Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 19
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Fogo X| l K^ftl^U. K: ft 8Brto«.».W«W 24 H HedtnAidj IS t '. EaiHidi Health Group ·Atlantic -Health Offices ^.JOIK The Great Socltly Hi Hi For "Gootl ~Hcal5i"X"RTlTx'a"ion" 1I!S ATLANTJC Ave. «M937 Oixn .1? noor - 10 p.m. Mon.-Tngr$. COAST HEALTH CLUB * *Mk^£'8! X E E * Mi sft n ,, 7 /,ir'i,« E - I8ui ' - , ',.,·_· . V MASSAGE 6. fern. .'masseuses at vow service. SnV. .French! Germanl Japanese! 1040 p.m. Sun. MO. 7U M7-9II1 - 169« Beach Blvd..Hunllnolon Bch LIFETJE HEALTH STUDIO Maisae sleam. 7 days. ID to S 51? E. Broadway. «7-7«9. maswBt HuT-tingion sans way. 5 massueses. 10-1? midnTonl. 7 day*. 1M5 Bolsa Chlca, KB. ' U7*m -J STEP ilea "tvt an's New Different Paclllc Aye. 591-1574 HANIE'S-- Relaxtro mai5K«. ni cabinet. Moxlcv treaimenl. Her. Ph. /?t-4243. Sanitariums, Hospitals, Worries · 20 CONVALESCENT · NURSING HOME losoltal Ik:.. M hr. RN, cheerful or iv. seml.priv. rmi., oat to. . . * . GA 2-3208 .. CRESTWOOD Convalescent Hospital 1775 CHESTNUT AVE. MPDICAL care pallents accepted HEJ-8«7 or HE 5^855 FREE PLACEMENT REGISTRY Need Guest/Nursing Home 425-42K Board, Guest Homes 20-A FRONT rm., lovely refined home lor lady. Th* bell el care food. TV, yard. GE M7S1 PRIV rm __ooc. ALIC car ATE of ie/iil-prtvale, rumous -.'With TV/ excellent meats. E'S Ggesl Home, loval devoted e. ycu vrlll feel at home. Call Ilka .home. Nurse In charge U hrs. M27 E. Jill. SI. GE 3-U31 godd home, lood 1, care. GE B-12W VACANCY for man. Jtcme atmoi- phere, -Good meals. «-5?7/ GOOD home for man. Excel, food i care. TV m. M-OKS. SEMI-PRIVATE rm. lor ladv, Koi food care. GE 3-«50. BELUFLOWER. Elderly care man or woman. 9*53 Maole. TO 7-1762 Loans (Sal. Col lateral) 21 OT · LOCAL LOAN CO. E..1h St. Ph. HE 7-4131 ' Schools Instruction 22 InstniHrM Intonation Prewrriiei FREE PLACEMENT AID For GRADUATES. Bo · Professional BARTENDER 'DAY OR EVE. COURSE .'LEARN EASY-- EARN' BIG · .NEW METHOD . BARTENDING SCHOOL 236 E. Broadway, L.B. HE 2-56« PHONE FOR FREE BROCHURE NO DOWN-Z MO. PAYMENTS R S ·'p SI in FOT3 A · IN Cfl M fo : y A c HOWARD BUTLER EAL ESTATE SCHOOL a oF Ihe oldest schools In Ill's ea-- Ihousands ol graduates, i.m. "or 7 p.m. MON 1 THURS. ale examinations lor maklnfl onev In Real Eslalc. VISIT ANY CLASS Call for details . brochure. 74 ATLANTIC GA 3-4471 'REAL ESTATE" KNOWLEDGE (C about 1N-THE-F.ELD TRA1H- G so tmenllfll Far a lifetime reer. -Visit Ihli 7 vrti. class any on. 'nr Thurs 7 p.m. Inilruclor '-Vrs. exoer. . 99vj% gracua a, f salosrnan , or broker 0'-E.-41h. Brochure? HE 7-0541 Washer Dryer Repair Jua] "exoerlence while IraWno. lyde- Royal Trade Schoo ^SsTcHOOL . ..LEARN A TRADE AT WEST-COAST TRAOE SCHOOLS 1 1 4 3 3 L.B. Blvd.. L.B. 437-W97 PRIVATE. lukwirw. New math, sottl ng, . reacting, Engllsn. 423-4071 North Lcnp Beach LEARN A TRAOE AT . MTI BUSINESS SCHOOLS Long Beach 19 Pine Ave. HE S-9U HEAVY -eoulD. oscrators or ruck drlveis. Associaled School, 711 s Vermont Ave., L.A., 5. DU 2832 · ··CONTRACTOR SCHOOL 1609 'Pine Ave. HE t-ltV LEARN Electronic. Vet. -aocr. Ca Tech 'Trade Scbl. GA 2.544 LONG BEACH BUSINESS COLLEGE «X Lono Btach Blvd.- HE 4-454. academic courses. 43ax)lv3. AIRLINE SCHOOLS PAC1FC Classes In L.B. Ph. 433-6W Employment Agencies 23 SHMJOTillilT K5151I3 Business World Agency Gen/Otc, Eec'ys. ctk FridavJ Bkkor, Comm'l-Tecn'l ms'.e ob New lob rjDcnrnas- every day E.AVJ. Employment Agency . Su lem Calllcrnla Federa Bld« 5505 Carson St., Lakewood .; '421-8S44 'or 421-8845 I ' / C n ' E b u a l Ocoorlunitv Acencv SIERRA. EMPLOYMENT AGEHC 5230 CLARK AVE., LAKEWOO Comjnerclal-TeOinical.Med cal ME3.8H7 FEE FREE WA 5-5H -· -FRANCIE BARNHILL'S . . ALCO AGENCY Hlo.Lono Beach Blud. GA 7-74 ^iVr^HyJTM'"' WTM * H Toljobs P ML°B. Bh)3. HE E 5 N 51I N iW AGENCY-- Member ol Ava abllllv. 4IMAIIanllc GA 4-13. \J c" iKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGC 4134 Horse Way HA 9-5! 4APMAN PERSONNEL AGEKC GAYLORO Employment Aoem 1834 Allanlic Ave. 5»T-Z1 Gen. Cafe Res'r. 23AJ (Men. W»rr*n . : RY COOKS i WAITRESS SCAL Oisriwaihers bus boys-- sea Many, Jobs local SV ool-o!-X» No tfiwiU, rtes 15% ol s m .GWINN'S Eivolovmtnt Aoenc 3^ plm, Lor.n Beah HE 7-3S lelp Wonfrtd 24 · NOTICE ' DeiIffn*Honj »i to «* , In our Mela W*nitd in-d EmDrOfmti^ ' Ad«ix:y columni are m«d« only ' 1! to Trvdlcale bona fkl* ccwv ' Icnal ayalllicatloni (or tnttlov^ _ as rcaionabtv n«c«»«rv to tht normal Miration ol his busTnets *· or entergrlsti or O) ai a con~ nSfirv^j? ^iir Kre * * er5 *° **' advertiser bellevei vcculti be ol more Inlereii to w« jex ihan Ihe olhcr because cf th* work Irv volved. OVERUSING SALES, ImmtdHle e.E»is!oo. 2 cspcr. csoplf. Bellflower fc D*nv. Guar. -f hii^ comm, ua-17-11. Advertising Solicitor To call on - tnulMSi flcm* In Soulhern L.A. Cou.ily. Newjoaper or Greater iervlc« exper. Niplul, Excluilve lerrllofy. Excel, commission. Repeat twines?. S*wt hcufs. Call Mr.