The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 22, 1978 · Page 22
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 22

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1978
Page 22
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8-Bcr, Friday Morning, September 22,1978 Homes-Mainland 56 Homes-Mainland Si Homes-Mainland Si Farm and Rurtl Property 60 Help Wanted 15 Help Wanted 15 Homes-Galveslon 55 T .».. c M ,rol ft,: HW 3 """"*•' te *» *' <*"'• "*» A ^F f^ i ™" ~ "*• IWM — Spociout 3 BO, ovtr$iz«d 200 1 lot, » T ^^^| Al 1Sf ^j ^r Ml*** uif_>_j_. JK • «. ».i!7^*2 GORDY&GORDY REALTORS 938-1318 Mid REDUCED on thii thr*e bedroom, two both, brick juvt two blockj from Sorrto ft School. On % ocr» (M with ptwty of room for orjr- oVi. Formd living, fomily room and buihi-int. C*ntroi air and h*at. Wi. AUTUMN LEAVES A1E FAILING from th** lovtly p*con !rwt, but don't wait and you con bt tnjoying th» warmth of tb» comfortobta d«n wiih firepltx*, ftv« bodrooms, lummw houw, lovlty WtcNn with built-ins. Ooie to schools and MS. CMH. BO'S. SUPER STARTER — This OM has oil of th* fxflum you or* looking for. Two b«droorm, formal living ond (ton. RiimxhW kitchoo wiih di*h- wovhrjr. Garage with shop ar«a. Dwp lot with room for hors«, 90rd«n. Why g«t that closed in fwling? 20's. - «J54llt DMM Ufa* - fJ5-3H7 301» M. Hi raised 7 bedroom nome Reduced to 113,950 Terms Myman Levin, 763 5471 SPACIOUS OLDER home on Ave O, available as duplex or single home WOO so II . hardwood floors, renovated kircherts & bathrooms. 7 car garage, deep lot Outstanding monthly income. £or sale by owner, 155.000 lirm Call I 334 474S alter 6PM PIRATES COVE — Oalveslon Country Club 3 BR, 7 bath home on oversized corner lot. On Galveston Bay Buy now & choove your colors 4UOI«, Ho . Galv }u list BY OWNER Brick 7 I I. CA & H. recently remodeled, new carpet & tile. Formal LR DR. util. rm ad iacenl To kitchen Burnel School District Owner will finance to responsible party 1«}4 S '; )4fl oeil.or 7aO 11M. BY OWNER-3 bedroom, 1 'i Dam, C.HIA. tully carpeted, brick, larqr yard Gooo schools &»05 Fairway IS7.500 Days 763 6i4), e»t 7JO. n^Ics >U 1719 ONL Y ONE left tor sa'e br Builder n (. P Const 3 Brs. 7 lull baths. CA4.M. carpel, woodburninq fireplace, lartK fenced in yard Financing available 744 3135 SOMETHING SPECIALI 1 homes professional^ o«*coralf<3 w,tn volt looev Fireplace, plusti raipcttnq, wallpjpfHT, One on bulUieaaed canal PRICE SLASMEOI On Ih.s pretty 3 J 3 brick home In Westbnar Subd MILLER REALTY 9*5-3396; 948-1510,945 5150 948 0837: 948-1453 __.... __._„.__-.-_.....- C»M*tK yoyr Horoscope -the Stiiri may srxw \t\\i iKime in your fuiof e 3 72 t <J*-n, wet D^f. CA&H. (. fully cafpoUty PficeO lo '*cii Veil no d p NclwxiRirvCo .VJ8 l?V6 ^^ UNDER CONSTRUCTION J V 2 bfiCK FircplACi', LjJitl <ri' t , c_jrpfl (Xi ? d<rc^ nodf HOUfW Pdrk in Arcfltlui NEW 7 I 1 D'ICK Fireplace. -n^ Ctirprt on 63 rttrtri ' mile So ol Sdnfa Fc S<hooi oo Mo»irVCiTit?ry Hd 3 ACRE TRACTS m '>rc,idi<i O^vnrr lin^rxp 4-lV^ 3 BRICK 0*1 ' i At, tit in Arr i»fju» I ACRE trjclv on U64 RcMnclro O, L.MONTGOMERY REALTY NEW LISTING. Te>as C,l r . 1 I'o I Lovely rx>ntiDornooa Priced lor ttw *,tar ler tamily. SPACIOUS 4-J-J, fireplace, wallpaper ^ccenrs, atl ci t^ utilities Sanla Ft School District. FOR THE COUNTRY Gentleman Lov ely 3 J J on J acrev norm of AliALoma, Sana Fe School District HEY, LOOK ME OVER 3 I ' > 3 on a lf t Acre tract Lou of tree* MOVE TO THE NEW CITY of Sanl* Fe Lovely 3 3 Jonci on extra large lot. LOU of t>tras Fireplace. ' 1' old Call lor appf CHESSHIR REAL ESTATE 986-3833 - 948-2087 Nlghtt. 925-4782 120321itfl.H. LKkr Viri ««•*« Mirii. MMMI . Minn "BUY THI HOMt THAT'S OUARANTIID IY VHW" 2-STN7 HKUta — Spociow formd orto, dm with krpt lutv oordi. fireoloc*. brick pcrtlo, on kvg* trM ihodcd lot. A muit ton*! fQVITT NT - <WKX roSBSMH - Will s«fl or hwM, 3-2-2 bride horn* only 8 months oW. m* ttSTING FOt TOMK AT HfAtr - This brick horn* has formal artas, dm, kitchwi with dl buiH-ini. Priced at S37.900. 1 TUX OLD CONriMrOtAtr - 3-2-2. fVcpfoc*, loncftcafMd f«nc*d yard. El« in by Thanksgiving. I&MACVIATE - B«it d*scrib«s ihts unusual 4 BR, 2 bathi tx*cvtrv< home with txtwior lighting. QIIUU - Pric*d 129,900. live in on* 2 BR, not rh« oth«r. MOMIJ KOMI - 3 BR, 2 baths on 150*1 50' lot. OWIMT will finonc*. IVttTTNINC ONt COMA AS* K» - 4-2-2 brkV, Oi&A, cmh«drd ceiling in den, with fireplace. & built-in bookcase*. Custom built. NEW LISTING 4825 Ave. R. Outstanding condition, l story b'ic^ home. 3 BR . 1 Vi baths. 