Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., April 20, 1976 Alaskan Officials Offer Wolves For Export JUNEAU. Alaska (AP) --' For the past year, Ihe State of Alaska has had a standing of* fer: take a \volt off our. bauds. No takers, : So in a move that has outraged people Hying in states where the \volt is virtually extinct, government biologists are shooting the, animals from air planes and helicopters The wolf body count since mid-February: about 85.' Each one has cost about Sl.QOD to track down and kill.;The stale hopes to kill 200 or about * per cent of the state's wolf' popn lation. ,L : "This offer'still stands." says Guy. Jay Hammond, himself _ retired wolf hunter: "We would rather export wolves than kill them, ·'However, this takes money and willing recipients. Both, _to date, have' been in short sitp ply." Hammond says thp woll packs must be thinned. Biologists say the. animals arc gobbling up too many moose and caribou and have developed a taste for pet dogs. Environmentalists who triec to slop tbe killing' say wolves are getting'a bum rap" Alaskan officials were .various when (hey asked if other people would like to have a wolf. ' The University of Nevada a Las Vegas --.-. whose sports .teams are "The Wolfpack" -'asked for oiw as a mascot They were- lurnbd down be cause the animals THUS! So lo a uldeine^s or semi uitdernes: irea. Another stipulation: all costs, of catching . and transplanting; lie wolf'must be borne by 1 the out-of-slaler," This could easily reach several'thousatill dollars. Pplkb m tlii. -W otlar states nio^t o f j which h a \ L i i i h^d i Syilft'\v o 1 Pin 70 years have )'een-"noticeably uninterested' :ii.the.transplant-offer, says Ed Ifuizer, deputy commissioner of fish and game. Says : a veteran Washington siate backpacker: "Seeding the forest . w i t h wolf cubs might seem like a nice idea lo .an armchair conservationist, 'But I'd like to. see' his'-tacp when he peaks his head out of a tent one morning in the Cascades and finds '.a-hungry wolf prowling around outside." Alaska is the last bastion for tbQ'WoJf^'There, are-.estimated io 1*4 8;000 to' 12,000,, about,the same number of a half century ngo. Wolves have been hunted as a predator and game animal for decades in Alaska. '. The-federal government first placed a bounty 'on the Alaska wolf's hpad in 1915, then .launched a slatewid.e.-lQ^e a r predator control "efforivasamst the wolf in 1948. Traps,'poison and aerial shooters -- ' o'rje o( who .was Hammond -- w pr^ used. ' ,·; 'Heddfrfe Home' lleadliig home follduliig .nn horstvilraivn buggy along a an elfort' ( to ,bcal the setting' afternoon ol. visiting trtcn'Us, ; ' r o a d near Lancaster, Ta,, HI .suu. ' (APr Wircphoto) an Amish family hurries Us NEWS WHILE IT IS NEWS IN THE TIMES 'Interest Rates Too High' Wright Comments On Business Expansion H JOHN GUJSME-F I ^ Business A u n h s l ( , ' EW \OIUv (AP) -^ The question is inobibh o n e foi [)S\Cll,OlO£,!Cll HUl |K)llllCll iwalvsls is \\Lll is fa business o\pLits Win is business reluc U]U to comtml funds for cnpi lj expansion' . Foi bu cuil months no\\ thoie socms to hive bcet^suf ficicnl inccnUyc fpr a s \\s\-\u till rise m Spending plins but nujuslrv 'is i \\liole Ins^t rc- ·^ponded to Hie economic re,co\ fcrv \\ilh a great iled of en Ibitsi jbtu Not nearly to tbe degree tt which consumers : have liftcc fhcir spending und tjieir pHti foi bjiendmg e\on (hough the; also continue to show a moderate degree of cEuition. The iriost, common explanation seems to be lint with manufacturing cupacit) being utilized