Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 17
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' long Bc.icll, Calll., Tucsd.iy, r-eb. 2, 1740 --Page C-l .By I)AVH LEWIS Sports tililur Directors Balding for Control of Lions The Ram owners are not the only ones in Ihe NFL who are feuding among themselves. A critical situation among the directors of the Detroit Lions will come to a head in a meeting on February 25 when the warring factions will strive for domination of the club. The showdown was set up during the hectic voting foi .commissioner during the recent NKL meeting in Miami. Edwin J. Anderson, president of the Lions, apparently ;had gained the necessary votes to win the commissioner's job halfway through the pro- ^ceedings when his own club . ;refused to support him. Jt brought to a head a fpur-year feud between Anderson and Lyle D. rife, former president of the Lions who is now the treasuer. Until' Pete Rozclle, a compromise candidate, was e l e c t e d commissioner o n Ihc 23rd ballot, there was only one -real chance of any cleci- .sion. That was on the 10th ballot when Anderson's name first appeared. Philadelphia nominated him and votes quickly followed f i o m Washington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Detroit. On the n e x t ballot after Philadelphia,' Washington and Baltimore had voted for him BUDDY P A R K K R Caught in the Middle again, Art Rooncy of P i t t s b u r g h was reading his vote for Anderson when Fife sidetracked him by directing the vote against ihe absent Anderson. * * * WE WERE TOLL) THAT HAD DETROIT cast its vote for Anderson at t h a t l i m e , he would have been elected i n .side of three ballois. Paul Brown of Cleveland was ready to swing his .support to t h e I.ion proxy, too. l - i f e ' s a c t i o n , however, e l i m i n a t e d Anderson. Mis exp l a n a l i o n was ( h a t "I don't t h i n k he's a good commissioner." Anderson insists I hat. it was strictly a personal a t t a c k . I-'il'e hopes to unseat Anderson as president and take control of the club as board chairman. If he wins out, Fife intends (o bring in an outsider to run the club--most likely Nick Kcrbawy, former Lion general manager who left (wo seasons ago lo accept a "million-dollar" 10-year contract lo run the Detroit Pistons basketball club. He would return as president. If Anderson w i n s (he showdown. Fife says he will completely Ijnw out of the Detroit p i c t u r e . Both Anderson and Fife express confidence that they'll win support of the board of directors al the a n n u a l election nl' officers on t h e 25th, f o l l o w i n g a m e e t i n g of Ihe club's J 1 2 stockholders. Fife's p r i n c i p a l i m l i c l m e n i of Anderson is t h a i "lie doesn't follow Ihc board's oriU-is and oversteps his llioriiv." WARRIORS WIN, 103-96 10,202 See Baylor Outscore Wilt, 36-23 By DOUG 1VES Philadelphia outclassed Minneapolis, 103-96, but it was Elgin Baylor and his Laker teammates who captured the hearts of the 10,202 fans at the Sports Arena Monday night. The Warriors, Wilt Chamberlain scoring only 23 points--the second lowest of State Host to Davis Waters, Sclniler Slarl Final Homo Till; Fro* h Face SC Long Beach State hosts Jniversity of California a Davis at 8 o'clock and the SC freshmen play the SC 'rosh at t in a doubleheadei jasketball bill tonight on the jBSC court. The p r e l i m i n a r y contest could be the evening's high joint as coach Bob Wuesl- 'loff's yearlings try to gair rcvence for a (iO-fil setback In the varsity contest the dope sheet points to coach Bill Patterson's 49ers improv- ng t h e i r 11-5 season mark. Davis