Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 30
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IT r; Page C-I2-INDEPENDENT: ' '·"· ·«* Mlf « T ""» *··· "·'" tf:;;;citif^ _^^__^_. ' _ _ "·'' _-^o ,· .J ' '. -·· I- - ' - . ' . ' V . ' · ' - . . ' ' ·!*·.«. . *.. *· A · 1 *."* IVIilK. Television 1 Log , RNJIT 1 ' ' · KICA Omttmt 4 · ' KIU OwiiMl I KMCkMMl* «TV CkoXMl 11 KCOP Cl ipudiirt umiii M MWMHMWy tar iminmii KAIC OMM! 1* TUESDAY, MAY 21,1957 COLOR ON TV lOlSO A.M, . 4--dub 60. Dennis Jamei . 13 NOON ,, ,, . . 4--Matinee Theater 11 ' ' ' · · · - 4i30 '· 4--Tom Frandsen; Myron J, Bennett (4:35) . . ,. ; · BIBS -. - r , . ' 4--Tom Frandsen i,,-' , ' · .; 8 PJM. ' !'·' 4--News Hour: Latham, Black Peterson. Wright , Bija ··· 4--Sporli, Chick Hcam · ' 8l4fl 4--Jack Latham. News i 8 P. M. 4--Arthur Murray Party 6:00 A. M. 4-- Today, Dave Garrowsy 7:00 A. !L ,,« 2-- Panorama Pacific ., 9:00 A. M. 2_ Valiant Lady 4-- Tic Tac Dough, Jack Barry ·'" c,w. . 2-- Love of Life BIN --i, i '. ^-Search for Tomorrow 4-- It Could be You, BUI Leyden 7-KABC-TV News (9:40) ' ..... .. - »(*8 ,, ; . v v 12-Guldlns Light """- ·7-- It's Fun to Reduce 10:00 A. M. 3-- Walter Cronklte, Newi '4-- Close-Up, Tex and Jinx ·7-- Chucko'a Cartoom , - lOllO ..- V "3-- Stand Up and Be Counted - i_A» the World Turn« · ;4-- (Color) Club 60, Dennli , James 11:00 A. M., 2-- Our Miss Brookf · 5-- Cartoons · , ; 7_A Woman's Diary Jl-Star Shoppers, BUI Welsh · UlSO 2-- Art Llnklctter House Party 4-- Tennessee Ernie Ford 7-- Bill Owlnn's Mysterlei · U-Sheritt John 12:00 NOON . , 2-- The Blc Payoff ' 4-- (Color) Matinee Theater: "A Guest at the Embassy" 5-- Chuck V Luck, Eddie Cletro UlSO - - . ' . 2-- Bob Crosby Show ' · 7-KABC-TV News (12:40) . UI48 . 7-- Chet Mllanl Matinee · 1:00 P. M. 2-- The Brighter Day ··' 4-- Queen tor a Day 5-- Dorothy Gardiner Movie U-- Twin BlU. Norma GUchrlst lilfl 2-- The Secret Storm : HW 2-- The Edge of Night t)4B 4-- Modern Romances 2:00 P. M. 2 -- Garry Moore Show ' ,4-- Topper, Leo G. Carroll 7-- What's Name of That Sorg liSO 2-- Arthur Godfrey Time . 4-- Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker 7-- Glamour Girl ! '. 11-- My Little Margie 3:00 P. M. 4-- Home. Arlene Francis · ' 7-- Brit Movie: "Cardboard Ca valler," Margaret Lockwood 11-- Wonderland. Sheriff John SllS 11-- Steve Martin Show . SiSO i 2-Strike It Rich. Warren Hull 5-- Tricks Treats, Corrls Guy ft-- Fireman Joe . . . 