Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 38
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 38

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 38
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lUet Estate Exchangt 87!*u$ln«* Opportunities 88! LOANS, *«a' Eilott 88AI INCOME PKOPEKTY 89 .. . Viood'buM-r "OWNER^BUILDER SELL OR TRADE TO Froitt Fre; on Casa Grande Hiw*,v at Ina Kcad. What have you? EXCHANGE I Units Cie*r Pius Cash for 1 a r « e r . Contact Sanford White. | n*«t " " . Two " Owner ill, LUNCH TRUCKS For Irasf. SUtnlrM »trH. Tullv Irquipprd. Call AX. I-P362 or ···« »l ;«}i3 F-. 2t!i Street. _ LOANS NO BCD TAPE Construction Finance James C Grant' 'TM. 2 : ,i"*» .n'ln L«,e ',,,, Have cJTents"wTth $3,000. w u i i i w s ' --4 »-^ ·-- t)]r latfst rlrcuomc i $5,000 $10,000 to loan on »1) income on «iifi!nn*nl rr.»- T^ ,,,,!».. P T.,-,..-in/*o Cn ichmr. Onlv wihrr. «ni Heady man Realty . insuiance ux | ,, ,,, ,,,,,,«,,«] L»« m*n m.ae , . M . p , M , r J B KLENsrX President iovcr *:.«KI in ISM- For npixmitmtnt; J b l JVllgS. JT1. JNOC., UOp- » EBdW.Westerner Hoifi-MA J-:«Vc«l! MA }.::S5.. jrhool idea! «« IMCT EQUITY. SIS.960 MORTGAGE N MARTIN. MA. I-74M, EV1-- -lots n r x l :e JJINGS AX iv-0803. _ i would task* fflEro~A"'TRAiLER,."CAR OlfWHAT court, setup. HAVE YOU' On 5 bdr. furnlihea home near Catiltna Hi. Splr *.- £P ^ : °" eCmer R 1 OYAL N RLffl?: 7-W7S- _ , MOM imjcjou* lo sell KO that he may travf to u k r an- otrif :· ;.-ns:!HKi ibt ow nr of this w*}3 located North Sid* Kn?r«*ry 1* «·' ilin;; 'o tacn- i'lc(* in or^dpr *o rr-ji^r * -*?t jralr. No r r a w n n b l r of f ? r refu*ttf Phone M i . Rodn- per State Realty Co. MA. n 4-3225. Eves. MA. 4-4302. 11 UNIT COURT l/2 ACRES $45,000 Trcmmrtous potent!*! here. Furni- t u i r *jui Unit* H l l in perfect roftdi- l;on. I d r f t l l y located. FeiJect ior r h p a n M o n . u n n s or T r a H r r n . Terms \ o m 11 I H·» comP+-t) l Ion. SFHVJCF RKALTY CO HF.ALTGRS l l l f N -S'.cmf MA. 2-4677 r.vr* EA, 6-914» oi KA. fi-»46ft O N E Htlim, Oupir?., ·« u Ik in if di»- ; Timer dov.-niown, M'K to bur flou- . ijlr t *i port r , i-Usritfcf room* in ' cood repili Excel In-, i i c n l A l r*c*- : or tl, B a t f i a t n for ci*h Slar Citizen : KOX u:t c; INCOME! PROPERTY _8? l'-ibdr., i-i'-bdr~buj'rii~adbbe. year old. I1W mo. Income. Top J*.E lo-ration, i b!l o( Country Club- ('·rani Rd. Sun»*t Really, 521 E.I Grans ltd. MA. 3-1MI: «vei. EA 1.704? TRAILER COURT HOME POOL SUBURBAN PROPERTY 90 " " ~ Mf. cation, patented land. ft. Mo. Mr. Robl9. phone MA, Z-MC2 or MA. FARMS I RANCHES 93 SPEED G R O C E R Y *-' **-" Se ]| I M A buy moi-lRase* »jrt font r a«d with f». red tap* .1-e«« Call MO That « risht. Only ilOO each, l,ocat«S in erov,Tns towrv in «tou-hcr- Arrons Wwlrt Uk« to trade for Bedroom homt in Tucson. But what ·Is* have you? Can Gcr.« Pricken. V-A. i-MJf. ·«·. EA. «-9«!6. STRUNK R TY »CI E. Broadway. MERCHANTS FINANCE CO. 5 W. PEN.VINGTON ST. ^i 12 UNITS-POOL i By owner, r x c r l l e n l rornrr loca- I lion V r r y reasonably pncfd. 802 N*. A I v r n o n . Jncotnr *ppfox IKJ.WXi p^r yr, · T a k r cash and part payment in trsdt. Ph KA i-MM .THEHES KOOM FOH 10 MORE JSPACES on thli I3« 1J x 238 fl MU Jo! v.-hUh is now improved with a 1 bdtin huuK. 4 trailers, one trailer J8pac.«. Pool. Patio, many ahude tree* Wnter li stubbed to ·)'. arcat. I'rcwnt Incomr 1 »300 · vionth end p r e s e n t improvf N. ··· s are xhuM')n£ u p r o f i t . Price S«~ ' with terms. Call Mr. ItlcKrrw AX. ·-I801 or r.vet. MA. 3-»8!~. Hamilton Associaces 7X10 TANQUE..VCTPE.HD.. kirri: *t MA. 2-747 A- Sun FA. fi-52* of our other **l or Ev*i. . or any , SELi H.OOO equity for «·- j-bedroom, tonaly room. «'s'» Or trade for Tuown homr E 1*. CJCdon. Box 4383. IK -- - ~ity. Ant . , Mortgages-Contracts James C. brantj Bought Fast! Realty Insurance Co. I MA"'.^ "EA^HJ, i .7. B. KLE.VS1.N". P r u i r t p n t "All j?'£?"_°? B n »"Jlnl?" ! -*'*'! ^. . ^^ . . . .. A. t Trailer Court 3* hookups, 3 bOrm. hoaxr with extra apart men t for r 111 la I. Top n o n h h i s h w * v location On paving A sewer ronncclrd. Shows good Income. No felt. info. Call for Appt. to *t*. MA- 3-S46fi. ROTH REALTY 1!C N. STONE LOVELY DUPLEX NORTHEAST AREA WOOD PANELING 3 Bedroom each sidr. Furnished it only JII.OOO. »Z.WX) rtown or submit. Willow Canyon on Mt. Ixmmon. Ilfasonsbly priced. Owner. Phone MA. 4-MI8 or.KA. "-MH «yeninj;s. SUBURBAN LIVING AT ITS BEST This 10 acrr siUr with a brandJ new 17.000 trailer aud built around] it a z bdrm. home, excellent well.)· maxniiinnl view: zoned one homel per acre. Barn, corral, citrus fruits and other trees. You can steal it for 124.000 with ts.000 dn. Call Janton Unity Inv. £A. 7-4585. BusiNEss^¥67mT~~9T BROADWAY frontaje 75'. Modem huildlne. suitable PROFESSIONAL USE. »1!.OOC Btoclient TERMS. LANDMARK. EA. 7-61S4. WILLCOX Vegetable Farm 164 acres, under cultivation In cotton, barley, corn, chili peppers, and allalCa. 