- Wallace, 1-10 a.m. 795-3317 or corns by 114 R So. Lot Roblei, PAiadtna. BEAUTY OPFRATHR^, Wanted dav or evening shKI, West- mlnjter, HunUngton Beach, Buetid Park, Sania Ana. Tustln, Garden Grove. Benin pfarr, oood chance for Bdvancemen). 714-- 1970911 WT-V3J1 K7-77V3 3EAUTY Owrators, male, or, fern a'e/ mature/ a!1-i round cxoer., a!so manicurist. Dal-Je ColFfures -- 1» e J W v W Bhrd. S ^ W "l^«S -BOYS NEEDED 5 ' Need severaT young men, ages 13 to 16, for after s school hours, three afternoons weekly, full time all summer. Ideal training period now. Attractive bonus incentive program puts cash in your pocket weekly. Drop by 3838-A Atlantic, Room _ i*8 (upstairs] Monday through Friday, from 3:15 to 4:15 P.M. CANVASSERS House to House 1 . Men or women. Salarv t $loo week. ' , CLERK-- MOTEL Muil be exoer'd. Write Box R-3J3?, intf., Press-Telegram. COST CLERK Perpianenl position avaitabl. IDT Individual wllh a.ialyllca ability some adding ma. cKlne calculator experience. Som* . colt accounting experience Is desirable. Muit be APPLY IN PERSON OR CALL FOR APP01H1MEHT PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. COATINGS RESINS DIV. W CREKSHAV/ BLVD. TORRANCE FA 8-T2M CUSTODIAN FULL 1 TIME CUSTODIAN For farce- new building, Lakewocd Area. llehJ carden. Mini be bond- fiWf, hours 11 o.m. ID 7:30 p.m.. Mon. thru Frl. AooJv Monday -- March I4ih 1 to 4 P.M. Only Belmont Savings Loan Assn. . 6300 Spring St. LOMG BEACH DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT IS H1R NG! 4431 Hrtrdwlck. Lakewood Center. JOB APPLICANTS Iht LOHG BEACrt IMOEpENa t=MT PRtSS-TELEGRAW doei rot kr-cwEncV accept help-wan ed r-overlls-nients from ilrnns covered bv Ihe Federal Waoe-Hour Law - they offer less thar 1h* leg* rplnimum wot. If you are offered le« by covered firms, or If vou have ouesttons concernrnu Ihls law or cirer waoe-hour actlvlllcs 01 Ihe U. S. Departmet.1 of Labor, call or v-rllc fh« deparlmenli 1ofs| olflct at 4)34 Atlantic Avenue, Lono Beach, telephone-- GArfield -33S1 . - HAIR STYLIST With Advance Training Reno Grad. Preferred. CHARLES MARTIN HAIR FASHIONS C D U V *DA S-7«? HAIRSTYLIST 57 ATLANTIC Ph.: 437-35S3 HOUSEWORK «. Ironing tor reliable women. 2 or 3 davs a wk. Red. MEN WOMEN-Part t1m» em- clovmcr.1, evenings. AppV flfjer 7 P.M. Complon Drive-In Thefttr* WANTED i Men or women with this with the public. Excellent program with side benefits and a promotion pro- 3 gram that will ' «mai» s those who are interested i talk to us. Come by s 3848-A Suite 2, Atlantic, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m J . Monday thru Thursday. "- PART TIME L PART TIME \ DRIVERS * Diamond 1: . Cab Co. °; 1444 SAN FRANCISCO Help Wanted 24Help Wonted ** Engineering Graduates and College Seniors: INVESTIGATE YOUR CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN SEAPOWER ENGINEERING TODAY! · Ship and ivsfem design anii testing · Starting salaries: Up to $609 per month ,":· Excellent ndvancenwnt opportunities ;.'·..· Federal Service fringe benefits ·'·";- · Deferments Send a 'complete resume or Federal application form.SF-57 (available at our Employment Office at Gate No. S on Terminal Island, Post Offices and other Federal activities), to Seapower, Code 172-P. LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD Long Beach, Calif. 90802 1 ' TErmhiJtl l-M,!, txf, l»/Cen(»l O»t» Emptowr MftF REAL ESTATE SALESMEN BE Xir wwam Mil IMII« V«J l aw, You can t.rn 70% com- } wosram. t.l'i Unc 11 ovtr. Call D | Ar Moultf GE 0-7S4I. c (WOULD REALTY lie OIN'TH! REAL ESTATE \ PROFESSION 1 WITHOUT GIVING UP YOUR ( PRESENT JOB! -gj rVE v,-UI orep*r« Vou for lh« ·\fi i Exarn CD pp Ve have oart tinie rcDresnl«- Ives making over 110,000 yearly. FOR DETAILS .. Mr. Allen [day*) M6-8990 Ar. Wilton (evei) d\4} K7-4X*» N. 4. L.V.H. orderllei, ill ]Nfli r call 42M91X or apaly «l 2725 Pacific Ave., L.B. SALES 3 Hours nlohlly, pbonta? our eslamlned customer* f/om our olHce. HourlY WBB« 4- bcnyj. Call rj aller 2 p.m. Monday 1hru Friday. L»rg National Firm. Call-GA 3-5417 An Eftua 1 . Opportunity Emplover O eisa rv, will tral n . Jl DO DRAW. Calt Mr. Berry, ME X-3430. ' XLES U from contractor's dfllc* In Long Beach. 31 .30 per hr. + comm. 45I?8£0 colled 9 B.m. to 5 P.m. -.LESMAN, HOUSE TO HOUSE. Pay every day. - Calf 57C-0657 TEACHER-GUITAR c Eifperlf^ced. Mr. -Vunde HE i-937 - NEW Program tailored lor people who liVe lo talk lo people, and ma** abcve average earn!rx». Exo. unittc. We tr»tn you. Choose your cwn hours, full lime- part time- days or eves. Call today, and oo fo work today. Cash avaJlable dally. Call -i3M356. - COMPUTER OPERATOR TRAINEE. Full lime, Muit be bDnddble and have valid California driver'* lice me. Light clerical duties, meiienBer service, opoortunllv lo train ai computer operator. Hours 4 D.m. lo 17:30 a.m.