has but one win in games. AMONG ITS conquerors re Fresno (74-5S), Nevada G3-19) and Cliicu (74-68). .BSC s p l i l w i t h Fresno and vhipped Ihe other two by u b s l a n t i a l margins. The 49ers are working on .n eight-game home court v i n n i n g streak, w i t h seven if the victories coming t h i s reason. S l a r t i n g their last home ,ame will be two-year letter- ncn Jim Waters, reserve for- vard, and Ivan Schuler, re- erve guard. The pair wind p their college eligibility al he end of this semester. The LBSC freshmen, also 1T for the year, also arc laying before the home folks ·'"'-'for Ihc last l i m e . They close \ i i i t UCLA Fridav. his NBA career--methodically eased into the lead midway in the second quarter and were never headed. Baylor proved beyond a doubt that he is the life blood of the Lakers, scoring 36 points to establish a new Sports Arena record. Terry' Miller of Michigan had heldj the record of 32, set in the L. A. Classic in December. The attendance figure was especially satisfying in lieu of the wretched weather. And, except for a mediocre per- 1 forinaiicc by Chamberlain, everyone came away "sold" that pro basketball belongs in Los Angeles. Sensing that the Lakers' franchise might wind up in Los Angeles next year because of its failure to draw in Minneapolis, the fans cheered wildly as the Lakers rallied in the final minutes. Baylor caught the fancy of the crowd with his amazing driving lay-ins and his deadly accuracy fromithe outside. He hit 15 field goals and six of eight free throws. The victory kept the Warriors on the heels of tin league-leading Boston Celtics. BASICALLY, Fli'L WANTS ANUKRSON lo consult t h e hoard on e v e r y management problem of consequence. Anderson i n s i s t s Hint his l a t i t u d e in r u n n i n g the Lions has liecn c u r t a i l e d since Fife became treasurer in 1957 and in- direclly blames Fife's opposition for the Lions' slump the t \ V U \ l - n l s . Anderson has a point in t h a t Ihc Lions have been phenomenally successful in t h e 11 years u n d e r his leadership. D u r i n g t h a t period Ihcy'vc won four d i v i s i o n tilles and Ihree NFL championships and also have been Ihc league's biggest money-makers. Anderson and HI'e were on Ihe closest of terms when the franchise was purchased for the bargain price of $165.000 from Fred Mandel in I!MS. But Ihc cleavage is so great now (hat Dclroil is approaching the predicament of the Rams, whose owners often won't even speak In each oilier. First head-on clash between the two came over UK club's coaching .situation three years ago. Anderson supported Buddy Parker w h i l e Fife and his faction wanted Parker out and the present coach, George Wilson, moved up. Parker, caught in Ihc m i d d l e of Ihc f e u d i n g factions, q u i t jusl before Ihc firsl game: of Ihe '57 season and moved in lo P i t t s b u r g h as Wilson took over his posl. I ' l l F. WAS THE O R I G I N A L PRESIDENT of t h e Lions, serving for I 1 ,- years before resigning in the middle of t h e '·19 season because of a domestic s i t u a t i o n Hint wound up in the divorce courts. Anderson, then vice president, moved up to the presidency. Two years ago, Anderson gave up his job as president of a brewery to become f u l l - l i m e president and general manager of the Lions,. How do Anderson and Fife stand w i t h the 13-man board? E l i m i n a t i n g themselves, that leaves 11 voles. Each has two solid supporters, but it's a guess as to how the oilier seven directors stand. The boldness -with which Fife oporalcd al ihe NFL meeting, however, has led n e u l i a l observers to believe t h