142 acre colon allotment). Great opportunity fur lettuce pittf- jt:. Thre- irrl£*tlon w»iij pumplfij! about 2.200 xal- lons per mAnute. Improve^ ments on farm Include home, barns, bunJi house, shedi, sull». corrals, etc. Within 5 miles of Willcox packing 4x shipping sheds Si H. JL First time offered. Individual or croup may buy at S4O6 per acre with only one- thtid down. Contact Sanford Whit* or George Speasl at MA. 2-7«l. MA. 4-18M. EA. fl-]«00 for discussion. ACREAGE 94 !;» 'ACRES with mineral rtjtta «r- cluded. Just north of Bisbte near underpin. *)l.Sta. , JOHN AGFTON HLTY ISM E. let EA. .QOIM Land All Around Tucson Small or Large Parcels for Homentu or Investments BURTON REALTY 18SO N. tth Aye. MA. 2-0311 Optn Housti for Solt 95 Bonillas-Vail-Rincon 3 Bedroom. Carport, «u»ra«e. Car- peunc, drapes, inclosed, attractive patio. On «ewer. no assessment!. Priced below FHA Appraisal. fcfiXX). »00 down. Owner. «31 E. auivern. /~ (. V_. Broadway fnmia« with plenty ofi Realty InSUraHCB Co. parking. Home and office. Call EA.' J, B. KLiENSIN. President 6-3392. i 26 B. Bwy. Westerner Hotel MA 3-7471 s LOTS on Benson , large building zoned .. .-. 3th -2. US.OCO. vay w: v% rv j - i t f f ^ T f^ .-v .vi(v VUI4U1'IK AW1ICU A7-^. ·^il.vuv. A. P. BROWN CO. Mr. nobles, phone MA. *-8«2 or Ph. EA. «-*3«8 Evej. EA. 5-02J1 1710 t. Speedway Business Opportunities_88; Import Car Franchise pans, loolv anrt equipment. Good leas* in choice location Pnord at only t!7.000, G«t your money bark first year, plus good salary. No p h o n · infor please. For appointment, call Bili Coon. EA. 7-«351 or everjnjr* and Sunday. EA S-44M. Buy or Refinance, 1st - 2nd - Contracts HOME-RANCH-BUSINESS SIMS REALTY t, MORTGAGES ._,, ... ,,. ,,,,,,.,. ,,...,,.,.,. fcK A 1 oo jt i no*» T-. n v ~ t * i M r n * * tl **'· jiuri . exclusive MA. 2-8841 933 E. BDWY. Cactus Realty. 1210 N. Stone. , $1500 DOWN ·^,21 Spacer modern. Owner out of \ town cays lell Immediately. Fin«nc-1 set. Hurry, exclusive with I Allan D. Shadron, Inc. 1st MORT(?A"GE LOANS BY MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS OHtriDt the best forms of tnort- T.vfs. EA. 1-2W8 TWIN DUPLEXES AM nicely furnished and aljout year old. Good a«t nid* location on paved glreei. flO.OOO down, Prtwnl owner will carry balance on c*sy termn. 2 BR. HOME Bu»nes» use can b* mad* of this property. Only *5.flOO cash to low mortgage. To inspect call B. Jay Small »t AX. 8-3317 or evenings AX. g-8006. _ . __ "FT. HUACHUCA" WhcHi Near South Gat 180x150'Near South Gata STATE REALTY CO. IS W. Washington St. MA. 4-M71 JIB' OF CB"-2 "FRONTAGE ON MAJOR HIGHWAY. AMPLE ROOM FOR DEVELOPMENT. MISSION DEL VALLE INVESTMENT CORPORATION, ZA. 7-B347. 3935 E. BROADWAY. * FOOT frontajte by 385 feet deep. Comer lot. 3 blocks from North Gate. Huachuca Village. Write SUr-CitllCTi Box aBO- !( a ce loans on residence, business 4*31 E BROADWAY REALTOR Imcnthly repayroenl Dims to suit . i your need*. 500 N Sum*. Eslab. 1B95. Dial HA. 4-4444. HUSBAND WIFE IMURPHEY" REALTY ! 0 Jr«r LAUNDROMAT : O W " '*TM' ninei* forces sale of this real I money makir. Nettinc over 1700 \ per month all equipment In excel-1 \ A / D 11 lent condition. Lnrg« dry cleaning W C "Qy rAOTC 6 BRAND NEW 2 BDRM. UNITS ALL RENTED ON LEASE $12,000 DN! I TUCSON REALTY 1 TRUST CO. I Broadway-Wilmoi Office «251 E Broadway Phone AX. »-3317 Since Territorial Daya MORTGAGE CO. . . located on N. 1st Ave.. near Grant Rd Long time established. Asking only W.500 with terms if I. desired. Contact Mr Bird. EA. rt about writa your balance to net n top cash return! This la * real beauty in a hich class, close In location! For details . . . ·PHONE HERMAN I Checlf with MHJORD KA'V » first before selling your ' MORTGAGE or CONTRACT. Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 EVES. *H. EA. e-2150 . 7-5656: Eve*., EA. 5-T711. Arthur Bird Realty tl4R_JE. _Spggdw»y^^ ____ ^te*.?*5.r Sx WllX buy your Insurance busT- ncs. George Gre«nh*r£, BEN SHEIN INSURANCE CO. JaA. Ume shown in Tucson exclutive. t TRUST CO., INC. -REALTORS: I. «rj ZD WAY__rA i Jiffl!D^TBi5eTOTS"~WAinBS: Flm -- ^.^j--T^-^-fcTr? i ttmn «hntt-n In Tucson exclusive. volume necessity' product A retail price Itss than 13. ! Profit nmrjrin up to 300*v. NtUon- I «lb* knoTvn company. Factory dl i vision. EA. 7-0485 M A N A G E R FOR RENT vitto CJCM. lifiiii*. of fie* F1 "WHOLESALED SEAFOOD Specialty items, caterins to super- Small JOCal Dlant Buirkets. restaurants, hotels and. drive-ins. Tremendous opporturuty jr)p- phenomenal JfrOWtn. right pany. EA. 7-JM9. ° r » , r n n T ^ ---- ,.__-,-_ ggjgj-y ^5Q wee kiy pi us share of profits. Secured investment of $15,000 required, secured and returnable. Appointment by calling, ...MOORE CHEMICAL CO. 144 W. RILLITO ST. MA. 2-0856 _ Security _. pcndence. Own your own business. Sew t Used furniture. Good ffl- Vtntor?'. «*»sortable^MSe.E._Cr»n^ CONEY'MAKING, full~~i» package lie. store, buss" shoppimr center location, only »30.000 dn. (plus Inv.) Owner retirta*. Ixclu. Orad* Realtj-. KB N. Oracl* Hd., MA. 4-2381. TAVERNS BARS LICENSES Vo. » Package ticenae «or tale. (to. · Full LiQuor Sale or I^ase. Xe. I Combination Bar and Padeace Store. FOR SALE Jfs. « rastside Full Liquor fctab- llshment. Neat. Clean. Thrtr- Wo, · Out of Town Bars and Spots. Priced Right. Good Sales. Iter taforentton e«ll lor appointment . aa . X. PHILLIPS REALTY 41SI H. Speedway BEER AND WINE TAVERN LIVING QUARTERS Thriving BudnMs with llvini quart- ·r*. Priwd to Mil. Terms arranged · but $ * Immediate cash, no escrow! NO CHARGES. "MA. 3-5433 TUCSON MORTGAGE CO. Valley National Buildin- MONtY AVAJLABLt F6R . OR CONSTRUCTION LOANS. MA. 4-8841. JACK DYER. EA. S-3154. SANTA CRUZ MTG. Si INVEST. CO. Priced to sell. EA. 8-0980. St'-_ .. . . . . . To Mttle estate, a most beautiful small trailer court; 2 nice homes, ots of shad* trees: city newer, natural tfas. private bath and storage to each place. Ideal for retired couple. Pleas* no phone information. Call Janton Realty * Inv.. EA. 7-5535 INCOME PROPERTY 89 A CLEAR CUT :100000 NEEDED!!! Have one of the finest 30 acre tracts of land in Tucson for 21« hookup deluxe trailer park, will form partnership or corp.. or will give lifetime! leas* for entire parcel at low rental i Oracle Realty. 