7 c.u at tached oarage, covered patio Priced high JO'S Call Houston Slcqall. .'" S459 for appoinrment to s*« E.M. (AL) ALLISON 762-8882 REALTOR MLS ON THE CRASH BASIN Enior excellent view from this home on oversijed waterfront lot Den wilti fireplace, 7 balconies, BR, dinirvj area t, dressing room. Plus txwl house By owner. 7441490 BY OWNER. Story and ',-.. ? yrs old 3 BR Colonial house 744 9O4 nK SVIhSI AMERICA IS BEAUTIFUL Homes— Mainland So ARCADIA. TEXAS 945-5957 337 » II THE KIOS CAN WALK TO SCHOOL trfjfn \tu\ (Ofivi-iurnl 70 » home UJr^K- corner M-occrt iol Ont^ J75.9W THIS OWNER 15 HOT TO TROT ro A "flUef t>omr bT-.-ol \irtmg, CH8.A. Irtr^t'. :.if<K lro<<-O ftti a BEGINNERS SPEC1ALI Why p*»c f ent wticn you c,m own ffi.s 7BP- 1 cufi^ Prclly fJr[H,-T, inou^ y-^rd, C»li.A All tof CMilf 17', WO INVEST IN THE FUTURE A3DR.7 balh brn*. twrnr lor wily J33.400 Unt>c1<evi>blc' S^r it lc<iAy ' THEIR LOSS IF YOUR GAIN. Owner* <*'*' rrtir ing la rhc Coi/nfry f. 1e3virwj ITi^ ncflt Iwrne vv.lh l.trqc workshop Do you h.ivc t * hobb/ or %id«hfw? Call no*' REALTY 945-5469 IF YOU'RE BUSY A BEE Look.ny lor your will horni' llM-n loo^ flt thi^ 4. BRs. ? b.ilh twnt L.i^or kitchen B. dinir>q footn v/iH rtmc Mofn hnppf rtl »viM Oofi^M D<><3 OOOG onnannccs FALL SPECIALS UNIQUI FIATUIIIS - Brick 3-1'/,-2 horn* hat built-in bookcases, de»k, gun rock. etc. plus awn. CA*H. patio, corner La Marcru* lot with Ireei. OKORATCO 2 M — Separate dining room, garogw ond carport. Fenced yard, with ihode ond Trulr tre«t. Excellent Li Marque neighborhood. 20't. NEW HOME — 3-2-2 brick, separate dining room, paneling in house & garage. CMH. bullf-lni, better than overag* construction. La Marque. OWNER MUST SILL _ $4.500 equity. 3 M. detached garage, near Texas City schools ft shopping center. 20's. TfXAS CITY — 3 BR, aluminum siding, central heaf. 3 window units. Low 30's. ANGIRfTIIN REALTY 933-3041 397-10M IFNOANSWBI.CAU. AereHeCerM H5457J JectlMaier 4U-W4 AMemiMiMse. 7444»J MMylMee. 744-1IU AbrMTrieNrcM 7M-JH4 M.ekeMJrMi 744^5« AJkeWeH . »45-tt71 Irrrl fftcPi»e» »J»-JtU aaa ras JOOOOOQOOOBI BAYOU VISTA - WATERFRONT 191 TARPON — Great view, near point, romp, two kltchvni. MO WAMAW — 2-2-1, fl.htr SOLD •light, boat lift. pl.r. *10 WARSAW — 2-2-rtc. ar»o. ramp, intlcte stairs. **• WAKSAW — 3-3-3 •xeSOLDorrtBon 1 W lots. •00 MARL1N — Cut* a SOLD', 2-2 ramp, carpal. 913 CONITA —2-2-1 r»$OLD now $«.000. 990IONITA — 3-2 lov« SOLD? horn.. 11M SAILflSH — 3-2-1 r*x. or* SOLDmporory boauty. 1264 BLUE HBtON — Luxury SOLD Insld* stairs. WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME? tfOSQUICK RESULTS LIST WITH AN AOORESSIVt, IXFfRIINCID AGENCY. 'WERrTHING WE TOUCH TURNS TO SOID" IHISFLOWIRt ' ~" HEAL ESTATE 763-1554 MLS' <Me Inkiun 931-0503 tarrfcriiM Irli Rtmn U5-4M4 OOOOOQOOOOOOOOOO TWELVE OAK VILLAS Invest in your future - Looking for quality, high elevation, easy access, individually designed homes? Ar« you the executive or a potential executive? If one or all fits your standards, visit with us before you buy. It's the place to live. 3-4-5 BR, fireplaces, atriums, wet ban, garag« openers — many features designed for elegant living. Open every day of the week. Or call, we will open for your convenience. Oh, yes, we will sell your present home, so you can move into a new one. SEE THIS ONEI Kitchen remodeled for today's living. Built- ins, new dishwasher & stove. New cabinets, snlnv vinyl floor. Matter of fact, this home shines with love. 3-2-1 fenced yard, high elevation, easy access. Mid 30's. 3-2-2 YOU'U BE SITTW&PRETTV in this one. Neat & nice. CA&H, built-in kitchen, carpet, wallpaper, High 30's. ALTA LOMA WANT GROWING ROOM? _ Acres north, east, south ft west. Owner financing with 10 percent down. It's a sure wln- I ner tor youf iuiurG or inv<??tmftnt. : MILLIE CRUMP & ASSOCIATES 948-4432 938-4070 HBIIINoland 938-1933 Jll Johnson 923-6988 SogerStohlman 938-4763 93«-O639 Cheryl Hunt 923-394(£ Liz Hocking 933-893V Rachel Zamora 933-4838* »B » o•o•aa•n e»a a 6« 21 RED CARPET •EFOKE 4UTING OR SIUINO CALL AiOOT HO CAtffTI "WALL-TO-WALL PROTECTION PLAN". TEXAS CITY OFFICE 945-4406 SPECIALS. Veterans move into these homes for $1. Notvvtts less than Jl,000. MCE 1N in Texas Gty. Hew carpet & point. Mid 20's. LARGE TWO M in LoMorque. On 2 lots. Carpet, den. Low 30's. 3-1 %-2 BRICK in Texas Gty. Large enclosed patio. Mid 40's. LAMARQUE. 2 BR on deep lot. Good condition. Low 20's. THREE BEDROOM in Texas Gty. Vinyl siding, built-in range, carpeting, wallpaper. Mid 20's. JIArltmtUFKIN. »«J.JJ7» NANCY HUtY, »43-*773 IITH DOSS.»»»-««J • MTtTHINSLIT.*»-lM9 JIM VOUKIL, 4434410 ALTA LOMA OFFICE 925-3511 TRADITIONAL 4-2-2 brick, new carpet, cent. A&H, all built-ins. Covered patio, 1 yr. worronty, mid 40's. MOBILE HOME on 7 acres. Trees, bom, pond. Mid 40's. NEW CONSTRUCTION. Nice Alta lomo Subdivision. 