a t he feels he has Ihc necessary voles to push Anderson oul of o f f i c e . Then, Inn. ii \\.is noted that the Lions' board of director:; s t r i p p e d Anderson of f u l l a u t h o r i t y to casl. (hu Uc- Iroil vole al Ihc league mooting. Ii was split among Anderson, Fife and firsl vice president William D. Downey. And so it goes . . . u n t i l Feb.'20! TO SAY THAT t h e i r prospects are nol as bright as t h a t of their big brothers is something of an understatement. The Trobabes, 10-2 this sea- «on, have five men at 6-4 or better compared to a b'-3 m a x i m u m for State's first 10. Two, 6-7 forward Gordon M a r t i n and 6-6 center Boh Benedetti. w i l l s t a r t . The LBSC frosli pin t h e i r victory hopes on learn h u s l l e and the shooting eye of guard Bobby Holland, who has av- jeraged lo.S points per game, and forward Dick Montgomery, 13.3. Probably starting line-ups: Slate GLOm-lTKOTTHK OF SO.MIi STATUKE ,loc Buckhulter, (i-8 from Tennessee Stale, has shown he will be a star of (lie f u t u r e on his first (our w i t h Harlem Globetrotters. The Trotters will make llieir a n n u a l Long Beach slop tonight at M u n i c i p a l A u d i t o r i u m . They trail the Eastern. Di- by only four vision leaders ganies. THE into a WARRIORS jumped 6-0 lead before the Lakers could get on the scoreboard with 8:20 left. But Baylor hit on two field goals and a free throw to put the Lakers on top, 7-6, with seven minutes remaining. The lead see-sawed through the remainder of the first period, with the Warriors taking a 26-2l f i r s t - q u a r t e r lead. Big Joe Grabowski sparked the Warriors in the second period, scoring 12 points as Philadelphia nulled away to a 54-46 half time lead. Chamberlain had 12 points at the h a l f , six of them coming on his famous "dunk" shot. CARMEN BASILIO Own Boss Now PHILADELPHIA stormed out for the second half and quickly built up a 15-poinf lead, 6S-53, with 7:08 left in the third period. Baylor's 10-foot jump will; 6:11 left cut the margin to 70-59, but Guy Rodgers and Woody Sauhlsbcrry began f i n d i n g the range from the outside and the Warrior: boosted the count to 82-Go at the close of the third period. Chamberlain's dunk shot with five minutes left gave Philadelphia n 98-79 lead and ihat's when the Lakers mads t h e i r spurt. Baylor got live points and Tom H a w k i n s four in the next two minutes and the Lakers trailed by only 10, 98-88. THE WARRIORS uppcd t h e i r margin lo IOO-RS, bin Baylor's fqllow shot and Hawkins' short hook made it 100-92 with 2:12 remaining. Philadelphia then controlled he ball for most of the 24 sec- nds allowed and the Lakers' ·ally ended w i l d Baylor's jump shot, followed by a dunk by Hawkins as Ihc gun sounded. Hot Pod Hundley, who scored 18 for Ihc Lakers, and Rodgers put on brilliant ex- h i b i t i o n s of passing and ball- h a n d l i n g which led to numerous assisls. What's the chance of M i n noapolis coming to Los A n - jclcsV Laker owner Bob Short smiled and said: "We'd ' ( C o n t i n u e d Page C-4, Col. 3) 3-YEAR RECORD BY OSCAR CINCINNATI (/Pi -- C i n - cinnati nailed down an easy 9 6 - 6 1 basketball victory Monday night over Drake and all-America Oscar Robertson breezed past the three-year scoring mark for major college basketball players with a 36-point performance. The game was only 5'/4 minutes old when Robertson drove in for two qufck layups that gave him a total of 2,s;!9 points as a collegian, and a new mark. The old record was 2,538 left by Frank Selvy after 78 varsity ganies with Furman, ending in 195-1. With 15 points in the first half and 21 after the intermission, Robert