* APPLY 1 10 4 P.M. ONLY. MOM., MARCH NTH . ' Belmont Scwinos Sc Lodn Assn, c 6300 SPRENG WINOOW WA5HER-EXPER. ococl pay. Must have own fi-aruo. malerWs. Ph, 4n-341 1 an.- 5 pm daily lor *DcT. r'OUKG HANDICAP Man -- Needs « lendant. Live in. Room fr boarc -1- small salary. Call any lime alfer 1 p.m. · 147-9339 Help Wnfd. (Worn.) 24A ACCOUNTING CLERK Grow 1 N comoa ny has Tmmetfla) · opening for oirl to operate comp- tometer, prefer some experience for a'ppolntment. ADMIT iPBX POSITIONS Only those- vlEh Hospital or Doctor's olflce (Xper. need apply. AUTO cahler. exoerienced. Bcb BABY tiller, care of 2 cirls ace 2tt 8. S'/i. U:30 to 5:4$ Mon.-Fr . Transp, reo.. Rosimoor art*. 556517; ullfr PM. 2 toddler i. Must be pallent antf understanding. Lite twuieworfc. 757 Almltos. Eve. Ref. preferred. BABY-slttcr mv home. 5 davs wfc. 7:30 tt 5:30. 3 mos. otd 21 rnoi. old 15 per dav starling April 1st. References. 434-3721 BABY sitter; mother alone needi oood reliable woman lo care for 3 ..mall children. S days, mv honiCr 52AO Atlanllc. N.L.LI. 423-42U BABY sittlna IA my home, evenings. BABY siller wanted. In my home. BARMAID-- Aflracllve. 11.50 per hr. + percentage. - 43W17A8 BAR Malt). Exper. not necesiary. Apply 6740 Lena Bcjdi Blvd. BAR MAIDS DANCERS 1150 Wk. UP. SM-3355 aft. ? p.m. BAR MAtDS-- Allracllve, personable. m costume part time or full time. AD-JIV 2020 E. ArEe-Ja, Sat, Sun. bctwee.n 1? 5. BAR MAIDS IN COSTUME DANCERS TOPLESS-- TOP DOL- BAR MAIDj YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE BAR MAIDS SKC per week GUARANTEED mmedlate v/ork/no experience 2]-» attractlve/co^tyme PLAYGIRL ^2 714) 3X-77SO 1283] Harbor. O. Gr. BAR WAID-- NO EXP, NECESSARY HUNDRED PIPERS TAVERN «63 L.B. BLVD., L.B. BARMAID For new Beer Bar In- Pararrvour.1 Opening next week. Coslumes 7824 E. Alcndra NE 4-951 BAR. MAIDS, Part full lime 42-74M bet ID 11:30 a.m. BEAUTY .operator nlohls, exoer Company beniNls. Mgr. 425-9240 BEAUTY OPERATOR -- Lloyd Joseph. 437-7072 or 433-9H BEAUTY OPERATOR KISMIT-- BIX8Y KNOLLS MR. KIP. Vf-MW Help Wanted 24 NOW HIRING FOR Depf. i of 1 Navy (Fidinl Civil Service) ·Welders · Machinists ' ; · Riveters : · Shipfitters * Chipper Caulkers Apply in Person Gale *5 Terminal Island LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD EtjUil Opportunity ' Employer MF- tip Wntd. (Worn.) 24A H *UTY Oo«r. full/Mrl HIM. Buw , hoc. Nan» vourTin. J1S-BII t AUTY operator, part llrne. Loi 00 D LOCATION. L.B. CA J MK CLlnE FAKIIOK5 W;r!d'! If!* f T In home srvlc snowi. win Iraln w for extremely profitable XMT. n«c«liarY. Al^o cpcfwnoi or qualified manager. Mon. trinj rl. IW. OU) SW-WI · BOOKKEEPER «*ra odlce. Can lor ancl. or ° 00 W. Ulh. HE 2^»I5 OKKEEPER. exoerlenced In ma- ~ Jil« bockkfrenlng, acclj. rtcctv- KHe. Davrdl genera] olrice. Comofon Truck EoomT. Co. ooHteoper-Acct's Payabla H WWmixn ? veari exDer. Thru-- - rial Balance. Self 6tarler. H :ALL FOR APPOINT, su-in) BOOKKEEPER TRAINEE Exoerenced In 10 kev Adding mn- L ch'rvc. Must be fast and acturale. APPLY T. IUU Lortg Beach Blvd. H \NVASSER Dhone kolld.or lo H work Long Beach. Remodellrrg collect 451.90.^RE for eklerJv «nl., woma.i under 55, 1NO mo., live In. Call between M DJTI. only. Bell Mower area. - ' IA7-7U7 Lo* Alamltoi. Pti. 431-9J7A. CASHIER Full llm*. Salary-- Com mission. ~ AnotV C. H. Baker In person. Foe v 'nlerv ew conlacT Mr, Waoti, 5213 r N. Haiclbroot, Lakewood Cenler. LERK-TYPIST SAVINGS A LOAN NEEDS T ESCROW TRAINEE RECEPTIONIST SALARY RAHGE S275 TO MIS Thfjt tcrmaner.t Dosllloni *re wllh a growlna concern provide amp e advancement cpporlunllv/ (ring benetitt, group insurance- rtcu fir reviews, 5 day weeVj Mid vacallorts. ADD! leant mint have H.S. diploma bt bondable. AGP ]9 tn-29. ft 11 relive, Inklll- cenl neat and good pole. Ac- cura e typist, some S/H dtilrable for clerk-lvoist position. Acnlv 11170 L.B. BS/d-, Lvnwood Mr. Wkk*, HE 8-051 1, exl. 311 CLERK TYPIST Muit be accurale and 1vp* M Lockheed Electronics i?01 E. Randolph St. I..A. Nr. Florence and L. B. Freeway LERK Ivolst. OpDortunUy for Dermnent position tn crowing Oceanograohlc EngHecrtr.g Firm. General office filing clerical work. Knowledge cl shorthand htlcful nut not msndalorv. Ca 1 Mist Krviltk at 437-^81 b«l*-, 10 .2 or anal. Sal. Open. CLERK TYPIST Seme' itperlence preferred/ fn iitti" tramatlon tranicrlblno sain lelltrs. CALL 63A-1211 ATI eoual o D DOTtim! 1 v wnwover for 3 smill children:. Garcfcn COCKTAIL WAITRESS Experienced -- aupSy In person after 6 p.m. Georcfs Roundup, 2310 W. Pacllc Co asl Highway. COCKTAIL WAITRESSES Immediate 1 opening*. 