3-2-2 brick homes. Each on on acre. 60's & 70'j. NWHT NUMMirt Ami JllO fTHILIALI.A*D.*35-l«M ALKI ITIVIHtON, OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING! Owner has reduced the price on this 3 BR ? balh den brick with lormal tiving room, built in kitchen, seper,ilr dining room, oriental style with wood shingle root on huge tri corner lot Near COM. VU.&OO VA, CONV or equity 7«S MOCKINGBIRD You pay lor three houses in your lifetime, why not own one? Here's a 3 BR I'l batn den brick near COM that almost anyone c«n allordalonly S3S.500 Owner will pay part ot your closing VA. FHAor Conv. LIVE AND LET LIVE I Corner lot with 1 story 4 OR ? bath home and efficiency apt. at rear lor your mother or grown up kids Main hoinf is tMaulilulty carpeted with den and coutdeasily be converted to two apts RUTH LOWDER, REALTOR 935-3075 or ?35-2272 K«y Halberdier - Vtt-m* Ann BIKkwcll • 331-MM PROPERTIES UNLIMITED BARBARAS, RODNEY, WS S»» BOBBIE. ? ADELIA.714 1M3 BEVERLY. 714 jni MARGARET. I - JOHN COX REALTY Svrvlntg Th* Santi Ft Art* t25-I141 V4S-.OX 1 BR. FRAME HOME near Santa Fe Schools. Reduced to sell >7',000 2Vi ACRES on Hwy &«4 for »I3,/SO 1 BLOCK In the cil» ol Arcadia with Pecan trr« S. I2>60 Mobile Home HEW 4 BR. home Pick carpet k, paint. With llreplace. Near icrrois 3 BR. BRICK on ", acre wiih 31 7 acres available. 3 ACRES In Algoa. U.SOOeach. DOUBLE WIDE HOUS E TRAILER on lol near schools. 116,950. 30X40 METAL BLOC, on Hwy t 121.500 } BR. on I «cre Needs handyman touch. ttl.OOO. N Ion tH,W«*-Ends Berry, G«org«.7«4-mi SANTA FE REAL ESTATE 949-0362 ELEGANCE OF THE IBTH CENTURY G«l»«ton Eftftrod Hlttorlcil Olttrlcl 3BH, 3 lull balhs. k ilchen w,in MOe by side rctrloer.ttof. stove. ijistTwavtiL-r, gArbaoe disposal Was on the 1VH Spring Historical Tour 7 DW g.v.ioe npl in reflf 7409 OAK Gulf Village 3DP-. 7 baths, beautiful backyard Don't miss ttiisone COR1NNE POTTER, 7423330 RAY HENDRICKSON WAKEUPt from your vicM.i' C->ll for rtn ,ip poinfment vyruk- you iiiii tuive o choice ol these beflul'tul Sp.inish homes! FHA linancing.iv^JJ.itilc A SPIC (. SPAM 35.3 fe.ilurmg beamed cathedral ceiling, attractive carpel & wflilpaper, buill ins Low UO'S AN OUTSTANDING 4-11 witti format living, large t.^mily room, all txjitt ins. CHtA, utility room LOW iSO's A SUPER FAMILY HOME wild all The irimmingv 4 11 h^s lormal Oining room, lirrplace. covered p.itio MidUO's. TEXAS LANDMARK REALTY REALTOR MLS »« 3«S CHRIS LEE. »«7070 BBENDA FE RGUSON, »II «« $M&fi,uun. 935-2539 ALTA LOMA LISTINGS: WOODED 4 ACRE Tract Hear ol Santa Fe. 4-3-J BRICK fireplace for those cold winter nights. O-J-2 BRICK excellent condition 3BR BRICK. Fireplace, Darn on 1 »crev SMALL STARTER home or rental property. CEDAR HOME on one acre tract, many trees. MANY TRACTS ol land. I to SO acres. RESTRICTED TRACTS.Ready to build on. 4-2 2 BRICK In a great area. NIGHTS BIL11E TAYLOR. W5-S477 maiu SANTA FE-VA SPECIAL 3 BR. ? car gjrflOA'. nice acn. Mrge lot, trees. imiTMculiilo cona , mid 30's NEW LISTING- Sp.K.ous 133'; brick, flcn with lirepl<ice. l.irgc q.imc room over garage. Rc.ldi lor ttie large t.imilf CLEAR CREEK VILLAGE REDUCED! 30R T•> c.itlii. t car garage, l,ir oc Oen, tircpl.Kp, TflxlT cnclo-rfd pfttio, tanMstic 16x3*' pool t» whir) pool. 1 rulf an cx«iul,we home. Owner s.iys sell ! ALTA LOMA- I IK*' 0!* 3 7 7 brick. t a - acres, paneled, fireplace. Inrqc breakfast are,! separate game room. SANTA FE- 523 ready lor new owner. Triple Bar Estalev Porwled dch, kitchen wiih bult ins Call tor appt. SANTA FE-TRIPLE OAR ESTATES —reduced! 3 3 7bncK. den. corner lireplace, ovcrsin*d lenccd tot, covered patio, low cquiW 5 ACRES—corner Smilhi loo road. 9 ACRES— Fnt-ndswood Algoa RO Ideal to subdivide CALL US ABOUT OTHER ACREAGE. ETHEREDGE & ASSOCIATES 948-1788 RELAX ON THE SUNDECKSol this COME TO THE MAINLAND Ana "We Arrange VA Financing" Each Kfd Carpel office fs Independently owned and operated new home in Tiki island. Hign raised with 3 BRs, 2 baths S. a boal slip. W.SOO. BEAUTIFUL CORNER FIREPLACE in large den. This home has 4 BRs. 1 balhs, lormal living room & dining room, large back yard, beautiful carpet i, wallpaper. JUST REDUCED!—4 BRs. 2 baths, large snade tree* in Mainland Park. OnlyUl.SOO. HOME ON THE BAYOU in Hit chcock. Sill on 2 acr«. has 3 BRs. 2 baths. 2 car garage, pebbled patio on beautifully landscaped yard tnat slopes to iii^bjynu. LAMARQUE- 1303 Pirtle. Carper. 