tit'·!only 80 per cent or so there ii-s^ill time to spare.. Why build vvh'e'n you al ready have unused space? True, but il lakes xtime n ike plans »n»! ippropiiulc iimds, Htut it likps tirrtc il"io to bmjd ind ttoik the {ricraun.5 out o[ nt\\ plants H) thcni SOIUL in il$ sis feTi consider, dennnri uill h q \ o supph Another stliuol doeMi I i eirlv so hlLik *m outlook Hd members ol this gioup look* foV an mcrcise^ in , n iclivil) lo verv soon nou lliil theie iS is?u£ incc the ieeo\ery Vson I ,be iborlcil t «. c } f Jrihn \\i ight the -^jcs^afch oncntcd head of \Vrighl Bank crs 1 Service, · whose opinions in flucnce the h indhng qf ^hun drcds of msllionsYor dollar^ o! bank trust funds doesu t agree with cither,theory /The explanation is obvious, saysX'WriRbL ."Interest rales arc* loo' higli." .This is his observation: 'Never before has any reces- sionary, period, he maintains. i monU 10 policy winch. hi 1 sustained interest rales at lev els which in prior periods Iiavc been.the cEiU^-.ralb'cr than th« c'lire of economic' recession. * Ne\er before duriitf .1 icces sion n juiod he n n i n f i m s [(as": the prime lending ralo failqtl to decline to well below 6 per cent wd thcicbj stimulate ii rc6oiei And DLilber his the long joi m bond borrow ing nta heui^m unUined it \\ell abo\o 8 pei .cent ^\\inle U right doesnt refer bi n^mc to Aithur Burns the bed en! Rescue Bond clnirmin. Ins cuticism ob\iou«y is di rectcd^ou ud led pohc And Urtl pohc\ some s.n\ is par tially derived from this being in election eai Say the critics;". The Fed doesn't want-lo be^accuscd, as it has in the pastj/'of bending policy to Etecomino'date Ihjj-par- t HI pouei Jiiprefore it Ins nnmt nnod i less easy mono lary policy than it might pur- s'je in iiiiothcr ye*ir. SAVE $48.96 NOW! POWERFUL 5 HP Reg. $289.95 Value! TILLER with Power Reverse $ 99 249 Dependable Brlggs Stratton engine w/easy spin starter. Has controls on handle for easy reach. Cenler- mounted clutch. Double sleel frame w/duarable enameled finish. WESTERN AUTO Evelyn Hills Shopping CeiUcr anil Springdale Store Business and Industrial Clothes Tree Has Name Brands To Fit Your Budget · Engine Time-up $36.88 · Lube and Oil Change $4.88 · Brake Overhaul $56.95 ^ GOODYEAR Service Store 104 N. East Ave., FayeHeville Phone 442-6222 PANTSU1T FROM SPORTSWEAR DISPLAYED IN COMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS TOMORROW IS PREVIEW DAY! IN ORDER TO PREPARE FOR THIS GREAT EVENT WE WILL : OPEN 12 NOON SAVINGS ARE UP! PRICES ARE GOING DOWN! MANY UNADVERTISED SPECIALS THROUGHOUT THE STORE. SHOP EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION. SWIFT'S JEWELRY 'Good -Selection of KreUler Lighters ' - . 1 /2 Off : Select Group of Bulova Watches 30% Off ' Select Group of Crystal Stemware Y2 Price EXPERT WATCH REPAIR _ ·SWMTS At the Clothes Tree in Evelyn · Hills Shopping Center they offer, in addition to n wide variety of wotnens 1 clothing, "plain southern- hospitality,"- according to Mrs. Tom Hcndricks. The Tree is owned by jMrs. Hendricks, her husband, Tom and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cannon: ' The store has a policy of never rushing a customer and offers, free coffee and friendly conversation to its customers, drawn from an area ranging from, Bella Vista lo Huntsvillo Lo far south of FaypUcville and 'nto Oklahoma. . .Sales e m p 1 o'y c s Nadine Brooks and Lois Dalifold are on hand to lielp. customers in selecting from, lines of clothes dictated Eiy more than 40 years experience in the relail business. Mrs. Hcndricks, manager 61 the Clothes Tree, · says thej have "a wide selection of big tops great with jeans just in/ Tn/: lines for the juniors include Bobbie. Brooks,.