Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 24
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SAYS TEACHER IN CLEAR Assembly Prober Points to Subversion in Paradise PARADISE. Calif. (UPI) --term, and being « munis t. The chairman of a legislative 1 Com-(demurred at first, laying the I tape would figure in the def a committee gave a clean bin of health to Mrs. Virginia Fnnklin Friday and said that attacks upon her had come from those who would subvert and destroy the schools. ,, ,,_ ,, _ __..__ -There realty Is a danger 'had bee^ any damaging of the' mittee there'was nothing ca of subversion here m Para- teacher's right to -examine it He said his recorder was due." sari Assemblyman Uo truth." . cot working weU that night J. Ryan. D-South San Fran- Her case, which has drawn mation suit However. Ryan national attention, brought ordered them to produce the] the Assembly subcommitteejur* or face contempt charges, on educational personnel here] Scarlett hen handed over a Thursday to decide if there box of tape, but told the com- cisco. as he closed a stormy hearing that saw one attorney ejected and a witness threatened with contempt The storm did not end with the closing of the two-day saying he had "coached" the witness, Langdan. and that he had since reused RYAN ejected Crozier after the tape. . Scarlett said he was not a member of the Legion but had Crozier, a chairman of the been asked to attend the Los Angeles County Young'meeting so he could record it the closing of the two-day R e p u b l i c a n s , denied the "I had"no idea I was doing hearing, however. Attorneysjcharge. He said Ungdon was anything not American in go- for several of the witnesses hard of hearing and he was ing to the meeting.- he said, later issued statements ac- merely repeating the commit- OF THE attorneys. Assemblyman Louis cusing Ryan of using "auto- · critic, almost G e s t a p o methods." O\E former Francis, said the entire hearing was a "ultraKberal whitewash." Ryan ejected Charles Crazier, attorney for witness Earl Langdon. who is also a defendant in the $1-minion defamation of character suit brought by Mrs. Franklin.. Mrs. Franklin, who teaches American government to high school seniors, ffled the suit in 1962 against the Paradise post of the American Legion, tee's questions to . C r c z i e r s a i d he was EARLIER Blayne Brookes, 86-year-old retired real estate 'shocked" by Ryan's "unprec- man, testified he became in- edented" action, which leftjvolved after he heard schools his client "without counseL" in Chico, largest city in Crozier did not leave the Northern California's B u t t e room; he moved from the witness table to the audience. ' Langdon told the committee he had criticized the Paradise public school system and that his criticisms were based on a book he had read about school s u p e r i n t e n d e n t : ; subversion. The book was "Brother, you are going to County, were "slipping in an obscene book you youMn't ol wanted in your old four -holer." The witness with white. shaggy hair said he told the written by E. Merril Root, a member of the John Birch Society. THE THREAT of contempt have You trouble around he re- need money for the schools and you have to come with clean hands and pure] hearts or the old fogies f c J U O l i 1^14 *»»*i *-MJ_H,* 1WO-LA f c j a . ^ H . m i , ... . » · · * · · ! · I stvenl of its tncciben and" 11 on »Tn«ss Fred Scarlett, around here wont give it to other individuals. She sM?*" 1 w « "f 1 " 5 * sutpoena« j-ou.- they had accused her O f ne stepped to the witness ' . _ _ t«l*l* T. A.V|AM^J B*:.^ .«. «.w 15 months ago at an American' Franklin, wife of a Chico State Legion meeting that included College instructor, mother of a discussion of the schools, two and winner of a 1962 Scarlett, another defendant patriotism award of the Nain the suit, and his attomey[tional Freedom Foundation. brainwaihing her students. ·wrongly teaching sex. using over-Iiber»l t e a c h i n g ma- * * * Teacli Facts, Anderson's School Plea SACRAMENTO W» -- Lt. Gov. Glenn Anderson said Friday that young students [S should not be shielded "fromji: the real state cf the world." S He made the comment in a J| statement praising an As-jtj sembty subcornmittee ^ o r j * i studjing the problesns of|H teaching controversial issues i in public school classrooms. || The group has concluded a J two-day hearing on the case of Mrs. Virginia Franklin, Paradise teacher criticized by some residents for not stressing Americanism. -We must not keep young i students shrouded in a cloak of unreality." Anderson said. I · 'To try to shield them ... is ; utter folly and grossly dishonest. 'It would only produce « nation cf bewildered young ^ adults once they are con- ' fronted with the true facts."]! table. It ordered hira to pro.. j-' Brookes is one of the defendants in the defamation of duce a tape recording made character suit filed by Mrs. ' COMPLETE WEATHER larr* Btach end Vicinity: Sunny toOav *** Sunday. Lttt'l ttmDerahjr* changi. M oft tedav near 7*. Meunui* ATM: Ctnr-«nv sunny today tnd Sund«/. SJfOtitTy warmer today. tnTertor and Desert Regions: Ceneral'v sunny today and Sunday. SliQtitiv warmer taOav. High temperatures S3 to 47 tn epoer vallcvs, it To T7 In lower vtlleri. Lawi TonloM 39 to 30 bi upper valievt, 30 to « m tower Ofnh*-'i W+t an* Wta**er Farecnt (PL Canceeclm ta Unicn Border): LtB^it wariatia winds duties nLflht and fnomint hours becoming wester'y 14 to 1* knots in vnvmoons today and Sunday. Generariy tunny bolt) «avs. Lmit temperatvjre^chjrw.^ ^^ Q TtDl $ SdnrHa: a:3T: suniet: J 42. twoanvr: 2 4t a m.; noonnse: 12:54 a.m. Tides: Mohs. U fret at 4:3* am, rid Xl t«f it 7 M V m.; lewi. - J foot « »:U . m. "'rifoW-^w'iSJS .EPOtTS H I PrtT' Lena Bead) _ _. M *T _, Long Reach Airoort . 