Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
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Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 2
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PAGE 2 CIA may quit using press for spy duties T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N · WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1976. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The CIA is reconsidering its prac- Jice of using free-lance journalists and part-time correspondents for U.S. news organizations as agents abroad, according 10 a top agency official. "A re-examination is something that is obviously going on," Mitchell Rogovin, special counsel to CIA D i r e c t o r George Bush, said yesterday in response to questions. Rogovin linked the re-examination to a recommendation made by the House intelligence committee. The recommendation was one of 20 proposals mads by the House committee, which goes out of business today after a year of studying the operations of U.S. spy agencies. Rogovin declined to predict the outcome of the CIA reexamination. Ending agency contacts with freelance writers and so-called "stringers" who sell their stories to U.S. news organizations would sever the last tie between the CIA and the American press, Rogovin said. "It's the only thing left," he added. Meanwhile, CBS News reported its former president, Sig Mickelson, has identified two former pan-time CBS employes as having worked for the CIA in the 1950s. Mickelson said one of the men, Frank Kearns, later was hired as a fulltime CBS correspondent in Cairo. Mickelson said he learned of Kearns' dual role from then-CIA Director Allen Dulles in 1956. Mickelson said the other CBS stringer who worked for (he CIA was Austin Goodrich, who worked in Stockholm. The House committee recommended the intelligence community not provide money or any kind of assistance to any American newsmen. Meanwhile, there was speculation that two of the House panel's r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s would receive favorable action in the House. Knowledgeable members indicated Congress will agree with recommendations for creation of a permanent intelligence committee or committees and set up a system for punishing congressmen who leak secrets. The panel also recommended outlawing covert military aid to warring factions such as those in Angola. Members also voted approval of a proposal to require presidents to approve covert operations in writing and report them to the permanent House committee within 48 hours. Other recommendations would abolish the FBI's domestic-spying internal security branch and the Penlagon's 5,000-employe Defense Intelligence Agency. bowV in the Plains UPllelepholo Wheat fanners in the Great Plains are plowing under part of their drought-shriveled crop in a desperate effort to prevent severe wind erosion. High winds this week in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas are kicking up storms like the "Dust Bowl" of the 1930s. This scene is on a farm near Hutchinson, Kan. Visibility was cut to zero in some areas and numerous traffic crashes were reported. Bentsen leaves race AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) -- Sen. Lloyd Bentsen has withdrawn as a national contender for the presidency, saying he would confine his campaign to his home state. "After studying the results of the early caucuses, 1 do not think it would be either useful or productive to continue campaigning across the nation," the Texas Democrat said. "I will no longer campaign for the presidency outside of my home state," he said. "Rather I will concentrate my energies on serving Texas and the nation in the Senate; on seeking election to a second term as senator from Texas, and on pulling together a united delegation from Texas to the Democratic convention in New York City." Federal judges sue Uncle Sam boOSt W A S H I N G T O N (AP) -Forty-four of the nation's federal judges, complaining they're being cheated by inflation, sued Uncle Sam today for falter paychecks. Those in the unusual reversal of roles from judge to p l a i n t i f f include Oliver J. Carter, currently presiding over the trial of Patricia Hearst in San Francisco. The suit was fited in the U.S. Court of Claims. A statement by the judges mentions that no judge of that court "is included as a plaintiff in the lawsuit" though any decision in favor of the plaintiffs would favor all federal judges. The judges base their suit, naming the United States as defendant, on a constitutional provision that pay for the lifetime-appointed judges "shall not be diminished." They say that compensation "in its constitutional context does not mean salary but purchasing power." For their lawyer, the judges chose Hargis had sex with students, magazine says NEW YORK (AP) -- Billy James Hargis, the fundamentalist evangelist, says "genes and chromosomes" drove him to illicit sexual relations with four of his male students and one coed, Time magazine reports. The magazine said Hargis, married and the father of three daughters and a son, admitted his behavior in a meeting with officials of the college he founded. Several weeks later he severed ties with the Crusade for Christian Morality and the American Christian College in Tulsa, Okla., the magazine said. Time quoted David Noebel, former vice president