Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 18
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B-4-- INDEPENDENT ·"*"· «""· "'· Mlrtl "' "" ROY Santa Anita Handicap L«jreh.Jli_ci««r-F««i Trainer Neloy Tries for Big Stakes Triple JI7»-- FIRST RACE, i rurloan. -r»«r-«liit and up. rurw 7»-- FIRS IneteK Horn 113 Galvln (Usseryl ----,--- i (48 High Wheeler (Umbertl « 2S37 Sea Smacker llum) ---~ 1 (!«51)Whsl Have You (Harmati) _..- 3 !789 M1HI CIIY (DUD __ 10 l!7SS)Any (Xi Seo ' tM spot _-------· out ·v AiiKiitto 1 Pnii Trainer Eddie Neloy's divide-and-conquer p o 1 i cy gets another test today when he sends key horses to the post on three racing fronts. Only at Santa Anita among the major tracks will Neloy not be represented. Neloy will be represented .in the 1V miles nf the 550,000-added Donn Handicap at Gulfstream Park by stretch-running D a p p e r Dan; the $45,000-added Louisiana Derby at the Fair Grounds by Stupendous, one of his many top flight 3-year-olds, and in the $25,000-added Old Line Handicap at Pimlico by Time Tested. All three of Neloy's ^ entries are owned hy r a e m IRD RACE, i iwiongj. 4-rtiMUi IIKI »». porn «s«. Toe cinmiiw fo ers o ( (ne phipps family. ·Wl WlnnWchance (Shcemalcer).... ^ 1821 Kino's Tonka fPltrcs) . ' !7S5)Anv (Xi Secrel (Robertson) -- « J834 a-Blue Nlghl (Yca;a) _-- 17 im Big Holiday (Matxjrney) - --- 11 1674 Prairie Jet (M. ValemuiU) .- 8 ?7tJ Sam Sale IBaie) . J 2SJ1 Golorlk (Alvare;) --_- » 7834 Soring Charger (Sherman) .-- 13 2824 a-Salllng BV (Pierce) . ' 2837 Ter-CW-Beno (Snoemaker) 1* A--L. C. Howird-tralnta enlrv. LONGSHOT--BLUE NIGHT. ... Placed rtohl firb«t effort W 117 Alw*Y* a IrVea . ^- 7-2 120 Come* off wlnnffTB r»t« 4120 Would b* no lurorlit frl 1JO Demands swcporl _ 6-J ' Solid hwosrwl chance . S-1 Chased belter , ]M Nectfs easier J5-) Would tiav« io lyrorist --,,.__ 15-1 Figures to weaVen -- 20-1 'Hardly trouble then ___ 20-1 Scratched ,1) 114 117 117 114 IU 117 tnt--SECOND RACE. 4 furlongs. 1-ynr-olds. AlkwlnCM. Pur 5419 AlslKl (Pineda) (vmactu Rlvagt (Blum) 77S3 TIs Cricket (Ycata) 274] Mtgsecco (M- Valenmela) (7U3)There Goes Sam (Harmu) -2(19 Wayside Irw (Bate) 7819 Promoter [ACvartz) ___. n$ 4-1 2SJ7 Reel Selty (Pineda) 8 !Z72Sa-Track Plumber (plr--- 2SOO Corfcle [GiKllne*) (272Sa-frack PjumberJPIerce) 2S19 2753 snarrv inoian luiazi 274 a-sir Marco ^Sherman) _ 13 *--W. A. P«t*r»n-tra1neJ'ealrY. LONGSHOT--FLEET BETTY. 11 120 May never look back 120 Comes oil «aiv win c ^ 117 Helps make It a lough rac* . 1,7 Figures dose ___ . 120 BeaT easier last 117 Reaulre* top rac* IM Wlfl make Them hvntlt m S,5*«d to threaten ,, 1» Willing but In tOUflh 117 May need easier -- 15-1 170 Only an outUd* chance L.. 20-1 117 Figures amoro itrawler: 117 Scrarched. caps last summer. . Stupendous, a Florida stakes winner but sixth in the Flamingo after forcing the early pace, gets into the ) '/ miles of the Louisiana Derby with 115 pounds. He'll be ridden by Kenny Knapp and receive eight pounds from Williamston Kid and five from Low Son and Sails Pride. Eight s p r i n t e r s a r e entered in the 17th running of the $10,000 Albany Handicap at Golden Gate Fields where a 61-day meet opened Friday. Other feature events include the $10,000-added Rebel Handicap at Oaklawn Park in which He Jr. will attempt to pick up 123 pounds and give weight to nine rivals at one mile and 70 yards and the 1 VS miles of the ?15,nrK)-added Florida Handicap at Florida Downs with Renepachie and Sunstruck picked lo .battle it out for first money. AnnounctiMnh 00 117 Usually 'doiei WL 117 Demands supoort \M Looked good wtnrtr.g lasl 117 Chzsed belltr 117 Threat lo upset 115 Not overmatched here L_.~ 10-1 117 Chanc* too to boitom ^-. 10-1 OURTH RACE, i furlongi. 4-vcar-Clds ind Up. ClHIlfKd i 2S12 Chldero [Lonoxleo) 4 114 Should mver mlsj 7-5 M12 Valiant Mar {HanacM 5 118 Dangerous loday . S-2 ,2812 Chins* Kim (Lambert) « 111 May I aft a Mrt __ _·_ 4-1 · ··· - · ,, 1 112 Sixed to'threaten * ' 2 114 would hav« to iurenii i _ 7 Hi Appears least likely 1 .-2W Royal Ertfel (stiefmanl 2 -27M KnlgM Prowler («l«nn;eli _ 7 Actor-ll (Pineda) ; LONOSHOT-- ROYAL EIFF1 114 Scratched. Ilii--FIFTH RACE. 1A mlltl. 3-yeir^lds. Allewancel. PurM I7SCO. 7335 Broken Bubble (Blum) ----. [MasilTxJran FloMer HJsserv) ---. 11 2791 Hudson Vallev (Lambert) 2 115-May upsel lh«m -" -Yobably go In* favorite 5-3 . 2819 Klran Favor (Ycjia) . -- (2SlB)Galanm3rf (Pierce) ___ 2835 Soundlcriber (Yanel) -- (?3001Copv Cat (Harmafz) ____ 2333 Go It Alone (Bale] -----. 