The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 25, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1920
Page 2
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JBS DAILY FREE PRESS WHE DWM FREE PRESS CHAUNCEY D. SNOW E»t«bll»hed Weekly 1837. Press Publishing Co. MRS. JOHN T. GALBRAITH "• and M«n«o«r--."-r;-- :f, Telephone — - 218 • ____ . i ____ - --;:• >. > / - TERMS ',. ' '•'';. SBtacrlptlon 15 cents a we*k. - : . AdVertlsins bills du« weekfr. lob :. work nmcuy camn. | ' SUBSCRIPTION 17.80. B&tered,it .the. postofnce at Oubon- IlUmola, as Mtoond class natter. ' the Free'' PTMS ' Buildlnt, ' Feb. 26, 1920. ANNOUNCEMENTS ; ^HIGHWAY 'COMMISSIONER. •ROBES" THE HIGH PRICES Secretary of Agriculture 'Horse Sense." PLENTY OF FOOD IN THE IK S, PRIMARY ElETWN •'-The Free Press is authorized 'to an- •eaouBce GEORGE A. FORE as a candi- •<jjjt£.$(pr -:.HiEhway Commissioner ."of Corboadale township.-subjeof to the ' Marc»20> ' ? •'•- Auerts. ''We Have Become .Nation of • . Silly Spendthrifts .and the'- Remit li We are Trimmed Right and ' Left by Everybody.'.' ' ... Chicago,. Feb., 25^-^The rube -.who bought the gold' brick ttsepV'iip/tys.'a whimsical : novelty ; .in.^the life Vofjthe nation.. The yokel wlio paid $47 spot cash for the Masonic .'Temple 'used/to be a stray bit o'f: color in^tSie,. hews pi the dayj^Xoda^-^takp .Chaunce; luncey D.^Snow,,, as- i'i'-ehfe.f 1 of. the" bureau'pf foreign who'-has're-' 'United'States commercial Tfie-'Free Pr'es's ''is authorized to an' is a _ .the' Republican" March' ; 26>. . X7VBSISTANT. SUPERVISOR." ;: •• ..-.-•.....-. — .--••,:•-, : •: "•' The Free Press 3s authorised to «n- ^aouttfee • WM.- M: •' HOLiilDAT. as a canoldlate for reelection for -Assistant Soperrfe'6r> « Carbondale- -township; ot '" to:'tKe- Republican 'Primary TIME PACT Unifiterru-pted Senate Considera- " "'tion of Peace Treaty. - Kcher.tbtP.Hrls; to 'become :hea<J ot- the. ie,\vjy form.ed foreign^trade department of the department,.of cpminerce., , . RAIL BILL, Tell Wilson. Add . Four- of Five Billion to Cost of Living;" /; •"' . ;• ••:•:.••".•: 4 i:: -.'iai ' • f ; the/tlnfc ter States, department, of agriculture and Its secretary, \Hdwln T. Mer;eaith —the;, natlpi '•. Is • a, collection ; . of ^ suckers ^walking i»rpund wl'^hi.»££ bank rolls." - '.-,. ^ The famous American public,''than which ••, there,' nev,er . use;S ;,ta\ he, no "fampuseri":;haS become': In the last flv« l -years>ns naive ; as a- ffirl -with her first hair net. It .has^by/l'ts'seini-ln; difference, brought upon itself a.iiigh cost of living and a dollar worth 30 cents. . / . '"Food ' today;" ''said : Mr/-Meredith, who' came to Chicago 1 \o speak-before '.' NOTICE IS HEREBY' GIVEN/ that a Township, Republican , Primary Ele- •ction wiMl be heid;,at : -the Cliy'Hall in ; the.; City .ot, .Carbpndale., -Ultapis,': pi Saturday, March"?0th, X : D.;iWOi :i fpr. i;he purpose -of' npmlnatihg/c'an^iaates; oh the Republican ticket .(i'taf ttie/lol- "offices'to be ycted/on 1 . at ; the regular.annual election,'of:.Garlbondale Townshipi .to ib.e .held on 'tlie Sth'/day. 1 of'AprilA. D. 19'20. -'.'/ 1. Assistant Supervisor; Highway Commission.,. Assessor. " : / •/ Town Clerk., ' . •School Trustee.: Ppund Master. ' The .polls will, open at 1 o'clock p, p. m- 1 and will 1 remain open unfol 6 p.. in. of said day." '." .. Judges-HSolomon- Crawshaw, E.' J. "Jtngerspll, X..3. ArnpM.;--,-" ' ; ;: .;;•; Clerks—Addle M. Browne, Catherine Brubaker. . "' '••:-'. . • ' - . -/'/'I . A 'meeting :of all ; Republlcana ot Carbondale -Towijahip Is- called • for 2 o'clock: p/ m.' aVthe .polling ; place for the, .parppse - of Jelecting j a ;RepnWlcan .-Township Committee to serve'for the ensuing year. '.,.:_.,< '..-. ...i ,j. fr ;•;*.•:•• . .Done ,at ..Carbpndale, Illinois,;, this th'e,'l6t)L day .ot.. Januajy A;'.:I>.. 1920..;-. 1. 1. 