of the college and a Hargis aide for 12 years, as saying the sexual activities surfaced in October 1974, shortly after Hargis had performed a wedding ceremony. On the honeymoon, Noebel said, the groom and his bride discovered they both had had sex with Hargis. Noebel said later three more male students told him they had had sexual relations with Hargis over a period of three years in his office, at his farm in the Ozaiks and during tours with the college choir, "The Ail-American Kids." Noebel was told Hargis justified his homosexual acts by c i t i n g the Old Testament friendship between David and Jonathan, the magazine said. Hargis, 50, has long railed against sexual sin and has spoken out as a defender of traditional virtues in a lax society. Time said tast month he mailed an appeal from the Crusade for Christian Morality, which he has rejoined, saying in part: "Can you believe it: complete color films of sexual acts between women and men, including homosexual acts, using your children." The father of one of the Billy James Hargis 'My share of mistakes' male students, who says his son's three-year involvement with Hargis began at age 15 or 18, wept as he saiu of Hargis, "I will forgive him his sins because God's Word tells me what 1 must do, but I will never forget his acts against my son." In Tulsa, Hargis was reportedly out of town and unavailable for comment. Craig Blackstock, an attorney who said he was authorized to speak for Hargis, said: "This attack is considered by him and us to be a legal matter. Dr. Hargis will not discuss the charges made at this time as improper p u b l i c i t y which could jeopardize possible future legal action to be taken by him." Time quoted Hargis as saying through an unnamed lawyer: "I have made more than my share of mistakes. I'm not proud of them. Even the Apostle Paul said, 'Christ died to save sinners, of whom I am chief.' Long ago I made my peace with God and my ministry continues." former Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg. Even before the suit was filed, some judges in different parts of the country distributed a "my dear editor" letter along with the petition and a separate statement. The letter said "we have been unfairly singled out and discriminated against." The suit asks that the government reimburse the judges for a 34.5 per cent decrease in the value of their pay dollar in the period from March 15, 1969, to Oct. ], J975. During that period, federal district judges earned $40,000 a year and appeals court judges $42,500. They claim that inflation reduced their spending power to about $26,200 a year for district judges and $27,800 for the appeals judges. "Unlike most citizens of the United States svho are gainfully employed, including most federal employes, federal judges received no increase in salary to adjust for this decrease," the petition says. Plaintiffs are 38 district judges and six from appeals courts. Eleven are chief judges of their district and two are chief judge of their appeals court. One plaintiff, Thomas Lambros of Cleveland, said "judges could be out working as lawyers making two or three times their judicial salaries." Another p l a i n t i f f , Judge Thomas MacBride of Sacramento, Calif., said the judges are seeking a "catch-up." MacBride also noted that the cost of fishing worms has risen about 75 per cent in the past six years/ recently presided over the trial of Lynette Fromme, who was charged with tempting to kill President Ford. Some federal judges not involved in the lawsuit said they were against the idea of judges suing and questioned the ethics of such a step. One judge said most judges ask to be named to the bench and if they don't like the salary they could resign. The p l a i n t i f f s argue that Congress and the president "have acted affirmatively" to prevent federal judges from receiving increases in salary to offset the eroded value of the dollar. Federal employes, including judges, received a 5 per cent pay raise last October, and a new law provides for annual salary adjustments designed to keep f e d e r a l workers abreast of the cost of living. The judges charge, however, that the adjustments are based on the 1969 rate and therefore the shrunken buying power of their pay "was affirmatively ratified and perpetuated." The Court of Claims handles only money claims against the United States. Its judges are paid the same as appeals court judges and appeals from the court's decisions go directly In the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Warren E. Burger repeatedly has urged higher pay for the federal judiciary. "The gross inequity toward salaries of federal judges in common with 12,000 high level federal officials, continues, relieved only by the 5 per cent increase later in 1975," Burger said in his 1975 year-end report. News Capsules ·^^____ Teen girls' smoking rate leaps NEW YORK (AP) - A ha!f-mi!lion more teen-aged gi r ]s are puffing cigarettes now than in 1969, according to th American Cancer Society, which called the situation "an urgent public health crisis." The society said heavy smoking among young women aged 18 to M has shot up from 9 per cent to 25 per cent over the last 10 years. Marijuana drawback is seen WASHINGTON (UPI) --Marijuana shows unusual promise in the treatment of cancer patients but the drug can create physical dependency among'long-term