27M Sfaa« Clown (Morenol _ __ (2as5)Roman's Day (shoemaker) ---- ----- Trvlno reMal 115 Danoerous all the wav """ slew ua form wFruitno ract -- D A P P E R DAN, with Braulio Beaza making up most of his 114 pounds, will attract strong support in the Bonn hut the favorite's role is likely to fall to Pia Star topweighled with 121 pounds. Pia Star recently won the Widener Handicap a f t e r matching the world record for one mile and winning the Suburban and Brooklyn Handi- SANTA ANITA RACE RESULTS Copyright I Mi by Triangle Publicalkm, Inc. Los Anwkt Turf Club, Inc., *Sarrt« *Ani!* PaTM, Arcadia, Calif.. Frtdiv, March 1, I9«-- Firty-thlrtJ day el Si-day Winter meeting. Coimret» finliHe» Jill ram onllrmed by QHkial anolxhart camtra. Irdex Hone 2741 Moolah Bull, A Sultan 2770 Rich Intent, W R Hawn 330* Kind Tcmlaj, Suisun 5,a 2815 Luster Gem, J H Selrv 2797 Doc's Star. LucW Plerrt 2733 Tim Kevtrt, P Berin 27?7 llstKoroWem, R B 5ta 2752 Lee Crownover, Ballenger 715 Lov«lv Dawn, L C Howard 1554 Poker Chip Jim, A Juieter 2778 Flylnoohere, RBjmvss(n jJW6 _T: _V_. JiKVan, M Clernaj.5 _yyt. PP '117' 6" 117 II 114 7 112 v 117 10 117 2 117 3 117 5 114 4 117 1 117 I 114 12 Vl Str. Fin. JoOty K 81 m Yane* 21 Blum 3-* Lambed 414 Alvarez SI Medina · TEme-- ~.TTi's, :XWi, :Si%, 1:11%. Cloudy, rack last. Tmiperatur* 72 degrees. $2 Mutuels Paid Moolih Bull __._,,_.,, *r.W Jl« Rich Intent 4,71 33t Kino Tomlas ,, ,, 3.O Srart good from gale, won driving 1 . Muluel pool 1138,6(M. MOOLAH BULL emerged from the " a f t e r the start, i defeat at rrvid- HI yj OH 12 10k IP* f 7J IU TH 10H 12 12 PJneda !.._ Mahorrny 4JO Tretos 43.20 ss:! er ^s Harmati 1 slretch and drew off untjer conllnued urging to win oolno away. RICH INTENT* steadied at tne break* rushed uo at- proachlng the far furn to r^cie for 1he lead white en ine extreme Otilsldf, stav« with the wlrjier lo tha furlona Do'e and tired. KING TOMIAS, taken In rund early while waiting for rooni r was not oood enousn wnen clear In Iht slretch. SCRATCHED--Sludow's Ace. Rich Time Corrlknal, Red Rocfcy. Roman's Bond AH hut Bond AH WarfacX] 12 115 ,-?B35 Fun Aoaln (CHail US LONGSHOT--COPY CAT. __^_ IIS Beat easier ·tttl-- SIXTH RACE. IrV miJtl. 4-Ytar-Olgs mtl op. AllowinMi. Parse · 2330 Roval Adventure ($h«emB:er).. 3 7.130 Carl C. (Lamberi) 7 ?327 /Alrinacue (Mahornev) 4 2«37 Gallant Rocue (Harlackl . 11 27M Triple Light (Yaner) P , 2330 Tamlrish (Robertson) S 7B31 Hock Me Not (Blum) 14 281) Reslore (Usservj 17 7822 Bv The Way II (Pineda) . 10 2773 Destination (Longden) 6 2S4» peller [Harniati) 1 7787 Super Orbit (Dial) 7 2BS Cardigan Bay (Alvarez) I · 2530 Snlos and Snails (Ycaia) 3 (23111Gr:clcus Heslod (Bale) .._ The one (o beat 120 Never better than now 114 May surprie them 116 Dangerous air the wav 130 Will *ECD them honesl ,, Lonpshot tnreat . ... Will force the pace . 118 Sharp-Improvement r«eded 118 Will probably weaken _; 114 Toufln one-to fluwe ,, IU Hardly trouble 1hese 114 Scratched. Hi Sera (eh ed. 120 Scratched. 114 Scratched. fled i!low«nce5. Pun« · 7S57 a-Real Good Deal (Snoemaker) 3 (231?)Gummo (Blum) 4 Z7« Getaway Hlcht (Yean) 1 WM Old Albert (Usservl 5 2339 Carpenter's Rule (HarMck) 7 27i8 Make Money (Pineda) * 7S39 GBJTrtn (Loncdenl 4 '(278S) Vcnturanza (Mcrenol ,, 1 2£31 a-Real Sweet Deal (Yan«) f , 7J12 Travel Orb Ba« ID a--J. W*Mact-4rxTned entry. LONQSHOT--MAKE MONEY. 114 Second vs. Native Dancer . 114 Rgurcs only a |umo away 117 Good recent races i-1 114 Oil appointment so far A-l 1)4 Excellent workt to recommend 8-1 IU Chance off best 10-1 115 Besl eailer last s'art 15-1 117 Stablemais looVi betlir 2-1 IK Scratcfied. San Juan Capistrano * . . Page B-l irrd up. Purs* i*000. Too tlilmlng · 2205 Brovrn Patch (shoprriBker) "·«""·"·'" Wave [Baie* '·'·' 'Hartac _ e fBlum) Trident Jet (Userv) TM 4 Twyneth Tco (Alvarez) 2811 HI Hessle (V, 2S41 Chase Eddie . 7605 Trident Jet (U 2794 Twvneth Teg ( ._ _.. . 241 Satisfadlon (M. Valenzuelfi)^^ to ·2341 King CMD (Lambert) _i " t 2743 RuUah .Roosl (Pineda) ,, · lUt Grey Abbol (Mahomry) ," LOHOSHOT--TRIDENT JET. x--Five-pound apc-rentree allftWAne 117 Should handle this field 120 Trying repeal win ; :. 5-2 IM Touch combination to beat 3-1 Speed to threaten 4-1 Would be no surprise . " ~ _. Longsnot threat -. 117 Willing but In touch 117 Would ha 1 ' 114 Way be 117 Oulsldi chance. 