115 Loci/il. OCKTAIL Waitress Harbor LlBh s. m N. Avalon, Wllm. TE 5-5847 DANCER. Apoly 6 P.M. @ Carrl- COCKTAIL WAITRESS Ynur.g, allractlve. Ill L.B. Blvd. OCKTAIL Waitress, attractive. vng. Th* PlayrtKHn, 241 E. Ocean OMPANION -- Housekeeper for aenil I aval Id elderly lady. Llv* in. Salary + room board. 923 Loms VTsta Dr. L.B, OMPANION - Housekeeper, sa arv. ONSULTANT -- HflTr ffl^hlon con- su ant wanted lor leadlne Dcot. s ore In Lakewood. LTc. no) reo. S^t. 4 comm. alter 2 vrks. free trflThlng. Must be Attractive, dependable have own t ran in. Prefer ag« 15 to M. Mlsi Hanna, fi??-07;i or 849-7391 OSMETIC -- Ori/d cleric, fuH T, par| time 1 ooeiVnos. Exp. re- qu red. Drugslore in N. Downey DANCERS BAR GIRLS 2531 E. Anaheim, WlUrilrra on DANCE Instr's TrUervlewers. Full/ Ch*/ 311 E, Ocean. HE 2-8972 DRAPERY workroom fabler. Excer. en v/, fringe bencfili, Ins., vaca- lion,, holklaV A Pa oo»b «,.«,. FINA S C AVINGS i LOAN NEEDS NEW ACCOUNT CLKS TELLER TRAINEE Salary rano- S?« to *77S These pernianenl Dosllloni are wllh a growing concern provide ample advancement 0000'- tunllv. frlnai! bcnr-liis, cra-^p n aurance. regular reviews, 5 dav week, oalrf vacallons. Acp leant muit have H.S. diploma be bo.vlable. Ajf 15 lo M. «tlr*rJI«. Inld 1 sent, neat And good poise. Elec frlc typewriter csfperl«rcp re quired for new accounl clerk po slUons. Apoly 1IIIO L.B, Blvd., Lvnoond Mr. Wicke. ME S-oSll. ext. JIB Help Wanted 24 ENGINEERS FOR SEAPOWER Outstanding Career Gpparlunitici in tht Fidcral Sirvici fikclrook, «icdrlcai. mar n-*. structural, mechdn/cal arxl in- riuitrial cnolneers rsnrf nava archliEcts needed to lill posl- Hons In programs of na iona a.-d world Importance. Creating tomorrow's Naval F1c«f today Ihe Long Beach Naval SMpvard is resoonsibJe tor 1fe ccntinoed repair and rrxHiernlia- Iron ol Naval vcsieli, their ma- chtnerv arKl eouipmcnf IfKludlfvo w«4oon jyjfemi. Engineering problems aboard aircraft carrkrs, mirod missile cruisers, (teslrovers/ mine era I, amoWbious assart ships arvd support itilps rnaK* for oiaTler.Q Ing a Alignments, from tfeIcn throuafi faftrFcatton airf work mefhods evatoallo« to actual teitlno and evaluation of the Final TM-oJuct. Minimum rcouirem»»rtli: BS d*v greo in efWloeerTrrff from an ac- crediled collepe or university or the equivalent). U.S. dtrzen- sMp also required. Starting s*Inrlei: WI07 fo 1««7 per annum. Excellent fringe benelils eou* to aporoximateiv JS% of haste pav include orovo health msu*- aoce, life inswAnce. fl .-el r*- rrxnt wocram, )3 to 36 MV vawtkwi leave per year, 13 day* ikV leave wr vear, I oald holidays and ltav« with oav for reservKls. Draft defer- menli reaucted. Ooalift-d ^pelic^l^ts arp in- vilcd ii s«ntf a_ Federal aoO- eatroo form SF-S7, cur Employment Office al Gale No. S on Terminal Wand, Poll Offices and other Federal BC[ tivmes. to: Engineers Employment Division IONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD Lanf 8«ach, Calif. 98SK : TEmiiti! 2-3311, Elf. Jit Emx Orx»rhjniir Emfavtr M»F ehpWnH. (Worn.) 24A H t FINANCE CO., NAT'L IBS ooenlno lor ?. Mutt* have :o Section «*o., *oei 70 to 30. SaUrv comm rnsurale wllh rxo. Call 427-1MS l:» 4.m. to .» «.m, -, i 3:30 D.m. to 5 D.rn. Vj ^Y :ooV combination counter girl; deoendable, clean. U lo 7. GIRLS $200 WEEK UP ° teason lust ilarltrtg. Tr»ln nosv. Over 31. Call 11 tilt noen. RL, *tlr*cHvc. about i'l" toletcr. Social dancing to a ilngle otr- GO-GO GIRLS Intervlewk filer 10 A.M. ° CRANLEY'S COCKTAIL LOUNGE __ U4\4 E. Ctrion HA 5-9705 AIR StvHsli (3). gmr. salarv, davs. Ph. GA 7-9555 AIR Drciier -- Some cllenttl preferred. ME 4-3741 Men. or Tuei. HAIR STYLIST New area. CVDTCS). Oood DO'CI. Seme following. V?7-74U: 137-377? IGH STYLIST. EASTSIDE AREA. OTEL MAID. Middle ««f ladv. Thorough, refercncci. HE 6- 1704 SKPR. Ladv to Kteo houie c«rc For ? children, FA I-O» HOUSEKEEPER 5 days a week. 9 A.m. lo 5 n.m. APPLY IN PERSON WOODRUFF GABLES HOSPITAL 17800 So. Woodru.1 Ave. SK.PR.- COMPANION, conoenla . middle AM ladv to live In, adulls only.- New aot. wMn pool, car furn. 2 days oil. Will be treated M one of the (amllv. ITS. wktv. Call 921-3777 aller 5 P.M. IOUSEKEEPER S fays -- 7:30 lo *:». 5 chlW/cn. GA J-OIS2 10USEKEEPER -- G«n. cleanlno- a.m. 'o 7:30 p.m.. Mon. Ihru Frl. or live in. $35 wk. References red. HOUSEKEEPER-- Live In, \ cWtd. LVwd. Area HA 1-5095 HOUSEKEEPER -- Car* for efdcr v Ph. 421-1502 eves. HOUSEKEEPER » lo 43. Live In or out. HE 2-3631, 9 lo 3 P.m. -.OUSEKEEPER for elderly oenllis msn. Ko smokrno or drinXinaj over 50. Referertcei, Room, board f salary- Wrlle Box £ A 3033, Indeoendenl. Press-Tel en ram. HOUSEKEEPER-- Baby sitter. Dr"s. home. Lakewood. SVx davi. Saturday nJohti. 10 10 7, Mon., Wtd-, Frl. $UO monlhly. Call 429-4450 tor Interview. HOUSEKEEPER Wanted. 