7* 3» -- 74 C 47 31 n i Nrwoort Beach Pa'm SDonfls . Siveniai . Sacramento . San Beroafdins _,,. . ro j* ,, Jan D-eqe _.. S S "_ Santa Barbara L . --...- 79 40 _ M t Prt- H.K« WMwaukee -- M:nr»C4OolST. Faul -- 75 Me* Orteam . 47 klew Yt»rt 35 Oklahoma City 3f Omana . 21 Phitaaetotiia __ Portianct · icnmond ' L»ka"Clr»~I leat , _ SDOhine In In^rnat.Bnalfelis, »jnn.; highest » Washington .. ^- * frt slates FrlOay was 17 below r« R to Long Beacft. Calif. _ M 34 . , 31 U .91 55 21 _ 54 11 _ 43 7S _ 3 2 » _ 34 70 _ » n .. «1 30 _ 21 _ PEARSON Baker Just One of Many hii colleagues that his lawjVVashington has been dug out fina had represented the Co- of the dust of fir-off Calcutta himbia Southern Chemical Di- and delivered to the capital . Oils eotuma H amnwi ar kit asuciata. Jack Aitdenaa.) WASHINGTON -- W h i l e vision of Pittsburgh Class. He a. ssure i column. that he had cut all that bears his name, After an $8,000 cleaning. it has been pronounced by the C o n g r e s s investigates ex-] Senate aide Bobby BakerY backdoor business dealings,[^ ej ^j^ ^ j aw f irnx when'National Art Gallery one cfj more than half the members jj e entered Congress. the great art discoveries of continue to practice law outj TQ aw;d ^ conflicts, this generation. of their OTO back doors. | some congressmen use the Behind the discovery is J Some scrupulously "ksMSO-ltediajqu.. of setting up , sep . fascinating story. oate themselves from d«u ^ina within the law It was located by Duncan ·arho do business with the nrm T^,^,^,.,^ nn!r u^ Emmerich, U.S. informatvon government, but others "se^^nukej., partr-en belong toilet in Calcutta, in the homej their congressional influence ^ .. within a fmn. which of a Calcutta merchant named to help such clients. ' i....,-.. -^-; i... -i--.1 For instance. Rep. Sam Gibbons, D-Fta, Wed i strong--- - -protest with the Interior De-t" 1 " - f tl ~ partment last year against federal subsidy that wou have brought cheaper electric power to the phosphate producers of southern Idaho. · a a a In- UiC *ii*JJ V».W**i4* · »UUJ, ^. **«_*., _ · legally frees then to .cceptjMallft. This was just about) an the government business the last place in the world, one might expect to find one' interesting. rf the original Gilbert Stuart thejportraits cf George Washing- painted In 1799, shortly at the end of the year. a * · a OXE EXAMPLE is Brook before Washington's death. THE PORTRAIT was traced back to Ramdootal Dey. « fa-| Re P- Abraham Mailer's mous Calcutta merchant who firm-Milter, Nova and'had befriended the United' -which piously re- States at the turn of the l*h lo ««*«« dienU «** etttmy. His father and moth- problems. But a'er had been killed when he ^w»., which operates on raised by a grandfather who · ·/s.ntwvs«»*r*rtnr ntrs'ue same premises, has ac-!was a professional beggar, missioni to boost elertne ^ ^ , ^ uiaber o , dients Youll R l m d o o U l Dey for res«Jental customers, so^ ^^ ^^ ^^ fa)few)d ^ on t ntrchint [vessel, eventually acquired his the Florida phosphate com paniei could get i rate cut. ' his family * he Washington. . _ . The catalogue publishers own merchant fleet, and be-j Royer «nd Rogers, for in-| came known as the Rothschild j Se-mour to help obtain a gov-'some wealthy New England. But it was merchants, who wanted to Plate 111 * , . R«P- Mul-]«nd him ta appropriate gift- the I tlict """^ te!eeted ** P 0 "TM 1 ' on. to the government. of Washington, which was TJ* P" Nic Medj «» ·« »· «KPP«« to Calcutta m 1S01. minded, howler, that mostThere it remained, hanging «»»««·«»« * re hontst ^»nvn S the draperies of Indian 1 dedicated. Some ire forced to'merchants. until Emmench to'discovered it. ^^ pejk cost . ^^ ^ .^ ^ ^^^ « u ' !n 2 *» Congress. .the State Department to buy , . . . . l rt _ -r^^ ^ ^fog was | AS THE NATION cele-'valued «roind R50.000 and Washington's'the State Department could ,, Uj{ nm l^^ vt secared jt for onl y $2 o.- MOORE didn't mention to Gilbert Stuart portrait of 000, no money wai available. company M -if!S. M «,m to It would s«e?n to thunderei-tlut *« -" ^? n*e nde AinomecmtBri 00 Anaomeem*«r» 09 CHURCH DIRECTORY i»n IMC*, on INOEfENOENT-- P«9« C-7 ASSEMBLY OF GOD ASU*U* c*too * ·e». Cavw 0. Pwrxc ' · Oliv» and Ardmort ea!me*«r LArfWOOO ASSEMU.V ' BRETHREN CHRISTIAN CHURCH ». IICE CMUP.CM OF CHRIST Cam*, er WLnow and Aariar* Sun. Sctiwa »:«s Worshia la a.m. Cnai E. ·*·** ·.. Utnn^r Cf- CNR... Aloer Pitta Vinittw at mcrr* CHURCH OF GOD CHURCH OF CHRIST attC CXI Anv t;v«. FOURSQUARE GOSPEL **"; t. Jiwrtr Sen. II t 7 »» IBJT FOUHSOUAJE CMUBCH REFORMED CHURCH AMERICA LM *J.TOS CHrvI-IK CHURCH REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS tAHE*OOO CONGRCGAT.ON ·:« Woodruff. Lakewooa Pastor w. Lhrfneston TO «*-AW7 *1LIO* ST. CHURCH Of COO Ijtjjivesl Willow SI. These ChurcKes Exist fo Serve God by Serving You fenoaods 1 1 Secid Chrbi riRLS meet S"' r !r l ^J* r «*i»'«- OtA LANES B 5CX3A^im*OOUCTONS un romanc* to vour Bt»! Lvm «Un*» local CX*. rirw ri O433L Lost cod fovnd UMTAOOEO DOGS 1MPOUNDCO LCW BEACH ANiriAAl SHELTER L DC aft on 30CI E- W1117W U. Phore CA rmt. Hoort- IB to 4 »jtv Fe»- », ,.-Cocker, *e. »:k. L wM^ S yr- 1772 Hadiett--dead 1 .WX ra *, bt^, 1 m* Web»T«T »·« LOST tnart'i »ailct taxtnoodl. Vic Oscarf Drtv* ML Woodruff *· Lkw± Please returm Dcrunne4 contents. M ttuewons asked. OR 43*00 II LOSt ma'e codia*e», BTPT v» . head. irew«ra ta TJ- jt*tanri«i rewtrl MB e-3724; ClVUtX. *xt 4CS. , Brown temalt. Name tv--Ou*«ne~, v«r-L tfft S-.S64. ,_ _. LOST: Biac* min, pood:, maie, V Can 433.7411 LOST--M* e iarl SLamcM cat. Tiger ttript fac«, lew, tail--blue^rvra. "Neete." PK«« r*^fl ma find hmx Reward. HE * 1100 i warjt.