s o n pushed his career total to 2,571 points in 75 ganies. Only 16 points now separate Robertson from the other major college scoring mark -- D i c k i e Hemric's 2,587 points for four seasons at Wake Forest ending in 1955. Chances are Oscar will reach that summit Saturday against Houston. \V,ls',c:lh'jryor (6-1) f Bllvcw ( 6 J I Schulcr (Mil L8SC Frosh Montgomery (6-1) KAGHKOS ADDED ATTRACTION Play Here Tonight By JIM HANCIIETT their annual stop in Longlassortmont of surprise altrac- Beach tonighl M u n i c i p a l The fabulous Harlem Globe- A l l d i U j r i l l m _ trotters, whose basketball l i - j T h c i r j a u| c d program tions. When necessary, t h e Globetrotters can also play excel- OLYMPIC TORCH ON WAY TO SQUAW VALLEY nesse and trickery have cmcr-| follows a bcst-of-15-games,lent basketball. tained m i l l i o n s in t h e fouri t e n n i s match between former! Termed America's ambassa- corncrs of the earth. m a k e ; U . S. and Wimbledon cham-|dor.s of good will, t h e y have ipiou Allhea Gibson and Ihe'entertained in Ii!) countries I "Golden -Goddess" Kami Fa-1 and on six continents. They fieros, 7:30. which will begin a l ; h a v e given 10 sellout formances in Moscow J I The Baltimore Rockets will provide the opposition for the A relay of 600 high school runners is carrying the Olympic torch to Squaw Valley. The flame, lighted Sunday in Morgedal, Norway and flown to Los Angeles, will roach (he site of the Winter Olympics Feb. 16. Parry O'Brien, two-time Olympic sholput champion, held (he torch during a helicopter flighl from I n t e r n a t i o n a l Airport to Memorial Coliseum Monday. Winter Games officials held brief ceremonies at Ihe Coliseum, lighting the torch atop the peristyle. '1 hen Ihc runners started the final (iOO-milc leg of Ihe (rip. The flame for the ISMiO Olympics was lil in the cottage once owned by Sondrc Nordhcim, Ihc father of winter sports and skiing. Civic ceremonies are scheduled along (he relay route. Trotters. Heading owner-coach Abe per- and Saperstein's court of clowns is sensational M c a d o w l a r k j t i m c . Lemon, whose r u n n i n g c o n - j -- versation w i l l ] Ihe opponents, teammates, o f f i c i a l s a n d h i m self is w o r t h Ihc price of admission in i t s e l f . have packed 7S.OOO persons i n t o Berlin's Olympic Stad i u m . Saperstein also has a variety show planned for half- jTorza's 67 Leads Spa Qualifiers PALM SPRINGS Wl--Veteran professional Felice Torza shot a five-under-par G7 Monday, topping qualifiers for the $100,000 Desert Classic golf tournament which gets under way at four courses Wednesday. The action was al the Bermuda Dunes Country Club where KM hopefuls battled for only 18 available spots in the t o u r n a m e n t . Y o u t h f u l Hugh Royer of Columbus, Ga., had a chance to become low qualifier but look bogeys on the 16th and 17th holes for a 68, tying .limmy Powell, a newcomer from Cleveland, and Henry Williams, Fleetwood. Pa. Q u a l i f y i n g , w i t h 69s were Skee Riegel and Ralph Blomquist. S t a n d i n g s of PGA money winners: N.Y. Bans Basilio's Managers Syracuse Promoter Fiiiod $2,000 for Undercover Payoff's NEW YORK (XH) -- The State A t h l e t i c Commission Monday barred Carmen Basilio's co-managers--Johnny DeJohn and Joe Netro--for life from New York rings and r ined Syracuse matchmaker- iromoter Norman Rothschild $2,000 for making payments to an undercover (unlicensed) manager. All three admitted at an n q u i r y t h a t they had made jaymenls (o Cube Genovese, ivho was convicted last June of being the undercover man- iger of lightweight Ludwig jghtburn of British