1. I/ Fee, Mo., are '. visiting their, nephew, E.,B...Floyd';" //..I-.-,/... '.;'.•„.-/..„.• v^. • •• .t' : 'Mrs;'.!Andre-w.:Roseuliergfer, Sri, 'was. i passenger ; - : to Murphyaborp ^riday.. ', Mrs.' Frank Hanks of: Du'Quoin visited her ; ,sister, Mrs. Perry.;-ReeseVa tew/ dayV.last week, r ' : ij( : r;''Hanfe is in St7 Andrews hospital where he- underwent another 'operation, ..being ,th4 third! This^.time '- his ; . limbwwas. -amputat.edv ... . . . . ... , .,. . Prof.' :Crijip/ Miss ..Vivian . Stbne/ and Mrs,.- Mildred {Rpbinispni' :.teac-Jier,5^ and, ''-'-' : ''^ . Hughey. .and' ,, Wayne Perry '. and .Ken; ft^ . CpucK- 'aitended,' thef ; Faririarc; -- ; ---'--'' ' " ihav'e •he hef : farBiers: adjacent to ' ' ' the Association of Commerce, "should: By; order ."of ,,the iappublicaia- Town- LUCT ^-kOO WlIkLlVJU .t/4. VJV»liJ«i»t». V-^f VIM.IV »••;-. ..... ' -'*• -'—- llL I j» . " -'"_"• ft"-'.' '• r M. '• J ' • - _ .- he,as.chea P ,*!aper,than,ltTOS. I ?hij>, Committee. .-,- ..:.,. ; : .. - n six years ago. There,; is more f(X)il..per| A.;L. SpiUer, Chairman. capita being produced in the 'couiatry.- Attest: 1 v'eV pure1iase(l;;,the 'jittle -bribk' .mill' re.-' .'•'• /'>(,... y- .':-.'-; ;-.;• '; '.•''.•.•* -'i.}^ ; ; , Di;. Stn'iiiie, : yeterlriary; ;''of '.Murphysr' •boi'o was here! Friday.,'. • ' .' • . .. Chester Couch Is. visiting 'home folks. . Roy Franklin ':pf -/pld'en spent, Sunday here"- with 'his- brolher," .Elza ; ; Fra&k- iin>'-..-f:ij.i ; .. l ' S ..-.':;M.ii;-:'-::H^..v.;.*v% Mr; and Mrs;' D..B. Forbes returned Sat urdayj night frpjm/Marlssa where they- were' at • the' 1 -bfldside" of •-theiT daughter, Mrs. Deed .Tuthili. . She is improving, •'i-.-.v-iv'-'.v-- •••'•••••'• • • •' - '' •wWi'Creek'paum: and 'family are moyr 'ing'-btt 'the' • McClellaii f arin near the '-•pox's Prairie 'i^cliool'.p "•.':•/*„ • The:, measles hay.e.. about finished their ywprk in .Yergennes.. . :.-: .Mrs.r Jane .Deason is .in Kinmundy keeping .'house for' Rev. T.' A. Maitiiiv. •' -George" Grain, who ^has been sick., te mii<in 'improved.' i v ; : ^ : : ' ; ; -" ; - MissiRbea'Easterling, teacher of the Creekqaum, schcroi, . and. ..Mass .jlnez Reesje of /tlie Simpsbh school were via- itor'-|- ; iii:;ye'rgerines/ Saturday. / / ;/ " . '1'Mr. an'd /••'Mrs.^Enim'eW Couch .'have retufned^hoine Horn 1 Gra'aite' City.-Walter andV Theodp're'.-Harsha;. spent Sunday; at ;home.,- Great Gain in Grain Output. 1 -Mr' 'Meredith'-' roduced ''firtS. 1 PERIL TO AGRICULTURE SEEN •Mi;; 'Meredith'-'produced flg\ires. : The figures ishowcd-'than''^''^'last'thirty .^ears. the production .of grain ob the fa.rn\s ha.s,. increased Jrom 286 .bushels ..per'^ciipita" J 'i&' 4Q6 t ^" K ' 1 ' il « .'n»i ; 'i«flii!i-aV '4 v«*.'*^-cii.^rt«- "fGCft'" Ihat -'capita;; ' creased r 25 per cent p'er^acre; \that cotton has Increased from thirty-six'and ••;.;""'"' "'."'' : /' ' v "'"' .".'"''' ''" '. ( one^h'alf-jpbund ;; l>er : -capita'to-'sixty 9ee' ( Break Over^Presiderit'i Railroad I pounds' pen capita; ithat milk has, ln-~ T. B. F. Smith, Secretary.- daughter, and alster,.Mrs. Ethel Burke; ',-•'. Mr. and Mrs. W. A; Hagler spent: : Tuesday with their son, Leon and tarn- • ;iiy. • ' . '. ... •'.."..: / Dr. Lindsay, Mrs P, Gregory and daughter, Mrs. Elsie Stopher, have been, on the sick list. /: • Miss Agnes Ferrel.'who was operr-' ated onfor appendicitis at the Holden , hospital- ; at-.- Gatbondalei;."is:,, getting,.; along fine and is expected home/soon; • Tie many friends-of "Clara. .Wlggs> were/made..sad v ,b.^'.he£;..death.-, at^ the Holden^ :H6sipi£al- ; *Saturd'ay' evenififf,. Feb.'14.; She was , buried at SpufibL County ! Llne/: Monday. :Rev. J..H/ Blythe ot Tamarpa preached her-IUB-; eral. ' .•; >! ••" ..".' r ;..•': ' '.' " :''; Mrs. Edith. 'Stearns and. children "spent, Wednesday/with, Mrs. J. A.. Steariis at' BoskydelL.;" Mr. : -and Mrs. Leon Hagler and daughter spent- Friday in.