^3t7gOS._ LOST--Small cart Vartstiirt - rier-OKtiu^ua, totond*. Amweri To -GldpeV Rewara. TO ^-37^ LOST; Carver ScTwot, brown, tan pun*, reward for return of eer tonjLjapers, ylMses. OE^-4»5"? LOST. Lades ranCCw, vie. Temp: Income laz 9 Income Ten Fr*earatia«l PREPARATION EXPERTS FED. A STATE-55 U? HAR B!ocl. Inc. "NaitoB 1 * largest T« Service* ]« . Mi SU Lan fl Beach I1M . Arn-sa- Lone Beacft *W1 - Florence, Mjrrt.notim Ph. W3 S. Wester* Aw*,, Gareena PHONc 436-0915 We Ccme to Your Hcmc COMPLETE FEDERAL I, STATE I**_ S ^ RV J?? _A1 RFAS. RATES BIS 'A* STORES Tax Dept. 5500 CHERRY AVE, N.L · AS return* eroertrtf Dreoaf-« 6v prefewonals! Twe*.-Sun. from 12.10. LOST ma'e terrier, bant tan. «**i*e chrst, ram* Tmif. Ih'esttid*. Reard. CA J-3714. LOST-- 8:aclt toy poetTe, od co lar. Vic. Bumett ft EIm ' Rfwaftf. 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Wntrninstr MerrortaJ PaT-fc Wor- TV'ESTWINVT^^'W E MO R I A L _PA»lt__MORJUARr. _ _ MAKK--Lewis E., acred 59 of 7S1 Stanley Ave. Survived bv w-fe Eftel; inters, Mrs, E"a McG'6- tori and Mrs. Geneva Wooffy Service Monday ? M · m. HOL TOK * SOM MQRTUAffY Funeral Notices In the Harbor Area Daily In your DILDAY FAMILY Funeral Director? fscHic A»t. of Aicfcetni St. B:N*"«--DetxJran K.. tnf*nr C«u-jtiter of *T, and *· r^ Kimeno Servitre will M announces. HAWKTOW -- Benifo L . infant sow el «r, and Mr*, win* oett. SerWa * · be an- ·ovrtetd. cirjf A^e. Surylved' tv 1 ton*, *r» CVT» Day; broffier. John W Day. Pr vat« se^yr;t St- y3»y wiTH Revergratf Rc^*'j tr^rjut^jo r.e rac.fc MOV HOOGCt -- CVWantf «. rt CtNten A**^ *erv*re tAhriaw, OllO^T FLOWIft SHOP HE t 4311 *r HE I J1BJ Direcrors FOREST IAWN MORTUARY On* Arrangement for U n.d* irt iVIn a and* Came+ery UTl Lincoln Ave. CEneva 1 2517 SHEEIAR'S Ccrnercnes-MousotevrnsS f And Monumentyj Bon* ViM«ee . Vean ONITER 1 WEEKENDER tJISO. T3ISO jict. »ov* elm d:x rm {dbl ccc.l HA 5- 1269 ·Plus tax, ti add Frt.. Sat Hot NCR 3100 Account! recei^iftle general office. Good comcenY tenet ih,. South Cafe a-*ea. TO l 7M5 BEAUTY OPERATORS Dav A Eve. Good cltenre'e PRINCESS l E A ^ T Y SALON 43*1 E. Spring HA__SJ7S4 HOUSEKEEPE*--Cook Mvi tn i-v encumbered. Ka rrroke »r drirfc, Mi/st drive Care tor mid^leaTrf writ retired man tn wheel cfinr. .Affl^O S. Downey, HA H82 COCKTAIL WAITRESS" Aftrtctj 71-77. Gootf waow A» B|y M person only. 77 Loryt. RNi averlock. ^LK. rarn Dood. Aporv »ei Singl«-an IP! Kelt Ittti. t I. WAITRESS Mknl ta iKMriencrd aoplv . BRADS RESTAURANT Comer Deem ft IB ifvtf. NEEtr INDUSTRIAL COUNSELOR IOOP Emclovmtnt Aeencv 403 S. Long Beach BVd. In Comoton NE WMI (NflRVlEWlNG FOR ATCE*. with ecper. AH \njfi AISO CTMX tun time 2-11 ft i. r Lalewood* General Hosp^aT SZDO ClarV A**. TO 4-17M AHOY GALS Want adventure? Cnjue thrnush Caribbean. ODDortuniry to become Dart of all «!rl crew, aboard tfr jcnooner, L-A. ta kia^^atf BaTa- m«, tn*erv ewi Fei. 27, S7 i.m. ·S43 HnlEywood Blvd. Hollywood. LEAVING Mwv-tues* Ft Smlttt Arkansas. Take 