The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 25, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRKaa L,ocal News (Howard Legg has.gone to-Flint, ., with prospects of locating there! Mrs: E. S. Morgan of /Samoth, is here this week, the guest,oJ her daughter, Mrs. H. C. Marberry. . .... „ Only a small quantity of stock lett until the new, 1920 Spring Models are ia. All corsets advance in price March 1st. You have only ,5 more days to save on your corset purchase; Mrs. H. .E.. Llghtfoot, .Carbo_ndale_.?Jational Bank Building.—Advertisement, •Mr. and Mrs. Harry'Ingersoll have gone to Miami,.Fla., on a two weeks' .pleasure trip. Basket ball', Sparks College vs. Normal Friday, .Feb.; 27, at Normal gym. Admission 3s cents.—Advertisement. Mrs. N. H. Dcwdell went to Springfield -yesterday, having.,been called there because of the illness of relatives. 20 per cent discount atiKrysher's ,the rest of .the week.—Advertisement, v. - Mrs. Ellen .Goe returned yes'terday from several days' visit with relatives in Herrin, . . • Dry Officer Md Aids to Be Arrested by ;iri)ir County All merchandise is being sold at 20 .per. cent discount .until, the, first of March., at Krysher's store. Paul Smith left' "yesterday for a weeks' visit with.;his sister.. in. Mem-. ' "" ' •St. Louis . .TJnrtrersit'y. ,ys. Normal, basket ball teamJ.Satnrday .'evening at Normal., gym. ^.dniisqion 50 cents;— Advertisement.,.- { ' '!/!".-,.' . DardanellaV. theJaughirig..saxophone sensation, Pathe/record. Opera House Drug Store.—Advertisement. Mr. and .Mrs. Rpscoe White are the proud parents of a 9 pound baby boy. Basket ball, Sparko; Collage vs. Nor-1 mal Friday, Feji.,2;]',;Normal gym.;, Admission 3g cents.—Advertisement. iC. E. Hamilton made a business trip to Herein yesterday. ' Mrs. C. H. Kraft is improving after several weeks' illness. St. Louis University vs. Normal, basket ball team Saturday, evening at Normal gyra..,.Admis^ion,^60 cents.— Advertisement. . -,. ... ,.., -;^ , Only a small, quantity of stock left until.the new^isso Sprip'g^Models are in... All .corsets., advance., in_.prise March 1st. .You have only 5 .more days to save' on your- corset, purchase. Mrs. H. E. Lightfo'ot, Carbondaie National Bank Building.—Advertisement. KNIGHTS AND LADIES OF SECURITY All members are urged to be present Friday night, February 27th. Come prepared to pay dues.—Adver- WANTED House wiring, door bell installation, electrical repairing,, etc. Prices reasonable. Call 493 K.—Advertisement. hOYAL ARCH MASONS Work-for Royal Arch Masons will be held tonight. Meeting at 6:30. J. E. Ypungblood, H. P. J. E. Willoughby, Sec. Advertisement. ' ! : ' Telephone 245 for your, groceries. '. Adams & Co.—Advertisement. Mrs. W. A. Fry. of Brownfleld . is visiting at the home of D; A. Smith and Roscoe White, ... Mrs. T.. B. F. Smith is recuperating after a ten days' illness at ier home on West Main street. trouble I« Ex fleeted If. Major Attempt* ; to . Carry . Cjut Plan; of VRaiding, - Homes in Search'of Stills "' :/ and Booze. • • -.--."•' St. Louis, Feb.'25.—General Palmer telegraphed s Assistant Attorney : General F.rlerspn Izihg him to t necessary In the- alleged bellion" in Iron county, Michigan. Iron Klver, Mich., Feb. 25.^—When Maj:;A. V. Dalrymple and/his ;16 -fed- erai;8ids arrive^here the major. wili,b A e promptly arrested' by Chief of- Police Sensiba.'on a warrant .sworn out,;by State's Attorney- Martin S. McDonough of Iron'county on a charge of' clrcji- false.;and malicious libel. Tlie - <Altho Western characterizations hve made hinManjous, we fittf hi,« : in^fefet ; picture aa -bl:.comev and meiodrarii*-that is : ^ acifidn: of^e" piay. 'Kei ; Wes^ut moves wUh ' '' ' " Telephone 245 for your groceries. L. Adams & Co.—-Advertisement. Miss Thelma Williams and brothers Ha-rry and H'llary, have returned from Marion where they visited their grandparents. _Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Williams. , Alfred T. Floyd, Jr., returns tonight to Washington,.,I). 