 73.80 May wteal 'called for UcRoy's resignation. threp" niilcs norlh of Rosstpn. Marantz Garrard Fisher combine to save you 420.70 in a hi-fi sound system if purchased separately, you. would pay ,1090.65. Shakers: Fisher-XPM , V. 249.95 e». 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