Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1972 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1972
Page 9
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HELEN). HELP US -· Group Shrew Is Prpbqbly Jealous Dy HKWSN.AND SUE JBOTTBU 'Uct- Holohi : : · · ' A r e some wonien born loss or mo tlioy-JiiBt mean? · · · , .· . · r In nlmost; evcif ({nlhorlhg you'll find oiio wlip'Jusl; cnn't glvo a compliment llmt doesn't Imvc' an Implied ilnm, For inslimcoi J,'d ; !ost weight (utter muclv ^effort). Daisy we'll cnll her) .{.listened! to others lolling mo how. well I looked, and .agreed, "Yos,: Isn't It wonderful lo.. : finnlly lx rldi of Hint 'old' riilddle-rigcd spread??' Slio's t|ie,sanio:one who told mo my i new: hplrdo vms great hecnuse thb'b.angs covered il'nll llioso wrinkles" in my forehead. I hadn't been aware, of Ihem, before. . . She likes someone's dress'.because "the color helps a sallow complexion.". Or,'at · dtnnor party: "Isn't Terry (the lips less) ^wonderful? I wouldn't dare use chuck sleak for Stroganoff, but she makes it'taste like sirlolnl" What do you do with complimentary slammevs^ Are they aware of Cwlial they're saying, really? *-f'Connie ··/·,· ·:.·'" Dear ;Cdnhie: - r '·' ' ; " They're aware! But if you accuse .then of , calliness Ihey'll go' kittenish', wllh "Bui I-was just trying to say, some- thing'Iniqe." /i ,..'. : ,,' , Put' the loadetl.''cprnpllmc:nl. down to, jealousy.' fAnd laugh I know a womah.iwhb:collects them' because, they make sue! good conversation', pieces. -- , H iocs $100 or more annually nd' only costs $3.00 a your.-- ppoful ' loa'r Hopeful i I boliove you'ie talking a- xml i "Quicksilver." You c a n ubsorlbo, or obtain' f u r t h e r nformutlon atoul 11 by writing Q'Eggleson'Enterprise, M 11 !· ord, Now Yoik, 13807, Quick' liver · describes · Itsolf as i'"A lionthly bulletin listing* miimi acturers' offers, -special cash efundsi' -wholesalo · purchuslns oiirces and : other monoy-sav tig information." And it can avo housewives quits a lot Please, onpe.;agaln, can:you give us the name and addres 'of the.little :magazine that list; tips on "money-saving grocery coupons, ralunds, special .sav Ings,; etc.'.which food and household goods companies ol fer to : 'inerease' sales? '., So "often'I hear /about' casl refunds for box or can labels etc., but by the t i m e find out all the details, the of fer has expired." .. '.',:"·'··.;·" I read in a magazine. (whlc got thrown away before I co pied the address), that thi monthly, saves grocery shop DENNIS THE MENACE )car Helen: ' I WOB put In Jail at 18, ant ^ot'gnng-ruped. This Is stand ard for . young guys, miles hoy.! get a, "protector," ,\vhlcl s about the same thing ex cept there's only one. Well, I learned the ropes ani lot along. At least; I survived served my term/(draft eva sion), but I won't ever be tin same. , , NOW -I'm going back to pil son, Don't have to be afraii of rape this time, but I'm a raid of something else. Eve siiice it happened when I wa 18, I want lo be around boys, not girls. I even think about wearing women's clothing. I-wasn't this way before, but another prison term and I'll be a homo for llfe. : I need a psy- chiatristi but ; if I ' t r y : to get help there, 1 and name -names, I ·might get killed. · Besides, prison shrinks doti't d o y o u muchogopd. You may think this is a scheme to get sympathy o r special treatment and ,it probably in, but I'm scared; My .case Is coming . : up soon. I'm out : on .bail now. What can I do? r^' Thomas' Dear Thomas: You didn't t e l l me enough to make a good case for the defense. Iftyou are this close- moulhed with your lawyer, how can you expect special treat merit? Give him all the, facts and (if the charge isn't major) he may be able to help. -- H. ArkanK» TIMIS, Crldoy, Au S . 