chronic users, according to a government report. "This report does not give marijuana a clean bill of health, as some would hope," said Dr. Robert DuPont, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "nor does it support the fear and irrationality that still characterize some of the public debate about marijuana." Trial coverage battle studied PHILADELPHIA (UPI) - The American Bar Association says it plans to come up with a proposed court procedure for resolving the running battle between the constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and the right to a fair trial. At the organization's week-long midyear meeting starting today, the association also planned to consider a resolution decriminalizing prostitution. Kissinger analyzes standoff WASHINGTON (UPt) - Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger says the nuclear standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union makes smaller confrontations more likely because nmialignecl nations wonder if U.S. commitments can be believed. Miss Hearst's testimony called lies by Harrises Today's news TODAY · FOR home delivery of the (Tucson Daily Gilizen call 889-4611 V carnival of cottons for ) Spring sewing. Fun in the sun with colorful carnival cottons. Choose from a carousel of Kodel" polyester and cotton striped single knits. Coordinating double knits in solid colors, too. So quick to sew. Knit Top Pattern 300. Tank Top Pattern 1100. Shorts from Pants Pattern 700. Call today for new class schedule. 296-85O3 As seen in Sketch Sew's Spring FaGtiions Magazine. Ask for your free copy. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR CLASSES f--MEN'S CLASSIC JACKET--I | WED., FEB. 18, 10-12 NOON 7:30-9:30 PM I 1 BASIC 8 THURS.; FEB. 1 9, 10-1 2 NOON 7:30-9:30 PM WON., MAR. 810-12 NOON 7:30-9:30 PM WED., MAR. 24 10-12 NOON 7:30-9:30 PM MEN'S LEISURE SUIT THURS., MAR. 4 10-12 NOON 7:30-9:30 PM Open every Monday through Friday 'III B for your evening shopping conveniences. Saturday closing al V 5:00 SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -With Patricia Hearst's trial bogged down in legal Technicalities, two of her former Symbionese Liberation Army comrades denounced as "absurd" her story of being raped and beaten while a captive. William and Emily Harris termed "a series of lies" the newspaper heiress 1 testimony about her 19 months underground with the terrorist band. They sa^d yesterday she was never'sexually assaulted, beaten or harmed and could have gone home any time after joining the SLA. Miss Hearst testified Monday she was sexually assaulted in a tiny closet by more than one of her kidnapers, punched in the eye four times by Harris and threatened with death "hundreds of times." She said she joined in a San Francisco bank robbery, shot up a Los Angeles snorting goods store, helped kidnap a high school student and stayed 7034 E. BROADWAY AT KOLB MASTER CHARGE BANKAMERICARD with, the Harrises for \y 2 years out of fear of them and the FBI. "She was never sexually assaulted," said Harris. "This is totally absurd.", "She was at no time beaten," added his wife. "She was at no time harmed in any way. "She was never forced to do anything against her will after she said she had joined the SLA. "She had total freedom to do whatever she wanted to do, even if that was to return to her family." Miss Hearst's bank robbery trial was still being conducted outside the presence of the jury. U.S. District Judge Oliver Carter was listening to testimony about incidents that occurred after the holdup in order to decide whether they can be admitted as evidence. The jurors were absent earlier in the day when a college student testified Miss Hearst told him she was "a willing participant" in the robbery and showed him a cyanide- coated bullet from her gun. The Harrises denounced Miss Hearst's testimony in a tape recording released during a recess at a pretrial hearing in Los Angeles on 11 felony counts they face in connection with the May incidents. Miss Hearst faces similar charges. TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN MEMBERSHIP OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use lor reoubllcation of all local news printed In Ihls newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches MEMBER'OF UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL SUBSCRIPTION RATES Home-Oellverv in Metropolitan Tucson' Bv Carrier: 75c weeklv. S39.00 vearlv BV Auto Route: J3.25 monthly. 53900 vearlv. Outside Metropolitan Horne-Deliverv Tucson: 75c weeklv. S3.25 monthly. S39 00 vearlv Mail Rales Payable In Advance: ARIZONA S3.vo monthlv. W6,80vearlv. OUTSIDE ARIZONA (Including Canada Mexico) J5. ID monthly. 561.20 vearlv. Second Class Postage Paid at Tucson, Arizona. Published Dailv except Sunday bv the' CITIZEN PUBLISHING COMPANY 1550 s. Park Avc. Tucson, Arizona B5726 Phone (602) 294-MB For Subscriptions and Deliveries, Call For Want Ads Call 889-SU3 Spring Thing Our lace-up camisole tank with dainty lace trim, for catching sun rays or looking girl-y. Soft Spring colors. One size fits ail $15 junior shop, mall level HOW TO KNOCK A COLD AND CURB A COUGH ALL IN ONE CAPSULE. It's, called Dimacol.' And it goes one step further than ordinary cold capsules --it controls the cough, too. Dimacol relieves your cough while it treats your cold. 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