- Carbondale with 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs,: B..F.. .Eaton. ' .'.'•'.-. .' " - '-. '• ' •' i Mrs. Cora Brewer and children spent "Wednesday with her mother, Mrs. Alice' Robinson.." . V '... Jh-sl'Dbn Ferr.el"returned .Tuesday night after; spending several -days in. Carbphdale with: her daughter, Agnes -Mrs. Edith'Stearns visited Thursday, morning with-her sister, Mrs. Nell morse.:-*"".-> f • "'•'• '-•• - »; -.•'"the flu.' ' ' ' , ". -Muftie Burke is;on the sick list. .• ..: .of,. Wah..: visited felatives here'ta' few weeks 'ago/and visiieti tii's "brbtherV Alex,"arid: family af-Webb'Gity.iMo.,.enroute-home. o; .,.. . ,;C:., E. ;DowdeU, superintendent of the Anti-Saloon/L.eag^e,/lectnred at the.M. E. church tiere'SuniSay; evenins. VEH&ENNES;' '• 'i '" " Feb. 23. OWL ROOST. ' ' Feb. "23 ' . .Mrs. E. Y» Hadl'ey ; and: daughter Mrs. COBDEN. ... • , / Feb. 23 Addie Rhinehart ot Dongolft was a Cobden visitor Sunday::-.,. Elbert Kimmel,- who is attendia*- schpol at Carbondale. spent Saturday and Sunday. here' with' 'his 'parent. 1 ChaHie Tdr&ah li: df ,"Wes'i^FfaD3ifort was ' calljed here on., account ;Ot the death. -of his.;:ibrptbfit:-rafl*w.,;.Reubeii ' " ..„., r ... ..... ,..... . . ..,' Joe Rbsson and.sister, 'THUS Stotpo,; oY ; 'Malcanda-- ware 'guests 7 Tuesday ''ot 'Mrs; W..":D. McGantt. t- :.-,", .;-..-.-:-.-.-••• ,A little child^ pf :Guy Wolfe's was buried. .Thursday., : ... .., , .. ,. . ... W. M:,Fitch''pf Wolt Lake' spent a feW'dayVtfifs week with her parents. •Mts'; W^'G^KimiheE was : in St' Louis ^Beginning Thursday Body Will Take yp Nothing Else Till Vote Is Reached. Washington, Feb. 25.—Uninterrupt- -«d senate consideration of the peace treaty until a voto is reached on rati- .fieatiph will begin Tliursdny under'ti plhtt announced in-the senate by Sen- ra'tor'lodge. The susgestj-on was re• ceivcd without'- objection •from tlie vDemocrntic side. 'The decision to keep the treaty up • continually was regarded generally as •tlkeljr to bring quickly to a decision ftl>e"ebaflict of. opinion among the Dem- •ocrats 'regarding reservations. Demo- •cratic senators whn believe the Republican reservations should be accepted -'Continued their movement for a party icaucus to discuss policy, nnd predicted that'such a. meeting would be hel'l before the end of the week. Returning to the capital after an absence" of two days, Senator Hitchcock, the Democratic leader, said he had mot been approached with the proposal for a party, caucus. "If any considerable number of Dem- •ocrats want such a conference," he eatd, "I certainly shall not oppose the suggestion." Republican claims that 22 Democrats had shown a willingness to .accept 'the Republican reservations without' chiange were sairt by the Democratic leader to be "probably exaggerated," but he added that he hart not made .a canvass of tlie situation dur- Ang the last few days. . , * Wane Plan—Officials' of 2,000,000' : Workers Doubt Power'to Keep • ' :: Mert Lined Up. Washington,- Feb. 25.—President Wilson was asked by George P. Hampton, managing director of the Farmers' National council, to veto the railroad bill on the "grounds of public policy." Mr. Hampton's request was by letter. He asked that the president personally or through' Secretary Tumulty creased Irom ...eighty' gallons- peri capita;-,vto. ninety-six '.gallons; .wheat. : six bushels, to eight bushels;; the six leading, cereals/ from . thirty-eight bushels in 1874 to' ftf»y-tw'o bushels in' 1919.. '' " ; ' ' : -: '. ; ' : : "' . . ' These and a succession of similar figures marshaled by the secretary of agriculture point plainly, in his opln-. ion, 'to the fact that production on 'the farms has not fallen off, but increased — that following .the natural/laws of supply arid demand the cost of food Mr. and Mrs./T."C""Burner, of Chal- Stella, spent Tuesday with-.theJr f i . ., . ,: ,Reuben^Morse r .died..W i ednesday: .of pneumonia. *Hfa/,bqdy /was. taken/ to LiineBtone'Frldicy 'fbr.