11, 1971 · · * Ty/o Stars Believe TV Attitude Toward Blacks Said Unchanged Clark Calls On 'Bombing Halt HONG KONG mer U.S. Ally. Clark was on (AP) -- For-, Gen, Ramsey Hanoi Radio again, calling for a halt lo the bombing Of North Vietnam. A recorded .interview with Clark, who is currently tourinj North Vietnam, was. broadcas today. ' · " i , "One tltingjs very clear and hat is w f y ' e n rpflitary aircraft bomb , a country where there is no military engagement going on; where there is no actual battle being'engaijedt they will inevitably and necessarily kill innocent ^people, kll civilians, and: destroy schools hospitals as 'we have seen this mbrning," he said after visIUng a bombed village, ' ^ ' By UNDA DEUTSCH , ^VWOOD '(AP) t~ When ft «mes,to black and white -racially speaking -^ tho era of color 1 TV hasn't aeon many atti- tudo changes »ay two of tho m e d i u m ' s 'most successful b]ack, women stars. ' ' 'Dlahahrt'.Carroll.'vvli!) broke new ground'ilvo years ago at the first black -womah atar'of » TV tttle(l'"3\i\\n,'' says' she's 'notdoinrf artother'scrlcs yet because she's foiihd no'-truthful scripts ftlroul.blacks. ' Melba' Jtfoore, a jiowcomer to homo 'ncreens as-Carol Burnett 1 * Bqmmer replacement, ^aic she had to'fight constantly to project a truthful Image of herself and co-star Clifton-Duvln; i "The thlng:/about jit ,!B .that wi're both niggers, man,'.' says Miss Moore, "That's why we're funny, We take things out o our background*.", , Tp get this across despite op Msitlon of writers ,and dlrcc ,ors, ,sho iBays, "we.bavo t 'ight so mui;h that by the tlm iVo did the taping we iookei, Ikfe we were stoned 'or some thing," - , MILESTONE Miss Canto!!, who had jus finished taping a guesf/spot o the Bill Cosby Show, says, sh looks back at "Julia" as milestone, although "in today' market'I no longer consider a'valid statement for televislo to riiak'e." In the situation comedy sh porlray'ed a widowed blac nurse with a small son an white'neighbors "Julia presented shows with Rck people playing in prlmar- y white sltuatlonH," she says. ,.Dul while the scripts were irrlbly light and made no con- .Ibutlon to our enlightenment x)Ut each other, it was impor- mt for the Industry to know lat people were turning on iclr: televisions to watch a lack family." Cool Weather Remains In Northeast By THE ASSOCIATED PBESf The Mld*est warmed up to day while the Northeast re mained In a midsummer chill. The cool air brought recon ow temperatures for the dat o a wide area from the Grca Lakes to the Ohio Valley Thurs day. Readings in the 40s an iOs were scattered throughou ,he Northeast early today, am :herc.were occasional 30s. Scattered showers and thun jerstorms speckled the natio 'rom Texas to the Southea and from the upper Grta Lakes to the central and nort ern PJains. Some storms hit th northern Rockies and centr Intel-mountain region. Rainfall generally was le thari an inch" but Athens, Ga was drenched with more thi an inch -Overnight. The scries lasted three id Miss Carroll believes it Pat Challenged To \ Debate By Eleanor '' former schoY ouid Mill he running had the rlpU caught lip with the revo- tlon In Wack attlludep. We should have come out of ntasy and into reality moro," ho says, . Mlsi Mooro, expressing a bit- r i consciousness of slurs gainst her race, says she oubts she'd have made it to V at all had she not first won roadway's Tony award /or Her tar roletin"-Purlic,^,iV, "'it, Lounging in a bikini at-her ollywood hotel room, Miss rtoore says TV directors still omplain about her "nappy air 1 ' and she and her cntour- ige are stared at at major ho- ASSUMPTION "Two things happen at ho els," she says. "Everyone thai sees us at the pool or in the hallway will make the assump Ion I'm-eithcr a hooker or a star,,.There ain't no niggers a ' ' ' ' ' kilch igg the ,:hose hotels except lt\ erf.'-' r . r Miss ICarroll, a veteran o WASHINGTON nor McGovorn,' a Instlo debater, says she ing lo debate First Lady Pat,^ Nixon. -,' Mrs. Nixon bad been asked My sho would bo willing to debate* _ Mrs. McGovern, wife of thav. Democratic presidential nomU neo, and laughingly told re« A , porls, "I heard she didn't want?/ to debate." ' - ', ~* Mrs. McGovern, asked en'^ Wednesday about Mrs. Nlxon'iJ, emark, said, "Yes, 1 think I vpuld debate with Mrs. Nfoiqn^., certainly 1 Wouldn't back away,;- rom it." ' · 7T~' ' ''''" Superport Site · '^ NEW ORLEANS (AP) - P."" J. Mills Jr., iicilng executlva ,, dliector of the Louisiana Super-, port Authority, said Wednesday, he U.S. Maritime Commii sipn has narrowed the slle for a / Gulf Coast superport lo Texai and Louisiana. Mills, a' Shroveport banker. most entertainment mediums concedes some lhingi have changed since she started doinj TV guest spots more than 1 years ago The changes the enumerate are: An end to the "quota sys tern" In variety shows whic meant using only a set mimbe of black guests per week; el mination .oj the ban on white and-blacks^onohmg on. screei aiid a new preference for dar skinned blacks. told a civic plub that the Army^ Corps of Engineers would p'lv, point the location by July 1. ! «,, said two other superports \vould.,, be built off the Atlantic Coast , AST.EP. lOWlkHINO OKMTH (A SoluHMi lo V\trt rwblem) 6M ' K . . HWIglas rralrle 'Orove, ArVTinsaK Acroti From BiltlclleU I'-iik · ENNY E. »«AL« Local Instructors Attend Home Economics Seminar Joining 6,000 colleagues, from] across the nation for ah updating of .information and .skills, Mrs. 