117 ScrntcF.i ' ve Eo surprise to-j Dlaced too low 10-1 ANGELS HOUSING- (Continued from Page B-l) new stadium." Haney explained the decision of May and Cardenal to investigate a particular 131-unit apartment on Fairway Drive in Orange. "We have received a great deal of literature on housing availability in the .Anaheim area and it is all p o s t e d on the bulletin bnard in the r.lubhnuse." -said Hancy. "They felt this . particular apartmenl hnsl suited the needs of (heir ', families." Seal Beach--44 pamngtri en ? CAitghl 31 bonlro, 90 hdllbul. PACiftC Landing--3? pasiengers boats caught 118 halibut, 2 calFco ba^s,! ?» bonlto, 14J rock cod, 1 Co* cod, J sole. . Plirpcinl Landmo--?7 pi»«Aoer* on 7, bnals cauotit 11 calko nass, » ro 7A mhccllaneoui. ....Balboa-40 tautmtn. r." 3 bo«J; Af|iiatic (Hubs Aler.l .,, ("nach Terry Gillis' Long Beach Aquatic Club faces (he I.akewnod Aquatic Cluh this morning at 9 in the Wilson High pool. Admission is free. Friday's Fights Rome-- Pfero Del Pact, 178'.*, Italy, ire. Glulio Rinaldl, m',',. Italy. 115) lor European [IgMrieavv ctia.iiDloii^hto: Bruno Arcarl, 137 3 .i. Italy, dec. Jce Brown, 137'',, Me* Orleani, IO|. Turin, llary -- Hlrw Benvenulf. li.. Italy, ctec. crarence James. 1A?, California. (10); Glinecce Sabri. 111. Turin, dec. V/alfllrr reverrA. 130. Bra/)l. {/I. "We drove up with our wives after p r a c t i c e Wednesday," revealed May. "The manager (old vis that he had only one available unil, way in the hack, and why don't we share it for the season. "Well, how are two families supposed lo live in one apartment? We later learned that several apartments were vacant. "We then went to another building which had a sign in front advertising the availability of'one and two hedroom units. However, the manager said he had nothing for us. We got the some response when we called a place in Garden Grove which had been recommended to us. "Afler all this, we were actually afraid to look any further. Until the offers started corning in today, we felt we might have to return to the L.A. area." Vir. Power, ^odfalher to the Angels' Negro and Latin A m e r i c a contingent, warned that further discrimination is feasible. "i'm sure that Jose and Rudy weren't refused because they look Italian," said Power. Haney still might have to huild an apartment house in the basement of the new sla- dium." Grass Race Triumph by Fantastic By ERNIE MASON Fantastic Jim, packing lop- weight of 127 pounds, forged ahead in the final yards to win the featured $12,000 Hill- -J side Distance Series Class II Handicap at approximately a mile and three-quarters on the turf before a crowd o 24,544 at Santa Anita Friday Jerry Lambert was aboard Fantastic Jim, a 4-year-old son of Doninate H, who defeated longshot Exponent by three quarters of a length in a thrilling blanket finish. King Trece was third, a nose behind the runner-up and another nose ahead of Acknowledge. « * * * TIME for the marathon test was 2:50-2/5 and Fantastic Jim paid $7.40, $5.fiO a n c $4.40. F.xponent paid $9.40 and $7.40 and King Trece returned $12.60. Jockey Marin Valenzuela was suspended for five racing 2771 Corporal Tlge, Glauburg 4 furlongs. 3-vtir-olds. Persa S4SOO. Top ctalmTnsr Driu »tr. f liC'J'tiaktY bail 1 Snoemkr 1.50 3* Ycaia 12.80 Wl. PP St. 21 ?319 Goyama Latf, R C Kldder \U 10 ZC3Aimrlcan Ruler, Bendlac* 114 6 (2735)De«r Blu«, J J Elmore 170 5 2943 Where Were You. Rodrinu«z 113 7 1343 Hindu Shc«, Will Power 114 11 (230e)CrtalIon Tocme. Hlrstfi 120 3 2771 Prln« Tomy, P V/ Evani 118 13 3717 Oil Georot, Rftwnussen 120 7 ?7SO No Proof, M H Stiver IU 9 2825 FoursFar Poona, H«m.^cnEo 113 Time-- :22Yl, :*S- :58H, f:lftt. Cloudv- Irack fast. Cnrpflrfll T(gt , , , T.iJO 5,?f J.ia Prlnct Forarfiy l.» Start good from gate, won driving. Mutuel pool 1197,279. Dally Double poel 3778,428. CORPORAL TIGE brcke Ir front, drew off around the turn without need of 10 |i 7 5' 3"k Blum 4.00 1] ID; I'M 31 4 ' pfnedn " ^.«0 9 7i 1 6 4*4 51 Hartadc S.O 11 11 Hi 7i 6* Yanez 41.70 t 41 3'1 61 7^ Uonodin 7,as 8 9 ^ 1' I 84 aH Alvarez 17.83 2 6M t, * 7^ H»rmaH 39.50 6 Hi 12 TOi 101 Medina 39.70 3 3\ 2^ 11 11 Plerc* 23.70 7 5' 5i bled M Vlnzla SS.