Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 3
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Unt liKk. ClIK. Taun.. **n» «, ml INOEf ENOENT-?«9« A-3 B/ B08 WELLS ' ·-?.-, Everyone's a Bit Confused This is to report that the 1963 Yearbook of the Worldbook Encyclopedia is hot off the press. And on Page 253 it carries the name of Long * I Beach's Congressman Craig Hosmer. Only--how come it identifies him as i Democrat? No, Genevieve. I won't sign a petition. The Worklbook people are red- faced over the error, but that's no reason for them to be investigated. Out of Tins World Cones now Andy Park with his own tale of Adventures With the Telephone Company. It's an incredible s t o r y , but Andy swears it's true. Futrhemore, he s a y s he's willing to take a lie- detector test. Howsoever. I don't put much stock in that because he knows full wen that Bear Bryant, Wafly Butts and the Saturday Evening Post between them have WEILS every lie detector in the country leased for the next three months. Late Tuesday afternoon Andy's home phone went out. No friendly dial tone. no link with the great big world outside. So Andy hurried off to the nearest pay phone, hoping to get service restored before he missed his chance to guess the first President of the U-S. on a telephone quiz, thus winning an unbelievable discount on a solid stainless steel silver service set He dialed "Q," explained his problem and she told him to call lit for repair service. -I caned 114," Andy said. "A man answered. He said, "What is your phone numberr I told him--J35-2603. Is that GArfield or HEmlock, he asked. With a flash of genius, I told him it was neither. It was just plain 435 on the dial. ""Well,' he said, 'are you in the GArfield or the HEmlock districtr " 'How'n'ell do I know?" I said. "He gets real huffy, tells me to call HE 5-0007 and teU them my troubles. He sayi he can do nothing from repair service unless he knows what district I'm in. -I call HE 5-0007. Another guy answers, 'Maintenance service.' I tell him my problems. He cuts me short by asking, 'How did you get this number?" I tell him. " "Call repair service back.* he teuj me. 'and tell those dimwits to quit referring you up here.* -I ponder this and say, "Couldn't you call them for me? You see, I don't know whether Tm a GArfield or a HEmlock, and I'd just stir up trouble if . . .* -He says, 'Sorry' and hangs up. This time I don't get my dime back. Blame It on Bell ·I am desperate. 1 have visions of a television rating sen-ice calling my home to find out what program am I watching. They don't get me. natch, because my phone is on the blink--so next year 'Huckleberry Hound* folds for lack of viewer interest. "I put a quarter ta the phone, call the operator, ask for her supervisor, and tell her my woes. She asks my address and confides that I'm in the HEmlock district. I write it down. I don't want to go through this again. She says shell get phone working, never fear. "By the time I get home, the phone is fixed. I call the supervisor--a Miss Vandevoor--back to thank her for her good deed, cheery voice, and inspiring example to youth, - 'By the way.* I ask, "isn't all- number caning supposed to simplify rather than confuse?* -She says, 'I wish I knew. This whole thing is something the Bell System invented, anyway.* "By then I'm laughing so hard, I go get drunk." Badham Predicts Unbridled State Control and Spending ,,· By JIM McCAULEY L P-T Sacrament! lur*a» ·SACRAMENTO -- Assemblyman Robert E. Badham, R- |"the floodgates are openlngTAssemblyman William E. Dan- 'oa unbridled state control neymeyer, D-FuIlerton. to! and state spending." Badham, a stauch conserv- make posted speed limits the, legal maximum. Prima Diyman jxooen r -_ ZMtunaui, iv- u^vin^m, « »M»M^U *^"»"-· · .