2BR. Ibalhs, L&D Room, kit., & den. 1 car elec. garaage dr. large storage Bldg Nice area. For app' call OALLI REAL ESTATE 151521S1 7&3-0113 eoTPyle & Assoc. REALTOR 948-3433 ARCADIA-1.8acre tracts.SA,400. ALTA LOMA- 3-1W-7, brick in Triple Bar Estates. H1THCOCK 'LARGE 4-3-2 brick with living room, 2 dens 8, swimming pool at 109 Wedoewood. A 4.3 acre tract of land on ShiroRoad TEXASCITY TWO-2 APT. Complexes Very good condition. 3-1-2 with aluminum siding in mid teens. 5.5 8. a 4.3 acre tract on Pine Road. 1 BEDROOM with carport in mid 20'S. 3-1-1 In mid JO'S. MAINLAND PARK J-J-3 BRICK with fireplace. CH8.A, fenced yard. Inmidi&O's. ALSO 3 BEDROOM, wiih formal living room 8. den. Low 40's. BILLS. VERLENE, 337-1124 Detxx-an, 945-3987 RAYMOMD.9«-«4S WATERFRONT NEW BAYOU VISTA Perfect weekend retreat, : 2-1, carpeted, maintenance free siding, fenced, nicely landscaped with sprinkler system. Lots of extras. Priced for quick sale. $38,500. BAYOU VI«A enjay the low taxes, fine schools i. community services galore! On Ihe way you musl see this 4 bedroom 7 balh home «. it is .11 a price trial's bound to surprise you. You'll wanl to stay! ON A LOVELY STRET IN LAMARQUE. m>5 3BR. '' .- batti home is likely 10 be in your price range. It has CMS.A, buill ins & t lots ol privacy. Call us! q ] . y. & COMPANY REAL ESTATE 8 INSURANCE 948-5334 NITES 941-4063 534-2842 945-3446 933-3843 923-3081 GRICE MLS REAL ESTATE ACROSS FROM HIGH School and tennis courts. Open livi ng area. Til, fenced cor ner. REDUCED! Charming Executive home. Form al LR 8. DR. family room wilhauthcntic Franklin stove & wet bar. MBR & ba th down }'> BR up.2 ACunits. Immaculatecoodition FRENCH on Inc corner. Trcei, LR 1 DR.3 BR, 2 baths Wooden lot in quiet SO. LARGE EXE CUTIVE Sp.imshhomc. Formal areas. Terrific den wiih FP. Lg. kitchen 8, to reakfastarca 4 BR, 2'/jbaths. Trees. MINI RANCH-ID VALUABLE ACRES. Tremendous rancn style home. Dickinson Bayou. LR or music room; den with corner FP& a sludy, 19. DR, 3 huge bedrooms, 2' i baths also, large en closed sunroom lor game room). Biq red b.irn (and apt.); horse stall* arena yig. ponds stocked with catlish & bass. 38S' on Bayou. WANT TO B E OUT? Nice family homo on V; acre, LR & DR. Den, 3 BR, I'/ibalhs, trees OUTSTANDING CONTEMPORARY Den (p., Ig. DR. terrific kitchen, 5 OR, 3 baths, Game room or 6th BR. Screened porch. TWO STORY custom. Lq. wooded lot. Quiet are». LR DR, MBR 8. bain down, Den, up 3 BR & balh; also, in law apt., many leatures, mini con dilion. 945-9733 Olckiiwon — 337-13»5 THE FRUSTRATED FARMER will love Ihi-. Iroe 3 7 ?. completely Itn ced. 3 ' acres, t«celient condition. 34*96 barn, enclosed patio and pool. VJl.JOO NEW LISTING Ba^oo Chant, II, t? 7. n.cclj o«orat<-d. large lot. creek in re At, <ywr><-r transits red, mid Ws CLEAR LAKE REALTY, INC. DlOUnwn •B3 J571 AN ACRE AN A HALF Ol Counlry in the City Attractive 473. custom buill bricK Built mv CH&A. lots 01 lr«-S UOS IN A HURRY? Equity buy on this 1 I 1 '; carpcrl. larijf ir-rxrd back yard Lo* IXTs COMMUTERS CHOICE Convenient to Gult & Bar i't" 1 I 1. CHS.A. corner lot VA II rrx>ve in Low I30"s MEAL ESTATE 941-3551 Bill Bracks 930.1373 JbyQuIgg 045-4333 ASK ABOUT OUR E SPI BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED home in new rMqf irrt's Ldrwjing LowSO'i S*e ACT QUICKLY! BcauMul « month home m Thurxicrbird Park with all ol HH- e*lrai CaltxsJra! ceiling rtixl wet IDEAL FOR A commuter Formal dviny t»n(5 dining, large d*n with oas log i<repi,xe. kiTcncn built ins less than ooc year old Coverea patio, lencc-a yard Pr. coo mid *0's Linda 945-3VM Bobby M» KB MOVING? NofO Housing information from anrwtwrc in trie USA? CALL TOLL FREE, NO COST OR OBLIGATION I 600 57i WTO. EXT (=RbO RIALIfTATI 945-3365 EXECUTIVES-Ui ilory, 4 BR. 7 biitfi. den, ret room upstairs, hand crrittod cabmoTv buiM in bullet, auto, garagodoofs Hi^hSO's VETERANS-NOTHING DOWN - p.i/ clo^mg co^lsooly 3 BR BRICK. New carpeting through out, low X'v 3 BR FRAME, nowl^ pa.nied inside i oul Good sT^rlcr homo S75.500 3 BR franii?, single gar age. SJ9.WO. RESTRICTED HOMESITE. 5onta Fe. nine Tenths rtcre, 15,500. TEAGUE REALTY Mory K. 986-5733 Ruby Wulf 986-5612 ABLES* »U-Stk Atl. »«. MI4III NEW LISTING-Bcautitully Decorated. 3BR, l l- 3 Baths, 2 Car G.iraqe.Wood Icnce Corner Lot. Try to Pass Thil One Up...You Just Can l!Onlyi35.950. ANOTHER NEW LISTING-IP YOU DON'T JUMP FIRST For This Home. Someone Else Will! A STEAL at 141.SOO 3BR. wiln all buil! ins. NORTHSIDE HOME M You Need Tne Space. This Home Has It! tl wittiGame room, CH8.A, built ins. K<,350. liSl* 17. ntltJI. ?4»-1 OS. 94«-A5«9 LOOKING FOR THAT HOME you'd love to complete yourself. We have a 3 BR,2balhsnellon3' jacrel. 