« uraing ' and won racing hard. PRINCE FOHADAY raced dose up wrl/, was shuffled back on thi turn bul keot lo her t«it: In IJit ilrrtch to oulflnTsh GOY- AMO LAD. Latter moved Into contrnllan Trcm the outside en th* stretch turn ar.a" had oocd sceed in the drive. SCRATCHED-- Royal Oro, ComMllIno Force. ._ Daily Double-- -M«lah Bull VCorporal Tlge-- P*W S1I.70 »7 1-- THIRD RACE. 3 furlwigs. Maiden I Index Horse Owner Wt. PP 2736 PBpaa's D«]|gmt, Otiulri .15 4 Kfck Pfcat/ C M Rlno 115 A 3731 Countesi Fourway ( Blue Dla-nond 115 7 2781 deliver RullaTi, N T RAH 115 7 E 7 7 3 Flashcy Bin, J K KousHs 16 3 2511 Srvadft-'oo, A V/ Pefsa 115 10 7731 Nlorlne, Vftjy Wwry Fm 115 5 ·yur-flW flllk* brad In Citlf. Forse $UOO. Sir. ' Str. Fin. Jtekcy Odds 3 1 Ti Pineda 3.30 5 -K 7U M Valmlt 4.00 2 3* 3U H Momo 32.20 1 3"i 4' Blum SIM 4 5'i S* Hartack 3.90 7 4! £*i MaKorneV 9.73 6 7} 7i Porter 68.83 CHURCH DIRECTORY ASSEMILY OF GOD FIRST ASSEMILY OF GOD Cor. 1010 Linden. Lara Beath "l/i lh« He»r| ol th« atv" HE 7-4M7 W. P. Slliltxrs. PaHnr LAKE WOOD ASSEMBLY Rev. fc Mn. R.G. Soece WH E Candlcwood. TO 7-IStO CHRISTIAN CHURCH CHURCH OF CHRIST ra-jEm OF CKR!ST DH Amo Blvd. CHURCH OF GOP WILLOW ST. CHURCH OF GOO 1455 Wesl Willow St. Phone GA 4-4m David New. Pastor OF GOB , GE 9-S95S Rev. Wi ford L Denlnn IK) Palo Verdi AVI. POUKSQUABE GOSPEL FIRST FOURSQUARE CHURCH Rev. Bilk Adivru, Pallor 11 H) St. »t Junloero Ave. REFORMED CHURCH IN AMERICA EL "DORADO PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH 3455 ilorvaik Blvd. -- 556.I Lora Beith Irxioor Won^ilp »:» A.M Ouldoor V.'orshlp 11:M A.fA. Evmlna WortHp 7:00 P.M. Churdi School tor HI WKI 1]LM A-M. REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS LAKeWOOO CONGREGATION ?4B WoooVuU, LaVewood Sundav Services P:30 11 A.W. Elder O^PveivPa^tor GE 4-W LOMG 8EACH CONGREGAT10H flh Ollv« Suodsv Services 1 P.W. Wltllwn Llvlnojlen, P«W ivl-MM These Churcries Exist fo Serve God by Serving You INDEX OF MAJOR CLASSIFICATIONS ITl »l-H [MrLeiMENT 11.111 till, tii imut ii KEITALl » « ] ! ! · ill IHML 111-15) HITS t .JlO-IISr A U T O S . t Trusiirtll» III.Ill Announcements 00 LONG BEACH BAR ASSN. will hlln YOU get a lawyer It you reed one. 115 Pine, Room 512 Travel AO 4 CARS DELIVERER To or from «nywher« in U.S. AUTO PRIVEAWAY 3B3-130? * CARS FURNISHED FREE. An perils, U-DRIVE. DU 3-133? _ Florists days for careless riding causing interference while astride Lush Life Thursday. in the sixth race Start oood from calr, won rtdden out. Mulucf pool !247,1!5. OUEEH FKEYA brck« on top, w» laVcn lo a clear early lead, turned back SCRATCHED-Bye BuUSe, mi-- FIFTH »*CE. 1A- raltet. Mildtn l- Irxtex Harit GOLDEN GATE RESULTS 2SOO Fllckor Skoal, 2318 Reoals Jester, 2773 Vera's Papsall. ccnnetly 2311 Black Monk, H B Keck 2773 Notoriety, Hlbbert 7818 Juhle's Roan, R J Cooper 2319 Sisal Hemp, J Valoredo 7344 Skr?, E A Relnhold 2S03 Bnoma. K Gaudreau 2944 Royal Alptn, Williams _ Time-- :7M, :41 Clear, track fast. urs« s»e*. v^ K' sir. FtnTjxmy ]hd II l« IS Bhlm 3' 2H 3' 7'* Medina Shownkr " 1:12, 1:37W, l:43«. 5-t 7 10 «i _4jMO "the backTlretch^was~senrto _ ..... In the upper stretch and wen under intermittent urging. REGALS JESTER had early speed and held on well when headed. VERA'S PAPSALL offered a fcicf arwxid the final lurn then flattened out. No scratches. FROM $2.50 FLOWERS FOR Forest Lawn Funerals . HELPFUL COUNSELING Th« Flower Shop \n Forejl Liwn CHARGE BY PHONF. GENEVA 1-3517 cr TAvlor »-3131 Funeral Notices 1 CALUORI--R)chard. Son ol Mftry Caluarl. Frlendi m«v call from 2:00 o.m. SurxJay to 3:00 p.m. Monday *l PIERCF BROTHERS SOUTHWEST MORTUARY^ 37IJ Cornptofi Blvd., Lflwrraaie. ln.'ir- , mtnl Fort Rosetrans Haltonul Ctoiel-ery, San Olcgo. HAYFIELD--Ruin McLean not ^^ of 213 Belmont Ave. Survived by son, Walter R.; daughter. Ml is Margaret HayrreFd; brothsr, Jo. i«ph S. McL«an; 7 grandchildren, Servk* and Internnent Spokane, Wa*h. Local arrangemenls by B. W. Coon Funeral Home IOTH OBISPO egsl Aid, CosM ..... 3-M Also: Alatetlme, Mr. KIT), Casqulvano, Kno* ]hp Facts, Vickie's Special, Bfu« Track, Larl Ann, Serial Slar, Keen lE^G^JeT- :-»:»-· i.40 ---CO eotlm, Maese . . «.M 5.60 el of Fortune, Hern _ 8.60 Also: Tarmton, Wlnttr Storm, Chateau Madrid. McClure, Jed Ruler, Haroo, Centenella, Ready Relief, Mr. Abllily- DAILY DOUBLE PAID SM1.40. THIRD RACE-4 rurlwoi: Tumbling Rope, Hall ,, 7.00 4.00 3.2C Hushup Kids. Yaka 3.SO 3.K : irsl Up, Costa . - 4A Also:, Trlpls Threat, Sol Exil Uhaio. Single Issi-e. UacShawn. FOURTH RACE--i furlongs: CONSENSUS I TERRY (117) HOLLY nm ICMSiniUS tlTt) Sea Smacker I Galvln in Hichwheeler(91 I ?eaSmacVerf7) ATslad (I?) TisCrlckelKl . _jlden I Kino's Tonka WlnolncCnanc Golden Wed ... I Kino's Tonlta I Klng'sTonkal4l I I CMclero I Valiant Wan I Oiarot Htm [ Chfclero Valiant Hdit CnaroeHInn Chlclero Bud 'N Bob Vallanl Man I CtikHro 111) Valiant Mar, r5) CHarceHlm (41 Indian FlgnJer BrokenBubb'e fey I -VKjndtertber 5 1 BrokenBubble I KIr.g's Favor I Klnoi Favor Indian Fishier lixHan Fiohler BrokenByblil I Hudson Valley I Roman's Day I Hudson Valle 6! RoyalAdvnlur I Carl C. I RoyalAdvntur 1 Carl I Carl C. Galfanl Rogue Cart C. Gallai I Mlrlnam-e I RovalAdvnlur I Tamlrish I Minn, ·y! a.RealGODeal I a-RealGdDeal I