3223 N. Oracle Rd.' f unit* -- furnished -- Lot 150' X 137.5'. »16.475. Only »JWO cash. Balance SIM per mo. Here is a chance to practically steal this 3-unlt court. Masonry construction. New roof. Paved. Sewer connected. In a prime location. Due to Illness, must mt\\ Immediately. Call Gene Barwood personally MA. 4-04S1 or EA. -8-5775 eves. TUCSON REALTY * TRUST CO. J t. Sinro Terrilorl*! Daya atone ... Phone MA. 4-0*51 20 Unit Motel- and lawn furniture business ? for s»le. Only W.600 buys all lnventor'. pickup truck and Dome fixtures. Owner will ·ell with 1500 down and «.V per month. Located on E 22nd St Ver" food ground lease. Netting WW) to *400 per month. Take over immediately. LA. ROMINE REAL ESTATE, INC. 201 N. Stone - MA. 3-8609 | E. A.PKIHJP* HEALTV. IrjLEANING ESTABL1S1HMENT E. Speedway EA. S-3BW wuh ^ Tltttinf Eaulpment JSvtf. EA. J-11M. rA.*-»lff? Excellent Broadway Location Take over contract at MO monthly 1904 E. Broadway plus home MS. 000 YEAR INCOME-- books open to Qualified buyer. Swimming pool, of course. Owner retlrini and will- sell on easy terms with substantial down. Priced to Mil fan -- call Mr. Taylor fEves. MA. 4-37M). LEIGHT REALTY MA. 2-740«. EA. 3-7M1 _ljBUY_RICHT-- WITH LEIGHT" 25 UNIT MOTEL IS h«ve .kitchens, phonei and TVs In all units. Beautiful land- scaplnc, large heated and filtered pool. Excellent income shown. Tor details and appt. call MA. .1-4041, MA.. 4-21IU. Eves. Ji Sun. EA. S-090* or EA, «-«0«. BONDED REALTY 2«01 N. pracle_Rd. PlmaJMotel . _ . _ BY OWNSR 2 nearly new f bedroom housea on approx. ^-acrc. loned for more units, Iff. shop, patio wall. $11800, terms. EA. «-4lof after 4 CAPITAL GAINS We have three (3) exceptionally a t t r a c t i v e investments w h i c h can show up to 70% gain over a two-year period and, in proportion for shorter terms. If you are tax conscious and looking to place current funds we invite your confidential interview. For appointment call or write, A, B. CLINTON, PRES. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CORP. 144 W. RILLITO ST. MA. 4-2839 OR sale. Store building, corner lot, rural location. Bic opportunity'. Home and business. S7SO down. Owner. PO Box 81 s, Tucson- GROCERY and meat market, with beer and wine license. One blodc with S bulldlmrs, with 4 extra lots. (73,000. 3114 S. 12th Ave. MA. 5TUDT3TT"ireiP5E~Out of exp-n- slon ari», -Close to Stadium. Potential income. «.000 annual. New funwcs. hot water heater and re- frlRcmtlon. Private owner. (23,000 MA. .1-1B99. LAUNDRIES -- Launderettes; we THINK we have every one in town that IS for sale, listed in our office: Also other types of busineswx. If you are planning to go Into business for yourself, call u.« and look over our tint selection of business opportunities. Call now: EA. «-«41: evea MA. 3-WWS MATT BATKA, REALTORS, 3601 E. Grant. WE, SPECIALIZE in Motels and Courts Large or small operation to fit your purve. Guect Lodges. Ranches or Courts for jwle-or trade. See or call MA 3-4041. MA. 4-3103 Bves. Sun. EA S-W08. BONDED REALTY LICENSED funeral director. Bt»t« qualifications. Star - Citiien Box *!-£. FLASH-FLASH Arctic Drive-In fixcl. equipment--low rent-rood lease--Good N.E. Area. Don't miss this xolden opportunity. Buy now. Take ·dvanUfe of the whole ·ummer. Call MA. J-S4M. ROTH REALTY 1145 N. STONE EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY LEAVING ARIZONA Excellent opportunity for rieht man with small capital. Will aelll my half interest in used car lot. Star-Citizen. Sox 290-1: N. Ortcle L . Pjma 2 Duplexes Furnished 4 Units -very neat and »1I rented. J9000 down and owner will carry balance at *12S per month Total price *!6.500. Call Royce B. Wells, .EA. «-S454 or «ve- nins;i EA. KAHPMKIER REALTY CO. Multiple Listini Realtors IBM N. Swan EA. C-34J4 WHAT A RESTAURANT | Such an unusual one y ou couMn't dream up a better bufinem. W* think the ownet is cruy to *ell. but he iDAde hit roal in dollars and now he wants to travel. H* claim* hi* gran !· $170.000. lt'« a fact, vnooth, profitabl* operation, on a busv bust- line street- Shiny and clean. TjrijtM and attractive, alway* rated "A." We like tb* place mo well we've written out a foH deacription indudinr all the figures for you. Ca 11 Hatrry Swimmer. MA. 3-fti56. XVIM. AX. »-MA. S t r u n k Kealty. 3021 E. Broadway. BEST BUYS IN COCHISE COUNTY General country itore with « little 10 acre chicken ranch with 2500 laying hens. AH modern Equipment. No. 7 Tavern with restaurant.. For further information call TOMBAUGH REALTY Tucson EA. «-33S2 Blyfae* Boy 4303 ! DUPLEX Priced for Quick Sale Furnished. 1 bedroom each side. Located on paved' street in eastsidr location near Wilmot and 2Ind. Sale priced at JI1.730. AX- 8-0738. EA. S-6472. or EA. (-05721. Frank S. Minarik Realty AX. H-3S47 Buy It I 3741 E. Speedway Don't Sell Tucson EXCELLENT income. 3 furnished houses. Room for more. Lot 207X2S5. Consider 1st mortcaze part payment. Owner. 