'W. "C., William^,, home, economics- teacher " at':·. WcJodlanti Junior^Higb, attended the 63rd annual- Meeting of ;th'e American Home Economics Association in Detroit this summer,' . Under the theme, VMotiva- tion 'for . Involvement," :; the meeting concentrated on implementing qhange in m a n.y areas of family living.-An exposition of 400 booths showed new products and services in home' economics.;; ;.; , . , :; .,':'·; Concurrent sessions covering issues of L aging, environment, nutrition,' motivation, consuniT erism and housing 'repeatedly saw the "quality of life" as top priority. New educational and service techniques were discussed. ·.' , , ' '. HOlrtElWAKER : 'SERyiCES The-'meeting Ldirectly brought the pr'omjse of riew legislation to provi de homemaker services in health and welfare 1 programs. Rep. Martha Griffiths (D-Mlch.) and Rep. Margaret Heckler i(R- Mass.)i who shared .the,- platform, said that in a pro-program, conference -they,, had 'de cided to co-sponsor'the legislation which would reduce the need;' for nusing home services and permit home economists and health-care aides to pro vide in-home help in crisis or chronic circumstances, The sesiori was;' opened b: Harvard sociologist Daniel Bel who 'analyzed 'the bases o change and ended with the in stallallon of 1972-73 President Dr. Marjorie East, Head of the department of home economic education,' Pennsylvania State University, University Park Outgoing president is Dr. Nao mi G. Albahese, dean of th School' of Home.'-Economics University, of North i Carolina Greensboro. Klislia Gray I ormer chairman of ^Whirlpool orporation, Benton,, : Harbor, ;h., urged home economists o improve consumer satisfac- on by educating consumers nd business and improving ommunlcatlons. . EVALUATE RESULTS Mrs. 'Elizabeth Duncan Koonz, U.S, -Department,of Labor, hallenged the home economist o do even more in this "car- ng profession." She went on to ay, "Don't get so busy with he process, that you don't have !me to: evaluate the results." - n an address," entitled "Don't lit on the Sidelines," Mrs. Slizabeth, Carpenter, author and public. relations;. executive, ormer press secretary and staff director for Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, concluded the "annual meeting at the pacesetters dinner. Other home economists from this area attending the Detroit meeting were Dr Mary E. Cpt University of Arkansas a n d Vfrs. Maxine Smith,;John Brown ion, Dr. Reba, Davis, and Dr. Dorothy Laery-representing the University, Springs. Checking Law LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Secretary of Slate Kelly Bryant said Wednesday he was checking state law to see if he had authority to investigate the records of The Election Laws Institute. ' Walter CarrUlh of Lexa, chairman of the American Party in Arkansas, asked Bryant to use authority under the state's Non-Profit Corporation Act of 1963 "to require 1 Thomas Glaze's one-man institute to produce its records." When Il's H O T . . . . You're NOT - With an Evans Mobile Home CENTRAL DIKE UNIT Special "(ash and Carry" $CIU|00 August Sale Price WW 36,000 BTU UNIT -- Complete; Ready · To Hook Up. ROGERS REPAIR SERVICE 1018 Eatt Township Rood Phon* 521-1471 FREE PANTYHOSE! 1.29 PANTYHOSI IS ALL SHEER! Nude nylon waisMo- toe. Glamorous, yet long-wearing. In two proportioned With Purchase of any Pair of Reg. Priced Womens or Teens Dress Shoe OUR toOTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR BACK TO SCHOOL Buy Your Children's 'Shoes At Wards Family Shoe Department and Get Them A Free Yo-Yo. GIRLS'REG. 3.99 SCHQOL DRESSES Polyesfer-cof- ton; need no A *q Ironfng* 3-6X. O rot *? DOUBLE KNIT SLACKS/ Smooth polyester flares. 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