3 BRS,. I bath, 3 car garage, living- oining room, large Kitchen & utility room on 2 acres 327 witn lormal areas. Carpel, built- ms. CftlH. City utilities 3-2? with lots ot extras. Beautiful den wiih fireplace, CarpeT. Built ins. Only ?ycarsold On 5 acres 3 BRS.. i batrti. country kitchen, farqc family room on 1 acre witri trees. WE HAVE large wooded lots (118»?SO) on naralop road. Restricted to homes. WE ALSO HAVE 1.20 acre wooded tracts tor homes (All these tracts have tne rrecs you've been looking IC'.l Owner financing available. Call or come by our office for in formation AUTRY REALTY 7J52MA V7S-«« 9«-0300 Nighrt S. week-ends ns-iai 775-7300 BAYOU VIST A PICK A DREAM WORKING COUPLE'S DREAMT ired at night? Elevator to carry you up & down. PLUS 3 BR. 2'.'» bath, 2 Kitchens, & nuQegame room. PERFECTIONIST'S DREAM- Oriental design has real personality. 4BR.?baln, FIREPLACE, a beauty. HONEYMOONERS OREAM-2 BR. in Top cond. Witn boat ramp a. party room 8. bath downstairs. EXECUTIVE'S OREAM-over 2.000 sq. It. ol entertainment center & Itvmg. witn ? COUPLE kitchens & formal dining room, inside stairs. BEGINNERS DREAM-2 BR. with so many extras. Oversized pier, boal rn-.p. «. GUEST QUARTERS downstairs. NATURE LOVER'S DREAM-* BR. 7 oatn, witn FAMILY kitchen. Overlooks bird sanctuary from 1 porch &. canal from the other. BETTY M. SHARP REAL ESTATE CO.VM-1M3 Francei Mlll«rd,«5-«a7 Beverly Poptiam.TOHOOl cnrls Pelasandrl, 9B6-53M I WISH I MAY-I WISH t MIGHT- Have the wisn I wish today —This beautiful new brick home in Oak Park featuring family room with block paneling, 3 BR. 2 bain, sliding doors in master suite, open to private courtyard, all built in kitchen, lircpl.KC, 'op quality & work manship V59.900. YOUR OWN PRIVATE WORLD when you buy this immaculate 3 BR brick on 100x704' lot. Formal living room & dinirwj room, deluxe kitchen for the woman who loves to cook, spacious family room opens to lovely JOxJO' covered patio, ample closets, large util. room, dbl. attached garage plus dbl. carport, beautifully landscaped. »72,500. BRICKS WERE CHEAP when this home was built with premium materials 8, space to spare. Living & dining room, gas fireplace, 2 BR, family room or third 8R, CAS.H, .illached garage, lovely tree shaded lol, excellent location.HI,500. BAILEY \ MEYER j) BAfY / 935-2441 9U-60U flS-SI'i LAGRANEAREA 500 acre Ranch between LaGrange & Smilhville LOU ot time, appro*, ti per cent wood Several Lake). H7.4 ACRES Colorado River Iron lag* Lots at Pecans. mostly n cultivation wilti livable old Farm House MOORES REAL ESTATE Pay or Night LICENSED BROKER salesperson needed immediately to establish new real male lirm in Dickinson Ground lloor opportunities lor right person For lurther inlo calt Bill Wyty. 117 HOt. Dickinson _ ALTA LOMA Executive Country Homes. 4 2Vr 2 on acreage. Chaparral Club area For details Call J i M Homes, inc. I 134 3471. j Micneal Realtors, 1 U1 7264 THIS WEEK ONLYI New home. No 6 S Sandpiper, Omega Bay. 3 BR, t'n baths. CAiH, all brick & cedar 163.750 Financing already arranged tl.OOO pd on closing cost. 7*4 Kui after 5 pni PARK YOUR BOAT at your back door & en[oy casual & comfortable living in this tine home in Bayou Vista 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, private boat ramp & entertaining area. This one has ii all! OeLANNEY & ASSOCIATES REALTORS, 743 5H9. A BEAUTIFUL HOME in Texas City. This 1 bedroom has been remodeled, including new central air con ditionlng Ctose to the dike. A perfect home to start out with lor only SW.WO DeLANNEY & ASSOCIATES REALTORS. 763 U49. _ TEXAS CITY. 1 bedroom 1 balh, carpeted, cent. AiH. beautiful yard. nice neighborhood. 316 24th Ave. North, fish 30's Joe Tramonle Really. 765 9137; 763 2632. _ ALTA LOMA- By owner. 172 brick, den. living, dining, dinette, laundry, lerxed. 92563*7 THREE BEDROOM. 3 balh. inside staircase, ceni. AiH on 75' lot Recrealion room downstairs. Garage. Other feature*. Phone 735 mi, 835 Marlin Drive, Bayou Vista BY OWNER Spacious 422. LaMarque home with many custom (ealures Mid BO/v 735-2975. _ NEW BRICK 3BR, 2 bain, 2 car garage, carpeted, fireplace, heat pump, owner financed. 935-5407. BY OWNER- 2BR LaMarque home. S 73.500. Call 935 4215. _ GOVERNMENT HOMES No down payment-anyone can buy CALL: CHARLIE BALEZ 738-0301 _ _ Itt-SU* NEW BAYOU VISTA. Perlect weekend retreat. 1 BR. IVj Oath. carpeted, fenced, nicely landscaped, extra nice, lols of extras, must see to appreciate. 938 4914. NO FAMILY FUED when see this 3-2-2 brick in South Acre Manor. Kitchen has dishwasher for mother, trash compactor for father, den tor football. living room for soap opera. Even 6' wood fenced for kids. Loaded wirh extras. A+ COMPANY 938-8297 __ 938-0372 BY OWNER-3 BR home on Glendale in LM. Fenced yard S. trees, cul de- sac. 127,000. 9M B869. 