130 W Kins Lr. «.',% FHA Mir.. Tins ftltn Realty. RES. COURT I delux« units. Choice. East location. Room for 4 more. Widow must sell to settl* estate. Over tIB.OOO per year Income. Call BUI Coon. EA, 7-S3S1 or Eves. EA. 5-44S4. ALLAN D. SHADRON. INC 4431 East Brotdway REALTOR ~IS~A~HONEYI TRAILER PARK lu UN1T-WOODALL RATED $15,000 DOWN You'll be sitting pretty with this 5 acre court. Plenty 'of room to expand this already well establLihed. m o d e m park. Top income producer with terrific additional po- DErAlLS PHONE HERMAN Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 EVES. PH. EA. 6-2150 __ "DUPLEX TRIPLEX FOURPLEX ALL. .NEW-- University Area-- Your choice of choice properties. This is .he way amart people pay their allls. Better hurry * call Rosemary Lynch-- Town tt Country Realty, f 6 Unit Court-$4,800 year income! ONLY 18.000 DOWN -- Close to Downtown and always rented. Furnished throughout. Room for expansion. Call Mr, Taylor (Eves. MA. 4-37MI. IJEIGHT REALTY MA. 2-7408. EA. 5-7281 "BUY RIGHT-- W1TH_LE1GHT" ·L REAL RETURN SJ3 Y"OUR MONEY. 11 unit residential court. finest N.E. location, clean, well built, well furn., seldom a vacancy, priced to *ell at $12. SCO . Approx. »30,000 to handle, bal. only ftSOO mon. Sfr, 203 N. .Oracle Rd , . Oracle Realty, MA ._ 4-ZMil FREE CATOLOG NEW Coast-to-Coast Buys Thousands of business. Kar.ch. Land. CATALOG FREE. Just call Strout Rlty. Tucson Money Maker REAL DOG! t horrible rental units with darn i*w possibilities. Home duplex. bargain at 112.000 with M.OOO down. BY OWNER 9 acres. 10 units, house, paved. Near Northeast. Not fancy. Reasonable because high down, (1,300. Star-Citizen, BoxJSl^j Best Investment DEALS $10,000 Cash Down Over WO front feet on FREEWAY (at aflth St.)--including building warehouse about 3.000 so. ft. under roof. Ao- proxlmately »7 PER FRONT FOOT ON FREEWAY. Can you beat this? If not. contact Sanford White or George Speail for best terms. $12,000 Cash Down I ACRES--2 BR HOME--10 RENTAL UNITS--Ft. Lowell A 1st Ave. Shopping Area. --Only »2.000 Total. Contact Sanford Whit*. James C. Grant Realty Insurance Co. J. B. KLENSIN, President 1ft E. Bwy. Westerner Hotel MA 3-7471 Invtitmtnt Pioptrty CHOICE 22nd St. Frontage Speculators Dream Err-. Coll James Stone, MA. 4-6147. · L A. ROMINE IMAGINE Real Estates, Inc. th uh 201 N. Stone MA. Buying a wife killer like a-bdrm. home business enough Inventory* to keep you fed awhile. Unless you'vt got a busi- new head you'll probably so broke, fll.500 total price, M.OOO down Incl. reel estate, inventors'. furniture. Suffer in Silence trailer (paces make n*ce e "l'ndlaniThat'S What you'll lay burial yrounds, M.OOO down buys ! . , t , nothing, »3SO monthly Income i n l a D O U t t h e S C lands at STROUT REALTY ;these low prices: Only » S. «th. MA._4-3387_lay or_Kyes. I 1-3 CUPIiDtr built of red brick, on pa.ved utreet with (ewer connected. Sidewalks In. close to schools, east location. Take over payments, with ACREAGE 94 IS acrei of beautiful desert growth. Giant Saguaron. Palo verdes, awecplng view just 10 milei north from Grant Silverbell. Juit 20% down. Balance at IS monthly at f,. This land 1 listed at 30?i below surrounding market for quick sale. Call Tom Burden. BEAL REALTY. 2917 E. Grant Rd.. Dial EA. S-2611. Ev*l. AX. B-20-60 X 120 Plus Office Bldg. ONLY $12,000 BE FIRST First offerings are always the lowest in price so Ket yours now in this choice area north at White Mtn. fishing and hunting 5 ACRES ONLY $585 TOTAL Great Western Land Dev,, Inc. 2» N. Tucson Blvd. MA. J-35U OPEN SUNDAYS Top location near 4000 bile, on E. Speedway! A real steal!!! ·PHONE ART IGNASH CHOICE ACREAGE · 40 acres on E. Broadway. Excel Corvelli Rlty. EA.T-6268: iS.*" M «»- **» « Eve, * Sun.V. MA. V*W i ' « 55? $£ l^^T' 1 ""*" * 40 acres on Aio Way. .tllDO per acre. BROADWAY Zntir* block at bareain priot. Near Craycroft. Also available in small parcels. Fantastic low price. BEN SHEIN REALTY. MA. 4-1857. Eves. EA. »-3M«. EA. 5-1353 eves. TUCSON REALTY tc TRUST CO Slnct Territorial Days J M. »tone Phone MA.4-04H Induitriol Proptrty 91A 1NDUSTHIAL LOTS ACREAGE. \W, Down! Griswold Realty, Realtors. EA. t-1575. LOTS FOR SALE 92 RESIDENTIAL Lar«» lot on W. W«tmor«. reasonable terms. Call MA. 2-3«Sl. DUPLEX R-a zoned--75xH2. paved atr««ts. ll utilities. Corner Pastime Tyndall. ADMIRAL REALTY MA. 1-MS1 930 W. Prince Bd. 80 Unit Motel Site 229'i x 300!,. 10*1 Casa Grande Highway, west of Ghost Ranch. MTJ Zoning. Owner. CY. 7-0364. RICHLAND HEIGHTS 120 x 300" Beautiful hl([h building site. P It S. »S.OOO. Terms. Call EA. 5-4336 any time. John Feldt Realty. 19 reasonably priced lots with, scxvcr and utilities in cood Southside location. Will sell Individually or make attractive package deal to builder --terms. Call MANGELS REALTY. »n f. Broadway, Realtors. MA. 3-0531 and ·peak to Paul Streitt. Evening* MA. 2-M67. Builders or Speculators I adjoininr lots 7.1x110 in · built-up subdivision east part of city. A jfive-a-way at »«,jflo for all » lots. CaU MA. 3-54«. ROTH REALTY N. STONE LOGAN HJais^Trjcti'rf l',i acres restricted. 11 miles NW. Water PH. elect. No Sunday business. 9900 per acre. CY. 7-0733 before 11 after 3. 