2 sma I children, live Tn preferred 1 , ma* fure woman. 843-7731 after 6 p:m. Salary 5130 mo. 4 rm. bcvard. HOUSEKEEPER for molherles* home. X children, school age. Live ki. Private rm. Consider 1 cnlkJ. References. TO 6-7141. 3 aduls. 1 Teen. Lkwd. HA Mill HOUSEKEEPER live In, Ute cook- Ina. Rossrnoor. GE VEB07, aft. 6. Invalid lady. No vnokc or' drinK, Live In HE S-22iS5; « 3-0347. HOUSEKEEPER-- Hve-ln * Cftre of 1 child 5. 5Vi davs. £120 mo. HOUSEKEEPER. Live-In. Cars for HSKPR/eMId c,ire. Or, hcme. Llve- n. Himt. Beach. (714) W2-3073. HOUSEKEEPER, live In, for one lady. Park Estates apt. No smcke or cJrink. Afternoons off. Box P-3478, Indcp., Pre^s Tele. Mon. Frl. Own transo. Ub-KU HSKPR. Live In. Semi-Invalid molhcr Eecome on* of lt.» (amity. Room board -f salary. -I27-4M7 Gen. hswk., Ironino some cock- Inn, pallent w/children, own car. HOUSEKEEPER, SIM per mo., live HOUSEKEEPER-Cook, hrs. 2 P.m. Call 864-1777. HOUSEKEEPER who loves children desired by doctor's family. Live Trv Musi speak English. R[or.t HSKPR. wanted. Live In. Adult 2 children. Lile OHIe*. Hleasan surroundings. 5^i-290i aft. 5 DJn. HOUSEKEEPER-- Companion to elderly ladv. Uve in. Sal. S94-6S59 10 11. ilOO months ^33-2253. HOUSEKEEPER LIVE IN-- CHILDREN, WIL- HOUSEKEEPER for ekkrlv oentle- ' «7.103 cr GE 8-1153 HOUSEKEEPER-Mcn. thru Fri.. llv» cul. 2 children 6 A S. Ref. rea. »l» mo. 32M200 davs. 4M-51U HOUSEKEEPER-- Priv. rm., board -1- oood waocs. Nol over 50 vr*. Ig assist manager. Care of e or- V ladles. Beau), hwne In the Fool Hllls-GLEN-HAVEN MAMOR 3« N. Canvon Blvd., Monrovia 359-8597 - .1 57-3581 HOUSEKEEPER; malure. 3 H'«.,a ddv. Must live In vfclnllv of 315 E Slh SI SIM monlh. ^iS-7007 HOUSEKEEPER lira In. Csr« hr 8 vr. old. B31-3065 afl. 3:30- KEY PUNCH OPERATOR VUeh School oradudle with 1 year A'hft ?« Nunxrlc exoerience, Aoply 1n Person 7-3 P.M. GENERAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY CO. 1775 XIMENQ ' (Traffic Cktlel An Eoual Ooportunlty Emniover KITCFiEH HELP All around worker. Apoty In oer- son, Hllkrest Conval. HOSD. J^fll Cetfar. LADIES-- You can aver. S8 com mistton for 3 r»urs route sa es Pleasant condlllons. ^J7-8BO, 9-15 LAO1ES-- Ooenlng for 3 1»dlei to show lovely costume jewelry bv Emmons. CaM afler 4:JO p.m LADY to five in and care for Partial Iv handicapped laoV. GE 9-16« LEGAL SECRETARY FTD. fcr busy offke. HE 5-1 1« LIQUOR CLERK -- EKP.J womar only. 5 d-ivs. LaTcewood. ^75-?251 L-V-N or RN MO, office, no eve-. Sat. or Sun work. Ph. U6-236/. MAID. Expef. Ecfgewaler Inn. MX E PCH Eva 4H-W5T. MAID. Part time, lor ofllce clean ng, S to 9 p.m. Write orv1rtg as former empfoverj, to Box C 3439 c/o Indeoer-fftnt, Prcss-Teleo IMANACURIST wani«j. Genie cot 1 Herts. H-W WED. asslit. Exoer. P.M. ParMirw Mon.. Tut*. Wed.r i to 8. Fr 5-9, Sat., 9 fo 2. Lal^ew^JOd Arteif *f«a. GA 4-9» MEDICAL recepllonlsl, cxner. to Dr.'s office in Torrance ar*^ i MEDICAL ASSISTANT tor DT.'J olrice. V/rlle for In .ervlew, sfatlno ex Mr. salar MEDICAL SECRETARY for Orthopedic olilc«. Expcr[erKe Shortdand neoswiry MEDICAL ASSISTANT Orlhopedfc Exoerleoced Preferre CALL V/EEK DAYS-591-Wi MEDICAL Office-- Oo.v.ev area, E) perienced 1 medical atlsUnt o LVH. « hr. wK. Sal. 9 10 1 Call 7:30 1o 8:30 p.m. 424-9)5 NURSES, mistered, LVH, o'd^rl exper. nurse*' aid. Apoly 1n ot son, intcrcortvnunirv SaMiarKJO 2i36 Grand Ave., L.B. NURSES REGISTERED II TO 7 MEDICAL - S U R G I C A 7 TO 3 MEDICAL - SURGICA 11 TO 7 OBSTETRICS INTERESTING SALARY AND FRINGE BENEFITS WILMINGTON COMMUNITY HOSPITA ·v,n s. MAIN WILMINGTON, CALIF. i CONTACT DIRECTOR Of NURSES OR ADMII1ISTRATO NEAR ALL FREEV/AYS NURSES-- MEDICINE Aooty In person S'onal Kill Co vansct.1t Home. i?75 CslHorr, NURSES-- REGISTEREC 7-3 Operating rm. RH, 3*11 Pt : atrlcs, medical surgical Rh i full time. Interesting (Alary many bcntfiii. Call Mri, Auimi Director of Nurses for aopt. La Ice wood General Hos $Xfl Cla/fc Ave. TO 6-t wk. also reo. nurie tof re IF ^s^ervfs. 1035 Olive Ave., L NURSE R.H.-- 4 DAYS WEEK Founlaln Grovt Convrt Kow 4141 Founlaln Ave., L.8. 4M-7 dtrlv lady. Must drive. Wount resort. Give txo«r., »3f * sal expfclfd. Write Boy A M4 1, In- . ·IpWntd. (Worn.) 24A H NURSES-REGISTERED FRCE JOBS - Temporary WESTERN SIRL, INC. 1)0 PIKE MEZZ L.B. "PERMANENT POSITION -Uoh school end. Mull !x Mod vpllt. orntral Mllct tfulles. 5 dav work week, oood lUrllnff salary. Apolv -- . * DIAL FINANCE CO. 1730 E. Comr-lon Blvd.. Comolon if«"^»otM. r "c«li n A n .fc. Sl^l! Operators AND OVERLOOK Wort in Modern Factory -in Torranco Progressive Management Steady Work Bonoiih Grenell Manufacturing 21801 So. Western Ave. T at Carson 15 MIN. FROM L.B. 320-4200 « Localloni Two mlltj from S»1 v Oleoo Frwy., Harbor Frwy., Pa- clllc Coast H«v.. AtU5l» Blvd. 'ART time counter girl. Mull it*. - Fayclte Cleaners. 