337-1255. _ MUST SELL- Very low equity new home. *4,'soO equity. Assume notes of S3M per mo 2605 33rd Ave. N. Call for appt after 6pm, 7453836. _ 2-1-1. Near schools. Fenced yard Trees, large rooms. New roof. No closing cost. 945 9581. LOVELY COUNTRY house in Kit chcock on one acre. Perfect for a horse. 3-1-7 detached, lots of extras, excellent condition. See to appreciate at 8702 Neville. Call Patty Delaney, 796 6017 or 488 9771. NICE 3 BEDROOMS. 7 bath frame home in residential area. Tree shaded fenced yard. S3*, 500. E.I. TARING CO. 9AS-33H _ __ EXCELCENT NEIGHBORHOOD— well maintained brick, 4-2-2 den, screen enclosed patio, room in garage, could be Slh BR. Oversized lot in the pines. OWNER HAS REDUCED-execulive 42-2. Formal*. den with FP, overlooks co vered pea gravel palio & 15x30- pool. On ~fi acre filled with trees. Good elevation. EXCEPTIONAL NEW brick, 4-32 witnbalconies, & all extras, including good fwy. access. ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY! Privacy all around this brick 3-2-2 on 1 acre. EXACTLY WHAT you've Been looking tor. 3 new bricks, with super floor plans. Exuding That roomy feeling. Priced in the SO 1 *. Haney Ri-iilttir* M/..S 94J-1233 eoMmnttiro inyicts Lots-Galveston 57 TWO LOTS in Terremar Beacn Subdivision. (2SSOeach. JIAA BAKER, REALTOR V«-4»27 or 337-1551 Lots-nAainland 58 LOT FOR SALE at 2110 Loo* Star (near Main Sir., LM}. Bargain «t 12,950. 10 per cent down, owner financing. HymanLevir. 7625421. FRIEKDSWOOD-Must sacrifice two Vi acre lots, SS.900 ea. In Towering Estates. MO 0543. Ho.; 744 <nai. Galv. V> ACRE RESTRICTED lot in Everestglen, Alia Loma. good elevation, new development, by owner. 925 6171. Mobile Homes (or Sale 59 1775 RIDGEMONT 14x71. 3 BR 2 baltt, washer & dryer, dishwasher, 4 ton air, outside building, J 12.000. 337 3347 Dickinson. 1975 HOMETTE, 14x60'. 2 BR. t bath, CA&H, excellent cond., carpet, built- ins, partially turn. 6*4 0737 after6. t BR. 12 wide. Late model, clean Mobile Home. S4500 or b«1 offer. 6&43355 '77 57x14'. New carpet, central heat, semi furnished. Hookups. Located in good neighborhood. 14800. 744 8769 after 5:30. YOUR CHOICE o< Hill Country Select your own TO plus, acres in my ranch. Great hunting I will tinance mm low terms. Call 1»00 vn Hid NEAR GARNER PARK- First limr ollered! Riverlront, spring fed creeK or vcenic hillj lull ot deer, turkey, iavelina, Russian ho?&. Your choice at 5 down payment. 70 year financing oy owner Call 1 MO m /<M Commefcial Property- Galveston 61 451$ BHOADWAY-Prime com mercial area. Price To Sell! Call Bruce WS7H AMIXEDBAG DOWNTOWN: tor Mle, IV] story, A C blctg Ideally ntuatee in central business district lor a retail store PRtCEDTOSELL. F6RRY ROAD lor sale, several rra<rs o' vacant land near medical center Ideal lor «pts or con dominiums. Owner financing avail SEAWALL BLVD.: lor salf, approx lu acres land —water iust wesl ol Sea Arama. Over TOO ft. Blvd Ironlage. owner financing on in vestors terms FAST FOOD RESTAURANT-. For sale on Broadway including real estate, lixturev equipment & in ventory This is a profitable business [JACK EYMS REALTY MEUCY] ~ 7*2-3144 • i/aft 1828 Mechanic Commercial Property Prime location, 3 buildings. Over 10.000 sq II Metallic & tile. Office space. Very good condition. Terms. Joe Tramonte Realty 1502 IWtl 76S-»«37 Cathy MaplM • 763 J4J2 H no answer, call JuntS Commercial Property- mainland 62 BY OWNER— 5.1 ACRES. 7.JOO Sq. It. ol showroom. 960 so. It. of shop. 2 BR living quarters, swimming pool, horse stables, all in excellent cond Located on Gulf Fwy. 130,000 down, owner will carry balance. Call 938 I7H. TOO' HIGHWAY Ironlage. ideal business location Santa Fe area. Ctwsshir Real Estate, 948 7087; vM- 5832. Acreage for Development 63 LOTS, ACREAGE and commercial property in LaMarque, Texas City and Hitchcock. For more information call Patty Delaney, 996601' or 488 9771 Real Estate Wanted- GalveSTon 67 WILL PAY CASH lor your old house or apartments In need of repairs, Call 7657597. AAOTEL OWNERS! Investment company Interested in buying 30 100 unit motel. Beach front. Principal only. Prepare to go to cntract immediately. 1 931 6364. 505 Northbelt East, Suite 370, Houston Texas 7706O. Business Opportunities 75 LOUNGE FOR RENT APPLY 74»MECHANIC OUT-OF-TOWN owners must sell Ocean Front Restaurant. Buy business & assume good lease. LiXe new 8. ready to operate. 