Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 15, 1967 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1967
Page 23
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15 THE \ MOTOR 1 JNTHE I BACK? i THINK: MOTORS SHOULD BE IN THE FRONT THE WAY 60P IWTENPEP WHAT DO YOU THWK OF THIS LITTLB FOREIGN JOB? HI AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS MONDAY, MAY 15, 1967 PAGE 23 I CAN'T SEE THE BALL GAME-- PLEASE REMOVE YOUR HAT, MISTER TELL ME WHY Win t valuable prize. Scad your question, name, address and asje to FELL ME WHY! care e* this paper. The Brittannica Junior. 15- volumc encyelom(V" for school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: RALPH MITCHELL Nashville, Tenn. cm? k r Mtd ··mM'oi' 8 '3IIXD3N '9 'aaWWVH '3NOD 3Nld '2 M--UMOQ -i3ona 'U 'Moa -6 'aaHDvai -z s 'Hsnaa iNivd -e-- SSOJ3 v : S«MSNV I CAN'T SEE AGAIN--PO YOU MIND GOING TO FIRST AID ? WIZARD OF ID HOW CAN we Be THAT6MbT JEEZ! MONEY? yLIVEOULOVE! OH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHWE CHECK! BRENDA STARR IT WAS VOU, DEAR--VOU SMOREP THIS IS ONE THOSE BRILl-IANT SAV MAI2GIED EVENINGS AT HOWE BLONDIE ' I INVITED CLAEKY YOU HAVENT BEEN IVE HAD A GARROWAY FOK \\VELL.' I TH1MK TIME 10N1SHT/,£§; REX MORGAN HSV/ MOW COME BEETLE SOT TWO BEETLE BAILEY' WHILE THE PANCE CARRIES O N -- AT THE COLLS6E AIRPORT WHERE " BITSY'S BUg" IS WEL.L,WJ'PE THE U5. 1 WE CAN AUU TH£ WAY BACK To THE CONPLICT.' THE PO-Y THINK WE POTC A R E THAT THE WAR IN THE B00£ ABOUT NAMED SCARLETT O'TOOLS if EXCUSE ME,SIR, I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM. 1 I^VeUAP YOU AND BITSV \01_D COATS -ALTHOUGH .. _ COULP STOP OFF FOR I WE'PE NOT J-ON6 Ja THE *PJ?INfl PANCE / OUT OF COLLEGE 'vr^\ HERE AT TEXAS POUY... SPi F"SKW i»fe,.»VJMW^: TEVE CANYON How Old Is The Earth? According to science (not religion), nobody knows how the earth came to be. Most of the theories about its beginning relate it to the sun in some way. At the start, the earth was a hot, whirling mass of gas, liquid or solid, that began its regular trips around the sun. As it whirled, it slowly cooled and the large mass grew smaller. As it whirled, it slowly took a shape like a ball. It was red hot and held in its path by the attraction of the sun. At the same time, the earth's gravity helped it take shape. Geologists and physicists as well as astronomers are constantly engaged in research to find ou*: how long it took for the earth to become the way we know it. Some scientists have studied the length of time it takes to wear down the old- st mountains. Others have figured the time eeded for the oceans to collect le amount of salt they now ontain. They have also calcu- ated the age of the earth by tudying the uranium and lead n the rocks in its crust. They now generally agree that the crust of the earth began to be formed about 3 billion years ago. How long did it take for the crust to form? Nobody knows. It may have taken only a few hundred years or it may have taken a million years. But since those earliest times we know the crust has moved up and down. It has bent into broad waves and deep hollows After all kinds of changes had taken place in the crust the continents were formed much as we know them now and the oceans filled the hollows in the crust of the earth. Early in the history of the earth simple forms of life probably appeared. It is now thought that the first human beings were living on the earth at least 500,000 years ago. * * * FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Doctor: How is your wife getting along on the reducing diet? Mr. Smith: Fine. She disappeared last