1. help Take 1. HeoJth Aids 18 UF£Tt£ HEALTH STUDIO Mn^flOe. Slearn t tatn 1 Sandra, 1 dnys .wk.. HAIRDRESSER HAIR STYLIST. EXP. ROSSMOCIt GE HQ5 CE »34tU BOTHERS HELP1II. Uve In. Cow- pie with 4 children. Your own arty room, ball TV 4 SJlar jyfv CA « 34Cf faEPHONE SURVEY Salary Cuwanteed +· toncv GA " '"" OPERATORS EXP'D lock tackrrs. piece work*. Sw^m tujts stxxti wear. GVevne Prod' «ts, Inc^ 14S'0 Shoemaker A^ . Morwafk. Mr. Santa Ana Frwy. Rosecrans. UN 4- 77SI , . train. Acoly 10 a.m.-- TJ noon. OSCAR'S 'OMA* tor child care right trorrt 10 a m. to 7:34 em. Sun Aflondau oft 1 children. 2 ichooi a-3* I13S mo. + iTfi'i Social Security C« A 714; fVJ-^ ALEiV/O^AN, ever 21 Full w B*rT time, davs t-r ivenlnoi. LaO'es SDort?w*»r shop. Excel. sat L ccmm. AOD'V ? to 4 »m. JUDY'S »3* _Haze!ftrook L»*e*ond ST'AT.'STICAL TYPIST For CPA OTIxi A«to Mecesianr rermanent L Advancement LO 4fcU« BAR MAIDS Youns ft artractive. Good working conditions. To« e*y Oiw niohrt avaiia'e. D* 4*773. FA HTW BE EL IN E Falcon Home Party pan. thow e^autifu) ciertm, ·oed tarnmas. Car necessary. tt» v^ri. TE 1577ft or 471S1 'ersoaafs 11 UNWANTED HAIR Vantn«tf (way w m SAC* PELO SACAPELO is dinvrent. rt dan not d:«oive or remove hi r from »e lurtaca. but DeneTrates and rrfards Browth ef LJN'JVANTt O tHAi9. Lor e«r Lab. LTi, 5r«. J, *7« Gran«il'e St^ Vancouver 2, .AOlES--Ciamour portrait smings Wed. ev«. By aoot. Cumovr ftftc^idrr *··--s, wm t make-uo *' fllf lONc^ STUDIO ?«4 E. TTIi St. _ HE _*J^* OUAXANTEED~OdDrtn coin Oo dfT rsfactjon ffjar»n*ef!j. 7063 Pacific A v e . HE 2*674. Ouen 7 · m, t» _*-»._Ctoiet Sundays. " MORGAN "HAU 17 pjlls tor your aarv reetfs. wedding reteolont or dvrces _JI35 Locust Aye. HE 3 ' -JwuHl"C~r.~TH A^LATIN t E A T " Ar -Tt-iC V E G A S *OO«" TOO LCNG BEACH ftVU, L. · FEATURfKG W,AHJNY_ f_BAf«Cp A »itS_GurTAR FlUt'yOwr LfFE "with 'CA!*iC: Cl»si« r W Hr. Pny « ! _ _ Pa-lev Fun. Fnmm WE **1U RELIEV __, _., tvon s?eam.~Bro»- Tile KE 4 *82V or LU S-3W. *E_«_»R» r LU VX^f CHERTS H E A L T H STUDIO Worv (ferTuI rand massace tv CTie^e. 640 E. 3rd HE 7 Mia L. LONELT pfODi* _ _ wrife 8*vrr?y Social ·3v_l77. t*lir WANT frienfl-n · :m ChA, P O ,(H« T O ITSIC AA -- AlCC**OtlC! ANONYVOuS A R E A Cl N T R A t . OFFICE RmKiNSFgOBifMS?HE*srn OFFICIAL JWOO DtVitE *'*t C r?t5 So. f.on««'k B:.d. Arm-a I U.I i Bive f O S T t t PAtNTi r**4e4 CAiL MRS C R A X T Ht" 7 C8S1 CAPEJ * JTOL11 remodeled fr^"* rc^r »ur coat. _ _"C I -- w^e t" ·'oc._»5j. i"^ : *** r Aniv C A - A n y coior. tjf -- ... . Paint. 1TO Aiamttoi. ,,*£ I g^ ! F R E O ».STA1RE ofe*1 cViDt." ' d.rxe coyrie. 