3143 13-- Variety Musical Parade . : 4:00 P. M. 2-- Afternoon Playhouse: ' "No Compromise," Stephen McNally · 4-- The Price Is With', . ' . Bill Cullen S-- Cartoon Carounil ' , 13-- Marriage for Moderns · 4180 l ' ' 2-- Movie: "The Lonesome - ' Trail," Wayne Morris 4-- (Color) Tom Frnndsen; ' Myron J. Bennett (4:33) 7-- Al Jarvls Show · 9-- Movie: "Tomorrow Is For- ever," Oaudette Colbert, Orson Welles 11-- Del Moore Show ' ' , 13-- Destiny , . - · · · ' · 4l40 ' ' · " 4-Movle: "Joan of Ozark," Judy Canova, 'Joe E. Brown · 5:00 P. M. ·7-- Mickey Mouse dub ' : ' 13-- Movie: "Pioneer of the ,,. West," Bob Livingston ' f l i M . - . , . ' ' R-- Westrrn Theater " · AIM ' 2-- Weather Vane, Harry Gelse A-(Color) News Hour ft-- Sports Time, BlU Brundlge 13-Jlmmle Fldler · 6:00 P. M. 3-4 o'clock Report (Newt) 4--(Color) News hour 7--Sky King. Klrby Grmnt 9--Cartoon Express . 1 U--Mickey Rooney Show ,j/: 13-Baxter Ward. Newi ; / . 2--Doug Edwards, Newi -'-' 13--Junglel "Shark-Octopus" 6lJO . . 2--Name That Tune, Gcorctt DeWltt 4-- (Color) Sports, Chick Heam 5--GU Martyn, Newi 7--Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans .. . . 11--Willy the Wolf '';, . .3--The Range Rider ·. . - 6l45 . '-"-^ 4--(Color) Jack Latham news 5--Sam Bailer's Sports Book 1--George Putnam, Newi 7:00 P. M. 2--Phil Silvers Show " ; 4--Crusade In the Pacific --Popeyfl Cartoons . 7--Wild BUI Hlckok ''·'?' 9--The Little Rascali ; · -' 1--Code 3 3--Favorite Story: "The Fury 2--President Elsenhower -·- 4--Jonnthon Winters Show 5--Molly, Gertrude Berg 7--Cheyenne, Clint Walker 1 ,' 9--Victory it Sea 1-Sllent Service: "Spearllih Delivers" r . 3--Eddie Cantor Theater ·:'".» 4--News. Huntley-Brlnkley' 8:00 P. M. , 2--To Tell the Truth, Bud . Collycr 4--(Color) Arthur Murray Party, Judy Holllday, Ber ' Lahr, Basil Rathbone, Gypsy Rose Lee 5--Spade Coolcy Show ,^9--Open Road: "Oxnard" *' : 1--Badge 714, Jack Webb ;·;, 3--Stories of the Century {,,'· ,., ..-.. · -8lSO - . ' i . Si'"'--. 2--Red Skelton ' Show, ' with Mickey Rooney, Llna Romay 4--Panlcl "The Vigilantes," Robert Douglas 7--Wyntt Earp. Hugh O'Brlan -The Man Called X. Barry Sullivan 1--Movie: "Strange Triangle, Preston Foster 3--Movie: "Champagne'for · Caesar," Ronald Colman, Celeste Holm .^ v 9:00 P. M."' 2--$64.000 Question. Hal March 4--Jane Wyman: "No More Tears" · 5--City at Night "'··'· 7--Broken Arrow, John Lupton 9--Movie: "Sister Kenny," Rosalind Russell , . vim -'··* .·"' 2--Spike Jones Show, with " Carol Channlng 4--K»l»or Hour: "The Deadly Silence," LU1 Darvas, Ben Astar 7--DuPont Theater: "Pursuit of a Princess," Brian Aherne, Fred' Clark ' 1--I Married Joan, Joan Davl 10:00 P. M. S--Our Miss Brooks, Eve Arden -Movie: "Her Kind of Man,' Zachary Scott, Faye Emer son · , 7--Adventure Tomorrow K '^' 1--George Putnam, Newi 3--Adventures In Hypnotlim, Emlle Franchel · lOUB "" ! 1--Movie: "Absolute Quiet," , Lionel Atwlll lOtSO · · ' ' i'.'", 2--Big News, Roberts, ·· ' · Stout, Stratton, Green 4--KRCA Playhouse, "Lost :r. Lullaby," William Gargan 7--Strictly Informal, Larry ,, Flnley , - ' 3--Tom Duggan Show ".', - lotio 9--World News: Wcatherwlse 11:00 P. M. 2--Movle: "Innocents In Paris,' Alantalr Sim (Br.) 4--Jack Latham, Newi ' ,7-John Daly the Newi .'; 3-Baxter Ward. Newi , " · llilfl r ? " ; 4--Clcve Hermann, Sports 7--Doctor Weather; Strange Experiences (11:20) -,; 3--Tom Duggan Show ,,.