'C., after spending the past: two • weeks with-Ms parents here. He is a mechanic in the navy shipyards at "Washington. Telephone 245 for your groceries. L. Adams & Co.—Advertisement. M,E, CHURCH There will he a meeting ot the Woman's Guild Friday at 2:30 p. m. in J 1 uy ueciari the east room of the church to plan for.1 volf "to be the annual Easter bazaar and dinner. Every woman in the church is expected to be present. Committee. Advertisemnt. Hindntan Funeral to be Held Thursday Afternoon The funeral of Milo Hindman, who resided six miles east of : this city, will be^held at the home Thursday morning' at 9 o'clock. He leaves a wife and five children, also other relatives. Burial at Snider cemetery. warrant was sworn - out before, trate .f. B. Curley. When Chief. Sensiba serves It he will be accompanied by" tbe state's attorney. '.'...' .Furthermore, in view of the failure of Ma'jor D'arlymple to get warrants at Marquerte, if any of 'the 16 federal agents under Major Dalrymple seek to make an arrest without due process of law, they .'will be arrested; : '" ' < i Refuse to Issue Warrant*. 1 Marquette, Mich!, Feb. 25.—Warrants for the arrest of Prosecuting Attorney Martin -McDonough and half a dozen others. Including police and deputy" sheriffs of "Iron county,>on' •charge's-, of conspiring to obstruct' pnv hjbltion enforcement In the northern peninsula of Michigan were refused by- United States 'Commissioner H."'B;' Hatch in the absence of direct instructions from Federal District Judge .S.ess.loflS,.,Uii.i.ted .Stntj»4..p!strict A«toi- hey Myron HrWalker'or Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, following formal application by Supervising Federal Prohibition - Agent A. V. Dalrymple. .'. Dalrymple Promises Arrests. Major Dnlrymple announced the arrests will take place when tbe squad of 18 prohibition agents from Chicago arrives in Iron River from Negaimee, where they remained while their leader came on to Marquette for the warrants. "The attempt of McDonough to minimize the seriousness of this affair by declaring reports of a 'rum. re- the -greatest hoax since the false report of the .armistice, will not get him anywhere." said Major'Dal- rymple on the way from Chicago. "We do not expect any trouble, but we are prepared for it nnd it's war to the hilt on McDonough and 'the district attorney of Grand liapids as well as nil other Americans in_this neck of the woods who think" they can defy the law and the government. "Bolshevism and anarchy are fostered by the fact that Americans 'are a lawless people in that they have no respect for a law that abridges their personal liberty, and !f we are to have a lax, inefficient, sloppy enforcement of the law we are going to have rioting, bloodshed and disorder everywhere. .We've got to stamp .this thing out here once for all if respect for law amr order is to be sustained, and I don't care who opposes us, whether' it's the district aUorney at Grand Rapids, .or loenl authorities, they've got to get out of .the.'way." The Dalrymple drive ' is causing great excitement in "the Iron range county, and the supervising federal prohibition agent \yas met by a" large crowd at the Marquette railroad sta- tion'v-hen the Chicago.train.pulled )ri. Feeling Is Running High.' Feeling in Iron River is reported aa running"high against the invasion of the peninsula by Major Dalrymple and h'ls "clennup sqiind," and trouble is'ex- pected if the Philippine veteran carries out his announced intention, of raiding every place in Iron county where there is reason to believe 4 "moonshine" still or contraband stock of liquor exists. Criminal' Syndicalism ChargtBHrigi »«t«m' Scclir Worker t»Qri«f --.".:". •• ' ! jh"C»llfo'rnl«. : =>'';• '.?;• Oakland, Cal., Feb. 25.—Miss Anita Whitney was sentenced to from .one; to- fourteen years In.-the state perilten-' tlary on.ja .charge of criminal syndicalism. .' - • '.