100x130. Good area, t6.75fl. RlVlJHi5 REALTY. EA. 7-4)H» TRADE 1WM De Soto, Firefllte. Power and Mark IV air. A-l condition. Trade for duplex or residential lot. By . _ _ _ CHOICE restricted eastside home sites In beautiful San Fernando Villafe. tt.MO up. »«0 down *30 per month. All utilities, including povini and aewera a 1 ;, construction money available. Quality builders invited. Tract Office «111 E Ell JSt.J'Ji.JUC 8-5644 ____ 100x155. WATER "electric phones. s:000 total. J100 down. $15 a month 5 miles West of Mission Rd. on Ajo Way to SUNSET ACRES. EA. 6-S347. Build_ now or later _ _ BY "OW^~70xl3'~Northea»rioca": tlon. Tor information, call MA Z-HM4. J734 N. Walnut. only 3000 down. C · pavmer 'all Vale Swango EA. 7-8511 Eves. EA. 5-11657 SWANCO REALTY 4405 E. Bdwy. unit masonry. 2-roorn liv- $600 down and $53 mo. for choice 20-acre plots near Marana. $5,950 total for this prime invest- ment acreage. Adjoining new r oad. Call Edna 7-6281. TOLL -i"EAR ROUND Boom or No Boom, this is toe in- quality. · 7 units, completely furnished, · Space for 10 more. · Also fine. 3-B.R. owner's home. i · All refrigerated. ! · On main Highway M i · Price 4 Terms RIGHT. Bent Bentley. MA. 3-94M. Eves. MA. 3-4112. Strunk Realtj-. 2021 E Broadw MSALTY i- TRUST CO.. INC. --REALTORS-- EA. c»n BUTCHER SHOP GROCERY STORE Beer Wine License Let's Talk 4 UNIT APARTMENT HOUSE Close to University $3.500 OT YOTTR OWN MONEY WILL SERVE AS THE DOWN PAVMTJiT;Speedway. 6 ACRES ON EDGE OF CITY Warehouse. 8 room hoiisr with own well. -100 ft. zoned CB-1. CSS ft, zoned R-4. This property may offer tremendous posribllillfj. Call Mr Lofan EA. 7-6518. Eves. EA. S 5-1432, GRUVER REALTY. 32O2 E. IThts is the kind of income property C M D I I D D AM PBOPFVTY for * person to own. who doesn't J U P U K B A M r K U r t K I T ! WILL TRADE FOR CASH. LAND. I want to worn' about the vacancy LOTS. OR INCOME PROPERTY! problem I NEAR TUCSON. THIS LOVELY PEYTON. SCHROiEDiER STEVENS S^JEffA ,X IS Ii. MOBILE HOME! REALTY, i TRUST CO.. INC. Papa run butcher shop Mama run ctore. This opportunity is a chance In every to often for man and wife, to get will established in business. Present gross income f'.noo monthly and can be increased to much more. Good lease can be arranged. Total price S14,000 down payment **t,000. Terms on balance. Excellent location. TERRIFIC Opportunity to buy part interest in new and unusual singing star. Two recording-: now on most! DELVO PROPERTIES juke boxes. Bookings in; JN^ Las Vegas, Frisco and I ««LE. Broadway MA a-w' others being arranged.! Chance to make 500%! profit f i r s t year. Forj demonstration appointment call A. B., MA. 2-0856. INCOME NOW K.200 A MONTH POTENTIAL OF S3.300 A MONTH. WORTH OVER S125.000. RECREATION AREA. MODERN RED BRICK (LAUNDRY. BOOMING COMMUNITY. LET'S TALK. HERB MOSKY. . . EA. 7-B2SI. EVES. EA. 7-5991. Let's Talk , TICT JUST M.000 To?At.' 0 !CEMENT BLOCKS BLDGS. ROOM: FOH 21 MORE SPACES. JSflOO! - . EA. 7-«5«l. F.VFS EA. «-21!4 COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY On busy Grant Road. Only »MM down. Own this decir- a*J« earincw. Be your owa NEW Coin Operated LAUNDRY Priced »£ only tIS.oCo. with exceptional terms to responsible party, this larce aelf operatint laundry with new equipment presents good opportunity for investment. Ideal North side location, reasonable rent, and free janitorial arranjferneint. Phona Mr. Rodtnkirch. MA. 2-7*71 Eves. Suns. EA C-S242 or «ny of our other sales ztaH. James C Grant; i OPEN HOUSI 4 TO « P.M. 1630 E. Greenlee Rd. Spacious thr*« b e d r o o m home with wood-paneled den. carpeted livinn room, fireplace, large activity room open to efficient kitchen-photographers dark room. Roses galore--double carport plus shop and storage 15x30' --Even child's playhouse. Choice close in location on «re lot -- Excellent terms. Please call Clara Parker, EA. 7-4JW1 or CY. 7-12M. BUTERA TRUST. INC. 1939 East_Sp«dway Igittelarrjof MA LTV' * TRUST CO . INC. --REALTORS-4*33 E SPEEDWAY E.'k. 7-S3 " O 4 Resideotial Court 1 SUBURBAN RANCH Ideally located on 30 »cre* in Catalin* foothills. Beautiful larffe custom - built burnt Adobe home aituated on knoll with unobstructed view of city and overlooking portion of acreage that can be cultivated. 4. bedrooms and 3 oaths. (Dn* bedroom *nd b*th can b* used «s *ervant'ji Quarter*.) 30'x2fl' master bedroom. *r- tiintv room, family itxwn and den. .1 fireplaces. All electrical kitchen- with di*h- ·wpsher, diapoiwl. "built-in range and oven ---abundant cabinet* »nd storajre rpace. TcrraT.j'o floors. Two central hcatinst a n d refrijrerAtiOTi coolinjj units for rone tem- ·pprniure control. BncKed palio with flaffstone terrace «md 30'xW filtered pool. 3 . or oaretskers cottajje. Domestic and irrijfation well. Faalities for horsw. "Pried at SllO.WO. For full information call MR- WYUTE at MA. 3-M«l or EA. 7-1 W7 N-E-W OPENING SAT. JUNE 4TH Ishire Terrace See Our Display Adv. Sat. Sun. in the STAR CITIZEN E-N-T-R-A-N-C-E 14th Craycroft Salesmen on Property from Noon Sat. TUCSON LAND AND DiEVELOPMENT CORP agMJkjand_St. AX. »^BC BUILDERS CONTRACTORS CAMPBELL PLAZA 3 large bedroonw. Quality built. Dcien ROM brick. ReannabU. MA. 3-7840 evenings. Tucson Friday. Jufn i, KM Tuc»»», Ai Optn Hem«s F»r Salt f, price W500M 1 " M * p Easy Terms Call Don Stevenson STOP! at 101 N. Orchard (near Grant Hd.) LOOK! Tou) Furnished. »7900--unlurnished WWfli 2 bedrooms. Urge dining room home' , ^.,, -«.,,,,.. Sprinklers, ramada. barbecue, i Mountain States Realty LISTEN! J10 Garden Plaza iL ^ w MA. 2-47M R«s. MA. 2-»282 DE-LUX Tr. Ct. Site!!! t». parcel. of hich, level land, top location, close to scb.. bus, shoppint:. city! util.. paved St.. priced right, excellent terms. Exdu. ORACLE REAL-i | ld._MA. 4-2361.la BEDROOM--Completely furnished; monthly winenta. ****· Foreclosure Tired of Homes That Look Alike? Then See LA JOLIEILE The Subdivision With "The Custom Built Look" 3 Bedroom, ! 