·,«.,- lli«0 ' ·'';,-·:·. 4--President Elsenhower ' ' 5--Final Edition, Jay Elliott . 7_prcsldent Elsenhower ,,. Til PICTURES! TM IV TUBES · "·"'" I,II MT U. .Illiit tail. It 11 Tkn ll"^|.THf FMllfT limitl*-* . III! iMlllllUH Ik^FlTII Ml LlMT IQ H-lijt IIM. hniH liik v I * w riliviini IITIIPSIIII IMI I. IMtlWAT III Mill IPM imr i u T_«iiM4111. 1--Movie: "Final Hour," Ralph Bellamy 12:00 MIDNIGHT ' 4--Tonlghtl ' 7--Movie: "Identity Unknown,' Richard Arlen 1ZUO 2--Cross Current, G, Mohr "22 Sycamore Road." Nancy Davis, Wlllard Parker 4--Swing Shift Theater: · 1100 AM. ··-., · 4--Tom Fransden Newswrap Vlf Cdl1 $2 -°° TV ^^ ^f* 1 " I W ''W» ilM,,. f., ,* OA 2-797»»" ·· ·"!» · · · , GA 7-4585 AF ·fror t P.M. TV tlRVIOI M IOUTH It. ^; RENT A TV - - PER · MONTH AND mTI'"«'** SERVICE CALLS ,~ Phone HE 8-3423 ' 4 4 0 Tin- Phone HE 7.7714 LOHNER TV SERVICE ^^731 I. nH STwkAA. TERRT VERNON President Elsenhower's sec- and nationwide addicts within a week. "Why We Nrtd Mu. tual Aid to Win Peace In the World," will be carried by (8 at 7:30 p.m. and by (4) and (7) at 11:30 p.m. A major portion of the talk Is expected to be devoted to a discussion of the government's Mutual Security Risk Program which Is now budgeted at abou $3,900,000,000 · or $500,000,000 leu than It was originally submitted In the now-famous budR. et (Three zeros make a lot ol difference In dollars). 5 - . DAYTIME : " "Deacon" Andy Griffith and the Madcaps, a harmonica duo will headline the COLORcnst of ·House Party" (2) at 11:30 . . Robert Clary, French sinew, on 'House Party" (2) at 11:30 .. The story of an ambassador's daughter who learns that her new fiance Is her girl friend's old fiance Is told on "Matlneo Theatre" (4) in COLOR at 12 noon . . . Women attending the annual Woman's Press Club dln ner In Washington, D.C., are In- ervlewed on "Home" (4) at 3 p.m. . . . "Marriage for Mod- Tns" studies the effect of hnndl- capped children on their par- cnts' marriage during the PTA sponsored show on (13) at 4 ),m, . . , Fess Parker Is guest- ng on the "Mickey . Mouse Club" (7) at 5 p.m., · 7 p.m, -* ; The Gods of Chance pick one day In everyone's life when ivery wish Is granted, accord- ng to ,Sgt. Bllko on the "Phil livers Show", over (2). He earns too late that this Is his one day and Inadvertently helps his platoon to make money while he wakes up too late, A fugitive from Arizona Is bo- leved headed · for Los Angeles m "Code 3" (11) imd there Is me meager clue to his 'Identity ind possible connections In this irea. The deputlcn are hard' pressed to find the wanted man. ' 7i30 p.m. USS Spearflsh delivers a val uable human cargo composed of 3 Army nurses and 12 Army of- Icers from besieged Corregldor during "Silent Service" (11). By a quirk of fate "Chey ennc" (7) finds himself depend ng upon a holdup to save his Ife. He has captured the ban dlt only to get caught In a bear rap. ·' . 