-burialf He'leaTes ''" : V' ' three receive a delegation next Thursday, and j should not have Increased.- thai he defer action on the bfll until | the farmers' representatives have a | chance to express, more fully tbeir reasons for opposing it. Enter, however, tlie great, wise American with the-nervpus bank roll. Ten years; ago a man going in ,to buy a pair of shoes for $5 would no more The president was told tliat tlie re-: have thought of buying a pair for $10 turn of the railroads would, mean an' tnan he wou id of ea'ting them. To- increase of, "four to five billion : dol- day the clt izen entering, a shoe, store lars" in the cost of •living because of or any other kind of a store will the increase in freight rates, and that come through with any price asked— $1,000,000,000 of the increase would and no questions asked by him.-' It is be. passed on to the farmers. This in- the same ln ti, e groceries, in the res- crease, .Mr. Hampton said, could not taurants, theaters and all other places be borne, as agriculture .now was In where ^e great American rube is a "precarious" position. • See Split in Rail Ranks. Threats of a break in -the affiliated , railroad employees' organization mill- shedding his bank roll. "Nation of Silly Spendthrifts." We've become a nation of silly for a settlement of their mands., WELSH LABORITE IN WARNING Miners' Official Says Direct Aotionists Are Driving England Toward Revolution. ' Cardiff, Wales, FM>. 261—In-'view of l«*e ftgltation among certain elements <of'(he' miners to use direct action to -enforce their derfaiids. much prom- •><«ience is given to.a speech by Thomas "•TOctmrds; .member of the house of 'commons and general secretary of .Wolsli .Miners' federation, in which lie -deciared that the working class need• ed'9 talking to. Tlie workers, Mr". Richards said. tated against immediate solution of the spendthrifts,'.' said Mr. Meredith, "and questions before the representatives of the ^result is, we are being trimmed the 2,000,000 rail workers conferring right and left by everybody and-any- here on". President Wilson's proposal body. The newspapers prepare the wage de-! American for his, trimming. They j keep writing about the high cost and Because of the wldo divergence of higher cost of living. The • result is views heid by the committeemen called that an .American, when asked some to Washington to consider tlie Wlitte preposter«js sum for an article, sighs. House policy, executives of the- organl- and says: 'Prices have gone up.' zation admitted that they did not know j "Prices are hundreds^per cent hlgb^ whether they could hold tlie strength they had gained when It -was agreed ten days ago that the organizations «P to tlie department of justice." er in some places than they be. But that isn't my field. should That's should affiliate to consider tlie proposal. In every conference, it was said, demands for an appeal to the president Next to the spectacle offered by the everyday metropolitan rube staggering from counter to counter and" shelling out his dougb in the foregoing to veto the railroad bill continued to yokel manner, the most ironic.,situa- grow more insistent. The leaders, therefore, were confronted with the task of explaining to the local chair- tion on- view is that .of this same. -hlcfc gathered In solemn conference adopting solemn, resolutions that the price ,--.we,re beginning to •-..and boss everyone. -"boss, the show" He appealeil to men the basic reasons for their ten-' of eggs should come down and ythe; tatlve acceptance of the president's cost of derby hats be Investigated. • plan, while the iatter were bitterly at- "There is only one way, anf-that,1s- tacking the government's