a-Rea 8 I BroknBubblefl) KFr-g'sFavor(S] I lndlanflontr8) Carl C. " " nt Roc lague fl-RealGrfbeaJ | G ^ TW1I1GdD Royf Advntur(9| I GafrrviRoouefO HIT! Wse Ctdtr Key Plague Brawn Pitch Cover v/avt I Cedar Key i Hill Rise \ A-Polar Sea Cedar Key ·fill Rise 'am Cat IT! IHIIFRIse (H) i Piawt m .' Cheic Eddie 1 Brown Pfltcn ' ·ownPatchi'1'i ivir Wavft (7) N0;e-Humfc«r «rur ^aprfic^pp«r'l name Daddy Bob, Cans*. .._ Grounded/* Fancy, Je Hal Check, Hakwsw 3874--SIXTH RACE. A fu Top claiming pfji A furlongs, ice m.soo. FilTlei A mwei, 4-year-flfdi j Index Hone 7S01 Clemald^, J Hvssen 27W LaurleblrtJ, 0 FranVel M01 Piacevole, J Go'd 2iW Frtouent, M S McCarthy 7779 JerfwrrindV, W N Modpfl (272i)0ueen Ruler, P Groom 2M1 Julte's Ring, L Hug 277? Feet's Fancv. J J Ermw 3iTU Mi« Rose AVMY- Schillz 2775 Mlssle Miss. Gem Slate 117 117 117 1 117 117 9 iu a 1.7 5 IU 10 4 101 10' 11 'ame . Jtckir odds Harmati T Alvaret 3 1 Baze ISO 4~ Lambert St 5-^ Medfiw S4... 6- Velasguz 13.10 7- Mahornv 17.50 8" Shoemkr 7.30 9' Pineda S4.30 101 Blum 43 W 11 Yanel II.U MValnita 4.70 - 10.00 4.70 ---- 6.40 -5.00 ---------- 9.00 ' Also: Hammered Steel, Teevun, Klna's Roar, Boslon Fool, lrl»h Pro, Toval Streamer. FIFTH RACE--) A miiei: Se* Rover, Chspmn .,, S.M J.W 3.W Lonostowc, Maease . . 9.60 A.?0 Son O'Penani, Yakn ^. . - -- - 4M Also: Breule, Counl Irrbros, Secrd Po Ice, Beoeru-T, Gk(. Irish D:Triccr. SIXTH RACE--MIIC , A ,, M ,,, Me return, Chaomn ... 4*0 3.» ?.K Honeyhe,. Valik* i.« 4.X Oyeen'Ji Geoerfll, Roberlion ,, S V. Also: Ma-r MeGce. FIvlAO Musir, Jn vern. Crania Dom», Ho^eit J«ck. P^^i SEVENTH RACE-^ V?"**; .. ,, Rap Ann, Nafcapw* . . ll.» 5.'0 '.« Ad-LIb Konev, YAka 4. AorolMC.'an, Canesas . . Also: Gatxlda, Social M'ss, S««n-i..u, Mlsi BsbacHarger, Casv's Honey. EIGHTH RACE--4 fu/lMigi: Quick Quick, Mats- ,, 3.O 7.M 1.» Soy Fo»f, Chaoman 3.W 7.60 Hloh Pav, Harrier ?.» Also: Rtahl Wiao M, BrcVerj S'eel, Klna Kerry- NINTH RACE-Mlle: Udlfte, Hall - 6.M 360 2.30 C ic Ad? I. Yaka *· Bragania. . Also: Slack-Tuird, Mr, Ef*a, F Fred, AcGLftslllai Jr., Silk RFno. . Oulda B. 3-1.70 ir« 1 Bird Of Nflrmandr ClemaFrfa - _ * Start good from gate, won driving. Mu!uel poel $289,57?, OLJIOA B., outrun early, found her best stride in the slretcn to come thrcugh )M«I, made up around on Ihe itretch turn end continued on willingly to Tus miss. CLEMALDA TIBO" oood speed In Ihe llnl lurlon? lo finish ftleit of a V*W1* Alono the (flilrif. SCRATCHED--All Imo, Primer Amor. vjrnner S412J. teconrf STWO, third $1135. hurth ST5. , 10. BO . 3.20 Jn-tJex Han "fVsiVlMlsi Kat Bird, Rch Tecdole HB 11 iyu Cult Rila, J K HtHJSseU 111 5 7G2S Mellow Marih, Arroyo Parcdon 111 15' 773^ Fleef Treal, E B JoMilon 120 4 27741 Marfcopa County, HemacinFo 11J 7 (263l)Fint MarrFage, C M Rlno- 1?0 9 747,5 Enclfsh TofTce, TcnouellAi 118 ? 2323 a-WirwjV Kale, J Jocov 13 a 2431 Whal A Charmer, McCaHhV 116 4 2«A Sailor's Alibhal, Gem Stat« 114 1 77B3 a T^lfreh, G Putnam KlJX? 1 1 _ aj-Cnucled Talleeli__A- Wndy Ksfe L T I ME--: 73, : 4"Pl'i, : 57, \:tyn\. Clear, .-acX fasl. Mlu Kal Bird . MM J.M X.OO Cut? Rila .. *.« 4M ^ellcw Marsh .- -.. _ -- *.7f Start good from pare, won easily, Muluel Doof S300J13. MISS KAT BIRD, unhurried in Ihe open- jpg Furlongs, wcru to the front In 1he upper strelch nnd sleadiV drew off wlth- V* Vi Sir. Fin. 3M 21 PlritdA 10' a; 5-1 7« + 10' Al 41 8 ' f 1! 11 S-* Matxxny 41.70 vt M Valnzla 6.10 7i| Stum 2.J9 6' Pierce 74.40 «'i Medina II 11 Hull . II.CO 117.40 74 « In RETZ BEST Probflblt Winnir---Brown ,,_. B-t-Rroken Bubh'e r n 51h. Best Mcn«y Prrnotr.t-- fl^ Crlrkef ?nd. V/ln P,*r1.w-- Chlrl*ra 1n -H-i In Rfit Advfflluf^ In ith- Lfras^nl Special--R«i.» Niehl In 1 L u c k y Louisr T -- H oh V«tn!(1er, ft* Smarktr, .01 WAV, )_A[ilfV,, Bcw Riv^W, T.-acV rinrrl 3--Winning Chfwcr, FtviJ's T i f c k , KI A-ChMlcro, VA I la-it Ww, Bud 'V I. _5_lA(jlart FFotiTer, Bro1t«n Pubbl*?, Staae ' t,--Carl C, Gracraoi Heiiod, Rov^l vtnture. 7--Real Good Deal, G'jmnvj, Getaway 4--HUT Rii«. Ceddr Key. Ttxtl C*t 9-Chaie Erfdlr, Brown Palch, S«lis 6EST BET--Will fi'ie 1n 81h. BEST CHANCE BET--Tudor Fnme In !