~e*-* --··· - "". · Costa Mesa, forecast Wednes- ative, e x p r e s s e d concern limits now apply. . day the 1963 legislature "will about a proposal in the works] Dannemeycr introduced a · · ' " to reduce the work week of bfil to require all three-judge. be-the most costly in the history of mankind." State lawmakers are considering a record $3.25-biHion budget. Badham said he fears Building Permits »a Biimm, an.nt. S2JOO: tractor *. Altracto. addition, \-\tfC; Corga E- ' conTr actor. E- C'tsoa » Sonv con- state employes to 35 hours, municipal courts to have one] -Proposals also are in to | court open from 8 p.m. liberalize an benefits in social midnight. welfare, workmen's compen- ASSEMBLYMAN C George satiort, unemployment insur-Deukmejian. R-Long Beach, ance and virtually every other | threw a bin in the hopper drain on the taxpayer's which authorizes a judge -for pocket," he declared. · · * * BADHAM, who was good cause" to issue a hold order on a person who has the been arrested without a wart'- t.oui» «. Kumfilo. adJtion. 4511 SKam. JXF/S; A-l Scad -B- actor «. U- Oeam, addition,. only legislator to vote against nut. The bill provides that if » 51 sonl' *** Assembly leadership whenj a complaint is not prepared it was organized, also lashed within a time limit set by the] - , . . fcujw . u A-l Suet ConsWCtO". contracttr.l" 1 --^ * !~ croo**, addition, sTtn orojj.] cent a canon. AiSo.aCanBnf^oWr.clDr. «-...*7. --- out at a Senate bill to in- judge that the arrested person gasoline taxes one « to be freed. Heamer.'crease " 1 --^ Assemblyman Joe A. iaVmwdTadihon; jiBj.»Vcoyo-£:j "This tax goes a long way salves. D-Artesia. said ohm BvrrifiriSaVkin. :ut s'anta to piling additional taxes by|would urge the creation of a ». Lewii, addition-in? jer- the state on the citizens for,Southern California panel of TM, .^^c^^^ ca, ^ _ .. .,.. _ t^ e OWonlb unemplojinent addition. K54 lei Santev . MTJ iroc. »»Troa« CIL. a no. ra **rn fart, rijot; . . 11,300: f. «. tmsEcrser. »U» Julian Sandm. ·Jtarlflan. IJ «r- ciay. U.OOO; eabcoa Custom Builden. city while the tax base of the,insurance Appeals Board, county and city is being con- Gonsalves stressed that the tinuaCy undermined by state-jSacramento-based board now Mrajt. JMI^Tutana.lmandated spending programs^has 55 percent of its cases in in other categories." he said, t h e Southland. Gonsalves i In other Sacramento de- noted that 15 of the board's velopments: J35 referees are assigned in Assemblyman Charles Ed- Southern California-- seven [ward Chapel. R-Palos Verdes of them in the Long Beach Estates, introduced a resohj-' o ffj ce . nation asking Congress to amend, Constitution to nJ~CTaoVi. S iTlj!*Xi;' ami VJTUIY yPV^JftSSSi- f^S^'^l .**r»n. ntur * strip the U.S. Supreme Court -t o ( authority to reapportion »?»*r "»" irorano. »nr»ft»". **Frant I. win am. addition. Hanxurt. OJOS. Assembly Transporta- ·! tion and Commerce referred . to interim study a bin by The Day in Sacramento Explorcr-17 Orbit Near Perfection CAPE CANAVERAL (UPD --America's new Explorer-17 ( Satellite sped around earth in a near-perfect orbit Wednes- 1 day on the start of one of the t most ambitious studies of the jsteel ball, crammed with eight ·iaSifTI scientific instruments, was reported -working fine." Scien- said they expected to usable information' »«*«: e-AMucs^from the moonlet within * · If"?' "natter *f '""k*As a foUowup to the experi- the Federal Space S'Agency is planning to launch 'a sub-orbital shot from VVal- instrcmentj tiase aboard Explorrr-V -- .. .,, I**" be lofted to aa altitude THE SEKATK I g * . AFA 1 , Cantoned, tr I" ram. raapMiminenf of about i-M CUKS. "Sft£ *Z rJc^JJtS.3 "fSTJXSA \ three-stage Delta rocket, aMa « mm H "·STSS-r^"*'' 'scoring itJ 16th success ia a ^'tJR'.ayS J^SritJ: » C SS row hurled the beachbaO- iS tfm. taft£~foi'mir M * T *" ; :shaped satellite into orbit ---·---- ,'from Cape Cana«ral Tuesday : and set it on a path takes the moonlet one* ram ari»»i uunaa.- no * . . rmn ·rawmafc aarw. ···· jm «· ·· an* Haca allican ITU, *aU. T,,"! "a!T«!naS2'»round the globe e\-erj' a* ma«t«««i« TtarTaMf'mmutej. ·t PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH perfect match Full fashioned Lnit cardigan and skirt by Bermuda . . . faultlessly tailored . . . impressively detailed with pearls (fake) and lace. Easy care orlon acrylic. Pink, beige, maize or china blue. 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