Honduras. Genovese, of M i a m i Beach, tvas sentenced to a two-year orison term. It is illegal for an unlicensed person to participate in a boxing show in New York. It also is illegal for a licensee to deal with unlicensed persons in m a k i n g matches. THE COMMISSION declared Basilio's contract w i t h DeJohn and Netro null and .'oid and ordered the 32-year- old former welterweight and middleweight champion not to make any f u r t h e r payments lo them. The commission's action against the two managers virtually bars them from boxing in most other states as well. New York and the National Boxing Assn. often recognize each other's penalties. "I will be my own manager," said Basilio at his Canastota. N. Y. home, when idvised of the commission's decision. "We were together eight years and I can only say I would never want anyone else to handle my affairs. "Let me add that Joe.and lohnny never did a single hing to hurt me. They were lonest and above board in ill dealings and I have only lie highest praise for their abilities." DEJOHN, OF Syracuse, and Netro, of Ithaca, N. Y., could lot be reached for comment. Rothschild, in Syracuse, said he accepted the commission's ruling without argument. The commission fined him $1,000 as matchmaker, and h e Arena B o x i n g C l u b , which he heads, $1,000. fn iddition, t h e c o m m i s s i o n 'formally rebuked and repri- n a n d e d " Rothschild and varned that any further in- ractions would r e s u l t in icense revocations. 1. Dow Finilerwalc 7 Km Venturi 3. Mike bouch.ik . rf. Julius. Boroi. _ 'j. Bob Goolby ... 6. Don J ( inu,irv _ 7. Rill M,ir«/;ll .. 8. Duvc Ratnii Jr. 9. Johnny Pnlt 10. J.1V Hcbcrl Lcofitf. TP--Juui T VV--lournanlC(lt' J wi (ml live TP TW Ills Won . . 1 1 1 54.700 1 1 1 5,800 t I 1 5.600 - * o i r,,ooo 4 0 1 d,700 ... ; o :. djoo ·I fl 1 J.700 J 0 I -1.GPO t 0 1 3.600 ' MINNEAPOLIS CONSIDERING MOVE TO L.A. I'Yasrr Lpsct B R I S B A N E , Australia r/Pi-- Rod Lavcr. a flashy 22-year- lid Quecnshinder, fought off one match point and defeated his favored Davis Cup tcam- :iiale, Nealc Fraser, Monday for t h e A u s t r a l i a n n a t i o n a l ennis championship. T h c score was fi-7, :i-6. 6-,'i, 8-G, R-(i. Minneapolis Laker owner Bob Short told the Southern California Basketball Writers Assn. Monday that he definitely would consider moving his team to Los Angeles if the club continued losing money in Minneapolis. "We don't want lo h-avc Minneapolis. However, if we can't see a way to operate without constantly subsidizing our investment we'd ask permission to move the franchise." Short said Ihe Lakers are considering L. A., San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Charge Bruins Used 'Hatchet' Tactics I ALSO AMONG Sapeistein's H r o u p arc SIM-shot a r l i s l Clarence Wilson and comics Tex Harrison and Showboat Hall. Their endless book of tricks i n c l u d e s phony basketballs, f o o t b a l l plays ( i n c l u d i n g a AIR FORCI-; ACADEMY, Colo. (/I'l--Baskelball coach Bob Spear of Air Force Academy Monday said UCI.A players "were con- t i n u o u s l y using elbows and h a t c h e t ladies" in t h e i r game liore S a t u r d a y n i g h l . A br.iwl in which Academy cadcls t r a d e d p'.inrhes and shoves w i t h UCLA player.