\Iasoti\s Spesials REST BET--Hill Rile In Jin, BEST CHANCf. BET--TrlDf* Llohl hi Jth. PREFERRED T A R L A Y -- C a r l C. to Hill CLOCKER'S TlP-Cedur KtV * *lh. BANKROLL SPECIAL--Sl*ffi Clfrwn In ! need of urging to wfn with locrd ire. CUT£ RITA lacked enovgh a speed fo bf with the leaden, found h-j but stride In Ihe slrtfch fo imorove h« emalned on the oulsTde aroofrJ ih« lurn then raced well In ih* drive. Ma icratchei. "237*--EIGHTH RACE. About Pi mi I EI on turf. "l-yearHJltft aad up. The HiHilcte Index Hortc Att. ADOttT I'* mnei on luri. i-' et, Claii HinxHcap. Parse l2,000. Owner (?735)Fantastrc Jim, F Frankrl 23}? Exooncfit, f Gardmhlr* 27S5 King Trece, M Yacoro MM Acknowledge, Swfft 7S29 I'll Be RefldV, R Chavez J785 Gel Lucky, LlanaoUen 2735 Street Fafr, R C KltWer M22 Lou Lucas, Kerr Sta 7753 Crafty Pupil. OrWt Fm Poacher's Pockel, ^owan . Clr _ . . ..... King Trete . . . - . - - H-» Siart wod from gale, wnn drfvlno. Muioeloool U?7,52, FANTASTIC JIM, outrun for mare Ihfln mile, came ur ffl»l on the ifrerch turn 10 11 11 10' Ml. Sir. FI/i.Jock»y RUHR--Mn. Btuw Ann ag* 5§ ol 7803 E. 5th St. Survived by soni, Alvln, Rooald a^d Walter Kuhr; molher, Maude M. Hunt. Service Monday 10:00 a.m. In chapel of B. W. Coon Funeral Home IQTti OBISPO LONGSTAFF -- Grover Cleveland." Graveslrfa service 3:00 p.m. Sai- ixdav at Weitmlmler Memorial Park Directed fav WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY AND CEMETERY. pHAFF-Evelvn of 168 E. 44th St. Survived by rfauohlir. Mri, Lem Connor; Granddaughter, Wri. WH- ma C»pe; great-oranason, trie " C*oe; 2 brolliers; S sister*. Se«-- vfce Monday 1B:M a.m. PATTERSON SNIVELY S5S LOCUST AVE^ REYNOLDS--Margaret L. Of MM Harvev Way. Mass pi Reaulem Mondav 10:00 a.m. SI. Maria Gorelti Church. Lakewood Mortuary 3936 Woodruff Ave. Funeral Notices 1 while on Fr.e «jtsfd(. settled Into the _. strelrh nicely io wtar dcwn Ihe pace- a late b*d and hurvo. makers a~d win under stern urging. I Ms icralrhes. EXPONENT raced on Ms own courage 1 · Lambert 7.70 _ ' Alvarel 10.M 5 5'i a» 3i li 3" Yanel 24.80 7 7- 5" 5' 4 ' l 4-* Camoss 5.» * 4. i- 5H 51 51 Harmali 4.W ? 9 I lo a' i 1 '} Snoemkr 4.SO 3 !· 7'l II 71 7' Blum 13.30 I 7' 3'i 4- t'i K MVInila 9 SO II 10'i ?' 01 »' «' Moreno 7.70 7 «* } " It' if #* ri " W -^ to tne final lurn, found room between horses In Ihe drive lo finish with oood soeed. KING TRECE was hustled earlr to set a oood position, was forced In lose around, moved up steadily out Ihe internxd'ate stages, toe manrl from I'LL BE READY _ Ihe stretch and Droved stubborn In Ine run lo Ihr wire. ACKNOWLEDGE had '3377-- NINTH RA~C"E. !'/« miles*. 4-year-olds and up- t«p ciaknino twlct $4000. Pgrse WOO. Index Harse _.. Graham, Ellfaes Fm fl7 7 . . dh4.ost Link, G Rvkofs 117 1 .. dh-Jrsomo. J Eyraud 117 4 Mi) Klack Kllcfcetv, StaUelman 112 i 277.4 Valiant Vator, K S Broiiie 117 t JS50 Combten, D Porter 117 6 yzyi Dos Seoundos, Souia 117 11 2327 Robert S., C U So.Ver 117 3 1KA Innovator, J H Selev IU 2 2823 Honest Boy, MCNallV 120 12 2778 Aliberrv, F R F Sla 120 9 7032 Bobbv's Leoacv. Snanahan's 114 10 dh--Dead heat for place. ' Time--:?3, :iS',s. iYTltt. l:3JVi, l:Jl'Vi. Cloudv, trade fast. or. Graham . 10.40 4.40 4.M rth-Lest LWk 4.»0 J.IO dn--Jeumo 7.« MO Start oood from oat., won driving. Mutuel oool S3II.OM. Tola! mvluel hand't i;,S47,47i. S'i. 1 s 17. 12 12 IP 11 111 111 101 10 9'l V 10' i f : Porter Yanez I Sherman Allendance--24444. OR. GRAHAM, unhurried farlv. rallied along rail, tarflrd anead of leade strelcn so win 0oTng awav. LOST saved around, wai runner up on rmr saves srounc, wni n turn and fkilihed on even Terms e fall closing JE50PNO. SCRATCHED--Old NlcoHuS. flnl «llh mottelts 909 I. 3rd S.rVlce Saturday V:30 Moltell'j Cluoel. THOMPSON -Service Saturday Mottell's Chaoef. ALORICH -- Meda Lucy. TM Kennebec Survived bv brolh- er Frank E. Kane; sisler, Louise Clodfelter. Service SaSfciiiy 1:Ca P.A*.. Mottell's Chaoel. SMITH -- Cora Lee. Servlc* Salurday 7:00 P.M , «totleirs Cnaccl. W E Y E R -- V/illlani Randolph, 3« Euclid. Survived by son, Robert W.; 3 (jrancJchllc'ren. Service Sunday 2:00 P.M., Motreirs Chaoel. NELSON -- Rudolof Albert. Service Mondav 11:00 AM, Mollell's Chaoel. FRANKEHFIELD -- CjrrlJ Edna. Service Mondav 1?:M P.M., MoKrirs Chaoel. LIVINGSTON -- Hainan, firave slcft service Monday 1:30 P.M. Veterans Admlnis'ra. lion Cemeterv; dlrecled hv Mollell's Mortuarv. BUTLER -- Frances F. 5/r- vice AHondav J:00 P.M., Molfell's Chaoel. PARXER -- Ella, 102 So. 23r Street, San Jose: formerly o Lons Beach. Survived bv sisler, Alice M- Ross. Service Mondav 3:00 P.M.. Mo1- It ITS CtixnV MOORE -- Elliabelh. Sen will be announced. ARNOLD -- Irene, 843 It nolla. Servke Monday · P.M., Morten's Oiaoef. WALSH -- Alfred William, 706 E. 3rd. Survived bv wile Evelyn M.; dawhlers, Mrs, Margaret hUllen and Mrs Barbara Sexton: sons, Alfred W. Walsh Jr. and Geoffrey L.: sisler, Mrs. Doris Bocfy; Ii orandchlkfrtn; A oreaf · grandchildren. Service Sunday 3:30 P.M., Mollelri Funeral Notices 1 STRICKLAND--Louis Eugene. Service ?:« p.m. Momfav at V/es1- mlnsttr Memorial Park Cnensl. Directed by WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY. Cemeteries-Mausoleums 5 {And Monuments! CEMETERY lot, V, fl coll. Call Ocug Mecnam, 437-4757. COMPAtllON--Ground crvot, Greeo Hills Cemelerv. 