3 / Bath AS LOW A3 $10,600 AVRA VALLEY NEAR SANDAHIO RD. tt MILE WIDE RD. EL 5 ACRE PARCELS $3.150--$500 DOWN PH. EA. 7-60M WESTERFIELD RLTY. 29« I. 22ND ST. _,EA. 6-4685. EVES.. AX. Z-5Z19 Out of Town Property 62 LOT SUBDIVISION LAKESIDE, ARIZ. In the cool pines, heart ol tjte trout fishing country. Surveyed and staked. Should retail out at 162.000. Price S27.SOO with J10.000 down. Call Mr. Strunlc MA. 2-S45S. STRUNK BEALTY. »31 E. Broadway. 2 acres with view over valley. HOOO. 25»; down, Mt. Ijemmon cabin, tremendous ·new. *10,OM. Half cash. John Ageton Realty 1850 E. 1st ONE YEAR OLD HOME (including furniture PATIO WALL. I bile from Schools, bus PAVING--SEWER FLOWING WELLS 4217 N. Pocito Place (DIRECTIONS--FOLLOW ROMERO RD.--TURN LEFT ON ROOT LANE THEN WEST ONE BLOCK TO POCITO PLACE.) Completely furnished $11,500 Reasonable Down Payment EA, 7-4541 Ask for Mr. Hill or Mr. Tidmore TOTAL MOVX IN COST HIGH QUALITY CONSlKUCTIOJr Come Out Today Be Pleasantly Surprised Model Home Open 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. DRIVE WEST ON SPEEDWAY T9 SILVERBELL RD. NO. ON KL- VERBELL. Ph. MA. 3-0427 BUY OR RENT NEED 4 BEDROOMS DEN? We've overbuilt our home. Our _. J iloss is your sain! Seeing is be_EA. «-oe64liieivrig. 742 C a l l e M e d i n a . 400 ACRES . i^4 -" 935 --- : .^.. KANSAS SETTLEMENT AREA Level, cleared parcel of excellent soil. 13 mlj« south of Willcox Call Mt. Conley. MA. 4-04SI or **%·· n * w . S? 0 , 0 *-^ weU . 1 5» ! -- - ---- deep. Adjoininjf .sections under 5 ACRES NE location near Catalina Hwy and Soldiers Trail. Asking S7000. Call C. A. Cronfc. AX. »-1801: Eves., AX. 8-4«77. Hamilton Associates 7800 TANQTJE VERDE RD. PRIVACY Is assured in this Beautiful * acre homesitc in Rincon Ranch Zsta.t«s. Water i- power available . . . Sale price below market value. ON HIGHWAY 80 RODEO. NM. 180 beautiful acres. ideal for business or subdivision. 150 ft well, S89.50 per acre. term*. 260 LOTS-- 50'xl40' BOWIE, ARIZ. A rare bargain for caih. RANCH ASSOCIATES Rov V. Bowen MA. 4-7»3«, AX. 8-51M 5 Acres M.U. located In Flowing Wdli area, ripk for subdividing or building « trailer court. Priced to sell at once. Call Gene Hamilton Realty 11Z) N. ALVKRNON PH. EA. «-Z4SS Eves. 3CA. 3-47M or EA. 4-9100 SPECIAL «M ACRES AT ONLY $40 PER. PART OF A FAST SELLING SUBDIVISION. THIS IAND HAS U. S. HWY. FRONTAGE. DOWN--«-YEAR PAYOFF. ABBOTT-MATTHEWS MA. 4-32M MA, $198 PER ACRE CASA GRANDE Excellent location near Signal Peak Ro«d. Priced way under acreage In area. A Terrific Buy! Call Erwin Tesch. IA. 7-»Sl ec IA. 7-37K4. Allan D. Shadron, Inc. 4491 E. BROADWAY REALTOR SAND GRAVEL BUSINESS 40 A. -- EXCELLENT NE LOCATION TO ACCOMMODATE NEW SUBDIVISIONS. ONE 14 YD. TRUCK TRACTOR. ONE FS 11 YD. DUMP TRUCK, ONE 1 YD. TRACTOR LOADER. ONE Hi YD. T R A C T O R L O A D E R . SCREEN RAMP. MATERIAL LAB REPORT RATED EX- CEUJBNT AND PL SHEET AVAILABI^E TO BONAF1DB BUYER. TOTAL PRICE *17,000, *7,000 DOWN. EXCELLENT TERMS. Call Tom Fisk. Strunk Realty L«nd Dept. 1544 N. Country Club at EA. »-»448 or evea. EA. f-0101. KINGMAN (HO ACRES O *39 PER NEAR HTWAY M. 2Sfl. DN. Eves. Hersh Bufflngton, EA. 6-1462 JUSTER'S REALTY 4361 E. Bdway EA. 7-6671 $40 ACRE CASH' 3*0 acres near San Simone. T13S. R32E, Clark 1417 E. Colter. Phoerdx. DOWNTOWN J* unit terrific corner lot. Walking distance to Park * Oorurren. No assessments. Terms, ONLY $18,000 ' BEN SHETN REALTY _ HfSlDENTIAL COUT SHE* Excellent N.E. location. 190KMO paved MTMt. CR-4. low price «ood lerms. Phone EA. S-3ES31. tva. ZA. PrVTON. SCHROEDER. STEVENS REALTY * TRUST CO. INC. 35 E. Bdwy.--Realtors--E^. .V3331 CHOICE MU ACRE Glenn, all o"r~part. So«V"to"sttn»! J^*-',*»·"·· no »*«!=D*nt S . Cash HASN'T AS MANY EXCITING FEATURES AS THIS SMART FURNISHED DUPLEX AND 2- fvminsf. BEDROOM HOME. BRICK CON- i i ni-7/-v I A Tni I T T /*·/· c^EE^^RE^P^^o^DrA^ 20 ^ TRUST CO. ONLY »«no DOWN. FUIJ, INFO IM ^- Stone Realtor FROM .JJIKFTY 1 / WEGKR EA. 18 80-FOOT LOTS i£S-.*i »"£_?"« ,£«*.'o Hughes Own a Choice Piece of Arizona SELECT A BEAUTIFUL 40 ·ere ranchero in the foot- . hills of Mt. Benedict. Elegant estates nearby. Delishtful year-round climate makes this the perfect spot for en- i joyable living. Ideal location near International Hwy. Only 3 mi. to twin cities of Noales. Special limited introductory offer of «95 per acre with terms. Land of Enchantment Offers splendid opportunities to the chosen few who hear the first knock. Think! Big 3.000 acres plus---virtrtn Kentie sloping land in fcw- Mexico--just across Arizona border, at only $SO per acre. Needs only the pioneering spirit of a Rood Investor. Bonus of hjindreds of acres of leased land with this particular parcel. Use our fine office listings for individual er group Investments. SCENIC VIEWS Beautiful patio with filtered and heated circular swimming pool makes this an Ideal spot for retirement and wonderful are* to en}ov life. Locate in this lovely place, and collect rent from 5 homes on property to maVe payments. This scenic 74 acres located in the shadow of the Tucson Mountains, and heart of the guest ranch country, only 30 min. trorn city, ijrood value at *65.00ft with terms. Interested? Call George Spcad at MA. 1-1471 or MA. 4-19O Eves. * Suns. prop-; . -- _ ,--_-. Good : terms A- releases available^. For information, phone Martin Blute j r * S-3331. eves. If Sunday EA Realty Insurance Co. ,T. B, KU5NSIN. President AX. »-1179. » . . - . , ,, ! Realty Insurance Co. : Michael Hodges Rlty Co. ! J.S.KUOJSUJ.President 1« -units all rented, never * vacancy. Nets 21%. after all expenses iand TrjortR*ee payments. An ideal ; 'investment for a retired couple, i WJ.OOO will handle. For detail* call Howard Stutltr. EA. 7-«51». Ev«. AX. J-37S5. GRTJVKR REALTY. 