174, T-1 E^Oe. I rCBSOMA~L~tB~'tCC i VNSTiruCTl1 I V 7 )* 11 ctaa-^Heas. ra*e fg 3 I ^u"»i Tr-V'ed liy #wrfi«*. Cao ttom. coiia't, e*c hE ;u SMALL cK* (neetln^ room, ft* rent. Cent, teg. CA · 1707 lor 1nf», US A * Ho_urs_: *flonx_mr.t Fr1 4 *-S;_Sat, f * JAMIA BATH A AAASSACF, U^l B Beach Blvd.. » r «Tminster, Ptt t9^94S4. Tft 1 tt. Sun. HO rm. R i E O oh^erj? Kow tnr ITie PrtTf Hand t wbrafonr masiaoe, tattii COlanicv Mf* t, 4m. CE JKII Theresa's HeaHh Cenfe" J1_i nv ; 4._l71j^ E. 41L _ ^.O 40M PIKE'S Hear*lt OWce now Anantie HeiiTh eft'crs ME / 3WA Men. 1nr«i Tfturs., J3 aiooii · IB m. SASSUEB--day or Nit«- Your home w-n _* nll '-_??*" 7s: ?- KUESf'-S, "1732" E. Pacific CH- H^y Krs. 13*. Ma S"n,. lAon. HE * a? Von Y dt 5T «y E'* W* HE^HSl GOLDiE'S HAIR DRESSER RN OR UC. LVN SURSTCAL TECHNICIAN EXPE»:EKCEO. *6*»'4i JARMAIO-- Aoe'na. Attract..'"ad. f oure. Aco'v eve'i. B E ACrt- COW BE*. 5tS E 2nd »me. irijii Lmoer -_- fun or B* Catt CF VIM BABYSlTTCR. Live In. Roi + small taiary. E^oect. _ o*^_37V4vCT after I B.IT YOunG woman wanted tof Italian ·rocerv work, Bret, Italian ^Scanisft. l_«0t Santa Fe. L B. NURSE, LVN, Experienced Stacrei* Conva'event Hosoifal San Ptdro. TE HSJ4 LVN 3-11 inndra Com Hn«r'l §AA«T*T PHOTO I K S PHOT P»i1«TEtS CHECKE*PO. A F P L Y C1TV O, in * E AST AN A HE i M. WAITRESS Fail Arrractive Cood tips. 74 Hr. Ca'e. 171S VS. Anarujni NEED eart time Counter Girl m · cleaning evTabiisftment. MvSt km wilUrg to ww*. Aoofv In person ' mornmss »nly. 339 W. Canon. _Tjfrrance. HAIR STYUST Wrio'ey «itrict. With or wm- aut toriowrna, CA 7494?, C310U aft. H A I R STYLIST VTA foflowin*. V*'e or fema'e Tea »i*. '-T^b 5 ? MBTiiTTI*; wanted, ^y hcmt HE"^«TS CINDY -HoOaod OutcA ific Ave _ 74SS_Pa JdtEDfSH ·:J E. r SOCfODPAMA or mdiwidu*! *«* o« _ Rv_acDt,_«niy___ CE_I *36* MASSAGE--S ft an» *· L*. rr.n-*u*t wart»d. 1721 E._Br»«»y. ME 117O 7TH ST- HEALTH CENTER _ . "51 C. TTft. HE 1513J ftASSEU*"*^ *nen Your tame or ed, AAy h arr» M X-RAY TECHNICIAN Wlitt tctb exDer. ATE 3 5174 F-* S C'-S'E «~Emeioym«W»~Aaerirr The Personal Personnel S»rrvite 1 LLrjT*-*TM 471 «,^C3JHE a tn? HOUSEKf'E PC*. l-*e tn, onva'e room t bath SaJary O.v*br ( i l*. I Ven-aoer^ TE J mi. nc, o* TetepKon* SoTTdton SI,SO Mr. + Commi»ioi _Ptlonj^ TTI44U itSTtRM CM Sinoer.~~,V.uif t» ab'e 1o D'ay ewn puitar ar b«s. Aocv Bill Cgitar Snog. 2491 E. --**- *'KJ!:^~-- for df^-T worfe Sanitartum, Wri'e _ba _A-_7771 tmdept., _I^.-T_. st Receptionist fKoe^ienred D'-e'erred. _HA_I ia Shampoo GiH ALL AROUND CIRU HI PALOS -*!.*P f !_*~:1 7^4 ^ .-.^-r FASHION WIGS ,. - tf w«*rl the loft- CaH DO-L- dcprnd^Dle cerrnanrnt door to floor toiaCitors, H a hour * bonus Should m«he S4 hour. Ca'1 4 to S » m *HE T4S4T Soe^ormns, Hospito5», Homes 29 CPEVTWOOO CONVALf SCCWT *O*Pr I77S CHESTNUT Ht SU67 _ rtE " CALIFORNIA CA rrtu S A K l T A R f U M Eves GA 3* CE 1 M73 ms2-A "GRJDL'EY^UESrHOME emi-pri* Bati. Ir *-e ft food. CkM R r Gu«if Homt) LE.F-ER. i^e m, so«n^n »re*erred. "1 rxi. SE AVST*E"SS. exter* cut ft ir* _Cirvtom turmture W E ? 