1 512 349-6357 anytime. MAKE -78 YOUR YEAR OF FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT. Existing location & equipment & own expertise & association assures you of success in this rapidly expanding industry. Investment required. For lurther info, call collect 713 868-5911. FOR SALE. Lee's Nest 1U 20th St. Phone 767 5452. APARTMENT COMPLEX-a Super buy of 12 units. Owner will finance to qualified buyer. Excellent Incomes & yields. Located In high area 8. close to everything. DeLANNEY & ASSOCIATES REALTORS, 763-534>. FOR SALE, Health reasons. Well established night club. Phone 763 9900 after 7PM. FOR SALE- Trucking Business under lease. Texas City area. Call after 5, ' 935 B650. BY OWNER Beautiful proven camper-top business. 3.8 acres. 2,400 sq. ft. of showroom. 960 sq. ft. of shop. 2 BR living quarters, swimming pool, horse stables, all in excellent cond. Located on Gulf Fwy. Total price tl65.0Oa + inventory. 130,000 down, owner will carry balance. Call 938 1252. START NOW • Local Amway distributor offers opportunity for good earnings. You pick the hours, we assist. 986-5079. THRIVING BAIT CAMP Business on canal. Cafe (drinks & sandwisties) diesel fuel to sale, boat stalls to rent, boat launching & parking. Large brick home or, 2 acres Call D & L Realtors 945 3373. TIRED OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE? Make "Some Day" now and call about this fully equipped automotive center in excellent location with flourishing established business. Call Ruth Lowder. 93S 3075or 935 2272. MUST SiLU limlition btjsintst for sdt. Mofce inoMy port- tin* fanlitng attics Mornings and wtoktndi. Nor- RM! iob onry takti a few kwrs. Good profits ,ihort boors. Be your own Bowl Work at your convionionco. CALL 744-3*11 •xt. 14 JbkfcrHHerileia. Loyc* l*y hy knitrton MwrMfl Wftwt Dorotkt C«rrtr»ll LIKE NEW 14x72' Festival, lurru^a & decorated. CM&A, i full Baths, walkin closets, washer & dryer, burgular alarms. 744 9330. CHAMPION 14x56 mobile home, assume notes, leaving town. You must see this onel 915 6027 )4x7r FESTIVAL, small equity, take up notes. 2 BR, 2 lull baths, stove & refrig. 945 5951. MOVING MUST SELL UxM' Mobile Home. Central heat, new A-C, & hotwater heater, unfurnished. 101 7ird St. North Lot 9,945-5425. 1.4 ACRES. Mobile Home. M'/i 1. Excellent condition. 519,000. CHESSHIR REAL ESTATE, 984 9833, 948201)7, Farm and Rural Property (A 10 ACRE Tracts North Alta Loma. V3850 per acre. ONE ACRE tracts. No rlh Alia Loma. Restricted. CITY OF SANTA FE. 3 city lots. Trees good location. UNRESTRICTED. 4 acre tract. Santa Fe School Dist. 114,000. 1200' HWY. FRONTAGE. Ideal business location Santa Fe area. TREES, T REES, TREES-On this bcaulilul 6 acre tract. Santa Fe School District. I deal home spot. 1 ACRE TRACT—No restrictions. ) ACRE-Witti septic & well. Ready to move onto. Vi ACRE TRACT-RMIricted, Santa Fe School District. CHESSHIR REAL ESTATE 966-3632 - 946-2087 Night i, 925-6782 TROPHY DEER 100 acres. Good bunting. S498 down, 177.40 per month. Owner will finance. Calt 1-800395 7420. EXPERIENCED PAINTER NEEDED.Call>63 4372alitr5 WAITRESS CASHIER Bartenoeri Dancers Night Help. Good pay. Apply JIS 21 St or call ?43 9>7<or 7t?934t. BUS HELP. APPLY IH PERSON only, John's Oyster Resort 7711 Broadway. _____ WANTED: SOMEONE to iron shirts and pants in laundr/ No enperience necessary Will train rigM person Apply in Person. Van's LaunSry, 807 Broadway HILLTOP MOTEL nteds maids, no phone calls 8»?8 West Boulevarg RIGHT NOW If yoj want a sood steady iob for now & thru the wirier months, we nave an opening lor a general handyman to keep the pier clean & do odd ioos- Weekena work required & you need a Texas Driver's License Above average starting salary witft time & a half overtime Appl/m person GULF COAST FISHING PIER 90th 8. SEAWALL START TODAY We still have not filled our requirement lor Retail Store Clerks for the winter seasons Openings on both the dayi. nighl shilis weekend work required bui these iobs pay above average, wiih lime & a half overtime Apply in person. Gull Coast Fishing Pier. 90tn& Seawall Blvd. FULL-TIME NURSERY WORKER lor Baptist Church Good salary. For 3 services per wk, 925 3411 or 975 t8H. SHEETROCK FINISHERS Sub labor only. Call alter 4, 935 5619. Alia Loma. __________ BUS DRIVERS NEEOED-lull time position or substitute avail. To be qualified to drive a sxhool ous you must have a chauffer's license; be able to pass a slate required physical i have a driver's license license check. To apply please contact Grover Powers. P O Box 370, Alta Loma, TK.orcall (713)975 6741 WANTED-FLORAL DESIGNER for leading flower shop on the Mainland. Must have exp. in all phases ol designing. 935 2739 or 9359551. LOUIS XIV RESTAURANT-fop pay tor cooks, chefs, waiters, waitresses, bus boys, bartender. Wallers i waitresses up lo $3 per hr. t tips Barle nder salary open Help Wanted GALVESTON INDUSTRIAL catering has two positions open for ro'-'t» salespersons. Applicants must have Texas drivers liceni* ar.d be bondable. Call for appointment. 