8 p.m. ' COLOR -- "Arthur Murray jrty" (4) has billed Judy Hoi Iday, Bert Lahr, Melvyn Doug* a». Basil Rnthbone, P e a r l Bailey and Gypsy Rose Lee as gucMs. New time--Oxnard Is visited by "Open Road" on (9) to cover he National Welmaraner Field Trials and then heads for Van 4uys and .the World Jungle Compound. Jo-Ann Castle, newest KTLA personsllty to try lo fit the Blonde Bombshell" title (Bet* y Hutton and Ina Ray Hutton used the tag previously) will be potllghled on "The S p a d e Cooley Show" over (5). HiSO p.m. '· "' · Robert Douglas stars as a rospector who Is slated to be tanged by the Vlgalnntes dur ng "Panic" on (4). He plays a lual role, as the Innocent pros- lector who. Is framed and as he bandit who frames him. It's back to the seas for 'Red Skelton" (2) as he per- rays Cookie of the Navy who PRACTICALLY WASH Ntnilf WITH SOFT WATER/ HI 7HM1 TV SERVICE $ us rucoit Wrltton OwroMoo IV1NINOI Til f »4 USTIN RADIO T V Radio [Programs 170 KllC _ 7*0 ,'l KZU _ 1110 '-' MWIZ __ 1410 KPI ---- «4O ' ' «HJ - tM · I»OX _ 1ISO KWKW _ I4M KM»C __ 710 KIWI __» fSO ' KPAC _ 11M " · KPOl . IMI KIIO 740 KNX 1070 HOD lltO KMFO TM 1MO M ra«p-a»Mrr» M, .IWVM _* ay MWlM. 8:00 A. M. . . Kfl-- lilt thi IU«4 K H J -- I'lirf Kn*i» t H*wi Hk-Bob Cnn Sho* Kdt.H- Wilbur H.Hoo · III KMJ-- Ntwi] Sport HIM K.NX-- p«»« V.ll. N«o« ' F R E D CLARK .'» "DuPont Theatre" Star ands In Havana to upset rou Ine considerably. Red gets a clplng hand from M i c k e y looncy and Una Roman. This s the show that was cancelled few weeks ago due to Red's llness, ,, : " ' ' ! 9 p.m. -1 ·'--·'· Dominic Koo, 2 9 - y e a r - o l d hanghal-born casualty Invest! ator f r o m Florida; advanced hroUgh the $4,000 question last 'cek on "$64,000 Question" so s due back tonight. There'll be wo new candidates for fortune. The dramatic, true-life story f the, courageous nurse, Kllza Seth Kenny, who devoted her fe to the battlo against crip- ling diseases Is told on the Movie Theatre" (9) this week, oiallnd R u s s e l l , Alexander nox and Dean Jagger are co- tarred. Repeat programs s t a r t on Broken Arrow" for the summer over (7* and tonight's deals Ith an angry lynch mob that urns on Tom Jeffords. 9 iSO p.m. A father faces the most cru- lal moment of his life when e realizes . he must send one f his sons to prison In order o save the other during .the Aluminum Hour" on (4). Lllla Jurvas and Ben Astar are tea- ured. Carol Channlng Is the special guest o n . the "Spike Jones how (2). ' The addition of a wooden In- lan princess turns a love trl- ncle Into a quadrangle during he comedy offering on "Du ont Theatre" (7) s t a r r i n g 3rlan Ahcrne, Mary Lawrence nd Fred Clark. ,, , , , lo