2791 ATTRACTIVE tar tnaid e cixktati wftrr«._ 11^» E- Anaheim St. BAR WAIO, M«yi Co-"*fail Bar, WJ1 P.ffarnqunf_Bjv^P»rarTio School lastractio* 22 btonrjtiDt ·ve-.tmtnster, Cai .f. :*t ~ ATLANT »C~CAF · t--4[fe * Ambulatirry fuatf erf Notice* 1 Fv.erd Keticet he e iaafufttofttt f»^^^fTOSB51 Classified Section OUKNBUHf tUtlT HO»C *^ fontf rr-vri VTN a'^** FREE FlACEMtNT far GRADUATES. E* * PBOFESSiCVAL ti'TIKDtl C*f C« tvt. COUtit .»ltlt C4TJ 10 »«· » · NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL .nortell's S»ALL 9-jfJ harr*--icve'» roofrt, FA neat 1 ar cvd. tood toe XTtf CB'« ML» :»mo CA IgIS V^ACAWCY __*i«f»-» A_ V A C A N C Y Arreu^at^ry Urfy, eare,_*r»|_»oed_C_» IjCt __ ladv. amftuia'ory. Cood" PJML HEAVY £QU1?M£NT Tr A»od^td 1 fal| t 2-«357 l Til ta. Vermonl Los Ange'es *r ttn tor free B"»c"iofe Pac.f Hotti Set*, tic.! S *dw*. i J _Tr*.»iKi«! Pa/ l*-e*- Rl *JB; BARftCRS, Pan firr*. 'OMEN for I gfrt hou^ewort, t* Krs. · d*w. «r. iwavene HofeL *'A rrta jCT^r*" HLC c4^« nre^ed. 7 » *· S t Overmte Tuesday ft ThursdNv Yowr »vme u rwonm bey *70 wt-rk. CEJIM55- BE'Dif CIRL~--« "P*r enced. Sat" 114 C Stm HJ. week davs ** Li6bl.E a?ed womam wh» ne«r. a home. L'ont work, roo*« l-fl*-* A sm«:i sa'*ry HA T47. TT R ACT IVE Cot ktaf W · i» . 10 A.M. : SH'A A S^*t R. daw a *oer. aorxv tn perjan. P S Pestaurant, M57 _E. Artesia. BeljfTawer [ X PC R I [ MC E D f Sne r rter. r«Vt f fre. Corner" i S70* ^***'?T27?- MOU«|KEIF'E~ll"" : .fve m. CS w* E"9in^ soeMif* not neces. C'e" dale a^e*. TH *-*4.ftO RM~"imrriH ocenmv 11 *a / »n |f * ~fed.rnet * Charo*. lonf ftiartl Hoimlat.JTTJ Pacii'C.A^e MIMT CASH t», a'*» warrn^t. ad .^^t Aoory k» perion, n« e*i ~ f cbcKTAllfw"AlVR£SS" Vo-jnj ft_aTTrart;»^_ Til L i. i'V CO*tAiL wa-Vest--Aflpiv ii » * W* f^Aiondra _fara^ngi*t auty c«'J''^e | aeot. c»n »*ru^___ PART pen* hm t'ew tor 1* tn. co'e, rr-.vT* »eTi*o'i» WA HM^a*** « n7 tr f*ca» Vtt. E lhatmcioTsT affce. Ca'l t*«. ) * « · m. BARBERS/ IN DEMAND t»*r»rt (*ffw/5rwf-» tjwr^« A W C R B A R B E R C O t t E C C hr . Pe-r-i* OJf" T hor* Ibr am tor IT. w*. Ourt t n«*n*nt a»a. TO *«14*. LCvt L Y ~*o.r«. TJ/ f reef" *K»«t LAOY--t*.rnC" e" »r*~~" rwi J~»rlv" baitt, %y»_** ?4S t. wj'jo* Leans iSoLCcnoterd) LOCAL LOAK CO I C, 4-ti SI. Ption* HC AOAI* tLtKk W*IN HTipWanttdtWom.1 24 SCWC^XS CA »r** _J.«n» BeiuJ^ H£ 3 r.47. i "lEAR"! »~ r » A i~ " WESf COAST r~A~;C _J»W AfiantuCjJl. B AWCtlCAM BJ*"NtSS TtCH"*^ CAL SctKxx. HE f 71 »i «f KI Met WA-|T~A TRADC7 T R T fCttD^r, _ _ *'_*'* 1 J' 1 tynwJLJkE V_t3 A ij»iy*J c j-" 601 -*^ r JS 1 K CC«T*-CtOH SCMOOt 1*0* Pine Ave KE * Drivift^ Sckool 22-A i'HV"» : Ajfl frea tr "* ^"^ PACiFiC DR BR'JSHllP O 70 L- B. BLVO. rvm ICHOO 4 BEGiNMR fcv r* lOTJ V«« 4X7 _fcr_»_»pmaf _ HKATu«e wwan tor chuj ca-^f w wy norne td'*y we? : JA t**.* " "~lTa A* V(ioe~'r«*er. *i fM^or^wf;^^-.^^: KHV' IR1--19- Ava.T tiav* _av«ntr^. "« w, a^. lir «. lit* lwuja*tao«' t'ajPr »ri t»9 ·»· N». HE »?s:i_ DtKTW. iJSISTi»T. t»o crt. 4 en Wren. HE

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