744 mine*? IMHOYMINT AOtNCY t#f tvt y#Ofl O' •vp*r«*nt* work lot yov I 2110MOADWAY 765-4JO9 GALVESTON COUNT T LOOKING FOR NEW CAREER, new lOb. more money? W» cm fxlp youl We represenl many of the top Businesses in Galveston County, I.Ming their PERSONNEL needs Cill now or com* by. A lew of the FEE PD, posilionswe need to fill are: SALES MANAGE R-R>t>ll ulty $17,000 •rcommlulon. DEGREED ACCOUNTANT (banking), 115,000. AUDITOR-n.400. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY-3 positions, W^OO. CREDIT MANAGER-»1S.OOO. MID-MANAGEMENT fr«lrn»», 1 positions. (9,600. MICROFILM SUPER VISOR -U.400. RECEPTIONlST-f«lM),t4pef hr. RECEPTIONIST-(PR),W,409. EXECUTIVE SALES-lnsldt & outside salts represen- tatives.Salaries OOE. SHOP FOREMAN-) Petitions, 117,000 Plu«. ENGINEERS: Mechanical, Electrical. Structural, t- Civil. S20.000- 130.000 . BEGINNING CLERICAL-ltYP* U wpmhJSIS. OTHER POSITIONS FOR, TRAINEES-(f**» not assumed by clients-co.J) SERVICE REP-M.742. INSURANCE AOJUSTER- includlng auto. $10,200. ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS. 14.SO per hr. BLUE COLLAR TRADE: CARPENTERS «. ELECTRICIANS, U SO per hr.; WELDERS, M.» per hr.; TRUCK DRIVERS, (4.50 per hr plus tlme&ahalHorOT. NUMEROUS CLERICAL openings. V600S700. BE FRIENDLY 765-9305 Immediate Openings Galveston Island, Mainland, ClearLake, Bay Area FIVE (5) ASSISTANT MANAGERS A TRAIN AT *3.23, START AT (3.40 - $3.60 PIR HR. «r OUR PROMOTIONS ARE WITHIN THE COMPANY ft PAID INSURANCE AND FULL BENEFIT PROGRAM CAU FOR DETAKS AND LOCAL INTER VIEW RICK CARSON E.O.I. PERSONNEL MANAGER GALVUTON t MAINLAND HOUSTON-QIAK LAKE 948-2611 486-1600 APMianOrtS AT All NIIGHBOXHOOD STOP-N-GO MAXKITS V HEAD CHEF • Fry Cook, & Dishwasher needed. ^ T Apply in Person ... T T Between 8-11 a.m. T • Pier 23 Restaurant + 4 2300 SEAWALL THE CITY OF GALVESTON ANNOUNCES ENTRANCE EXAMS for FIREFIGHTER CADETS WrlT1«n •xomination will b* giv*n ot 6:00 P.M. Thursday. Octob*r Sth, 1778. in lh< tall High Cal.oria. Appllcalion. mull b* fil*d In Ih* Ptnon- n«t D.porlm»ol not lol.c than S P.M.. Tu«>day, October 3, 1978. G«n«ral Stmlnar on 1h« Fir«tight«r ProlMllon and Application procvu will b« Iwld at 5:15 P.M., WfdnxaaY.«r 37. 1979 In th. Golv.ilon City Council Chambvrt. IS paid tick dayt, 10 paid Kolldayi. 15 paid vocation day*, paid h*allh and ItU Insuranc*. r«tir*m«nt plan, paid training academy, good worV ichtduli ond •xc«ll«nt bas« pay. APPIY) CITY OF GALVESTON PERSONNEL DEPT. ROOM 204 — 823 ROSENBERG PIMSUPIRVISOR An active, well-established Gulf Coast Shipyard is in need of Marine Pipe Supervisor. Preferred individual with extensive supervisory experience above 1st level. Excellent fringe benefits. Salary commensurate with ability. Send resume & salary requirements in confidence to: BOX 158 C/O THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER r i. '••.V* MAID WANTED 1 or 2 divs a week. Musi be honest, dependable & willing to work. Must have references & car. t3.35anhr.762 3516. _ SPANISH-SPEAKING mature person to babysit, abt. 3 days a week. Call 762 4248. _ DOMESTIC HOUSECLEANER-one day per week, student — elderly woman; responsible, discreet, mature. Character references reqired. 762 4864. _ NATIONAL RETAIL FIRM seeks individual to learn all respects of retail operations. Training position leads to store management in 1 months. Must be compeient & capable ol advancement in multi unit supervisory in 2 years, Applicants selected will receive comprehensive training paid vacations & holidays, group & life insurance, profit sharing & salary commensurate with ex perience. Phone 742 5987. _ MATURE. DEPENDABLE woman to care tor 2 small children & do lite housekeeping. 4 days per wk. References. Call 765 6398 before 10 amor after 8 pm., anytime weekends, HELP WANTED Experienced bar tenders. Best job on the beach duuring the Winter. Experienced Cocktail Waitress applications now being accepted. Apply Flagship Hotel or call 76?»681 exl. 35« ask far the Colonel. ESCORT DRIVERS NEEDEDI Also retired person to do guard work. Call 7t? 9*38 lor appl. CARPENTER WANTED. Must be experienced an own tools. Must have transportation. Call before 7:30«m or after 5pm, 763 0234. y, _ MECHANICS Need experienced air compressor mechanics. Will consider-. DIESEL MECHANIC AUTO MECHANIC REFRIGERATION MECHANIC Many positions open. Contact: RICHARD METCALF (713)626-4660 WANTED CM WARRANTY CLERK With computer experience. CONTACT: RAE KESTER AT MY POMTIAC CO 337-2521 PORTER NEEDED Apply In P»r«on To JUANTREVINO KYLE GILLESPIE IMS 23rd ST. MOTORS, INC. GAIVESTON

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