general pol- individual education," said Mr: Mere-. Icy and the wanner in which it. had oUth. . "The. people as-.a, whole must dealt-with tho wage controversy. .1 act and each must act for himself. If The leaders also were forced to com- ' we Americans could-, by some, miracle,, bat "moves of radical elements in'sey-. recovei tlie ordinary everyday. horse, eral directions. They said these might! sense that .distinguished pur individual; lives ten -years ago prices would collapse.' take definite form at any time. Disagree on Action. That the general committeemen are ... . Mr. 'Meredith spoke before the Chi- •-, them to be carefnl liow the.v user) •their power. "Tlie direct actionlsts are heading -the country to a revolnf.ion." Mr. nicli- -. arrts asserted. "The British workins- raiin is Ihe freest subject On C-fod's • earth rind to follow tlie direct action ••wHl-'o-thR-wisp will ruin him and put •progress back TOO year?.'' 'BULGARIA If! COVERT THREAT •Warns Allies It Won't Be Responsible .for Consequences if Greece ^ Gets West Thrace. London,-Feb. :•!•".—A Sotiu dispatch -•of.February ;20'says 'it is semiofficial- ly announce!' 1 . Mint the premier has •notified ""the ••-n'UU.'d representatives in I tiie -Bulgarian'capital that if Greece ^obtained-.western Tliracw the' Ian . government w<iuld rmt be n.-sron- B for. the consequences. not by any means united in favor of cago Association of Commerce.on the the president's proposition was indi- activities of the department of agri- cated by private discussions among • culture.. He outlined the manner In the executives as to courses of action which the department was in contin- in event the plan is rejected. E. .T. ' -ual contact with ,the lives of every Manion, president of the Brotherhood citizen in the nation, inspecting Ins of Railroad Telegraphers, was said to meats, cigars., clothes, building his have suggested that the whole con- roads, keeping him clear of .adulter- troversy be referred to the general 'ators, providing him, with new flavors membership. This proposal has not and similar countless activities, gained headway among the -other ex : . - - ecutives,. It was said, but it serves to p|fJD$ CZAR1STS. RUN REDS indicate the trend of thought of the leaders. President Wilson will not act immediately on the compromise -railroad bill passed Monday. 'by the senate. It was announced at the White House that the pi-esident had directed that tho measure, be "referred to the ought to make . .. ; .OlJJ '. • : .'•••, •' .. ; / AND why iibt? " / •C*- In the superior quality of the tobac. cos they contain, Chesterfields set a standard only .equalled by the most expensive cigarettes. ,/ : : . No mistake .about, it, Chesterfields are the real thing — genuine-Turkish' tobacco, blended by a new and exclusi.w process . with the very finest "oif mellow - aged Domestic leaf: ..'.. ' ..... ;•... .•.;•';/-;:• -. : .,,_•.-. Hidden taste-delights— and a flavor you have never found in any other cigarette are brought oii it by this secret '.bleiod.'. • -And the moisture-proof wrapping keeps them firm and fresh always. Chesterfields sure do "satisfy." ' Dutch Writer Says 60 Per Cent of Officers Are From Old Russian j Upper Class. Amsterdam, Feb. 25.—About SO. per cent of tlie red army in Russia is not : red" at all. but is neutral, according department of justice as soon as It to tiie staft , correspondent of the Han- reached the White House from con- d ' elabl a di G. Nypels, who has/just regress. The executive has ten days in, which sovlet R uss ia.. turned from an extended tour • through. to pass upon the act can become a law without his signature.. . , He- says about 60 per ctot of the of - iicers, who ate largely di-awn '-from the trained military men of trie- old upper class, are -''dzarlst" -to' ineUnabon.

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