p.m. - . " ·· NEW TIME--"Adventure Tomorrow" (7) with Dr. Martin L. :ieln explores the world of ulded missiles, · . - '. lOiso p.m. ' · ' · · · " · · "Strictly Informal." the Larry 'Inley Show, Is off (5) and ack on (7) with Roberta Linn nd Tex Williams as the special guests tonight. , . . . lliSO p.m. ' ' Helicopters go to Floyd Ben- K1IJ--uor» rnxrill KNX--Buk.taia "If* KNX-- Our at! IllMir ' 10:00 A. M. '-; KFl-- Ntwi; Truth fr / W. tkww I mttft mm mm Mllyl Op~ B.Mr f I* tmt, » t» « GA 3-5424 TUESDAY, MAY 21,1357 - -. . :.,;;, 7KW A. M. IFI--pat Blihop Raporta {ABO-- timt Back Btoow UU-- Frank H«ralnKwar JNX--Wiwil llu.lnaaa tUKH--Corlil ralUl lil*l ?"· t y l -- H i t tha RoM UBO-- NIWI {Hi--Brialfan Oani 'NX--Bob Cnno Show KakR--Aubriy L*o KABO-- Fr*l BMft IIWW KNX--mrik Oo». NIWI 7140 I-- Pit Blihopl NIWI (·-Bob arvani. riiwi Kill--Hi'M of But KNX--Bob Crana Hhow LR--Virlr* or CURB · XI KABO--Orrkl AnaVloa *--lluwird_uillir inoi L'n--fllbli Tr.nurr 0:00 A. M. KABO-- BrMkfut Club KHJ--NIWII O, Hiuorl Bail) Ralhbonl (9:10) .-.._. -J» Trw itonr KHJ--Niwip, of Uw Air KNX--Nora Draal KFOX--K»r. Br* no U) rCOEli--Rtx-u. UlHlon Illll KHJ--Tlllo-TMl ,., KNX--lli Pirklria · , l«r!M» I--NBC B.ndllinrl KilJ--Oaoma Crowill NX-Tr,ur,« Dr. MllOM KOKR-- ll.l.i Markham Ifl "" KABO--mill {NX--n.MIrl K O K R -- n » I«Ro' Km* 11:00 A. M. KARC--Jack Pi«r "how K H J -- N « y j ; nio. C'row.ll [NX--Blrhl lo KOKR--Dr. I-oull Tllbot I l l l l B(T--OH**. · Tlln.; Biat lh tlrmrd (11:20) IHJ--Qjaon for a Day KNX--iici.rvd Mra. Buifon KM--Art tlak.r Nollbook KNX--Btrllci II RUh KOtR--fluniHtn. Ulllton II14* KFI-- P»l nnhnp. Now* KNX--Put Bllllram Show KQKR-- Du QIIMrl 12:00 NOON *-',Fl--Farm Rtporifr t ni-Bm I?. 1 ?".!*' 1 *'TM ' 1--Dowbtowri 110 I) " rtniprn U» Blbll lltlS Ft--Calif, Arrlrultnra ·ARC--Paul Harray m KItJ--TMrla fiiitir. NIWI KNX--Nuion MclnlMh 11 IS* , ten--IMII NIWI KABO-WIMrxl youaftt KHjp-Ed Hart 8how KNX--Art Uoklillir Ka»B--Dr. Orr, ilbk lint ^ Kri--Hioonl AltHlio Ull, 1:00 P. M. FJ--NIWII (.star Mat "GriiKlfalhir and Uw Ptilllillnii" -,J4K---Bixball] Indlani KABC--^lianl llmru u I KHJ--ato. crowill, 3U br KNX--Arthur Oodfray KOCH-Cbarll* TUMf KQER--flood NIWI, Uiull KJTJ--HUltoV'* K'J 2:00 P. M. Kn-- NIWII Miry Hlika KrOX--Bob Stooo II* M kli -- twill fi«««ti B«ad Kri-Wom'ol'n Mr H«IM NX-- Hutn Aihtoa B*wi| W«Unr* r»u t:40l KUWH-- IMorii* , U.LUo Si4t KlTl-Dr, (Uncrr ..... ..... KNX-- Hilllp Nurroin HFL KOt.'V-- Ulcl KQER-- Wwld NIWI 3:00 P. M. KFI--NIWII pick mneuir KABO-Ua»M W«»ai KutH-- Tlpi iM Toplu ICHJ--Ljnn uH Hoilrwood KUER--Hirlv rjlianu KJU--Hin'i Iho Aolwl 4:00 P. AL KFI--NIWI Dan «hai Burrilt wriailir («uoi KHJ-rultM Uwti Jr. 411* KHJ--Frank Himlaiwar KABC--Martin Block. 