3)52 K. -4B»1. KEALTY * TRUST CO.. --REALTORS-- INC. EA. MA. 4-0*03 Multiple lasting Realtor fOR IBKNT m finest location in Totiem. First time offered. Principles: «nly. roily «roJtped TW- tsrurtn*- Write Star Cttizen. Box ia-G. "--,ia-i»;*iB5 ---- i k i N 1 1 1 LITTLE RANCH ON GORET RD. TUCSON MTS. 10 MTVC of unspoiled demrt fraoth, ranch type hous« with rerttal «pt., fme well. Ranch livir^r with city convenience. Price includes antique furnishings. X15.000 bv atp- "!" X.TY * MORTGACW 2-W4), Eves. EA. 7-7MI or AX. 8-IBK PE RlAfTY S 2 I Tguif R CO ST 15c 5NS tor»--EA. s-sai 'ALES HIGHWAY BY APPROX. «K FT. I LOANS, Real FstOt* to ftaeit loadon and Ttteaon^ Trtnayat aOy. Writej - 3 "bedrooms. 5 bath home, eornplete- ----___5?**_.ly fumishea with good furniture. *«--S1S.OM. Buy Lot loned for business.-B-2. SO ft. w rtraijht loans. Con-;of front»« x 171 ft. 5**p. SO tt. loans. Dick Hall. MA. alley. OWT»T movhlfe to CaHfornia. "Will accept reasonable offer. Ar.d i iTOP PRICES paid for jrood 2nd Tarry the mongaite. Call Howard : i ·mWs.* contracts. Oracle Realty ; Stutler, EA. 7-IO18, Evei. AX. S-37S5' i JS^L2r» c ? Rd. MA, 4-5361. ! GRUVXR REALTY, SJ02 E. Speed- BAR-RESTAURANT tlkrowaewMt. ImrMllnj ??*· JOeinf gg*^"-! CASH IN JV you wrat CASH for your There ar« improvements «uch as a 2-bedroom hoo»e and »cod w*H. Electricity, city water, and natural *»s at property. »IJ.soe. IjcceTlmt term*. Phone XA. 5-3S31 · after hours. EA. S-57W. PEVTON, SCHRO'EDER, STEVENS REALTY TRfDST CO. ETC. E. Broadway EA. s-3331 « LARGE UOffS «** ol Craycroft b*tw»en Sp»*»way «nd 5th. in »rea of Urs/e homes. Priced to ·»I1 for --"- ~ · 10 ACRES Tanqu* V«rd« area. Attrac- . tive land, reasonably priced at »12,SOO. Terms. Can C. A. Cronk. AX. t-»M; Eves., AX. «-«77. Hamilton ft Associates HP. LOTS FOt f B*T I bedroom 4-ptex, ^los a-bytrooml : OTCTWT'S Iwm*, fttrTdsrrcxJ. 3933 Z. ! Lee, iWILL MtCBANGK SI A7CX«fS CXJEtJk-+ajattti wvn WfBeox. On Avrreov. Thrrr J«y B»nk. 1*OF K«w*r1 »l*wj«rt · RANCHO HOME completely ftrrnishefl. 2 ' , be-drowni »r»d activity Ttyorn. A »raT»«« enp»t* a trirty" «roiiTit-'* ir *' 1 * c *- oi«t and dijmifred «or- *l»"fc owxwtun rty. TQCBOTI'I ·finest TWmdinit* TipiTh WT W sh*d« UYCV , rentiO *re» . . . 3ft yr*. S 1 ^,^. h«clir«, fiowersr xnd TrraneSres «fi ftramctn*. OJ^LY «K.AW DOWN? shral*. Thit p.»« ?« fts o-wn ·ofti "HO Twowe tnTorrft'a'ttort btrt' water well wrd fTQVTt .^oose. ^futti' . oil fwrt for w swtrt.'tr» pl*« y»o bifce 'e««ri Jeofctnjt for ; East Speedway" ^ _ 9 2*1 ZONED »-JA AX. C-33M jfASmS * i AfrCricS yj · CArTUE RAS?CS; Trdnimt«m cjt-l ojcity 7(« up t» J8SO hvw) of caw* We wfij fcrrrd* i ACREAGE OPPORTUNITIES 3P,s A. -- " W E S T W A R D LOOKl' TKAILEt ESTATES. BEATTTIFtTL PALO VERDE. SAHUARO ANDOCOTnXO. "rOGETHKR WITH UUSH DESERT GROWTH. LOCATED ON A GINTIJE SLOPE IN THE TUCSON MTS PARCELS ARE SUR-, VEYK33 AND STAKES IN. . . cultivation in lettuce, grain. Abundant natural gas available for power.. $395 per acre-- 23% down balance 10 years CENTRAL CALIFORNIA REALTY 48S E. Shaw Ave.. Fresno. Calif. BAldwln 9-3511 Eves. BAldwin 8-9157 MOVING TO MESA? Like to know what is available? Prices? Down Payments? Number of Bedrooms? Available Schools? Write for complete Information; We send pictures without any charge. PASSEY INVESTMENT COMPANY 18 N. Center Mesa WO. 4-5S71 Lake Mohave Estates % acre ranches. Near Kingman and Lake Mohave. Level fertile land. $395 full price. S10 down. $10 month. Free pictures and maps. 714 N. Georgia, Aiusa. Calif. Open Homes POT Salt 95 IMMEDIATE Occupancy. East sd3e bedroom. Exception Eastland. EA. 5-8778. . 2 bedroom. Exceptional buy. 5017 E. Deluxe Three Bedroom RED BRICK Sweetie Pie Kitchen 6101 E. Beverly Low donw payment--owtaer going bick to the Ranch In Texas--close to good school --EASTSIDE LOCATION -- JoubI« red "brick: construction -- built-in oven and ranirr-wall to wall curpet- ln(c--food THA. financing, Mangels Realty REALTORS 1913 E. Broadway MA. 3-OS31--Evts. MA. 2-M.1T Winterhaven Tucson's Most Beautiful Neighborhood This exclusive red brick, 3 bdrm. home with separate guest house has baths, large flagstone fireplace, breakfast nook, separate dining room and utility room. Many other features. $21,400 TOTAL wr f DOWN 2540 E. KLEINDALE Open Daily 1 to (t ZMIL P. MALANGA. REALTOR MA. 4-2577 HIGHLAND VISTA S large bedrooms. Family room. l',;s bath. 4'b'T. mongsge. 1410 E. Burns. Live in Comfort In The Home That Is Made For Tucson Living OUTDOORS OR INDOORS Endorsement HOMES IN ESTATES E. 33rd St. at Wilmot Open Noon Till Dark 3 BR., 13^ BATHS coolers for summer comfort. Covered terraces' (12"xl2'). Just step thru the · slidirur doors to outdoor living. 8-ft. eating bar. Built- in Chambers Range and Oven. Circulating floor plan. All this for a low price of »H.9SO. $400 DOWN SMALL CLOSING COST $67.45 Mo.; Prin. Int. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY 4 STAR VALUE * 4 BEDROOMS * REFRIGERATED * LOW DOWN. * FHA MORTGAGE JUST PLACED --SO NO LONG WATT TOR POSSESSION. OUT-OF- STATE OWNER MOST ANXIOUS TO DEAL! SO--DRIVE OUT-MAKE YOUR OFFER. 6032 E. OAK --Open 10 am TO 4 pm-- Exclusively SCAGGS REALTY CO. 130! X. Ft. Lowell EA. *-3«04 Eves. EA. S-OOJ1 PARK HOMES . for immediate occupancy 3 BEDROOM FROM $20,900 (ON ONE ACHE SITE) H MILE WEST OF CASAS ADOBES SHOPPING PLAZA ON W. INA RD.) Const Co. BUILDER If DEVELOPER CY. 7-0442 Save Up To $1,1 On Your Home in PAT.'S "Eldorado Park" IMMEDIATE TO id-DAY DELIVERY ATTIX CREDIT APPROVAL 2 BDRM., 1 BDRM., 4 BDRM. HOMES Amatlngly Priced Choosi Your Home for $25 Total Cash FEATURING QUAUTY BUILDING PRODUCTS ADVERTISED !Jf UTI MODEL OPEN South 12th Ave. at Drexel Op*a II a.m.-T s.ia. M7I1 MOVE IN FOR JUST $490 NOTHING ADDITIONAL TO PAY I All These Included: · Built \n Oven and Rangel · 4,000 CFM Cooler! · Colored Bath Fixtures! · Glass Shower Doorsl · Concrete Carport Drive! · Choice of Red Bride or Clnd*- 'Vocltl fayments as low as $65.14 Monthly (Principal * Interest) FHA Financing FLOWING WELLS VILLAGE Drive west on Prince Read to Flowing Wells Road: turn couth to Navajo Road, then turn east to "The Meadowlark" Model Horn* at 1117 W. Navajo EMIL P. MALANGA. Realtor MA. 4-1115 Built By L4J Homebuilders 5349 E. BAKER N«w red brick. 3 bedrooms, activity room, l^i baths. Choice location. Electric kitchen, fireplace. vpacioui room. 2268 E. GLENN New 3 bedroom. 1% baths. New Subdivision. Electric kitchen and built-ins. TERMS. A. R. LAUBSCHER. BUTLPER. EA. 5-7325. Terrace de La Paz Northiid* of Magee Sd. i-bedroom home, m bathi. nice fireplace, beautiful view, lovely cacti andpcaping and citrus trees.' On one acre. Price $14,000. MA. 3-4041, MA. 4-3102, Eves. EA. I-«90«. EA. C-C045. BONDED REALTY MOl N. Orael* Rd. Plma Motel I TOM GIST DESIGNED REFRIGERATED TOO 560 IE HOLMES OPEN DAILY j to · P.M. Contemporary ranch of burnt adobe. 3- and den. l=i baft. kitchen -with, buflt-in erator. freezer, oven and rajite--activity »r««. Livins! room with larjt eonur fireplace, esrpcted and polish brick floon, optrJnsr on brick Lanal and mlled. p»tto with beautiful vtew of Stalina Mountains. Zxceptional lot 110x136 in ·xecUent re«i- dential ana. Price $23,500 See today or »U Bob _ _ _ ter, MA. 1-Mlf or KA. I-»OT £vts. East Kith ft, to Lnnon. South to Holme*. Follow our film*. GEORGE E. DENNIS REAL ESTATE » X- Broadway ·ants. Rita Hotel ., MA. 3-8616 BUILDER'S MODEL MMKHAOT OCCUPANCY SALAMA MODEL, 1,W4 SQ. TT. LIVING AREA. INCLUDING CARPET, DRAPES. LANDSCAPING. 3 BEDROOMS, 2 TILE BATHS. LOW DOWN TO OUALOTED itTYHs) LOCATED IN SEATJTETOL VISTA DiEL SAHtJARO FEDERAL DEVELOPMENT CORF. DIRECTIONS: 7«0 E. BROADWAY, l',i E. Or WtLMOT AX. »-!mi CUSTOM-BUILT and 4 Bedroom Homes. Luxurious 1^ baths. All built-ins. Carptt- int. Fireplaces. Activity room. Enclosed pttlo. Many extras. North- KM N. STTWART-«0.»00 M4J--53 E. EDISON--*21.MO CONTRAfJrOR: IA. «-Hli VVVV ww ww vwv vwv vvvv vwv vwv vwv ww vvw ww ww VYVWWV vvvvvw wvw WW vw W RITA M A N O R On South 12th Ave. 3 Blocks Past Valencia LOWEST NEW HOME TERMS TOTAL CASH CUT TO FOR EVERYONE VETERANS SERVICEMEN ^CIVILIANS No Closing Costs No Hidden Costs No Other Costs AND $10 WILL START YOUR NEW VP HOME PPPPPPPFFPPPPPPpp PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPJ» PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP . . PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP PPPP Signature Construction Company Smashing Valut 4135 E. Seneca Open until 7 4 BEDROOMS 5312 E. BAKER OPEN 2 TO S P.M. Xast of Duffy School -- iirst street north of 5th -brand new red brick home beatuiful to behold 1 Big and wide -- over l.«00 sq. ft. of liviryf area: family room, iir*plact, m o d e r n elec. kitchen -Kith dishwasher, disposal, sep. utility room, double carport, palio wall. *verythin«! Only WS.7501 S«« for yourself. A fin* home, priced rirht. Inclusive! Dial MA. 3-MA1 or Eva. MA.4-7JS7 or KA.5-SM7. ANDERSON REALTY CO.. INC. ST. n I - i l l Retirement Homes WESTWOOD HILLS Pl»nn«f »or retirement living In dust tree jet free area Swimming pool and park area Sewers water use electricity 3 miles from downtown Tucson With panoramic view of the dtr Homes Incl lot from tiz.*9o Utopia for people over 40 Model home open daily DRIVE OUT WEST SPEEDWAY TO SILVERBELL ROAD AND FOLLOW SIGWS. , JOHN KHXt REALTOR Dealfner * Sale* C *. OSkBUHG Central Contractors down. Owner will (Eves. «11 AX. »-SUH.) " Frank S. Minarik Realty S741 E. Speedway AX. *-9M7 Don't Sell Tucson . . . Buy It! 4 BEDROOMS . twth in Harold Bell Wrilht urea. tfi.SoO. by owner. AX. J-7807. TOf distress: 3 bed- baths. Asking; PRICED RIGHT 5656 E. TEXAS LEAVING TOWN! Acceptionally nice J-or 114. 5-th red brkk home. Siplaci bum-in oven Mid range. Corner tot wall, ·orlnxJtr sy«tem, cK . «MPe«ments. Fur- ANDERSON jHIALTY CO.. we. ST. KESP"" HORSES. LTMTTBCi AMODNT OF PA1K3CLS Perfect Family Home 342 Kenyon Dr. ITCHING . . . i To ret settTefl in Ideal location?! OwneT offers Immediate occupancy! in this 3 bedroom, familv POOTT, 2 9 bath dream hern*. IncltuSes wall OWNER ANXIOUS MUST SELL fewsd. R.K. a. Bmc - 1 . . - _^ -- ·· · · $10 A. r« Deeded nawis. Offl "Ttam T**. Strcff* JtWty I*nd TWrt mt T. CttuiKiy O2trb. ZA . f-yMK tff fns. EA. S-WW. mrpeT(es, dishwasher, «fi»pe»iii. btnrt-in SCA5» REALTY CO. i «A. tar. 4 REDROOMS OW-HBR.

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