· Sclarior ,PBJ Jorell and Lei-par'. Coining-lines to be watching for .arc Marion McCoy,:.and L.G.T. (t,ady : Goes To'dEiy 1 ) which' have- just come out _ and guaranteed ,lo offer "great looks for this summer t ' r Mrs. Hendricks says. In .the J\lfs5,cs cIcpart-meht.Th Clothcs : Tree offers famous ; lines in sportswear such as Joe Har m everything from scarves Co ong this week the shop, vitl feature a special Easier Clearance stocked with pretty' spring Herns.. O p e n from 0-6, MondaiJ hrough Friday, the shop also carries Castle Cliffs swinging of costume jewelry a n'ri other Hivs of turquoise, and sterling to complete, any outfit the shop with just the right .ouch. A special feature of shopping at the CLolbcs Trie is t i e t isi access lo The Shoe Tre/» uhich is managed by Mr. Hendrick and opens directly into the shop. Mr. and Mrs.- Hendrick: do all.their buying.together arid therefore coordinate many of the outfits in' the t\v9 shops to offer the customer, perfectly matched accessories f r o ni tennis shoes with jeans to-boof: with skirts. lurs. licndrick says slip enjoys buying for her customers because of Ihe t r u s t - s h e -ha. c built through the years in phasing them. ·/'."Perfect for the type 4 of nci thcr we're having now," Sir's. Hcndricks says Ihe shop offers Mary Kay all wen I her-'coals f spring and also Jcrold,^ to keep a lady looking brifiht't.evcn on the cloudiest daj 'The second Clothes; Tree , : n din and Sonny South/ Plus two new lines coming in called Cor inth Street and Donovan -,, Gal vani.- Mrs'. Hendricks 1 comment that, "as people change, K should tile, clothes offered" in orIcr to offer th/j best brands I a.s well as prices for her CHS-' tamers. ':: - · .'''-.::. ;..":'. *' '_'' Athough The Clothes Tree .... . , _ . _ ,, T ... always carries a special sales Shaheenj ^/and Mis'sf'' Shaheen. rack with marked down pricesIThcftfi'i'rtrcsses ran'ge in misses the Kort Smith Phoenix M a.1 has only been ppon mc( February but offers t h e rpn Linucrl fine selection of bjyn nances and price ,nnj,c ^mT customers come back for Exjng dresses' at tl f Clothes Tree come in f i every thing; from cotton to chiEfon and^iri. such lines as Judy* Slarr. Charm foir the youn^e.rjMady. Mis"'K, T^ady 'LONG-'DRESSES RUN THE FULL GAMUT* ixcs from 6 up in a wide variety of colors-and styles. . Make a point to stop by the Clothes-tree today and SCG the latest looks for tdriay^ . anrl tomorrow with free the register. It's a friendly \*ay to shop. · /,- .,' This means that we'fl prepare the food for your get together. $,vi^ Perhaps a d.inner wjth o .few. frjends\.p luncheon fpr ypur : offi4e;?an ^Otip^ r .a^grpdua- tfpn/.q/swingingiparty ',comop/by cffl let's falkabbut if:! '. _ , - f ··\t %}$ We have 17 different kinds of meat and 21 varieties of cheese and we're looking forward to seeing you. 231 W. Mountain (1'A blks. of Square) HEAV^MUFFLER .',v'.tf*/ · · Installed Lifetime Guarantee J ~*'^-^SirAmerican Cars Pickups Except Tornodos,; El Dorados DUALS s^bof/.Hangers, etc' Seebo'9 MUFFLER Hwy/71 So. - 1 Blk. So. of Railroad Crossing Also, 2 New Shops in Springfield, Mo. Joplin, Mo.; Omaha, Neb.; Springdale, Ark. Ft. Smith, Ark.; Miami, Okla, 8--6 Mon.-- Fri. 8--5 Sat. 442.4242 --y "/ {rsfTmi "L. V j A {, , M ? i,. M OV ' ,4;,,.^ '? f^. mSKf^^-K," Come on' by and meef Stan Campbell and see the exciting new showroom' at;

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