4|25 KABC--Hank Wn»r KHJ--Tillo-Tut KUKR--ll-llh Talk 4t4S KHJ-*am Haywi N nER--(^onmutir CIL --. "NX--City Editor I4:JO ) ; Point of Law (4146) 0:00 P. N. KFI--NIWII Wialhir ABC--NIWI] Builnlll HJ--Bill Brunmii .NX--Bd*aM n. Murrow KUER--Auorot Uao rtFI-NlwifRollli Thomai KABU-Niwi, U.I AlUa KI?J-i7iwirail [fQX--Today ID Hportl KFI--Fialun Wlr» [ABO-'Rxl Full«r. NIWI [III--Cliff FniH. NIWI t» -X^Top T" Tumi tuKH--OKI nrayu IrW CFI--N«W|. Davi Bhaw CABC--Orral Andinon (HJ--Tnffli Tumi KNX--Frank Oou; Nawi fi:00 P. M. CFI--Bill Haworlh, NIWI ABC^K'lw Mnrmn ptwi KNX--CfiHk Horn, Ppli. KFOX--Huntir Ilineotk KIIF.R--««ll ninU KFI--flpnrt* Rcrioft ' KABC--N»w» Htat KHJ--Brundljo: Wlffln«r KNX--lowtll thorax --M«n m I ho do KABC--Prtl. RlMnhnwc KHJ--Vlrtll-PlikUr KNX--ll.rman lllclcmai)| Amol 'n 1 Abdy 11:36) KOCR-lto^Al Bariu KFI--Art n!k.r KHJ--Bam Hayn: NIWI KOltl--Couotry drank 7:00 P. M. KFI--NIWII Al Poika KABO- Julm Vandircook Undbirih Flight Anal KHJ^(librlil'Hi«tlir ' KNX-Mw,, Mutiri of Mllody (I:0o| KOCH--Family Bipio Rr KHJ--Bihlnd ihi Story r KFt--Morian Biatlr MWI KHJ--Traaiury Aiint KNX--Pm. }*lMn!iowir Kacn-- jn». vutor ouii KFI-OM Man'i FamUy _8:00 P. M. KM pc-^uiiuii?* u 1 **" Anglli vi. Porltintl KAHC--Banball: ll^ly. wuod at Hacram.nto KHJ--Hcarltt Plmp*rri«l * KNX--N«»; Fun .M r-undO.I. Adlal Ulivin IDII TriMunr KQCR-A. "u* VM KFt-Nl«hlllna llo 10) KHJ--N.*.: Army Hour KNX--Th« Warlrl Tonlihl KOER--Volr* ol Cain* KaEn--Dan OIlMrt KNX-- Eric «:M 80 Tnll II Radio («:M) 9:00 P.JW. KHJ--NIWI KNX--Tiin.lihli KfOX--Jutnny Oil! to II KUKK-Ui.iriJi Jobnion KHP«-BaHl'!ll! I, A. . Anilll it Portland KHJ-KUIIOII^UwU Jr. , ._ Vili KNX--Oil llinrr iliow KUKR--Dr Or, UIUI , KHJ--Uailcal Momanll 10:00 P. M. . JJ--Jack Wairnar Hhow KNX--10 0-Clork Win Ft--A Joy Foraiir KNX-- Kinnnllyi HiBlon .. . /avorlli HymBa JABC--ABr Ijl. NIWI KHJ--Bon and Ray (NX--Philip Normal £QGIl--V. Douglai Firrall I»|4J --Al Foika Ktivw ADC-- Fridinck II.Mil ll:oo P. M. , ("ABC--4iay it with Mum ( H J -- Nlwi.WhMI . KNX--N*wi, Mix Robft Mirnr-oo-Roiiiid (11:1(1) -- ~ cord R«fk to 1 r,n.. Wllch. I l l l l KFI--Rollli Thomai, ««i 1HM . irlck BalMI , KNX-- Mtuio 'til UawO 11141 12:00 MID'NIGHT KFI--othir nidi of D« KABC-- Rourkl'l P'tyllbl NX-Mnil« till Dawn KKOX--R**Afd Raeki T*xaa Tiny (9 a.m.) KOER--litirllkhl Riranadi American Warships to Transit Suez PORT .SAID, Egypt W--The American Consulate said MOD dny « croup of U. S. warship- will arrive Wednesday to trans t the SUM Canal'en route t nctt Airfield In New York tc ake part In air-sea rescue deny onitratlons 'Tonight" (4). From Hollywood comes a segment prc mlertlng a new restaurant. Llvi His LH» ol Rlliy it th* . ;, HUNTINUTOH HOTEL . . M OF A BLOCK WHO "'';", 1290 E, OCEAN BLVD. '; IONB BEACH Thll hotil rum Ihrouth from th« Ixtunvard to thi oeian. Two lobMn, All room! havo prlvata batna. wall, tit-wall rarpitlhM. wrlUnM daik. till' S hono and dallv maid MrvUd. larM ;nlnN room fam tho otaip. Room