-'•'•',• : ~'.'•.'.y.~~'"' "-! '.^h'e'ls well known us a social and charity worker, writer and lecturer." RUSSIAN SPURNS RAW MEAT Prlne* Treybatzky, Strong Man, •end*. • ColnjiyVltri Hla Teeth, en '. --.' .. Vegetable D jet' ".", '. Fox Sunshine Comedy a La . Kus8.1an, v scuip,tor; .'whose?, studio , is s at woqd, 1 Cal,, and. ..wlio. cai»e" here rajlajlnk^stren^^c'lared th'af. V^e'tablejB^ Instead 'tit r meat'liad transformed him from' a sickly" youth to '.'one of America's strongest men,": s |>ent a quarter' two ways- witK - r his ; teeth, smashed some wulnuts with ; a blow of his flat, and raised above his head some weights which ani ordinary man could not budge.' LOSES IN CUBA; DIES AT SEA Baltimore Insurance Man Cuts Arteries After Havana Trip—Despondent Over Losses. .THE FOOL "But it isn't playing: the same." he said. And -he alammed his books away; "The Latin and Greek I've eot In my head Will do for a duller day." "Rubbish!" I cried. "The bugle's call Isn't for lads from school." D'ye think he'd listen? Oh, not at all; So I called him a fool, a fool. tfow there's his dog by the empty bed, ^ And the flute he' used to play, . And his favorite hat—but Dick he'» dead, Somewhere In France, they Bay; Dick with his rapture of song and sun, Dick of the yellow hair, . Dicky whose life had but begun. Carrion-cold out: there. . ^ • Look at his prizes all In a row; Surely a hint of lame. . Now he's finished .with—nothing to show; Doesn't it seem a shame? Look from the window! All you se« Was to,be his one day; Forest and furrow, lawn and lea, And he goes and chucks It away. Chucks It away to die in the dark; Somebody saw him fall, Part of him mud, part of him blood. The rest of him—not at all. And .yet I'll bet he 'was never afraid . And he went as the best of 'eni so, For his hand was clenched on hl» broken ' blade, '. , And his face was turned to th'e foe. And I called'him a 1 fool—oh, how blind was I! :. And the clip of my grief's abrlm; •;" —London rimes. 1 (Cont»mr>d from Page 1.) Good for Kids Good cloth, is the first thing it takes to make good clothes. The next thing is skilled workmanship. Style experts design our models, and the best tailors in the land, working in clean weil-Irt tailor shops, make the clothes we sell. When you buy our clothes you get quality, style, fit and VALUE. Dress better and you will do better. Try it and see, Wear our good, "Nifty" clothes. New York. Feb. 25.— William A. Danner of Baltimore, a passenger on the steamship Morro Cnstle, committed suicide by. severing. the arteries .in his wrists. He was buried at sea. i Banner vras formerly ' Baltimore ; mmuiger ot the Equitiible Life Assur- ' ance society of New Tork. He 5.' Strong Man—Franklin Musgrave. 6." .Syncopated Interlude—Buraeit Shryock, John Page Wham, Jnp.'Floyd, Nemo Gaines, LoanSe Etherton, Oscar Day, Egbert Travelstead.-^ 7. Boxings-Everett Burroughs,Claude y-ri&fy : ""'';•"... 8/ jhletic Pageant—Oren King, Eu-. ;e3i : dHbse&, Loren Lanbird, .Clinton Smith, David Turnipseed,; Max Lollar, Carl Brown, Guthrie Harrell, Robt. Waltar, HeUy Loy, ;Wm.. jFernside, ia>ni ^Hendterson, Max 'McCormiok, Orbet- Sheldon and Ira, Derricks!-^, \ 9. Aesthetic'.-Dances—Ruth: "Lambert, ''BeUjrWil'son;, Mary Youngblood, Alice Barrow, Mary Matthews, Aline Neftzger, Emilie Kerstine, Halene. Street, Ruby Lambfert, Nelle Thles. Scene—The rear of the Doll Shop. Time—At the close of day. -. CORN SYRUP Bow they like it bn bread! And THE AMOS-JAME3 GROCER CO. . , t ... « One ..week, par wort •* • ......... "«i . and; distributej;higb.!jgrade make of tire. Attractive ^proposition for th» right man. Clyde C. OMham,' Stat» Distributor, TJrbana, 111. WANTED— Girl for Housework Jbha Metcalf, 612 West Sycamoze.. WANTBD-To..take charge of hous'a ' with, roomers, while the : person in charge is away, or anticipates beine away during- the spring and -summer Address "Q," car e Free Press. ' , WANTED— To rent modern Uousa by May 1st. Address "A," care Freo Press. " . , WANTED-To buy a cash, "O,"- care Free Press. WANTED-To trim trees. Experienced. William O'Neill, 611 North Washington. . " ' WANTED—To rent or buy property, prefer-to rent at present, buy later,' between Normal and business part of of three. Phone 204. FOR. SALE^-Pony... Reasonable. 