-, i n t e r r u p t e d I h e c o n - won 76-7,'i by Ihc Rriiins. "In 'iiy mind," Spear said in an interview, "they came out in the second h a l f , be- h i n d 48-;i:i, lo sleal Ihe game w i t h a change of tac- lies -- roughhouse tactics. They a p p a r e n t l y fell they couldn't win il playing s l r a i g h i basketball." Spear said movies of the 2-mie show t h a t a f t e r a f ' n i l was called against John Berherirh. UCLA ccn- !''r. IK gi,ihbcd Bill K n i p p of Air Force around t h e neck and cocked his fist as though to throw a punch. However, he stopped llicrc. Then Bob Kerry, UCLA s u b s t i t u t e , jumped off the bench and grabbed AI-'A's Don W o l f s w i n k c l . who already was engaged in a struggle w i t h UCLA's C l i f f Br.indon. Spear said. Al. t h i s point C a d e t s jumped onto ihe floor from the M a i l d h uul line look a poke at Brandon. B r i a n K n i l f ' s d r i v e - i n shol won i h e game for UCLA in t h e last 21 seconds. "The movies show. Ion, t h a t K n i f f traveled a good two or three steps lo get around his guard lo make I h i i t shot, but we won't go i n t o t h a i , " .Spear said. A player w i t h ' h e hall ioscs possession if he t a k r * more one slop. f i e l d goal), ( t h e y bring referee baiting their own officials), baseball and t h e i r usual Toility's Sports Card Anil.). ! [.l ClolTlrolIrr Indoor Games Feb. 13 Biggest, Best, Costliest By JOHN DIXO.M Mark up another Calilornia. The I.os Angeles Indoor. Games on Saturday, l r eb. l.'i.| ircc l.'i.G hurdler.'-, f i r s l " for!' 1 I' 11 "' "' !) ''' s l l n n U ' l s . four 'fiO-foot shol putters, Ihree 1:4!) hall'-niilcrs and lour 8:50 two- But Ihe big events for Ihe CINDER S Y N T A X . . . Lono BCddtl \viii DC rcmoie.itcd hv jUte Collroc in Ilic mile rci.iv. Cilv Collcfic in Ihc JC '·me r e lav dnd Bob Huniohrcvs in Itif Miciinui . . . Good Mew,! Dcp'. There'll IJL :sc o.'; .liUj-L. B^l Ilicic w.ll be ,i hii-irl o;i Ihinri. . . And imt rf-. in Ihc L.islcrn nice!';, the otfu mis will wcor tucv Cromwell :,-nd it: "Don Brno!) nerd'. iomo LOiithino. He''., Jrvmn to . (ret i record. I Basketball--Jord-n d ol Irvino to i" imn i '''C woria rtKora. His nodi should be , . , , , l.,()00 spectators arc sure to!o.iiMn,..,:cr unii ,,uv \M ICLOKI )()lll Ihe best llOtlu it I n 10 .· . Ifn-V^l." More C-omwell: '"Mich thill 'be Ihc relays--all 12 ol 'cm.Uuorev oooicy jt.-i. on.iho,n.i iiaici m CUT pll/./lCd to-: Thpre . s n( , grc . 1|er ,,,,.,,, .,, the v,TM... H,, note (CI..MIM bcn*. a ,,nosl : n i t 1 ' lone of these "roller derby The 2:;-cvenl. e n t r y list is w i t b o u l w h e e l s " to he jus. a house ni^ol IIYI . £ n i A A U B,i ' j packed w i t h American, Olyni- j p k : and world champions. ' i l i v c n t h e pri/cs a r c imprcs- ,si\e -- so impressive, in t'au, t h ^ spnhMH' \\ i l l lo.s; Sports on K a I i o - T \ j money despite Si tickets md a certain full house. The rosier, completed Mon- wo fort i .nyiilcf \ il scndi . Jev Morten* ·0-vV "l'"i :,MI hot .ib'.u! Parry ov ill lowed ihotout record. Hit i!;c;t 16 sound-, br-forr the nice! Tipr, hut inprtrentiy it dried out t c'j before the countv welfinK Mires nmil cot rtholrf of It (the rr.ohrr v.ill rilteiiri Ihr meet, thn TO. io render an immediate decision).' Don Btugg Lp^ol Ihc Extern A All *. k c/rns by turning down !ho ttttt .· '· .···*:! f;r t:-.r 'ro;!'. Arm A ."-.·" Oxccnf for MondrtvM, Ihe Arena .1 ihc irfirihiC',--Hollywood, too. i it he qri', over 16 feet niflvb* l orl lh/it Tanan offer. Troo 1 - f t I will '.ost Ihc r.poriior lOrr? 5? 5-V1. id;iy. includes two 1.V!) p n l r ' i n t o n holly flop on ihr i n f i e l d . ( G n n h n u r d P^EIC C-2. Col 3) ','arnivitls walchinp, three or t o u r elbow-jockeys rush ,i round f ^ the elevated curves. j ' 1 At Ihe L. A I n v i t a t i o n a l , | t i you may recall, one .speedsterJMI.' flipped H nearsighted camera-1^ man i n t o a swan dive, and j m o t h e r racer was ricochoton

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