7*5? Pacltlc Ave. P.B.X. ADMITTING CLK EXPER. P.M. SHIFT VYoodrull Cornmunllv Hainllal 3KO WOODRUFF AVE.. L B. t P8X-TYPIST Large Board MUST be experienced Guy Mootharl, Inc. (CHRYSLER DEALER! 1112 HO. LONG DEACH BLVD. COMPTON Photo Lao Openings Fo r loo color personnel, n x t. r only. P#rm. Arnilv. Mr. Ackeiman MERCURY PHOTO SERVICE ICOo Lono Beach Blvd. L_B. Or Ev Aooclnfmtnt REAL ESTATE SALES Choice olllcc, Long Bclh. r Lflkewd, arta. Opening lor 3 people. Nationwide adverltslro. TCP comm. + bonus plan. REAL ESTATE saleiwoman or Oranca Counlv office, Floor lime V Mil of 3. (7H) 837-^702, Recepiionisf*Slenographer to tflkt rJIctnlion type Cor « number ol people. Offer* cerrrw- nril worV, p'CAvanl enurrcnmenl oood company txnclMs. APPLY BUFFUM'S DEPT. STORE REGISTERED NURSE for DR.'S OFFICE. Hxpcr. prcl. hut not euentUI. Submit oua]1M- catlon* rwuesl for Inrervlew lo Box K-3503, Ind., Presi-Te e. INDUSTRtAL PLANT RH w/Callf. Hr, Dleasant per- senility. Good Ivp'na ability o set up dlspcniary pec. Posi Ion . includes stcrclarlal reception- Kt duties. B.F. GOODRICH CHEMICAL CO. 2104 E. 223rd St. TE S-*iM An Eoual OoporluiMly Enwlover R.N.-- Full or par! time. Schedule as desired. Nuning supervisor. 3 to 1 or 11 to 7. Top rated acredlled convalescent h.oiDilal, [wit newly enlarged. Lvocrcst ConvaTescent Mosotfaf 359S Century Blvd.. Lvnwood RN OPENING AVAILABLE Reoulres prcvloui O.P. Exrer So, California Permanentc Medical Group ?00 E. Roiecrani Btllfio*r 925-751 T An EnjJAl Opportunity Emplnve RN OR LBN POSITION OPEN-- INQUIRE IN PERSON. SAHTA FE COV HOSP. 3294 Santa Fe Avt.. L.B RN's-LVN's AIDS PULL OP. PART TIME For Convakjctnl Hospital 1T7S CHESTHUT RN'S P.M. charge position relief. S ChrlsfopTier Coflvaleicenl HoipHa can »*»*«» E » jJJSf * 4 PJT1 RN and LVN Tor rclTef. Hlltcreit Convakscen RN 3 to I.I SHIFT "VIVACIOUS SALES GIRLS EXPERIENCED ONLY AGE 25 TO 55 with fKi] selling flblit needed in our high vo ume speciality shop. DO NOT APPLY IF NOT EXPERIENCED Good Basic Salary Plu Commission Exceptions Benefits. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT GE J-«W GRETA'S BclmorJ Sf-.ore SALES GIRLS SHORT HOURS Inr afkrnoons ivenrngs aooh Pcrjor.nel OFfke hetwcen t f, " M 'J. C. PENNY CO. 1 Eooal Onocrhxiltv Ernoioye*' T personal!!/. Weekends t. n Irs CaM for float. 435-2U1. " SALES -- Sel your Ixiurs Irvcorr ooal In exciM-va career as Beauty Counselor, we Uam. JJ5-33J for Z «xecutlv« tvM women. Pre viouj u!es experience deurab i bul nol necessary. A lucteiifu rj preylous busifvess record h ensen a flal. Applkanfs sefecled will b exceotlonal earninyi potential *v benefils Wrlle briefly. Sot 73A4 SALES .. vyr\MCV NEED MONtT [ FOR EASTER EXPENSES A Start earning subs tan Mai ncom vacancies for capable worn* Call GA 7-0471, Exl. B. SALES OR HOSTESS wrt-tlme In vour home (w ou jfrfe. lit BAIV, wofrtable A- hr Will train, no resind. of age erptr. For Interview O9-T/4?. L 'SALES-LADY'S DFPf." Moit he experienced V^lll tr4 tn t« 10 manaaer. BONDS CLOTHES LAKEWOOD SHOPPING C6NTE , SALESLADY , tor house wafts f, (h(u, E^M i enced preferred. HORACE GREEM SOMS 4420 Atlantic Avt., L.B. 1 SALESWOMAN EXP. In Menswenr. SleaoV oo*I1 n- Replv BOK C J4J7, Ind., Pr*ii T ) SEAMSTRESS ji- I. Requires cail exoerfcnc* on i A o*e nMOl* Ii a manufactur in, shoo. Apoly IA ocrscn. rncrnin cnlv. . ii VIRTUE BROS MFG. C( e/, 19=01 s. Sanla Fe I No. L.B. Arc B. SECRETARY, cwntrvctkwi 6frr tal /^usl have alllDnEeo txottltrt (91 Salary Ctxfl. «J1 Cherry A »£ SINGLE NEEDLE fe- Oivs. rec. Gfllw^/ Garment St. Aoely I3JI v/. l«r,, L.B. tip Wnfd. (Worn.) 24A H Stenographer E Receptionist l Qualified to take dicta- ion and type correspon- donce, rsporls records ior oxcculivci. 3 erm«n«nt job, 5 day wool, good staff bane- ; fits and salary, Long Beach area, ag» 25 to 45. VCITE GIVING. AGE. EXPER. i MO EDUCATIONAL BACKGRD. to Box A 6401 . TACOS JOB OPENINGS HOW. Telephone Recepitonists Part-tlme to worlt. i3 vr». w older, SUrl al $!.» an hr,. wl'h Advancement UP lo 1300 nw. Ar Dilcflllon} being t«Vc1 behv. W-. TYPIST $450 L. B. *reA. vlnT palenllal w/orow- tng company. LYON AGENCY YPIST (2) One 5 dwi. ervc week.