703 West'; Pecan. FOR RENT—OFive room \ cottage; furnished. Lights and water. Call 354 Y.or ..come to .704 West Walnut St . . HHNTSJUwo mult room, arm Style Shop, tor office or aleepioc natal Apply Mlw Rieth, DC. . RBNT—8to»ge «w houafcol* good«. In the one story brick buUdlnt cement floors, en alley back Bartit Theatrg. Apply FOR RENT—Two, furnished rooms 216 West Wall./Mione 437 L. . FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 216,West Walnut Phone 370 ii. TOR. , • FOR ,SALB— house and large lot, close to town, $1500. CaU at 305 East.Main St ' , , to Cuba on a pleasure trip in the "early part of this month. Passengers. on tlit sliip said they at- tryjiited Dnnner's net to despondency over heavy losses sit "Havana 'race tracks. KILLS PAIN IN 5 MINUTES Agony of Rheumatism and Gout, Neu. ralgla, Lumbago, Chest Colds and Sore ThroafEnded in Half-the Time It Takes Other Remedies.. Jlustarlne. won't blister- ready for use—it's . grandm fashioned - - - -It Is always other's old- wlth . .-other Roof Garden on Pittsburgh.—^A six-story church with a roof garden and dormitories -for its members will be built in Pittsburgh. Trustees' of the West End Christian church"have anpr.unced the new : .edlflce will cost $500,000"and the funds-:set aside.for the buirdlng will be used to roof «arden. i _a .place..where J B P*;,?i««n =»nd — _ mustard. pluster, up-to-date pato killers added. . The. best .and quickest remedy - in .the i world • for 'lameness, sore muscles,~stiff- I nect, cramps In leg, earache, - backache, 1 neadacbe and toothacne.? • .;. . Begy's Mustnrine—ask foi It by- name. Is made of real, .honest, yellow mi»r tar*—not. cheap substitutes. . frse It.freely to draw the .pain from those sore feet— Its/Sjent for chilblains, too,.,.aha sfor frosted feet, Ask for dbd get Mustftttoe T- .*'.-,.. .-.•• : : WANTED-JTwo : girls' of neat. appearance for work in "confectionery. Apply at once. Fowler's Chocolate Shop. " ; .•.'"•'• . , Mexico, Turning to Water Power. The Mexican government: is planning to iii.ake a; complete survey of all avail, ahlo wai-er-'power,sites and to estimate .the iiinoiint of energy which may be E-nwu/ed. Original (.-oncessipns.graut-' oil • Anierlcn.ns >M\d- oth.pi- roi-oisin-—s.- ,v:-pi-e .'i-i'im-eled hr the' '\nx» ~x<"-'' ''" FOR SALE—€ room house,=two lots^ with;; gaaige"au" paved' stree.close 10 cstidpl, .3: blocks of depot;' Call SOS South Washington..-'. ,'. ' • '_ FOR SALE^Earm, 280 acres at |50 per acre; within two. mhes of Normal ittolversity, . "B," care o( Free Press. -,'..'• FOR SALE—Chalmers touring car, good, condition. Will trade on erty Call at 605 S.Normal or phone 410 X. - - Good Health for You DLCartcr':sK.&B.Tca Costs but little and You Can Make a Wlnle Lot from One Package FOR SALE—Five room cottage on East. Oak. street, one block northeast of square. Barn and other out buildings -in'-good repair. See owner. -205 East pak St More .people ere drink K. A B. Tea than ever.i Dr. Carter'* Cher have found out Uui for iiver.itomich •nd boweli and to purify the blood then itnowii^ »urer;*Uer-t>rb«tter."TbeIlMi* ton juit'Tove it, ..-Vc-.- LOST LOST—^Square silver wrist watch, between. Amuse-U and Fowler^s. Reward .if returned to Mrs. George Alboa. LOST^-Wirfst watcb. between my home and postoffibe. Call at division • office and receive reward. Miss Susie- McGhee.' . - - • .— Bar pin;, white' platinum rhin'e stonesi Lost pc, street car or oa way v to..'theatre at. Murphysboro.'. Be- Ward. CaU ;100j :.a:. ; ,-,•..•• "' •''• • ''

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