and maala 133.00 WMk aach barion, Cholca Itukl. prlroa rlba of b*lf. nail turkiy. bafead Vlrilnla.ham 4 ·Tirythlni "rood to aat. No btttir fond anywhira. Phona HE 6-«Jr.». Our fllhlnff room alto fatin to tha oiiillrla ptlbllii. Diih braakfut SMi mular dlorwn I3.1S. CHlU. A. BABNrTTT the Red Sea. These wl]l be the first American w a r s h i p s to traverse the waterway since the British-French Invasion last November. A consulate spokesman said the ships are two destroyers, a supply ship and a troop tram port. The spokesman unit! two other destroyers will arrive at Suez Thursday and will .transit the canal to the Medltcrrahean. ; TEHRAN. Iran UP) -- -Tha hah and Q u e e n Soraya lef vlonrtay night aboard a chartered KLM plane for an fight Shah on Visit BETTER HEARINO . in /he motf - offmctiv* 't. *NC Ml IUTTON * NO Will* * NO COIM * NO OIVICI MHINO IAI ' ' ta AND NIAI IT TODxr '.,' DoHCOOKt; 411 American; HE 4-5473 day «t«Ie visit In Spain. They will spend about two monthi In Europe. (Art.irtl~n.tnO If You Must ; Repair Your"; Own TV; Call ME IWT791. Tell Us the make and model number of your TV. We will look up the dla. gram nnd tell you the location of the tubes which could be cauilng the trouble. Bring your tubes to our store where we carry a c o m p l e t e stock of SYLVANIA Tubes and they will Je checked FREE by a competent technician. Our More Is located at 4998 FACULTY, across from the Lakewood Center Post Office. A IfftWCE Of . MOBILE TV C H A R L E S R I FY HARDWARE MERCHANT Presents HJs · DAILY PRICE QUOTATIONS Movlo S 10.11 I -gal. Picnic 1.4? || 2.4T Vigoro, SO.Ib. lock || 3.2i || 2.44 CHARLES R. DOOUY Utility Varnlin. o,), ,tl Bamboo Liwn Rao | REGINA 2. BRUSH FLOOR POLISHER NEW HUFFY POWER MOWER WASHER. DRYER COMBINATION, AUTOMATIC | 47, S0|| 41,11 | S9.«l|l 41.11 (477,05 ||]fl.OO PACKARD BELL CLOCK RADIO || I SUNBEAM COFFEE AND TEA MAKERS || J4.»5 1 1MI 11.11 DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. ,, NORTH LONG BEACH GA 9-5011 TV IAMI PKIONNIL IINCI IM« 24-HR, SIRVICI HOME CALLS 2 ALL MAKES C A R W O O D T V S E R V I C E """"" WOODRUFF S U M M E R ( A M P F O R B O Y S tin I li II -- BIT »' S«lM»l -- TniifHhtlM outhirn Cilllornli Mllltiry Acidimy, 2065 Chirry A»i. HE 6-1 116 BOAT AND CAR RADIOS up OUTSIDE TV ANTENNAS INSTALLED., .jjttcomp. PATIO QVS SPEAKER KITS 7 up HE 6-7475 PAIT, OiriNDAIII TV IIIVICI . , Of IN All HOUDATI lanh. Coll. . . . 1.10 LATCO TV--1*70 W. Willow TV PICTURE TUBES ! Rebuilt New ; 10" Thru 21"--aim Only i :Tlt4 Tiilil »r« U Cir Hi* T* Mlpi I SERVICE CALLS $3.50 | TVl POI HINT, $10 MONTH . I i Pill PICKUri AND DHIVISr ) BcGHTOL S AmiA 11372 W. 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(One ikllreosf of American) : Open Evinlnfi ' : Until 1:00 p.m, ·' All Dir 'Sundit ' · dV" "" ife'-*:

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