422-Q177. 2 OR 4 cemetery lots. Forest Lawn, Cvoreji. Sac. I7!S «a. 1710 S?74?33. I PLOTS --Green Hills Cemelerv, San Pedro. KM. 430-417«. CRYPTS -- Beaut. Angeles Abbey Mausoleum. Under cosl. 31-520Q' ! CEMETERY loll, Sunnvilde Maj| soleum, $340 ea. HA 9-7350 Income Tax 9 (Preoraticn) LET EXPERIS PREPARE YOUR fa* Fed. Staio S5 Up H4R BLOCK, INC. Amprlca's Lnroest Tax Servke Come in (or vour free la wver N32 E. 7lh SI. Lorvg Be«ch UG9 E. Arlests Ho. Lorvg Bearh 1412* S. Weilern Ave. G»rd«n* BIOS Wfslmtn^ter V/eslml/isler I7i9 Garden Grove Bl. G. Grave U317 Pioneer Blvd. MerwrtlV 12901 5. Hswlhome Bl. lUwlhorne Ha aDOolntmenl ntcesiarv 4U 0915 Wkdyi., 9am-9 pm; Sat., Sun. 9-5 INCOME TAX In Your Home ; Bolh Federal state, short form 15. Long form 112. Phone for xp- INCOME TAX 14 vrs. experience. All forms Ivoed J. Wlof. checked, e. All 1 id. Yot IduaL . Individual, wnjll business B. rental. Latest Informsllcnv Reasonable. Available vveekendi fc jmfnfncy. CalLtor apoi. HA 9-4lSJi. FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES" Ex^er. Sta'^ -- Permanent Offre* ESTATE PLANNING by ACD't. ER JR. AVE. ASSOC: S. W. ~" ~%IST A ST ORES 71 TAX DEPT. S500 CHERRY, HLB. All returns exoerllv orepired bv prnf'Js. FrQm S3.M. _ 531-72J3 C. E. PR' llBl'An.v.'t.c Ave":,~t.'B. ~CA~i^97'd EDWARD J. MORTON DEMIKG TAX i BKKPG. SERV. Deoer.cfdble-Accurats returns In privacy convenience ol vovr hooi e. Day VTM730; eve M E 3-5W .ONG IDEM 18 INCOME TAX-ACCOUHTIHG 5EP.V. Bcskkteo.r.0 RAY LARSEK T4400 Bellflower Blvd. TO a-7711 Incomo Tax Consultant Your home. 426-7166; eve 421-8563 CHARLES E. MARTIN enrolled IA nractke before the IRS. Sim Lot Covolei. Diagonal 597-1013 EXP*ERT Income T«* Service In your home. 13 up. GE 1-4621 JX'PERT Income Tl We come lo vcur TAX SERVICE. U t, UP Call 4M-M77 or 4j6-»3i; INCOME TAX SERVICE", S\t W. 1 TO St. 43MTO all. 3 P.m. Personals 11 INVESTIGATIONS MARITAL. ETC. Evan C. Jones, 533 Pine. 436-5811 call for recorded sell. Mulch. ChambUsi, GE UEN1 WUh/w^houl kalr ofccc. Heed Ihe RIGHT hajf r cut? "137-9131 GIVE TO THE CANCER FUND Ptrmmris _ NEW MENC readings, ROOKS--PflD«rbacks. "TRANSITE" PIPE Funeral Notices DILDAY FAMILY Funeral Directors Pacific Av*. at Anohtim St. BAKER-- Barbara, 310 W. S*n /inlanin. Private Eo-KODat scrvke'will b« hfld SnlurdAy, DiMnv Chaw*. ., - . . , Ave. 5«rvice Mcn- RUftf.E-- X OailV r1*v in-00 *. DE e^uvcxip -- uwi^r 7iw Eflj!ond*le. Private service StK(lAv, DUrtav Chvpl. ELLIOTT -- P^pe J., 1SA.1 Locusi Av*. Servk-« will (M HUGHES-Wil'«IPa C.. J2? J4lh Circle. Reoulem Mssi Saturday, 10:30 a m., St. BflrrjyiV*- new Calholk Church. IVES-- Eo(», 130 SanH AJIB Av*. S*rvk* Mooday 2:00 o.m. Inv marrue* Baalist CnwrJ. MOR£E-Ofb Frank, 315 W. 10lh SI. Servke Monday 11:30 *m.. CHidav Chftp«r. MORRIS-- Hurt, n H. Ddiv Ave. Servlre Saturday 11:00 ».m, Dllday Oiawr. HELSON-SVllllam H., U.S.M.r nl National Clly. Soviet will he announced. DILOAY ROWER SHOP HE 5 - A 3 8 8 or 4 3 6 - 7 0 2 4 BRAD'S RESTAURANTS 1990 PACIFIC AVE. L.B 3800 'ATUNTIC AVE.'LB. _ ___ WINNER of cwmlMelv InslaiTid bullion vacuum lysttm given bv Georae«1t Plumbing i x, Hcat.rvg O. during thi Horn*.*. . . . Rama STIITY vrai Wflvne . Rose jouih jjtte, I ot I item couni 4343' MAUREEN JONES. APPLEY~«f- CUISTIOH, or . acoualntancfs rn Lena Beach or area: write, phoni or wire collect lo John Mc-CuHion 1721 Firn Pace. ValleYo. 3i'l£ ^Phorx .m:»i7-- code 707. __ · 'JESTERS :; -n7 Beglnn«ri sqime dance dim for couplei only -- Friday nlghi^ T rv Sou«f« Dancing for Heallhv.iV.. For info. Cc 3-3JM; ^3.5Ml.y . "INVITE 3 or mo« ladlei hvTo «« Slanley Ho/ne Dem- mstrallon rectnB a vilubi utility bathroom set trtt. 4. an extra olll IF\ou menUon Ili/jf ad, "AVIATION NEEDS YOU! LEARN TO FLY-- J5WK. JJc. [nilrurtor GEM37? GE 9-2151 AS HAPPY AS THE .'FIRST YEAR. LOVE ALWAYS, PAL" Knitting Instructions Won. Wed. J lo i am'.. f,l 7 1Q 9. 10 lessons, S5. YARN MART, i» Pint, L. B. · BODY BUILD KARATE Fat or sklnnv? Daily 1-? L B Gym, a Locust. HE ?.«« "B.J.'s PARK HARDWARE 81X6Y PARK AREA _ 21 21 E. BROAOWAY OE.«-'ia'l Fl'LL vour LIFE wlln DANCING. Classes JI.55 hr, Prlv. I1M-U. Parllr.s, Fun. Filends. HE Win Mtlodv Osnce Studio, 18 Pacific Ay. , ES TOO LOW? Lei me KELP HJo GRAD your CHILD learn lo READ-- wtc. Your home. All apes. · Call 4IS-4M all. 5 . wotlieniK WANTED-Good Lono BeKtl Fosl/r Hcme for children of aH.