- * cndt. Box T-566 Ind. Prtss-Teii. I WAITRESS Part time. Muit be available* durln? In* day and 3 evenlngi unlil 7 or 1. Apply ai W. T. Grant Co., Lkktwood Ctnfer. AITRESS-tost, eirtclent A depetvl- iVe, 7900 E. Akndra. paramounl. A TRESS, experFenced, age 33 IA M. EHtcltnl. AIltrncKxis and ev«*. Good tlm. ApclV *fler ? p.m. M*rr ' Pina, M9 E. BroAdw^v. WAITRESS EXPERIENCED RANCHO DINER 13! W. ANAHEIM Aoa!v 31^ E. BrM(^(AV. OMEN WILL TRAIN . Woman X In 45 1o sort and p claisHy second hand . dolhlra in Veil slore. Sleaov wock. Iniwance, vacalion bonus. II you ha vi no small children aooty In person only, at 318 LociKl 9 n. m. dally. OMEN Sewing Machine Feeders or Valvers and Sle evert. Experienced In MULT (WALL PAPER BAG CONVERTING PLAHT. Apoly Employment 01 Met BEMtS CO. INC. «0 E. PAOFIC COAST HWY. wi Imi no ion An equal opooMunity Employer. Women-PBX Exp Te «hone answerlna service. PA/ loll time. Mod. oilier CA! TE y?U2, bet. 35 X D.m. Pflnlon. Live 1n. Ut« work. Ho invalid. No smoker*, drinkers er tie i. GE I-71U. VOMAN, reliable, lo live Tn wllh e tferlv ladv. Must bt neat. Some wagei. UH 5-7270. WOV.EN-rTh Fuller Bruih Co. iww hai pporlunllles for women lo service our customer* in your nelQhbcrhood. Call GA 349U. live In care lor 3 small children, Hfiht houjeketiMna. ReJerencM r«- qulred. . 4100 mo. ^JS-SSv?. X-RAY Tech., lull or part 1lmt. OrlhopedJc OfHct. GA 4WT\. Atwlv in S D*r"on? ) «5 SouJh St" '" Help Wanted (Men) 24B .CCOUhTAMTS-- Fdl or part tlm*. ttpWmt«d (M«n24l H AKERY ROUTE, RETAIL · * · * · * · HELMS Eif. Roulos Availabl» : $130 Week | Guaranteed F( Working Capifal Nocoisnry Apply 8 am a 1 1 «m Mon., Tuej.. Wed., Fri. HELMS" BAKERIES 3000 PACIFIC AVE. LONG BEACH 525 E Warner, Santa Ana BANK VAULT TELLER EXPERIENCE Permanent Position Excellent Opportunity ( Employee Benefits CITY NATIONAL R AMI/ 349 Long Beach Blvd. LONG BEACH ' 435-5301 ARBEB. P*rl lime. PROGRESSIVE BOOKKEEPER CAMPER Mtn . all priHtl. Ew. only.. t=ltel-Alr« Camper Co.. 1311 Alimedi, Wllinmalon CAR WASH men. l.iknnd. South. Car Wash, tor. Lkwd. South St. Aim POLISH WAN NEEDED. CAR WASHER CLERK YOUNG men lo h^rxM* t« t- Drione service order disk jn4 ditpAtehlrxo. Musi llv« In thi Lore Beach Aria. APPLY IN PERSON PACKARD BELL ELECTRONICS 31 10 E. Willow, Long Beach An coual corwrlurJly emolayer COLL. boy, part llm«. Ser/. Sta. Sal 4- comm. Rchlld. 4700 L.B. Bl. """TO AHEAD Salesmen nteded tor nnilrmttim lates, we will train You. Commls- r-'"!! 'a,"r^S^! · fff rSiiT COOK COUNTER MEN tor Carl's Wlilille Slop Hi 1170 Clark Ave. tt Alherton [n Lora Beaclt. ADDlv Friday, Saturday Mcnday. March 11, U S. 14, between 2 S D.m. mcome tax oreparairon. % + COUNTERMAN-I (utl lime. evci. bonus. High volume, 1oc. L.B. , weekends. No phone can. Muil Hofwalk area. HO *-7747. h* aver 11. McDonald't. earner ACCOUNTANT - Fto«*._i.Latawoc^s«jBa X nl career npoof twnlly (or a you/xi Accountant In Motli-unll crganlz»tlon with maTrt office o- cated In Temple Clfy. Dulles «r 1 Include GencrAl ledger, Jcurnah. Financial Slatcmenlt t. Account Rcconclliallon Analysis. 3 lo 3 year ecHfflp nccounllno reau red. Age lo 35. Send resume A ia1nrv reaulren'venis to Box A-3405, no- PT ADJUSTOR CasuAltv -- Torrance, Redorrio -r CAT. Sre Mr. KFmnid. Hertford Claims 43 Allan Ik, L.B. ADVERTISING SALESMEN Radio, newspaper. TV, poone Hook, direct, speclAlly/ etc. Htw medlA. Bis money. Front and bofvus. Must be free to Iravi . « vou are oood, ca|T Mr. Jack v.'hlle, HE7-09M nl vour arllett frnmrdialelyl AGENT Full Part Time $3.79 PER HR- 1 NEED 3 MEN lo he to m. even-net some · Saturdays. Cn £49t2 or XU-21U or 4U-3SSD or 4?7-5S7^, 12 to 4 p.m. ASSISTANT Manager, exper. variety ef ceol. store man for Million as assistant mgr. Gocd oopartunf v for ddvancerrvenl, oooo worVI/vg corwJilUHii, ma lor medical ulan, twild vacallon. Apply In oefion. ASSISTANT TO COMPTROLLER Must have HospltaT cxoer. Write esoer. to Box A-21W (ndeo. P.-T. Assoc. Representativa Learn selflno white earning. Xtnl Income. PrestlDB poll Hon. MR. AJEMAN 14- 9091 ATTENDANT/ SERVICE STATION Ecer. lube man, local rcfirences 4801 E, 2nd St. ATTENDANT, Service Staften mecharUc. Apply In cerion. W. South Street, C B. AUTO SALESMAN Combrnallont Mew and Used. E* perlenced, exc«Menl oommlnton Da mo Pfan, paTd va catkin group Iniijrance. Apply to Sales Man acer. NO PKOHE CALLS PLEASE RAY FLADEBOE, INC. MERCURY Br COMET 17A17 S. BeUllcwer Blvd., Sdlllwr AUTO SALESMEN Only top salesmen need »pa v co/ner, Ovr 13S choice ran, W. F. McPHEETERS AUTO SALESMEN Inr n 100 car a monThi f de^lf shfn. Excellent Heor tratffc. Fre ckmo. -+ cloilna help. Pr«fe Pontlai: experJence byt will lr«1 rlgM man, 1 1 YOU HV* montv conlACt In Pfrjon Jed Lo Bosco Sales Wanacf. Louis Fraham Ponlirtc 6 7B59 E. FIRESTONE BLVD. f DOWMEY AUTO SALESMEN" 1 Srli America's hottest ar, th MU5TAUG! 100 In stock. Opoo' e for promotion, will traTn if no 1 exprd. Fu1 company beneflFs rf demo. plan. Apply LOS AMDs ForC 7302 BeI1Flowe- Blvd., L.B. - AUTO SALESMEN 1 NEW AND I USED 7 HERE'S Y/HAT V/E WANT »' Top-notch salesman, 23 to 5" t »' PFeasantjy tvjrtn\vt S HERE'S V/HAT WE OFFER i Hroh ouarantee .' Secure Mure. \* Liberal demo plan, , If you feel you are ojualided ar \ r desire to ott ahead with * leacfe ." like Porttiac and Tem«H. s« · Don Turpin. r RE1MAN-TURPIN Pontia 1 Jl? WEST AMAHEIM V/«lfrrr.3lon TE/mlna' 5-07 n AUTO Sell th H O T T E S T Unr in l i- porffol cars; ne«v used W Austrn-Htaiev, spoilt Midse , *U otfwr Tmcorled cars. Great e porf yn ifv for rloht pe rion o« -- man staff; e-irn Irom S£CO to si- mo. Closed 6 P.AV Sat. I nil d tn Sunday. See Lou MlraWlt eves f \_ to 9 orly. Jamestowt iv Authored) MG, Aw!'