week. + * * Customer: I understand is a secondhand store. Clerk: Yes, it is. C stomer: Then I want for my watch. * * * Customer: May I try on that suit in the window: Clerk: I'd rather you use the dressing room. THE PUZZLE BOX (· OH, 6000 6Ri£F«i "D£ARFRieNP,THI5 IS A CHAIN LETTER 600t LOCK...IF .W WILL HAVE BAD LUCK! * COfY THIS LETTER BOTTOM OF YOUR SHOE! IT TO SIX OF fWR FRlENPS MfAHWHILE SPEeCVAHD WHERE's THAT ASKIH6 WAS ONE OF OUR KIDS HERE? TO WATCH 5OMEBODV -SfND SOMEBODY ELSE TO WATCH THE THE PHANTOM BEEN TAUKIN TO A, HE CAM Lfe,.... 12 CLAMS. TO VA/ORK ME UP A GOOD APPYTITE PER SUPPER -THAT'S PER WHAT X CAN'T BELIEYE MY EftR-PANSl! I'M GOIN'OUT A TO TH'WOODPILE,] MAW SNUFFY SMITH GWEN, YOU LITTLE GOOSE/ CAN'T YOU SEE THIS IS THE BEST CHANCE I'VE EVER HAP. ANP IT COULD MEAN A COLLEGE EDUCATION FOR YOU. IF YOU LET MAMA DOWN, SO HELP ME, I'LL HIRE YOU OUT TO HAM FAT ON LAPPED CDR.SAWVERIS A DASHING WARHERO/ANDHEMAKtS 417,000 A VEAR. 1 HAPH'T PLAMNEP ON HIS MEETING THIS SOON,BUT HIS CARRIER SAILS IN A FEW PAYS.. AW, THE USE, MAMA? I'M TIRED OF SHOWING OFF TOW! FELLAS' .SAWYER INSISTS ON PROPPING COME, BOV5, ' THIS AFTERNOON TO MEET YOU MOTHER'S GONG *- CHILDREN. TO GIVE VOU A HAIRCUT. AW,MAA\A/ PO WE HAVE TO GET PRESSED UP FOR THAT OLD OERKJ" BETTER WASH AND IKON I DON'T WANNA! BUZ SAWYER NORMAL? ' HAIN'T NOOINK IS HOME EVWTHIHG'S MORMAL AGIN. ??- IT'S TH'U'L BLACK CLOUD THAT BRIK1GS BAD LUCK.'. 1 '-AM' A-FOLLV)N'HIM. r . r MAMNVV \r\OWr MIWD? OOE.'.'-AH DOWTHAFTA SHOOT VO'// LIL ABNER Ah.Ljes! Vour old flame! I take it he and 61 im aren't exactly pals,' Can some of his classmates )r. Bender ie'U-flunk ChemiStrLj if he doesn't aet helc There's one who could I Barrul It wilI be a shame Clovia.if Slim doesn't graduate) other like poison GASOLINE ALLEY this one S 8 a 8 a s s a 1,0 oo Challenge your friend to use eight 8s so as to make a total of°l,000. How to do it is shown. Send your tricks, riddles, .. l «~ TTT 1 ! I MF. Of jJUi./.i«-a «- v * ^--WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for the letters selected each week. 1NDIK1G PRINTS OF A LADY'S SHOE, AS WELL AS THAT OF A MAN'S, BEN EATM THE RAILROAD TRESTLE Coovriaht 1967 nrrir TTOATV l_^ A X^JLBL Jl A U - i » 'V-' -«· -TRACY AND CHERSSIN ARE ASSURED LAFRTE - LEADING THEM TO MRS. STEEL. OH, I'M ALL A-TWITTER, LITTLE TULZA, AREN'T WE ALMOST THERE? THE JUSTICE OF THE PEACE \S JUST AROUND THE CORNER, MV BELOVED, Do You Suffer I 8-Day ~-J33 Ms^-SPI~f* S :f^rvM» Supply Innerclean-lnnertabs I'M 60 THRILLED, A6NE5! WE'RE GOINN VACATION 3 SOON A6 MY HU5BAMD CAN 5WIN A LOAN!,,. H£ HA6 A BUDPY AT A FINANCE COMPANY HE'S 6EEIN RIGHT NOW 1 I'M IN A JAM, 5AMI I NEED SOME MONEY AND E PON'T KNOW WHERE TO GET iTi . Same blend selected organic herbs. FRTF. S - D a y Supply »c our store! $1 {or 80 or S- for :f0 INNF.RTAHS. Also-BULK FORM IN-NERC1.EAN Herbal Laiaiive 75r. *! .25 or 2-jumbo Siie "Twinpack" SPECIAL J2. BOPP HEALTH FOOD STORE 43 S. Sixth Ave. MA J-8731 J838 E. Speedway EA 6-9302 SMIDGENS ' YOU'RE QUITE A \ TO BE HAPPX A SOTTA FEEL THAT HE'S V PHILOSOPHER, TEU M£ ABOUT I T / J ! CONTRIBUTED SOME-/ JOE --ANC LIKE THINS' TAKE THAT W MOST PHILOSOPHERS AWAY ANP HE'S A YOU'RE HOT YER/ 60T NOTHING.' ^r'SV FRACTI you KMCW, MI5S VAN THERE'S SOTTA BE SOMETHING//ORE TO THIS LIFE. THAN RUNNING AFTER A BUCK.' APARTMENT 3-G OH,THAT'S soool FORA MINUTE I WAS AFRAID YOU THOU6HT YOU'P SET IT HERE 1 . / FACE IT/ LESTER PRIPE'S HAD A \ /CHANCE TO SEE HCW THE OTHER HALF\ / LIVES' HE'S NOT ABOUT TO SETTLE J FOR X TWO-err PRACTICE IN THE ^ V SLUM AREA OF OUR BEAUTIFUL

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