-aflej. Call Foster Hometloders HE Hill WE kve .miners bul MINORS oJease by-Dan CIRCLE LIQUU^S 4434 P.C.H. ·_ ^5W315 SINGLE people seeking irltr.dshlD write Btverlv Social Cfub.-p. o. Box 1?7. Bellllower, Cal. TQ.S-7216 Piychic PALM B, CARD ReacTng'i' ADVISE YOU in ALL nulled 33-9Q73 tn a.m.; HE ?-91U frt-p.m. NU CASBAH HEALTH SPA ' 2 expef. youn.T lechn;, proiia^r, ba.. Orerapv. elc 7 davi. 636-68?j. V/l'LL oarly Who saw an accident at South Atlantic on Feb. ,3th 11:15 AM please call GA 2-57?? PATIENTS Kneaded--Sle-yn, Wi'si- sace. House calls. *M E. P.C.H. HE 7-3U1 . 1 f-A Social Clubs LIFE LONG Happiness begins with Frltndihhi. Meet New Friends a) CLARA LANE'S:;; Friendship Center Lost and Found ANIMAL SHELTER · - · ' UNTAGGED DOGS IMPOUNDED LONG.BEACH- Located 3001 E. Wlllcw St, Ptio^ GA 7-9?J9. Open seven days iweelt 10 a.m. lo 4 p.m. Untanerf tfcoi rn-ipounded A! the Anlmdl Shelter. March 10, 19M . Chi. male, Ian, 2 vr, : SS95 Lewli j..-.^K.« Mix, male, gray, 2 vr. .^ 5595 Lewis u.._.K-H Dfllsy, ma!e f whi 4 mo. ·,,..,- ' Ili3 Hellman L-K-S Beagle, fe, tr, 10 mo. ... :_., WOO Lonff Beach Blvd. ^...K-l Mix, male, blk, 5 mo, ,,,, S800 Olive J_..K-W Mix, fe, tan wht, U vr. ,, .,, 3CO E. Dd Amo K-XI Wire Hair X, it, red, 3 mo , - t?9S Ellerford K44 Mt», male, wtil I* brn, A mo -3421 Curry K.-41 Chf, If, brn, 8 nrw, ^_..,. - U?l Palmer Ct. ~ K-S Cocker X, trwle, blk, IVi mo., Cdtlm Schocl K,-« Pom X, male, red, J yr. -a-^ 1M7 Petakxna ,-- t?C-3 MU, nwre, blk wiif Brn, 1 vrj .. .BroatI,vBy Cherry laymoV - Also checV Counly Pourvd,' 1258 Garlletd Ave. IHuman* ~ x ?300 Gartlelrf. __^ LOST -- SACK HOE. Modil" ,,, Construction Kino. Serial ^ S ; 8 3 7 - 51M. YellSkV. Missing from .VVc. Firestone Old River '^School road, Dow-sy since Feb. . 7lh, ^ WS. LIBERAL REWARD for Inlo. leAdrr.o to recovery ofi^iCali 413,4*11; NEv 4^1273: f7U) 527-7771 -LOST--wednesdav eve. belw7 Palos ., ter. Wjisonlc Mtrk money clip. WIlMs E.D. Finder m«v keep mcney A S reward. Pleas*- rtlum mnev clto, (entirpEnlal -value. wl,' 1258 Soclitv, mU _ _ _ _ _ LOST-- Toy pbor« "D-JO, sllkv uver, lofiD b'ack ea ribune alley i Nth from , juver, lofiD b'ack ears, Tribune alley i Nth St., Mar, 7. Reward. Call collect U1-H3B; HE . _ ^DCOij. 0 wfer ve ry 111. __ : . __ ^500 REWARD lor"blVtic ourse. In"Mcf, Icil on Easy Ave. Wed. nlptil 3/7/.S6. Ph. 427-0659. __ No Quastions Asked. . , LOST-- Black brcwn part chUiun- hua female, 3 maa. old. Vk.-Oun- roblrv Can ale wood, Re\v*rd_ 867-P576 .- .. . WHITE SHAGGY toy oocdle, Malr Vic. Avalon t 723rd Si., Terrace*. ISO Rew. No o^esllons asked. _. ________ TE 4-5S77 _ ^_. _LOST-- Collie, lem., uibl* /.:whlte, " 5 yrj. old, collar 8, lie Vic. Arbor _ L. B. Blvd. Reward. GA_.?.t«9 LOST-- Black "vvaFlet, pl«ise r re!urn Dfctures, vie. bus depot -2?JO lOTh St. 434-97QB alt. P.M: = · i LOST: Femare flny poodle.' Ow/itr grlevlna. His ooodle cot. RefMrri. HE 5-CQOa or 831-5031 " LOST--Collie, yelTow vtW\t~ '5 5W',AL tf ' An »:,!ft.P 0 Bo. .Rewarn r-DOG. LOSMTfllb'S GLAS'SES CwfifteV. fVr. 4\\\ Ma\lim. 414-Wl. FOUND--Poodle. VlcfrUty pac. Coast Hwy. L.B. Blvd. · fl97-3^?-l L O S T -- B f a c k mln. .-male p«xUe. Genercui reward. gM-73T3. · _ LOST--Chihuahua, blacJt white nnale. Pjramcunt. REW. AH-S3J3 LOST: Sllver'Grav Persian Tabbv". Crtitdren^ pet. Please. tfiMOM LOST ~ Mlnlalure S«Vir poodle, "Oomlrvque." GENEROUS' 1 REWARD. a3i-tS90__Q_r 5W-1937 ;alt X LOST parakeet, veltow V/Wac\ _spots. Rcv/a/d. GE 9-S373 · J3 EMILE FdAHCEL OF TV J: Private consultation, classes .srll- ImDrovernenl, confldtnce, hvoposis t. self hypnosis. CHURCH ' LIVING SCIENCE. " P Hypnosis NEW METHOD 564-7738 Personal Problems, Itnsfpns, s'«!f imDrovement- Ooclor Invite* unusual cases. Results- ^ ^_ , WHY'IIVE ON'LY"HALF A LIFE? Hypnosis--Call 438-04IS Insurance -,'14 AUTO Cancelled. SOT'S. Slot* Filing, oref. Auto Insure any age Cancelled. LOV, RATES, PAY MONTHLY. OPEM EVES. W3? Redonda^ L.B. AKEMOM IKS. AGcNCY ·IlilflO Drs., Denfists, Chiros, . NEW METHOD is. tensifl-is. n«rson*i Droblems. Docfcr iflvlleJ unusual cases. Results. Ul-773* Health Aids 18 CHERIEb M t A L I H M UO1O. Vion derful hand massage by Cherie. Steam. IM E. 3rd. HE 743» THERESA'S MasugV f. .?mlal Bams. 1711 E. 4lri. Ooeii'S p.m.- 1 Dm. UW054 SOCIODRAMA Of IndiViChMl s By appojntim_«nt only. GE DALE St. SIMM--Missigt t «»' seuse. Mrs. 10-8. m.ffl.Wt, Stnln. WASSAGE B, Vaoor Ustti. Ooirafor. 1331 E. 8ROAOWAY. HE 3-?7!!

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