«*»»l«» C IKJ 13iO L.B. Blvd., L.B. HE 2-7 fli AUTO. TRIrAVSER-- E»txr Stei lob for rlodt man. Ektori 111? LOH7 Bfach Blvd.. South G D. AUTO TRIMMER-SltKly work, Mr. lill H.L.B. Blvd., Comol * Auto Mechanic -- A-i On Call HA 1-1419 Si BAKERY ROUTE bflkerv. Xlnt training program man -wDtioys to ooerafe a bus m Co . 636-8038 or 426-532 L DAMAGE C.ONTROL Alt. ex-Navy man wllh Vnowtede. a damage control systems or tx- perltiwe as Inking drallsman. Conlacl Mr. Brian al .TE MU1. Equal opDortunltv ctnplovtr. AhjCE Itsilrt k '"'"Jj'raV'DaSi DEBIT MAN WnnKrl Immtialely la dtl»fr ol«ln ctmki and .minnoe slllc.. C a l Vlnce. «2.5W«. f lo 11 am. DESIGN DRAFTSMAN. Oil HeM tnurpmenl e«Mrltnce prifirred. 5515 J»lm Or. Slonsl KM Design Engineers, Draftsmen Flllrallon, A.S.M.E. pmiura vessels, lieat exchano*. mil. " HXC. and mKMne (festsn ex- pfrlence desirable, Greal potential with Ktlve expanding leader In Ihe nilratfort Indus'"' CALL OR APPLY,, Commercial Filter Corp. 1I7U REfES AVE. COMPTON NE i-5771 DESIGNERS Plolno «. Plastic mould design Immedlalr Local 1 out ol town Co'njotldlted Otslon S.rvlci; pn ROX ami txmn DRAFTSMEN HAWAII ASSIGNMENT IS AWAITING YOU TWO Naval architects with ex perienco in stability stud ies calculations. BS da gree plus 5 years proves sional experience min mum, 1 year stability ex pericnce. ONE Jr, Naval architect wit! 7 years nonprofessionri special exDerrence. DRAFTSMEN Structural And Poundage olus transoorteilioo. Send resum or call celled; . , , . , Morris Guralnick Assoc !.*« Unlversllv Ave. 1 U. S. CiMreruhlo reou red. ELECTRICAL CI/CvU dtflgn. eoi Irol wiring experience d«sJr«bi DESIGN DRAFTSMAh Wlnlmum 5 vrs. oValllna «x«r ei%ce, fyrnace, tnduslrlal ^eal r 5 PACIpfclcTENTlHC COMPANY 4 ' «» Crwtlel Drive. SP J-» ' City of Commerce e *n Eoual Oooo/turtltv Errolov c Draftsman; Mechanica ! Non-defense, engineering c*ept )l : PERMANEMT EMPLOYMENT DR'lLL Press Oof. · Racial. Sala t owertlme. Leldal Machine C 1 S»73 Borwfck. Sojthoate. : ORIVERS EARN UP TO IJ. 1 * ?· · Full/DarT Time ooefllrvn. Go G- Horoor Co. l«l W. 1S'1. cJpWftttftd(Mtn) 241 ^ Finance Co. -- Nat'l 9ti n lo JO. Aomcjnl muit .4wi comolded 3 vun el c«J* '«!. S4rary conunensuralt wiih ·e. Call fl7- 1 W l:o jjn. 1* ·inane* Mfln*a*r Tralne* XPERIENCE NECE55ARY. Hr CHQOL ORAOl/ATR, 'AGE » O 37. LIBERAL COMPETITIVE eHEFITi-XLHT RETIREMENT. ALARY OPEN. FUTURE UH- IMITED. PROGRAMMED PRO- J.RESSION TRAINING. APPLY IN PERSON 2244 Long Beach Blvd. UWf'AlN Sov. Ovir fl. AooJV en'l Famify Rtsliur*ot, ^^5 FRY COOK: PART TIME ·aiDtrltftcet. 1 on grill flrt, |n'«r l«wi dally 9 lo i. LYMAN'S 13-W A T L A N T I C AVE. ...», JLL lime wwK f ov«rllme for men who art not arraU OF rurd. flTrtv work. Low MV. Muvt \rxw ibout sprinkler systems. Must M yr. resident. MV« Cal If. d/ivft ictnst. AocHy tiler J D.m. ^ M? W. irrh 51. others need not a poiy. GEAR HOBBER OPER. ^ust hav* somt experlerxe on nr^lll CL/lllna rpachines A iHSlC inowtttfo* 61 oears. HAVB iMirr. fund toels iuch at micro mei«rs sctlei, calo*rj, tic, STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC SO! TELEGRAPH RD. PHONE 773-4211 GENERAL MANAGER OVERSEAS LMLkflED MAN. SMALL SHIP' ARD, PHILIPPINES. GOOD PAY, OOOD LIVING CONDITIONS Musi tvive evoerlcnce In alt pta*es. Bakar Commodities 268-2801 , GENERAL OFFICE Good Ivofe.. Ac* 40 to M, hoon J D.m. lo 11 p.m., muit tiAve c*r. Must b* Long Btach rciklent. GENERAL oMIce work, CAlhoUe In- stl uUan n«edt man 11 lo IS. Re- GLAZ1ER-- Learo a Iradf. Musi b* n*at mKhankally Indlnto, over GRINDERS 00, ID, Universal «. BlaixMrd Xlnt. working conditions. TOP · PAV « 4 oer hf. Will Inltrvlew AT'LAS PRECISION GRINOINO SU'22S1 SAT. 1. WKDAYS.: ^GUARDS MEN NEEPcO AS SECURITY GUARDS. Exofftenc* u n n t c eu (try. Unjforms equiwnenr furnished. Vacaxlti *xlil In Lo% Anaelet A OrAng« counties. Frinat befHfHl Inchxl* TMid v«c*- Wrir Box AJ701 lod. P Prtsi-t«!+! Guards Wan^ed HAIR STYLlST-Mal*. Eirper.Fulf 1 me. PfcsUgo shoo. Good loci' Ikn. Wwil; 4»U^S, irtfl, crpcttna eFeclricxl work, Uve knowledce eJ boilers. Write SrtlrWY npeclcdl · BOX S4t«Q HARDWARE man. Enocrltnced. 3 davi, Soulh Gttt ar«i. Ait 41 U. Full Tlmt Davi. McDonald Drtvr- In Restaurant, UO? Twetdy Bl., Soulhgare. · ' HONE OPERATOR Clark Wheeler Engrg. 1W5S MINNESOTA, PARAMOUNT 4 day *k. Relerencii. Ht= A-ivwi HSKPR,. driver, coolc, elc. 05-30. To cv« for Iflvalkf min. Pvi- room. Safary. NotHrrcvker. Wrlle Box A MS3, liMf., Preil-Teto. i Milling Machinist 1 vn. lofe-iJwJ eo«r. 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